I want to share something amazing with you Lightworkers that I have been participating in everyday ;))  I hope you En- Joy it too!  Happy Listening . . . .

A Daily Dose of Love is the best way I can imagine to start a New Year!

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Laura Pieratt

This is a Loving GIFT from Spirit for a Tired Humanity! All you need to do is relax, open your heart to receive and listen for a few minutes each day! And, of course, SHARE the LOVE!

One of my most powerful and unique gifts for assisting humanity rising is my ability to speak, sing and tone the Language of Light - including dolphin and whale tones!

This new series is more than a daily post! If you listen daily, over time, you will find it to be a healing journey and process for ascension that can uplift, heal, bless, clear, attune and activate you, according to your need.

Spirit asked me to channel this as a sequential post to provide a building blocks type series of energies for healing, Light Codes, DNA activations and divine Light blessings to a tired humanity in need of restoration.

We are literally recalibrating The New Earth Human! How cool is that! I invite you to join me, if this resonates with you - and ask you to spread the word that such a gift is being offered - so as many people as possible can receive an ongoing daily dose of the Love of God.

While every Language of Light transmission contains a blessings, my guides strongly advise that you will get the greatest benefit by listening to the transmissions in the sequence they are offered - remember these energies will build one upon the other over time! For that reason, I will soon offer A Daily Dose of Love as a discrete subscription-based daily post, in addition to posting through social media - and hopefully iTunes too!

Important Note: This is a healing and transformational process so you may periodically notice listening to these posts triggers emotions and sensations. Thankfully, Grace is available and we do NOT need to "process" every emotion in a slow challenging way. Healing CAN be instant! Simply drink lots of fresh water and step back to observe your responses without attaching to them. Send yourself love and be willing to accept or release the feeling, as serves your highest good. This is designed to offer restoration and healing AND also to activate you in your ascension path. It is time to consciously engage self-love and empowered choice!


Why Would I Want to Invest my Time in this Every Day?

Light Language is a Spiritual Energy Language Used Throughout Creation

NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

The Language of Light works through the divine wisdom of your higher Self, so it is always perfect for you. You will receive exactly what you need in the moment. The rest will remain in your energy field like a savings account for you to draw upon when ready. This gift from Spirit provides a powerful shifting process for ascension that doesn’t require people to work at it. Spirit tells me people are tired and need this spiritual fuel.

To ascend, we need to transcend our 3D duality consciousness to hold a 5th dimensional non-dual Unity Consciousness (Christ Consciousness). We also need to transform our 3D physical bodies into higher frequency crystalline lightbodies.

The Language of Light originates from the higher planes beyond duality, providing the very Divine Light Frequencies, Light Codes and DNA activations we need for ascension. They will help you recalibrate, on all levels, to the intense new energy shifts on the planet, as well as attune to and sustain the higher dimensional energies necessary for ascension. A Daily Dose of Love will help you navigate such massive shifts with more ease and Grace.

My guides explain A Daily Dose of Love, saying...

“It will catalyze change in many who are unable to get started on a path or don’t believe they have the ability to change. Too many people feel lost, uncertain or unable to begin The Shift or keep up with the changes the Earth shift provokes. They are overwhelmed at the idea of starting a spiritual path that involves time and effort, diligence or fortitude, because they already feel overwhelmed by needing these very qualities just to get through the day and are exhausted after a day of efforting. 

"We wish to offer rest, respite and ease. We want to offer something people can look forward to as a pleasure, a gift at the beginning or end of the day. To slip into these sound frequencies the way one might feel comforted by slipping into a warm bath with candles to have a brief personal moment of peace and respite. We offer these as a gift to be received like a care package from Home, reminding you your Family in Spirit is thinking of you every day and sending you love. It is offered in the purity of such a loving gift, to be allowed to take root in the heart and blossom day by day.

What if you came home exhausted at the end of a day of giving and doing, depleted, angry perhaps or just despairing that every day is the same, feeling no real progress toward your own goals or believing your dreams are impossible? We see too much of this hopelessness and despair – doing for survival and to take care of those you love, but not to feed the soul - not generating more love and joy on the planet.

We wish to pour into you the very love and joy, lightness of spirit, comfort and upliftment that you wish you could give those you love, but feel you have no energy left to do so. Would you not welcome a daily packet of THAT and enjoy it like a daily dose of Love? We hope so. We offer it with joy. And we welcome you to suckle at the breast of The Beloved.

This project to infuse more Love Light on Earth is like planting seeds in a field 

In fact, I was shown a  vision last year of a pristinely plowed farm field, without a weed or stone in it, ready for planting. I asked what it represented and was directed to look up toward the stars. As I did, I saw brilliant starlight beaming onto earth, implanting Light Codes into the well prepared field. I now understand that the vision was showing me how Light Codes from the heaven, in the Language of Light, would seed the field of human consciousness. And this is my work.

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has produced this beautiful image of the globular cluster Messier 56 (also known as M 56 or NGC 6779), which is located about 33 000 light years away from the Earth in the constellation of Lyra (The Lyre). The cluster is composed of a large number of stars, tightly bound to each other by gravity.
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has produced this beautiful image of the globular cluster Messier 56 (also known as M 56 or NGC 6779), which is located about 33 000 light years away from the Earth in the constellation of Lyra (The Lyre). The cluster is composed of a large number of stars, tightly bound to each other by gravity.

So I ask you to join me in sowing more Divine Light into the fertile fields of human consciousness and The New Earth by sharing this work though social media. And, the beautiful synergy is that, in addition, you will carry these higher light energies of Divine Love in your Light Body (energy fields) and share them as you go about your day. Without you ever saying a word, they will be received by those who need them while you simply stand nearby emitting the Love vibrations you have been integrating. We are always emitting something, so why not emit these daily blessings to those who are not even aware of their availability! You will be helping to awaken the sleepers so they can enjoy this gift of ascension too!

And finally, since we might not collectively realize the harvest of the seeds planted through this project unless people share their experiences, I hope you will share via post comments or email me your experiences directly. And please share with anyone you think would benefit and enjoy too! Spirit tells me we don't need a crusade, just butterfly fields so each person can nourish themselves upon the nectar of Divine Love and Light.

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