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During the last 20 to 25 years, there have been numerous studies in France, Germany, and Spain about fetus’s life and receptivity to outside influences such as the emotional states of both the mother, the father, and other relatives involved during the gestation period. The fetus is also influenced by events, dramas, concerns, and anxieties that occur around them during life in the womb.

In BioNeuroEmotion, we call this time the Parental Projection Period, which begins at six months before conception, and can continue up to three years after the birth and principally involves the mother and the father. Our studies adjacent to the Parental Projection Period and focus on the fact that it is the mother who brings the most emotional information and incidental circumstances to the child during pregnancy. This includes both simple and complex stuff. The fetus will be “affected”, “influenced”, and “defined” by what the mother hears or sees. But above all, by the way the mother reacts to everyday events. The mother could leave small personality traces in the child or affect him/her completely in his/her health, physique, temperament, or self esteem. It will all depend on the type of emotions and reactions that the mother transmits to the baby. If the mother is strong, safe, confident, courageous, and expresses these qualities both in her words and actions, her child will be someone who possess similar qualities.

If, however, the mother is weak, insecure, fearful, or has low esteem, the child will also possess these negative qualities.

The Thoughts and Feelings of the Pregnant Woman

Most women, fortunately not all, are oblivious to these studies. Many women are ignorant to the big influence that their words, thoughts, reactions, and emotions have on the child. They believe that their child does not share any of these ideas, and therefore, feel that they are free to have any thought, emotion, or action without affecting the unborn infant. This is where they are wrong. The mother’s behaviour and belief system affects the child mentally, and even physically. In the novel Elective Affinities, Goethe tells the story of a woman who, during her pregnancy of her husband’s child, couldn’t stop thinking about another man she loved. The girl who was born had the same eyes as this man. So great is the power of thought and feeling in pregnant women! So why don’t women decide to work for the benefit of their child during pregnancy?

 The True Nature of the Baby is Determined at the Moment of Birth

A woman waiting for a child should have affirmations such as:

  • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, noble, full of love individual.
  • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a blessing for the whole world.
  • During these nine months, I should look at my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my actions, and provide only the purest elements to contribute to his/her molding.
  • During these nine months, I must act knowing that my child, hears me, feels me, and sees me.

Preparing to be Parents

The true education of the child begins before the birth with the education of the parents, who must prepare their interior beings well in advance through a better understanding of love, to attract an exceptional soul to the family. They must strive to conceive this child in the greatest light and purity. Once the child is conceived, the mother, aware of the power that has been given to her by nature, will work to give this soul a physical and mental body made from the finest materials. If thousands, millions of parents around the world decided to make this work, humanity would really be transformed in three or four generations.

This is an English translation of an article originally written in Spanish by: Elizabeth Romero Sanchez y Edgar Romero Franco

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  • During the last 20 to 25 years, there have been numerous studies in France, Germany, and Spain about fetus’s life and receptivity to outside influences such as the emotional states of both the mother, the father, and other relatives involved during the gestation period. The fetus is also influenced by events, dramas, concerns, and anxieties that occur around them during life in the womb.

    In BioNeuroEmotion, we call this time the Parental Projection Period, which begins at six months before conception, and can continue up to three years after the birth and principally involves the mother and the father. Our studies adjacent to the Parental Projection Period and focus on the fact that it is the mother who brings the most emotional information and incidental circumstances to the child during pregnancy. This includes both simple and complex stuff. The fetus will be “affected”, “influenced”, and “defined” by what the mother hears or sees. But above all, by the way the mother reacts to everyday events. The mother could leave small personality traces in the child or affect him/her completely in his/her health, physique, temperament, or self esteem. It will all depend on the type of emotions and reactions that the mother transmits to the baby. If the mother is strong, safe, confident, courageous, and expresses these qualities both in her words and actions, her child will be someone who possess similar qualities.

    If, however, the mother is weak, insecure, fearful, or has low esteem, the child will also possess these negative qualities.

    The Thoughts and Feelings of the Pregnant Woman

    Most women, fortunately not all, are oblivious to these studies. Many women are ignorant to the big influence that their words, thoughts, reactions, and emotions have on the child. They believe that their child does not share any of these ideas, and therefore, feel that they are free to have any thought, emotion, or action without affecting the unborn infant. This is where they are wrong. The mother’s behaviour and belief system affects the child mentally, and even physically. In the novel Elective Affinities, Goethe tells the story of a woman who, during her pregnancy of her husband’s child, couldn’t stop thinking about another man she loved. The girl who was born had the same eyes as this man. So great is the power of thought and feeling in pregnant women! So why don’t women decide to work for the benefit of their child during pregnancy?

     The True Nature of the Baby is Determined at the Moment of Birth

    A woman waiting for a child should have affirmations such as:

    • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, noble, full of love individual.

    • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a blessing for the whole world.

    • During these nine months, I should look at my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my actions, and provide only the purest elements to contribute to his/her molding.

    • During these nine months, I must act knowing that my child, hears me, feels me, and sees me.

      Preparing to be Parents

      The true education of the child begins before the birth with the education of the parents, who must prepare their interior beings well in advance through a better understanding of love, to attract an exceptional soul to the family. They must strive to conceive this child in the greatest light and purity. Once the child is conceived, the mother, aware of the power that has been given to her by nature, will work to give this soul a physical and mental body made from the finest materials. If thousands, millions of parents around the world decided to make this work, humanity would really be transformed in three or four generations.

      This is an English translation of an article originally written in Spanish by: Elizabeth Romero Sanchez y Edgar Romero Franco

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Is the Ego Your Friend or Foe?

It’s common to hear people on a spiritual path saying that you need to destroy or erase the ego. However, while you have a physical body, it’s necessary to have an ego just as much as you have a mind and intellect. Rather than focusing on eliminating the ego, your aim should be to balance it so it acts in harmony with all your other layers of life.

In terms of evolution, the non-local Absolute manifests the Jiva or individual soul. The individual soul brings with it the karma for this lifetime and creates the ego to help facilitate this. From the ego emerge the intellect, the mind, and your physical world as projections of your karmic tendencies. The karmic curse is that we have forgotten who we really are and instead, the ego creates all the stories, labels, and roles of who we think we are. Thus the ego knows us intimately and, if left to its own devices, becomes the director of our life story.

A Closer Look at the Ego

Up until the age of about two, the ego is fairly dormant. Then, all of a sudden the word “mine” is discovered. Even though this may be challenging for those around you, you enter the period when the ego plays an important role in your life. As you grow, the ego supports you in your education, career, starting a family, and generally establishing your life. The ego loves to organize things, but unfortunately, it also loves to control not only your life but also the world around you.

If not managed, this negative side of the ego manifests as arrogance, pride, vanity, judgements, and prejudices. In the more extreme cases, it emerges as the need to control, the lust for power, fanaticism, or an obsession with materialism. Unfortunately, many people forego a more spiritual approach to life and become stuck with these seductive qualities of the ego. This leads to one definition of ego as being Edging God Out!

Those of us who have begun to realize that there is more to life than materialism will sooner or later embark on a spiritual journey that will eventually take us “home.” However, this is a time when the ego can be most troublesome. The ego likes to be in charge to control, whereas your spiritual practices are to break you out of boundaries and live in freedom. When you first start your sadhana(spiritual practice), the ego doesn’t take much notice. It thinks, “It was that new diet last month and the exercise program the month before, this won’t last either.” However, as you continue and become regular with your meditation, yoga asana, etc., the ego starts to grow nervous.

The driving force within the ego is fear and, if you allow it, the ego will install fear into all areas of your life. Any greed, lust, intolerance, and anger are based in fear, and guess who’s behind it all? The ego. The ego knows all your weaknesses, your repressed desires, and your areas of denial, and it will use them against you, to knock you off your spiritual path.

Most of the doubts and worries you encounter are ego-based:

“Am I doing it correctly?”

“Am I on the right path?”

“Does this teacher know what he/she is talking about?”

Even simple thoughts like, “I don’t have enough time” or “When will the meditation be over” have been subtly slipped in by the ego

Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your common sense but, when these types of thoughts or doubts arise, ask yourself, “Is this my Higher Self or my ego talking?” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say, “When doubts arise, first doubt the doubter.” The doubter is usually the ego.

While your techniques themselves are effortless, as you progress on your path, it’s important to remain focused, vigilant, and disciplined in your approach to them. As long as you have a physical body, an ego will be with you. When the karma for this lifetime has been exhausted, the body ceases to exist and with it the ego. A new ego will be born with a new incarnation, again as a reflection of the karmic contract for that lifetime.

Even after Enlightenment, some trace of ego still remains. In the Vedas, this is called Lesha-Vidya or the “left over seeds of bad habits.” An enlightened teacher must be very aware of this so he/she doesn’t fall prey to spiritual pride and arrogance. In the early stages of Samadhi, the yogi may gain new and exciting qualities and yogic powers. If these are recognized as merely a part of the journey and treated with humility, he/she will progress to the higher levels of Samadhi. However, if they are used to control and manipulate, the ego takes over becoming like a “hungry ghost.” Such a yogi may gain temporary power and fame but won’t progress spiritually and will ultimately sow the seeds of his/her own downfall. This is why Vedanta tells us to, “Seek the company of those who seek enlightenment but run from those who claim to have found it.”

How to Manage the Ego

To manage the ego, then, you need to live your life consciously. Be aware of your choices and why you are making them. Be aware of the effects your choices have on others. There’s an Arab proverb which says:

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers.

Before words get past the lips, the first gatekeeper asks, “Is this true?” That stops a lot of traffic immediately. But if the words get past the first gatekeeper, there is a second who asks, “Is it kind?” And for those words that qualify here too, the last gatekeeper asks, “Is it necessary?”

You may have heard the expression that someone has a “big ego.” Actually, it’s the opposite. People who stamp around with their chests puffed out have very small egos that are fighting for their lives, like a cornered wild animal. Love your ego, play with it, have fun with it, make it your friend and do not take it seriously. Seriousness is the ego playing the victim. Teach your ego humility through selfless service and compassion. When you love your ego, it will expand and cease to feel threatened. When the fear is removed, the ego will take its rightful place and become your biggest supporter on the path to enlightenment.

By Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand)

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J--Tar'ia'h En Ra El --

You probably think you are perusing this writing to learn more about starseed Ascension shortcuts and star races. Yet, reading these words begins your path towards a new reality. You are seeking your origins in the skies above: this is your quest. You are upon an adventurous intergalactic quest to find reflections of your innermost “self” -- patterns to identify with -- fractals which mirror you to your real Starseed family.

When you are truly Ascending and/or when you have already Ascended to the 5th Dimension, you will constantly be experiencing serendipity, a sense of inner wisdom, your body will be growing younger, and you will be instantly manifesting your wants and needs! Not quite there yet? Here are some super easy Starseed Ascension Shortcuts for you to use to rocket yourself to the 5th dimension and beyond!

Go Vegan Plus Probiotics -- this will get rid of all of your sleepiness and all groggy feelings, plus this will remove all ''time-loss'' scenarios!

Wear only Cotton or Hemp -- this will increase connections to your Guides, Angels, and Twin Flames, because synthetics block higher dimensions!

Remove Metal from Your Wardrobe --- this also increases connections to the Angelic realm. Only copper is Angel plusFaerie Sidhe friendly!

Be Celibate or Twin Flame Monogomous -- Being sensual only with your own Soul, with the self, with your Twin Flame heightens your dimension!

Create and Maintain Starseed Altars -- Creating Starseed Altars with your higher dimensional desires is a sure gateway to maintain your 5D reality!

Take Salt Baths -- Dunking in salt water followed by clear water daily removes 3D annd 4D residue from your Soul, body, and Merkaba!

Keep Crystals On You -- Drilled & copper-wrapped crystals -- and on your body, and in your bedroom -- help you maintain higher dimensions always!

Use Essential Oils & Hire Shamans for Healing -- Avoid western medicine in order to Ascend your pure Soul to the higher crystalline dimensions!

If you do not know ''HOW'' to do these shortcuts, write to me at and I will help you out at no cost! And yes, I AM doing all of these shortcuts myself, daily!

Your Starseed relatives -- within the ships -- are attempting to talk with you now. They are trying all means of communication available. They approach you through dreams, visual signs, plus you may sense them physically of feel their ever-persistent presence in the psychic realms. Are you listening? Are you feeling? Are you sensing?

While you believe you are sleeping, you are -- in fact -- *on assignment* on your ship above. You are now attending ship-side schools related to your skill-set and Starseed race. Fundamentally, you're being *reprogrammed* for a brighter intergalactic future every night.

Many factors and tests (in the ships and higher dimensional areas while you believe you are sleeping) have decided your upcoming roles and jobs -– in the very near future -– in these primary arenas:
- Acting as a Liaison between Humans and many other Star Races;
- Being a journalist on one of many media 7D holo ships;
- Returning to your home planet for rest and reunions;
- Working in this system for the Ashtar Command;
- Being a VOYAGER with your Twin Flames;
- Employment in space farm agriculture;
- Negotiating within a liaison / alliance;
- Performing within a committee;
- Being an empath healer;
- Working for the GFL;
- Being an artist;
- Performer;
- Pilot.

Most of these posts involve living on a ship, if only for a short time. This calls for traveling to a different planet within another galaxy -- or to an alternative dimensional reality such as a parallel universe -- or to even to a higher frequency of expression.

While you are co-habitating within a starship, flagship or lightship, you will be interacting with those from across the Cosmos! They will not be comparable to anything you’ve seen, felt, or perceived with your current reality veils (in this incarnation thus far).

Since you are now experiencing dimensional shifts leading to *life aboard the ships with your star race family* it is crucial to be as open-minded and open-hearted as possible: there are infinite prisms of kindness and utility that can be found within each planetary civilization.

Your Starseed relatives cannot *yet* be completely understood from your current vantage point, but will be holistically perceivable during your ecstatic love-filled multidimensional Starseed reunion.

You will be surrounded by non-human *family* on these ships (and your appearance will most definitely reflect theirs in your future). What will they look like? What will they be like? Here are some basic essential traits of just a few of the planetary star races you will relate with very soon:

1) The 7D, 8D and 9D humanoid group-thinkers from the Andromedan Star System, or; 2) term identifying the race of sentient service-to-other beings occupying the livable planets such as Aion in the Andromeda sector, as well as; 3) Sentients known for perfecting co-creation for peacefully-running planets and star bases.

1) Both 6D and 7D Sentient service-to-other beings occupying the livable planets and bases in the area of the star Arcturus, and; 2) These individuals are known by their deep compassion and unfailing kindness towards all walks of life in all dimensions.

Centaurians from Meton in Alpha Centauri:
1) 7D - 12D Loving high dimensional humanoids who are descendants of Venus Beings; and 2) Wildly strategic deep mental thinkers who are holographically connected to the Great Central Sun and maintain a 12D Akashic Library within it, and; 3) Gorgeous brainy beings whose ships appear in the form of a Merkaba spinning.

Centaurians from Proximi Centauri:
1) 5D to 7D Beings who come in the form of Humanoids and Reptoids, and hybrids who have both types of DNA; 2) Strategists, counselors, and empaths who are excellent benevolent thought-broadcasters; 3) machine savants who can fix anything mechanical, and; 4) Peaceful and harmonious group-thinkers with telepathy.

1) Felines -- the original progenitor race of this Universe -- who are beautiful bipedal (standing) cats, and; 2) 6D through 12D Creators originally from the Vegan Star System of a planet called Lyra, but now live everywhere in the Universe, and; 3) Planners of many flagships and living planets, plus; 4) Cat-Beings who have a keen sense of fair play in all arenas, plus; 5) Sentients who believe that their young have more wisdom than elders.

Orion Beings:
1) 4D and 5D polymorphs who are either chameleon-reptilian or humanoid-reptilian hybrids, and; 2) Beings from the Orion System – also called the Orion Nebula – whom reside upon planets and space stations throughout the Universe, and; 3) Individuals and soul-collectives from Orion who have tendencies towards high intellectual pursuits in physics, plus; 4) Sentients whose self-ascension practices are linked to extreme isolation, as well as; 5) Beings well-known for the utter perfection of holographic recreation of other star races' emvironments.

Pegasians from the Pegasus Galaxy:
1) Humanoid descendants from Sirius B and Dinoids plus hybrids who have DNA from both; 2) Innovators, scientists, and diplomats in many sectors; 3) Expert polite gracious beings who are expert in creating peace, plus; 4) Linguists whose brains are adept and learning thousands of languages at once.

1) 5D and 6D humanoids as well as reptilian-humanoid hybrids (in gorgeous prismatic skin colors) from the planets surrounding the stars Targeta and Maia; 2) Soul-collective service-to-others beings who are artistic and sensual in nature, plus; 3) Beings who are masters of storytelling as well as inspired artistic ingenuity in
both music and projected visualizations.

Sirians from Sirius A:
1) 6D - 8D hybrids with a variety of humanoid, canine, and fox-like appearances resulting from tremendous dna manipulation, as well as; 2) Star races who are experts in bodily implant-device-tracking over eons of time, plus; 3) Beings well-versed in hyper-advanced bio-technology and organic holographic realities, and; 4) Sentients who are well-known across the Universe for their senses of humor, and their love of practical jokes.

Sirians from Sirius B:
1) Nektons of hyper-intelligent water beings -- called Chloglians, who look like Cetaceans (dolphins, whales, and orcas) of Earthshan -- whom group-think within pods, and; 2) Chloglian-humanoid hybrids, who are bipedal in shades of pale blues and greens, and; 3) Higher dimensional Sentients who reside in and upon many planets to raise vibrations, plus; 4) Playful and loving group-consciousness beings, known for their intricate songs, and also; 5) Advanced Beings who can live as numerous souls (called a pod) within one biological entity, such as a whale or orca.

Now that you have some depictions of some of your biological star race relatives, spend some time each day communicating with them -- until you have a constant rapport -- so you can quickly Ascend upward beyond the mundane.

Multidimensional life with your Starseed relatives is multi-layered, and must be cultivated by **you** making an effort to be alert to all subtleties. You need to reach out towards your Star relatives to begin communicating with them to have a relationship with them in a pro-active way!

It is the time to discipline yourself to be silent and aware of every nuance through waking hours of hearing (e.g.; you hear songs about specific constellations, star beings, etc.). Also it is vital to be hyper-aware of what you’re seeing (i.e.; you notice paintings of aliens, observing lightships everywhere, seeing number sequences indicating names of universes). Focus all of your six senses on receiving signals from your NOW future’s new realities.

Force your inner “Self” to wake up! Attempt to be lucid while your projected Earthshan body sleeps: talk to whomever you meet in dreams, as they just might be your relatives in the ships above.
In the near future -- the upcoming articles will cover electrifying intergalactic chronicles, including: future home planets, Starseed missions, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more! Meanwhile, WAKE UP -- shake others awake -- and remember that you are not *Home* yet…

About the Author:
J--Tar'ia'h En Ra El is a Walk-In from three space sectors. Every night during lucid dreaming, she is within the ships above attending school. Currently – during the day – she is a published poet, author and artist. Her Lightworking includes being a PR specialist for Sananda’s Eagles: Her new post-Matrix website can be found at In the near future – her upcoming articles will cover exciting multidimensional information, including: future home planets, intergalactic cultural understanding, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more!

Distribution Information:
You are free to distribute this essay only if you do so in its entirety, including the article and graphics plus the “about the author” bio with the article links. Thank you and enjoy your new Freedom. This writing is NOT copy written.

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Ascended Master Spiritual Channeling Message with Lord Saint Germain, Masters Paul the Venetian (Pink Flame, and El Morya (Blue Flame) sharing their expertise of Integrating the Feminine and Masculine Divine for Intimacy, transmitted by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden – Integrative Channel of Walking Terra Christa.

It is my Divine Pleasure as Lord Saint Germain to share with you the steps that are necessary for an individual, and especially an Initiate, to fully come into the state of balance with the Emotional and Mental selves. This is a process that is not easily recognized as the physical self has a tendency to take these aspects of the four-body system for granted.

As a soul within the physical vehicle, you will tend to think that you are walking through life as you should, feeling your emotions and allowing the thoughts to guide you in the right place. But many times it is just the opposite as the souls on this planet have been programmed from the many lifetimes to act first through the Mental Realm and then the Emotional Self will follow suit. This is why there have been revolutions in which the many women have stood up for themselves as the arena of the masculine energies has been in control for many centuries.

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, many of you have lived many lifetimes with the Mental Body being in more control than the Emotional. The feelings can come later after the action has been created within the movement of the masculine being the one that knew and did everything first.

Fortunately, this school of thought has been changing for many years. It is not about the women standing up for themselves but it is the role that each person takes within their own consciousness and how it evolves to allow the Masculine and Feminine Selves to come into full alignment.

Since the Emotional Body of the Feminine Self has been repressed through your soul’s history, then those emotions that you experienced are very real within your consciousness but do not always have a voice; they are hidden within your psyche waiting for the right time for them to be revealed. The many timelines that you have experienced have these emotions tucked away within the depth of your Etheric Self.

So, when you have a challenge in your life, these are the emotions that are elicited through your physical self. They are hidden within your emotional body which are causing you pain through the four-body system, and many times directly related to the physical pain you may be experiencing.

As an Initiate allows themselves to feel these emotions, they can be very raw and vulnerable as a wound is being opened that has been closed off for many lifetimes. The mental body has taken over and in that process the Emotional Body can seem weak but yet within itself, it is just as strong as the Mental Body. Ideally, it may be stronger because as the healing takes place the emotional body then takes responsibility of holding these feelings which allows the Mental Body to relax and not have to do so much work to protect this part of your four-body system.

It is important to realize that the potential for the emotional and mental bodies to work in unison needs to be initiated from the Feminine Self or Emotional level. This is where all decisions are created from this realm, not the Masculine Self (Mental level). If you are a person that constantly moves from the Masculine self, then you will be challenged in a variety of ways as the Feminine self has no idea of how to work with the masculine energies.

As you go through this process, it is important to always make your decisions from your Feminine Self and then the Masculine will fully act upon it, make it a reality.

All of the characteristics that make up Intimacy of the Soul come from Love, Sharing, and Trusting your Heart so that your Emotional Body needs to develop the ability to step into full creation. This means to delve deeply within your feelings and actually “FEEL” the energy that your Masculine Self may be projecting as a thought.

For example, if you say that you are Insecure, what does that energy feel like for you? Utilize the ability to actually go deeper into your lower chakras, especially the Solar Plexus to feel the Insecurity. It is locked away inside this chakra as it represents your Empowerment to Yourself. Take some deep breaths and use your finger or a crystal and spin that chakra from the top, to the left, the bottom, and then to the right continuously. Allow yourself with your Mind’s Eye to go deeper into the chakra and feel the Insecurity. Then as you breathe deeper, ask to see what is causing this Insecurity. Is it a reaction to how you were treated in a past timeline, is there shame, or fear? It is important to allow yourself to spin deeper like you are spinning a wheel.

As you feel the emotion, you probably will have tears or possibly anger. This is allowing the energy to move upwards out of the chakra so your Emotional Body is now fully feeling the experience. Keep going; ask for the Ruby Red Flame to help you as this ray is associated within the Solar Plexus.

As you allow the feeling to arise, you then call upon your Masculine Self, the Mental Body to help you understand it. This is when the words come into play. You can write an affirmation like, “I allow this insecurity to be healed by the Love that I am from my Higher Self.” Use your breath and feel the energy change. You may also have to write more about the Insecurity so that the thought process within your subconscious mind can be changed into the higher realm of thought, such as Acceptance of Love.

This process is allowing your Feminine and Masculine Selves to work together to heal the lower element that has been lodged in your Mental Realm, by allowing the emotional Self to actually feel the energy. This is very important to do with every issue you encounter.

Then, and only then, can you understand what Intimacy represents as the Feminine Self will be able to elicit the change within you as the Masculine Self grounds the acceptance of the new energy you are becoming – Empowered Within.

The reason that an individual is challenged with emotional intimacy is because the process is very foreign to the four body system. All of the bodies of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental must work together in order for the soul to truly accept the healing that needs to take place.

Intimacy is learning how to speak the feelings by allowing both the Feminine and Masculine Divine to work in unison, not separately. Once an individual acts upon this process, it will get easier each time that they are put in a position to share about their own self. When you allow the issues that your Inner Child has held for eons of time to be revealed, it can be very illuminating and healing to say the least.

As you learn to share your emotions, you allow yourself to be vulnerable; and this is empowerment. You cannot have a balanced state within your four-body system without allowing all parts of yourself to healed by being honest of the parts that have been hidden so the healing process can occur.

Learning to Trust your Heart through true Intimacy is a very powerful tool. Allow yourself to walk through the doorway of your Divine Self by acknowledging all parts that need to be put into alignment.

I am honored to have Ascended Master Ray Chohans Master Paul the Venetian, the Pink Flame of Love, and Master El Morya, the Blue Flame of Will and Power to share their essence on this subject of the Feminine and Masculine Divine with me.

I Am Lord Saint Germain at your service.


RELATED: “Intimacy: Your Connection to the World” is the next Ascension Class in the Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of the Soul Series to bring forth learning how to be Emotionally and Mentally Intimate through Intimacy of Love, Sharing, and Trusting Your Heart. Click for Class Details and Enrollment

Original Material © Copyright 2017 by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. 
Michael (Ara) Hayden. All rights reserved. AS IS. PLEASE POST AND SHARE THIS ARTICLE FREELY IN
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The Flower People from the Hollow Earth


So we are here to talk about the flowers, and how they bloom so beautifully and so abundantly in Spring. They lift their heads and turn their faces toward the Sun, and lo and behold, their magnificent bodies emerge from the dirt and you see their full beauty and smell their deep fragrance. They are magical aren’t they? And they have a message for your surface folk now:

Dearest people on Earth, we are the Flower People from Catharia, inside the Hollow Earth, here to guide you also, and to bring you the fragrant scents and smells from the Heaven World through our delicate and beautifully shaped bodies of Light. For we are of Light also, although your five senses do not yet detect our vibration.

We flow our Light to you in currents of waves when you kneel beside us to smell our fragrant petals or to touch our stems. This is especially so in the Hollow Earth, where the people are connected to us in their full consciousness. Soon you will be too, and then we can converse and play together. Yes, we love to play, and we do this easily. Even though we cannot move around, our laughter and voices can be heard whenever you are in our vicinity, and we can play in our thoughts and visions and sing to all those around us. If you listen deeply, you can hear our songs and sing along with us. We invite you into our aura and into our lives.

We were sent here by the Spiritual Hierarchy to guide you into your ascension, and to bring you the beauty of Heaven. For as you connect with our beauty, you connect to Heaven. It is one and the same. For beauty is who you are, and we are here to remind you of this truth. We send our love out to you on the petals of springtime and the aromas wafting through the air. Catch them and connect to us. We await your visit. We are the Flower People from deep inside the Earth.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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Here comes the rain - again: Britain battered as high tides cause more flooding

A fresh bout of flooding has caused more woes in the south and west of the UK. As the never-ending storm continues lethal waves are expected to batter the coast. Waves of up to 27ft have been recorded off Land's End, Cornwall. After high tides, heavy rain and strong winds flooded homes more severe weather is expected. The violent storm moving in from the Atlantic has brought travel chaos as commuters return to work after Christmas.

10900604492?profile=originalA giant wave crashes onto the promenade in Aberystwyth, Wales. (Reuters)

10900605453?profile=originalShocked residents survey the scene in Aberystwyth - which looks like the aftermath of an explosion. Residents were asked to evacuate properties over the weekend due to the high tides and flood warnings. (REX)

10900605879?profile=originalMonstrous waves break on Porthcawl harbour, South Wales, watched by curious onlookers. (Ben Birchall/PA Wire)

10900606288?profile=originalLarge sections of the promenade in Aberystwyth has been washed away by the sea. Concrete and paving stones have been dismantled and pounded into pieces while railings have been uprooted. Waves as high as 6ft left a blanket of debris and sand where the promenade once stood. (Photo by REX)

10900607066?profile=originalThis 4ft emergency barrier was all that stood between residents of Avon Crescent, Bristol, and the encroaching River Avon. Many had moved their possessions upstairs as a precaution against possible flooding. Despite fears the water would break the barrier and flood the street the blockade, made in Sweden, held firm. (SWNS)

10900607891?profile=originalSea spray thrown up by tumultuous waves conceals the harbour wall in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, from view. (Reuters)

10900608659?profile=originalHuge waves crash over the tops of houses at Lahinch, County Clare, Ireland. (London News Pictures/Rex)

10900609080?profile=originalBlack storm clouds roll above the seafront at Falmouth, Cornwall, just after sunset. (SWNS)

10900609858?profile=originalA hotel on the promenade in Aberystwyth has taken the precaution of boarding up the ground floor windows. Concrete slabs are covered with a thick layer of sand thanks to the high tide. (Reuters/Rebecca Naden

10900610259?profile=originalStrong waves have gouged out a chasm from a section of the promenade in Aberystwyth. Authorities fear the structure could collapse into the sea at any time. (London News Pictures/Rex)

10900610676?profile=originalThe A487 main road between Haverfordwest and St David's in Pembrokeshire is closed after a mountain of pebbles was dumped on the tarmac after the storms threw up ferocious waves. (Reuters)

10900611482?profile=originalFlood water smashes through a wall in Langport, Somerset. (SWNS)

10900610892?profile=originalFor some the strong winds means rough waves - and an exciting ride. A windsurfer enjoys the stormy conditions and muddy seas off of Mudeford beach in Dorset. (Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

10900612488?profile=originalSandbags are placed in front of a property on the seafront at Lynmouth in North Devon, England. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

10900612878?profile=originalWaves crash against the railway embankment as a train edges along the coast at Saltcoats in Scotland. (PA)

10900614065?profile=originalWaves crash against Clevedon seafront, North Somerset. (SWNS)

10900614260?profile=originalDuring holiday season tourists enjoy the hot weather and sun as they paddle at the Plymouth Tinsdie Lido in Devon. But the view changed dramatically just a few months later...

10900615058?profile=originalThe popular outdoor pool in Plymouth has disappeared under sea water in a picture taken January 3. The raised steps surrounding the pool have been engulfed in the flood and just the top of the water feature in the centre can be seen. (SWNS)

10900615652?profile=originalA road in Amroth, West Wales, has fallen into the sea after being repeatedly hit and eroded by the strong waves. (Rex)

10900615299?profile=originalIn Harpingden, Hertfordshire, a freak hail storm lasting less than a minute covered this street in balls of ice. (Catriona Wightman/ Twitter)

10900615886?profile=originalWaves crash over the promenade at hightide in Saundersfoot, in west Wales in the early morning of January 3. (Reuters/Rebecca Naden)

10900616298?profile=originalHigh seas batter the Cobb at Lyme Regis, Dorset. (SWNS)

10900617859?profile=originalA car drives through flood water created by the River Mole bursting its banks at Jacobs Well, Surrey. (London News Pictures/REX)

10900618060?profile=originalWaves of up to 10m are expected to hit Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Residents of coastal towns have been warned to stay away from visiting the seafront to inspect the waves as it can be dangerous. (SWNS)

10900618498?profile=originalCouncil workers place sand bags on Plymouth's famous Mayflower Steps in the early hours of morning to prevent flooding. (SWNS)

10900619061?profile=originalTwo children play by the Clevedon seafront in North Somerset, as waves crash against the railings. The Environment Agency issued severe flood warnings - meaning there is a danger to life. (SWNS)

10900619686?profile=originalHuge waves batter the seafront at Porthcawl in South Wales. The Met Office has also warned of wind and rain in Scotland and Northern Ireland. High tides are expected in Northern Ireland and residents of Belfast have been warned that parts of the city could be evacuated due to flooding. (SWNS)

10900619291?profile=originalA sunny day in Gloucestershire but heavy rain over the New Year have caused the River Severn to break it's banks near Tewkesbury Abbey. (SWNS)

10900620658?profile=originalA flooded street in Salcombe, Devon. The worst of the severe weather is expected to affect Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wales. (SWNS)

10900620697?profile=originalStrong winds and a tidal surge cause waves to crash down on Plymouth's historic waterfront. The Environment Agency has warned flooding could endanger lives. (SWNS)

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Archeia Lady Mercy ~ Nurture Yourself through the Healing Power of Forgiveness ~ via Julie Miller
Posted: 03 Aug 2013 10:45 PM PDT


Beautiful Bright Hearts we know many of you have experienced hurt caused by other people’s actions and words. Maybe your parent criticized you, possibly a co-worker spread invalidated gossip, or your closest friend or partner has said or done dishonest actions that caused hurt. There are many scenarios and examples and the pain you have endured can create wounds that hurt much more than a cut upon your body - the anger, resentment, and for some the feelings of vengeance can have a long lasting hold on your emotions and feelings. They can drain your precious energy away creating fatigue and unwellness. To remove yourself from these draining emotions and feelings, consider the practice of forgiveness. Embrace forgiveness as a way to heal yourself from deep within, releasing any pent up guilt, animosity and other fear created feelings and let them go. Bright Hearts when you embrace forgiveness as your healing medium for personal hurts you are leading your whole self down a wonderful path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You are doing something good for you.

We are quite aware that forgiveness is a challenge for many because one must be ready mentally and emotionally. Understand Bright Hearts, when you apply the practice of forgiveness you are not condoning what has happened or what someone has done. You are letting go of the pain that was created as a result. You are letting go of all the bitterness, sorrow, betrayal and other feelings that was created, you are freeing yourself from the heaviness of those feelings and emotions. Yes, forgiveness can be hard, especially when the person or persons who have wronged you don’t seem to deserve your mercy, but you are doing this also for you. Remember my dears, when you forgive the benefits are mainly for you. Forgiveness frees you; it shows you a path where you can breathe again without the pain caused by others or the lingering effects of a situation that has held your power far too long.

Learning to forgive and let go of the pain caused by others gives room for compassion, and peace to enter your whole being. Your ability to forgive and let go can easily direct your journey to happier and healthier relationships, a higher feeling of spiritual well-being, less stressed are just some of the many things you may feel as an outcome of practicing forgiveness.

We know it is very easy to hold onto the animosity and resentment after someone has said or done something to hurt you. As soon as you think on those words and actions, you allow them to take root and to grow and fester inside of you. They have the ability to push out any positive feelings and sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed by your own sense of injustice takes over. Depending on how long you dwell within the negative emotions of the situation you may also find yourself losing valuable connectedness with others that you do care about.

Even while in this dark state you may feel lost and confused, but there is always a way out but it does require commitment from you and your will do leave the heaviness behind. The commitment that is needed is your own vow to begin the process to bring in positive changes beginning with forgiveness. As you embark upon the path of practicing forgiveness, give yourself time to think about the value of forgiveness and how it is important and what you are hoping to achieve. During this time of self-healing, reflect back to past situations where hurt was involved, recognize the facts that are plainly there and notice your reactions then and how they effected your physical health and spiritual well-being and see how the past situation and the current one has effected your overall life.

When you are ready, enthusiastically forgive this person that has caused you harm. Let go of that heavy pain and of those negative emotions and feelings. Give yourself the freedom from their disharmonic clutches and become no longer the victim but the survivor, one who is filled with great courageous, personal power and great knowledge and wisdom. You deserve to be free, to be in control of yourself and of your life. As soon as you consciously let go of your pain, along with the bitterness and anger that is often associated, your life is no longer defined by the actions and words done by others, it is no longer a reflection of the pain you endured. Through the power and effects of forgiveness, you are essentially rebirthing a new you. Forgiveness is like a gentle yet strong hug that nurtures and heals you from the inside. Through forgiveness you learn how to live again, to smile, to laugh and to just be you.

When you have exercised forgiveness to the person that caused you pain and harm, this positive action doesn’t always mean there will be reconciliations. Through the process of forgiveness, you have learned what value means, and through the information you gathered you also are given the opportunity to recognize if the relationship with this person is of great value to you or if it will continue to create harm. Forgiveness often leads to reconciliation but not necessarily. You will have to discern, using your intuitive powers and come to the conclusion if reconciliation is best. Even if there is no reconciliation, forgiveness is still able to be applied and your path of self-healing continues.

Bright Hearts, we know how difficult it can be when you have not forgiven the one who has caused you pain by their insensitive words or actions; just being near them causes great tension. But when forgiveness has been exercised, these feelings of fright and unease dissolves. The feeling of awkwardness is no longer present because you have begun to move forward because you have re-claimed your power, you have given yourself the respect you deserve as well as your love and care.

We encourage you Bright Hearts, while on the path of forgiving others, you also need to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for any past wrongs you may have done to others, forgive yourself for the feelings you allowed to enter, forgive yourself for judging yourself or being too hard on yourself. Remember who you are, remember that mistakes do happen. They don’t happen necessarily to stall your progress, but to help guide you to creating a stronger you, to learn to let go of certain cycles, to let go of people or ways that are no longer serving your best interests. When you seek forgiveness for yourself, don’t seek with excuses, seek specifically for forgiveness, include your regret and your sorrow, and be authentic. Understand dear ones you cannot force another to forgive you, they too deserve and need to move on and they will just as you will in time when they are ready. Even after you exercised forgiveness and the outcome doesn’t bring reconciliation, it is important to make the decision to be compassionate, kind and respectful towards others.

Your spirit Bright Hearts requires the nourishment found within the goodness of truth and beauty that is discovered while on the path of forgiveness. Showing mercy and forgiveness to yourself and to others allows you to grow strong and increases your potential and ability to allow positive changes into your life. When you are being merciful towards others and of yourself, you are able to forgive, you are able to comfort, help and care for others and for yourself when needed. Remember dear ones when you act merciful and show forgiveness you are also demonstrating unconditional love, a kind of love that has no expectations, a love that is done for the simple sake of loving. Don’t allow your spirit to feel poorly or as if it’s in a poverty-like state, direct the healing energy of forgiveness to reach your soul as well.

Give yourself the gift of mercy and forgiveness, heal from within and shine your goodness and renewed vitality wherever you go.

I AM Archeia Lady Mercy through Julie Miller

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Who Are You, Truly? ~ A Message from the Angels ~ via Tazjima

Posted: 03 Aug 2013 10:45 PM PDT


“Who are you (or “Hu R U” in text!)?” asked the Caterpillar of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass”. Many of you are now deep into the process of discovering the answer that Alice was seeking.

Today, several of us, as ascended masters, angelic beings and divine mentors have joined together to address you through our scribe:

I AM Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, also known affectionately as “Raj” by many.

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.
We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine.
We are the Divine Mother and Father.

We are You, part of your Multidimensional nature, which you are now in the process of rediscovering and opening up to the realization that you are greater than you know.

We have joined together to address our brothers and sisters through this scribe as part of her own mission to know herself better. While well aware of some of her own spiritual roots, she has been unwilling to reveal much to her readers. Now has come the time to speak of many things, not just of a personal level, but a Universal level.

Each of you is in the process of returning to Source. Why? Creator has instilled his creation with the desire to be in Oneness. For some time, this has not been the case; many worlds, universes, creations and individuals have, shall we say, strayed from the original blueprint and far into darkness and separation. And so Creator has sent forth brave ones, volunteers all, to work in these distant fields to act as wayshowers, to bring awareness back to those who notice them, in whatever light, positive or negative, that joining into oneness is possible for anyone to accomplish, no matter how lost they currently feel.

Our scribe has been undergoing the process of “getting to know yourself” as described and guided through the work of Jim Self, long one of our guides and mentors, taught by Archangels and Masters. This is one approach to coming into Oneness, but only one; there are many and each individual needs to discover what method or direction suits their own individual needs. All of you are unique and precious to Creator; all of you are now discovering just how unique and amazing you truly are. To some the revelations will be overwhelming at first, and then others will be quite accepting and also blasé about their discoveries. And still others will be secretive, at least at first, because they do not yet trust themselves or those around them to understand completely what has been revealed or why.

We ask nothing of yourselves that you are unwilling to give at this time, only to look dispassionately at what your heart tells you, what is shown to you through dreams and visions, what you feel through your body, what is revealed to you in moments of “aha”, as you piece together disparate bits of information into a complete picture… a new you is being revealed.

Our scribe has noticed what has been explained by Jim Self in his latest energy update (August 2013) as a removal of certain levels of frequency, a detachment from the need or ability to emotionally react to some happening in daily life that would have earlier created a disturbance in her emotional body, creating another thought form to be stored in her unconscious to be dealt with at a later date. This detachment, while deemed by some to be a lack of response or coolness in her nature, is a godsend now as the agitation in the world around her increases. She is now able to watch the gyrations of the minions of the departing paradigm with equanimity; these oppressors are now struggling to retain their control over the people and are attempting all kinds of acts of oppression and aggression to push through their agenda. It is not working anymore as the energy has shifted and the structures that once held together the rigid paradigm of the third dimension have been removed. All the flailing about is pointless, but will be done by these stubborn ones until they, too, realize that change is inevitable and that their time is done.

For the lightworkers to be drawn into the drama of the departing paradigm is not the solution, either, for to place attention and focus on these dark energies is to strengthen their remaining hold on society and the individual. One must learn to be observant, compassionate and removed, focusing instead on the golden vision of the inner heart and connection with soul; the I AM Presence and Creator. Through the Law of Attraction, what is focused upon will emerge into your life and hers. It is universal law and above all those created by those who wish to control the actions and lives of others for their own benefit. So be willing to forgive those who have worked against you throughout your many lives on this planet and others, and to move on into your own dream of bringing heaven to earth. It can be done; it is being done by many who have learned to focus on what gives them joy and can offer abundance and healing for the collective of humanity, not just their own pocketbook.

Now has come a time of letting go of what is not yours, what has never been yours. It is up to each of you to identify just what constitutes those things that have been put forward by others in your life as being the way to do things, what to believe, how to act, who to trust, who to hate. All of you have been affected by the administrations and belief systems of your elders, mentors, teachers and bosses, to one extent or another. However, as the energies shift and change, the new children coming into the world and many who are here already as Indigos, blue-ray beings, crystals, walk-in volunteers, starseeds and other various titles, these individuals do not resonate with the old energies and so they rebel or walk away from what has been placed before them as the way things have always been and seek another direction, one quite divergent from that of their parents and teachers. The children understand that there is another way to be, to follow; so they go their own way because of their different “wiring”. They have come in with bodies that naturally respond to higher frequency levels and so they can adapt to and demand that others change, as well. For them the process is easy and quite natural.

This ability to shift with the incoming energies and shifts is not quite so apparent in the older generations still living on this planet. Our scribe is one who came in soon after the last great world war; she took on some of the decades of energetic healing of karmic patterns and lines that many of her compatriots did, but in a mostly unconscious manner. She just knew that things weren’t right or comfortable for her, so a great search for meaning was undertaken quietly, moving her away from the paradigm of her parents, and eventually quite away from her entire family. She has lived a solitary life for many years now out of choice, realizing that she needed to focus on her own inner growth and not respond to the needs of others in the manner which was the existing and unsatisfying paradigm of her own mother. Perhaps her actions were deemed suspicious and selfish by some, but she was driven by a deep inner desire to understand what was going on, outside and within. The process for her is still ongoing, but now there is an increasing acceptance of her inner power, strength and determination to be reunited with her Soul and with Creator. With this acceptance also comes a sense of peace despite all that is continuing to play out in the world around her. This is a journey that is being undertaken by many individuals, each in their own way, and is beginning to be reflected in changes manifesting in the outer world, as the “people” come awake to the need to change what has been accepted and put forward by the few to control the many to what can be accepted by the many and is for the good of all.

It is up to each individual to arrive at that place when they can accept and learn to love themselves, as they are, not as they hope to be, but as they are here and now. And they will begin to discover just how truly wonderful and astounding that knowledge can be, even if they now see themselves as being quite simple and plain on the surface. No one is what they appear to be; all are part of creation, facets of the great diamond of Being and in the process of being buffed and polished by events in daily life, by opportunities and promptings to expand horizons and sense of Self. Respond to these promptings as you see yourself guided and learn to trust the process. You are in control; you just may not be aware of that fact, yet, mainly because you are not quite aware of Who you are.

You will discover that paradox will be quite apparent as you continue to grow towards self-realization. Paradox allows for people to change. What is true of a person or an event one day, may not hold true the next. Perhaps someone hurt you in the past. Will you hold that against them until the day you breathe your last breath or can you forgive yourself and them for what has happened and allow them to reveal how they have changed or not. You do not have to give in to another; just be compassionate and understanding. You act as mirrors to one another and reflect back what has not been dealt with. As bluffing agents, your “enemies” act to bring your attention to what has not been released from your own unconsciousness. How you react to their actions or not can give you a sense of just how far you have come in the process of forgiving yourself for acts of omission or commission.

What upsets you today as someone commits an atrocity “out there” is something that you, yourself, may have committed in another lifetime or even this one. You need to forgive “them” and yourself and move on. These acts are still being committed by those who hate themselves so desperately that they believe by hurting others they will regain a sense of control and power over their own lives. Of course they are seriously deranged in thinking so, but even the worst murderer or child rapist can change, can find redemption in the “lord” if they can forgive themselves and learn to love what they are now, a child of the Creator.

Can you do any less than the angels and forgive that one as the Creator does every day, every moment, knowing full well what that individual truly is already?

Can you forgive yourself?

Can you learn to love your loneliness and the traits that drive you from being able to live with others?

Can you learn to accept that what you deem as weaknesses and character faults within may truly be your most precious gifts and strengths that you can place on the altar of Being?

As the velocity of change quickens in the world, through the avenues of extreme weather, social upheavals, economic and political changes, as well as upsets caused by the now daily revelations of what has been hidden from the general populace by their governments, religious institutions, by corporations and powerful individuals, each person is undergoing a process of initiation into mastery. Many are unprepared and will leave as the paradigms shift and the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise. This exodus is well underway already; it can be seen in an increase in the death statistics, whether through natural causes or through violence and social upheaval. Do not feel that the ones leaving have failed, however, as each individual has a path to follow. When one leaves the body, one can adjust the patterns and make another attempt at mastering the energies and demands of physical embodiment, which is so much more challenging than many beings existing in the higher frequencies, truly understand.

You are the brave ones, who have taken on the job of bringing a planet back into alignment with the Will of the Creator; it is not an easy task and will take some time to come into full manifestation, but the light is increasing in this world. The new world will come into being; it exists already in your Heart of hearts. Each individual who leaves will come back to fulfill their mission or choose to fulfill it from the worlds of light, as they are so guided. Do not fear for your loved ones who do not appear to be awake yet; they will not be left behind even if they appear to forsake you and your efforts to go forth into the New World, now.

If you are meant to work together, you will, but you cannot force change on another against their will. Let them be what they are. They will discover what lies within soon enough.

Be the process of change that you want to see happen in the world. Focus on what is your dream, your passion, your joy and bring it into manifestation. It is not your duty to correct what is broken. The energies of change will scour and remove that which is not suitable for the continuation of life from the world. This planet is undergoing her own path of initiation and return to her Christic plane of being; what vibrates at a lower level is being removed, naturally. What already exists within her and within each individual will eventually manifest in the physical. This process is already underway. See the world with the eyes of a child, filled with excitement and wonder, free of cynical judgment, alive to the possibilities and delights of physical existence. Your world is a wonder of creation and you are, too. Discover the joys of life on a beautiful planet, made even more beautiful by your focused thoughts and visions of heaven on earth. You are a part of the Creator made manifest. Bring your most beautiful dreams and passions into reality. You have the power within; learn to harness it for the good of all creation. Be what you are meant to be, a beautiful, powerful being of light.

Go gently into the new day that approaches you as a dawn flushing the skies of your world. Go forth in wonder and create in joy. You are human angels, drawn into manifestation by the Mother and empowered with grace and spirit by the Father. You are their hands; create in the fields of the Lord and learn to sing, again, with angels and elementals. We stand at your side, guiding, mentoring and giving encouragement when needed, but you are the masters. Go forth and act accordingly. We truly love you as you are, here and now.

Namaste; we bow to the Divinity within each of you.

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Pictures of the week: From a roar that hit the spot to smoke-filled skies
Here's our pick of the best pictures around the world this week...

10900615269?profile=originalHear my roar! Young leopard Fred attempts to show his sister, Ginger, who's boss in their enclosure at Dvur Kralove Zoo, Czech Republic. Ginger looks unimpressed. (Action Press/REX)

10900615298?profile=originalMount Sinabung spews ash as stars glisten above. The volcano in Indonesia has been active since November. More than 25,000 villagers from the surrounding area have been evacuated, while the ash has coated the ground below in a thick blanket of grey soot. (Reuters)

10900616275?profile=originalThe Saudi Hawks Display Team perform stunning aerial displays at the Bahrain International Airshow in Sakhir, Bahrain. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali)

10900617070?profile=originalA message from the gods? Lightning strikes during the doubles match between Rameez Junaid of Australia and Adrian Mannarino of France, and Rohan Bopanna of India and Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan, during the 2014 Australian Open in Melbourne. Australia has been in the grip of a heatwave this week. Temperatures rose above 45C and dozens of bush fires raged through communities in the south and west of the country. The fires have claimed one life in North Grampians, west of Victoria. (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)

10900617860?profile=originalPie-eyed: World Scotch Pie winner Stephen McAllister, from Kandy Bar Bakers in Saltcoats, Scotland, celebrates the only way he knows how at The Scotch Pie Awards in Dunfermline, Scotland. (PA)

10900618059?profile=originalTaking a break: A family wrapped up in traditional Mongolian wear rest on a sleigh, while their camel, adorned in colourful garments, waits by their side. The family are attending the annual Thousand Camel Festival in West Ujimqin Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The festival boasts races, polo competitions and performances of traditional Mongolian music and dance. (Unimedia Images/REX)

10900617694?profile=originalIs this real or fake? Talented painter Roberto Bernardi, 33, spends up to a month painstakingly perfecting paintings that look real. The 39-year-old Italian artist uses oil on canvas to produce extraordinary art that can fetch up to £76,000. (Roberto Bernardi/Caters)

10900618875?profile=originalA Naga Sadhu, or Hindu holy man, offers blessings to a woman after taking a holy dip at the meeting point of the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal, India. The man, covered in white, bathed in the water during Makar Sankranti - a Hindu festival that marks the start of the harvest season. (Reuters)

10900619101?profile=originalThe beginning of the apocalypse? The Luminarias festival, where riders guide horses through bonfires, is held annually in the small town of San Bartolome de los Pinares in central Spain. The festival dates back 500 years and is held the night before St Anthony's Day, the patron saint of animals. It is believed the smoke from the bonfires bless the animals and protect them for the year to come. (Reuters)

10900619864?profile=originalA trend for next season? Photographer Tim Tadder snapped the moment a water balloon popped over a model's head. (Tim Tadder)

10900619300?profile=originalSmoke billows from a vast fire at a recycling plant in Sherburn-in-Elmet, where 15,000 tonnes of tyres burned this week. The blaze was so fierce that the nearby town of York was blanketed by the black smoke. The plume reached heights of 6,000ft - high enough to be seen from space. The cause of the fire is not yet known. (PA)

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A Case for Including Chemtrails in the Disability Known as “Aerotoxic Syndrome”


Chemtrails Pumped inside Commercial Jets Could Poison Passengers and Crew

February 20, 2013
Chemtrail Toxins and Aerotoxic Syndrome Can Disable or Kill Pilots, Crew and Frequent Flyers
The graphic in the video was intended to show how toxic fumes from engine oil leaks could be pumped inside the aircraft with the result of poisoning the passengers and crew in a recognized phenomena called aerotoxic syndrome. Source

While Aerotoxic syndrome from an engine oil leak is a relatively rare occurrence it must be considered that Aluminum aerosols are sprayed from jet aircraft to saturate the skies at almost every hour of the day. Even when aerosols are not deployed by the affected crew, it’s the ambient nano-aluminum and barium heavy metals sprayed by many other aircraft that create the concentrated toxic air at flight level altitudes.

And we know the highest concentrations of aluminum toxins begin at altitudes to which thousands of passenger, cargo and civilian aircraft are cleared to cruise, ascend and descend at every hour of every day.

The identified problem in cabin air contamination is a device called a bleed air valve. The valve has no ability to filter the air pumped into the cabin and cannot distinguish between aerotoxins of engine oil, aerotoxins of aerosol aluminum or even aerosols of toxic radiation plumes.

So, its no longer enough to say that aerotoxic syndrome is ONLY related to an engine oil leaks.
The definition of aerotoxic syndrome is not complete until all possible sources of atmospheric contamination that can possibly pass through the bleed air valve are considered.

Dead BA pilots ‘victims of toxic cabin fumes’
TWO of British Airways’ most talented pilots have died after complaining of years of exposure to toxic oil fumes on board passenger planes.

By: Ted Jeory

Published: Sun, January 27, 2013
Official records from the Civil Aviation Authority show that oxygen masks are being donned by pilots and crew at the rate of at least five times a week to combat suspected “fume events”.
(Comment: Necessary use of oxygen mask 5 times per week sounds too frequent to be mechanical failure producing an oil leak. Observers frequently say they can “smell” chemtrails when deployed at low altitudes. When pilots are using oxygen masks in response to an “odor”, it must be considered that the source of the odor and associated toxins may be a result of ambient alumina and barium concentrated in a layer of atmosphere at flight level.)

10900611452?profile=originalPilot, Richard Westgate, deceased

Doctors believe Richard Westgate died from cabin fumes
Karen Lysakowska, 43, was buried last Tuesday, while Richard Westgate, also 43, was laid to rest four days before.Both believed they had been poisoned by the toxic oil fumes that can contaminate cabin air and which regularly forces pilots to don oxygen masks in order to breathe.

Lawyers for Mr Westgate now want to “give him the trial he never got” by suing the airline in a case they say will be a “moment of truth” for the aviation industry. They say they are on the cusp of proving in a court of law the existence of “aerotoxic syndrome”, a chronic physical and neurological condition they predict will one day be seen as “the new asbestos”.

Thousands of pilots are currently “unfit to fly”, one specialist doctor believes. Official records from the Civil Aviation Authority show that oxygen masks are being donned by pilots and crew at the rate of at least five times a week to combat suspected “fume events”. In some cases, crew members have passed out yet in almost all incidents, passengers are unaware.The air enters the cabin unfiltered via a bleed pipe off the jet engine where any oil leak at high temperature can cause the release of a dangerous mix of compounds, including potentially toxic organophosphates. Those most at risk are pilots, cabin crew, other very frequent flyers and people who are genetically susceptible to the toxins.A suspected three per cent of people are most vulnerable due to a genetic make up that renders their bodies less resistant.

Many pilots complain of headaches and other symptoms but they are often ignored or misdiagnosed.
Ms Lysakowska, who was one of the most talented pilots of her generation, having been given a special award as a cadet 20 years ago, had pleaded with her bosses at BA to address the issue after being grounded with ill health in 2005.

Writing to them in 2006, she warned: “My objective is to get well and carry on flying and not enter a protracted legal battle because of the impact exposure to contaminated air has had on my life but if I have to I will.”

However, she later developed cancer and the legal battle never took place.
Meanwhile, Mr Westgate, who was not married and had no children, also fell into the high risk category, his specialist aviation medic Dr Michel Mulder believes.
He died on December 12 in Amsterdam where he was being treated.

He had been there since last April after diverting to the Dutch city while en route to Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas, having given up all hope of finding a cure for his illness.

“All he wanted to do was fly,” Dr Mulder said.
However, it was a passion that slowly killed him.

Driven and ambitious, he was also a world record-breaking paraglider, a sport in which his talent was recognised only last August when he was given an award by ex-Royal Navy pilot Prince Andrew.

Richard had become a commercial pilot in 1998, flying with smaller airlines before joining BA in 2007, but he voluntarily grounded himself in 2011 after suffering whiplash in a car crash.

However, Dr Mulder said by that time he had already become concerned about his health and memory, suffering persistent headaches, chronic fatigue, loss of confidence and mood swings.
Like many pilots, according to Dr Mulder, who himself flew for KLM and who suffered similar symptoms, Richard failed to tell his employer for fear of losing his job.

And also like many others, he sought private medical advice to avoid any blemishes on his health record.

Dr Mulder said: “He was a very talented athlete but he had lost his sharpness. It had gone. He said to me, ‘I’m dying’. It was very sad.

“He had been losing the ability to multitask, which is obviously important when you’re flying a plane.
“He was misdiagnosed with depression. So many pilots are misdiagnosed because there is so little awareness of aerotoxic syndrome.

“Some of the symptoms are like the early onset of Parkinson’s Disease or MS.

“There needs to be an understanding of this but it’s wilfully not recognised. The airline industry knows how huge the implications would be.”

He said Richard was beginning to make progress in his care but he then suffered a fall in which a head injury caused his neurological problems to deteriorate.

He died last month and was buried in the Dorset village of Shillingstone on January 18.

His family are now awaiting the results of two autopsies in Holland.

However, before he died he had instructed his lawyer, Frank Cannon, who was also a pilot, to sue BA for alleged breach of health and safety guidelines.

Mr Cannon said BA is liable under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations because it fails to monitor the quality of air on board planes.

Despite calls from many pilots and the Aerotoxic Association, BA and all other airlines do not install air quality detection systems.

Instead, they rely on the results of disputed Government commissioned studies, the most recent of which by Cranfield University, Buckinghamshire, concluded in 2011 that cabin air was safe.

Mr Cannon is now trying to force a groundbreaking British inquest into Richard’s death in which BA would be asked questions about aerotoxic syndrome.

Mr Cannon said: “I see this as an impending tsunami for the airline industry—it’s been hushed for and ignored for so long.

“We hope to use the inquest to give Richard the trial he never got. It would be the first judicial recognition of his condition.”

A spokesman for BA said: “Our thoughts are with the families of the two pilots at this very sad time and we offer our sincere condolences.

“We are not aware of any legal claims relating to the two individuals.

“It would be inappropriate for us to comment or speculate upon the individuals’ cause of death.”

Doctor ‘finds sheep-dip link’ to cabin air issue
THE effects of toxic fumes on pilots are similar to the symptoms suffered by farmers working with sheep dips over many years.

The link is the dangerous organophosphates that are contained in dip chemicals and the oils used to lubricate jet engines.

The Sunday Express has spoken to the medic who discovered the link in the late Nineties.

Hertfordshire based Dr Peter Julu is Europe’s only autonomic neurophysiologist and he believes it is the lack of experts in his field which is preventing full recognition of the condition by the medical profession at large.

Dr Julu found the link after treating a Lufthansa pilot who had been referred to him by a neurologist.
He said the airline believed the pilot was “faking” the symptoms as a way of suing for compensation.
The German pilot used his contacts in the UK airline fraternity, then several others asked to see Dr Julu with similar symptoms.

Airlines tried to argue that carbon monoxide poisoning was causing the symptoms but Dr Julu, who also had experience of those problems, disagreed.

He said: “It was very strange. At that time, I was also doing some work on sheep dips for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

“To my amazement, the kind of symptoms and findings I was getting from farmers was very similar to the pilots, yet occupationally they couldn’t be more diverse.

“We suspected the famers were suffering from organophosphate poisoning and then an aeronautic engineer wrote to me to say there were also organophosphates in the oil systems.”

He said the chemicals attack the autonomic nervous system, which controls the body’s major organs including the brain and heart.

In particular, he said it targeted the brain stem, which he describes as the “headquarters of the autonomic nervous system”.

He said: “It attacks that part of the nervous system which deals with emotion and short term memory.
“It tends to be fairly specific. It affects a specific group of neurotransmitters that includes serotonin, which explains the appearance of depression in some cases.

He was a very talented athlete but he had lost his sharpness – Dr Mulder
“An imbalance means you could develop tremors and lots of problems with the regulation of blood pressure. “This is very similar to what happens with organophosphates. ”Asked why the condition wasn’t recognised, he said: “It’s mainly because the part of the nervous system it affects lacks experts.“Neurophysiology is the study of nerve function.

While there are many neurophysiologists—every hospital will have one—when it comes to autonomic neurophysiology, I’m the only one in Europe.”He has now treated a large number of senior pilots, including BA’s Karen Lysakowska, who was buried last week.

He said: “She was exactly the same as the other pilots who I had seen.”

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10900611292?profile=originalChem Trails

10900612070?profile=originalChem Trails

10900612282?profile=originalChem Trails From Space

10900612879?profile=original10900612865?profile=originalChem Trail Planes with barrels of Toxic Chemicals

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Bone collectors: Inside the creepy crypt of 1,000 skulls under a Northamptonshire church

The secrets of a creepy crypt holding more than 1,000 skulls and bones have been revealed. The 13th century crypt under the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, has been a source of great mystery and intrigue for villagers in the market town. The spooky collection is not the remains of soldiers or victims of the plague as it was once thought, but a place of memorial for superstitious pilgrims who wished to pray among the bones of their ancestors.

10900608496?profile=originalSome skulls are kept turned to the wall, their bones cracked and dirtied over the years. There used to be hundreds of bone crypts all over the UK but most were thought to be destroyed during the Reformation (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900608887?profile=originalRows of old skulls sit in the 13th century crypt beneath the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900609267?profile=originalFor years villagers believed the disassembled skeletons were victims of the plague or soldiers from the nearby battle of Naseby (REX/Geoffrey Robinson

10900610453?profile=originalResearchers have debunked the theory that the remains are of soldiers and victims of the plague - instead they say the creepy collection was a medieval monument for pilgrims and villagers to pray among the bones of their ancestors (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900610301?profile=originalThe Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. The church has long held a spooky secret underneath its foundations (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900611086?profile=originalThe bone collection was discovered in 1700 after a grave digger fell through the church and landed inside the creepy crypt (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900610866?profile=originalResearchers from the University of Sheffield's Department of Archaeology have found the reasons why the bones were gathered in the crypt (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900612067?profile=originalCenturies old skulls are displayed in the crypt under a nondescript village church in Rothwell, Northamptonshire (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

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Lady Quan Yin ~ Stabalizing the Grid and Healing the Earth ~ via Lesley Hicks
Posted: 11 Aug 2013 10:01 PM PDT


Beloved Eternal Beings of Light and Love, I come forward to you today with immense love and joy from my being, I am Lady Quan Yin and I love you Unconditionally.

As you are understanding the Central Star Aspect of each of the Galaxies that are in the Universe you are finding that each of you are becoming and expressing your infinite energy from the space of a Star System or Galaxy.

You see now how deeply within your own being that you can come and be connected to so much energy within the Universe Around you for many Star Systems and Planets give off such light and joy in each moment. When you can understand that all these Star Systems are giving off infinite energy, can you then ask yourself this question: What are my energy needs?

Forgoing the question of personal energy needs for a moment, I ask you the question of what will become of the fossil fuels upon the Earth and natural resources? As you may know, The Planetary Lord Buddha oversees the Earth, and I, as Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light am also an overseer of the Earth, but, not in the sense that Lord Buddha might be.
You might understand that since Lord Buddha and I work closely together, I am always energizing and grounding my Rays of Light through Lord Buddha and into the Earth, especially the Celestial Rays, and so in regards to energy, this is what I would like to explain to you.

It is important to understand that the Celestial energies can ground into the Earth energies because this will be the technology for your energy future. It is not that you will ever reach a catastropic state, but, it is important to understand that if you continue to deplete your uranium sources, mineral sources, and fossil fuel sources you will over a period of time begin to come to a point where you reach what will be termed as an energy crisis.

You see now that in reality these terms have already been brought forward for you as a warning perhaps of what can happen when the Love held in the core of your being cannot be projected fully into your reality. Imagine for a moment that you are taking in nutrient rich food, perhaps a high nutrient apple from a Tree or a Pear perhaps.

When you then eat this, you see that the Tree itself always has this to grow, but if you were to chop down the Tree and then uproot it, you would find then that not only you, but no-one would then be able to eat this fruit.

This is the same with the energy and Her energies. When something is depleted completely, Gaia then must come foreward and replace that energy with something else. Because of Universal Law, the Earth cannot replace a depleted energetic source with the same energy.

By Universal Law, that energy must be greater than the energy that was lost, and it must be different. If the Earth is karmically moving in a negative direction, the Universal Law states that an equal and opposite energy must co-exist within the same space, meaning that it is both greater than or equal and opposite meaning that it is unique and different. If the energy is karmically moving in a positive direction, the same.

In Truth, as the Earth moves in a direction especially in this New Age Golden energy you will see that resolutions seek themselves out much more quickly and that at times the Earth will compensate just as you are compensating.

It is very important that you understand this concept for in your energy works and in your work within the ashrams of this planet, it is important for you to balance this Karma through your energy networks.

It is very important at this time to send waves of Unconditional Love and Light to the Earth and her kingdoms. The Fairy energy at this time is very powerful in anchoring this energy and if you call upon their energies at this time they will assist you in being able to anchor your positive thoughts and intentions. This affirmation can be used at any time to call upon the Fairies energy.

"Dearest Fairies and Nature Kingdoms, I call upon your Light and Illumination to anchor into the Earth a powerful Ray of Light that is most appropriate for the Earth at this time. With this Ray of Light, I call upon the energies of Lord Buddha to anchor fully this ray of Light into the Earth.

This Ray of Light can be of any color that is most appropriate at this time. Please carry this pure Light energy into all areas of the Earth that need it the most, bringing peace, calm, and divine love and inspiration to all that need it. Thank you."

Within your ashrams, you have set up many hidden networks of geometry that have helped through the centuries to anchor into the Earth the necessary energies from Lord Buddha and the other chohans of the Rays. These networks were hidden and we now ask you with pure illumination to, with the most appropriate pathway, release these networks for grounding, healing, and anchoring the Cosmic Rays of Light.

These Cosmic Rays of Light are very important to anchor into the Earth for in 10 years time they will be the groundwork for bringing for the Light Beings that are Family to you to be able to anchor forward their energies in a very powerful way, I congratulate you.

My gift to you is the knowledge that when you have achieved sufficient enlightenment upon the Earth there will be no need for ships or other type of technology to land upon the Earth, but that those beings who are Family to you will be able to be seen by you when the Consciousness of the Planet allows it.

Think of it in the way that we are always present with you as Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings upon the Earth, but that you are unable to see it. When your third eye chakra has been completely cleansed, healed, and energized and the Consciousness of the planet allows it, you will be able to see us as we see you. In your enlightened form.

In encourage you, for the sake of the Earth, to focus upon your energetic networks of Light and anchor in the New Golden Gate Celestial Grid before seeking to achieve much else, for if the Earth is unstable so shall you be.

I send my compassion and love to you always, thank you.

I am Lady Quan Yin.

Copyright Lesley Hicks (Jaina) Ma Atmananda 2013 Please share so long as you give credit.

With Deep Love and Blessings.

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Pictures of the week: From flooded homes in Britain to wildfire in California

Here's our pick of the best pictures around the world this week...

10900603279?profile=originalStaff and residents are rescued as the floodwaters rise at the Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel, Dorking. Two separate storms have battered Britain this Christmas week. Rivers have burst their banks, flooded homes have been left without power, and high winds have caused travel chaos. (Tony Kershaw/REX)

10900603881?profile=originalThis impressive castle is in fact made of ice. It is being constructed for the 30th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, in Harbin, China. According to the festival organisers, nearly 10,000 workers were employed to build the ice and snow sculptures, which require about 180,000 square metres of ice and 150,000 square metres of snow. The festival kicks off on January 5, 2014. (Reuters)

10900604862?profile=originalWhat are you looking at? Ring-tailed Lemurs inspect a scale during an animal stocktaking at the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. (Reuters)

10900605287?profile=originalEve Grayson, a reindeer herder of the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, feeds the deer in snowy conditions in Aviemore, Scotland. This is the only reindeer herd in Britain as the animals are not native to the land. Reindeer were introduced to Scotland in 1952 by Swedish Sami reindeer herder, Mikel Utsi. Starting with just a few reindeer, the herd has now grown in numbers over the years and is currently at about 130 by controlling the breeding. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

10900605898?profile=originalHaven't you forgotten someone? Onlookers hoping for a rare glimpse of Prince George were sorely disappointed after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived for the traditional Christmas Day church service without their newborn at St Mary Magdalene Church on the royal estate in Sandringham, Norfolk. (PA)

10900606701?profile=originalDisplaced families wait at Tomping United Nations base near Juba international airport, where some 12,000 people from the Nuer tribe have sought refuge as conflict rages in South Sudan. The country, which gained indepedence from Sudan in 2011, has quickly descended into violance after clashes between rival groups of soldiers in Juba spread across the nation. (Reuters)

10900607077?profile=originalStuart Radbourne (C), huntsman and joint-master with the Avon Vale Hunt, leads the riders and hounds for their traditional Boxing Day hunt, at Lacock in Wiltshire, England. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

10900607697?profile=originalA layer of ice coats the leaves of a Japanese maple tree after an ice storm in Toronto, Canada. (Reuters)

10900609075?profile=originalSpot the baby: A shopper taking advantage of the Boxing Day sales in Leicester covers her child's pram with clothes while the baby sleeps soundly. (PA)

10900609271?profile=originalBrrr, it's cold in there! Swimmers emerge from the Serpentine river on Christmas Day in Hyde Park, London. For over 100 years, swimmers have taken part in the Christmas Day "Peter Pan" swim in the Serpentine. (Reuters)

10900610074?profile=originalPope Francis holds a replica of the baby Jesus at the end of his first Christmas night mass as Pontiff in the Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. (Reuters)

10900610681?profile=originalFire fighters battle a brush fire in the Simi Valley, California. Strong winds and dry conditions hindered the crews hoping to put out the flames. (ZUMA/REX)

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'After the Final Curtain': Haunting photos capture the derelict shells of U.S. theatres

They were once packed out entertainment venues decorated with stunning architecture, but these neglected American theatres have since fallen into disrepair.

Photographer Matt Lambros documented the sad decline of 57 formerly thriving theatres as part of his 'After the Final Curtain' project.

He travelled thousands of miles across the US, photographing crumbling venues in New York, Michigan and Massachusetts, among others, years after they stopped welcoming visitors.

10900604080?profile=originalThe inside of the Shore Theatre on Coney Island, NY is now filled with fading walls and building equipment.

10900605256?profile=originalThe stage and seating at the Paramount Theatre in Newark, NJ, which has clearly fallen into neglect. (REX/Matt Lambros)

10900606074?profile=originalThe crumbling interior of the Troy Theatre, New York.

10900606496?profile=originalUnloved: The interior of Loew's Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NYC.

10900607461?profile=originalThe inside of the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia has clearly seen better days.

10900607861?profile=originalLight streams into the dusty interior of the Loew's Kings Theatre in Brooklyn

10900607701?profile=originalThe Liberty Theatre in Dorchester, Massachusetts is now a derelict shell of its former self.

10900608883?profile=originalDecay: The Embassy Theatre in Port Chester, NY - one of 57 visited by Matt.

10900609483?profile=originalThe neglect and decay inside the Eastown Theatre in Detroit, Michigan is clear to see.

10900610260?profile=originalAnother image of the Troy Theatre shows ornate carvings and decorations still in place.

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10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 12
A Zen master had a faithful but very naive student who regarded him as a living buddha. One day the master accidentally sat down on a needle. He screamed “Ouch!” and jumped into the air. The student instantly lost all his faith and left, saying how disappointed he was to find that his master was not fully enlightened. Otherwise, he thought, how could he jump up and scream out loud like that? The master was sad when he realized his student had left, and said: “Alas, poor man! If only he had known that in reality neither I, nor the needle, nor the ‘ouch’ really existed.”

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 13
Remember the example of an old cow:
She’s content to sleep in a barn.
You have to eat, sleep and shit—
That’s unavoidable—anything
Beyond that is none of your business.
Do what you have to do
And keep yourself to yourself.

Chogyam Trungpa,
Shambhala, Berkeley
and London, 1972.)

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 14
Of all the practices I know, the practice of Tonglen, Tibetan for “giving and receiving,” is one of the most useful and powerful. When you feel yourself locked in upon yourself, Tonglen opens you to the truth of the suffering of others; when your heart is blocked, it destroys those forces that are obstructing it; and when you feel estranged from the person who is in pain before you, or bitter or despairing, it helps you to find within yourself and then to reveal the loving, expansive radiance of your own true nature. No other practice I know is as effective in destroying the self-grasping, self-cherishing, self-absorption of the ego, which is the root of all our suffering and all hard-heartedness.

Put very simply, the Tonglen practice of giving and receiving is to take on the suffering and pain of others and give to them your happiness, well-being, and peace of mind.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 15
I know very well from my own experience how hard it is to imagine taking on the sufferings of others, and especially those of sick and dying people, without first building in yourself a strength and confidence of compassion. It is this strength and this confidence that will give your practice the power to transmute the suffering of others.

This is why I always recommend that you begin the Tonglen practice for others by first practicing it on yourself. Before you can send out love and compassion to others, you must uncover, deepen, create, and strengthen them in yourself, and heal yourself of any reticence or distress or anger or fear that might create an obstacle to practicing Tonglen wholeheartedly.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 16
To integrate meditation in action is the whole ground and point and purpose of meditation. The violence and stress and the challenges and distractions of this modern life make this integration urgently necessary.

How do we achieve this integration, this permeation of everyday life with the calm humor and spacious detachment of meditation? There is no substitute for regular practice, for only through real practice will we begin to taste unbrokenly the calm of our nature of mind and so be able to sustain the experience of it in our everyday lives.

If you really wish to achieve this, what you need to do is practice not just as occasional medicine or therapy but as if it were your daily sustenance or food.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 17
As we follow the teachings and as we practice, we will inevitably discover certain truths about ourselves that stand out prominently: There are places where we always get stuck; there are habitual patterns and strategies that are the legacy of negative karma, which we continuously repeat and reinforce; there are particular ways of seeing things—those tired old explanations of ourselves and the world around us—that are quite mistaken yet which we hold onto as authentic, and so distort our whole view of reality.

When we persevere on the spiritual path, and examine ourselves honestly, it begins to dawn on us more and more that our perceptions are nothing more than a web of illusions. Simply to acknowledge our confusion, even though we cannot accept it completely, can bring some light of understanding and spark off in us a new process, a process of healing.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 18
We all have the karma to take one spiritual path or another, and I would encourage you, from the bottom of my heart, to follow with complete sincerity the path that inspires you most.

If you go on searching all the time, the searching itself becomes an obsession and takes you over. You become a spiritual tourist, bustling about and never getting anywhere. As Patrul Rinpoche says: “You leave your elephant at home and look for its footprints in the forest.” Following one teaching is not a way of confining you or jealously monopolizing you. It’s a compassionate and practical way of keeping you centered and always on your path, despite all the obstacles that you, and the world, will inevitably present.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 19
At the moment of death, there are two things that count: whatever we have done in our lives, and what state of mind we are in at that very moment. Even if we have accumulated a lot of negative karma, if we are able to make a real change of heart at the moment of death, it can decisively influence our future, and transform our karma, for the moment of death is an exceptionally powerful opportunity to purify karma.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 20
A meditation technique used a great deal in Tibetan Buddhism is uniting the mind with the sound of a mantra. The definition of mantra is “that which protects the mind.” That which protects the mind from negativity, or which protects you from your own mind, is mantra.

When you are nervous, disoriented, or emotionally fragile, inspired chanting or reciting of a mantra can change the state of your mind completely, by transforming its energy and atmosphere. How is this possible? Mantra is the essence of sound, the embodiment of the truth in the form of sound. Each syllable is impregnated with spiritual power, condenses a deep spiritual truth, and vibrates with the blessing of the speech of the buddhas.

It is also said that the mind rides on the subtle energy of the breath, the prana, which moves through and purifies the subtle channels of the body. So when you chant a mantra, you are charging your breath and energy with the energy of the mantra, and so working directly on your mind and your subtle body.

10900609853?profile=originalFebruary 21
The mantra I recommend to my students is:

Tibetans say: “Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Péma Siddhi Hung,” which is the mantra of Padmasambhava, the mantra of all the buddhas, masters, and realized beings, and is uniquely powerful for peace, for healing, for transformation, and for protection in this violent, chaotic age.

Recite the mantra quietly, with deep attention, and let your breath, the mantra, and your awareness slowly become one. Or chant it in an inspiring way, then rest in the profound silence that sometimes follows.

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Stunning before-and-after pictures have been released showing the falling water levels in flood-hit Walton-on-Thames in Surrey.

10900605477?profile=originalThis picture shows the transformation of a street in the village on 10 February (below) and 19 February (above).

10900605689?profile=originalWalton-on-Thames: 19 February (above) and 10 February (below)

10900606683?profile=originalWalton-on-Thames: 19 February (above) and 10 February (below)

10900607486?profile=originalWalton-on-Thames: 19 February (above) and 10 February (below)

10900608075?profile=original19 February (above) and 10 February (below)

10900608297?profile=original19 February (above) and 10 February (below)

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Noni stimulates the immune system to reject tumor cells: Research

Friday, August 16, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer


Learn more:

(NaturalNews) It is a widely reputed "superfood" that a cohort of published scientific research suggests possesses incredible healing powers. But the anti-cancer effects of Morinda citrifolia, also known more popularly as "noni," are among its most pronounced benefits, as a 2008 study out of South Carolina found that the fermented juice of noni stimulates the body's natural immune system to reject the formation and spread of tumor cells.

Researchers from the Oncology Research Institute at the Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center in Clemson discovered this after testing the effects of fermented noni exudate (fNE) in rats -- fNE, in case you were unaware, is dried noni in whole form, which includes the juice, pulp, and seeds of the fruit. Healthy rats, as well as rats lacking certain blood and immune cells, were given fNE as part of the study.

Published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Oncology Reports, the findings of the study are truly astounding. In healthy rats with normal functioning lymphocytes and healthy natural killer (NK) cell function, intraperitoneal injection of fNE effectively induced complete tumor rejection by spurring the action of granulocytes and NK cells in the peripheral blood, peritoneums, and spleens of the rats. Even in rats lacking functional lymphocytes, partial tumor rejection was observed.

"These data demonstrate that fNE appears to be able to stimulate the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system to reject tumor cells," wrote the authors in their conclusion. "NK cells respond quickly and appear to be among the major players of the innate immune system, while the adaptive immune system reacts later with a retained memory."

Numerous government-funded studies confirm anti-cancer properties of noni
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) also recognizes the anti-cancer benefits of noni, which is why this division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is currently funding research into the fruit. According to the agency's official website, NCCAM is currently moving forward with a laboratory study on noni's effects on prostate cancer cells, while the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is funding preliminary research on noni in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

"In laboratory research, noni has shown antioxidant, immune-stimulating, and tumor-fighting properties," says NCCAM. "These results suggest that noni may warrant further study for conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease."

The results of a Phase I clinical trial where patients with advanced cancer were given noni have also been promising. Published in 2009 in the Journal of Dietary Supplements, the results of this particular trial revealed that taking as much as 12 grams of noni extract daily can help advanced cancer patients not only improve their overall quality of life but also potentially reverse their condition. NCCAM has yet to publish the results of Phase II trials involving noni.

A 2006 study presented at the IVth International Conference on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants from French Overseas Regions also observed an anti-cancer effect in mice given noni. Particularly with regards to tumor metastasis, noni was found to not only block the growth of tumor cells but also prevent them from affixing to tissues within the body.

For a more complete list of published studies on the nutritive and health benefits of noni -- noni has also been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety; control blood pressure; fight damaging and chronic inflammation; boost energy levels; regulate blood sugar; battle diabetes; control blood serum cholesterol levels; and boost immunity, among other functions --

be sure to visit

Sources for this article include:

Learn more:

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Truth Tells the Best Stories ~ via Maryann Rada
Posted: 23 Aug 2013 09:25 PM PDT


Over the many, many eons of time that you have been traveling as a planetary body composite through the vortex of the sun’s trajectory through the galaxy, you have had a lot of time to think about the way you would like to have things work out. Or in the case of having time to think, you have had a lot of time to have some deep thoughts and some brief but powerful insights. Inner-world mechanisms of understanding being what they are, sometimes you hardly hear the echo of your soul’s call to pay attention for a few moments, while it tries to share some general vital statistics with you. You have so much to compete with the sound of your soul in this now, and the deafening buzz of background noise is about to hit a new pitch of intensity. Stay grounded in the knowing that your soul is in the driver’s seat for the reality-shifting ride ahead, and dive into the next adventure that the planet is undertaking with fearless abandon of worries and details of everyday humdrum-ness.

The truth has been hiding in a web of lies for a long time now, and the time has come for it to emerge from the shadows, dust itself off, and speak for itself, for what you have been listening to has not had the real bright quality of veracity to help it alter your reality in a favorably concrete way. In fact, what has been passing for the status quo has long served merely to reinforce the concrete underpinnings of what has become the business-as-usual workaday world. That is set to change, and you along with it. No longer will half-truths satisfy your curiosity about what is happening in your world, and no longer will the tolerance of prejudice and morbidity be the norm for social behavior. Love is about to burst through the doorway and into the spotlight, primed and ready to deliver a message that has waited for just the right moment to unleash itself onto an unsuspecting, somewhat somnolent audience. You, if you are awake, are ready to hear it without flinching. You may be surprised at the response of those who doze, however, even at this late hour; they have a moment to take everything in and show themselves in their true colors. Don’t blame them for sleeping late, for it was all part of their soul plan, and serves a purpose that does great good for the whole of humanity, even if you aren’t aware of it yourselves, yet.

What you are about to hear is a story of undeniable truth. It will soon become crystal clear that the lies you have woven your history from are fraying beyond repair. It is time for another story to have center stage. Would you like another one made of shadows and deceit or one in which you can see and understand what your role is and what the future of the global human organism is capable of achieving? You may have had your fill of deceit and servitude by now. It is worth considering the alternative, and to really embrace the essence of what could be, it is necessary for you to cast off the costume of dark design and step into a new outfit altogether. What this means is that you have had a long time to explore the experience of slavery from various points of view, from addiction to employment, from law and order to cult bliss. There are many ways to experience limitation on what you are capable of, and even the most palatable can eventually show itself to be as dark as any other. The alternative is the truth that tells the story of you as a being of divine nature, lost in forgetfulness yet fully aware on the level of the soul about the life you are living in this now.

That story has just begun to go mainstream, and while the main level of consciousness is yet in the twilight zone between wakefulness and sleep, you may take a moment to recalibrate your understanding of exactly what the purpose of being here really is. In this moment in your collective story, as you are living it, let all the knowingness you have acquired over the eons to slip away into a void of unknowing. It is not the end of knowing, but just a temporary setting aside of the act of knowing. In the moment before you, in which you know nothing about the way the world is fashioned, in which the pages of the storybook about the human race on Earth are blank, you have an idea of what real freedom is. Let that feeling plant itself within you, and allow yourself to come back into the know, into the now, unattached to thought of what is and what should be, free to let the soul’s pen write the next few words from which you can direct your next few steps.

Because there is so much happening on your planet at this time, is there any reason not to let go? You will not perish if you release your idea of Who You Are and allow a greater understanding to root in your awareness of self. The future of the greater body of humanity will not suffer if you end your relationship with the person you thought you were and start a new friendship with the faithful friend who has always lived inside of your being. The truth is, dear friends, that the world is about to lose the pattern that has kept the truth from letting you know what is happening without distortions and mutilation of its intrinsic weave.

It is upon you now to look at the next step you might take as the role you have long been playing, and consider that there is more to gain by looking at things from a new perspective in which you allow your soul to give you a new idea of how to best navigate in a new world. That’s the only way to help love be known, in fact. Even as a lightworker, a healer, a yogi or a pawn, you can bear to reassess your true role as it is outside of what you have always known and what you have watched come into being. What’s in the new moment yet unborn but taking form is best served by your highest potential having a clear field in which to run unimpeded by things like “me” and “who I am.” What lay beyond the next moment remains to be seen, but with the eyes of your pure self, you will emerge into something more engaging than what has been written for you outside of the light of love’s natural world. Let the pages take a new turn, and history reflect your power as conscious co-creators of a world where truth wears the world’s latest style – soul bold and beautiful!

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