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Today I will explain to you how to recognize the syndrome of a ghost in the family tree.

Ghost  or Spirit

It could also be called “replacement child”. For example, a child is born, his name is Antonio and he dies. After his passing, another child is born and the parents also call him Antonio. Antonio lives on Antonio’s mind. Furthermore, is very probably that the second child will never feel loved and recognized by his family and, even though he could receive tons of attention, he will still feel a lack of it. The reason for this is very clear: all what the parents are giving to the second child, unconsciously, they are giving to the first. The second child has no identity, not even he has his own name, but inherits the name of his deceased  brother.

Abortions are another form of ghosts or spirits.

I will use a metaphor to explain this: Imagine that conception is equal to buy a plane ticket. We all mostly know that, once we are ready to board the plane, we show our tickets and go through a sort of tube that leads to the aircraft (if you are lucky and don’t have to take a bus). In this case, the plane would be the birth, to show the ticket would be the conception and passing through the tube would be the pregnancy. When there is an abortion, the baby buys the ticket, shows it and goes through the tube… but when he gets to the end…. Surprise!… there’s no aircraft… And now what?… well, I will wait here. So, when another baby comes after an abortion, the baby buys again a ticket, he shows it up and while going through the tube, he finds his brother or sister waiting and, of course, he invites such brother or sister to board the plane with him. In other words, when there’s an abortion, the unconscious part of the unborn baby doesn’t gets lost and when his brother or sister are born, this one inherits the unconscious of the unborn baby. Again, a body and two minds.

Vertical ghost or spirit

 It is called in this way because it comes from the top, down. For example: your grandparents had a daughter that they named Maria and she died as a child. Your father, who’s Maria’s brother, calls you Maria when you are born.

Another example: Your grandmother (mother of your mother) had an abortion and after that she didn’t have any more children. You are her first born grandchild.

We find this kind of ghost or spirit syndromes through the death dates. When you are someone’s double because of their death date, and this person died before you were born, his/her unconscious lives in you. In other words you carry with the ghost or spirit of this ancestor. For example: your grandparents on your mother’s side had a child that died young, His name was Pedro and he was born on November 3rd 1984 at 5 months old. Your name is Juan, but you were born  on November 6 2012.

The last sample: Your great grandmother died on September 3rd 1975 and you are born on June 3rd 1980

To conclude, I’d like to tell you that sometimes a person can show the symptoms of the syndrome his/her ghost or spirit even though, this one doesn’t belong in his/her family tree. It could be the sample of a family member that dies in our arms. And sometimes this person doesn’t even belong to the family.  This fact is not very common, but it could happen. This would be the case of a death that you experienced closed to you and impacted you. Sometimes an accident in which you were involved or a friend that died while in your presence, etc. But , as I said, this cases are the less common.

Again I thank you for sharing this information. I sincerely hope you find it useful . Thank you.

This article was originally written in spanish by Saul Perez Sanchez who reserves author’s rights. For the original article please visit.

Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?

Look inside KNOWING OURSELVES (kindle edition)

Look inside KNOWING OURSELVES (paperback)

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J--Tar'ia'h En Ra El --

You probably think you are perusing this writing to learn more about starseed Ascension shortcuts and star races. Yet, reading these words begins your path towards a new reality. You are seeking your origins in the skies above: this is your quest. You are upon an adventurous intergalactic quest to find reflections of your innermost “self” -- patterns to identify with -- fractals which mirror you to your real Starseed family.

When you are truly Ascending and/or when you have already Ascended to the 5th Dimension, you will constantly be experiencing serendipity, a sense of inner wisdom, your body will be growing younger, and you will be instantly manifesting your wants and needs! Not quite there yet? Here are some super easy Starseed Ascension Shortcuts for you to use to rocket yourself to the 5th dimension and beyond!

Go Vegan Plus Probiotics -- this will get rid of all of your sleepiness and all groggy feelings, plus this will remove all ''time-loss'' scenarios!

Wear only Cotton or Hemp -- this will increase connections to your Guides, Angels, and Twin Flames, because synthetics block higher dimensions!

Remove Metal from Your Wardrobe --- this also increases connections to the Angelic realm. Only copper is Angel plusFaerie Sidhe friendly!

Be Celibate or Twin Flame Monogomous -- Being sensual only with your own Soul, with the self, with your Twin Flame heightens your dimension!

Create and Maintain Starseed Altars -- Creating Starseed Altars with your higher dimensional desires is a sure gateway to maintain your 5D reality!

Take Salt Baths -- Dunking in salt water followed by clear water daily removes 3D annd 4D residue from your Soul, body, and Merkaba!

Keep Crystals On You -- Drilled & copper-wrapped crystals -- and on your body, and in your bedroom -- help you maintain higher dimensions always!

Use Essential Oils & Hire Shamans for Healing -- Avoid western medicine in order to Ascend your pure Soul to the higher crystalline dimensions!

If you do not know ''HOW'' to do these shortcuts, write to me at and I will help you out at no cost! And yes, I AM doing all of these shortcuts myself, daily!

Your Starseed relatives -- within the ships -- are attempting to talk with you now. They are trying all means of communication available. They approach you through dreams, visual signs, plus you may sense them physically of feel their ever-persistent presence in the psychic realms. Are you listening? Are you feeling? Are you sensing?

While you believe you are sleeping, you are -- in fact -- *on assignment* on your ship above. You are now attending ship-side schools related to your skill-set and Starseed race. Fundamentally, you're being *reprogrammed* for a brighter intergalactic future every night.

Many factors and tests (in the ships and higher dimensional areas while you believe you are sleeping) have decided your upcoming roles and jobs -– in the very near future -– in these primary arenas:
- Acting as a Liaison between Humans and many other Star Races;
- Being a journalist on one of many media 7D holo ships;
- Returning to your home planet for rest and reunions;
- Working in this system for the Ashtar Command;
- Being a VOYAGER with your Twin Flames;
- Employment in space farm agriculture;
- Negotiating within a liaison / alliance;
- Performing within a committee;
- Being an empath healer;
- Working for the GFL;
- Being an artist;
- Performer;
- Pilot.

Most of these posts involve living on a ship, if only for a short time. This calls for traveling to a different planet within another galaxy -- or to an alternative dimensional reality such as a parallel universe -- or to even to a higher frequency of expression.

While you are co-habitating within a starship, flagship or lightship, you will be interacting with those from across the Cosmos! They will not be comparable to anything you’ve seen, felt, or perceived with your current reality veils (in this incarnation thus far).

Since you are now experiencing dimensional shifts leading to *life aboard the ships with your star race family* it is crucial to be as open-minded and open-hearted as possible: there are infinite prisms of kindness and utility that can be found within each planetary civilization.

Your Starseed relatives cannot *yet* be completely understood from your current vantage point, but will be holistically perceivable during your ecstatic love-filled multidimensional Starseed reunion.

You will be surrounded by non-human *family* on these ships (and your appearance will most definitely reflect theirs in your future). What will they look like? What will they be like? Here are some basic essential traits of just a few of the planetary star races you will relate with very soon:

1) The 7D, 8D and 9D humanoid group-thinkers from the Andromedan Star System, or; 2) term identifying the race of sentient service-to-other beings occupying the livable planets such as Aion in the Andromeda sector, as well as; 3) Sentients known for perfecting co-creation for peacefully-running planets and star bases.

1) Both 6D and 7D Sentient service-to-other beings occupying the livable planets and bases in the area of the star Arcturus, and; 2) These individuals are known by their deep compassion and unfailing kindness towards all walks of life in all dimensions.

Centaurians from Meton in Alpha Centauri:
1) 7D - 12D Loving high dimensional humanoids who are descendants of Venus Beings; and 2) Wildly strategic deep mental thinkers who are holographically connected to the Great Central Sun and maintain a 12D Akashic Library within it, and; 3) Gorgeous brainy beings whose ships appear in the form of a Merkaba spinning.

Centaurians from Proximi Centauri:
1) 5D to 7D Beings who come in the form of Humanoids and Reptoids, and hybrids who have both types of DNA; 2) Strategists, counselors, and empaths who are excellent benevolent thought-broadcasters; 3) machine savants who can fix anything mechanical, and; 4) Peaceful and harmonious group-thinkers with telepathy.

1) Felines -- the original progenitor race of this Universe -- who are beautiful bipedal (standing) cats, and; 2) 6D through 12D Creators originally from the Vegan Star System of a planet called Lyra, but now live everywhere in the Universe, and; 3) Planners of many flagships and living planets, plus; 4) Cat-Beings who have a keen sense of fair play in all arenas, plus; 5) Sentients who believe that their young have more wisdom than elders.

Orion Beings:
1) 4D and 5D polymorphs who are either chameleon-reptilian or humanoid-reptilian hybrids, and; 2) Beings from the Orion System – also called the Orion Nebula – whom reside upon planets and space stations throughout the Universe, and; 3) Individuals and soul-collectives from Orion who have tendencies towards high intellectual pursuits in physics, plus; 4) Sentients whose self-ascension practices are linked to extreme isolation, as well as; 5) Beings well-known for the utter perfection of holographic recreation of other star races' emvironments.

Pegasians from the Pegasus Galaxy:
1) Humanoid descendants from Sirius B and Dinoids plus hybrids who have DNA from both; 2) Innovators, scientists, and diplomats in many sectors; 3) Expert polite gracious beings who are expert in creating peace, plus; 4) Linguists whose brains are adept and learning thousands of languages at once.

1) 5D and 6D humanoids as well as reptilian-humanoid hybrids (in gorgeous prismatic skin colors) from the planets surrounding the stars Targeta and Maia; 2) Soul-collective service-to-others beings who are artistic and sensual in nature, plus; 3) Beings who are masters of storytelling as well as inspired artistic ingenuity in
both music and projected visualizations.

Sirians from Sirius A:
1) 6D - 8D hybrids with a variety of humanoid, canine, and fox-like appearances resulting from tremendous dna manipulation, as well as; 2) Star races who are experts in bodily implant-device-tracking over eons of time, plus; 3) Beings well-versed in hyper-advanced bio-technology and organic holographic realities, and; 4) Sentients who are well-known across the Universe for their senses of humor, and their love of practical jokes.

Sirians from Sirius B:
1) Nektons of hyper-intelligent water beings -- called Chloglians, who look like Cetaceans (dolphins, whales, and orcas) of Earthshan -- whom group-think within pods, and; 2) Chloglian-humanoid hybrids, who are bipedal in shades of pale blues and greens, and; 3) Higher dimensional Sentients who reside in and upon many planets to raise vibrations, plus; 4) Playful and loving group-consciousness beings, known for their intricate songs, and also; 5) Advanced Beings who can live as numerous souls (called a pod) within one biological entity, such as a whale or orca.

Now that you have some depictions of some of your biological star race relatives, spend some time each day communicating with them -- until you have a constant rapport -- so you can quickly Ascend upward beyond the mundane.

Multidimensional life with your Starseed relatives is multi-layered, and must be cultivated by **you** making an effort to be alert to all subtleties. You need to reach out towards your Star relatives to begin communicating with them to have a relationship with them in a pro-active way!

It is the time to discipline yourself to be silent and aware of every nuance through waking hours of hearing (e.g.; you hear songs about specific constellations, star beings, etc.). Also it is vital to be hyper-aware of what you’re seeing (i.e.; you notice paintings of aliens, observing lightships everywhere, seeing number sequences indicating names of universes). Focus all of your six senses on receiving signals from your NOW future’s new realities.

Force your inner “Self” to wake up! Attempt to be lucid while your projected Earthshan body sleeps: talk to whomever you meet in dreams, as they just might be your relatives in the ships above.
In the near future -- the upcoming articles will cover electrifying intergalactic chronicles, including: future home planets, Starseed missions, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more! Meanwhile, WAKE UP -- shake others awake -- and remember that you are not *Home* yet…

About the Author:
J--Tar'ia'h En Ra El is a Walk-In from three space sectors. Every night during lucid dreaming, she is within the ships above attending school. Currently – during the day – she is a published poet, author and artist. Her Lightworking includes being a PR specialist for Sananda’s Eagles: Her new post-Matrix website can be found at In the near future – her upcoming articles will cover exciting multidimensional information, including: future home planets, intergalactic cultural understanding, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more!

Distribution Information:
You are free to distribute this essay only if you do so in its entirety, including the article and graphics plus the “about the author” bio with the article links. Thank you and enjoy your new Freedom. This writing is NOT copy written.

Lightworker 101:
Lightworker 202:
Lightworker 303:
Lightworker 404:
Lightworker 505:
Lightworker 606:
Lightworker 707:

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Pictures of the week: From a roar that hit the spot to smoke-filled skies
Here's our pick of the best pictures around the world this week...

10900615269?profile=originalHear my roar! Young leopard Fred attempts to show his sister, Ginger, who's boss in their enclosure at Dvur Kralove Zoo, Czech Republic. Ginger looks unimpressed. (Action Press/REX)

10900615298?profile=originalMount Sinabung spews ash as stars glisten above. The volcano in Indonesia has been active since November. More than 25,000 villagers from the surrounding area have been evacuated, while the ash has coated the ground below in a thick blanket of grey soot. (Reuters)

10900616275?profile=originalThe Saudi Hawks Display Team perform stunning aerial displays at the Bahrain International Airshow in Sakhir, Bahrain. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali)

10900617070?profile=originalA message from the gods? Lightning strikes during the doubles match between Rameez Junaid of Australia and Adrian Mannarino of France, and Rohan Bopanna of India and Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan, during the 2014 Australian Open in Melbourne. Australia has been in the grip of a heatwave this week. Temperatures rose above 45C and dozens of bush fires raged through communities in the south and west of the country. The fires have claimed one life in North Grampians, west of Victoria. (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)

10900617860?profile=originalPie-eyed: World Scotch Pie winner Stephen McAllister, from Kandy Bar Bakers in Saltcoats, Scotland, celebrates the only way he knows how at The Scotch Pie Awards in Dunfermline, Scotland. (PA)

10900618059?profile=originalTaking a break: A family wrapped up in traditional Mongolian wear rest on a sleigh, while their camel, adorned in colourful garments, waits by their side. The family are attending the annual Thousand Camel Festival in West Ujimqin Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The festival boasts races, polo competitions and performances of traditional Mongolian music and dance. (Unimedia Images/REX)

10900617694?profile=originalIs this real or fake? Talented painter Roberto Bernardi, 33, spends up to a month painstakingly perfecting paintings that look real. The 39-year-old Italian artist uses oil on canvas to produce extraordinary art that can fetch up to £76,000. (Roberto Bernardi/Caters)

10900618875?profile=originalA Naga Sadhu, or Hindu holy man, offers blessings to a woman after taking a holy dip at the meeting point of the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal, India. The man, covered in white, bathed in the water during Makar Sankranti - a Hindu festival that marks the start of the harvest season. (Reuters)

10900619101?profile=originalThe beginning of the apocalypse? The Luminarias festival, where riders guide horses through bonfires, is held annually in the small town of San Bartolome de los Pinares in central Spain. The festival dates back 500 years and is held the night before St Anthony's Day, the patron saint of animals. It is believed the smoke from the bonfires bless the animals and protect them for the year to come. (Reuters)

10900619864?profile=originalA trend for next season? Photographer Tim Tadder snapped the moment a water balloon popped over a model's head. (Tim Tadder)

10900619300?profile=originalSmoke billows from a vast fire at a recycling plant in Sherburn-in-Elmet, where 15,000 tonnes of tyres burned this week. The blaze was so fierce that the nearby town of York was blanketed by the black smoke. The plume reached heights of 6,000ft - high enough to be seen from space. The cause of the fire is not yet known. (PA)

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Blonde, a Car and a Mattress - A TRUE STORY

A blonde ran over an innerspring mattress on the highway,
And decided not to worry -- and kept on driving.
It caught on the undercarriage of her Ford.

The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough
To tear a hole in the fuel tank.

The subsequent lack of fuel is what finally
brought the vehicle to a stop.

She had managed to drive 30 miles,
With a 60 pound tangle of stuff wrapped around her drive shaft.

She had it towed to her Ford dealership, and complained
That the vehicle had a 'sort of a noise'
When she was driving at high speeds.

Below are the photos of what they
Found at her Ford Dealership.......

The last photo is by far the best.

"Sort of a noise" -- I'll bet it did!

They Still Can't Believe Their Eyes.

And Still Wondering How To Remove It!


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Our entire universe might exist inside a massive black hole, say physicists.
Are we living inside a black hole? A few scientists think it's the best theory to explain pre-Big Bang reality.
Bryan Nelson
Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 4:36 PM

10900614471?profile=originalImage: Wiki Commons

Our universe began with a Big Bang some 13-15 billion years ago. On this, most physicists agree. But few theorists have ventured to explain what happened "before" the Big Bang, or how the Big Bang came to be. This is because the laws of physics break down at the point of a singularity, such as with the one that physicists claim composed pre-Big Bang reality.

But a few pioneering physicists are now positing a mind-blowing new theory that could forever change our perspective on the beginnings of the universe. Perhaps, they suggest, the entire universe — all the galaxies, stars, planets, everything — exists wholly inside a massive black hole, reports National Geographic.

This radical theory would imply that our universe is just one of many. It would suggest that our universe is ultimately contained within a much larger universe — a mother universe, if you will — which harbors the black hole we're currently living in. It's a wild theory, but it's one that is slowly but surely garnering consideration from physicists.

One such physicist is Dr. Nikodem Poplawski of the University of New Haven in Connecticut. He argues that singularities, like the ones that exist at the centers of black holes, have a physical limit, a point where they can be crunched no further. Such a point would have to be massive, perhaps the weight of a billion suns or more. But once that limit is reached, the immense compacting processes at the heart of all singularities must halt.

Then, like a tightly compressed can of springs, there's a bang; a very big bang. Perhaps the Big Bang.

According to Poplawski, the reason for such a limit (and, consequently, the universe-creating explosion that follows) is that black holes spin. They spin at near-light speeds. This, in turn, creates a huge amount of torsion. Thus, such massive black holes are not just incredibly tiny and immensely heavy, they are also twisted and compressed. The multitude of forces at work are so intense that a bursting point is eventually reached. This, Poplawski proposes, is how the Big Bang happened, though he prefers to call it "the big bounce."

Such a view, if true, would revolutionize how scientists think of black holes. Rather than being dark, foreboding chasms where the laws of physics break down, black holes could instead become conduits, "one-way doors," or passageways between universes.

As of now, Poplawski's theory remains unprovable — though it can't be ruled out either. At the very least, it's fun to think about. And it's a reminder of just how wide-open our current understanding of cosmology is.

Related on MNN:
• Black holes are 'portals to other universes,' according to new quantum results
• Scientists discover 'black holes' in Earth's oceans
• 10 incredible images of black holes

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Bone collectors: Inside the creepy crypt of 1,000 skulls under a Northamptonshire church

The secrets of a creepy crypt holding more than 1,000 skulls and bones have been revealed. The 13th century crypt under the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, has been a source of great mystery and intrigue for villagers in the market town. The spooky collection is not the remains of soldiers or victims of the plague as it was once thought, but a place of memorial for superstitious pilgrims who wished to pray among the bones of their ancestors.

10900608496?profile=originalSome skulls are kept turned to the wall, their bones cracked and dirtied over the years. There used to be hundreds of bone crypts all over the UK but most were thought to be destroyed during the Reformation (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900608887?profile=originalRows of old skulls sit in the 13th century crypt beneath the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900609267?profile=originalFor years villagers believed the disassembled skeletons were victims of the plague or soldiers from the nearby battle of Naseby (REX/Geoffrey Robinson

10900610453?profile=originalResearchers have debunked the theory that the remains are of soldiers and victims of the plague - instead they say the creepy collection was a medieval monument for pilgrims and villagers to pray among the bones of their ancestors (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900610301?profile=originalThe Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. The church has long held a spooky secret underneath its foundations (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900611086?profile=originalThe bone collection was discovered in 1700 after a grave digger fell through the church and landed inside the creepy crypt (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900610866?profile=originalResearchers from the University of Sheffield's Department of Archaeology have found the reasons why the bones were gathered in the crypt (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

10900612067?profile=originalCenturies old skulls are displayed in the crypt under a nondescript village church in Rothwell, Northamptonshire (REX/Geoffrey Robinson)

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Mirabeau Wine // How to open a bottle of wine - without a corkscrew

Published on 7 Jan 2014
Subscribe to Mirabeau Wine's YouTube Channel here:

Have you ever been in the situation where you'd like to open a bottle of wine but you can't get hold of a corkscrew for love nor money?

Well I have and I always used to try to force the cork INTO the bottle. Until I picked up this rather nifty trick.


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You're gonna need a bigger bike...

You're gonna need a bigger bike...

Giant whales saying hello, whopping bags of rubbish and tiny marmosets make our round-up. Gallery

10900599062?profile=originalWhere's my horse? Two polo players pictured at the annual King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Hua Hin, Thailand. Playing polo with elephants originated in Nepal in 1982 and raises money to rehabilitate elephants rescued from abuse. (Rex Features)

10900599670?profile=originalTwo whale watchers got more than they bargained for when a 40ft leviathan emerged from the water just feet from their kayak in Monterey Bay, California. (GIANCARLO THOMAE/CATERS)

10900601054?profile=originalSigns urging peace with Syria are held by protesters during an anti-war rally in central London. In Parliament there was a shock defeat for a government motion to intervene in Syria. The vote means while the international community, led by America, moves closer to military intervention the UK will sit on the sidelines. (Reuters)

10900601277?profile=originalLaxmipriya Patel (left), dressed as the Hindu god Lord Krishna poses with her sister Mohini dressed as Lord Krishna's devotee Radharani during the Janmashtami Hindu Festival - the birth of Krishna - at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford, England. (Getty Images)

10900602462?profile=originalA man gets a nasty shock as he is jumped upon by a performer dressed in a Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur costume (thankfully, not to scale). (Reuters)

10900602888?profile=originalWe're the best of friends: Vadim Veligurov, 12, and his pet bird have become inseparable after the Siberian teenager found the tiny creaturel weak and abandoned shortly after she had hatched in Minusinsk, Russia. Vadim nursed the sparrow back to health and intended to release her back into the wild but his pet, named Abi, refuses to leave him. (Reuters)

10900603660?profile=originalTourists run away from waves as water smashes against a barrier on the banks of the Qiantang River, in Hangzhou Zhejiang province, China. (Reuters)

10900604272?profile=originalOn the beat-s: Performers at the Notting Hill Carnival dance with a police officer during the annual festival in west London. Europe's biggest street carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors who dance, eat and enjoy the celebration of Caribbean culture. (Reuters)

10900605065?profile=originalSome balancing act: Giant bags of recyclable rubbish is strapped onto a tiny tricycle in Shaoxing, China. (Rex Features/HAP/Quirky China News

10900604690?profile=originalPygmy marmosets Millie and Pingle are weighed at Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable during the annual weigh-in. (PA)

10900605696?profile=originalStone me! Star, a seven year-old Jack Russell terrier's taste for gravel landed her in emergency surgery after an x-ray revealed she had swallowed 80 pebbles. Luckily the dog is healthy again and is now sticking strictly to dog biscuits. (REX/PDSA)

10900606690?profile=original'Sharing a Shower' by Michael Nichols from the 'National Geographic'. This image was commended in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards and will be on display in the National History Museum from October. (Michael Nichols/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

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Have a wonderful Weekend and Week

10900602294?profile=originalHave a wonderful Weekend and Week. Sending out Love and Light to all friends and Members here. Blessings. Melodie


In my soul, compassion for life.
In my solar plexus, longing for enlightenment.
In my heart, awareness of self as God.
In my third eye, alignment and obedience to God’s will.
In my throat, the will to serve life.
In my base, the raising of the Mother light.
Through my soul, I put suffering into the flame.
Through my solar plexus, I put karma into the flame.
Through my heart, I shepherd life with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Through my third eye, I renounce the ego and become one with life.
Through my throat, I fulfill the law and deliver souls.
Now, in my crown, I and my Father are one.
Now in my crown, I AM awake.
Now in my crown, I AM the Buddha, the I AM THAT I AM.
This, I now manifest as gentleness.


Anugama - Shamanic Dream - Shamanic Dream.

Anugama – River

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Pictures of the week: From a homemade boat in India to a colourful run in the Philippines

Here's our pick of the best pictures from around the world this week..

10900596067?profile=originalHot lava from Mount Sinabung volcano spews skyward in Indonesia's North Sumatra province. About 20,000 villagers have been evacuated since authorities raised the alert status for Sinabung to the highest level. (Reuters)

10900596092?profile=originalRow, row, row your boat: A fisherman rows a makeshift boat to fish in the Bay of Bengal at Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh, India (Reuters)

10900596297?profile=originalThe first koala joey to be born in the UK in May of last year finally has a name. Pictured here with a toy koala he was given a name after keepers found out he was male. He was christened 'Yooranah', an indigenous Australian term meaning 'loving'. (PA)

10900597291?profile=originalNo longer the 'Windy City': This stunning aerial view over Chicago shows the 'Windy City' encased in ice as a weather phenomenon known as a 'polar vortex' wreaked havoc across vast swathes of America and Canada. (Hank Cain/@WCL_Shawn/Twitter)

10900598290?profile=originalA large wave crashes over the promenade at high tide in Aberystwyth, Wales, as Britain endured more floods and winds. (Reuters)

10900598865?profile=originalStudents hold candles at a mourning ceremony for Run Run Shaw in front of a building donated by Shaw at the University of South China. The Hong Kong media mogul died on Tuesday at the age of 106. (Reuters)

10900599498?profile=originalThe beauty of the Northern Lights in Whalsay, Shetland. The Lights can be seen as a green glow on the left. They were also seen in southern England and the last time they were so clear was 151 years ago.(SWNS)

10900600276?profile=originalAnglers cast lines through holes into a frozen river during an ice fishing competition in Hwacheon-gun, South Korea. The annual event attracts thousands of competitors where participants compete with traditional lures or with bare hands. (Getty)

10900601075?profile=originalBright lights, big city: Visitors watch fireworks during the opening ceremony of the 30th annual Harbin International Ice and Snow festival in Harbin, in northeastern's China's Heilongjiang province. (PA)

10900601653?profile=originalFlying high: A participant prepares to fly a large tiger-shaped kite at the 26th International Kite Festival in Mumbai, India. Kite-flyers from numerous countries participated in the day-long festival. (PA)

10900602272?profile=original'What are you looking at?' The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital in Queensland, Australia, has been inundated with tiny flippers at the start of the New Year. 18 short-neck turtles, no bigger than a 50p coin, have recently hatched at the sanctuary. (Rex Features)

10900602683?profile=originalParticipants throw coloured powder in the air during the 2014 Colour Run in Manila, Philippines. The event was founded in the U.S. in January, 2012, as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together. (Rex Features)

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Wishing you a great weekend

Wishing you a great weekend, Many Blessings. Melodie

Heal This Land

Uploaded on 23 May 2010

Song: Heal This Land
Artist: Tina Malia


Album: The Silent Awakening

The fires are burning

The fires are burning

So reach for me
Like the petals of a rose
Bloom in its season
Gentle and slow

My body is the mountain
The ocean, the river
The sand and the soil
The life giver

So come on now
My friend
Speak to me
Help me understand

Let us walk
Take my hand
And we will heal this land

We will heal this land
Do you hear the call
We will heal this land
If you could only believe

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A little close for comfort! Kayakers stunned when 40ft whale rises from water just a few feet away from them

Casually minding their own business, the kayakers were paddling along trying to spot whales in the distance at Monterey Bay in California, USA

Yahoo! News UK – Thu, Aug 29, 2013

10900597489?profile=originalYahoo! News UK/GIANCARLO THOMAE/CATERS - Whale of a time: Kayakers are interrupted by the huge whale. (GIANCARLO THOMAE/CATERS)

Sperm whale causes a big splash in Norway

These kayakers were joined by an unexpected guest during a gentle paddle - when a 40ft whale rose from the water just a few feet away.

Casually minding their own business the kayakers were paddling along trying to spot whales in the distance at Monterey Bay in California, USA.

But suddenly the 80,000lb beast rose from the water almost within touching distance of the shocked pair, who couldn't believe their eyes as the once-in-a-lifetime scene unfolded.

Laws state that nobody can approach a whale within 100 yards of them, but the mammoth mammal decided to take them by surprise instead.

The incredible moment was captured by Giancarlo Thomae, a marine biologist from Moss Landing in California, while on a day trip whale watching last weekend.

10900598456?profile=originalA kayaker looks on as the once-in-a-lifetime moment unfolds. (GIANCARLO THOMAE/CATERS NEWS)

He said: 'We were kayak whale watching and the whales just came right up to us. For being some of the largest animals on the planet they were very graceful.

'The whole encounter that happened between Karen and I lasted about three-quarters of a second. The whale dove three-feet from her kayak and didn't get one drop of water in it.

'Humpback whales are very curious and playful animals and get very friendly with kayakers and boaters - although maybe sometimes a bit too friendly.'

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Have a marvellous Thanksgiving Weekend

Have a Marvellous Thanksgiving for those of you that celebrate it. For everyone else, have a Marvellous weekend anyway. Positive Blessings to All. Melodie

Thanksgiving for Mother Earth

Short video about showing gratitude for Mother Earth, taught by Native American warrior woman Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf. Prepared for Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


"Everyday, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts toward others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can."

Bhuchung K. Tsering



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Wishing you a wonderful Weekend, and a week full of Love and Light


“Love so joyfully and freely given can never be taken away. It is never truly gone.”
― Cameron Dokey, Before Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella"


Anugama - Spiritual Environment (Healing) 1986 [HD]


“Everybody in this life has their challenges and difficulties. That is part of our mortal test. The reason for some of these trials cannot be readily understood except on the basis of faith and hope because there is often a larger purpose which we do not always understand. Peace comes through hope.”
― James E. Faust


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Pictures of the week: From baby twin pandas to a very slimy beauty treatment

Here's our pick of the pictures from around the world this week...

Zookeepers were stunned when giant panda Lun Lun gave birth to not one - but two - baby panda's at Zoo Atlanta this week (Reuters)

A pink, orange and purple sunset is pictured at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire. Britain has been experiencing the longest heatwave since 2006 with temperatures regularly hitting the mid-30s (Drew Buckley / Rex Features)

The jet set: Holidaymakers have been soaring above the waves on jet packs which can thrust you into the air at 30mph. (Rex)

Off to Edward Snowden's hiding place? Vladimir Putin rides in a submersible in the Baltic Sea near Gotland Island, Russia. Putin is regularly pictured demonstrating his "masculine" hobbies, from arm wrestling to riding topless on a horse (Photo by Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images)

A hospital breakfast is seen beside Saurav Kumar, a boy who ate one of the contaminated free meals given to primary school children in Patna, India. At least 23 children died as a result of eating the lunches funded by the government (Reuters)

A child holds up balloons with images of former South African President Nelson Mandela in Mexico City. Supporters around the world wished the anti-apartheid leader happy birthday as he celebrated his 95th in a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, where he is recovering from a lung infection (Reuters)

A teddy bear goes fishing in this pothole artwork. A woman who was sick of the potholes on her road turned them into artwork. Laura Murphy from Hailsham, East Sussex, was so annoyed by the six-month wait to fix the potholes outside her home that she made these arty snaps to get the council's attention - and it worked (M & Y News Ltd / Rex Features)

Keith Straw, 58, dressed in a pink ballet tutu and pink camouflage leg warmers bows his head under the scorching sun during the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley National Park, California. The 135-mile race, which bills itself as the world's toughest foot race, goes from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, California in temperatures which can reach 55C (Reuters)

A DC-10 tanker drops bright orange fire supression retardant on a wildfire near Idyllwild Wild, Palm Springs, California. Wildfires are a common occurence during this time of year (ZUMA / Rex Features)

Rule Britannia: A royal supporter is covered in Union Jacks as he stands outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, where Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth (Reuters)

Clinical-Salon Ci:z.Labo in Tokyo, Japan, demonstrates a unique facial treatment called "Celeb Escargot Course". The 10,500 yen (£69) hour-long treatment relies on snail's slime which is believed to make one's skin supple as well as remove dry and scaly patches (Reuters)

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Pictures of the week: From a firewalker to wild ponies swimming in Virginia

Here's our pick of the pictures around the world this week...

Sparks fly as a man, moving briskly, runs barefoot across a pile of hot coals. The traditional ceremony in Jinhua city, China, is believed to grant the daredevil firewalker luck and prosperity and prevent disaster (Imaginechina / Rex Features)

Human skulls adorned with a crown of flowers and the name and date of its owner's death are placed in rows at the Bone House in Hallstatt, Austria. The Bone House, known as Beinhaus, is home to 1,200 skulls and bones and was founded in the 12th century due to a lack of space at the village's small cemetery. Remains were dug up after ten to 15 years and taken there to make way for the newly deceased (Reuters)

Keep close: Three one-month-old meerkats made their first trip outside their enclosure this week in Bristol Zoo Gardens. Pictured here are two of the tiny triplets, carefully snuggled under mother Babushka's arms (Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

Andy Laird, 19, was left red-faced after he discovered his Vauxhall Corsa was submerged under 3ft of sea water. The teenager had parked his car on the beach at Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, and then left it to have lunch with his family. When he returned to the beach at 5pm he was shocked to find the tide had come in so suddenly his car was now 50ft from the shore. (SWNS)

Boats are illuminated as a bolt of lightning streaks across the sky over Poole Harbour as heavy storms brought a temporary halt to Britain's heatwave to a dramatic end (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Time for a shower: Visitors to an exhibition in Taiyuan, China, were able to fully immerse themselves in art by interacting with 3D paintings (Rex)

Dancers in yellow and orange perform in front of thousands holding up coloured card in the May Day stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. The Ariring mass games got underway this week with an extraordinary spectacle of thousands of dancers, acrobats and singers participating in the patriotic and celebratory show. This week is particularly significant to North Koreans as it is the 60th anniversary of the day the armistice was signed to suspend hostilities between North and South Korea (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

An estimated one million Catholics gathered on Brazil's famed Copacabana beach to hear Pope Francis celebrate mass (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Baby parrots, whose feathers haven't begun to grow yet, are seen for sale in Dimapur, India (Caisii Mao / Rex Features)

A wagon of the crashed train that killed 80 people in north-western Spain is lifted from the wreckage. The country is in mourning after the terrible accident (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge present their son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, to the world's media outside St Mary's Lindo Wing in London.(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Where's my swimming cap? Wild ponies keep their heads above the water during the 88th Annual Pony Swim in Virginia, America. The tradition sees 118 ponies make a five-minute swim across the Assateague Channel to Chincoteague Island where they are auctioned for money for the local fire volunteer service (Photo by Maddie Meyer/The Washington Post)

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Dog a Frequent Churchgoer Since Owner Died

Dog a Frequent Churchgoer Since Owner Died

ROME - Since his owner died two months ago, Tommy the dog has not
missed a single mass in the small church in southern Italy where his
mistress's funeral was held, Italian media said Wednesday.

When the bells of the Santa Maria Assunta church begin to toll each
afternoon in San Donaci near Brindisi, the 12-year-old German
Shepherd sets off from the village to get himself a front row seat
next to the altar, Il Messaggero newspaper said.

His owner, who was known in local dialect as "Maria tu lu campu" --
"Maria of the fields" -- had lived alone with Tommy and three other
rescue dogs, who used to follow her faithfully on her daily rounds and
have now been adopted by the village.

After following his mistresses coffin up to the church on the day of her funeral,
Tommy has returned daily, sitting quietly throughout masses, baptisms and
funerals, according to local priest Donato Panna, who now wouldn't do without him.

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Pictures of the week: From a shy baby meerkat to a spectacular sunrise

Peekaboo: Four week old meerkat cub Monty is all cosy inside a Wellington Boot at Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling, Scotland (PA)

Prime real-estate: A small house built on a rock on the river Drina near Bajina Basta, Serbia (Reuters)

A damaged sign still stands among the wreckage outside the Plaza Towers elementary school, where seven children died in a huge tornado. Poignantly it was to have been "Super Kids Day" in Moore, Oklahoma, when the tornado struck. It tore through the suburb of Oklahoma City, flattening buildings and killing 24 people, including ten children (Reuters)

A spectacular skyline in this photograph taken near Bursa in Turkey. (Sky away from the Lights © Tunç Tezel, 2010)

Smoke billows from a burning car as firemen work to extinguish the flames in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm. Swedish youths torched cars, schools and a police station on several nights of rioting this week (Reuters)

Don't forget your Oyster m'am: Queen Elizabeth and the Duke Of Edinburgh arrive in style during a visit to Cambridge

Three wolf cubs jostle for position in front of the camera at a zoo in Luoyang, China (HAP/Quirky China News / Rex Features)

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish bride Hannah Batya Penet dances during her wedding ceremony in Jerusalem, Israel. Some 25,000 people joined to celebrate the wedding of Penet to Shalom Rokeach, the eldest grandson of the Chief Rabbi of Belz, Yissachar Dov Rokeach. The Belz Hasidic dynasty is one of the largest Hasidic groups in the world (Reuters)

The spectacular sunrise is reflected in the water as a fisherman casts his net into the Brisbane River, Australia (Jeff Camden/ Newspix/ Rex Features)

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Pictures of the week: From a dramatic lightning storm to a

playful whale

Lightning strikes the Willis Tower in Chicago during extreme weather earlier this week (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A burnt Jeep is charred white, while its wheels are turned to liquid after wildfires in the Black Forest, Colorado, raged through homes and communities (Reuters)

"That tickles mum!": African lion 'Tiombe' plays with her six-week old cub at Monarto Zoo, Adelaide, Australia (Dylan Coker/Newspix / Rex Features)

An aerial view of the Chrysler Building in New York City (Jason Hawkes)

The base of a tree is covered in caterpillar's webs. Hundreds of moth caterpillars have invaded a Cambridge park and covered the trees in the creepy white stuff (Rex Features)

3-2-1... blastoff: A soldier runs away from the launching pad as China's manned spacecraft prepares to launch for a 15-day mission (Reuters)

Protesters supporting whistle-blower Edward Snowden march to the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong where he is in hiding. The National Security Agency contractor revealed the U.S. government's top-secret monitoring of phone and Internet data (Reuters)

Dozens of sheep, goat and cattle storm down a hill in Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China (Reuters)

Still waters under a small yellow ferry as it passes through thick fog over Xin'an River in Jiande, Zhejiang province, China (Reuters)

A ball of fire rises into the air after an explosion in Istanbul's Taksim Square. Protesters are still occupying the square and Gezi Park after two weeks of protest and fierce clashes with police. At least five people have died and 5,000 have been injured (Reuters)

A boy walks past a mural painted outside the house former South African President Nelson Mandela once lived in, in Johannesburg's Alexandra township. Mandela has spent more than a week in hospital with a recurring lung infection. His condition has been described as stable but serious (Reuters)

A humpback whale puts on a spectacular show for spectators as it jumps out of the water and crashes onto the surface in Newcastle, New South Wales (Peter Lorimer/Newspix / Rex Features)

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