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"The bless the pregnant women for normal delivery and for good health of the baby in womb."

Also according to Brilliant Light By Madabusi Subramanium:

It is given in the third eye of husband and wife who are not getting children.

Seems like a great application with Tasman Flax Lily flower essence: "Treats polycystic ovarian disease, also good to take one month before conception to strengthen child, if taken in the last three months of pregnancy can allow child to be born with open third eye. Also gives clearer psychic visions during meditation" according to Heiko Lade (New Zealand)

Also known as Sisupa

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Lost Reiki Symbols: Hang Sa

This one needs some extra explaination.  Hang Sa or in reverse Sa Hang is the sound of inbreath and outbreath.  In chinese this is Hay Gung, when you exhale the energy expands, when you inhale it withdraws like a baloon being inflated and deflated.  Generally.  The words are Hung and Ha.  Ha can be outbreath and Hung can be inbreath, this has a different effect as is the case in some Iron body systems.

The sound Hung in fact is actually an inbreath where the back part of the nasal cavity is constricted and the Sa is the outbreath.  Not many explain this fully.  This is the symbol for Hung Sa which is drawn with Sa above and Hang below.


Cleaner version of Hang or Hung:


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This question was asked on another website

The purpose of this post is to empower others who wish to create attunements or healing sessions or to help recipients understand.


So how does this stuff work?  You read the book (or read the words) and it activates? 


Thanks for your question. When you read the words to receive, the energy downloads to you from your higher self. It is all intention. When you intend to receive the attunement or healing session, you read or say the words to receive in the book, and receive the attunement or healing session.

In 2009 I created most of the attunements and healing sessions. Some other ones like Distant Healing Session and Purification Healing Session were created more recently. All attunements, empowerments, healing sessions were created and then sent to each recipient's higher self for custody until the recipient is ready to receive. My attunements, empowerments, healing sessions, can be received 100 years from now, a 1000 years from now, it doesn't matter, since they are held by the higher self which is Spirit which is eternal. The key ingredient is intent to receive. Each recipient needs to intend to receive to receive, by thinking or saying the words to receive. This obeys a law called the law of free will.

So basically I upload the attunement or healing etc. to the higher self (a multi-dimensional level to avoid free will interference) using a chi ball (basically an etheric zip file), and then when the recipient intends to receive by thinking or saying the words (aligning personal will to Divine Will), the attunement or healing session is unzipped from the chi ball and downloaded. The chi ball can transfer from multidimensional to etheric dimension and is basically similar substance to our chakra system (which exists in etheric and connects to the physical via the nervous system).

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The Book Brilliant Light by Madabusi Subramanium the chapter titled: Lost Reiki Symbol Retrieved contains descriptions of various symbols and then is followed by the symbols, but many are not labeled.  When I bought the book I was hoping there was information not in the preview, but in this case there was not.  
I have elimitated some of the more obvious and well known, which unforunatley leaves some of the more interesting ones without a clue.  
I posted my question on Quora and it has been up for a few years, with no answer.  So I am moving foward with my project(s) by posting blogs on here to promote certain ideas for the benefit of those who can gain from it.
He states in his book that Prosperit (Yvasudha) is "Found in Agastya's literature and used extensivly in ritualistic worship in Kerala"
So which is Agastya's "Yvasudha" master symbol for Nadi Yoga?
Some might be pleased to discover that if you have master level attunement in some systems, you also have access to the master level symbols of other systems.  There are also some things that can not be passed as attunement, it will just fizzle out.  Its a curious phenomenon.

The preview is available on Google Books: Brilliant Light by Madabusi Subramanium

I have provided an edited image of the most likely candidates and I will eventually enumerate the ones I know.  I encourage others to do the same for ones they recognise that are not as well known.


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