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Hello everybody this is the Archangel Michael. We're going to talk today about energy management and why it matters and specifically why practicing energy hygiene is essential to maintaining a sense of peace and happiness.

So, let's talk about energy and how it works. Energy is basically the power of your physical body, that's what it is. It's related to your physical body and it matters greatly because if your energy is impacted or drained or lost you can feel very tired, you can feel very unhappy.

So basically, what we doing when we practice energy hygiene is we are maintaining a certain boundary around ourselves and we are preventing certain energies from interacting with us or affecting us or even being infiltrated into our body, because that can happen sometimes.

In order to understand energy hygiene there are three things we must discuss: Boundaries, satisfaction and compassion, because all three things are connected. So first, let's talk about boundaries.

Boundaries are not just physical boundaries, as in keeping someone at the physical distance from you, there also mental boundaries and emotional boundaries. Keeping people away who harm you that's essential, but there is one more type of boundary we must discuss and that is protection.  This is because protection is essential, if you are protected then you will not be harmed or impacted in the same way as someone who's not.

So basically, putting up boundaries is the way we protect ourselves and the way we keep our energy strong and vibrant. This is because if you allow someone to cross your boundaries, then they will impact your energy field, absolutely.

That's the first point. Secondly let’s talk about satisfaction. What I mean by this is: If you're not satisfied with yourself, then life generally doesn't bring you the things you need. Satisfaction is like the icing on the cake, you need that icing because when you're not satisfied, then life in general, it can impact you more than other times.

So, by satisfaction, I'm saying do things that make you happy, do things that bring you benefit and make yourself feel good. When you feel good, your protection is stronger, it's absolutely true.

Now the last thing I wanted to talk about is compassion. Compassion is actually more important than people think, compassion is like another form of protection because when you have compassion, you just naturally, effortlessly respond in a protective way. When you have compassion, you don't allow others to tread their dirty footprints on your aura, absolutely it's true.

So, I would recommend for anyone who doesn't know how to protect themselves, first of all meditate on compassion. Generate as much compassion as you can for yourself and others. Secondly, begin a practice, a daily practice of grounding into Gaia. Ground to Mother Earth and her energy will support you, you'll feel stronger. Thirdly I would recommend looking up some kind of psychic protection, because psychic protection is like the last layer of defence. If we have all three things, you'll be protected completely.


Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

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2023 updates

Hello my beloved Lightworkers,

Here are some of the plans I have for 2023. 

Let's start first with the background.

During 2006-2012 I had an awakening experience, published 45 Free Reiki Attunements, 36 Free Reiki Attunements, 28 Powerful Attunements, Eternal Spirit, The Ascension Rays, Alpha Omega Healing Session and the Earth Gate. I also launched the City of Shamballa Social Network in 2009. In 2012, the City of Shamballa trademark was approved to keep the website online and reach the world with Light. 

Between my books, videos, and the City of Shamballa I'll estimate that I impacted 100,000 lives for the better, helping humanity find the Divine within and helping to spread the Light. I even made it into the book Llewellyn's Complete Book of Reiki. I'm eternally grateful to my masters Steve Murray, Stephen Lovering, Ole Gabrielsen, Kathy McConnell, Tami MacDowell, and many others for teaching me Reiki. I'm also eternally grateful to AMBA for her attunements, and many many others who have contributed attunements over the years. I'm eternally grateful to Esta Lior, Lu, George, Marius, Blane Hoffman, Sebastian BotaDr. Sohini Shukla, Tercy Lonan, Steven Hutchinson, and Mary Keating for all of the positive support and words of encouragement throughout the years. I'm also grateful to Alain, who I miss, for spreading the Light. Thank you to all of the translators of my books in the past. I'm indebted to all of you. 

In 2013 I entered the crucifixion phase, which I believe was designed to burn off any arrears of karma. If you read about my past life, I stole money from the king to give to my family. My karma was to lose money and lose my family. 

During 2013-2022 I went through a series of hardships which included divorce, loss of family members, and financial struggles. In 2022 I pulled most of my books from distribution at the request of a third party, which devastated me from losing 10 years of my work, but helped me further understand the law of free will. I discuss the struggles in my book The Path of Oneness. I know I am being prepared for a mission in the Higher Realms, and the rest of my time on Earth is the Path of Earth Service prior to moving into the Path of Sirius as a Lightbody. I'm confident I will reconnect with other masters such as Dr. Joshua David Stone and Christoffer

Despite the struggles trying to dim my Light, I refuse to give up and continue to follow my dreams of spreading Light around the world. If you look at my Gene Keys profile, there are 4 Gene Keys (Gene Keys 16, 9, 37, and 40) that center around God's Grace (Gene Key 22). My purpose in life has to been to align my life with my Higher Self's mission in order to receive God's Grace (and help others receive God's Grace), and express the traits of versatility (be an author, video producer, and website manager etc.), perseverance (never give up), tenderness/compassion toward all beings, and resolve (have faith- never give up- use my energy wisely for a purpose). 

So you may ask, what is new? What do I have planned?

As you are aware, the City of Shamballa has been upgraded to a new mobile friendly platform. In 2022 I published approximately 20 ebooks with various attunements in them. The links in the new books match the new website's links. Hoping this brings more people to the platform.

I've been locked out of my Facebook account since November 2022 (a test of my resolve and perseverance) but I'm sure I will get access again in 2023. I plan to make photos with wisdom and reference the City of Shamballa bringing people to the website and then sharing them everywhere. 

I estimate by January 2023 that the City of Shamballa trademark will be renewed. 

The next phase is to re-publish the books 28 Powerful Reiki Attunements and Eternal Spirit without the third party's content. Also planned are videos such as Medicine Buddha's Death Dying Purification Ritual, an Abundance Prayer, Djwhal Khul's meditations, the new COS website overview video, a Live Essene Healing Session, and more wisdom videos. I continue to be a volunteer healer at the Distant Healing Network. 

I'll continue to contribute to lifting others up on Earth as long as I can, and follow the manifestation of my Higher Self on Earth. It is with great hope that I have impacted the world for the better.

I'm eternally grateful to all of you and may God bless all of you on your journeys.

All my love,



P.S. This song summarizes my life.

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God's Instrument



Greetings in the Love and Light of our Creator. Peace and Love to all of you.

Today's lesson is on The Path of Surrender. My goal is to be of Service to the Whole. To be Love in Alignment with Free Will. If this lesson resonates with you then great, if not then let it fall away. This is my perspective. We are all slices of the same truth, so I am open to your perspectives as well. Only when all sense of self is merged into the whole can we realize the truth. My name is Chris or Christopher, which means the Christ Bearer so this lesson for you is part of my purpose.

Please like this video and subscribe to this channel. Share this video with others to help them understand their own process. We are all equal Sparks on the path to the Creator so let us lift each other up.

According to Richard Rudd's book The Gene Keys Embracing Your Higher Purpose, Gene Key 43 explains the Ascension or Awakening process eloquently. The Process is Survival then Service then Surrender. Let's estimate that each phase of life is 30 years, but it is unique to each person. So approximately 30 years spent in Survival followed by 30 years spent in Service followed by 30 years spent in Surrender. Only God knows how long each process takes or where you are at but this is a general guideline to paint a picture for you. Honestly I'm starting to believe that younger generations take less time in each phase, as the Planet's vibration lifts more into Love as we move closer to the Great Central Sun in the Universe. An example of a younger generation would be the Crystal children.

So let's talk about the Survival phase. Survival is full 3D.  3D is designed to allow us to make free will choices for polarity. At first your purpose is Survival. The Survival phase in living in the shadows as discussed in Richard Rudd's Gene Keys. Survival phase examples are "How do I get enough to eat/drink, where is my shelter, will I have enough money?" etc. etc. The vast majority of humanity is in this phase, but changes are happening behind the scenes lifting humanity to the next phase. During this phase of Survival humanity indulges in physical, emotional and mental addictions. It is the avoidance of pain and the acceptance of pleasure. This phase has the ego in full bloom. The Survival phase is fear based. The survival phase is absorbed in negativity. The Survival phase is also all about the Selfish "I". In my survival phase I enjoyed the pleasures of the senses, which led to more suffering. I ended up nearly dying 3 times. During the survival phase, spirit is not understood. The losses and pain were wake up calls to enter the next phase. There had to be more to life than just suffering. That is when ignorance is removed, and awareness begins. In the next phase spirit starts being understood.

The next phase of Awakening is Service. Service is 4D and 5D. Many Lightworkers are in this phase. The Service phase leads to the Gifts as discussed in Richard Rudd's Gene Keys. Service is embracing the shadows, taking responsibility for your actions and unlocking the Gifts. The Service phase starts when you Open your Heart then re-connect with your Soul, and you ask "What is my Purpose? My Purpose must be more than chasing money and basic needs." Your Soul will resonate back to you and guide you to your Purpose. Once we enter into the service phase we begin to choose jobs and volunteer work that aligns with our purpose. Also, there are many techniques to connect to your Soul. It is my perspective that Reiki Healing and other types of energy healing, Mantras and prayers, as well as Silent Meditation, connect you to your Soul. Simply being in Service to Others to make Others happy will reconnect you to your Soul. You may get more psychic and start reading thoughts and feelings. You are more intuitive following intuition over what the mind thinks. You start to learn what you do to others is done to you, that the inner and outer are connected. You also start to learn that others are connected to you. The Service phase is the movement from Service to Self to Service to Others. The negative polarity never enters the Service to Others phase because it involves the opening of the Heart.

In the Service phase, humanity is tired of indulgence and selfishness and finds satisfaction in love to others. Service is work that feels good to the person, but there is still some separation between service and God in the person's consciousness. The Service phase is the gradual merging of the human personality with the Soul. The Involution of God's Grace meets resonance with the evolution of Humanity searching for freedom. The Service phase begins the Path of Initiation. Richard Rudd talks about the initiations in Gene Key 22. Also Charles Leadbetter talks about it in the Masters and the Path. The Path is also found in Initiation - The Perfecting of Man by Annie Besant. You can read about the initiations at

During the Service phase the person moves into refining purity in the thoughts, feelings and body. Service is when the individual begins forgiving. The individual asks for forgiveness. Service is when gratitude is embraced. Gratitude leads to Satisfaction which leads to Peace. Service is the movement of the person's entire being into Service of the Whole. The questions at this phase are "Why does evil exist? Why is there so much suffering? What is God? What is Spirit? What is my purpose?" As refinement and connection to love gradually happens, then love filters through the person's being. That love vibration allows the higher Buddhic, Atmic, and Monadic bodies to descend and merge with the human personality. The Buddhic body (Divine Heart) is the body of Oneness/Love/Compassionate action, the Atmic body (Divine mind) is the body of Christ Consciousness, and the Monadic Body is The Oversoul/Group Soul and the body of Divine Will. The Monadic body is Oneness with God. At this point in the phase, the person begins to release the 10 Fetters as talked about in Buddhism and follows Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path. The person lives and breathes Spirit in daily life. Spirit overtakes the person's life. The connection with God and the Ascended Masters, Angels and other beings is stronger. The person begins absorbing spiritual wisdom at a rapid pace. I will leave some wisdom books for recommended reading down below. As a result of all of the work in the Service stage, Oneness is experienced. Oneness is a result of God's Grace. Duality is removed, the tree of knowledge of good and evil (duality) is uprooted, and the tree of life appears. Good and Evil are seen as expressions, sides of the same coin, as well as pleasure and pain. They are choices that show contrast to each other. They are God's Will and part of the 3rd density we live in, which has the purpose for us to choose our polarity. Eventually Service work and worship/devotion to God become one in the same. All life's experiences are seen as opportunities and then are seen as sacred. Doing good works on Earth are all that matter in the Service and Surrender phases. During these phases all individual needs are surrendered for the needs of the whole. The person still has self-worth and keeps healthy boundaries but endeavors to be love in all actions. Empathy and compassion improves at this stage. This phase leads to becoming like a child, in awe of God's Grace and Beauty.

The Service Stage leads to the Surrender Stage. Surrender is 5D and 6D. Surrender is the oneness with Spirit. Surrender is the Oneness with God. In this stage, only God exists and all is God. There is nothing else. Only God. The grip of the mind on the human is released at this stage. Past and Future are released, and only Mindfulness- Being in the present happens. Only working from the heart exists. There is no judgment anymore or negative thoughts or feelings. The Surrender stage leads to the Siddhi's as discussed in Richard Rudd's The Gene Keys. The Surrender stage starts with total Oneness with all of Creation. Unconditional Love for all beings. Love in alignment with the free will of each. This stage is the Surrender of the individual self for the Greater self. The merger of the human personality with the Higher Greater Self. The surrender of the Soul (which was the bridge of the human to God), and to merge completely with God. There is no individual "I" anymore. Everything in life is done for the Greater Good. Everything is done to please God. Have no desire but the Desire for God. You can desire to make others happy, for that in the end God is pleased, since we are all one. If you want an example of the surrender stage, I invite you to read the book Mother Teresa, Come be My Light, the Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta. In her prayers and letters you can feel the surrender. Another book about Surrender is St. Francis of Assisi's biography. Or simply read all 64 Gene Keys in the Gene Keys Embracing your higher purpose by Richard Rudd. In the final act of surrender of all individual needs, desires and wants, the vessel becomes emptied. The surrender of the individual self. It involves complete humility, complete loss of the self. In a paradox, the vessel then becomes filled with God's presence. The buddhic, atmic, and monad bodies combine fully with the human, but the human personality is driven to follow only God's Will. Remember The Buddhic body (Divine Heart) is the body of Oneness/Love/Compassionate action, the Atmic body (Divine mind) is the body of Christ Consciousness, and the Monadic Body is The Oversoul/Group Soul and the body of Divine Will. In the stage of surrender the human becomes Divine. If there is no human left in the vessel, only Divinity exists. Only God is this instrument and this instrument is only God. At this point all existence, all creation is realized to be part of the body of God. Creation is cells in the body of God. Therefore, literally what you do to another is done to yourself because all of Creation is seen as connected with God's Love and Light. The human personality has become the Adam Kadmon, the perfected human. The Divine human now sees with God's eyes, hears with God's ears, talks with God's voice,thinks with God's consciousness, and uses God's hands. The human vessel is now God's Instrument. Only God is present, as the human mind, emotions and body were sacrificed and surrendered in favor of God. All of life is seen as connected with a stream of Eternal Light. All creation is seen as sparks of God. Serving another spark of God, is serving God because you are a spark of God. That's why Mother Teresa says, I am only the Instrument, all Glory be to God. This is in fact truth at the surrender stage. Not my will but Thy Will. God's Will be done. The surrender phase is the dawning of the Christ in each of us. The Christ Consciousness. Jesus said I AM THE WAY, I AM THE LIFE. This is because God was working through Jesus and God IS THE WAY AND GOD IS THE LIFE. Once the surrender phase is completed the Ascension process on Earth is completed. This would be the Communion or 6th stage of Ascension. The surrender phase is freedom of the Law of Karma as the individual was sacrificed for the Greater Glory of God. God has no karma so former being is replaced with a Divine being free of karma. The soul is absorbed into the Monad or Oversoul. At the conclusion of the surrender phase, the being is harvested as the Law of One discusses, which is that the being has achieved Greater than 50% Service to Others to be harvested into Eternal Life.

That is my understanding of the 3 phases that culminate in enlightenment. Today's lesson was about The Path of Surrender. My goal is to be of Service to the Whole. To be Love in Alignment with Free Will. If this lesson resonated with you then great, if not then let it fall away.  

Please like this video and subscribe to this channel. Share this video with others to help them understand their own process. We are all equal Sparks on the path to the Creator so let us lift each other up.

This instrument of God, which expresses as Chris, honors the Divine in you. Peace and love to all of you. From my heart to yours, I love you all. With deepest eternal gratitude to all of you for listening to these words. I am the way, I am the light, I am the path that leads to Eternal Life. As Buddha says, I am the raft that leads to the shore. Do not mistake the raft for the shore. Go onwards my brothers and sisters to the shore. God is the shore. God is All That Is. Who has ears, let them hear. The Divine in me honors the Divine in you. Shine on my brothers and sisters. Wishing God's Grace upon all of you. God's Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Praise the Lord our God on High! Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth! God bless you. Namaste my brothers and sisters.




Service Phase Book Reading (Not an all-inclusive list; find what resonates with you):

The Complete Ascension Manual by Dr. Joshua David Stone;

Beyond Ascension by Dr. Joshua David Stone;

The Law of One 101- The Choice by Carla Ruckert;

Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by Dr. JJ Hurtak;

Bhagavad Gita;

Pistis Sophia, translated by G.R.S. Mead;

The Goal of Life, by Hiram Butler;

The Causal Body and the Ego, by Arthur E. Powell;

Initiation, Human and Solar, by Alice A. Bailey;

The Masters and the Path, by C.W. Leadbeater;

108 Lectures of Wisdom at ;

21 Essential Lessons (Vol. 1 and 2) by AMTF;

Gene Keys: Unlocking The Higher Purpose, by Richard Rudd; Also check out

The Voice of the Silence, by Helena Blavatsky;

The Corpus Christi - Science of the Rainbow Body, by Richard Rudd; Also check out


Surrender Phase Book Reading (Not an all-inclusive list; find what resonates with you):

Mother Teresa, Come be my Light: The Private Writing of the Saint of Culcutta

St. Francis of Assisi, A Biography by Omer Englebert

The Corpus Christi - Science of the Rainbow Body, by Richard Rudd; Also check out

Gene Keys: Unlocking The Higher Purpose, by Richard Rudd; Also check out


"As a being, standing in the sun, suffused with its light, and pouring it forth, would feel no difference between ray and ray, but would pour forth along one as readily and easily as along another, so does one on the buddhic plane feel brotherhood (or sisterhood) and pours themself into any one who needs their help. One sees all beings as themself, and feels that all one has is another's as much as one's: in many cases, more another's than one's, because their need is greater, their strength being less." ~ Arthur E. Powell


"Think, not what you want to do, but what you can do that will help someone else; forget about yourself, and consider others. A pupil must be consistently kind, obliging, helpful—not now and then, but all the time." (The Masters and the Path, p. 80) ~ The Master Kuthumi


More of God's Wisdom in the book The Path of Oneness available via the links at


Feel free to comment below. Would love to hear your perspectives or questions. We are all equal sparks of God, slices of the same Divine truth. God bless you all my brothers and sisters. Shine on!

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City of Shamballa One Year Plan

Wanted to keep you all informed about my plans.

First of all, I love all of you and love the content here. I love the continued posting by Steven, the continued postings of attunements, and other content being added. I love seeing the love behind all of the content here.

Right now, I'm waiting on another 10 year renewal of the City of Shamballa trademark, this keeps the website going online without issues. In order to do that I have to show proof of the trademark being used in business, so I am keeping as is for right now. This should happen this month of September.

Once the trademark is renewed in the system, these are my plans.

I love the content here and the energy, but the website appearance needs an upgrade. The colors/images/design are fine but the width is somewhat narrow. Also text is sometimes bunched together. Also the website is not mobile friendly. In 2015, Google rolled out an algorithm that indexed mobile friendly web pages more highly. Even though I secured the domain name city of shamballa and have text references to the city of shamballa on the site, as well as the website being viewable by search bots, the network is still ranked 15-20 on the search results when it should be within the top 10.

I am strongly considering upgrading to Ning 3.0 hosting sometime this fall or winter. Under Ning 2.0 hosting I am unable to change the width, specifically the html viewport code necessary to view the website on mobile devices and widen the width. is an example of Ning 3.0. Notice how wide the website is compared to the City of Shamballa. The cost will be 30% more a month for hosting under Ning 3.0, which I plan to pay through book sales, city of shamballa donations and city of shamballa premium access subscriptions. My whole goal in life is to be of service to the whole, and I want this website to continue to be of service to all people, and continue to attract more love and light from sources worldwide. 

In September I plan on approving the proof copies of my paperback and hardcover Path of Oneness books and then they will be on Amazon etc. by October. 

Also I am increasing my You Tube videos to draw a larger group of people here. The books and the videos should draw an audience as well as increasing the search ranking. My future Youtube videos include the topics of mindfulness, opportunities/lessons/non-resistance, universal love/onenesss, divine will/surrender/desirelessness, polarity and choices, and love in alignment with free will despite the catalyst. I also might do a video on the Divine Laws mentioned here on the website. 

Also started cross posting my content on to hopefully bring more people here. 

This is all a test of my Gene Keys versatility/mastery and determination/invincibility and resolve/divine will and tenderness/equality. 

In the end, I wish to do God's Will and I will go with the flow to be of the greatest service I can be to humanity. I wish to be love to all of you and continue to be in Loving Service to all of you.

Thank you all of you for your continued service to humanity via your contributions here. None of this would be possible without each of you.

I would love to hear your perspectives about this process. What is good here, what needs improvement etc? What are your thoughts?

In Love and Light,


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Invitation to post events etc.

We are all a Wonderful Community full of many talents. Let us expand for the Service and Love of the Whole. I would like to extend an open invitation for any member of the Community to post events (attunements or otherwise), forum discussions, blog posts, videos, and photos as a way of lifting each other up. Feel free to contribute anything that your Heart desires. Feel free to bring others to this website. Let it be a resource for our evolution. We are all in this Life together, so let us lift each other up together. Let us create a unifying group synergy that amplifies and radiates to each other. God bless you all. 

I bow to the Divine in you all,


P.S. This post is inspired by the 45th Gene Key in Richard Rudd's Gene Keys: Unlocking The Higher Purpose Hidden In Your DNA

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Fellow lightworkers,

Please send prayers and Reiki to all those in need, those that are unemployed, those that are hungry, those that are sick, all the healthcare and emergency responders on the front lines, all those essential workers, all those that need help and protection for each highest and greatest good. Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei!




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Universal Love

Follow the middle way and there you will find enlightenment. Be universal love--radiating towards no one object or person in particular but, like the sun, shining on everything in its path.

- Buddha

Remember this quote as we help everyone get through the virus pandemic. Love to all beings. Namaste. 

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I have been introduced to a very powerful energy, known to many as Deeksha or the Oneness Blessing.

It can be described as a fire from Heaven.

The Deeksha blessing literally flips a switch in your mind causing a neuro-biological shift in the brain turning off the feed from the ancient mind.

The Oneness blessing has to offer to many, something they may have never experienced before...silence within the mind!

While receiving the energy, allow it to come in through the crown flooding the entire chakra system with a golden fire.

Many experience a Kundalini Awakening, VERY POWERFUL.

This is a time to connect with your Divine and let go of your suffering.

I am more than willing to offer you my brothers and sisters of light this Divine gift!

This has helped kick start my Awakening!

For more information or to find a local Oneness Group near you visit :

A powerful mantra designed to invoke your Divine, is the Moola Mantra.


Aum Satchitananda Parabramha Purushothama

Sri Bhagavati Samatha

Sri Bhagavate Nahmaha

In Loving Oneness

Ryan Phillips

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As channeled through Tazjima

Not having any messages come in for the past week or so, I thought I might experiment and call in a master and see what happens. This past week or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’m sure quite a few of my readers can say the same thing or have similar experiences. I started out with a short meditation, invoking a tube of white light for protection and then:

I am invoking the Presence of beloved Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos.

I AM here. I AM Sanat Kumara.

Yes, I can feel you in my heart. My heart chakra was burning hot as the Master began to come in.

I stand in the heart flame of all who live upon this planet.
Thank you, Raj.

What can I help you with tonight?

I want to thank you for leading me to the J. Stone books. They have helped clarify some issues for me. And I am enjoying making some of the invocations that are listed there.

Understand, dear one that the ascension preparation given out in those volumes is no longer valid in terms of what most people are experiencing these days. The directions were given during a time that has since long passed. The dispensations given out in the book still apply, but few people, even lightworkers are using these volumes so we approach ascension in many ways now. It is not necessary to even know about ascension in order to be qualified to take the step now.

How is that so, Raj? (Raj is a nickname which the Master prefers to be called than by his full title.)

Those people who live good lives, in service and peace, will ascend, even if they have never heard of the term. Many of these people are lightworkers, but who have not consciously woken up to their missions. They are vaguely aware that there is more to life than what they have already encountered, but are unable to discover what that might entail. Due to circumstances, some care for family members and work long hours to make a living, and do not feel that they have the luxury of making their own spiritual journey. They have made their steps along the path of ascension mostly unknowingly, yet they will rejoice when they discover one day that they have come into a new land, one filled with peace and love.

What has been my path?

Do you not know? You have forged ahead, leaving husband, family and friends behind. Nothing could deter you from your spiritual quest. You have questioned, learned and let go of teachings time after time, seeking your own way through what was offered in the world. You have learned to listen to your inner voice, to your heart. You know how to test the spirits by listening and feeling within. You have come far; you will go further along the path than many.

Yet we tell you now (including my readers) that ascension is not a contest. It is a personal journey and a collective one that at least a portion of humanity is undergoing currently. It is a process and will continue, even when you break through to the other side and into the fifth dimension. When you arrive there, you may decide to rest, but sooner than later you will begin again to move forward on the path, through service, through learning, through the many ways that will be offered to you.

There are many now in these last days who still doubt that they have “the right stuff” to make ascension. Fear not, beloved ones, for all of you are loved. It is your own thoughts and emotions that keep you down and continuing in feeling the separation, the disparity, perhaps even despair. And certainly you might feel confused about all the conflicting opinions and information that is being presented within the lightworker community. This is why it is so important to approach any information, including these messages, by using your own inner discernment as your guide. The time for the outer teacher is coming to an end; it has ended. There are no captains, no leaders in this movement. It is a movement and a journey made up of individuals, all following their own paths, yet it is also a journey that will take many in the same direction, to the same destination.

Know also that ascension is not a one-time initiation. There are many steps to ascension, not just one. Those of you, who choose to move on beyond the first baby-steps of ascension, will find themselves being mentored by ascended masters and angelic beings. It is a grand and vast world that you are in the process of entering. The multiverse is far more than you can possibly imagine after being relegated to school-room Earth. There will be much to re-learn, but you will discover great pleasure in doing so for you will begin to re-member what you left behind when taking embodiment so long ago.

Your planet is currently in the throes of the last days of the Dark Age, of the Kali Yuga. Soon you will move beyond these lower vibrations, only touching them briefly if it is your desire to teach and lead those who will not cross the bridge of swords at this time, at the Shift. Archangel Michael recently stated (see 2012 Scenario for more information) that ascension will remain open for those who are close until the end of this lifetime. Those who go ahead will contribute to the raising up of the vibrations of the planet which will clear the way for more to follow in their footsteps.

Some of the wayshowers will become gatekeepers, keeping the connection between the two worlds open to facilitate the passage of others. And many of the first to ascend will take up a life of service, helping those friends and family members who remained behind, assisting them to understand the benefits and possibilities that ascension into the fifth dimension can offer.

For many of our initiates this has been a time for undergoing a life review. You may have seen episodes of your life play out in your mind’s eye or remembered long lost friends or relatives. Some people have returned back into your lives, also, perhaps to see if a lesson forgotten or unfinished has been learned. It is certainly a time to let go of what is no longer necessary; nothing that is of a lower vibration can be taken into the new world – it will be left behind. This list includes relationships that are unhealthy, jobs that do not allow for creativity, as well as anything excessive and unbalanced. It is also a time to learn to forgive yourself for those things that you feel you have not done as well as you could. Forgiveness, letting go, listening to your heart, and being at peace are most important considerations.

The world that is being left will make its bid to keep your attention, to bring up fears, to create distrust between people through the misuse of the media and propagation of lies from governmental bodies and various institutions, including the medical field, religions, education, science, economics, and other international corporations. Leave it all behind you; they cannot follow you into the new world unless they, too, let go of their fears and step into the light.

For those of you, who fear that you are not suitably prepared for ascension, know that you can still have issues to resolve, still have emotions to work on, still have physical conditions that need healing. You do not have to be perfect in order to be able to ascend. You do need to be open to expanding your world view to include the diversity of humanity, as well as those galactic and intergalactic beings, ascended beings and angelic realms, which will be more apparent to you as you become more acquainted to your new world. There is much to explore there and much to learn.
In the passage of cycles, eventually all of humanity will pass through ascension, just not now. Not all are ready for in the past it has taken lifetimes to prepare to take the first steps leading up to becoming an initiate on the path to ascension. Those who are undergoing ascension during this present cycle have either prepared for a long time or are starseed who have embodied for this very purpose – to act as wayshowers and to create an energetic pathway for those of humanity able to follow in their footsteps. Many of the starseeds have ascended on other planets and in other solar systems, galaxies, even in other universes. Some of the starseeds and lightworkers have come from the highest heavens and will return once their work here is done. There is a great variety of helpers here on hand to assist in this birthing process for both the planet and her cargo, humanity.

In these last days of this present cycle, spend them in quiet contemplation and meditation if you can. If not, keep mindful during your day of the energies and call on us, the ascended masters and angelic realms, for our assistance. We are here to help, to serve, as it our means to further our development as we, too, are moving up in our responsibilities and expanding in our service to the Universe.

Expand your mind to include the whole of this planet as your body. See all of humanity as one being; in truth you are one. You are experiencing this process from several points of view to gain experience which you will pass on to other worlds in your turn, as we have assisted you in ours. Know that we are your brothers and sisters and are here to assist. Call on us and we will be there, to lend our energies, light and love to give you strength in moments of doubt and weakness. If you feel that you have stepped off the path momentarily, forgive yourself and continue on. Keep a close internal focus on how you are feeling, what you are feeling and how you would like to feel. Keep a journal of your inspirations, dreams, meditations and practice communicating with your higher self. Have faith that you will break through those last bits of darkness that seem to keep you from your goal. We will assist; we are here to help – just remember to call for us and we will be there.

Forever in the Light, I AM Sanat Kumara.


Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Repost: Must We Earn Our Way to the Fifth Dimension?

Oct 25

Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Steve Beckow

Photo: Do we have to pay for a ticket to 5D?

From Aug. 31, 2011.

A reader asks why we seem to have to “earn” our way back to something that is rightfully ours – the Fifth Dimension? To suggest we need to earn a place in heaven sounds like just more religion. If 3D is for the Creator to experience things, then there must be no good or bad.

You’re asking a very interesting question. May I comment please?

It appears, from the testimony of the saints and sages of many eras (Al-Ghazzali, Rumi, Sri Ramakrishna, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Krishna, etc.) that God had a purpose in designing life, followed a Plan, and built in design features and elements, all to achieve that purpose.

We can object to being part of a pre-conceived drama, serving God’s purpose. We can say that we don’t want to be a sock-puppet or a shadow-dancer. But when we learn what that purpose is, what that Plan is, almost anyone who fully understands it drops his or her objections immediately and wants to sign up right away. Said Krishnamurti:

“The really important thing is … the knowledge of God’s plan for men. For God has a plan, and that plan is evolution. When once a man has seen that and really knows it, he cannot help working for it and making himself one with it, because it is so glorious, so beautiful.” (1)

I’ve actually had a brief glimpse of that Plan (2) and it so excited me that I researched for twenty years after trying to put words to it. (3) I can vouch for what Krishnamurti says here that, when once a person sees that Plan and really knows it, he or she cannot help working for it for the rest of his life because it is so glorious.

I’ve discussed that Plan and purpose so many times that I don’t want to review it here. At last I have said it enough times that I don’t feel a need to repeat it. I’m posting a chapter by chapter discussion of it at present on 2012S.

What’s more to the point is that there actually are, if you observe closely, preferred lines of conduct to line up with that purpose/Plan and not-preferred lines of conduct.

To put that another way, we don’t have to “earn” our way back to mergence in God. But God did design the world, I’m persuaded, so that certain lines of conduct would be preferable to achieve the divinely-ordained and divinely-desired result.

Loving everyone without condition is a preferred line of conduct. Hating everyone is a not-preferred line of conduct. If we follow the latter line, natural laws are in place to feed us back the information we need to perhaps change our minds. We don’t have to change our minds but when we get enough hatred coming back at us, we usually do.

Why is any of it important? Because the game of life, the drama of life, was created so that God could know God. And to know God, it appears, we must be like God. And how is God? Apparently all love, all kindness, all compassion, all peace, all equanimity, all inclusiveness.

So therefore to know God, it seems, we also need to be all love, all kindness, etc. We don’t get to vote on that, apparently. That much is already laid down and non-negotiable. Many people have trouble, it appears, accepting that this may be the case. (And I could be wrong.)

At the highest or absolute level, if my understanding is correct, there is no good or evil. At this relative level where you and I exist, there is good and evil. If we attain that highest level of enlightenment, good and evil will be gone.

But so long as things are real, and hunger is real, and people suffer and feel their suffering, so long can it be said, if I’m correct in what I say, that good and evil exist.

So the answer to your question might be: “It depends.”

It depends on where your consciousness functions whether there is good and evil or not.

You’re not talking nonsense [the reader asked if this was the case]. What you’re not doing is distinguishing between levels of reality on which what you say applies and levels of reality on which what you say doesn’t apply. That’s all. Most people also collapse the domains of reality and wonder why what applies on the absolute does not apply on the relative plane.

The answer is that, if we find our consciousness active on the relative plane, rather than the absolute, then we have not yet recast ourselves completely and perfectly in the manner in which God is. If we had, we’d exist on the absolute plane. And as long as we haven’t, different “rules” and conclusions may apply.

That does not mean that the absolute is broke or the relative is bad. It simply means that each has its own character, properties, rules of the road, etc.

That’s my take. I may be right; I may be wrong.

(1) J. Krishnamurti, At the Feet of the Master. Adyar: Theosophical Publishing House, 1974; c1910., 17.

(2) Described at

(3) two books are my report on what I saw that day: From Darkness Unto Light, at and The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment, which starts at

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We call now to our Mighty I AM Presence and Legions of the Sacred Fire... we call forth the most powerful penetration of God's Solar Fire... to blaze in, through and around our entire Group Body. Connect us now... to the I AM Presence of All Life... including the wisdom of Ascended Nature and the Forces of the Elements.
We command that our multi-body system reflect and embody the patterns of the Immaculate Concept...we command that any & ALL limiting energies not of God's Light be transmuted thru the Violet Flames & the Platinum Cosmic Light into the Diamond Heart Perfection of God within everything..
May we be emptied of all that no longer serves the highest purpose of the Divine Plan... so that we may be as hollow instruments... open and ready to receive solar radiation of our I AM Presence.
In the name of our I Am Presence, & unified now with the living crystals that are within us programmed to activate the Divine Blueprint of the Ascended Human Being while still in the body, we invoke the full activation of this Divine Blueprint, & the full activation of all of these living crystals in much as cosmic law will allow for each of us at this time....we invoke the FULL remembrance of our natural ability to transfer divine particles of energy outwardly to all life and to simultaneously receive this same activating energy inwardly through our bodies and the Unified Field....we invoke the full remembrance of our natural ability to both receive & transmit the Rays of the Sacred Fire Love. 
Mother-Father God, fill our meditation circles...fill our healing circles...fill our prayer circles.... fill our whole Being with the transfiguring power of Divine Love & the Rays of the Sacred Fire that empowers us to be Pure Divine Chalices & act as a group body... & act as mighty conduits of Father/Mother/God's Sacred Fire Love for ascension... which we then transmit throughout Gaia & thru the planetary Crystalline Grid & to the I Am Presence of every human Being.
All Mighty I AM THAT I AM, please use us as one Group Harmonic... as a super conductive forcefield through which to transfer the ascending streams of light to all life...lifting all of Gaia & every human being into the 5th Dimension...helping create a planet where we are all living in peace & harmony with each other & with all of life on our planet...helping create a planet where every person's life flows naturally with abundance & joy & creativity & wonder.
We affirm and command that our entire beloved planet and her host of lifeforms... be raised up to the SAME level of vibration.





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The 7 Planetary Initiations- The Path to Ascension

All, I wanted to share this great information with you. Courtesy of Initiations ----------- Initiations are path how you get closer to God, how you grow your person and how to rise consciusness permanetly. They are spiritual path to God from planetary system to highest level, Paradise. When you pass the sixth initiation, there is no turning back. You cannot fall because you are perfect and not be able to do conscious mistakes. Ascension does not stop after completing planetary ascension. I think that there are 343 levels what we have to evolve and 441 initiations what we have to pass. First is planetary ascension, then comes solar ascension, then comes galactic ascension, then comes universal ascension, then comes super universal ascension and finally Paradise ascension. There are more initiations than levels what we have to evolve. There are 7 subplanes in every cosmic and universal plane, but there are 9 dimensions in every larger plane. Initiations and dimensions are together, it makes 441 initiations. Moving from cosmic physical level to cosmic astral level takes 9 initiations. Completing planetary ascension is just 1/47 of whole ascension. Every main initiation is split in 7 subinitiations or sections.There are no separate dimensions for the subinitiations. There are 3087 subinitations in whole ascension from planetary "birthing place" to Father. In physical world, the 7 first initiations are most important. You concentrate on them. You get more and more truthful information and understanding in every initiation. The undestanding you get is not just related to initiations but also about undestanding of your abilities and how to use your higher bodies and chakras. Usually, when someone passes initiation it's informed with inner guidance. Universal (ascended) Master - the 441st initiation Cosmic (ascended) master - the 63th initiation Ascended master - 6th initiation Adept - the 5th initition Arhat - the 4th initiation Initiate - the 3th initiation Disciple - the 1st and the 2nd initiation Spiritual Aspirant - Path of probation Human who is unaware of his or hers connection to own soul - not stepped on the initiation path yet Path of Probation - Spiritual aspirant -------------------------------------- Path of Probation is before path of initiation and it is important time in life when spiritual aspirant sets him or herself to side of constructive and developing forces. Spiritual aspirant does serve good not bad. He or she does become to develop spiritually. Spiritual aspirant is teached to know own self and to get rid of weaknesses. The basics about wisdom are teached. Spiritual aspirant goes to higher levels at night to receive teaching. The person who is stepped to spiritual path gets much teaching, but he or she doesn't may not notice that. The spiritual aspirants intellectual activity is increased and he's or her's capacity to understand purpose of hierarchy and higher plan grows. Required for passing this inititation: * Will to get rid of weaknesses * Setting yourself to side of good First initiation - Disciple --------------------------- The key teaching in the first initiation is mastery over physical body. The body should be in the service of the soul. Control over the physical body should have reached very high level. Drugs or alcohol should not control the person who is in spiritual path. Basics to the right kind of an living, thinking and self control are reachedin this initiation. Some basic principles of God consciousness also starts to rule the disciple. The 1st initiation shows that the seed of the soul life is planted and grows. Throat chakra is stimulated in 1st initiation. Required for passing this initiation: * Self control (mastery of physical body) Second initiation - Disciple ---------------------------- The key teaching in the second initiation mastery over the astral body. This is often most difficult initiation to pass ja sometimes takes many incarnations. However, it's not so hard to pass for those who are willing to become masters and are serious about spiritual path. Those people will pass the 2nd initiation more quickly. 2nd initiation is related to sacrifice and death of negative desire. The lower nature is being controlled. Astral body becomes pure and serene. Required for passing this initiation: * Self control (mastery of emotional body) * Willing and taking action to get rid of negativity * Willing and taking action to get rid of negative desire Third initiation - Initiate --------------------------- The third initiation is mastery over mental body. Initiate´s consciousness does rise to mental plane and he or she learns much about priciples of god consciousness. Bodies of person becomes very enlightened and he or she is not controlled by lower nature or negative desire anymore. The soul becomes dominant. Mind is very responsive to ideas, intuitions and impulses coming from soul and the initiate also becames to receive direct guidance from the monad. Accumulation of right information is fast.z Light level required for 3th initiation is 56%. Third eye is stimulated in this initiation. Required for passing this initiation: * Light level 56% * Self control (mastery of mental body) * No judging anyone * Accepting all beings The Fourth initiation - Arhat ----------------------------- The fourth initiation is mastery over buddhic body. Arhat does serve God, monads and good of the whole. He or she does destroy negative selfishness. God and monad are teachers of arhat. The fourth initiation is liberation from rebirth. In this initiation soul becomes unneeded. You become your monad, your higher self, but you dont't fusiate completely yet. Monad does connect to your heart chakra. In the heart chakra, you feel oneness with your monad. In the fourth initiation you get god consciousness, the consciousness of the monad which is huge step. In the fourth initiation, the level of the consciousness does rise to atmic plane. To pass this initiation you can't think bad. Total freedom from all bad is required, you have to be perfectly good. The fourth initiation is total surrender to will of God and monad. Arhat is the master of the wisdom and lord of compassion. Required for passing this initiation: * Light level 62% * Free from all hate * No thinking bad at all ever * Love, "I am love" * Receiving eternal life * Surrender to God's and monad's will The fifth initiation - Adept ---------------------------- The fifth initiation is fusiating with your eternal self, monad and mastery over atmic body. You think, visualize and feel that you are your monad and god. In the fifth initiation you reach atmic level. In the fifth initiation you get whole feeling level and and consciousness of your monad. It is big step in your evolution! Your consciousness does rise to monadic level. You don't think negative thoughts. You have freedom from blindness. You believe in God perfectly and you don't have doubts about right path. Your will does merge with your monads will for eternal times. You do what God and your monad want you to do. Required to pass the 5th initiation: * Light level 75%. * Total surrender to God and to your monad * Agreement that "Yes what my monad does want" * Willingness to serve good of wholeness and the highest purpose The Sixth initiation - Ascended master -------------------------------------- The sixth initiation is mastery over monadic body. In this initiation you will become officially an ascended master. Master is free from law of karma. Master can't think imperfect on purpose. Consciousness of master is perfect joy, love and happiness. You are perfect. You are god and you understand that we all are gods. Person who passes the seventh initiation is teacher, but everyone does not have to be teacher in visible way. You can attain physical immortality if you want. * Light level required to pass the 6th initiation is 80% * No imperfect thoughts The Seventh initiation ---------------------- The seventh initiation is highest initiation can be taken in this physical level and mastery over logoic body. Master controls all seven rays. Consciousness rises to logoic plane. Crown chackra is stimulated in this initiation. Many seventh level initiates does become teachers in visible way. You get teaching about your god abilities in the seventh initiation. Making miracles becomes reality for master if it is his or hers path. Learning about god abilities was theme in my seventh initiation. The seventh initiation is commitment to service work what God and your monad wants. *Light level required to pass the 7th initiation is 92% ----------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities begin with 5th, 6th and 7th initiations: God abilities ------------ Your monad does have god abilities. You have the same abilities! Learn to use them. Ability to remove negative bacteria from physical body. Ability to remove negative energies from personality, bodies and from planet. Ability to remove black lights from bodies and from planet. Ability to remove wrong electrons from physical body and from place. Ability to remove bad, negative, unwise and stupid things from person, from mind and from feeling level Ability to remove sad, hate, unsane and negative fear things from person, from mind and from feeling level Ability to remove glamour Ability to remove negative separation Ability to remove negative karma Ability to rejuvenate physical cells. Ability to clear person from bad, negative, unwise, stupid talking Ability to clear person from all negative fearing Ability to heal person Ability to heal personality Ability to heal bodies Ability to heal mind Ability to balance bodies Ability to convert energies to perfect Ability to transform bodies to their highest form Ability to give perfect energies to bodies and to world Ability to give perfect lights to bodies, to mind and to world Ability to balance weather Ability to bless food Ability to increase size of too small body part Ability to decrease size of to too big body part
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The Unified Chakra Meditation

10900540672?profile=originalIt supports your mutation at every level. The Unified Chakra creates a bubble of Light that allows you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies, and acts like a force field. It helps screen out other people's pictures of reality. Most of you walk around in other peoples' energies because your bodies are separated. The main thing for Lightworkers is to get in your bodies and figure out what your energy is.

The Unified Chakra is the best way that we know of to assist you to follow your Spirit with every breath and every step.

We suggest that you do the Unified chakra every single time that you notice that you are in the past or the future.
At first that will seem like an incredible task, but if you will do it with discipline, you will find that within two weeks you will unify instantly. By the end of four to five weeks, you won't step out of the merge. Unlike a lot of meditations, you do not leave your body; you stay conscious. It is an altered state, but it is one that you can live in.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Opening my heart
Into a beautiful ball of Light,
Allowing myself to expand.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand,
Encompassing my throat chakra
And my solar plexus chakra
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand,
Encompassing my brow chakra
And my navel chakra
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my crown chakra
And my base chakra
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my Alpha chakra
(Eight inches above my head)
And my Omega chakra
(Eight inches below my spine)
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I allow the Wave of Metatron
To move between these two points.
I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my eighth chakra
(above my head)
And my upper thighs
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I allow my emotional body to merge
With my physical body.
I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my ninth chakra
(Above my head)
And my lower thighs
In one unified field of Light
Within, through, and around my body.
I allow my mental body to merge
With my physical body.
I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my tenth chakra
(Above my head)
And to my knees
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body.
I allow my spiritual body to merge
With my physical body,
Creating the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my eleventh chakra
(Above my head)
And my upper calves
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the Oversoul to merge
With the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my twelfth chakra
(Above my head)
And my lower calves
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the Christ Oversoul to merge
With the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my thirteenth chakra
(Above my head)
And my feet
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the I AM Oversoul to merge
With the unified field. I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
Allowing the Light to expand
Encompassing my fourteenth chakra
(Above my head)
And to below my feet
In one unified field of Light
Within, through and around my body
I allow the Source's Presence to move
Throughout the unified field.
I AM a unity of Light.

I breathe in Light
Through the center of my heart,
I ask that the highest level of my Spirit
Radiate forth from the center of my heart,
Filling this unified field completely.
I radiate forth throughout this day.
I AM a unity of Spirit.
I AM a unity of Light.

From the book What Is Lightbody? and The Tools for Living Heaven tape set
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himalayan-mountains.jpgWesak this year promises to be the most powerful and influential experience that Planet Earth has ever seen.  It will increase the potential of the Golden frequencies upon the lands and within every living creature that walks upon it.

This year Wesak falls on May 5th, 2012 during the full moon of Taurus.  The first festival, representing the Christ, occurred on April 4th, 2012 in which we, as initiates, went through our resurrection phase of fully ridding ourselves of the debris and old energies that did not serve our Highest Purpose.  Since that time many individuals have been challenged with many lower energies as the struggle for them is becoming increasing worse.  The culmination of this Wesak proves to be the height of the Golden Era and there will not be the battle of the low and high energies anymore.  This is why it has been increasingly difficult for many of us.

Background Information

The Festival of Wesak is the most important of the three major Ascended Master festivals. It is the time of the year at the Taurus Moon when humanity receives the highest level of transmission of Light frequency.  The Wesak Festival is the festival of the Buddha, commemorating the anniversary of his birth, his attainment of Buddha-hood, and his ascension.   Buddha is the perfect expression of the Wisdom Aspect of GOD.   He is the embodiment of Light and Divine Purpose and is also now our Planetary Logos.    If you have never experienced these energies on a physical basis, then this is your chance this year.  Groups around the world gather in celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Mel & Mike will be holding a special conference call on Friday, May 4th, 2012 at 5 PM Pacific which will be a special Wesak Ceremony.  Details are available on Walking Terra Christa’s website,

The festival is the great Eastern festival, and serves to show the solidarity of East and West.  The term Wesak refers to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas where every year all the Ascended Masters gather both on the inner and outer planes to share in a very sacred ceremony.   At the precise rising of the full moon in May, the Manu, Allah Gobi, Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva, and Saint Germain, the Mahochohan, stand in a triangular formation around a bowl of water that sits on a crystal.   Buddha appears and hovers above this bowl of water and transmits cosmic energies into the water and through Lord Maitreya to be disseminated then to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the initiates, disciples, and New Group of World Servers.

At the end of the ceremony, the water is shared by all those in attendance.  Wesak is also the time when initiations are given to disciples and initiates on Earth by Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, and more recently also by Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos.

The Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  At Wesak the quality of energy that is very prevalent is the “Force of Enlightenment”.  This force of enlightenment energy emanates from the heart of GOD.  It is related to Divine understanding, and the Love-Wisdom Aspect of GOD.  This force on a planetary level initiates the new world education.  This effects the education movements, values, literature, publishing, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, writers, teachers, channels, and speakers on the entire planet.  This force of enlightenment so prevalent at Wesak is why the coming together of large groups at this time can be such an awesome experience.  Wesak is the pinnacle each year where the greatest window for mass enlightenment can occur on a planetary level.

During the ceremony Buddha sounds forth a great mantra and becomes an “Absorbing Agent” of the first ray force (Will and Power).  Buddha then ensues the magnetic power of the second ray (Love and Wisdom) to attract this force to himself.  He holds it steady and then redirects it to the Lord Maitreya, who is the “Receiving Agent” of this energy. This energy is then disseminated to the seven Chohans and their Ashrams for a seven-fold expression and direction into the world.   All the disciples and initiates on Earth are invited to come to the Wesak Valley, attend this sacred ceremony and join in the festivities.  This is also a time to come and stand before Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, and Sanat Kumara to give your vows of service, and receive special blessings.

It is important to note that this is also an actual physical event.  At the hour of the full moon a stillness settles down upon the crowd, and all look toward the Northeast.  Certain ritualistic movements take place under the guidance of the different Masters and their Ashrams.  The actual time in 2012 will be May 5th, at 11:35 PM, Eastern, 8:35 PM Pacific.

The expectancy and excitement begins to build as all wait on the inner and outer plane for Buddha’s arrival.   A few moments before the exact time of the full moon, in the far distance, a tiny speck can be seen in the sky.   This tiny speck gradually grows larger and the form of the Buddha seated in a cross-legged position appears.  He is clad in a saffron colored robe, and bathed in Light and color, with his hands extended in blessing.  While hovering above the bowl of water, crystal and rock, a great mantra is sounded that is only used once a year at Wesak.  This mantra is sounded by the Lord Maitreya.   The entire group of people in the valley do full invocations.  This invocation sets up an enormous vibration of spiritual current.   It marks the supreme moment of spiritual effort of the entire year, and releases a massive down pouring of cosmic energies from the Cosmic Hierarchy.

Buddha then slowly recedes into the distance from whence he came.  The entire ceremony takes only eight minutes.  However, its effects last an entire year.  This is Buddha’s annual sacrifice for humanity.  This is changing in recent times because the Buddha has now taken a much more active involvement in Earth’s evolution, after spending a great deal of time in the Great White Brotherhood Lodge on Sirius.

The Wesak Festival has been regarded by the inner-plane ascended masters to be of paramount importance in world affairs.  Through the two representatives of deity on our planet, the worlds of spiritual realities and human affairs are being brought closer and closer together.  At Wesak a channel is opened for humanity that allows disciples and initiates to contact certain energies not normally available or as easily accessible.  This allows great expansions of consciousness to take place.

Djwhal Khul has also stated that, “It is the intention of the Buddha and the Christ that in each country there shall eventually be someone who will act as their representative at the time of the festival, so that the distribution of spiritual energy from the first aspect or ray will be directed from the Buddha to the Christ and then from the Christ to those initiates in every country who can be overshadowed, and so act as channels for the direct current of energy.”

The Wesak has the following purposes:

  • The releasing of certain transmission of energy to humanity that will stimulate the spirit of love, brotherhood, and goodwill.
  •   The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.
  •    The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved.

The Festival of Humanity also called the Festival of Goodwill is one month after the Wesak Festival (June 4th) in which all initiates have been infused with the next phase of their development.  This occurs for all initiates of all levels on the Innerplane and on planetary worlds.  Of course, we are concerned with the Earth energies and how this new integration is going to affect our journeys as teachers, healers, writers, theologians, visionaries, counselors, etc.   We will also hold a special call on Monday, June 4th to honor the third festival.

We hope that you will join us for this amazing event on May 4th, 2012.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa

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Braco is back!

Alain and every one, this is a real healer. He heals with his gaze, they claim. I believe otherwise. I think he centers himself in his heart and finds absolute peace there, and when he brings Heaven into his being and looks at others, they feel his state and become one with him and are thus healed. 


This is a post I am sharing with you, but I do not think it is from mind to it says here, but from heart to heart. 

It is the linking up of Minds which lets you feel the Healing Energy through the Computer!  TRULY AMAZING!

Worldwide Live Streaming starting Friday March 16th from L.A.

Tickets are only $3 per viewing and the computer will automatically tell you the time difference in your area.



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My thoughts/feelings:

I AM Love (compassionate, kind, accepting, forgiving, giving, caring/nuturing/responsible, serving, faithful, praising others, joy/bliss, listening/focus/concentration, learning/experiencing/flowing/changing/transforming, existing (I AM), balance, creating out of Love, everything IS/All exists etc)


I AM Loved (recieve compassion, receive kindness, receive acceptance, receive forgiveness, receive blessings/abundance, receive nuturing, receive service, in balance/harmony, thankful, joyful/blissful, others are faithful in me, others listen/others focus/others concentrate with me, created out of Love/I AM/I exist because of Love etc)


We are All One....All Connected

Everything else is illusion created by free will distortion (judgment, blame, guilt/shame, control, worry, fear, jealousy, addiction, separation, sadness, grasping/clinging/stuck/resisting change, anger, absolute knowledge, absolute understanding, pride/ego, expectations, suffering, lack/worthlessness etc etc)

Search out for beliefs within you and purge them. Everything is a belief except the Divine Love within you and others.

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