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Harness your Personality

Harness your Personality to align with your Life's Purpose.

I am INFP-A (Intuitive Feeling Personality- Assertive - also known as Mediator). This comes from my Sun in the 12th house (inward direction) and Pisces moon (empathy and intuition).


Want to know yourself deeper? Want to find out your personality type? There are 16 types.

Here is the link to the test

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Manifestation = Root (Existence on Earth), Sacral (Relationships), and Solar Plexus (Will)

Love = Heart (Integrating/Being love) and Throat (Expressing love)

Wisdom = Throat (Expressing wisdom), Third Eye (Integrating wisdom)

Crown (Being wisdom and love)

Rainbow body (all chakras aligned, love and wisdom in manifestation)


I AM Shiva and I AM Shakti.

I AM the Divine Observer and I AM the Divine Doer.

I AM Christ in manifestation.

I AM Alpha and Omega.

I AM Divine Masculine and I AM Divine Feminine.

I AM Infinite.

I AM All That Is.

I AM Source in manifestation.





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  lordvishnu.jpg?t=1331342158~~~~~~~~~~~   o   O   o   ~~~~~~~~~~~


This is a mantra for the Avatar of Vishnu known as Narasimha.  A composite spiritual being with aspects of humanity, divinity, and animal nature all mixed together, this Avatar defeated a supposedly unconquerable one of great evil.  While the mantra invokes powerful energy, one's righteous internal attitude provides a buffer against misusing it.   This mantra can backfire if used in a hateful way, because hate is contrary to the nature of all Vishnu mantras.



(Nah-Rah-Seem-Ha  Tah  Vah  Dah  Soh  Huhm)


Narasimha is the principle for destroying the seemingly indestructible.  According to Vedic lore, whenever evil influences rule the earth an incarnation of the Divine will arrive to save humanity.   Narasimha was one such incarnation.   It seems there was an evil ruler who was so powerful that he could not be defeated in battle.   It was said that  "He could not be defeated either indoors or outdoors."  Vishnu, in mercy and compassion, came to earth as Narasimha, a man-lion being.   Narasimha sought out the evil tyrant's dwelling place and waited.   At twilight, he entered, found the tyrant, and dragged him to the threshold.   Holding him firmly, Narasimha began to speak:

" It is twilight, neither day nor night.  It is on the threshold of your dwelling, neither inside nor outdoors.  I am neither man nor beast, but a combination of both.  Therefore, I now destroy you. "  And he ripped the evil tyrant to pieces.

From that time to this, Narasimha has been invoked to gain freedom from evil situations.



Healing Mantras ~

Namaste  ~  Tara*



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