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  • Reading the Complete Ascension Manual and Beyond Ascension again. Highly recommend!
  • Namaste
    My name is Binoy John. I am from India. Thanks for letting me to join this group. I have just finished Mahatma Shambala levels 1 and 2. I am a Reiki Master and Golden angelic healing teacher.
  • Hey Guys! :D Thanks for letting me join the group. I am 27 years old and from Denmark. I have read alot of Joshua David Stone's books and worked with his techniques, the masters, ascension seats and so on, which has resulted in some quite intense spiritual experinces.
    I would love to share experiences and advice with some of u, as i haven't met any one else who have worked with this material, even in the new age/meditation communities in Denmark :D 
    All the best - Jonas

  • Thank you❣
  • Thank you for beautiful uplifting thoughts. It was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Amazing gratitude, thank you dear Amba for sharing.
  • Dear Sukanta, read this article please and you will find answer of how to anchor higher chakras

  • How To Anchor Higher Chakras?What Is The Invocation I Need To Make ? Plz Tell Me.
  • Thank you Goran!! Much blessings to you!!

    Love and Light


  • Good morning my shamballa budies Sending 9 th ray of joy to you all :)

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Planes of Existence

* This may be a lot to process, we are veiled, so take in what resonates with you and ponder the rest. If it resonates with you, it is truth for you. 3d = Physical- Astral (Emotional) - Lower Mental (Thoughts)- Personality - I (3rd density in Law of One) 4d = Upper mental (inspiration) and Casual (Soul- virtue- I AM) (3rd density in Law of One) 5d = Buddhic (Love-Wisdom) and Atmic (Christ Consciousness- Divine Will) (4th density- Buddhic and 5th density- Atmic in Law of One- Enlightenment…

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1 Reply · Reply by Chris Comish Aug 2, 2023

WESAK- Distribution of the highest frequency of light, May 2019.

Bright elevation and blessings to the highest potential of each person- WESAK celebration.... The purpose of Wesak ceremony, is meditation during which participants in their spiritual bodies in a group Merkabah goes to Wesak valley situated in the Himalayas. Wesak, the great festival of the East which serves to show the solidarity of the East and West, is the most important Festival of all the Ascended Masters, held throughout the year.It is associated with the full moon during the rule of  a…

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