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The City of Shamballa has been Heaven on Earth since 2009.



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The City of Shamballa was founded by Chris Comish in September 2009.


Chris Comish is a Reiki Master and here to lift others up in Love and Light. Since his awakening in 2006, his wish is to share with the world to help it awaken. Chris is the founder of the City of Shamballa social network. Subscribe to his YouTube channel at Onenessandlove. Author of 28 Powerful Reiki Attunements, The Path of Oneness, Eternal Spirit, The Earth Gate, and multiple energy attunements and healing books.

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  • Did you know? There are both Ascended Masters in light bodies (examples Master St. Germain, Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Master Djwhal Khul, and Goddess Quan Yin)(time-space) and incarnated Ascended Masters (space-time)?

    Ascended Masters
    People ask me, is the Earth ascending? I say yes. To show this, I made a webpage that gathers many YouTube channels of high frequency. It is not all…
  • Did you know? The City of Shamballa Social Network is an external manifestation of the City of Shamballa (Shambhala), where the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy / Ascended Masters reside. The City of Shamballa Social Network was founded in 2009, which in numerology means 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11, which means a new portal of spiritual consciousness. 11 carries a unique vibration of spiritual enlightenment and is like a cosmic door opening to spiritual awareness and inner wisdom. Read more about Angel Number 11 online.

  • Did you know? Lightworkers.org, in its orginal format in 2007-2009, was an inspiration for the City of Shamballa Social Network, which launched in September 2009. You can see images of it using the waybackmachine at https://web.archive.org/web/20070829044136/http://lightworkers.org/

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