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For anyone wanting to learn the quantum mechanics of Ascension, read this text from Ra. It discusses Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Balance as the key to Ascension. To expand upon what Ra says about left (Yin) and right (Yang) balance, this includes the left side Ida and right side Pingala Kundalini channels too.

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Belief is an important part of healing.

A fundamental spiritual tenet is that our beliefs create our reality.

To choose to believe that healing is impossible is to seal one’s consciousness in an energetic darkness that prevents healing light from entering.

My advice is to believe in the healing energy, believe the person is being healed and getting healed, accept that healing energy is healing him/her.

Trust in the healing power that exists beyond our five senses.

Belief and acceptance of healing are large parts of healing.

When I was receiving my first healing session back in 2006 I did not believe either.

But once I believed in the energies being received and accepted the energies were for my highest good, I began to heal.

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Gratitude for Lessons

I'm grateful for the lessons on Earth. Many of my lessons in life were valuable because they opened me to other perspectives. In 2009 I learned the lesson of self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others, as my first girlfriend who cheated on me died in a horrible car accident leaving her only son. It also taught me to pray for the betterment of others on the other side. Also going through a divorce in 2014 from my first wife taught me the lesson of self-compassion and self-empathy, as well as the result of going through a 10 years long abusive marriage. In 2021, due to a business dispute, I learned the lesson of free will and empathy toward others as well as self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.

I am starting to see life on Earth as sacred, because there is gratitude for all of the growth as a result of lessons. Recently, I found a subconscious fear within me preventing deep empathy and compassion, as I retreated into the mind for safety trying to find logic when emotions were to be applied (empathy and compassion). I am hoping to resolve the catalyst of the lesson by apologizing to another for miscommunication and lack of understanding/empathy. I am still learning but my hope in writing this (and sharing everything here) is to pass the torch to inspire others to light up themselves, light up others, light up communities and therefore light up the world.

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"The bless the pregnant women for normal delivery and for good health of the baby in womb."

Also according to Brilliant Light By Madabusi Subramanium:

It is given in the third eye of husband and wife who are not getting children.

Seems like a great application with Tasman Flax Lily flower essence: "Treats polycystic ovarian disease, also good to take one month before conception to strengthen child, if taken in the last three months of pregnancy can allow child to be born with open third eye. Also gives clearer psychic visions during meditation" according to Heiko Lade (New Zealand)

Also known as Sisupa

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Lost Reiki Symbols: Hang Sa

This one needs some extra explaination.  Hang Sa or in reverse Sa Hang is the sound of inbreath and outbreath.  In chinese this is Hay Gung, when you exhale the energy expands, when you inhale it withdraws like a baloon being inflated and deflated.  Generally.  The words are Hung and Ha.  Ha can be outbreath and Hung can be inbreath, this has a different effect as is the case in some Iron body systems.

The sound Hung in fact is actually an inbreath where the back part of the nasal cavity is constricted and the Sa is the outbreath.  Not many explain this fully.  This is the symbol for Hung Sa which is drawn with Sa above and Hang below.


Cleaner version of Hang or Hung:


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What Is The Core Of Your Life On Earth?

By Steven Hutchinson


Wesak, on May 23, is where we think of and celebrate the birth and life of Buddha.
Remember Buddha turned away from family riches to find his own inner peace and fulfillment.
Millions are turning within today in order to not just find fulfillment, but to answer the call of their Soul and their destiny of this life time.
It's about raising your frequency through prayer, meditation, mindful awareness, practicing compassion, or just regularly doing whatever your spiritual practices are that help you consciously experience God's Love & Presence within your heart.
This is the core of your Earth mission dear Soul.
Infinite Blessings of God's Loving Energies that leads you to Unity Consciousness.
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Outer reflects Inner

Outer reflects inner, also known in Hermeticsm as "As within, so without." “As within, so without” suggests that our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality. What we think and feel inside of ourselves is manifested in our external circumstances and experiences. How has this manifested in your life?

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Prayer for Divine Love
In the Name of my Beloved I AM Presence
I call the Power of Divine Love to be magnified within my heart and world daily.
I AM Love, Joyous Love
Radiating Love, Unconditional Love!
Goddess/God consumes my shadows
Transmuting them into Love!
This day, I AM a focus of Divine Love Flowing through every cell of my being!
I AM a living stream of pure Divine Love That can never be re-qualified by fear, Anger, hatred, dislikes and greed!
All negative thoughts and feelings Are NOW dissolved and consumed By the power of Divine Love which I AM!
I AM, I AM, I AM Love,
I live in the consciousness of Love!
I AM Love in its fullest expression,
Blessing all mankind with Divine Love!
I radiate love! I AM Love in action
Blessing, Uplifting and Healing all on Earth!

( From Prayers to The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

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Don't Give Away Your Divine Power of Love & Joy
By Steven Hutchinson
Be joyful when you face trouble, be cheerful when you go through hard times.
That may not make any sense to you until you realize and experience that when you lose your joy - you lose your power. In those difficult moments, you need strength and power more than ever. Your divine love and joy is what will help you to continue believing and be strong.
The greatest power you have is the Divine Love & Joy you have within your heart. This is the Divine Blessings that God has given each of us, and there is no power greater than that Divine Love & Joy. It's only when you allow the events and circumstances of your life to overshadow and make you forget about that love and joy that you give your power away.
Negative thoughts and emotions are great energy consumers. Remember though, that no matter what you are thinking - you have the power to redirect your attention to something positive.
And no matter what you are feeling in any moment - you have the power to let that feeling come and go and not allow yourself to continue thinking about any negative emotion. Take courage and BELIEVE with all your being that you will emerge victorious by always bringing your attention back to the Divine Love & Joy within your heart.
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Hello Friends!  I hope you are enjoying your week.  I have just received the new high-energy Psychic Food Frequencies, Accelerator Combination & Position of the Fleet for March/April…Also, my new F-5 Mystery School is coming up on March 23! & go to the Starseed Arcade & Classes page!  Have a great weekend, Bryan



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Message Of Oneness From the Galactic Black Dragon
By Steven Hutchinson

I am the Galactic Black Dragon of Light,

You don't need to be scared by Darkness, it is one with the Light,

In Darkness you can find the Divine Love and Oneness you seek..


Oneness emerges when the marriage between Darkness and Light is celebrated.

When you identify only with the Light and judge Darkness as "bad",

you can't be complete, you can't, become One, 

you can't be authentically YOURSELF..


So dig deeply into the Darkness and find the Light that arises

within the Darkness, that beautiful Rainbow Light 

that arises from the deep blackhole.


The universe was born  from Darkness.

In Darkness there is rest, there is peace,

there is unity.


Darkness and Light should dance like two lovers

There's not any conflict between them

as many "spiritual" people seems to believe.


But Light and Darkness have to merge within you,

like two lovers, and give birth

to the ONE.


If you experience any kind of Darkness within you,

without judgement, and with the Divine Love within your heart,

just spend time and 'Be' with that darkness,

and let the Divine Light and Oneness emerge for You!


I send to You Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Oneness with Each of You.

With Love & Light,





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I AM Light, glowing Light,
Radiating Light, intensified Light.
God consumes my darkness,
Transmuting it into Light.
This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.
Flowing through me is a crystal river,
A living fountain of Light
That can never be qualified
By human thought and feeling.
I AM an outpost of the Divine.
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up
By the mighty river of Light which I AM.
I AM, I AM, I AM Light;
I live, I live, I live in Light.
I AM Light’s fullest dimension;
I AM Light’s purest intention.
I AM Light, Light, Light
Flooding the world everywhere I move,
Blessing, strengthening, and conveying
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.

Source: The Summit Lighthouse

Kuthumi, the master of the Golden Robe, trains students who are on the ray of wisdom in the art of meditation and the science of the Word so that they may become master psychologists of their own psyche, or soul.

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