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This group covers current and future climate and technology trends that affect us. 

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  • Thank you for this heartfelt reminder and for sharing Chris. We all need to embark on this journey and ascend together with Mother Earth!!! Let us all ground and support Mother with Unconditional Love and Care. She is in great need of these. She does not give up on us! Let us join together and send Divine Violet Flame to Mother Earth!

  • Earth changes are accelerating ascension, will you protect and love the Earth and all life embracing oneness, or will you remain separate and destroy the Earth. We get what we give, so that is what will happen to those that follow their choice. 

  • Hi everyone

    How can we contribute

    we are already meditating for earth and living creatures

    In love and light

  • I have a copy of the map from last century showing the changes to the United States. Are they still the same for whenever the changes occur?

  • All we can do is renew everything we do from using solar power, to recycling waste, to recycling water. Our resources are limited and unless we take action now there won't be a healthy world for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • The past few months have been quite interesting in what has been unfolding for humanity. Really you don't know what to expect next.

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