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This Distant Healing Session is already prepared for you and ready to receive.

Receive distant healing instantly by watching the video. 

Ready to receive? Receiving the healing starts at 6:00.

From the book Distant Healing Session by Chris Comish.

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What makes this healing session different from others?

• The healing session combines nearly 100 different modalities the author has been attuned to since 2006. The author invoked a large number of Divine beings of the highest love and light to assist with this healing session and due to the support of the Divine, this healing session is powerful and heals exactly what the recipient wishes to heal on any level. The healing session is always for the recipient's highest and greatest good.

• The healing session obeys the law of free will. It will only be received when the recipient wishes to receive it. If the recipient accidentally asks to receive the healing session when they are not ready, there are certain words the recipient can say to delay the healing session delivery process until they are ready to receive the healing session.

• The healing session is customizable. The healing energy is received only for the needs of the recipient. Spirit flows to heal where the recipient wishes. There is no need to know the issue needing to be healed, that is between the recipient and Spirit. Spirit chooses the correct modality of healing to heal the recipient's specific concern.

• The recipient's Higher Self is actively involved in the healing process. The recipient's Higher Self/Spirit knows the recipient best, and is best positioned to deliver the healing energies perfectly. Give thanks to Spirit. Spirit makes all things possible.

• The healing session is prepared already for you and ready to be received instantly. It can be received when you want to receive it. No more setting appointments or matching time zones.

• This healing session may be received forever and for an unlimited amount of times. It has been programmed at Spirit levels to be received as many times as each recipient requests it. If you need further healing, simply read or say the words to receive again.

• Due to the strength of the healing session, it is recommended to drink water and rest following the healing session.

What is being healed?

The healing comes from an agreement between the recipient and Spirit. The healer is a medium to bring the recipient in alignment with Spirit. This Distant Healing Session is for healing of the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. The Distant Healing Session depends on the needs of each healing recipient. It is customized for you. For example, the healing could also be chakra healing and balancing, forgiveness to heal the emotional body, heal traumas, remove obstacles, to know there is love and support, purification for the emotional and mental bodies, removal of negative entities/vibrations, connection to your soul/higher self, connecting to bliss and oneness, connecting to Christ consciousness, visions of the Akashic Records, visions of higher dimensions, meditation enhancement, stress relief, or healing of physical ailments. The types of healing are endless. It all depends on the needs of each healing recipient.

How can I receive the healing?

Get in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for up to one hour. You do not need to provide your name or location. The healing is already prepared for you and ready to receive when you ask to receive it. I've set the intention that all who ask to receive healing sessions from me receive them perfectly and instantly the moment they call them in, regardless if the healing session is prepared in the past, present or future and regardless of who the recipient is. It is helpful for the recipient to accept the energies as they arrive and not to resist the energies. Please remember to drink water and rest following the healing session. NOTE If you accidentally call in the healing session at the wrong time, simply say "No, stop, not yet" and the healing session delivery will stop. Then call in the healing session when you are ready.


I hope you enjoyed this event. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. I appreciate all of you. I love you all. God bless you all. In Loving Service. Namaste.

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  • Hello I have purchased off your Etsy page over the weekend and this is my 2nd time calling upon it and each time I feel pressure in my crown like it's opening up or something, it's simply amazing thank you kind soul!

    • Crystal, You are most welcome. Happy to help. Thank you for your kind words and for your feedback. I appreciate you. Blessings of Source upon you always. Love and Light, Chris

  • Dear Chris,

    Thanks for your healing system. Today I received it and it was full of blessing for me. I had terrible knee pain and whatever healing system that I ran on myself was useless, but your system was powerful and made me feel relax.

    The flow of energy went around my knees and now I feel really better.

    I wish you best of luck and health. God bless you.

    Best regards,


    • Mehdi, You are most welcome. God bless you too. Love, Light, and Blessings to you, Chris

  • Dear Brother Chris Comish,

    I have some problem of the sciatic nerve so I have some pain on the left side of my region of Ischial Tuberocity...not radiating yet.

    And recently done both the eyes Cararact Surger.On left side doctor was saying that Macular degeneration has been started because of Diabetes cince the year 2000.Hyprtension also diagnosed at that Time in 2000.

    At the age of 85 am fit otherwise doing my all work myself.

    I want to heal my pain now sothat I van sit for longer and can bent also whenever it's needed.

    Eyes are good .Now No Problem !

    For this pain I want to heal with this modality of Yours ...compassion and Love will work for me !

    I Am Grateful for this healing and Thanks for your Love, Support and Blessings !

    Dr Sohini Shukla

    • Sister Sohini, May the Divine heal you in miraculous ways. I will add you to my long term distant healing list as well (with the intent that the healing is received at the perfect time for you and for your highest and greatest good). Deepest eternal gratitude for all of your contributions here over the years. You have lifted up the world in amazing ways. Blessings of Love and Light.

    • Dear Brother Chris,

      So kind of You !

      You are always with me with all the Planetary grids which you had shared on my site " The Better World " few years ago !

      I love you and that is limitless I should say ..

      I have much more respect for you as my Divine Brother.

      Sending You Lots of Love, Light and Blessings Unlimited !


    • I appreciate you sister. The same to you. Wishing infinite blessings of All That Is upon you.

    • Dear Brother Chris,

      I had some problem at the left Gluteal region...may be sciatica was pressed and now also not healed copletely.

      Now can do some work.

      Love You and Bless You always,


    • Sister Sohini, sending additional healing. God bless you always. Love and Light, Chris

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