Ascended Masters

People ask me, is the Earth ascending? I say yes. To show this, I made a webpage that gathers many YouTube channels of high frequency. It is not all inclusive but I wanted to show how much Love and Light is on Earth today.


Did you know? There are two types of Ascended Masters. There are both Ascended Masters in light bodies (examples Master St. Germain, Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Master Djwhal Khul, and Goddess Quan Yin, also those who have passed over from Earth like Dr. Joshua David Stone, Ramana Maharshi etc.) (time-space) and Incarnated Ascended Masters (space-time).

Time-space Ascended Masters

Time-space is dimensions that exist beyond the Physical world. We go to Time-Space when we dream for example. Time-space is where Gods and Goddesses live (different faces of the One Inifinite Creator) and those beings that are light bodies from an Earth perspective. 

There are plenty of Ascended Masters teachings you can find online (channelings, books etc.) with messages from the Ascended Masters in time-space. A description of the Ascended Masters can be found at

Also you can contact the Time-space Ascended Masters in meditation. With all sources ask if they come in God's love. Discern always through the heart/love. If the contact resonates with unconditional love then great, if not then let it fall away. 

Space-time Ascended Masters

Incarnated Ascended Masters are Awakened Ones on Earth, those who have merged with their Soul or Higher Self or I AM Presence. It is important to note that Ascended Master does not mean better. That is the ego. Ascended Masters have transcended the ego. An Awakened One has found wholeness in their Spirit and turns back to help others to lift them up and empower others to find their Spirits. There is no separation among Ascended Masters, there is only love and unity. Ascended Masters have a group consciousness and have moved into selfless service to help others ascend. Incarnated Ascended Masters have the purpose to embody love and light and radiate it to others. It is important to realize that all humans are Divine (and equal faces of the One Infinite Creator- different expressions/perspectives of Divine Will through human free will) and Ascended Masters are here to help humanity find its own Divinity within. Divinity within is the immanent part of the One Infinite Creator/Source. The One Infinite Creator/Source is both immanent (within Creation- often found in Buddhism and Hinduism as examples) and transcendent (beyond Creation- often found in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as examples). 

The below YouTube channels of Incarnated Ascended Masters are listed for those seeking to ascend to learn more or to resonate more with Source frequency to embody love and light to assist with the Ascension of the Earth. This list continues to expand and shows how much the Love and Light is growing on Earth. The channels are Divine Sparks of Love and Light that radiate to lift up humanity.

It is important to note this is not an all inclusive list. There are Incarnated Ascended Masters not found on YouTube, and new people ascend everyday so this list is not fixed. It grows on a daily basis. What is important to the viewer of the videos is that the viewer watches what resonates with the viewer. Use discernment always, let the heart/love guide the viewer. Also the viewer's higher self guides them to videos to watch, so let the viewer and the viewer's higher self decide what resonates with the viewer.

and many more. Follow what resonates with you.  

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