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Namasté, Greetings, Bless you all.

In approximately 2007, I received my first Essene Healing Session. I was in Germany at the time, while my spiritual mentor Dr. John F. Gilbert was in North Carolina at the time. I was in awe of the power of the Essene Healing, and how it could be received perfectly half-way around the world. The Essene Healing Session John gave me was so strong I could feel my chakras being heated by powerful Divine energy. The healing session was so powerful that I had to lie down to receive it.

In 2007, I registered to become an Essene Healer under John's mentorship, but did not actively pursue further training. In 2007, I began to learn about Reiki energy and did not pursue further Essene Healer training or ask for further instruction from John.

In 2022, I found out that Dr. John F. Gilbert passed away at the age of 82 in 2020. I'm sure he has moved onto the heavenly realms, as he brought much Light to the world during his time here. In order to further the impact of his good works on Earth during his time here, I have decided to provide the Essene Healing Session to you, the reader of this book.

The purpose of this book is to provide an Essene Healing Session to a mass audience to lift up the world in love and light. This book can be seen as an activation call for Lightworkers to wake up, to empower the reader to access Divine energies to assist with the healing of others, situations, and the Earth.

May love and light be spread around the world. God's Will be done. Wishing God's Grace upon all of you. Many blessings to all of you.


In Loving Service,

Chris / Qan Dek




This book is dedicated to my spiritual mentor, Dr. John F. Gilbert (1938-2020). John was a Master Essene Healer and an Archbishop of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. An Essene Healing Session from Dr. Gilbert was one of my first experiences with distant healing. He was an enlightened master before his time and he will be forever missed.




Once you receive an Essene Healing Hands session (from the e-book), it is my intent (along with the support of my Higher Self and Dr. John F. Gilbert on the other side of the veil) that your Healing Hands are activated for your highest and greatest good and that when you follow the steps in Chapter 3 of the e-book, you will activate your Essene Healing Hands to heal yourself or others.


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  • P.S. The e-book also includes teachings on the Tree of Life by Dr. John F. Gilbert, one of my spiritual mentors. 

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