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This group is created to allow new users access to other people who wish to share their Love, Joy and knowledge to help them enter fully into the community. If you would someone to help you get to know the website features & content, answer any queries you may have and also help you get to know everyone - please let us know by making a quick comment or discussion below and someone will be in touch to give you all the help you need! If you feel like doing so, you may also introduce yourself by adding a discussion telling us a bit about
yourself below. We would love to get to know you!


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  • Hi, I am a reflexogist, flower essence practitioner, pendulum therapist, looking to take it up a level or two.
  • Hello! I know a lot about Angels, herbalism, crystals, and white and green Magick. Happy to help!
  • Bonjour tout le monde je suis vraiment ravi d'etre parmi vous pour apprendre et evoluer dans l'eveil la conscience et l'amour aussi apprendre les differentes guerisons energetique.
    Merci infiniment a vous tous.
    • Bonjour!
    • Welcome! Thank you very much for being here. We appreciate you.
  • Hi! It would be a honor to be a unofficial online greeter to all our new members,"Members I salute you!"
    • Thank you. You are welcome to be an online greeter. We welcome all contributions here. Love and Light.
  • Hello New Members! Its nice to see and meet you here.Welcome to the website!

  • I am a new, premium life member. I LIKE this city! I am happy that I joined. We need every, single Lightworker that we can get! Thanks and love! K.

  • Hello , I am Ankit Sharma , a certified Demonologist  from India , i am a new by and i am seeking for some good guidance and certification courses on reiki . 

    thank you . 

    love and light 

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Unable to renew membership

Hello, I am trying to pay for a 3 month membership but the Paypal transaction won't go through. Is there a better way to buy a 3 month membership? I didn't have any problems with Paypal earlier today on another website, so I think the problem is just with City of Shamballa, or its Paypal interface. Thanks, Vicki

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Hello, everyone! :D My name is Vaso and i'm from Greece. I'm so happy to be here. It feels so good to be here and to be able to communicate with all of you. Thank you so much for all the attunements, posts, pictures, videos, discussions that are available for all of us on this site. I'm still very new to all these things and i have so many questions and so many things that i want to know their meaning. I'm in the phase that i'm trying to heal my physical body. I have so many fears that i'm…

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Profile Comment Approval?

Hello there everyone! I'm not a new member, per se, in that I've had an account for quite a long time but I just recently decided to actively start using it! I have a notification on my profile that says I have a comment pending approval. But I can't seem to find where. When I click on it, it takes me to all my comments, none of which seem to require an approval. I can't get rid of the notification! Anyone know of a solution to this? Much appreciated!  Love & Light, ~Kym

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Blessings and Hello

Hello everyone. My name is Sandra and I am not only new to the site but I am also very new to energy work. I have always had a strong energy, of some kind, in my hands but was taught as a child to ignore and not talk about it. A few times over the past 30 years I have felt a type of yearning or pull to investigate and learn but always pushed it aside when others responded negatively. However, a few months ago that pull returned, the energy increased, and I was unable to push down or turn either…

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