Divine Laws

#1 – The Law of Free Will (Free Will exists, and We all have Free Will that must be respected.....Also allows the Choice for positive or negative polarity.)

#2 – The Law of Cause and Effect (also known as Karma or the Law of Balance)

#3 – The Law of Divine Compensation (Good deeds will be rewarded, Giving is receiving, Be Open to Receive from all sources both seen and unseen, The Law of Attraction- Take action steps and then be open to receive, Give thanks for receiving.)

#4 – The Law of Grace (You are graced with miracles beyond your imagination, Express gratitude for Grace)

#5 – The Law of Oneness (Everything and Everyone is connected. Everything we do has a ripple effect which affects the collective. Life is Many and the One, Life is Unity in Diversity. We are all One.)

#6 – The Law of Divine Intervention (Prayer and Forgiveness for Self and Others, the Divine is here to support you)

#7 – The Law of Correspondence (As Above, So Below)

#8 – The Law of Absolution (Life has lessons that are full of opportunities)

#9 – The Law of Infinite Possibilities (Be open to all possibilities for your highest and greatest good)

#10 – The Law of Guidance (There are Divine clues along the way)


#11 – The Law of Gender (Masculine and Feminine energies exist in all things, both are different sides of the same coin, equally important)


#12 – The Law of Rhythm (There is Movement and a Rest, Everything has cycles and rhythm, Example think of the seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)


#13 –  The Law of Polarity (Everything has polarity- good and evil, hot and cold, love and fear, all are two sides of the same coin...contrast brings clarity)


#14 – The Law of Vibration (Everything vibrates at different levels, Everything is in constant motion, Vibrations can affect Vibrations, Example good vibes make you smile, bad vibes make you uneasy)



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  • Integration of your Life's Experiences through the lens of Divine Laws propels your spiritual growth. Blessings.

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