September 20

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I am a Reiki Grand Master and Melchizedek Master Facilitator, A Spiritual Healer With Magnified Healing, Pranic Healing, Trinity Merlin, Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator, A Theosophist,and a Light worker..... Profile Information About You. I, Dr. SohiniBen Shukla, am a Retired Medical Officer. I was working as a Family Planing Medical Officer in Maternal and Child Welfare Center, Junagadh organised by Gujarat Branch of Indian Medical Association. I Retired in 1997after serving 21 years. Before that, I was a Medical officer at State Insurance Scheme. There I gave my services for Eleven years. For all the years of my carier I had a chance to serve the people and I got an Community Services Award by Gujarat Medical Association in November 2006. My husbad was a General Surgeon with E.N.T. As a speciallity and having 35 Beds Surgical Nursing Home.But, as I wanted to serve our community I did not go into Proffession and was never after Money. I am a Mother of one Daughter Mona Sarvajit Trivedi staying in Canada having Two Children,Priya and Ravi My two sons are American Citizens elder one Amit, has his own Software Business in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and another Prashant, is a Regional Controller at Palanpina International Shipping Company, in USA. Since August 2008, I am posted as a President for India office, for the International Organisation for Peace and Non violence, named in short as "WICO". "Women's Int. coalition of culture for Peace, Non violence and Empowerment of Women". As an Ambasador for 'Peace' and 'Non Violence' we have a great responsibilities for the Upliftment of culture for Women, men and Children, to lead towards better Life and Enlightenment. div>Your fairy is called Feather Rainbowwand She is a fortune bringer. She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth. She is only seen when the seer holds a four-leafed clover. She wears pale blue like the sky. She has multicoloured wings like a butterfly. Your Interest I am interested in Meditation and Spiritual Science.I have nothing to do with the religion. There is No Religion Greater Than Truth and I became a member of Theosophical Society 11 years back.In search of Truth, I joined the family of Sri Ramakrishna Mission 39 years back. Since last 15 years, I am a Chair Person at Purnayoga Sadhna Kendra of Sri Aurobindo Society at Junagadh. I have done Kriya Yoga of Sri Babaji. Spiritual Healing of Swami Shivanandaji. I learnt Bhagwat Gita,BhramaSuttras,Upanishad in detail. I try to study Quran, Bible,Granthsaheb.Practically, I try to study religions of the World. I became Reiki Master in 2000. In '97 I have started my Spiritual Life with Saranya by the Blessings of The Divine. I done all the levels of Melchizedek Mastery.First with Saranya. Second, Third and Forth with Alton. I have done Magnified Healing one with Saranya and other with William Hauw. All the levels 1a-1b, 2a-2b and 3a I have done with Saranya. To Day, I am a Master Facilitator of all the levels of Gaiadonheart Mastery. I am connected with the Bhramakumari Ishwariya Vishva Vidyalaya of Spiritual Science Organisation since last forty years.I believe in their Knowledge and Spiritual Awareness. I have given Art of Living of Shri Ravishankarji, Piramyd, Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui Science to our people of Junagadh. I did all the levels of Pranic Healing. Merlyn Trinity Healing System with William Hauw. I did a course of Living on Light with Jasmuheen. Yesterday on 31st of January 2010 I have done Crystal Healing and My master is Sri Ramakrishna ! I am Joining To meet like minded people and share knowledge, information and experiences.

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Healing and My ideas about Love & Light work.... I think this is the site is Coplete, To Bring Heaven on this Planet Earth by Helping each other for The New Age for having a Stand for The New Age.....


Alton Kamadon for Melchizedek Method. Saranya Zaveri For Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator, Anjaliben & Deepakbhai,P.D. Patel for Reiki Master....


Swami Vivekanad's, and all form Ramkrishna Mission.... Sri Aurobindo & Mother, Jiddu Krishnamurthy,and all frm Master Leadbeater & Annie Beasant...... Spiritual books and all that of Ne age books.....including Osho...Rajneesh....


Conversation with GoD By Nael walsch.... E.T. all having spiritual touch....


Indian Classical,Sitar, Gitar and sothening type for Meditation....


To Bring Heaven On This Planet Earth......

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  • Happy Birthday Sister Sohini! Thank you for all that you are! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light
  • God bless you Dr. Sohini Shukla. I bow to the Divine in you.
  • Sorry sohini ji
  • Thanks soshini ji its  pleasure  that  we  are friend. 

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    Have a great weekend dear friend

  • hi dr . how are you? thank you so much for your kindness and accepting 2941455308?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Thank you for accepting my friend request. Reading on this site, I realised how little i know. You seem to know a lot more than i do. If i have any question, can i ask you? I really don't want to bother you but there are so many things that i'm trying to figure out. 

  • Wow great synchronicity the 777 is the number of metatron you will see:) write 777 ark of metatron on Google:)

    Hi friend I would like you to check this out and see if you feel drawn to it... I have the banner at my page already... together we can do great things and I will request this from all my friends here...
  • Thank you so much... :)

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