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January 12

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Am Ms Tercy Lonan, single,CEO,Founder & Owner at Merkaba International Training & Research Center. Am a Reiki Grand Master, and practicing & taking classes on Reiki, Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotheraooy, Kriya Shakti – Materialization Using Thought Power, Sujok, Six Key & Smile Meditation, Clairvoyance, The Ancient Art of Geomancy or Feng Shui, Crystals energy, Pyramid energy, Mahatma energy, Human Universal energy & spiritual Yoga, Different types meditations, Platinum energy stwart, Platinum energy manager.Shambala Energy , My Training Center is Merkaba International Training & Research.. Am interested in Nature, Philosophy, enlightened discussion, world tour, this Mysterious Universe..My Web site id

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Love & Light


Pro.Augustin, Master Suresh, Mar.Abraham, Master Ashok Kothari, Master Pankaj Jain, Elizabeth mam, Charlotte Anderson' Master Ravi.. Now more from Univerce, Ascended Master,Galetic Masters, Archangels & Higher Self


I read lot of books, everything based on Divine energy or Source energy I bought 3 new books - Beyond Ascension, The Complete Ascension Maual & 45 free reiki attunment Again bought some books - A Beginner"s Guide to the Path of Ascension, Mahatma I & II, . Bought 3 more books - The council of light, The Shambella & the book on Karuna Reiki.


Very rare I watch Movie


all good music


To go forward to the Ascension path

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  • Hello, dear master, be in the shelter of light and blessings

  • thank u tercy. god bless u

  • Have a nice week ! Love @ Light!
  • Thank you ever so kindly for the Birthday wishes & blessings. That was very thoughtful of you and I appreciate you.
    Namaste' ✨
  • Pink Ribbon
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  • Dear Tercy,

    The group for 7 weeks with 49 masters one per day is also a group in Light grid...

    Thanks for being with me here...

    I love so much this meditations and the event comes twice a Year...we will have to follow the dates and the Masters according the days....

    This is the Blessings from our Masters, Angels & Archangels...


  • Best Wishes on your Bday
  • 1939045947?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Thank you so much for the birthday wishes:)

  • Hi tercy thank you for your from christoffer

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