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Feast day of the Archangels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, 29 September. The three Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are the only angels named in Sacred Scripture and all three have important roles in the history of salvation.
Let us pray. Heavenly King, you have given us archangels to assist us during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Michael is our protector; we ask him to come to our aid, fight for all our loved ones, and protect us from danger. Saint Gabriel is a messenger of the Good News; we ask him to help us clearly hear your voice and to teach us the truth. Saint Raphael is the healing angel; we ask him to take our need for healing and that of everyone we know, lift it up to your throne of grace, and deliver back to us the gift of recovery. Help us, O Lord, to realize more fully the reality of the archangels and their desire to serve us. Holy angels, pray for us. Amen.” By Tercy Logan
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43 Qualities of Enlightenment

Four establishments/presences of mindfulness (cattāro satipaṭṭhānā)[edit]

  1. Mindfulness of the body (kāyānupassanā, S. kayānupasthāna)
  2. Mindfulness of feelings (vedanānupassanā, S. vedanānupasthāna)
  3. Mindfulness of mental states (cittānupassanā, S. cittanupasthāna)
  4. Mindfulness of mental qualities (dhammānupassanā, S. dharmanupasthāna)

Four right exertions/efforts/strivings (cattāro sammappadhānā)[edit]

  1. Effort for the preventing of unskillful states to arise
  2. Effort for the abandoning of the already arisen unskillful states
  3. Effort for the arising of skillful states
  4. Effort for the sustaining and increasing of arisen skillful states

Four bases of spiritual power (cattāro iddhipādā)[edit]

  1. Intention or will (chanda, S. chanda)
  2. Effort (viriya, S. vīrya)
  3. Consciousness (citta, S. citta)
  4. Skill of Analysis (vīmaṁsa or vīmaŋsā, S. mimāṃsā)

Five spiritual faculties (pañca indriya)[edit]

  1. Conviction[7] (saddhā, S. śraddhā)
  2. Effort (viriya, s. vīrya)
  3. Mindfulness (sati, S. smṛti)
  4. Concentration/Unification (samādhi, S. samādhi)
  5. Wisdom (paññā, S. prajñā)

Five Strengths (pañca bala)[edit]

  1. Conviction (saddhā, S. śraddhā)
  2. Effort (viriya, S. vīrya)
  3. Mindfulness (sati, S. smṛti)
  4. Concentration/Unification (samādhi, S. samādhi)
  5. Wisdom (paññā, S. prajñā)

Seven Factors of bodhi (awakening, understanding)[edit]

  1. Mindfulness (sati, S. smṛti)
  2. Investigation (dhamma vicaya, S. dharmapravicaya)
  3. Effort (viriya, S. vīrya)
  4. Joy (pīti, S. prīti)
  5. Tranquillity (passaddhi, S. praśrabdhi)
  6. Concentration/Unification (samādhi, S. samādhi)
  7. Equanimity (upekkhā, S. upekṣā)

Noble Eightfold Path[edit]

  1. Right Understanding (sammā diṭṭhi, S. samyag-dṛṣṭi)
  2. Right Intention (sammā saṅkappa, S. samyak-saṃkalpa)
  3. Right Speech (sammā vācā, S. samyag-vāc)
  4. Right Action (sammā kammanta, S. samyak-karmānta)
  5. Right Livelihood (sammā ājīva, S. samyag-ājīva)
  6. Right Effort/Energy (sammā vāyāma, S. samyag-vyāyāma)
  7. Right Mindfulness (sammā sati, S. samyak-smṛti)
  8. Right Concentration/Unification (sammā samādhi, S. samyak-samādhi)

Forty-one and forty-three qualities[edit]

A sutta found in The Senior Collection of Gandhāran Buddhist texts ascribes forty one instead of thirty seven beneficial dharmas.[8] The Gandharan text includes rūpajhānas which the Pali tradition does not.[8] Salomon notes this forty one numbered list appears in both a Chinese translation of the Dirghagama which current scholarship believes to be of the Dharmaguptaka school of Buddhism and a Chinese translation of the Dharmaguptaka vinaya.[8]

In the Pali Canon's Nettipakaraṇa (Netti 112) forty-three qualities connected with awakening (tecattālīsa bodhipakkhiyā dhammā) are mentioned which, according to the commentaries, include the aforementioned thirty-seven plus the following 6 contemplations (also found in the suttas, e.g. Saṅgīti Sutta D iii 251)

  1. impermanence (aniccasaññā)
  2. suffering (dukkhasaññā)
  3. non-self (anattasaññā)
  • abandoning (pahānasaññā)
  • dispassion (virāgasaññā)
  • cessation (nirodhasaññā)


Also I recommend reading The Gene Keys: Embracing your higher purpose by Richard Rudd which contains 64 Siddhi qualities of enlightenment. 

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Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path

The eight Buddhist practices in the Noble Eightfold Path are:

  1. Right View: our actions have consequences, death is not the end, and our actions and beliefs have consequences after death. The Buddha followed and taught a successful path out of this world and the other world (heaven and underworld/hell). Later on, right view came to explicitly include karma and rebirth, and the importance of the Four Noble Truths, when "insight" became central to Buddhist soteriology.
  2. Right Resolve or Intention: the giving up of home and adopting the life of a religious mendicant in order to follow the path; this concept aims at peaceful renunciation, into an environment of non-sensuality, non-ill-will (to loving kindness), away from cruelty (to compassion).[25] Such an environment aids contemplation of impermanence, suffering, and non-Self.[25]
  3. Right Speech: no lying, no rude speech, no telling one person what another says about him to cause discord or harm their relationship.[26]
  4. Right Conduct or Action: no killing or injuring, no taking what is not given, no sexual misconduct, no material desires.
  5. Right Livelihood: no trading in weapons, living beings, meat, liquor, and poisons.
  6. Right Effort: preventing the arising of unwholesome states, and generating wholesome states, the bojjhagā (Seven Factors of Awakening). This includes indriya-samvara, "guarding the sense-doors", restraint of the sense faculties.[27][25]
  7. Right Mindfulness (sati; Satipatthana; Sampajañña): a quality that guards or watches over the mind;[28] the stronger it becomes, the weaker unwholesome states of mind become, weakening their power "to take over and dominate thought, word and deed."[29][note 2] In the vipassana movement, sati is interpreted as "bare attention": never be absent minded, being conscious of what one is doing; this encourages the awareness of the impermanence of body, feeling and mind, as well as to experience the five aggregates (skandhas), the five hindrances, the four True Realities and seven factors of awakening.[25]
  8. Right samadhi (passaddhi; ekaggata; sampasadana): practicing four stages of dhyāna ("meditation"), which includes samadhi proper in the second stage, and reinforces the development of the bojjhagā, culminating into upekkha (equanimity) and mindfulness.[31] In the Theravada tradition and the vipassana movement, this is interpreted as ekaggata, concentration or one-pointedness of the mind, and supplemented with vipassana meditation, which aims at insight.


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LIVE! International Tele-session

  September 24, 2022  

9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $35  120 min

Replay Available \

Is there an metaphysical object, a unique lamp or gift someone gave you long ago, a rare piece of clothing or jewelry, a decorative piece of art or furniture or toy…or even an unusual pet accessory, a favorite candy from childhood or something that you had in your teenage years that is constantly on your mind?  A Unicorn is something very unique, special and seemingly impossible to find…and you may come to realize that what you are actually thinking about or looking for is a ‘unicorn’ in a specific form!   Although the object on your mind may seem frivolous to others and impossible to find, it is at the same time extremely important to find it for many reasons.  This session will focus on helping you to find your ‘unicorn’, explain why the internal messages and urgency are significant and give you the secrets to finding the impossible.  Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this fun and magical session!

For more information please visit....


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Mix It Up Live International Telesession

Mix It  Up LIVE! International Tele-session  


 September 10, 2022  

9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $35  120 min

Replay Available \

Come join us!  Mix It Up will be a fun class with information regarding your your health, looking younger naturally & your ability to access personal etheric formulas for any purpose…no matter what age you are!  In this session, Bryan will channel the new ‘Mix it Up’ energy matrix coming in from the galactic realms, giving you a simple, ‘no stress’ new way of improving and upgrading yourself with minimal effort.  This unusual & wonderful energy ‘mixing bowl’ of information (with a few key ingredients) will cut down on the time you spend doing everything….including getting yourself ready to go places & maximizing your work, cleaning & family related tasks. It will also save you lots of money, give you extra leisure time and boost your confidence as you look in the mirror.  All attendees will receive notes from the session free of charge, so you can get started immediately.  Don’t miss this one!

For more information please visit....


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City of Shamballa One Year Plan

Wanted to keep you all informed about my plans.

First of all, I love all of you and love the content here. I love the continued posting by Steven, the continued postings of attunements, and other content being added. I love seeing the love behind all of the content here.

Right now, I'm waiting on another 10 year renewal of the City of Shamballa trademark, this keeps the website going online without issues. In order to do that I have to show proof of the trademark being used in business, so I am keeping as is for right now. This should happen this month of September.

Once the trademark is renewed in the system, these are my plans.

I love the content here and the energy, but the website appearance needs an upgrade. The colors/images/design are fine but the width is somewhat narrow. Also text is sometimes bunched together. Also the website is not mobile friendly. In 2015, Google rolled out an algorithm that indexed mobile friendly web pages more highly. Even though I secured the domain name city of shamballa and have text references to the city of shamballa on the site, as well as the website being viewable by search bots, the network is still ranked 15-20 on the search results when it should be within the top 10.

I am strongly considering upgrading to Ning 3.0 hosting sometime this fall or winter. Under Ning 2.0 hosting I am unable to change the width, specifically the html viewport code necessary to view the website on mobile devices and widen the width. is an example of Ning 3.0. Notice how wide the website is compared to the City of Shamballa. The cost will be 30% more a month for hosting under Ning 3.0, which I plan to pay through book sales, city of shamballa donations and city of shamballa premium access subscriptions. My whole goal in life is to be of service to the whole, and I want this website to continue to be of service to all people, and continue to attract more love and light from sources worldwide. 

In September I plan on approving the proof copies of my paperback and hardcover Path of Oneness books and then they will be on Amazon etc. by October. 

Also I am increasing my You Tube videos to draw a larger group of people here. The books and the videos should draw an audience as well as increasing the search ranking. My future Youtube videos include the topics of mindfulness, opportunities/lessons/non-resistance, universal love/onenesss, divine will/surrender/desirelessness, polarity and choices, and love in alignment with free will despite the catalyst. I also might do a video on the Divine Laws mentioned here on the website. 

Also started cross posting my content on to hopefully bring more people here. 

This is all a test of my Gene Keys versatility/mastery and determination/invincibility and resolve/divine will and tenderness/equality. 

In the end, I wish to do God's Will and I will go with the flow to be of the greatest service I can be to humanity. I wish to be love to all of you and continue to be in Loving Service to all of you.

Thank you all of you for your continued service to humanity via your contributions here. None of this would be possible without each of you.

I would love to hear your perspectives about this process. What is good here, what needs improvement etc? What are your thoughts?

In Love and Light,


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