Wanted to keep you all informed about my plans.

First of all, I love all of you and love the content here. I love the continued posting by Steven, the continued postings of attunements, and other content being added. I love seeing the love behind all of the content here.

Right now, I'm waiting on another 10 year renewal of the City of Shamballa trademark, this keeps the website going online without issues. In order to do that I have to show proof of the trademark being used in business, so I am keeping as is for right now. This should happen this month of September.

Once the trademark is renewed in the system, these are my plans.

I love the content here and the energy, but the website appearance needs an upgrade. The colors/images/design are fine but the width is somewhat narrow. Also text is sometimes bunched together. Also the website is not mobile friendly. In 2015, Google rolled out an algorithm that indexed mobile friendly web pages more highly. Even though I secured the domain name city of shamballa and have text references to the city of shamballa on the site, as well as the website being viewable by search bots, the network is still ranked 15-20 on the search results when it should be within the top 10.

I am strongly considering upgrading to Ning 3.0 hosting sometime this fall or winter. Under Ning 2.0 hosting I am unable to change the width, specifically the html viewport code necessary to view the website on mobile devices and widen the width. Ashtarcommandcrew.net is an example of Ning 3.0. Notice how wide the website is compared to the City of Shamballa. The cost will be 30% more a month for hosting under Ning 3.0, which I plan to pay through book sales, city of shamballa donations and city of shamballa premium access subscriptions. My whole goal in life is to be of service to the whole, and I want this website to continue to be of service to all people, and continue to attract more love and light from sources worldwide. 

In September I plan on approving the proof copies of my paperback and hardcover Path of Oneness books and then they will be on Amazon etc. by October. 

Also I am increasing my You Tube videos to draw a larger group of people here. The books and the videos should draw an audience as well as increasing the search ranking. My future Youtube videos include the topics of mindfulness, opportunities/lessons/non-resistance, universal love/onenesss, divine will/surrender/desirelessness, polarity and choices, and love in alignment with free will despite the catalyst. I also might do a video on the Divine Laws mentioned here on the website. 

Also started cross posting my content on Ashtarcommandcrew.net to hopefully bring more people here. 

This is all a test of my Gene Keys versatility/mastery and determination/invincibility and resolve/divine will and tenderness/equality. 

In the end, I wish to do God's Will and I will go with the flow to be of the greatest service I can be to humanity. I wish to be love to all of you and continue to be in Loving Service to all of you.

Thank you all of you for your continued service to humanity via your contributions here. None of this would be possible without each of you.

I would love to hear your perspectives about this process. What is good here, what needs improvement etc? What are your thoughts?

In Love and Light,


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