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Magic Box Free New Years Eve TeleSession

6PM (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  Free to Everyone!  (Replay Available)

Come join us to ring in the New Year 2023 with this Live! all inclusive celebration!  This event will include many light infusions of prosperity, creativity and higher consciousness for your new journey ahead.  In addition, we will also close and complete all the energies for the amazing, yet intense year of 2022.  This complimentary Magic Box teleconference is designed to upgrade and prepare you for all of the wondrous gifts and miracles yet to come.  It would be our great pleasure to have you in attendance!


Dial-in Number: 712 432-1001  

Passcode:  497 304 170 #


24-Hour Replay Session Available! 


The "Replay" session is for all of you who live in different times zones and for those who may not be able to attend the LIVE! session.  You will need to email us at by 6 pm this Friday if you want us to add you to the Replay list!  The 60 min 'Replay' link will be available and sent to you by 12:00 PM/Noon (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time) Sunday and will close at 12:00 PM/Noon (US/Pacific Time) make sure you


For more information please visit....


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NUC Statement of Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs


We, at the New Universal Church believe that we are all seeking and discovering our own personal truth in our own unique way.


We value all the viewpoints of our ministers and congregation, however varied and controversial they might be.


We believe in religious freedom, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others and is within the law.


We welcome any who seek truth, wisdom, and joyful acceptance.


We use teaching material from a variety of sources as wisdom is found in many places and people hear it in different ways.


We recognize that every individual has direct access to the creative source and the ultimate reality, which is the Universe.


We celebrate the Universe as the totality of all being, past, present and future.


We celebrate life and rejoice in the knowledge that all matter, energy, and life are an interconnected oneness.


Our main purpose is to help any and all who ask to find their spiritual truth, regardless of race, gender, background, lifestyle or other church affiliations.


We strive to live in harmony with nature and acknowledge the sanctity of all life.


We believe in encouraging individual responsibility for spiritual growth.


New Universal Church; a nature based church with focus on healing and self empowerment.


We hope that you will visit our website to learn more about the NUC.                            





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2023 updates

Hello my beloved Lightworkers,

Here are some of the plans I have for 2023. 

Let's start first with the background.

During 2006-2012 I had an awakening experience, published 45 Free Reiki Attunements, 36 Free Reiki Attunements, 28 Powerful Attunements, Eternal Spirit, The Ascension Rays, Alpha Omega Healing Session and the Earth Gate. I also launched the City of Shamballa Social Network in 2009. In 2012, the City of Shamballa trademark was approved to keep the website online and reach the world with Light. 

Between my books, videos, and the City of Shamballa I'll estimate that I impacted 100,000 lives for the better, helping humanity find the Divine within and helping to spread the Light. I even made it into the book Llewellyn's Complete Book of Reiki. I'm eternally grateful to my masters Steve Murray, Stephen Lovering, Ole Gabrielsen, Kathy McConnell, Tami MacDowell, and many others for teaching me Reiki. I'm also eternally grateful to AMBA for her attunements, and many many others who have contributed attunements over the years. I'm eternally grateful to Esta Lior, Lu, George, Marius, Blane Hoffman, Sebastian BotaDr. Sohini Shukla, Tercy Lonan, Steven Hutchinson, and Mary Keating for all of the positive support and words of encouragement throughout the years. I'm also grateful to Alain, who I miss, for spreading the Light. Thank you to all of the translators of my books in the past. I'm indebted to all of you. 

In 2013 I entered the crucifixion phase, which I believe was designed to burn off any arrears of karma. If you read about my past life, I stole money from the king to give to my family. My karma was to lose money and lose my family. 

During 2013-2022 I went through a series of hardships which included divorce, loss of family members, and financial struggles. In 2022 I pulled most of my books from distribution at the request of a third party, which devastated me from losing 10 years of my work, but helped me further understand the law of free will. I discuss the struggles in my book The Path of Oneness. I know I am being prepared for a mission in the Higher Realms, and the rest of my time on Earth is the Path of Earth Service prior to moving into the Path of Sirius as a Lightbody. I'm confident I will reconnect with other masters such as Dr. Joshua David Stone and Christoffer

Despite the struggles trying to dim my Light, I refuse to give up and continue to follow my dreams of spreading Light around the world. If you look at my Gene Keys profile, there are 4 Gene Keys (Gene Keys 16, 9, 37, and 40) that center around God's Grace (Gene Key 22). My purpose in life has to been to align my life with my Higher Self's mission in order to receive God's Grace (and help others receive God's Grace), and express the traits of versatility (be an author, video producer, and website manager etc.), perseverance (never give up), tenderness/compassion toward all beings, and resolve (have faith- never give up- use my energy wisely for a purpose). 

So you may ask, what is new? What do I have planned?

As you are aware, the City of Shamballa has been upgraded to a new mobile friendly platform. In 2022 I published approximately 20 ebooks with various attunements in them. The links in the new books match the new website's links. Hoping this brings more people to the platform.

I've been locked out of my Facebook account since November 2022 (a test of my resolve and perseverance) but I'm sure I will get access again in 2023. I plan to make photos with wisdom and reference the City of Shamballa bringing people to the website and then sharing them everywhere. 

I estimate by January 2023 that the City of Shamballa trademark will be renewed. 

The next phase is to re-publish the books 28 Powerful Reiki Attunements and Eternal Spirit without the third party's content. Also planned are videos such as Medicine Buddha's Death Dying Purification Ritual, an Abundance Prayer, Djwhal Khul's meditations, the new COS website overview video, a Live Essene Healing Session, and more wisdom videos. I continue to be a volunteer healer at the Distant Healing Network. 

I'll continue to contribute to lifting others up on Earth as long as I can, and follow the manifestation of my Higher Self on Earth. It is with great hope that I have impacted the world for the better.

I'm eternally grateful to all of you and may God bless all of you on your journeys.

All my love,



P.S. This song summarizes my life.

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Health Benefits Of Gravity

When it comes to 'what is good or bad for our well being', what comes to the minds is just water, sunlight, oxygen, food, marijuana, vaccines, gamma rays etc. We are so engrossed with what someone (especially government) can deny it or shove it to us that we take for granted things that are always available in the right amount! One of those things is gravity! Why bother to think about gravity if it is always there? Indead, our concerns for immediate survival often makes our minds fool us that we understand what we don't! It simply tells us 'things must move downwards when nothing is beneath them' and we think we understand gravity! We now wonder if the earth is supported by a giant tortoise!

So we know that we need these things in just the righ amount: sugar, salt, water, oxygen, sunlight, radiations etc. But for the thing that supports us daily, gravity, we had to learn that we need it in the right amount only after going to moon!

NASA's view of gravity follows closely the unwise physicist's approach. They zeroin on what it DOES and never what it IS! apparently gravity is a non entity that does something without being there! But we can understand the universe more rationally if we think of a real entity that forces you downards right in your vicinity. Preferably, a 'river' that flows through your body on its way 'downwards'. This 'river' has spiritual benefits. Perhaps it is even the chi, prana or the 'kundalini'. This thing is everywhere, or at least 'in many places'. This is the missing 'dark matter' in the mainstream physicist's 'curved space' nonsense!!

So in space, we don't say 'gravity is not there'. We rather say 'gravity is not pulling'. The earth does not pull you directly. There is an intervening medium that connects you to the earth.

If someone spends too much time in the orbit, viewing the earth at a distance, he begins to develope mental problems and other strange diseases!! Scientist donnot fully understand such because they don't consider the spiritual aspect of human being! Disconnectedness from earth is generally not good for health,


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Hello everybody this is the Archangel Michael. We're going to talk today about energy management and why it matters and specifically why practicing energy hygiene is essential to maintaining a sense of peace and happiness.

So, let's talk about energy and how it works. Energy is basically the power of your physical body, that's what it is. It's related to your physical body and it matters greatly because if your energy is impacted or drained or lost you can feel very tired, you can feel very unhappy.

So basically, what we doing when we practice energy hygiene is we are maintaining a certain boundary around ourselves and we are preventing certain energies from interacting with us or affecting us or even being infiltrated into our body, because that can happen sometimes.

In order to understand energy hygiene there are three things we must discuss: Boundaries, satisfaction and compassion, because all three things are connected. So first, let's talk about boundaries.

Boundaries are not just physical boundaries, as in keeping someone at the physical distance from you, there also mental boundaries and emotional boundaries. Keeping people away who harm you that's essential, but there is one more type of boundary we must discuss and that is protection.  This is because protection is essential, if you are protected then you will not be harmed or impacted in the same way as someone who's not.

So basically, putting up boundaries is the way we protect ourselves and the way we keep our energy strong and vibrant. This is because if you allow someone to cross your boundaries, then they will impact your energy field, absolutely.

That's the first point. Secondly let’s talk about satisfaction. What I mean by this is: If you're not satisfied with yourself, then life generally doesn't bring you the things you need. Satisfaction is like the icing on the cake, you need that icing because when you're not satisfied, then life in general, it can impact you more than other times.

So, by satisfaction, I'm saying do things that make you happy, do things that bring you benefit and make yourself feel good. When you feel good, your protection is stronger, it's absolutely true.

Now the last thing I wanted to talk about is compassion. Compassion is actually more important than people think, compassion is like another form of protection because when you have compassion, you just naturally, effortlessly respond in a protective way. When you have compassion, you don't allow others to tread their dirty footprints on your aura, absolutely it's true.

So, I would recommend for anyone who doesn't know how to protect themselves, first of all meditate on compassion. Generate as much compassion as you can for yourself and others. Secondly, begin a practice, a daily practice of grounding into Gaia. Ground to Mother Earth and her energy will support you, you'll feel stronger. Thirdly I would recommend looking up some kind of psychic protection, because psychic protection is like the last layer of defence. If we have all three things, you'll be protected completely.


Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

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