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Health Benefits Of Gravity

When it comes to 'what is good or bad for our well being', what comes to the minds is just water, sunlight, oxygen, food, marijuana, vaccines, gamma rays etc. We are so engrossed with what someone (especially government) can deny it or shove it to us that we take for granted things that are always available in the right amount! One of those things is gravity! Why bother to think about gravity if it is always there? Indead, our concerns for immediate survival often makes our minds fool us that we understand what we don't! It simply tells us 'things must move downwards when nothing is beneath them' and we think we understand gravity! We now wonder if the earth is supported by a giant tortoise!

So we know that we need these things in just the righ amount: sugar, salt, water, oxygen, sunlight, radiations etc. But for the thing that supports us daily, gravity, we had to learn that we need it in the right amount only after going to moon!

NASA's view of gravity follows closely the unwise physicist's approach. They zeroin on what it DOES and never what it IS! apparently gravity is a non entity that does something without being there! But we can understand the universe more rationally if we think of a real entity that forces you downards right in your vicinity. Preferably, a 'river' that flows through your body on its way 'downwards'. This 'river' has spiritual benefits. Perhaps it is even the chi, prana or the 'kundalini'. This thing is everywhere, or at least 'in many places'. This is the missing 'dark matter' in the mainstream physicist's 'curved space' nonsense!!

So in space, we don't say 'gravity is not there'. We rather say 'gravity is not pulling'. The earth does not pull you directly. There is an intervening medium that connects you to the earth.

If someone spends too much time in the orbit, viewing the earth at a distance, he begins to develope mental problems and other strange diseases!! Scientist donnot fully understand such because they don't consider the spiritual aspect of human being! Disconnectedness from earth is generally not good for health,


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