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People swing into two extreme ends of the pendulum when it comes to prophesy.

1.)Knowing the future is possible and thus there must be a being behind prophesy, to whom the future is as clear as the past.
2.) Knowing anything about the future, at any time at any place is impossible.

Given these two 'religio-intellectual prisons', it is impossible to understand some messages, like some in the bible. Reading the bible, it is hard not conclude that sometimes people can foresee the future. At the same time, it is hard to argue that the bible never make incorrect predictions. Since people consider only the extremes, they hopelessly swing to the second end of the pendulum when they notice that the bible have even a slight error, or swing to the first end when they notice what appears like an accurate prediction.

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DIABETES, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Diabetes is a disease that involves the body's inability to take profit from the glucose (sugar) ingested, causing it to remain in the blood higher than normal amounts.

Eventually, blood that has a high level of glucose can lead to complications that damage different parts of our body, mainly the kidneys, eyes, nerves of the extremities, heart and blood vessels.

Diabetes is therefore in elevation of the amount of glucose in the blood and occurs because the body of the person decreases or does not have any secretion of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, and is responsible to absorb glucose in the blood and put it in the cells; in turn they use it as an energy source.

With no insulin, glucose cannot enter cells and stay in the bloodstream, later it is eliminated in the urine. Excess of sugar in blood causes excess of sugar in the urine, leading to a sense of inner bitterness as sweetness that is eliminated.

Sugar symbolically represents the sweetness, gift, kindness, proof of love and recognition, has a maternal bond.

The presence of excessive sugar in blood indicates that we have difficulty in managing, to live or to obtain sweetness in our lives.

Diabetes expresses an emotional conflict of resistance (withstand or endure a situation or a person for a long time) and combat readiness. The person is often facing a danger and therefore must be ready for combat and for the flight, taking sugar in the blood ready to be used by the muscles when some of these options.

"I must resist because there is a danger" "I refuse to act" "I'm afraid to take action" "I think about it so much than, in the end, I do nothing".

The patient is ready for action, but fails to perform the act.

Conflict of fear more resistance to the look of someone or something that makes us feel fear, rejection, disappointment, injustice, etc.

Fear that something happens to us that we want to resist (a surgery, an abortion, to feel pushed to do something horrible to see ourselves forced to do something against our will, etc).

What does a diabetic resist to?

To permanent annoyance, to the disgusting, to injustice, rejection (as occurs migrants), unemployment, bankruptcy of a business, violence, unrequited love, etc.

The feeling of being watched and persecuted is commonly found in some diabetics, either because it is actually happening or because they imagine that happening.

There diabetics who are unconsciously obese, and they are made to create protection against attacks that are receiving or received, or to be free from desire, sexual abuse or suffered rape, "better get my body ugly so that others do not like me and do not violate me... I refuse. "

Moreover, the word diabetes comes from the Greek dia "through" and betes "run", "run through" referring to the abundant urine that occurs in diabetics, driven by the sugar.

But its other meaning is: day: "cut in two". Beth: "house", "the house is divided into two", there has been a separation conflict in the family:

"I resist separation and rejection, it is unfair”

"I feel excluded affectively, separated from the house (work, family, etc.)”

"It's unfair, I'm on the outside and the sweetness is inside".

"It's disgusting what they have done to me, the others stay at home”

"My body is my home. My country and my land is an extension of my body. When people come into my house, I do not tolerate them or they do not tolerate me, I isolate myself. Then: I RESIST ".

"My partner does not want me, but I refuse to leave”

"I am excluded from the inheritance”

Conflict of “The sweetness is over!”

Insulin represents authority. Conflict or active resistance to abusive authority making nasty things. There is some notion of muscular or psychological impotence because there is a confrontation with an authority (country, police, parent ...) that "I refuse”

"I want sweetness but I receive torture”

"I face authority, I cannot resist”

Sugar symbolizes sweetness, tenderness, love.

"Tenderness is dangerous for me”

"I do not want that love inside me".

"Love is toxic, dangerous (may have suffered sexual touching, or experiences with friends who love you, but mistreat you physically or psychologically, etc.)".

Insipidus diabetes (eliminating hazardous liquid): In a survival situation linked to the mother (or female part), you have to get rid of a real or symbolic "poison" inoculated in us (very harsh words that stain in a memory or conflict of clan).

The diabetic is a person who generally had a difficult childhood with parents or at least with some of them.

It may be a parent who showed with excessive authority (excessive rules and standards) and, consequently, devoid of sweetness. He/she rejected all ideas or desires and had to act according to what he/she ordered. These experiences have caused him/her enormous resentment and, above all, have hurt so much the fact of not being recognized.

Such lack experiences of love, tenderness, determined a sad and bitter behaviour that sometimes is hiding behind an exaggerated sense of humour.

People with diabetes have a loving realization of unrecognized desire.

Diabetic delivered a hard time, is unable to accept, to assimilate and open to pleasure and love, because they do not believe worthy.

You may think you do not want anyone, which could lead to anger and resentment.

He/she would you like to receive love, but he/she is not allowed to show his/her needs, he/she does not dare to actively seek:

"No, thanks, I should not take sugar”

Love and sweetness have a close relationship.

You may be drowning in a sea of ​​sweetness, convinced that it is unable to take advantage of the lower part of the sugar it contains.

They do not feel valued or appreciated. They are very emotional people, hardworking and helpful, but with many expectations: they are always expecting something in return for what they do; waiting to receive.

They host many desires and not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. However, they can get very jealous when someone has more than them or feel guilty if what you want for others it does not manifest.

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False Dichotomies Pertaining To 'Miracles'

The question of 'miracles', or lack of them, are prone to unsubstanciated 'if-thens' that make people unable to explore rich middle grounds. The following are extreme ends of the pendulum.

1.)Miracles can happen. Thus we leave in a world where anything can happen at anywhere at any time. Furthermore there must be an omnipotent being behind them exactly like the one described by religions.
2.)Miracles cannot happen. Therefore we leave in an entirely mechanical world like the one described in mainstream science.
3.)If you can perform miracles then you are either an agent of the devil or an agent of God, as described in scriptures.

I use 'miracles' in quotes because even the very common definition as 'that which cannot be explained by scientific laws' is problematic if not downright silly. We don't know everything about 'laws of science'.

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ITCHING, emotional and spiritual meaning

Itching is a feeling in the epidermis that involves scratching yourself. It is the sign of something that bites us. It indicates that there is something within us that excites us and that we have overlooked and wants to be discovered and liberated, like a burning passion, a desire.

When scratching relieves, it is indicative that the person has suffered a conflict of separation of pleasure.

"I'm frustrated, I need pleasure and when I scratch, I feel that sense of relief... it's so pleasant to receive what that person I want does not give me".

When scratching does not relieve, it talks about a general problem of breaking contact/separation.

"I feel dirty since hitting me”

What important thing happened in my life just before the appearance of the first symptoms of itching in a context of separation?

When itching appears after a problem of bilirubin in the blood: separation conflict with rancour, injustice. "I wish she had never come to me” "I'm so sorry to have met that wretch”

Itching may also appear after a change occurred in the life of a person who has made him/her break with the past (conflict of separation of pleasure) and forced him/her to seek new references, that is, to develop a new identity. What is my new site? How should I fill it?

Itching can also occur when a person is envious of something, but does not express it for fear of hurting someone or what they might think.

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'Miraculous' Healings=Placebo?

It is undeniable that some of what religions, spirituality etc termed it as 'miraculous healing' do infact happen. Faced with this fact, the so called scientists created a knwoledge like envelope to package ignorance and then termed it 'placebo effect'. The beleifs, knowledge etc, or in short, mind, is temporarily acknowledged that it can affect matter. However, what is under the bed is the fact that we don't yet understand the mind-matter interaction. Furthermore, if you try to use the premise that mind affect matter to underpin psi, alas they now deny that mind can affect matter!

But the 'placebo' dismisal is pointless because if beleifs etc can affect chemical/physical processes, then what is, for all relevant purposes, 'mirracels' can happen. This is for the simple fact that matter, together with forces of nature are spatialy extended. The mind can't affect matter without affecting EM forces. The forces in turn extend out of the body, even to the other person you are in contact with.

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Non Contact Forces in Multidimensional Reality

Like I have said, many say that we leave in a 'multidimensional reality' but we only experience a 'dimension' that we are in tunned with. This is akin to tunning to specific radio station. However this still leave a lot of questions unanswered. The radio or TV happens to amplify a specific frequency by (some its components) vibrating 'sympatheticaly' with the external signal. So do the observer in a multidimensional reality have neurons etc that vibrate coherently with a signal from a specific 'dimension'? I don't think so!

The deBroglie waves are different from the radio waves in that in the latter the waves themselves enter the radio receiver and drive the components. In the former, the wavicles of say electrons must interact with photons. The photons then bounce to the observer. It is this interaction that the simplistic radio analogy fail to explain. Waves tend to penetrate each other, rather than interacting.

To explain interactions, we must use the frequency idea to explain the non contact forces.

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