People swing into two extreme ends of the pendulum when it comes to prophesy.

1.)Knowing the future is possible and thus there must be a being behind prophesy, to whom the future is as clear as the past.
2.) Knowing anything about the future, at any time at any place is impossible.

Given these two 'religio-intellectual prisons', it is impossible to understand some messages, like some in the bible. Reading the bible, it is hard not conclude that sometimes people can foresee the future. At the same time, it is hard to argue that the bible never make incorrect predictions. Since people consider only the extremes, they hopelessly swing to the second end of the pendulum when they notice that the bible have even a slight error, or swing to the first end when they notice what appears like an accurate prediction.

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Comment by Rahma on November 29, 2019 at 12:19am

The book of Daniel is fascinating because it appears to accurately foretell the rise of empires upto over 400 before! Then suddenly, it begine to appear to make false predictions! According to the guys who 'fetch from the second river', this can only be explained if Daniel was written after the events it allegedly foretells!

However, we know that Jews could form sects eg essenes, saducees and pharisees. If there were a unique and limited set of books ep Malachi, Jeremiah etc, that had remained so for centuaries, there must have been a sect that strongly beleived in them and could not easily add a book to if (for otherwise the OT bible would grow fatter and fatter). Therefore upon the addition of Daniel, the sect would split into two based on whether or not Daniel was authentic. However, the Jews always unanymously agreed that Daniel was authentic. This can only be explained if Daniel, just like Malachi, was written about the same time, before the beleif in 'closed canon of scriptures' was firm.

Comment by Rahma on November 28, 2019 at 11:58pm

But if we are doing real science, we are under no obligation to deny a priori that sometimes future events can be foretold. We must first exermine evidences, or even just opinions, whatever they 'proof', and then we try to understand the phenomena. We don't form an 'understanding' of the universe that prio dictate what or what cannot happen and then use it to guide us to decide what evidences are or are not genuine.

Daniel gave us an hint in 10:21. Michael told daniel 'what is written in the book'. But Michael wasn't a messenger angel. Gabriel was. So Michael was sending Daniel not a 'message from God' but a 'message from what he read in the books'.

You can think of the books as 'akashic records'. Don't think of them as works of an omnipotent or omniscient being. Just the (thwatable) plans of angelic beings.

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