False Dichotomies Pertaining To 'Miracles'

The question of 'miracles', or lack of them, are prone to unsubstanciated 'if-thens' that make people unable to explore rich middle grounds. The following are extreme ends of the pendulum.

1.)Miracles can happen. Thus we leave in a world where anything can happen at anywhere at any time. Furthermore there must be an omnipotent being behind them exactly like the one described by religions.
2.)Miracles cannot happen. Therefore we leave in an entirely mechanical world like the one described in mainstream science.
3.)If you can perform miracles then you are either an agent of the devil or an agent of God, as described in scriptures.

I use 'miracles' in quotes because even the very common definition as 'that which cannot be explained by scientific laws' is problematic if not downright silly. We don't know everything about 'laws of science'.

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Comment by Rahma on November 28, 2019 at 1:27am

So the 'not science laws' definition of 'miracle' suffers the same problem as the 'unphysical' definition for 'spirit'. It eroneously presumes that we have already pinned down all the properties of what we label it as 'physical' and thus have excluded what pple earlier on thought were the properties of 'spirit'.

But spirit as 'the imperceptible entity whose precence is infered from what it does to the surrounding' is perfectly in line with the properties that were desirable for spirit. 'spirit' was just the whatever can move the oceans, animate living things, heal, raise dead, leave after death etc without being seen. In other words, it is the 'what is is' exactly that matters. Rather, it is the 'how it behaves' that matter.

Likewise the exact what forces or 'laws' behind 'miracles' doesn't matter. What matters is that a phenomenon that pple think it can't happen actually happens.

Comment by Rahma on November 28, 2019 at 12:12am

MIRACLE: a phenomenon that amaze pple in that the rarity of it happening makes pple think that it is impossible.

There is no provision for 'science laws' in proper definition of 'miracle'. An event can seem to defy 'laws' for as simple a reason that we are ignorant of the true laws of nature. This drive 'science' to restate the 'laws'. Then according to the new 'laws', the phenomenon ceases to be 'inexplicable by laws of science' by a pure fiat! When physicists discovered black body radiation (BBR), it wasn't explicable by classic laws of physics. According to the stupid definition of 'mirracle', BBR should have been a miracle! So why did they not concede that miracles can happen?

You see the problem? Since science is ever in progress, that definition of 'miracle' renders them the more irelevant the more science progress!

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