Non Contact Forces in Multidimensional Reality

Like I have said, many say that we leave in a 'multidimensional reality' but we only experience a 'dimension' that we are in tunned with. This is akin to tunning to specific radio station. However this still leave a lot of questions unanswered. The radio or TV happens to amplify a specific frequency by (some its components) vibrating 'sympatheticaly' with the external signal. So do the observer in a multidimensional reality have neurons etc that vibrate coherently with a signal from a specific 'dimension'? I don't think so!

The deBroglie waves are different from the radio waves in that in the latter the waves themselves enter the radio receiver and drive the components. In the former, the wavicles of say electrons must interact with photons. The photons then bounce to the observer. It is this interaction that the simplistic radio analogy fail to explain. Waves tend to penetrate each other, rather than interacting.

To explain interactions, we must use the frequency idea to explain the non contact forces.

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Comment by Rahma on November 10, 2019 at 11:38pm

Rather that talking of the simplistic frequency, we say that we experience a 'dimension' that interact strongly with our electromagnetism (the non contact force). In this model, we can retain the usual particles (we can use the pilot wave interpratation of quantum mechanics). The extreemly tiny particles, of a specific dimension, radiate waves of specific frequency. These waves stabalizes the inter-particle distances, if the distant particle can interact with the frequency. So the macroscopic objects are encemble of such particles with vast disstances between them so that objects are 99.99% empty. The various 'dimensions' are then interlaced with each other since when a particle vibrate at a certain frequency, it doesn't feel the force from the specific particle that tries to keep it at the 'appropriate' distance.

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