It is undeniable that some of what religions, spirituality etc termed it as 'miraculous healing' do infact happen. Faced with this fact, the so called scientists created a knwoledge like envelope to package ignorance and then termed it 'placebo effect'. The beleifs, knowledge etc, or in short, mind, is temporarily acknowledged that it can affect matter. However, what is under the bed is the fact that we don't yet understand the mind-matter interaction. Furthermore, if you try to use the premise that mind affect matter to underpin psi, alas they now deny that mind can affect matter!

But the 'placebo' dismisal is pointless because if beleifs etc can affect chemical/physical processes, then what is, for all relevant purposes, 'mirracels' can happen. This is for the simple fact that matter, together with forces of nature are spatialy extended. The mind can't affect matter without affecting EM forces. The forces in turn extend out of the body, even to the other person you are in contact with.

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Comment by Rahma on November 15, 2019 at 12:30am

Also, take note of the very important thing. To explain telepathy, telekinesis, reiki etc, we don't need to posit a nature of reality that is completely different from what we (perharps uninspiredly) dubb it 'physical'. We don't need to change what we think it exist. We only need to change what we think existent things can/cannot do!

Comment by Rahma on November 15, 2019 at 12:21am

But to truely explain psychokinesis using the idea of 'spatially extended placebo', we must address the issue of tendency of the non contact forces of nature to diminish in strength over distance. To do that, we must understand why they do so.

Magnet push/pull another magnet by emmiting (or perharps sucking) photons. The photons are emmited in all directions. The photons thus diverge and therefore reduces its flux density as they move away from the source the less the number of photons hitting the target, the smaller the force they exert.

But now what if the mind can control the emition of photons! Then the mind can focus the photons to move onlz along a certain direction, confounding their tendency to spread and reduce the force.

Thus if we suppose that mind can affect matter in such a way that it makes it behave like it want, like is the case with placebo, we can still show that psychokinesis can happen.

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