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Archangels and Light Beings Surround Earth

The Picture, which can be viewed by clicking on the link, came to me in an email and I refer to it on this blog, because it so beautifully depicts the Earth surrounded by a glowing Merkabah field of Light in the shape of the Star Tetrahedron. This sacred geometric shape of Light creates a high frequency field of Light around whatever, or whomsoever, is inside of it. As such it creates a raised resonance state as well as a protective energy field.

We note the results of the efforts of the Light Beings who concentrate their efforts on Earth, as well as the Archangels who stand in attendance. All of this Light, beaming into Earth, can only be a good thing.

With the Merkabah field of Light in place around the Earth, we are assured that all who live here are stimulated by higher frequencies of Light. This means that human beings are more likely to start thinking from the basis of an awakened state of consciousness. From this we are more likely to choose to do the following:

Create more peace, both individually and collectively.

  • Live with the principles of Light and love in our hearts and minds.
  • Understand who we are as Souls.
  • Connect to our Soul Intent, and live that purpose, as human beings.
  • Realise what we are doing here on this planet.
  • Begin to understand what our purpose is for the future.

And, in this way, we gently and easily birth what has been termed the Golden Age on Earth. As we live the reality of truth, peace, harmony, tolerance and mutual co-operation we find there is no room in our lives for the lower resonance states no matter whether they are thoughts, emotions or actions, and we begin to live the reality and the truth of ONE.

Therefore, please actively participate in creating this state of ONENESS on Earth by keeping this picture in your mind’s eye and using it during a meditation, or print it out and put it in a place where you can look at it as often as possible. Our visual processes are a powerful means of creation, so when we consciously make use of them, we enhance their performance.

While we do this we note that calling in the Archangelic helpers of humanity and asking them to shine their Light on problem areas around the Earth, is all we need to do to raise the resonance of the whole planet.

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This is the 1st in a series of 7 "Transformational Meditation Videos", a Divine gift from the Galactic Federation of Light to help take your meditations to higher & higher dimensional levels of Consciousness & strengthen your communication with your Divine Self & Soul & the Great Beings of Light helping mankind. It is a journey of Divine Love & Light & Joy that we share with you.

For the last 2 weeks I have been combining meditating using Tiara Kumara's "Building the Light Quotient" meditation, which you can download on the web page:,  with connecting with the Unity Grid Matrix & meditating with one or more of these videos:


Each video, (the remaining 6 videos will be posted in coming weeks), is only about 21 minutes long and can be used as separate meditations, or combined with whatever type of meditation you are currently using to greatly assist you with your spiritual growth & ascension - they are Awesome!

With Great Love & Blessings to All,

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My Personal Message for You:

So long you know your WAVE, Sohini

Just surf it....

and enjoy the ride!

-Your Higher Self-


Hope you feel well and happy :)

I released a new and very powerful series of Codes
since this energy healing modality is transmitted
and anchored by the Master Councils of Shamballa.

What is Shamballa?

#Shamballa is the place of purpose. It is a purpose which
cannot be understood until the Plan is followed. Herein lies a clue.

#Shamballa is not a Way, but a major centre of related states
and a relatively static energy-energy held ready for creative
purposes by the focused intention of the Great Master Council,
acting under the directing eye of the Lord of the World.

#Shamballa is the major point of tension upon the planet.
It is a tension that expresses loving intelligent will, free
from all self-will or mental bias.

#Shamballa is the major receptive agent upon the planet,
from the angle of solar inflow, but at the same time it is the
'main distributing point of energy, from the angle of the
kingdoms in nature, including the fifth kingdom. From the
point of tension the life pattern of the planetary Logos and
His will become embodied and finally matured through
the processes of evolution.

#Shamballa receives energy from various solar and extra-solar
Entities or centers of emphatic and energetic life; i.e., from Venus,
from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning
constellation through which our sun may be passing, from the
Great Bear and other cosmic centers. Sirius, so important a factor
in the spiritual life of the planet, brings its energies to bear direct
upon the Hierarchy, and energy from Sirius does not normally
enter our planetary life via Shamballa.

#Shamballa is the head centre, speaking symbolically,
of our planetary Life, focusing will, love and intelligence
in one great and fundamental Intention and holding that
focused point throughout the entire life cycle of a planet.
This great Intention embodies current purpose and expresses
itself through the medium of the Plan.

#The Shamballa Master Councils will help you understand
and re-align your own/global life story here on earth and Beyond
to your Highest Good of all concerns!

The first Shamballa Master Codes trigger
the following blessings listed below...


Also, please share your opinion:)

Please go with the Given links.....

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The Glamour of Self Identity
This is the major trigger for all other glamours and which creates the greatest separation between self and other, between the human and the divine. This is attachment to the formed human expression including its physical form, the bodily appearance, a held image, to emoting response and with attachment to roles. The emotion of personal identity creates unending desires, cravings, fear, doubt, neurotic thought and a continuous wheel of large and small sufferings in all areas of life.

The Glamour of Power
This glamour is often unselfishly created during a time when one feels to be in great spiritual alignment while experiencing great openings and new abilities. There is emotional attachment to the sense of power that develops. There is then a growing tendency to call attention to ourselves, to the mission that we are carrying out, to the confidence that the Masters have in us, that our view is the best view.

The Glamour of Materiality
This is the attachment of emotion to outer forms and false appearances which creates desire for needless material possessions. It is the false perception of values which ignores true spiritual principles and our forward movement into selflessness as a group consciousness. The present world economic situation is a result of this particular glamour in which we all have contributed.

The Glamour of Devotion
This is one of the strongest glamours in the spiritually focused due to deep devotion and dedication to the spiritual path. The high level of devotion can innocently result in the formation of personal desires and glamorized ideals. There is great emotional attachment to a teaching, a concept, a vision, a view, a teacher, a Master, healing something, assisting the Earth, etc.. The glamour restricts the more expanded vision while closing us into a box of fantasy, personality longings, a long list of desires and to do's. While immersed in this glamour, it is impossible for divine messaging to be correctly interpreted or even to enter.

The Glamour of Psychic Perception
As a result of the quickening of planetary energies, many people are opening into the realm of extra sensory perception. This provides easier access into the colorful and inviting realm of the psychic world and the illusory astral plane. One thinks the incoming visions and messages are divine truth when, in fact, they are clothed with distortion. This occurs due to spiritual pride, zealous ambition and emoting attachment to the self identity and its abilities.

The Glamour of the Spiritual Path
The Glamour of Destiny
As a result of emotional attachment to one's Path, this glamour produces high aspirations but limiting vision, selfish interpretations and self centeredness due to the individualized focus versus true realization of group consciousness. This is also the attachment of emotion towards the belief that we have important work to do in the world, that we are special, the Christed ones, ascension's "first wavers", starseeds, etc.. There is much preoccupation with identity and an overemphasis of spiritual ambition. Fantasized realities can also result.

The Glamour of Sentimentality
This is the desire to emotionally be or react in a certain way. This is overemphasis of emotion placed upon a needed response from another in order to satisfy a desired level of personal comfort. This glamour attaches to the personalities of others. There is emotional reaction to another's emotional response. It is also the strong emotional desire to love and to be loved on the human level. (Definitely a most challenging one to overcome in the process of personality-Soul fusion.)

The Glamour of Speculative Belief
This is the formation of held concepts, beliefs and resulting emotional patterns based upon the attachment to information that is not derived from one's own illuminated consciousness. The glamour produces conditioned belief through the blind acceptance of information from someone else's principles, theories and assumptions or from messaging that is based on a guess, a possibility, a potential, a prophecy or ancient claim, etc..

The Glamour of the Messiah Complex
This is attaching emotion to the role of being a savior and the illusion of having to take on the suffering for others. This is a very common glamour experienced by teachers and healers.

The Glamour of Self Importance
This glamour produces an overemphasis towards a sense of duty or responsibility. There is hurriedness, impatience and always something to do, create, plan. Self centered tendencies create continuous desires to share the opinion, the experience, the creativity, the message. There is much self reference and talk, "my project", "my vision", "my view", "my experience".

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Lighting Up Emotional Glamour E-mail

As a collective, we are enduring a phase of spiritual transformation which can be referred to as "the great transfiguration". This is a process of initiation in which the human personality vehicle is preparing for eventual consummation by the flames of the Soul resulting in one, very radiant conscious light expressing.

This has been similarly portrayed in the life of Jesus Christ especially the experience in the desert when he underwent his final and most enduring temptations of the Soul. It was after this time that he majestically appeared to his closest disciples at the Mount of Transfiguration, as a most glorious revelation of divinity. This story exemplifies the actual completion of this initiation of "the transfiguration". It was then that Jesus, the so called, "God-Man", began his outward mission as a world teacher.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient classic text and the sacred teachings of many Masters of the Himalayas, details step by step, the laws, methods and means of the Soul's unfoldment and describes it as "the science of union". Even though we may be doing it a bit differently in these times, these references gift quite valuable insight for greater understanding into our current undertakings.

We are continuing to endure the clearings of illusion and those which directly affect the human personality, comprised of the physical, emotional and mind faculties. The speed, duration and intensity of this phase varies from person to person as in all experience. There comes a moment, however, when one is finally ready to enter through these initiatory gates. The foggy veil finally lifts, and, in clear view, the mesmoratic influences of life's current illusions are deeply realized. This is often a most challenging time of quite humbling revelation. This is also a moment of tremendous rejoicing as it indicates the preparatory phases into an entirely new life of the human expression.

No matter how devoted, sincere or the number of years on the Path, most everyone has remaining personality aspects that are clothed in illusion, especially that of emotional glamour. Our current aim of development is to bring the desirous personality vehicle under complete control so that the Soul, (the intermediary aspect and place of union between the higher and lower aspects of divinity), may assume full Presence as both the inner and outer light expressing.

Emotional Glamour Defined

Glamour is essentially emotion driven desire colorizing itself on an illusory screen through the lens of the conditioned human personality. These illusory forms enliven our lives, sometimes with ecstatic sensations, however, produce limiting consciousness patterns which outplay in fantasized realities, false values, misleading desires, distorted perceptions and many needless necessities. Some of the most tenacious glamours are so deeply embedded that they are not even recognized or thought of as hindrances to greater revelations in consciousness.

The condition of glamour is an inherent component of our make-up stemming from ancient astral patterns and age-long personality desires. For those in resonance to past histories and according to the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kul, the glamorized emotional body was brought to a high point in the Atlantean civilization. He quotes that much of this imprinting has been carried over into our current race. Esoteric philosophies also attribute the world problem of glamour to the idea that the planet has been under the influence of the "Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism" for the last 2000 years and during the controlling Age of Pisces. We can certainly understand why the world is in such turmoil from this one, exaggerated condition alone.

Spiritual Glamour and Discernment

One of our greatest challenges, and, as we are opening into expanded levels of extra sensory perception is to distinguish between Divine Wisdom derived from an illumined consciousness versus that of astral psychism. Astral psychism can simply be defined, in this context, as messaging derived from a false plane of emotional based substance. What we may intuit as divine messaging or a clear vision is oftentimes an astral reflection which is always clothed with distortion. This common and quite innocent type of misinterpretation comes as a result of one's polarization swinging more to the emotional nature versus a steady centering in the Soul.

The quickening of incoming planetary energies and the resultant opening of our psychic natures has created a plethora of information on the current shifting of times with many interpretations of, so called, "cosmic truth" emerging forth. Our continuous reflection upon many of the new age expressions is absolutely necessary to guard against misleading directions and the creation of emotion based fantasized realities.

It is also an important reminder that the activity associated with channeling outside energies is information that is being received and filtered through the veil of human personality. If there are any existing personality limitations of the receiver, there is most assuredly a degree of distortion to the message. There is no need to channel entities once the ability to divinely receive from one's own illuminated consciousness is developed.

We are in a process of great self refinement and the final breaking through of the spells of illusion. May we all continue to proceed with constant questioning, in wisdom and with the great light of discernment applied to all information to insure that we are not accepting a message as true just because it is beautifully or intelligently expressed. This is how false mass mind concepts are created and energized.

Indeed, the most effective method of discrimination is to develop the powers of pure reason and intuition through the illumination of one's own developed consciousness. Herein lies the real message of discernment.

Identifying the Forms of Emotional Glamour

There are an infinite number of ways that emotions can be glamorized. These false formations can always be found where there is any degree of criticism, pride, emotional attachment, behaviors of separatism and a sense of superiority.

At the end of this writing is a summary of the more prevailing glamours that keep the personalities of the spiritually focused in a cloud of desire.

Ideas for Dissipating Glamour

It is much easier to clear a condition once it is identified and loosed from its foundation. The simplest way to identity these false formations is to ASK for the held illusions of consciousness to be revealed.

The effect of a well developed illumined mind, in continual conscious communion with the Soul, naturally dissolves these emotional conditionings. The development of concentration through meditation can train the mind to hold itself focused and steady in the light of the Soul. Meditation and concentration help train the mind to penetrate the ultimate reality leading to soul knowledge and illumination. They also help balance one's polarization from emotional into mental.

Relinquishing hold to the many ways in which we keep ourselves identified to the formed expression is an important part of the transition into Soul union. We are encouraged to continually observe all of the emotions, and especially, the motive behind desire. In daily life, and as the Buddha expressed so well, it is extremely beneficial to assume an attitude of the middle way which displays equanimity and divine indifference to all that crosses our path, inwardly and outwardly.

Perhaps the most important encouragement of all is to continuing building and strengthening a consciously pulsating and intimate relationship between you and your Soul ~ also referred to as the Christ Self, the Atman and the pure love aspect of our being. May your Soul be the most influential guiding force in your life.

In Closing ~

When the physical body is pure and in poise, when the emotional body is neutral and stable and when the mind faculty is steady and controlled, our daily consciousness can then make its next evolutionary transition. Our sensitivities and receptivity naturally expands to receive continual impressions from the Soul and through the unmistakable wisdom of our own intuition.

This process of transfiguration also firmly establishes the true power of group influence while elevating the collective into a field of consciousness which accesses the greater wisdoms of divinity. It is this transition that optimizes the human potential to most effectively, safely wield and wisely use an illuminated consciousness in service to the planet and Humanity.

The pure love of our Soul, the indwelling Christ Self, and that of the supporting universal energy is not personalized. It is all consciousness which resides in the Field of One, an energy field of selflessness and selfless service to the Whole. There is no self reference. There is no seeking of recognition.

During this time of new moon, we gather in this Field of One. We are asking our the love of our Soul to reveal the hidden illusions of our individuated consciousness. We also connect with each other with unified intention towards collective liberation from these limiting formations, especially that of emotional glamour. We shine our Christ Light upon each other and then radiate this force of love to the hearts and minds of all Humanity.

Many blessings from the guiding light of the Soul,

Children of the Sun ~ Ambassadors of Light
Serving in the World Transformation of Consciousness

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Spirit Science full episodes 1 - 15

Watch and enjoy!
This video series was done by jordanduchnycz, atlantis king & friends. please check out their yt channels for more information on this topic and for links provided in the video

Stonehenge ley lines golden ratio mayan calendar Dec 21, 2012 awakening
illuminati freemasons skull and bones jahbulon annunaki life after death

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Spirit Science - Power of the Heart

As science looks more and more at the human body with greater technology, we have begun to come full circle in understanding what the ancients knew about the heart, the brain, and divine consciousness. What is the heart? Is it more than just a pump for blood? Or could the truth about its power be related to the essence of your entire being, and have a field of energy so great that it can transform not just your own being into that of light, love and happiness, but even those around you. What is the shining light of the heart, and how can you access it and gain the inner knowing of who you are and why you are here?

Produced by Spirit Science
Animated by Spirit Patch
Colouring by The Atlantis King

Music by Oliver Gregory, Jahon Mikal, Tilkanauts, and Matteo Penna. Thank you so much for sending us music to use in these videos!!

This video was produced out of love for you and the entire human species, please help us share it with as many people as possible to maximize human ascension and get the information to as many people as possible :)

Namaste, we love you with the full essence of our hearts!

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The Happy Monk



                                                                     The Happy Monk

A young man in search of happiness heard of a wise old monk that was enjoying a happy life. So he went to see the happy Monk, who he found in the garden. He approached him as the Monk was weeding and asked, "Please,Brother, would you show me how to enjoy life?" The Monk stood up, "I am busy weeding the garden." Then knelt back down and began weeding again. The young man left and came back the next day as the Monk was cooking his dinner. Again, he inquired, "Brother, please, can you tell me how to enjoy life?". The Monk took a deep breath as he inhaled the aroma of the stew he was stirring and replied, "I am busy cooking dinner."
The man left and came back for the third day, asking the Monk one more time, "Please, Brother, share with me your wisdom of how you are so happy and enjoy life." The Monk shrugged his shoulders and sighed, "I keep telling you but you aren't listening."


original Zen story by Laura Barrette Shannon


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Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts are those thoughts which give us and others the experience of our original virtues like peace, love, bliss, happiness, etc. They enable you to accumulate inner strength and equip you to be constructive. Positive thoughts are always beneficial in all circumstances, without trapping you in the external appearance of a situation.

Thinking positively does not mean ignoring the reality of your world and living in a fantasy or longing to be another person. For example, if you were to repeat over and over again, "I am well, am well," when you were ill, this is not what we mean by positive thinking.

Thinking positively involves looking at problems and recognizing reality, but at the same time being able to find solutions without becoming obsessed or confused. This often requires tolerance, patience and common sense.

A person who thinks positively is aware of the weaknesses of others, but even then will direct their attention towards their positive characteristics.

Positive thoughts make you happy and as a result your expectations of others decrease. This does not mean that they do not matter to you, but that you no longer demand love, respect, recognition, or even calm, from them, and it makes your relationships that much easier. This is the best way to create long-lasting and harmonious relationships. When you have inner happiness, you have the strength to accept other people as they are without wanting them to be different.

This acceptance produces more peaceful relationships. With the positive attitude you create, you can offer yourself to other people just the way you are, with your virtues and limitations, without pretense.

Your body also benefits greatly, since when you have a balanced, harmonious mind you are less susceptible to illnesses. A person who has many useless thoughts will often feel very tired because they are spending their energy in creating thousands of unnecessary and inefficient thoughts.

Your mind is strengthened and healed by being nourished with positive thoughts. A healthy mind is the basis of a balanced personality.

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Posted by Carol Anne Paradis


The Buddha explained how to handle insult and maintain compassion. One day
Buddha was walking through a village. A very angry and rude young man came
up and began insulting him. "You have no right teaching others, he
shouted." You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake."

Buddha was not upset by these insults. Instead he asked the young man "Tell
me, if you buy a gift for someone, and that person does not take it, to
whom does the gift belong?"

The man was surprised to be asked such a strange question and answered, "It
would belong to me, because I bought the gift."

The Buddha smiled and said, "That is correct. And it is exactly the same
with your anger. If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted,
then the anger falls back on you. You are then the only one who becomes
unhappy, not me. All you have done is hurt yourself."

"If you want to stop hurting yourself, you must get rid of your anger and
become loving instead. When you hate others, you yourself become unhappy.
But when you love others, everyone is happy."

The young man listened closely to these wise words of the Buddha. "You are
right, o Enlightened One, "he said. "Please teach me the path of love. I
wish to become your follower."

The Buddha answered kindly, "Of course. I teach anyone who truly wants to
learn. Come with me."


Beautiful Quotes

If you are right then there is no need to get angry, And if you are wrong
then you don't have any right to get angry.

*Patience with family is love,
Patience with others is respect,
Patience with self is confidence and
Patience with GOD is faith.*

Never Think Hard about PAST, It brings Tears...

Don't Think more about FUTURE, It brings Fears...

Live this Moment with a Smile, It brings Cheers.!!!!

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better,
Every problem comes to make us or break us,
Choice is ours whether we become victim or victorious !!!

Search a beautiful heart not a beautiful face.

Beautiful things are not always good but
good things are always beautiful.

Remember me like pressed flowers in your Notebook. It may not have any
fragrance but will remind you of my existence forever in your life.

Do you know, why God created gaps between fingers? So that someone who is
special to you, comes and fills those gaps by holding your hands


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Another high impact image from above - this stunning Nasa photo puts the 'art' into ‘earth’ thanks to its incredible resemblance to a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece. The satellite image shows massive congregations of green phytoplankton swirling in the dark water around Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. It has nicknamed the picture 'Van Gogh From Space' because of its similarity to 'The Starry Night', the 1888 work by the famous Dutch ... more

Another high impact image from above - this stunning Nasa photo puts the 'art' into ‘earth’ thanks to its incredible resemblance to a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece. The satellite image shows massive congregations of green phytoplankton swirling in the dark water around Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. It has nicknamed the picture 'Van Gogh From Space' because of its similarity to 'The Starry Night', the 1888 work by the famous Dutch artist. The photograph, taken 400 miles above Earth on July 13, 2005, was this week named the greatest photograph taken by the Landsat Program (Picture: SWNS)


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Greenland's surface ice-



Greenland's surface ice cover melted this month over a larger area than ever detected in more than 30 years of satellite observations, Nasa revealed this week. The picture on the left shows Greenland's ice sheet on 8 July, the picture on right taken four days later shows the extent of the ice melt (Picture: DiGirolamo/Jesse Allen/NASA)

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The Aurora


The Aurora Borealis

by Per Byhring PLUS1 year ago
This video explains how particles originating from deep inside the core of the sun creates northern lights, also called aurora borealis, on our planet.

The Aurora Borealis from Per Byhring on Vimeo.


This video explains how particles originating from deep inside the core of the sun creates northern lights, also called aurora borealis, on our planet.



Amazing video of beautiful Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) shot in Finnish Lapland in the winter of 2011.

Unbelievable Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Lapland, Finland


Beautiful space weather on Saturn, from the Cassini spacecraft. From NASA/JPL.
Saturn's Beautiful Aurora

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Symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly

There are many symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly.

The Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is "hu-tieh". "Tieh" means "70 years", therefore butterflies have become a symbol for a long life. In this culture butterflies have also become representative of young men in love.
In the Japanese culture butterflies are thought to be representative of young maidens and marital bliss. Many Japanese families use the butterfly in the family crest design.


Germany has a very unique belief about butterflies. As butterflies can often be found hovering about milk pails or butter churns, they have become associated with witches trying to steal the cream. The German word for butterfly is "Schmetterling", which is actually derived for the Czech word "Smetana" which means "cream".
There are many links with butterflies in mythology from all over the world, many of which, in particular Greek mythology, link butterflies to the human soul. The Ancient Greeks also considered butterflies as the souls of those who had passed away.


In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is "Psyche", which translated means "soul". This was also the name for Eros' human lover and when the two figures are depicted they are often surrounded by butterflies.


In one of the Russian dialects, butterflies are referred to as "dushuchka" which is a derivative of the word "dusha" also meaning soul.


There is also an Irish saying that refers to the symbolic meaning of butterflies. This saying is:

"Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory" Butterflies also symbolize:

Resurrection, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, Time, Soul. There is a small town in Mexico that also associate butterflies with souls. It is to this town that Monarch Butterflies migrate every year, around the holiday known as the Day of the Dead. The people of this town see these butterflies as the returning souls of the deceased.


We are all small and appear to be the same (like the caterpillar), but as we grow older our true beauty shows (like the butterfly). Like a butterfly, we are all different, and beautiful in our own way. In the Christian religion, the metamorphosis a butterfly undergoes is symbolic of the spiritual evolution all Christians go through. Butterflies represent rebirth and a new beginning. For Christians, it is considered a soulful symbol. In ancient mythology, the butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge.




Butterflies symbolizes change.

First of all the butterfly symbolizes new life from and old one. Seeing that the color black is a strong yet subtle color, the black butterfly symbolizes the new strong but subtle life after a period of transformation.


In some cultures the butterfly is also considered to bring luck.
By a well established convention in literature and art, butterflies (usually) symbolize transitoriness, as they don't live long.


The butterfly exists in four distinct forms. Some consider that so do we: The fertilized egg is planted in our mother's womb. From our day of birth we are like the caterpillar which can only eat and creep along. At death we are like the dormant pupa in its chrysalis. After that, our consciousness emerges from the cast off body, and some see in this the emergence of the butterfly. Therefore, the butterfly is symbolic of rebirth after death.


There is a Native American legend that says, " If you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit, who alone knows the thoughts of butterflies. By setting the butterfly free, you are helping to restore the balance of nature, and your wish will surely be granted."


The butterfly is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Change and transformation are inevitable for us all, but it does not have to be traumatic. Butterfly symbolism is also closely tied to the idea of spirits and souls. It has been used in many religions and cultures. In the western world, the symbol of the butterfly stands for freedom, fun and joyous times. It is also symbolises a state of naturalness and purity.


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Call in the Archangels to Support Earth

As we progress through the year, the month of August provides us with the perfect opportunity to step up our efforts to help create peace on Earth.One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to call on the Beings of Archangelic Realm for help. These wondrous Beings of Light surround the Godhead/Source Consciousness and go where they are called. Their purpose is one of service throughout the Universe. Therefore, when we call them and ask them to help us, they always respond.The support they provide is able to change things in an instant in the material world, because they surround us with ultra high frequency Light. This Light is the stuff that magical miracles are made of, literally.If as many people as possible request the Archangels to help support Earth with their Light, so that all of humanity can have a heightened opportunity to feel that Light of love and feel peace and develop understanding, then we are guaranteed a wonderful influx of Light to the planet. Visualising this Archangelic Light flooding into problem areas of the planet, and surrounding the whole of the Earth, raises the resonance throughout. We all benefit from this.We can call upon any of the Archangels by name, or as a group of Light Beings to help us. Alternatively, we could ask Archangel Gabriel to bring in the appropriate Archangel for this work. However we choose to call on the Archangels, we are guaranteed their Light support.It is suggested that anybody who participates in this resonance raising exercise does it daily for the entire month of August at least. True and lasting peace, which is a vital constituent of the Golden Age that so many of us yearn for, is attainable with a little bit of effort by a lot of people.
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Please Go with the Given links for the real Message....!!!


Being in Love....
Being in Light...

Always wins over the DARKNESS.

-Your Higher Self-

Hope you feel well and happy :)

I want to introduce my latest Report on the
Light Body Activation, which is an essential
part of your Spiritual Journey.

So what is Light Body Activation for?

The main purpose of Light Body Activation
is to raise one's frequency-holding capacity
in preparation for bodily ascension.

However, other reasons include:
#To prepare one for grounding high frequencies
in planetary grid work
#To raise the frequency available to those who
perform energy work on others
#To clear the DNA of distortions and pull in
higher frequency wavelengths for DNA activation
#To more easily and readily accrete light within
the Luminous Energy Field, thereby reducing
or eliminating body symptoms resulting from
the high frequency cosmic waves now bombarding
the planet
#To accelerate multi-dimensional spiritual expansion
and all spiritual growth activities

Before we go further into this topic I want to thank you
for BEING here and following one of my courses:

The FREE Reiki Course:

The FREE DNA Activation Course:

The FREE Spiritual Healing Power Course:

The FREE Law of Attraction Mind Course:

So, why is Light Body Activation so important?

Light body activation can boost one's ability to
function multi-dimensionally, opening the individual
to enhanced access to higher frequency energies,
to one's Higher Self and other Illuminated Beings as guides,
and to higher dimensional knowledge and guidance through
elevated clarity, improved lucid dream function, intuition, etc.

The effects of activation vary widely depending on
many individual factors including one's starting point,
the intentions set, and how one chooses to work
with the energies available.

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Important Note: If you know from your heart, that we going
through great and important changes in perception of life
and also toward a wonderful alignment to who we really are,
please share this newsletter with all those you love, know and
care about - it could well make all the difference both to them
and to you.

"I AM Love & Light. So be it."

Note: To create a powerful life you need to align
your subconscious mind to the state of 'Being Love'.

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Keep in mind. You create your reality by your thoughts, emotions
and conscious awareness. So, transform negativity into positive
pattern of consciousness and monitor your self-talk.

Your fellow traveler,

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Healing Energy Transmission.

Today 29th July 2012 on the occasion of my Late Mothers birthday I would be doing a 24 hour Healing Energy Transmission from 8 am IST on 29th July to 8am IST 30th July(IST is GMT+ 5hours 30 min) (Please check your corresponding local Time)Simply say "I am now willing to receive the healing energy transmission sent by Aditya"and the energy will start,you can transfer it to anyone else even your pets by touching that person and saying"I am now receiving the healing energy transmission sent by Aditya and transferring it to..." It is free and open to any one needing healing.

Love and Blessings


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A Simple Mantra for Healing Your Dark Night of the Soul

When you can't see the sun shining, learn these steps to find the light within.
BY: Rajiv Parti, MD (aka Dr. Raj)

Healing form my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ was not easy but the three main steps I had to go through were:

1. Forgive 2. Love and 2. Heal.


This mantra “Forgive, Love, Heal” will help one heal from a dramatic ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ as mine or even what I call a ‘Mini Dark Night’ – which can happen all the time to us in busy modern life: they could be simple things like being shown thefinger in an unloving exchange, or being cut off on the road in traffic!

In my own ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ I had to deal with prostrate cancer, surgical complications, life threatening sepsis, depression, chronic pain and dependency on pain medications. I had to sell my house, quit my job, all the while feeling how my marriage tethered and my health suffered.

I was very angry at myself, at God, the people, at the world – at the universe.

My healing happened in three steps.

The First Step is to Forgive

I had to forgive my self for any thing I had done, or contributed to the dark night. Forgive the circumstances. ‘Forgive’ God and accept God’s will. I had to surrender to the possibility that the Spirit alone has the infinite wisdom. There were the lessons I had to learn in this life time, so that I could evolve.

The forgiveness is defined as:

“the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense,difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.“

To help in forgiveness process I re-discovered the serenity prayer:

“God grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change;courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.”

It transformed me. I started to live in present in the ‘Now’ and not be stuck in what my circumstance once were in past or what I wanted them to be in future.

The Second Step is to Love

The second step was to start to love myself, my life, my circumstances.

The beauty is that when I started to love ‘myself’, my health improved in leaps. I started eating healthy, going to the gym regularly, meditating and praying regularly.

This self love should not mean a narcissistic way of prioritizing the self at the cost of others, for I truly believe one can only love others when one becomes ‘love’ itself. I started to have gratitude and love re-kindled for the Spirit, the people, the world, the environment; I even changed my car form Hummer to a Camry Hybrid.

Love is defined as:

“A virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection and the unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another and oneself" As famous Mother Teresa quote comes to mind:

“We all can not do great things but we all can do things with great love”

We all can each become a sun of of love – radiating love all around.

So my friends start the ‘ripple effect’ from the heart, from inside your heart, from your Source.

The Third Step is to Heal

After the first two steps of change within our mind, and within our heart comes the step that addresses change at the level of the soul, our spirit.

I have observed in others, and personally experienced that to really heal, there has to be a ‘shift’ that has to happen at a deep level of our consciousness. Effectively, the consciousness has to not just heal but evolve too.

Healing is defined as:

“to make healthy, whole, restore to health; to rejuvenate ,to free from evil; cleanse; purify"
Looking back I am thankful to the Spirit for the circumstances I had to go through. It has brought love, compassion, ‘Seva’ (service with gratitude), sharing, and creativity as my guiding principles – where as before I lived for cancerous materialism, expensive toys, the satisfaction of myself above all others: it really was all about me: my status.

My ‘Dark Night’ transformed me to find my true Divine purpose and my Dharma to be a Healer at the Soul level. I wouldn’t be writing this but for going through the the heat of that Dark Night.It made me whole.

I learnt to embrace my Dark Shadow.

A Gandhi Quote comes to mind… “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Yesterday only I received a short email from a friend who had seen me last a few years back. It said: “Hi Raj – It was so nice to have you with us last weekend! you have changed a lot since I saw you last in India.”

Another friend said how after five years of knowing that one can see how even how I drive has changed. That is so true.I was always in rush in the fast lane.

But now I have what I will call ‘Buddha Driving’ !

I am driving in the middle lane. Somebody cuts me off? So be it – they must be in rush.

So my friends – my experience is that this approach works. Through the practice of my own prescription for Wellness in the Soul of Wellness, and through the adoption of this mantra – “Forgive, Love and Heal” – I have managed to reduce my doctor’s orders to take 36 pills every morning to manage my health crisis down to only 5 different pills a day.

The truth is that I have gotten myself out of intense pain, managed to free myself from depression, free myself of addiction, and reverse being overweight through this mantra. The quality of my relationships with my beloved wife, my beautiful children, mydear friends and working associates – is, I can tell you – genuinely infused with joy, understanding, love and laughter.

My advice is to not just say the mantra, but to practice it – to live it: to BE the change it beckons from us.

Rajiv Parti, MD (aka Dr. Raj) is a world leading specialist in pain management with over 30 years practicing clinical experience. He was the Chief of Anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital where he specialized in cardiac anesthesia for 15 years. Dr. Raj founded the Pain Management Institute of California, and under his direction it has served thousands ofpatients for acute and chronic pain relief.

He now specializes in promotingspiritual wellness and personal growth with various non-traditional healingmodalities. His new book The Soul of Wellness is being released by Select Books in October 2012.

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