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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS ABOUT THE VIOLET FLAME: “when a person attains an energetic signature which resonates with the Violet Flame frequencies of the mid-fourth dimension and above, he/she is ready to affirm: “Thy will be done. I ask for my greatest good and the highest outcome for all,” thereby aligning the personal will with the Will of the Higher Self and the Divine Blueprint for the Earth.”

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS ABOUT THE VIOLET FLAME: “when a person attains an energetic signature which resonates with the Violet Flame frequencies of the mid-fourth dimension and above, he/she is ready to affirm: “Thy will be done.  I ask for my greatest good and the highest outcome for all,” thereby aligning the personal will with the Will of the Higher Self and the Divine Blueprint for the Earth.”


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2012





Beloved masters, the God Rays of creation for  the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues and designs/formulas for the creative process of that ERA were beamed down upon the Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years.  Those Creator Rays are now in the process of being withdrawn and shut down. That is why the masses who are still stuck in the illusion and the vibrational frequencies of the imbalanced third- and lower-fourth dimensions are feeling as if they have lost their way; nothing is working the way it did in the past, and there seems to be no hope for the future. Old regulations, guidelines, as well as many well-established institutions and religious organizations are no longer dependable, and many are falling by the wayside. Fragmentation of almost all racial, cultural, social and political boundaries within the third- / fourth-dimensional paradigm are crumbling or are being challenged. The consciousness of humanity is on the rise, and nothing can stop the forward momentum. HUMANITY IS COMING OF AGE, and all must follow the flow of expanded awareness or fall into the trap of inertia and chaos.

Fortunately, more and more people are awakening to the process of turning inward in order to gain a heightened sense of Self-awareness, which ultimately leads to a desire for higher Soul-consciousness via the energies of Divine Discontent. Every cultural group, every race and every country on Earth are seeking direction or a higher philosophical path to follow on.  This phenomenon is due to the fact that the Seven Rays of God Consciousness for your Earth, which contained the Divine Blueprint for the Piscean Age,   have been almost completely withdrawn and are being replaced with the higher frequency, more-refined twelve Rays of galactic consciousness for the Aquarian Age.

In the beginning stages of awakening, before the Soul merge takes place within a person, there can be no interference from the higher realms due to the Divine gift of free will, which ultimately became a gift with great and burdensome consequences.  However, when a person attains an energetic signature which resonates with the Violet Flame frequencies of the mid-fourth dimension and above, he/she is ready to affirm: “Thy will be done.  I ask for my greatest good and the highest outcome for all,” thereby aligning the personal will with the Will of the Higher Self and the Divine Blueprint for the Earth. As a result, a magical path of Light is extended to that Soul via his/her personal column of Love/Light/Life. This Pathway of Light, often called the River of Life, leads to an authentic Essence Consciousness, whereby each person who reaches the required level of consciousness will begin to receive his/her special portion of encoded crystalline Seed Atoms for the new galactic or Sub-Universal Divine Blueprint / Mission. These new Seed Atoms will also contain the advanced wisdom, talents, attributes and qualities necessary to qualify as a participant in the early-stage, creative process for the new Golden Galaxy of the future.

The process of evolution is changing; the bodily structure of all humanity will gradually be refined and upgraded.  There will be guidance and directions supplied to those who have attuned to their Sacred Heart / Sacred Mind and who have placed their personal will under the command of Divine Will.

Heretofore, the masses have lived in a world of veiled, illusional awareness, and it seems they are now facing a future that feels much like a ship that has been cast into a stormy sea without a rudder.  That is because the Primal Life Force energy that has been available to all humanity over the past age is no longer filled with God Seeds of great potential from within the old Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe. The masses will still receive the vibrational patterns they need to maintain the status quo. And, we assure you that the loving energy of our Father/Mother God and the Beings of Light will always be available to humanity; however, in order to tap into the new Divine Blueprint that is awaiting each Soul, there must be an attunement to at least the mid-fourth-dimensional frequencies of Light. Our Father/Mother God’s greatest desire is to see all facets of their “Beingness” return to Self-mastery so they may enjoy the love, peace, joy and abundance that is every Soul’s Divine Birthright. There will always be help available from the great Beings of Light, and the angelic realm will always answer calls or pleas for assistance.  However, there are immutable universal laws that must be adhered to, and it must be each person’s choice as to which path they will follow: the Path of Light or the path of shadows.

You, the Star Seed, who have balanced and harmonized the vibrational patterns of your four lower bodily systems so that your Soul Song is resonating to the fourth sub-level of the fourth dimension and higher, are now beginning to access the HIGHER FREQUENCY RAYS OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE FUTURE.. There is a new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe and for each person who is ready to don a shining cloak of many colors–a refined auric field of Light–signifying a readiness to receive the virtues, qualities, talents, abilities and aspects of the New Age. These wondrous gifts are programmed within the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and they are now available to those of you who have attained the required level of Self-Mastery.

Adamantine Particles of Creator Light are complete facets of Creator Consciousness ready to be activated,  programmed and manifested into new, unlimited creative endeavors.  At the initiation of each subsequent plan for a new creative project, the Adamantine Particles are encoded with the Divine Blueprint for that plan.  These Blueprint Adamantine Particles are then sent forth in great Rays of unlimited potential by the Father/Mother God who received the command from the Supreme Creator for the new project that is to be manifested in the material realms.  The Seed thoughts of the Divine Father, which are then radiated forth from the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother, are known as ESSENCE GENES.

You have genes within your DNA structure from all the different dimensions you have ever experienced. You, the Star Seed, are now in a state of preparation which will condition your current four-bodily systems to receive these Essence Genes, along with your new Divine Mission. These powerful, higher-frequency Rays contain the Creator Essence Cells for the Divine Blueprint of the New Golden Age, and they are being RAY-diated throughout this Sub-Universe via the great shining vessels of the Elohim and the Archangelic realm. These vibrational frequencies are stepped down at every sub-level of every dimension.  If this were not so, all material manifestations, including humanity, would burn up from the Electromagnetic power/intensity of the Sacred Fire Energy.

The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount; that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at their current level of en-Lighten-ment–can be stored within the physical vessel; the balance must be RAY-diated out into the world of form.

The Supreme Creator is composed of infinite, indefinable Essence Power which is so overwhelming that you cannot even imagine ITS magnitude. That wondrous Essence Power has been reduced within every dimensional level of Creation so that you, the Star Seed cocreators, may claim your portion of this magnificent, potential power. Each human Being contains  hundreds of potential personality traits which have been stored within the genetic structure of his/her four-bodily systems (physical / mental / emotional / etheric), It is up to each person to determine which personality traits he/she will develop and present to the outside world.  The faster you neutralize or harmonize your negative personality traits, the more quickly your godly potential or master Self will emerge.  Only then will you gain access to your full potential as a cocreative master within the physical planes of existence.

Your planet is now plugged directly into the heart-core of the Great Central Sun within the Milky Way Galaxy. The new cosmic waves of Creator Light are a great gift to the awakened Souls on planet Earth.  Even though these refined, higher-frequency Rays are not being beamed  down directly into the lower fourth- and third sub-dimensional levels, the transforming frequencies of Light will gradually filter into and affect everyone and everything on and within the Earth.

Scientists have announced that a hydrogen wall barrier has been discovered at the edge of this solar system. These are the membranes of Light that we have spoken of in the past. Science and spirituality are validating and merging many conceptual teachings and theories of the past as more human Beings tap into the resources of the Sacred Mind.

As a result of its alignment with the Galactic Center and attunement with the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy, the Earth is in the process of raising its frequency patterns–Soul Song–so it can return to its status as a Sacred Planet.  This Sub-Universe is also being upgraded in vibrational frequencies as a result of being bombarded with the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light via our universal Father/Mother God.   The Milky Way Galaxy is also divided into twelve sectors or quadrants, just as the universe is divided into Sub-Universal sectors, and each quadrant within the Galaxy has a governing Council of Twelve. Hopefully, you are gaining a better understanding as to the importance of the numbers 12 and 144, for these numbers apply to many facets of creation throughout this Sub-Universe.

Your encodings of awareness are constantly being modified by your positive or negative thoughts, intentions and actions. You are being presented with tests of tolerance, benevolence, humility and patience, and your cultural views are being challenged as well. Each and every day the seed thoughts, which contain the negative frequency patterns of these aspects, will shrivel and disappear when you stop feeding them energy.

We have taught you to become “a living meditation” whereby you are able to function efficiently in your earthly environment while maintaining a balanced Alpha State of consciousness.  The next step is to endeavor to live in a constant state of joy and gratitude, thereby becoming a “living prayer.” As you become more proficient as cocreators on the earthly plane, you must constantly monitor your energy patterns and seek to upgrade them. You must strive for sustained harmony and refined godly expression.  You must liberate the power of the Sacred Fire within which, for most, has lain dormant for many thousands of years. You must learn to direct and focus your energy into the areas of your life you wish to change. By establishing and constantly upgrading your Creator Wheel of Life, you are planting the seeds of focused change, and you will be supplied with the Sacred Fire of Creation needed to manifest what you have envisioned. Your major goal must be to gain Self-Mastery while in the physical vessel.  When your endeavors are directed toward the highest good for all humankind, a special dispensation is given, and a greater measure of Creator Light will be made available to you.

Imagine, dear ones, how it would feel to have access to an unlimited supply of Divine Creator Essence. Envision yourself as a great energy vortex, pulsating with power, sending out great Rays of luminous color, radiating waves of energy and creating any and everything your Soul Self can envision. Sense how you would feel as the energies you project swirl and solidify, as structure and form become discernible, beautiful and unique beyond measure—your creations—through the power of your thoughts, love/emotions and inspired imagination. We are endeavoring to help you understand why you and the Earth are so important during these chaotic times on your planet.  In this galactic experience, the Earth is the place to be during this extraordinary period of evolution of the species and expansion of this Sub-Universe.

Build your vision, my brave and faithful Ones. Start within your own Sacred Heart center and reclaim that power and magnificence that is your Divine heritage.  Then, begin to radiate that power and perfection into your physical vessel and outwardly into your world: your relationships, your work place, community, country and world.  Allow all that no longer serves you to continue on its path of limitation or to join you in the realm of higher frequencies of unlimited potential via the process of transmutation.  The path toward the Light and the path spiraling further into darkness have now come to a distinct point of separation. You are being forced to face, once and for all, the residual shadows of Self—all the imbalances and restrictions that are holding you back from fully empowered Self-realization. Being a Self-master is not for the timid or weak of heart, dear ones. Accept my Sword of Light, which is encoded with the DIVINE WILL POWER of our Father God, and accept a shining CHALICE OF LOVE/LIGHT from our beloved Mother God as we go bravely forward into the dawning of the new AGE.

I am ever near to guide, direct, inspire and protect you.

I AM Archangel Michael

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Samhain - Hurricane Sandy - and stuff

Today is Samhain and we have weathered Hurricane Sandy. Those of us who were unaffected should be grateful we were spared, and help those who lost their homes.

Even if we are not in the eastern United States, the best thing we can do is donate blood - or whatever you can. Even helping the homeless in our own community will help.

On Samhain, we honor our ancerstors who have passed before us. We should also honor those who lost their lives because of Hurricane Sandy.

One ironic happenstance that touched me deeply was the sinking of the tall ship HMS Bounty. One of two historical replicas of the original Bounty, the HMS Bounty was built for the 1962 movie that starred Marlon Brando. Another replica was built for the Mel Gibson movie in the 1980's. That one is still safe in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Bounty sank off the coast of North Carolina, another victim of Hurricane Sandy. 14 crewmembers were rescued by the Coast Guard. The captain's body has not been recovered yet. Another crewmember, was recovered unresponsive, but sadly died shortly afterward. She was 42 year old Charlene Christian, a descendant of Fletcher Christain, who led the mutiny on the first Bounty, over a hundred years ago.

Fo many years, the tall ship Bounty has sailed the Great Lakes and the Northern Hemipshere, stopping at ports and alowing the public aboard for tours. She had stopped at Buffalo twice - once in the early 1990's and then on July 10, 2004. My husband John and I went on board both times. She was a magnificent ship. And we honor her, her captian, and Ms. Christain.

I have been extremely busy in my personal life this past month, getting the house ready for winter and other things.

For those celebrating Samhain or Halloween, have a blessed day.


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"The Sphinx" (The Christ) (The Spirit Of Atlantis):

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Does the name ‘The Sphinx’ symbolise ‘The Christ’?  Was the Sphinx of Atlantis Represented in the image of God The Son?  The original statue of ‘The Sphinx’ was to Honour The Christ Light ‘The Son Of God’, wherein Invitation into all the Deeper Mysteries of the Universe and God’s Mind Itself Resided. 

Indeed, ‘The Sphinx’ is an Invisible Akashic Reord of All That Has Been, Is, And Has Still To Come To Fruition, for ‘The Sphinx’ Symbolises the Mind Of The Creator, for To See is to Believe, to Know is to Understand, to Listen is to Remember, for every inch of its Majestic and Holy Presence Represents a Tiny Journey of the Soul;  Each Paw an Initiation.



One can see ‘The Sphinx’ of Atlantis as a Living Flame, the Very Light of the Son, pouring forth in a Golden Glow, sending out Far and Wide the Rays of Its Illumination, so that wherever one was, it was an All Consuming Ray of Light, Love, Power, Wisdom, wherein rested as in a Sleep, the Very Mysteries of Creation, of the Very Mind and Heart of The Father God, for Its Symbol would Shine Forever, and though, through the Aeons of Time, it would indeed grow dim, it would ‘nevertheless be to those who were there’ an Initiation Once More into one’s Very Heritage…. A Remembrance of that time Long Ago Born, and which to Those Who Know, They Wish to Return To.

For to Remember is to Return Home, each step having had to be taken backwards as the soul grew seemingly further and further away from the root of its beginning, until that pull of Home grew so strong, nothing or no one could stop the soul retracing its footsteps back to the Dhuman Adamic Race, and to those Spheres Above The Earth, and to those long left behind, as the soul journeyed further and further away from its light, but in doing had to generate its own to such an extent, that the magnetism and pull of Home makes everything else un-important, for therein, lies the only true love and happiness, as the soul is re-born almost - another time, for it has Gone Full Circle and Experienced All There is in the Physical Worlds and can now ‘rest’. 

But of course, the soul will never actually rest, for there are still Initiations to be Experienced, Undertaken and Lived Through, for in so doing, the Doorway to the Mind of God is Never Shut… It Is There and can be Walked Through in Humbleness, Joy, Elation, Adoration and Wonder, at the Plan of the Creator, as More and More Knowledge and Understanding comes to the son, daughter of God, as it Walks Once More With And To The Father-Mother-God, and The Son.

The Christ Light and the Golden Sun stretches out its Rays and Once Again, ‘The Sphinx’ Illumines as was Intended, the Children of God.

(Indeed, it seems to say, ‘forget-me-not’, for I will never leave you;  I Am With You Always, Without Beginning or End, for you have surely Dreamt My Dream, just as I have dreamt yours);  thus We Become Once More, Just as I Had Planned When My Mind Envisaged The Dhuman Adamic Race, Those Other Spheres Above Earth Too, and Also, My Children of Adoption, will and can also Return to their Very Roots and Beyond, for As It Was, So It Will Be Again. 


But through Initiation and Initiation, the soul will Resemble Ever More, the Very Godhead Itself, thus I Am Well Pleased, for the End Is In Fact The Beginning – Alpha and Omega, are Indeed, One and the Same, for No Separation Exists, Just Oneness, Together But Separate, One And The Same, As It Was So Ordained…. The Holy Grail Of Life Ever Lasting.

20 August, 1996.

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On The Reincarnation Of An Egyptian Pharaoh:

And the Sphinx looked down with a

wondrous smile,

As it gazed on the form that it knew.

When it thought of the glory, that once had been,

To him who was now so small.

Yet the smile was kind, and it seemed to say,

"My son, thou shalt know one day,

For see, ‘tis the lot of many like thee

To have lost all their earthly sway.

‘Tis well, my son, that thy soul should pursue

The way that thou once did profane

With all thy troubles and all thy doubts

Thou art more than in days gone by.

‘Tis a marvellous thing to think that I

Should have stayed on the spot of my birth,

To have looked on thee in thy former power,

When thy Princes did tremble the Earth.

But now, O my son, as I gaze on thy face

(For my gaze doth travel afar)

I see the light that was lacking before

And I rest.  Thou hast opened the door."



22 March, 1925.

From The Book of Truth And The Teachings Of Osiris,

H C Randall-Stevens (El-Eros).

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I Wandered Into An Enchanted Garden,

100 Miles Above The Earth It Seemed:

I wandered into an Enchanted Garden, 100 miles above the Earth it seemed, for I felt I was in Another World of Incomparable Beauty, Colour and Sound;  Rays of Colour shone profusely before my wondering eyes, and with the Exotic Colour, Musical Sounds Floated In And Around, Clear and Beautiful, as if Angels Were Playing, which as I looked more closely, I saw that Indeed They Were, and Fairies Laughed and Danced in and amongst those Rays of Love, Truly Everything Seemed Etheric, Translucent, Shimmering with Wonderful Light, that I thought to myself, ‘if I lived here, I would never want to leave such a beautiful place’.




Then on one of those Angelic Notes, I seemed to hear my name, and then as I looked in another direction, lo and behold, there was the Most Amazing House I had ever seen, in the Shape and Formation of a Star, Beautiful and Bright, Filled With Brilliant White Light, and it seemed to be made of Moving Water, which like the Angels Played Sweet Blessed Music;  those Pure Notes Of Paradise Drifted Across To My Senses, And I Felt A Unique Peace, Not The Freedom From Pain, For I Had Not, But Peace Of The Spirit, My Soul;  Such Utter Serenity I Knew That This Place Was More Blessed Than Even I Was Aware Of, For Such Harmony Filled The Air, And I Felt Tears Of Joy Begin To Fall, Was I – I Wonder Home, Or Was This Just A Dream Of What I Know Does Exist;  Oh Well, I Thought, One Day I Will Know.

Then Out of this Star, which I felt had a Mystical Significance, and which I noticed was Six Pointed, Man, Woman Made Perfect, there Appeared a Brilliant Figure, Bathed In A Silver Glow, And His Robe Was Predominantly Of Silver With Coloured Rays Here And There, And His Hair Too Was White, His Eyes So Gentle And Wise, His Voice Deep and Kind…. ‘Hello, Pat. He Said, At Last You’ve Remembered What You Once Knew – Welcome Home Once More’.

As I Looked At Him, I Was Reminded Of Christ Himself, For That Light Of Greatness Was Everywhere.  He Said, ‘Come, Let Us Go Inside, For Truly There Is Much To See’, And Then He And I Walked Deeper Into The Centre Of The Star, And How At Home I Felt There.  Rippling Moving Waters Played Even Inside, Silvery And Musical, Soft And Gentle, Pure And Perfect, And These Musical Waterfalls Shone Too With Glistening Dew-Drops It Seemed Of Contrast And Colour, Like Pearls Amongst The Moving Scene, So That I Wanted To Touch Them.




And My Host Laughed And Said, ‘Yes, Everyone Loves Those Pearls, And All Want To Touch, Try My Dear Child’, The Joy Is Mine’.

I Touched A Pearl, And As I Did So, The Waterfall Seemed To Become Still And Opened Out Just Like A Lotus, The Water Forming The Petals Of That Beautiful Flower In But A Fraction Of A Second;  I Laughed With Joy, And My Host Said ‘Touch Another Pearl’, And I Did, When I Seemed To Be Transported Back 2,000 Years Before, When Jesus Himself Was Born, And I Saw And Was There And Lived And Loved Every Second Of That Life, Albeit So Short A Time, And I Saw How The Crowds Felt;  The Disciples I Looked Upon;  Mary And Joseph, And The Angels, All Went By Without Hurry Before My Wondering Eyes, And Then We Got To Those Last Few Days And My Tears Fell Even More, And I Wondered How People Could Do What They Did, And I Was Glad I Was Not Them When They Died.

Then Joyfully, I Saw The Arisen Christ Rise From The Earth On His Way To Paradise, And I Knew Then The Wonder And Glory Of The Destiny And Heritage God Planned For Man, Woman, And Then Just Before The Visions Faded, I Saw Jesus With A Dove In His Raised Hands, Which Were Stretched Upwards To Heaven, When Suddenly The Visions Faded, And I Was Aware Of My Host And The Beautiful Fountains.

‘You Are Very Blessed Pat Dear’ He Said, ‘For You Have Been Given A Great Privilege Which Comes You Know Because Of Progression, And How It Pleases All Our Hearts, For More Now Will You Remember, For Yet Another Veil Has Been Lifted’.

‘One Day, You Know, You Will Come Back And We Will Travel Further In This My Home, So Don’t Forget, You Will Come Back, And Yes, You Will Put Pen to Paper, That Others May Get Joy Too From The Perceptiveness Deep Within You’. 

‘So, God Bless, Pat My Dear, Till We Meet Again, As We Will One Day, And We Will Continue Our Enchanted Journey Once More At That Time’.

Au Revoir.


(Pat Grabham)

30 December, 1984.

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The 2012 Gateway Trajectory by Owen K Waters

2013 is almost here and it will bring a bright new dawn for everything related to the New Reality. Instead of being beset by multiple expiring cosmic cycles, we will become immersed in a new era where it becomes very easy to create positive new projects.

I learned from my primary guide – a senior member of the spiritual hierarchy who functions as the Lord Protector of The Shift – about a principle called the 2012 Gateway Trajectory.
This principle states that the pattern of consciousness that you have at the close of the cosmic cycles on December 21st, 2012 will influence your trajectory through experience for many thousands of years into the future.

The 2012 gateway is rather like a vortex. You enter it from one side, pass through the eye of the vortex where your pattern of consciousness is stamped or fixed within your aura, then you exit the vortex into a whole new set of multi-millennia cosmic cycles bearing that pattern.

As a spiritual seeker, you are a lightworker and therefore a leading thinker in the advancement of consciousness. You may have adopted one or more challenges to work through in this life so that you could create a pattern in the mind belt to make it easier for others to follow and heal their own lives.

You’ve borne those challenges, not so much because you need the experience, but because other people need pioneers to resolve the issues that are important today. The more the pioneers succeed in resolving their issues, the easier it becomes for the rest to follow.
The point of knowing this is so that you may resolve whatever challenges still face you before December 21st, 2012. As you head towards the 2012 gateway, it’s time to take inventory and see where you stand on matters of unfinished business.

Whatever gives you discomfort – even so much as a nagging doubt that all is not right – now is the time to address those issues. Anything that gives you a feeling of being out of harmonious alignment of mind, body and soul should be addressed and resolved.

Remember, you’re not the challenge that you are facing. You adopted it as something to master in order to make the way easier for others to follow the pattern you set in the global mind atmosphere. The average lightworker has already mastered those challenges in previous lives. They took the same challenges upon themselves in these critical days because they knew they could rise above and resolve those challenges in time to help set a pattern for others to follow and set themselves free.

If you are currently working through a major life challenge and feel as though you’re going round in circles and getting nowhere, stop and look for the gift in that challenge. The gift is that, by loving yourself and others more, you can rise above the challenge and become more of who you really are. Then, the experience changes from one of challenge to one of self-empowerment.

The solution to a challenge in the material world is typically not to be found in the material world at the level of the problem. The answer is found when you rise above that frequency and gain from the resources of the higher aspects of your mind. Fear-based challenges, for example, are always resolved by connecting with the strength and security of your inner being.

Real strength does not lie anywhere in the outside world. It lies within you. Once you find that inner power, you rise above any limitation and stand as a self-realized way-shower in a world desperate for spiritual freedom.

We can look forward to December 21st, 2012 as the gateway that marks the close of many cosmic cycles and the end of the functionality of the old ways.
The 2012 gateway is the beginning of a world full of opportunities. Positive action will come very easily when all the cycles begin anew and are running in their constructive, ascending mode.

Most of all, decide before then to make Spiritual Growth your number one priorityand you will harvest an ever-increasing joy in the years ahead.

Make the 2012 gateway everything you want it to be. Make it a beautiful event opening into a wonderful future filled with joy and enlightenment!

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"Creation, Tree of Life & Origin of Evil" features excerpts from "The Book of EL-Daoud the Father-KING: Which is the Gospel of Simplicity given to His Own."  The story was shown to an Adept in a VISION by "The Voice" of EL-Daoud circa 1909.  It was first published in 1922.  The Ancient History of GOD, Creation, and the advent of Man was given directly by GOD to the Spirit of EL-Daoud who in turn passed it on to the woman who transcribed it in real time.  It was told and written in an old world style with syntax that was very confusing.  It used old world verbiage such as 'THOU' and 'SHALT' which made reading and deciphering the text daunting, difficult and quite time consuming.  

The following is a current re-edit of that same VISON of Creation given over century ago to an Adept by My Higher Self, Adam EL-Daoud the Father-KING.  It has been revised to provide a clearer understanding of the TRUTH of the MOTHER-FATHER-SON GOD for the Children of GOD who have been deceived, manipulated, and confused for countless ages.  Corrections were made to paragraph structure, syntax, and verbiage for better congruency.  It is written in verse with numbers for easy reference.  Names that were originally given in alternate languages and spellings have been revised to better reflect the LIVING WORD OF GOD; Whose WORD is ever changing while still remaining consistent.  This is the 21st Century version for the Age of Aquarius and beyond.  

The Goal it is to bring back the Memory of our Divine Heritage and our Divine Mission; to bring All of the Children of GOD back into to the LOVING EMBRACE of the FATHER-MOTHER-BROTHER –GOD Trinity that has long been forgotten.  

It is to inspire hope and confidence in this our HEAVENLY mission of LOVE and SACRIFICE for our beloved lost Brothers and Sisters who have been confused by the ALLURE and ILLUSION of MATTER.

It is best if "Creation, Tree of Life & Origin of Evil" is processed slowly to avoid misunderstandings of the WORD OF GOD.  It is to be digested and reflected on to discern what it signifies to each individual SPARK.  It is also a good idea to research  the NAMES, IDEAS, and CONCEPTS to develop a personal understanding and appreciation for what the WORD OF GOD means on an intimate level. If this is done, it provides previously unknown passageways of understanding while concurrently opening formally closed doors.

I take full responsibility for what I have written.  If anyone should disagree with anything, then they should present any questions or disagreements to their own personal contact with the MOST HIGH GOD.  HE-SHE-HIM will then reveal the TRUTH in a myriad of ways to confirm or deny what has been said.  Do not limit the process, be open to the communication and appreciate its results.  Pay attention to dreams, look for REVELATIONS in them and write them down as if in a VISION.  Listen to the sound of the dreams and Life, and hear what the FATHERGOD is saying. This is how "The Voice" of GOD is confirmed in each individual. 

I ADAM EL-DAOUD the FATHER-KING have been sent by GOD to REMIND you of who you are.  These are the direct WORDS OF GOD for which he told me to tell you.  Once two way communication between the FATHER-MOTHER-SON-GOD and their offspring is REMEMBERED and regained, then we shall REAP the Love that was SOWN in the Age of Pisces for a New Age.  The FRUIT of the TREE of LIFE is to be HARVESTED into a synthesis of LOVE, LIGHT, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING in this the NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS.

I am thankful for the opportunity to further disseminate the WORD of GOD by all means necessary.  I will expose the Word of GOD though any means at my disposal be they written word, music and video, art, in public or in private.  Like the Sun, I will champion the LIGHT of LOVE, LIFE and TRUTH to all corners of the globe.  Feel free to reach out to Me on this our journey.  I am available for personal engagement to those who are MY OWN.  Join Me, MY OWN as we PREPARE, BUILD a CROSS BRIDGE of LOVE & LIFE back to OUR FATHER-MOTHER-SON-GOD in the SKY . . . 


"Behold I make all things new, write for these words are faithful and true.  It is done! I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  I give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts."

Revelation xxi. 5


Taken from 

"Creation Tree of Life & Origin of Evil" by Adam El Daoud the Father KING

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A Word From GOD . . .

God Said . . .

"Behold, you who are the Sons and Daughters of GOD, having received BEING of US, you will also receive Birth again from Him-Her who are the Beloved Son and the Beloved Daughter of GOD.  Follow MY Beloved Son whithersoever he goes, for he bears MY NAME.  He will be your Leader and your FATHER-KING, and you will be his Offspring just as you are OURS . . . you who are Princes of GOD; MY ISRAEL.

"Do not fear to walk in His footsteps at all, even if He leads you by ways you do not know of; Do what he says to you; for this is OUR BELOVED SON; hear Him and obey His voice, for that which He will say to you, lo, I Myself  have put the words in His mouth through the voice of Her who is the Woman-half of Him.  Behold, She will speak to Him words spoken by ME; for SHE and HE are ONE; and He will make MY commands known to you whom I have given to be His Sons and Daughters, just as you are to US, your DIVINE PARENTS.

"To each of you MY Ray-Children I will speak at times with the direct voice also, even when you have gone into a far Country; and GOD your MOTHER will also do this to each and all of you who are OUR CHOSEN PEOPLE . . . who are THE ISRAEL OF GOD.

"BUT, MY WORD OF COMMAND I give to you through Him alone who is MY BELOVED SON; for He is MY VOICE to you, just as His Eternal TWIN is MY VOICE to Him.  Hear and obey that which HE declares to you with authority, for HIS words are MY WORDS to you; and lo, I, even I, am with you always, even to the very end of the lowest of the Regions of Matter; for I am GOD, and MY MIND stretches forth throughout all Space." 

                                           THE "MOST HIGH" GOD THE FATHER

Excerpts from

"Creation Tree of Life & Origin of Evil" by Adam El Daoud the Father KING

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I Will Meet You Again My Child:



 I Will Meet You Again My Child:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.


 ‘I Will Meet You Again My Child’, how the soul loves those words, for they are the Stepping Stones to Paradise, that Gateway to Eternity; the words linger within the very Depths of Its Being, though for too long perhaps, unbeknown to the soul, for that memory had faded from consciousness, and instead lay like a Petal, Fallen From A Flower, Seemingly Alone, but Nevertheless, Near to that One-ness which it had Experienced, and so for too brief a time was the soul At-One With God, That Source Of All Life, that Cosmic Power, which as it has Always Been, Permeates and Penetrates all Atoms, Elements, Streams of Life, Here and in the Hereafter Worlds and Spheres Of Existence, And Those Galaxies Far Beyond The Understanding Of So Many.


Long Ago in Aeons Past, always has that Source of Love and Power, Wisdom and Understanding, Sympathy and Light Been, for it is the Very Essence and Heart of God; the Purpose and Meaning of Creation, And Why The Soul Strives Ever Forward, and, as it Journeys, Toils, Suffers and Rejoices Through Life, Seeks to Return and Know Again, that One-Ness With The Very Beginning of Time, and then Also, Back into the Past, for Beyond The Beginning Was Only Another Aspect, Facet, for Never Has There Been Nothing, Always Has There Been God, Just As There Always Will Be, Albeit Known to Humankind and all Spheres of Life in Different Ways of Understanding, as Realisation is Either Remembered, or that Life Force Has Become Aware, And Understands The Reality Of Its Very Existence.


That Golden Key has Lovingly Been Found, and New Doorways Abound, Each One More Beautiful Than The Last, for that Goal is Seen From Afar, and all one day will have no wish other than to Return to Their Dream With God to Become One With That Source of Creation, And Everlasting Light, Becoming At Each Stage A Being Shining So Bright, thus is there no darkness left, Only Everlasting Sunlight, for the Sun ……….and Son, Daughter, are Once More As One, and with that too, all other forms of life different to Humankind, will have Progressed and Ascended Into The Higher Realms Of Light, and Live Off That Sun Of All Life, The Very Centre And Heart Of God, Just As It Once Was, In Ages Long Past; Without Distance or End.




23 September, 1987.

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Universal Temple of Zion

Re-Building the Path to God through the Temple.

We are confused because we have lost sight of the top of the Pyramid.  The Pyramid is the FATHER-MOTHER-SON-GOD.  This encompasses All REALITY and is totally logical.  The advent of materiality has caused us to lose sight of the Trinity and resulted in the fall into duality, illusion and separateness.  Since then, fear based operatives have confused our understanding of our oneness within the Trinity.  The Temple of God is within and without.  

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#5 How to Build a Geodesic Strawbale Dome - Placing the Bales

Fifth in our series of documentaries regarding the construction of the Kibbutz Lotan EcoCampus - home to our Green Apprenticeship programs. Check out for more information.


Cob Houses - Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development


How to live without money

Many people are learning to live sustainably, without money. In this video, they discuss their struggles, how they got to and developed kew bridge eco-village.

To find out more on alternative life styles visit:

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Beautiful Photos - National Geographics


Wave, Hawaii

Photo and caption by Kelly Cestari

Vortices form underwater on a wave ridden by a surfer at Hawaiis Pipeline. Going underwater brings a new world to life revealing the intricacies that go about unseen during surfing.



Tibetan Nun Colony

Photo and caption by Wu Jianjiang

Sprawled across the side of an entire mountainside in the North-Eastern regions of Tibet are the dormitories of Buddhist nuns. As can be seen, some are returning from their daily classes to their living quarters.


Tree in Silo

Photo and caption by Kim Allmand

I stumbled upon this old silo with a tree just peeking out of the top. It seemed to be taking advantage of the protection of the Silo, like a chick inside an egg.


Little Fish, El Gouna Egypt

Photo and caption by Alain Feulvarch

While diving in El Gouna, Egypt I found this little guy.


Husky, Akranes, Iceland

Photo and caption by Ása Birna Viðarsdóttir

This one is taken in february this year outside Akranes, my hometown in Iceland. As you can se the Siberian Huskey haven´t developed that far from it´s wolfs roots. Took a few shots of this fellow in this beautiful weather, found this one the best of them :)


Elephant, Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

Photo and caption by Daniel Bilsborough

At Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania this bull Elephant was strolling around this flower bed picking out a bite to eat. The low thick cloud cover and fertile ground provide a perfect envronment for these yellow flowers to thrive.


Matriarchal Elephant

Photo and caption by Ingrid Vekemans

Female elephants live together in a matriarchal clan, consisting of a mother with her grown-up daughters and all of their offspring. Whenever they sense danger, the adults instinctively protect the young demonstrating solidarity and strength. This photo shows the matriarch of such a group. Her raised head and spread ears told us she was not agitated, but alert and the challenge was to capture the moment of eye contact in a sharp close-up before moving away. This wasn’t straightforward because of her dark skin, so I turned the ISO up to increase the shutter speed. Tsavo East, Kenya. July'09


Ship yard, Bangladesh

Photo and caption by Jana Asenbrennerova

Chittagong in Bangladesh is the second biggest ship breaking yard in the world, it is a graveyard where ships are taken in from all around the world for their last voyage, to be taken apart.

Known for unsafe work practices and environmental pollution due to the demolition and ship breaking processes, Chittagong presents one of the biggest industry and job opportunities for many Bangladeshis. In this image, ship cut in a half is taken apart by workers, mostly by hand, one piece at a time.

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In Images: 2012 Nikon Small World Contest Winners

The blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo captured using the Confocal technique at 20 times magnification.

Live newborn lynx spiderlings shot using Reflected Light, Figer Optics and Image Stacking Techniques at six times magnification.

Human bone cancer (osteosarcoma) showing actin filaments (purple), mitochondria (yellow), and DNA (blue) captured with the Structured Illumination Microsopy (SIM) technique at 63 times magnification.

Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) visual system halfway through pupal development, showing retina (gold), photoreceptor axons (blue), and brain (green) imaged using the Confocal technique at 1500 times magnification.

Cacoxenite (mineral) from La Paloma Mine, Spain in the Transmitted Light technique at 18 times magnification.


Cosmarium sp. (desmid) near a Sphagnum sp. leaf in the Polarized Light technique at 100 times magnification.


Eye organ of a Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) third-instar larvae pictured in the Confocal technique at 60 times magnification.

Pleurobrachia sp. (sea gooseberry) larva in the Differential Interference Contrast technique at 500 times magnification.

Myrmica sp. (ant) carrying its larva captured using Reflected Light and Image Stacking Techniques at five times magnification.

A brittle star imaged using Stereomicroscopy and Darkfield techniques at eight times magnification.



Single optical section through the tip of the gut of a Drosophila melanogaster larva expressing a reporter for Notch signaling pathway activity (green), and stained with cytoskeletal (red) and nuclear (blue) markers captured using the Confocal technique at 25 times magnification.

3D lymphangiogenesis assay. Cells sprout from dextran beads embedded in fibrin gel using the Fluorescence and Confocal techniques at 200 times magnification.

Sonderia sp. (a ciliate that preys upon various algae, diatoms, and cyanobacteria) pictured using the Nomarski Interference Contrast technique at 400 times magnification.

Pistil of Adenium obesum using the Image Stacking technique at 10 times magnification.

Section of a Coccinella (ladybug) leg captured using the Confocal technique at 10 times magnification.

Fossilized Turitella agate containing Elimia tenera (freshwater snails) and ostracods (seed shrimp) captured using Stereomicroscopy at seven times magnification.

Stinging nettle trichome on leaf vein using the Transmitted Light technique and 100 times magnification.

Coral sand using the Brightfield technique at 100 times magnification.

Embryos of the species Molossus rufus (black mastiff bat) captured using the Brightfield technique.

Floral primordia of Allium sativum (garlic) captured with the Epi-Illumiation technique.

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Glacier's - Pictures Before and After

Boulder Glacier (1932)

BEFORE: Shown above is a picture of Boulder Glacier, taken near Boulder Pass, Glacier National Park, in 1932. The foreground rocks provided an excellent reference point to re-photograph the historic photo.


NEXT IMAGE: Boulder Glacier (2005)

Boulder Glacier (2005)

AFTER: Boulder Glacier photographed from nearly 73 years later from the same place as the 1932 photo. The foreground rocks provided an excellent reference point to re-photograph the historic photo.



Chaney Glacier Terminus (1911)

BEFORE: View of Chaney Glacier terminus, Glacier National Park, in 1911.



NEXT IMAGE: Chaney Glacier Terminus (2005)

Chaney Glacier Terminus (2005)

AFTER: View of Chaney Glacier terminus, Glacier National Park, in 2005.


Grant Glacier (1902)Credit: 1902 photograph by Morton Elrod (Glacier National Park Archives)

BEFORE: 1902 photograph of Grant Glacier from Grant Ridge, Flathead National Forest, Montana.


NEXT IMAGE: Grant Glacier (1998)

Grant Glacier (1998)Credit: 1998 photograph by Karen Holzer (USGS)

AFTER: 1998 Photograph of Grant Glacier from Grant Ridge, Flathead National Forest, Montana.



Grinnell Glacier from Mt. Gould (1938)

Credit: 1938 photograph by T.J. Hileman (Glacier National Park Archives)

BEFORE: An Oblique view of Grinnell Glacier is taken from the summit of Mount Gould, Glacier National Park in 1938. The relative sensitivity of glaciers to climate change is illustrated by the dramatic recession of Grinnell Glacier while surrounding vegetation patterns remain stable.



NEXT IMAGE: Grinnell Glacier from Mt. Gould (2005)

Grinnell Glacier from Mt. Gould (2005)Credit: 2005 photograph by Blase Reardon (USGS)

AFTER: The lake continues to enlarge as the glacier recedes. Icebergs can be seen floating in Upper Grinnell Lake in this photo taken in 2005.


Grinnell Glacier from Overlook (1940)Credit: Circa 1940 photograph by unknown photographer (Glacier National Park Archives)

BEFORE: Grinnell Glacier taken from the Grinnell Glacier Overlook off the Highline Trail, Glacier National Park. The view of Grinnell Glacier taken circa 1940 shows the early formation of Upper Grinnell Lake, a pro-glacier lake visible at the terminus of the glacier.



NEXT IMAGE: Grinnell Glacier from Overlook (2004)

Grinnell Glacier from Overlook (2004)Credit: 2004 photograph by Karen Holzer (USGS)

AFTER: The 2004 photo shows a dramatic increase in the size of the lake as a result of melting ice.


Shepard Glacier (1913)Credit: 1913 photograph by W. C. Alden (Glacier National Park Archives)



BEFORE: The picture above, photographed in 1913, shows Shepard Glacier from Pyramid Peak, Glacier National Park. NEXT IMAGE: Shepard Glacier (2005)

Shepard Glacier (2005)Credit: 2005 photograph by Blase Reardon (USGS)



AFTER: Shepard Glacier from Pyramid Peak, Glacier National Park, photographed in 2005.

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Inside the Human Heart Lies Much Love and Compassion -27 Oct 2012- Message from Higher Consciousness and SaLuSa, channelled by Multidimensional Ocean

Oct 27

Posted by kp40

Dear friends, if you could only see your courage and your love for one another from above. Much of you are unsuspecting of the immense sea of treasures hidden inside the human heart. Many of you are only beginning to awake to the possibilities of the heart.

The heart never stops loving and growing. It never stops believing and hoping in a better world. It does not do so foolishly, but in full knowledge of the human potential as well as the obstacles in the path to love and truth.

A few of you have noticed their chest tightening up when they are going through difficult times. The grip is tightening more and more until you stop, and learn to let go.

True letting go comes from within, but also with understanding. Understanding and being able to see what is in the way.

“How can we see what our eyes cannot see? How can we hear what our ears cannot hear?” many of you ask.

The answer is to go within. Go within your body, find your heart, and find your sacred place. When you are able to do this, you can be one with life itself. You can be one with all that is. Your Higher Senses can hear, see everything that you need to be aware of. Even though you will not experience this as the normal hearing and sight of the physical world, your Higher Self also has the ability to hear and see. It takes years of practice before one can develop these skills at will and consciously. Initially while the actual sight and hearing will be blocked off from your normal awareness, you will experience however and inner knowing.

This inner knowing can be confusing indeed, because it can be mixed up with your own memory, desires and imagination. However learning to distinguish between all these levels will lead you to more awakening, to more discernment and more growth.

You will find many obstacles in your way, many storms but also adventures and rewards. It is a journey well worth taking into the unknown territory of the human consciousness and mind.

In order to do this, one has to see ones’ own attachments, and by doing this, one can slowly let go of them throughout multiple gifts of inner seeing.

We love you very much. Love and peace.

Higher Consciousness of Self and SaLuSa

Channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean
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Noble Gas Plasma Engine to be Revealed at Power-Gen Conference, Orlando Florida, Dec 11, 2012

Noble Gas Plasma Engine to be Revealed at Power-Gen Conference, Orlando Florida, Dec 11, 2012

October 23, 2012

The Noble gas Engine will be revealed to the World on Dec. 11, 2012 at the Power-Gen conference in Orlando FloridaInteligentry, TPT, and Plasmerg will have 6 booths in the conference along with companies manufacturing the engine or selling products using the Noble gas engine.

On display will be an engine running a generator/alternator. Since the engine neither consumes fuel or expells waste, it can be run inside. It has no intake or exhaust.  The engine on display will be a two cylinder noble gas plasma engine and possibly a prototype four cylinder engine. The six cylinder will come out some where around July or August 2013.

Researchers think it will run for at least 1 1/2 years 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on one noble gas fill, maybe even longer. One prototype of an earlier version of the engine has now run 1 1/2 years in Michigan.  Others are in testing in locations around the world according to John Rohner.

When it hits the world will feel the ground shake, This will have a huge impact on oil companies and internal combustion engine and part manufacturers. The noble gas engine has no carburetor, valves, intake/ exhaust manifold, gas tanks.

This will make solar, and wind obsolete (they are much more expensive). The biggest impact will be in transportation (cars, trucks, ships/boats, trains and planes).  Its impact won't stop there.  Nuclear generation will feel it too. Then of course the Environmental benefits are absolutely NO carbon monoxide or carbond dioxide (CO2). Global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions will be a non-issue. Upon adoption, CO2 levels will start to drop.

This will have BIG opposition from vested interests who make huge profits from carbon fuels.
It will be be a big fight! So when this comes out SUPPORT IT... SCREAM AND YELL "WE NEED THIS NOW" They'll be less likely to try to kill it.  This is a huge advance for our health and the health of the planet.

You can join my Facebook group, Noble Gas Engine fan group.
John Rohner is a member and comments once or twice a week.

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Life is a Series of Directions with the Spirit Ever Asking –

Which Way Shall I Go Now – Which Way Does My Soul Need The Most:


Channelled through Pat Grabham.


Life is a series of directions with the spirit ever asking ‘which way shall I go now’ ‘which way does my soul need the most’, so that as the years advance it has progressed and gone in oh so many directions. For as the spirit grows, so that intricate individual web of life is spun, just as it must continue to spin its web, for those lines are the Keys to the Inner Mysteries, the Golden Gate itself. 

As eventually, however difficult has been the adolescent growing years from more than one life, at last the spirit realises more of what life is about and becomes aware of its tremendous potential for beauty, colour and growth;  thus as it spins it suddenly begins to sing with love and joy at God’s Beautiful Plan that Has Existed Since Before Time Began, for Everything Is – Was And Ever Shall Be, Throughout Eternity.

The spirit seeks guidance, tuition, wisdom and knowledge, which it can only get by remembering that which once it knew from the Higher Realms of Light. 

Once a certain stage of Awareness has been Attained, or More Frequently, Remembered, the spirit realises that there are no lists or rules, for the Law comes only from God Himself, and the Spiritual Truths which have Always Existed, for the Plan is a Free One, Forever Changing and Growing, Developing too, for All is Accepted, every belief is tolerated, providing love and tolerance is the base of learning. 

For all souls will one day ask – ‘Which is the Way to the Spirit’?  ‘Which Way Leads me to God, to Eternal Life, and Freedom from Death and Rebirth;  Freedom to be as my Spirit Once Was in the Very Beginning of Time, when my Spark of Life First Came Into Being As A Separate Entity’, hence that Constant Need for Fulfillment, Replenishment, At-One-Ment with God, and All Creation, for Yes, There Must Be More, for how can this be everything, for why else does something within the spirit yearn for something intangible, indefinable, but which it Knows Exists; That is a Hidden Memory of what Was and Will Be Again. 

So yes, its web must constantly be spun as it inwardly asks ‘Which is the Way to the Spirit, to that Golden Dream where Angels and Fairies Walked Alongside Us, and We Shared That Same Dream, Which Had Been Initiated Long Ages Past By God Himself. 

Thus must the spirit be ever more careful in the ways in which it weaves it web, so that truly it sings with joy, and is once more at peace, for as the spirit Follows Its Thoughts, Its Destiny Grows and Becomes an Ever Brighter Light, Centre of Love, and as Its Consciousness Increases More Within the Density of the Earth Plane, So Far From Its Homeland, so does the Spirit Seek that Higher Attunement and Awareness, sometimes lost over the Many Aeons Travelled Upon Planet Earth, until that Day Arrives when the Spirit will have Left the Trappings of the Flesh Behind, and is then Free and At-One with God Himself, Through All The Spheres Of Time.

World Without End.


18 July, 1984.

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Beloved Saint Germain "My Son," he explained, "do you not see what real mastery actually is? We in the Ascended State can control the atomic structure of our world as a potter controls his clay. Every electron and atom in the universe is obedient to our desire and command because of the God Power by which we control it and of which we have earned the right to be the Directors. "Mankind in the unascended state marvels at these things, but I tell you, it is no more effort for us to change the appearance and activity of our bodies than it is for the ordinary human being to change his clothes. The unfortunate condition in the human consciousness that keeps individuals in their self-created limitations is their attitude of mind which either fears or ridicules what it does not understand, or what is still worse, in its ignorance says: 'That is impossible.' A thing may not be probable under certain human conditions, but the God Self, which is the Great Light, can change all human conditions so nothing is impossible. "Every individual has the Divine Flame of Life within him, and That God Self of him has Dominion wherever he moves in the universe. If he, because of his own mental inertia, will not exert the necessary effort to reorder his age-old habits of mind and body, he goes on bound by the chains of his own forging; but if he chooses to know the God Within himself and dares to give that God Self all control of his outer activities, he will receive the knowledge once more of his Dominion over all substance - which has been his from the beginning. "The time has arrived when many of humanity are rapidly awakening, and they must in some way be made to understand that they have lived again and again in hundreds, sometimes thousands of lives, each time in a new physical body.”
Excerpt from: King, Godfre Ray. “Unveiled Mysteries” Ascended Master Teachings
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