I Will Meet You Again My Child:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.


 ‘I Will Meet You Again My Child’, how the soul loves those words, for they are the Stepping Stones to Paradise, that Gateway to Eternity; the words linger within the very Depths of Its Being, though for too long perhaps, unbeknown to the soul, for that memory had faded from consciousness, and instead lay like a Petal, Fallen From A Flower, Seemingly Alone, but Nevertheless, Near to that One-ness which it had Experienced, and so for too brief a time was the soul At-One With God, That Source Of All Life, that Cosmic Power, which as it has Always Been, Permeates and Penetrates all Atoms, Elements, Streams of Life, Here and in the Hereafter Worlds and Spheres Of Existence, And Those Galaxies Far Beyond The Understanding Of So Many.


Long Ago in Aeons Past, always has that Source of Love and Power, Wisdom and Understanding, Sympathy and Light Been, for it is the Very Essence and Heart of God; the Purpose and Meaning of Creation, And Why The Soul Strives Ever Forward, and, as it Journeys, Toils, Suffers and Rejoices Through Life, Seeks to Return and Know Again, that One-Ness With The Very Beginning of Time, and then Also, Back into the Past, for Beyond The Beginning Was Only Another Aspect, Facet, for Never Has There Been Nothing, Always Has There Been God, Just As There Always Will Be, Albeit Known to Humankind and all Spheres of Life in Different Ways of Understanding, as Realisation is Either Remembered, or that Life Force Has Become Aware, And Understands The Reality Of Its Very Existence.


That Golden Key has Lovingly Been Found, and New Doorways Abound, Each One More Beautiful Than The Last, for that Goal is Seen From Afar, and all one day will have no wish other than to Return to Their Dream With God to Become One With That Source of Creation, And Everlasting Light, Becoming At Each Stage A Being Shining So Bright, thus is there no darkness left, Only Everlasting Sunlight, for the Sun ……….and Son, Daughter, are Once More As One, and with that too, all other forms of life different to Humankind, will have Progressed and Ascended Into The Higher Realms Of Light, and Live Off That Sun Of All Life, The Very Centre And Heart Of God, Just As It Once Was, In Ages Long Past; Without Distance or End.




23 September, 1987.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 29, 2012 at 10:27am

Hi Hannah,

Thank you.


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 29, 2012 at 10:26am

Hi Julian

That is lovely.


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