Life is a Series of Directions with the Spirit Ever Asking - Which Way Shall I Go Now - Which Way Does My Soul Need The Most:

Life is a Series of Directions with the Spirit Ever Asking –

Which Way Shall I Go Now – Which Way Does My Soul Need The Most:


Channelled through Pat Grabham.


Life is a series of directions with the spirit ever asking ‘which way shall I go now’ ‘which way does my soul need the most’, so that as the years advance it has progressed and gone in oh so many directions. For as the spirit grows, so that intricate individual web of life is spun, just as it must continue to spin its web, for those lines are the Keys to the Inner Mysteries, the Golden Gate itself. 

As eventually, however difficult has been the adolescent growing years from more than one life, at last the spirit realises more of what life is about and becomes aware of its tremendous potential for beauty, colour and growth;  thus as it spins it suddenly begins to sing with love and joy at God’s Beautiful Plan that Has Existed Since Before Time Began, for Everything Is – Was And Ever Shall Be, Throughout Eternity.

The spirit seeks guidance, tuition, wisdom and knowledge, which it can only get by remembering that which once it knew from the Higher Realms of Light. 

Once a certain stage of Awareness has been Attained, or More Frequently, Remembered, the spirit realises that there are no lists or rules, for the Law comes only from God Himself, and the Spiritual Truths which have Always Existed, for the Plan is a Free One, Forever Changing and Growing, Developing too, for All is Accepted, every belief is tolerated, providing love and tolerance is the base of learning. 

For all souls will one day ask – ‘Which is the Way to the Spirit’?  ‘Which Way Leads me to God, to Eternal Life, and Freedom from Death and Rebirth;  Freedom to be as my Spirit Once Was in the Very Beginning of Time, when my Spark of Life First Came Into Being As A Separate Entity’, hence that Constant Need for Fulfillment, Replenishment, At-One-Ment with God, and All Creation, for Yes, There Must Be More, for how can this be everything, for why else does something within the spirit yearn for something intangible, indefinable, but which it Knows Exists; That is a Hidden Memory of what Was and Will Be Again. 

So yes, its web must constantly be spun as it inwardly asks ‘Which is the Way to the Spirit, to that Golden Dream where Angels and Fairies Walked Alongside Us, and We Shared That Same Dream, Which Had Been Initiated Long Ages Past By God Himself. 

Thus must the spirit be ever more careful in the ways in which it weaves it web, so that truly it sings with joy, and is once more at peace, for as the spirit Follows Its Thoughts, Its Destiny Grows and Becomes an Ever Brighter Light, Centre of Love, and as Its Consciousness Increases More Within the Density of the Earth Plane, So Far From Its Homeland, so does the Spirit Seek that Higher Attunement and Awareness, sometimes lost over the Many Aeons Travelled Upon Planet Earth, until that Day Arrives when the Spirit will have Left the Trappings of the Flesh Behind, and is then Free and At-One with God Himself, Through All The Spheres Of Time.

World Without End.


18 July, 1984.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 27, 2012 at 2:44pm

Hi Melodie,

Thank you for your lovely comments and the picture is beautiful.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 27, 2012 at 2:42pm

That's true, Julian.



Comment by Melodie Munro on October 27, 2012 at 9:31am

Wonderful post Pat, Thank you for sharing with us. Love and Blessings. Meloidie

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