I Wandered Into An Enchanted Garden, 100 Miles Above The Earth It Seemed:

I Wandered Into An Enchanted Garden,

100 Miles Above The Earth It Seemed:

I wandered into an Enchanted Garden, 100 miles above the Earth it seemed, for I felt I was in Another World of Incomparable Beauty, Colour and Sound;  Rays of Colour shone profusely before my wondering eyes, and with the Exotic Colour, Musical Sounds Floated In And Around, Clear and Beautiful, as if Angels Were Playing, which as I looked more closely, I saw that Indeed They Were, and Fairies Laughed and Danced in and amongst those Rays of Love, Truly Everything Seemed Etheric, Translucent, Shimmering with Wonderful Light, that I thought to myself, ‘if I lived here, I would never want to leave such a beautiful place’.



Then on one of those Angelic Notes, I seemed to hear my name, and then as I looked in another direction, lo and behold, there was the Most Amazing House I had ever seen, in the Shape and Formation of a Star, Beautiful and Bright, Filled With Brilliant White Light, and it seemed to be made of Moving Water, which like the Angels Played Sweet Blessed Music;  those Pure Notes Of Paradise Drifted Across To My Senses, And I Felt A Unique Peace, Not The Freedom From Pain, For I Had Not, But Peace Of The Spirit, My Soul;  Such Utter Serenity I Knew That This Place Was More Blessed Than Even I Was Aware Of, For Such Harmony Filled The Air, And I Felt Tears Of Joy Begin To Fall, Was I – I Wonder Home, Or Was This Just A Dream Of What I Know Does Exist;  Oh Well, I Thought, One Day I Will Know.

Then Out of this Star, which I felt had a Mystical Significance, and which I noticed was Six Pointed, Man, Woman Made Perfect, there Appeared a Brilliant Figure, Bathed In A Silver Glow, And His Robe Was Predominantly Of Silver With Coloured Rays Here And There, And His Hair Too Was White, His Eyes So Gentle And Wise, His Voice Deep and Kind…. ‘Hello, Pat. He Said, At Last You’ve Remembered What You Once Knew – Welcome Home Once More’.

As I Looked At Him, I Was Reminded Of Christ Himself, For That Light Of Greatness Was Everywhere.  He Said, ‘Come, Let Us Go Inside, For Truly There Is Much To See’, And Then He And I Walked Deeper Into The Centre Of The Star, And How At Home I Felt There.  Rippling Moving Waters Played Even Inside, Silvery And Musical, Soft And Gentle, Pure And Perfect, And These Musical Waterfalls Shone Too With Glistening Dew-Drops It Seemed Of Contrast And Colour, Like Pearls Amongst The Moving Scene, So That I Wanted To Touch Them.



And My Host Laughed And Said, ‘Yes, Everyone Loves Those Pearls, And All Want To Touch, Try My Dear Child’, The Joy Is Mine’.

I Touched A Pearl, And As I Did So, The Waterfall Seemed To Become Still And Opened Out Just Like A Lotus, The Water Forming The Petals Of That Beautiful Flower In But A Fraction Of A Second;  I Laughed With Joy, And My Host Said ‘Touch Another Pearl’, And I Did, When I Seemed To Be Transported Back 2,000 Years Before, When Jesus Himself Was Born, And I Saw And Was There And Lived And Loved Every Second Of That Life, Albeit So Short A Time, And I Saw How The Crowds Felt;  The Disciples I Looked Upon;  Mary And Joseph, And The Angels, All Went By Without Hurry Before My Wondering Eyes, And Then We Got To Those Last Few Days And My Tears Fell Even More, And I Wondered How People Could Do What They Did, And I Was Glad I Was Not Them When They Died.

Then Joyfully, I Saw The Arisen Christ Rise From The Earth On His Way To Paradise, And I Knew Then The Wonder And Glory Of The Destiny And Heritage God Planned For Man, Woman, And Then Just Before The Visions Faded, I Saw Jesus With A Dove In His Raised Hands, Which Were Stretched Upwards To Heaven, When Suddenly The Visions Faded, And I Was Aware Of My Host And The Beautiful Fountains.

‘You Are Very Blessed Pat Dear’ He Said, ‘For You Have Been Given A Great Privilege Which Comes You Know Because Of Progression, And How It Pleases All Our Hearts, For More Now Will You Remember, For Yet Another Veil Has Been Lifted’.

‘One Day, You Know, You Will Come Back And We Will Travel Further In This My Home, So Don’t Forget, You Will Come Back, And Yes, You Will Put Pen to Paper, That Others May Get Joy Too From The Perceptiveness Deep Within You’. 

‘So, God Bless, Pat My Dear, Till We Meet Again, As We Will One Day, And We Will Continue Our Enchanted Journey Once More At That Time’.

Au Revoir.


(Pat Grabham)

30 December, 1984.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 30, 2012 at 4:53pm

That is true, Julian.


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 30, 2012 at 9:31am

Hi Hannah

Thank you for your comments.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 30, 2012 at 9:29am

Hi Valery

Thank you for your comments.  I sent this writing to a spiritual friend and she wrote back and said she had had similar experiences in a beautiful garden but with the Mother....(I would say the spirit guides I see and meet with during dreams and astral travel tend to be male... that is not to say I do not meet up and see both male and female and have female guides, but the major ones which resonate more deeply within me and have a more profound effect, are always male).  It probably has a lot initially to do with a life time of my love and belief in Jesus... which has had added to it, further, as I have become more consciously aware and taken further steps back Home.




The picture is lovely.

Comment by Valery Jianu on October 30, 2012 at 6:22am

Hello Pat

Very nice vision.You are blessed.





Comment by Valery Jianu on October 30, 2012 at 6:21am

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