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At present there are one thousand and one therapies. From the oldest, such as Ayurveda or Acupuncture, to newer as allopathic medicine (drugs, surgery), biodecoding, bioenergetics, the technique for emotional release, massages, Reiki, crystals, homeopathy, osteopathy, reflexology, etc., each of which speaks of the wonders you can do about our health. Spectacular stories are heard everywhere about this or that healing, because existing healing techniques are innumerable.

Which should we choose?

Does it really make any difference which of the various therapeutic techniques is chosen to work with it?

Is there any that we can consider the perfect therapy?

There are methods that seem to be effective only in certain people and not others; the perfect therapy for me may not be for someone else. It is therefore very important that we learn to discriminate, because there are many people willing to help, to do things for us and we offer techniques and methods that almost are a "miracle" today.

Is not faith in the art, faith in the therapist and faith in oneself what determines the difference? Everyone should choose the therapy that seems more compatible with, and then, which he/she has greater confidence with.

From my view, for each patient, the perfect therapy will be that one that has helped him/her solve the problem that affected him/her.

Among all the existing techniques, some will help us to relax, others to reduce stress or alleviate our pain, or perhaps some open for us the door to deeper within ourselves; but none of them can heal us by itself. What is clear is that the various techniques can help us break down the barriers that prevent us heal and can serve to stimulate the desire to heal. In short, they can help create the proper environment to contact with our own healing energy; but it is always the body itself, through consciousness, which will hold healing, not therapy. Healing is not a grace that comes from outside, it is a power that we all have inside for personal use. In the same way that nobody can walk, breathe or eat for us, no one has the power to heal ourselves. No one can do this in our place, we are the only ones who can control our selfish desires, our confusion or despair, our unconsciousness. Transcending a disease is something you can only do if you are sick, because in that case, you are the only one able to make the necessary changes to achieve higher truth of that same condition and rise above the conflict and the level of imbalance that occurs to a higher level peace and balance. Understanding is the only tool that provides solution to our problems and facilitates the necessary changes to our lives. Healing is above all knowing and understanding ourselves.

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Genome Project And Neo-Darwinism

The famous scientist, Bruce Lipton noted problem in the idea that all cellular activities are controlled by DNA. However, he doesn't seem to realize that such an idea is crucial to neo-Darwinism. Same thing applies to all those who note that the famous human genome sequencing project was advertised using what is now seen as a wrong idea that most if not all diseases are caused by mulfunctioning of genes.

How can it be said that genes has anything to do with diseases? Disease can be understood as some malfunctioning of cells. So if we understand all cellular functioning as to be due to the control by DNA the root source of diseases can be seen to be errors in the DNA. Of course this exempts the malfunctioning of cells due to infections or injuries. It seems to be the case that scientists have no clue of what, if any, infections causes the majority of diseases. So they concoct this DNA explain it all idea.

But how does neo-Darwinism comes in? Well if you note a well engineered cellular functioning,eg the great body difence system then it is the habit of Darwinists to step in and say that it is all due to evolution via a series of accidents. Such evolution requires that every ingenious thing going on in a living thing must be controlled by DNA. This is because DNA is the point through which natural selection is supposed to take place. This mean that it isn't a surprise that scientists would soon or later amuse themselves that the body's wonder disease fighting and prevention machinery is all due to workings controlled by the DNA. So if we could know the whole of DNA, so they thought, then we will have the recipe for the cures of all diseases! Well, they were wrong!If on the other hand there is another means through which the cell can carry out its ingenious functions without being controlled by the DNA, as Lipton suggest, then such functioning cannot have evolved the Darwinian way! So that is what is at stake!
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Helping Us All Expand Our Experience Of Our Multidimensional Ascended Master Self By Steven Hutchinson

Below are three beautiful meditations not only to help each of us experience our Multidimensional Ascended Master Self more fully that ever before, but also to help awaken every human being to their Divine Self & their Oneness with God.

In the first video, Patricia Cota-Robles asks us all to join together in this powerful invocation & call to help every human being be lifted into their Divine Heart & experience God's Oneness.

And right below Patricia's video, you will find her recent message and invocation that she asked everyone to participate in on July 4th. But if you feel the Divine call to do so like I do, please use use her invocation and calls in your meditations on later dates as well.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of Us in every moment.

Enjoy, Steve

Video - "Help Humanity Awaken To The Oneness of All Of Life" By Patricia Cota-Robles -


A Global Mission For The USA

According to the Company of Heaven, the synchronicity of the unprecedented events that are happening around the World are paving the way for the fulfillment of a facet of the Divine Plan that has been unfolding in the Realms of Cause since the United States of America lost our way after the founding of this country.
No matter where you abide on the face of the Earth, your assistance in bringing this facet of the Divine Plan to God Victorious fruition will benefit ALL Life evolving on this Planet. Please read the following information with an open heart and mind and respond according to your Heart’s Call. Your Light is needed NOW!
In October of 2019, a huge portal of Light that once pulsated in the Heavenly Realms above New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. was activated and once again opened to full breadth. It is through this portal that our Founding Fathers, in spite of their flaws, were inspired to write the sacred documents that form our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.
The Divine Intent of these documents was to guide the behavior of American citizens in a way that would fulfill the destiny for this New World. That destiny was for America to model to the rest of the people on this Planet a Higher Order of Being, a New World that would heal the illusion of separation and demonstrate to the masses the Oneness of the Family of Humanity.
The plan was that within this consciousness of Oneness, American citizens would revel in our diversities and collectively make decisions and take actions that reflect only the highest good for ALL concerned, thus allowing EVERYONE to live in prosperity, equality, peace and happiness.
The name AMERICA is an anagram for the I AM RACE. This name was intended to reflect a race of God Conscious people comprised of ALL races, ALL nationalities, ALL cultures, ALL religions, ALL creeds and ALL Lifestyles. A race of people who are functioning within the full embrace of their I AM Presence reflecting Oneness, Divine Love, Reverence for ALL Life, and decisions and actions that perpetually reflect the highest good for ALL concerned.
With the recent activation of Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA, our 12:12 Catalyst Codes, our Transfiguration Codes, our Divine Body Templates, and the Awakening we are experiencing through the forced time-out and the Planetary Reboot for which we are currently preparing, Humanity’s mass consciousness has been elevated to a brand NEW level.
This higher consciousness will allow the patterns for Divine Government to register in the conscious mind and Heart Flame of every Son and Daughter of God in ways we have not previously experienced.
And the Company of Heaven is asking us to join together in Divine Service to Transmute the cause, core, effect, record and memory of the obsolete and fear-based miscreations that have for centuries corrupted and distorted the patterns of government not only for the United States of America but also for rest of the World.
Our participation in this activity of Light whenever you feel the call to do so will pave the way for the NEW and Heart-based form of Divine Government that exists on the New Earth. This is a Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence of every person. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.
The patterns of perfection for this form of government are being revealed in NEW ways through the newly activated Transfiguration Codes in Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional DNA and our greatly enhanced Heart Flames.
The United States of America has a vital role to play in the manifestation of Divine Government on this Planet. Unfortunately, the events surfacing in the outer-world at this time are reflecting the antithesis of this new Heart-based form of government.
That is occurring because the Light of God is increasing on Earth due to the Awakening taking place within every person. This is pushing everything that conflicts with God’s Light and Divine Government to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection.
Consequently, every day we are witnessing how very broken and corrupt not only our political system is in the USA, but how broken and corrupt the governmental systems are around the World as well.
As we join in consciousness with the Company of Heaven to empower Divine Government, know that the I AM Presence of Lightworkers all over the World are joining with us as well.
Together, we are cocreating a Chalice of Light through our unified Heart Flames that will serve as an Open Door through which the patterns of perfection for Divine Government will be secured in the physical world of form. And we begin.
Video - "What Is You Purpose And Reason For Being" By Patricia Cota-Robles
The Goddess’ of Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Victory and Glory
Now, in the Name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, and through the Creative Fire pulsating in every person’s Heart Flame, we invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory and the Goddess of Glory to take their strategic positions around Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. We also invoke the Silent Watcher for Washington, D. C. and all of the Mighty Guardians and Cosmic Beings who dwell in the Etheric Complex over Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas.
Blessed Ones, come forth now and assist us with the most powerful cleansing activity Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment. As one unified Heart, we now invoke the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Transmuting Flame of God’s Infinite Forgiveness.
Blaze, blaze, blaze this Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness and all obstructions of the Light, that we or any part of Life have ever placed on the pathway of Life’s perfection. Through the Divine Power of Infinite Forgiveness, Transmute this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record and memory—now and forever.
Now Beloved Ones, BLAZE and SUSTAIN the multidimensional aspects of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, with the power and might of a thousand Suns, in, through and around the President of the United States of America and his Cabinet—now and forever.
Blaze this Violet Flame in, through, and around the Senate and the House of Representatives for the United States of America, and in, through and around all of the people associated with Governments in the United States at National, State and Local levels—now and forever.
Expand this Sacred Fire through the Supreme Court and all Courts of Law, all Legal procedures and all who are associated with Law Enforcement at every level—now and forever.
Blaze this Violet Flame in, through, and around the United Nations and ALL of its members and all of the people associated with their various countries—now and forever.
Now, expand the Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns through ALL World leaders and every person associated with any Government on Earth at every level—now and forever.
We accept that this Transmutation and Purification by the unfathomable frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame have been God Victoriously accomplished and will be permanently sustained through the Power of God, I AM.
Now We Call For Divine Government
I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love…
I invoke the great Beings of Light associated with Divine Government to this Planet, and I invoke the Beloved Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.
Blessed Ones, blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Perfect Will, Divine Love and Divine Enlightenment in, through and around every person involved with the Governments of Earth at National, State and Local levels. 
Blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Will, Divine Love and Divine Enlightenment in, through and around the Electorate and Governmental Officials of all Nations.
Let them feel and tangibly experience the Power, Wisdom and Love Nature of our Father-Mother God flowing through their Heart Flames as they elect their Governments and vote on all issues before them.
SEAL this activity of Light in the Threefold Flame anchored within the Heart of every person on Earth, and expand this Light daily and hourly with every Breath I take.

  And so it is, Beloved I AM.

The Golden Flame of Enlightenment
Now, through the Supreme Eternal Mercy and Compassion of our Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM—All That Is, I accept the Divine Fiat that is allowing NEW frequencies of the Yellow-Gold Flame of Enlightenment from the very Heart of God to Awaken, Enlighten, Empower, Guide and Protect ALL of Humanity in ways that have never before been attempted. This is creating the sacred space for the tangible manifestation of Divine Government in the USA and all Governments around the World.
Through this Awakening and Divine Enlightenment, God’s Will for Planet Earth SHALL MANIFEST. The Oneness of ALL Life and every country’s Divine Plan will be fulfilled in perfect Divine Order. Divine Government will BE the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.
We COMMAND and consciously decree that this profound TRUTH is now all-powerfully active, ever-expanding, world-encompassing and eternally sustained right here and right NOW. And so it is, Beloved I AM That I AM.
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446
Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-347-5440


In Christine Day's new Pleiadian Broadcast for July below, the focus is more on helping each of expand the experience our own Multidimensional Self.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment, Steven Hutchinson

Christine's Message July 2020

Hello,  We are already into July and moving into the second half of 2020. Alisa and I are safely tucked in on our land in Grand Marais, witnessing the ongoing unfolding drama within this country, and across the world.

The words the Pleiadians are echoing to me “expect the drama to accelerate through to the end of this year.” Energetic shifts to alleviate this drama on our planet are destined to take place by the 23rd December this year, 2020.

I know we need this time to fully transform our relationship to our human aspect and to set in motion a higher vibrational reconnection to our Heart space. I understand that we need this upheaval in our 3rd dimensional reality to move ourselves into the higher terrain of our sacred reconnections.

Simultaneous to all of this third dimensional chaos is the incredible birthing of a Network of light, an electrical grid of God light that is growing in its brilliance daily on our earth plane.

The action of the light created from this Grid is accelerating an unearthing of the density, which has been hidden within our governments, our society and within our own human aspect for lifetimes.

The gift for this time is waiting to be discovered within our own multidimensional Heart. There is an urgent call going outwards for those of us on the path to allow this self-resurrection process, through the conscious choice action of each one of us choosing to relink within our Heart.

Know that we are not separate as we each meet within the Network grid of God light, understanding as you connect through your Heart, you connect to the Grid.

Keep letting go within the drama and choose you. “You are who you have been waiting for!”

Love and blessings,


Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast July, 2020" By Christine Day


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weakly Interacting Chi

It is said that chi flows through the body organs such as lungs etc. Then the chi can physically affect the body organs. But the body moves from place to place. So chi must follow the body from place to place. This suggest that we should consider body-chi interaction akin to the electromagnetic interaction. Well we could 'answer' these questions the usual way the careless 'gurus' do: 'it is beyond understanding'. But why should we do that without making any attempt to understand? Furthermore it is parts of objects that move together wherever the object goes that make us say 'the parts are bonded together'. There is no more understanding even in the so called 'physical world'. The key to presenting a good scientific theory of chi, then, is to reconsider fundamental interaction of particles. Specifically, chi must be a weakly interacting field, interacting with charged particles via a decouple-able 'fifth force'. Or at least so must it appear to a scientist.

Weak interaction is the interaction with our version of charges, but 'strong interaction' will be an interaction with a de-couple-able fifth force version of charge. Compare this idea to that of 'Weakly Interacting Massive Particles' (WIMPS), candidate for the so called 'dark mattr'. All it takes for particle to seam ' intangible' is for it to cease interacting with electromagnetic force! If it doesn't interact with photons then it can't be seen. So we no longer use the old version 'it is immaterial' to answer the question why chi cannot be seen. Use the modern version; chi does not interact with the electromagnetic(i.e. photonic field). We now understand that it is not belonging to a class dubbed 'material' that makes things visible . In fact it is not matter at all hence 'dark matter' to mean some 'intangible ' entity. It is strictly electromagnetism. Without the latter, matter would be effectively undetectable as it is 99.9999999 percent empty. Thus light would easily pass through it and our fingures, tongues etc would to the same, hence complete intangibility. So we cannot continue using the naive 17nth century 'immaterial' which negates matter rather than forces in the definition of unseen. What more? If spirit interacts with photons, it will look completely like what we (perhaps un-inspiredly) dubb 'matter'.

Now we have seen in the earlier post that given a quantum coherent chi, then transitions that appears like miraclulos are easier to understand. Let me recap it mutasis-mutandis. Remembert that a sick state of say liver is given by constituent particles being at a given spatial and momenti configuration. So at sick state, particle p1,p2,p3,..etc forming the liver are at places x1,x2,x3,...etc respectively and have momenti m1,m2,m3,...etc respectivel. In the healthy state, they are at locations X1,X2,X3,...and with momenti,M1,M2,M3,...The transitioning from the small lattererd to the capitalized state is what we call 'healing'. If each of the particles p is a quantum particle, then the miraculous transition can happen at the 'colapse of wavefuntion'. But a group of a huge number of particles are often in a quantum-decoherent state at room temperature. So they dont manifest quantum behaviour. However, by weakly-interacting rather than strongly doing so, chi can circuvent this fate of quantum-decoherence that otherwise affect every other from of matter.

High temperature is due to particles having chaotic mixture of momentums of a wide range of values. A quantum-coherent state though must be of only a single momentum hence single wavelength due to deBroglie's hypothesis. So these two, temperature and coherence, don't go together. During observation, quantum states must interact with us. Since we must be warm, we must 'collapse' the quantum states. The 'collapse ' is the quantum-decoherence. But essentially what happens during 'transfer of temperature' from a warm body to a cooler body is exchange of momentum. Therefore electromagnetic interactions are needed for a given body to warm another body. This means that a weakly-interactin entity cannot undergo quantum-decoherence that is due to 'observation' by an ensemble of strongly-interacting particles like those forming our brain. This means that chi's quantum state cannot be easily destroyed by an interaction with our visible world.

But since chi cannot strongly interact with our charged bodies, a different way of explaining the change in momentum from m to M is necessary. This interaction will appear like a 'fifth force' capable of being decoupled at the will of chi practitioner in what can termed as 'top-down causation'. We still think of the change from m to M as just the usual exchange in momentum. So chi can circumvent all the wiggling of warm particles by not interacting strongly with our electromagnetism. The simple exchange of momentum to bring about M from m is not like the chaotic momentum that defines a warm state. Furthermore, the flux of chi also replaces the slightly decoherent one with the more coherent one. Hence chi must keep flowing litteraly to maintain its temperature just like the air does. This also may explain the 'fire of kundalini' due to 'blockage of chakra' etc.
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Top Down Causality In Chi Dynamics

If you search the word 'reiki' online, you will soon or latter find the word 'placebo'. 'Placebo'is a reluctant and temporary acknowledgement that 'sometimes mind can affect the physical world'. The ability of the mind to affect matter is an example of 'top-down causality'. The 'bottom-up' causality is, for example, when chemical reactions, as in dopamine affect the mind. But simple reasoning using 'action and reaction forces' should show you that there isn't anything in the world that is acted upon by things but which itself cannot act upon by the very things. So better mind be able to act upon chemicals and hence upon the physical world.But the 'physical world' don't end where the visible body ends. There are several means through which the body spatially extends. The electromagnetism is just but one of them. Careful reasoning shows that the electromagnetism and other stuffs off a living thing must also be a living thing. Hence the placebo effect must be able to extended beyond the visible body. So ironically 'placebo', though meant to criticise reiki etc actually justifies it! The skeptic's argument is turned on its own head!There is no demarcation between the 'physical' and the 'spiritual', at least not, a demarcation that is of any empirical or practical relevance. A 'spiritual' entity is just a physical entity that is doing set of different things. With this understanding, it is easier to understand and justify the spiritual. For instance, you now see how I can easily extend the concept of placebo to explain the spiritual. It renders the argument of sceptic moot as the argument hinges on the assumption of unbridgable cliff between the spiritual and the physical, thanks to uninspired 'gurus'. Specifically the reasoning goes that if I say that the effects of reiki are 'physical', then I mean that they are not 'spiritual' and vice-versa. But since anything that affects the visible world must interface as if it is an entirely physical effect (we see only the visible part of things), it renders objective justification of such entities as chi impossible even if they are there!The dynamics of chi, then must work accordingly in the body. It is said to flow through the body organs, affecting the physical states of the organs but not detailed explanation of the physics is offered. Logic? Physical must be almost antagonistic to spiritual even though somehow they must work together! This paradox is unnecessary. When chi etc is at work in the 'physical' body, it must be behaving closely like the visible body, up to extend where scientist can mistake it with the 'physical'. When a scientist does that, he develops an empirically correct 'physical' theory to explain what he observes. So even if we don't understand psi, a ' mock up', ultimately incorrect theory must be there if the psi actually experts a causal influence in the visible world. I suggest such a theory must be of the kind if 'weakly interacting particles'. It the case of reiki, top-down causality will explain the coupling and decoupling of these interactions off the visible matter. (Perharps what they call it attunement). Thus placebo extend well to the spiritual if we don't see a demarcation between the physical and the spiritual.Chi understood as to be in a quantum coherent state is also good in understanding it's dynamics in body organs. Normally quantum states are thought to decoher in scales relevant to classic world. However, I can argue that this in distance comes from not considering the top-down causality, which,ironically is sometimes acknowledged as 'placebo'. But in quantum photosynthesis etc, this logic is said to be defied! But they are yet to wonder if similarly,the effects that people experience as 'reiki' are due to some strange maintenance of quantum effects in biological systems. Even more, they haven't wondered if this strange occurrence of quantum effects in biology is due to some top-down causality that they at times suggest.We usually understand quantum states as to be capable of transitioning to any other quantum state. Thus quantum mechanics allows for a probabilistic transitioning that will appear as mirraculous. Therefore merely thinking of chi as to be in a quantum coherent state allows us to underst' miraculous' properties such as reiki healings. However, if we allow for top-down causality, we no longer understand quantum transitioning as to be entirely random. The unpredictability of quantum transitioning is understood as to be due to influencing from minds, which we know them to be unpredictable.
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Quantum Miracles States

In physics most changes are understood as motion. So the concept 'state' reduces to the concept of 'spatial configuration'. The miraculous state will then be just a certain extraordinary configuration. This is not to say that all changes are understood this way in physics. 'change in magnetic field',for instance, may be accompanied by happenings that are not motion, hence the state of magnetic field is not entirely 'spatial configuration'. Whatever 'change' might be, though, we can describe a macroscopic, miraculous state in the language of states in microscopic physics hence quantum mechanics.We must be careful to define 'miracle' not in the morden, sense of 'inexplicable by science' but in the traditional sense of 'the extraordinary'. In physics, if we were to observes miracle, in would appear as something happening for unknown causes. Thus it will be a new science. The miracle will become a new way of explaining phenomena, making 'inexplicable by science' necessarily oxymoron. Miracle is just an amazing phenomenon in that the rarity of it happening makes people think that it is impossible. There is no 'science' in the proper definition of 'miracle'. The notion was there long before we coined the word 'science'. It was always an affirmation of phenomenon and never a negation of a disciple such as ' science'. So we can definitely describe 'miraculous state' using the language of quantum mechanics.Let us first consider states that are reducible to spatial configurations. If you are sick, the atoms in your body are in a certain certain spatial configuration. So the atoms have merely changed there locations from where they normally are when you are healthy. In quantum mechanics, if a particle begins in a certain position, then there is always a possibility that it will arrive at any other given location. Applying this to the entire ensemble of particles forming your body means that given a certain configuration it is always possible for there to be a change that results in any other given configuration. Hence miraculous changes are allowed in quantum mechanics. We say that there is a nonzero probability that a transition will happen from a sick 'quantum sate' to an healthy 'quantum state'. Of course this is simplistic because a macroscopic ensemble of quantum wavicles decorhers so that it behaves like a classic, thermodynamic state, and not a quantum one. I will explain this latter but for now, we can appreciate that quantum mechanics makes a miraculous transition at worst, rare, but never impossible.In the case of states that are not reducible to spatial configurations. The reasoning is closely similar. In quantum mechanics, the rules for spatial states generalise so well tostates in general. For example, though Born's was used to describe the probability of a particle being at a certain point in space, it generalize to the probability of any quntun entity being in a certain state. Two examples of such entities are fields and energy. So if the change into a sick state is a change that is not explainable by a mere spatial reorganization of particles, then the above reasoning of quantum mechanic still applies. One might say states of consciousness is an example of such states that are not explainable by a mere spato-temporal and dynamic configuration of microscopic particles.Let us return to the issue of decoherence of quantum states in macroscopic world. It used to be thought that the bodies of living things are too warm and wet for quantum states to maintain a coherent state. But now it is being accepted as fact, for example, in quantum photosynthesis. There is an unfounded assumption regarding to the total ubscence of a mind in nature that goes into the insistece that decoherence must always happen in the macriscopic world.
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In The Language Of Hilbert Spaces

It is not hard to accept that one can form a spiritual idea that generalizes the concept of existence.Normally we understand existence as 'spatio-temporal precence'. Hilbert space can be said to be a 'non-spatial coordination'. So the concept 'precence' is generalized to the concept 'coordinated'. 'Spatial precence' is what we usually call it simply 'precence'. Then we normally equate 'this 'precence' with 'existence'.

'Space' can be defined in general sense as 'set of possibilities'. The usual space around you is 'a possibility of a stone, a mango, a cat etc. When a cat comes there, the part of space occupied by the cat turns from being a 'possibility'into being an actuality.So for the same 'coordinated possibility', there are many things that can be actualized and related to that possibility. This notion of 'space' is easily generalizable. Hilbert Space is one such a generalization. As you will see, spiritual ideas can be expresed using the language of Hilbert Spaces. Then there are advantages of using this beautifull language.

We intuit quantum mechanics using the concept of Hilbert Space. So exemplifying using quantum mechanics will help you grasp the concept, as well as help you grasp the mathematics of quantum mechanics. The possibilities that a quantum state can 'collaps' into is well captured by Hilbert Space. The famous Schrodinger Cat can 'collapse' into the 'death' or the 'life' state. So the Hilbert Space associated to Schrodinger Cat is 2 dimensional: the 'life' dimension and the 'dead' dimension. Before the 'collaps', the cat inhabits and can move around the space. Whenever equal probability of finding a dead cat as there is of finding a living one, we say the cat is living in the middle of the Hilbert Space. If the probability of finding a living cat increases,then the probability of finding a dead one must reduce accordingly, so that the total probability must remain 1. So we see that the cat behaves as though it is moving from the middle of the space towards the 'living' dimension.

A truely interesting case is when quantum mechanics organise different frequensis as different axi of Hilbert Space. It is here where you might wonder whether I am talking of some spiritual idea. Different octaves are different dimensions in Hilbert Space. The fifth octave is the fifth dimension,and so forth.Such axis as octaves etc are what they call 'eigenstates' in quantum mechanics. Then the exact location along the axis is called the 'eigenvalue'. So we navigate around the Hilbert Space by altering the eigenvalue of the various eigen states. If you alter the eigenvalue of the fifth octave without altering any of the other e igenvalues, then you are moving entirely along the fifth dimension. Then the e igenvalues in the case of vibrations is just the amplitudes. So to move to fifth dimension, we don't realy 'increase frquency' as if we were vibrating at a lower one. Rather, we Inc read the amplitude of our fifth dimensional vibration, as if we always vibrate at this high frequency but in a whimpering vibration. If you have played guitar, you will easily understand this 'altering frequency by altering amplitude' trick.The general location somewhere in the Hilbert space is what they call it 'quantum state'. So Pauli exclusion Principal, which states that no two fermions can occupy the same quantum state can be understood as the Hilbert Space version of the usual rule that no two objects can occupy the same space. So e see that in dead nature can treat Hilbert Space as though usual space. Since, as we have seen, Hilbert Space is a good language for spiritual matters, we can truely say that nature understands spirituality.
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One of the most knee-jerk dogmas in mainstream science is the so called 'bottom-up' causality. It is 'knee jerking' because whenever it fit the 'materialist', the riverse causality is casualy suggested. In a nutshell, given a complex system such as an ocean, the behavious of atoms in isolation don't help us to fully understand the ocean for the atom's behavious in the ocean can be thought of as their fundamental behaviour in the ocean, that has little to do with their behaviour in isolation. When it comes to the 'ocean' we term it as 'brain', we note a different causality: conscious freewill. You consciously move your hand in space. Can you, similarly move to different 'dimensions'?

Whenever our bodies move, they do so all the way up to the tiniest particle. We baselessly reluctant in applying the same logic to consciousness. Specifically, when we are conscious, we are so up to the tiniest particle. Then we see that there is no such a thing as immutable, intrinsic properties of particles!

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Dear ones

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