In physics most changes are understood as motion. So the concept 'state' reduces to the concept of 'spatial configuration'. The miraculous state will then be just a certain extraordinary configuration. This is not to say that all changes are understood this way in physics. 'change in magnetic field',for instance, may be accompanied by happenings that are not motion, hence the state of magnetic field is not entirely 'spatial configuration'. Whatever 'change' might be, though, we can describe a macroscopic, miraculous state in the language of states in microscopic physics hence quantum mechanics.

We must be careful to define 'miracle' not in the morden, sense of 'inexplicable by science' but in the traditional sense of 'the extraordinary'. In physics, if we were to observes miracle, in would appear as something happening for unknown causes. Thus it will be a new science. The miracle will become a new way of explaining phenomena, making 'inexplicable by science' necessarily oxymoron. Miracle is just an amazing phenomenon in that the rarity of it happening makes people think that it is impossible. There is no 'science' in the proper definition of 'miracle'. The notion was there long before we coined the word 'science'. It was always an affirmation of phenomenon and never a negation of a disciple such as ' science'. So we can definitely describe 'miraculous state' using the language of quantum mechanics.

Let us first consider states that are reducible to spatial configurations. If you are sick, the atoms in your body are in a certain certain spatial configuration. So the atoms have merely changed there locations from where they normally are when you are healthy. In quantum mechanics, if a particle begins in a certain position, then there is always a possibility that it will arrive at any other given location. Applying this to the entire ensemble of particles forming your body means that given a certain configuration it is always possible for there to be a change that results in any other given configuration. Hence miraculous changes are allowed in quantum mechanics. We say that there is a nonzero probability that a transition will happen from a sick 'quantum sate' to an healthy 'quantum state'. Of course this is simplistic because a macroscopic ensemble of quantum wavicles decorhers so that it behaves like a classic, thermodynamic state, and not a quantum one. I will explain this latter but for now, we can appreciate that quantum mechanics makes a miraculous transition at worst, rare, but never impossible.

In the case of states that are not reducible to spatial configurations. The reasoning is closely similar. In quantum mechanics, the rules for spatial states generalise so well tostates in general. For example, though Born's was used to describe the probability of a particle being at a certain point in space, it generalize to the probability of any quntun entity being in a certain state. Two examples of such entities are fields and energy. So if the change into a sick state is a change that is not explainable by a mere spatial reorganization of particles, then the above reasoning of quantum mechanic still applies. One might say states of consciousness is an example of such states that are not explainable by a mere spato-temporal and dynamic configuration of microscopic particles.

Let us return to the issue of decoherence of quantum states in macroscopic world. It used to be thought that the bodies of living things are too warm and wet for quantum states to maintain a coherent state. But now it is being accepted as fact, for example, in quantum photosynthesis. There is an unfounded assumption regarding to the total ubscence of a mind in nature that goes into the insistece that decoherence must always happen in the macriscopic world.

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