Top Down Causality In Chi Dynamics

If you search the word 'reiki' online, you will soon or latter find the word 'placebo'. 'Placebo'is a reluctant and temporary acknowledgement that 'sometimes mind can affect the physical world'. The ability of the mind to affect matter is an example of 'top-down causality'. The 'bottom-up' causality is, for example, when chemical reactions, as in dopamine affect the mind. But simple reasoning using 'action and reaction forces' should show you that there isn't anything in the world that is acted upon by things but which itself cannot act upon by the very things. So better mind be able to act upon chemicals and hence upon the physical world.

But the 'physical world' don't end where the visible body ends. There are several means through which the body spatially extends. The electromagnetism is just but one of them. Careful reasoning shows that the electromagnetism and other stuffs off a living thing must also be a living thing. Hence the placebo effect must be able to extended beyond the visible body. So ironically 'placebo', though meant to criticise reiki etc actually justifies it! The skeptic's argument is turned on its own head!

There is no demarcation between the 'physical' and the 'spiritual', at least not, a demarcation that is of any empirical or practical relevance. A 'spiritual' entity is just a physical entity that is doing set of different things. With this understanding, it is easier to understand and justify the spiritual. For instance, you now see how I can easily extend the concept of placebo to explain the spiritual. It renders the argument of sceptic moot as the argument hinges on the assumption of unbridgable cliff between the spiritual and the physical, thanks to uninspired 'gurus'. Specifically the reasoning goes that if I say that the effects of reiki are 'physical', then I mean that they are not 'spiritual' and vice-versa. But since anything that affects the visible world must interface as if it is an entirely physical effect (we see only the visible part of things), it renders objective justification of such entities as chi impossible even if they are there!

The dynamics of chi, then must work accordingly in the body. It is said to flow through the body organs, affecting the physical states of the organs but not detailed explanation of the physics is offered. Logic? Physical must be almost antagonistic to spiritual even though somehow they must work together! This paradox is unnecessary. When chi etc is at work in the 'physical' body, it must be behaving closely like the visible body, up to extend where scientist can mistake it with the 'physical'. When a scientist does that, he develops an empirically correct 'physical' theory to explain what he observes. So even if we don't understand psi, a ' mock up', ultimately incorrect theory must be there if the psi actually experts a causal influence in the visible world. I suggest such a theory must be of the kind if 'weakly interacting particles'. It the case of reiki, top-down causality will explain the coupling and decoupling of these interactions off the visible matter. (Perharps what they call it attunement). Thus placebo extend well to the spiritual if we don't see a demarcation between the physical and the spiritual.

Chi understood as to be in a quantum coherent state is also good in understanding it's dynamics in body organs. Normally quantum states are thought to decoher in scales relevant to classic world. However, I can argue that this in distance comes from not considering the top-down causality, which,ironically is sometimes acknowledged as 'placebo'. But in quantum photosynthesis etc, this logic is said to be defied! But they are yet to wonder if similarly,the effects that people experience as 'reiki' are due to some strange maintenance of quantum effects in biological systems. Even more, they haven't wondered if this strange occurrence of quantum effects in biology is due to some top-down causality that they at times suggest.

We usually understand quantum states as to be capable of transitioning to any other quantum state. Thus quantum mechanics allows for a probabilistic transitioning that will appear as mirraculous. Therefore merely thinking of chi as to be in a quantum coherent state allows us to underst' miraculous' properties such as reiki healings. However, if we allow for top-down causality, we no longer understand quantum transitioning as to be entirely random. The unpredictability of quantum transitioning is understood as to be due to influencing from minds, which we know them to be unpredictable.

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