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Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Apollo had reached his 26th birthday, when a strange thing happened – he fell in love.

Frequently it was young girls who were bowled over by him, and apart from girls, older women, men and children, were all enraptured by him to such an extent that he found such acclaim wearying to say the least.  It was refreshing to meet someone who was not so influenced by his appearance.

He was a tall young man, suntanned by the sun to a deep golden brown.  His hair was in curls and his eyes were a beautiful brilliant blue, green.  Many people meeting him for the first time were left with the feeling he was beautiful beyond compare.


But apart from his looks he had great charm and charisma, coupled with a genuine interest and concern for those he met.

He was well known throughout Greece for his beauty and grace, and many were the artists and poets who had tried to capture his essence to ‘immortality’.

He did lots of running and would run along by the sea for hours on end – stopping once in a while at places far from people.  It was in these solitary runs and times of contemplation that he found greatest fulfilment.

He was very musical in that he could hum and sing many a popular tune without any effort.  His voice was so modulated and warm, that it seemed to mould itself in almost a caress, so that those he met were soothed as if on wings of light by the tone and quality of his voice, and went on their way lighter of heart and more joyful.



Apollo had lots of friends, both male and female, and he was especially good with animals.  Indeed, with horses he had a special bond, and when the opportunity presented itself, he would ride one or another of the beautiful white horses, and this he loved to do.


His education had been of the highest kind, and he was well versed in all types of communication – philosophy, and the religion of the day.

One day there was planned in his town, a celebration.  It was to be an evening of dancing and merriment, for one of the town’s most wealthy men had just got married, and so a great party was being held later in the day.

Apollo was well used to such occasions, some he enjoyed, others less so.

Putting on a bright green shirt, opened at the neck, with matching coloured trousers, he was soon ready, paying scant heed to his appearance.

He mused over the fact that he had as yet not felt the slightest desire or wish to marry, and could not see this changing in the near future.

When he got to the party, lots of people were already there and it seemed to be in full swing.

Laughing and talking to familiar faces he found his way to the bride and groom and gave them the customary greeting and best wishes.  After a while he moved on and took a little of the food and drink available.

Joining his closest friends, he went and sat down and much laughter was had by all.

Time passed, suddenly looking around the room, his eyes caught an unfamiliar face, a young girl, very slim and beautifully proportioned, with dark skin, and jet black eyes, dressed all in black – who was sitting with a much older white haired man, whom he took to be her father.  He had similar colouring, and there was a definite likeness.  Her hair was swept back and tied in a knot down her neck, and she had on some splendid jewels of different colours;  she looked wonderful he thought.

For the first time in ages, Apollo was fascinated, and gazed at her.  Sensing his attention, she turned her head, and meeting his gaze gave him a warm smile, and with that Apollo felt something flutter deep within him.

Their eyes only locked for a brief moment, before she then looked at her father, and began talking to him, gesticulating to something happening in the crowd.

25 April, 1989.


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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation Presents...  

The Rite of Divine Will  





The Rite of Divine Will  

Congratulations Planetary Light Servers. We now stand before the second gateway on our collective journey towards Self Realization. The holy demonstration of Right Relationship in our first Rite has effectively set the stage for our greater merging with the supreme motivational energy of Divine Will.

The Law of the Will of God

Behind all of universal creation, there is an immanent force of Will that administers it, a Divine Power that moves it and a natural law that regulates it. Everything upon our blessed Earth has always been and continues to be divinely orchestrated through this power of Will.
There have never ever been any mistakes. Everything has unfolded in accordance with God's Plan, the Divine Blueprint which maps out the course of evolution for all creation.
The human race has never ever "fallen from Grace".
These are stories which come from purposed programming. We have always been the beloved children of God, reflections of the infinite perfection inherent in the Holy Spirit. We simply turned our attention outwardly to the material plane of the ego in order to have an experience in duality. God has never abandoned us because, in the absolute truth,  we are God in physical form.
As a result of our Divine Remembrance, the programming of separation is now dissolving.
It is through the Universal Law of God's Will that what is Human is also Divine, and therefore, all Humanity is evolving forth in a triumphant return to Source. God is the manifestation of all Good, and it is by this influence of the Supreme Good that all things exist and evolve. 
God comes now to take us home, back into the eternal embrace of oneness. We are ensured of accomplishment. We are realizing ourselves as a God Race, once again.
The initiation of this sacred fusion begins now, in this particular Rite, building steadily throughout the entire Rites of Passage as we come to embody the Will of God to greatly expanded levels. This sets into motion a potential raising of our entire group body into the fully actualized embodiment of Divine Will in action here on Earth.

Through this Rite, we invoke and evoke the fiery energy from a fused Spiritual Will to provide the neutralizing antidote to its opposing shadow... the tenacious will to divide and separate. When properly focused, our group power of embodied Will invokes the benevolent forces of Divine Intervention into our every single endeavor.

Our task moving forward is to radiate and exemplify this Will through its agent of "Good" to all people, governing entities and societal systems. Our collective intention is to spawn a worldwide spiritual revelation resulting in a coherently functioning Goodwill movement... amongst all people, from every level and walk of life.

In fundamental simplicity, it is the intentional program of GOODWILL that catalyzes a greater consciousness shift en masse and helps to birth the era of lasting global peace.

Goodwill is God's Will. 
Download the accompanying MP3 audio:

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The Crystal Children are anchoring the vibration of Unity and Twin Flame Balance into the earth grids
Crystal Children Soul Songs
The Crystal Children are assisting in awakening the Planet to Unity consciousness with their balanced vibration of wholeness.
We are required to nurture and protect these beautiful beings and support their higher heart vibration of unconditional LOVE.
One way is for them to know and listen to their unique Soul Song that is the harmonic vibration of their unique soul sig...nature. The more they are attuned to their soul essence they will be balanced and aligned with their soul purpose and pure destiny path. When they listen to their unique Soul Song vibration in higher frequencies of Harmonics they will always feel Home within their heart beyond limited thoughtform entrainment.
Liora is a world renown Harmonic /overtone vocalist who specialises in the unique vibration of your Soul Signature. When your name is harmonically chanted in a highe frequency of sound in the Language of Light, the Heart opens and the soul aligns with the frequency and vibration of the unconditional Love of the Sou,l remembering who we truly are and our unique mission and our beautifu land unique Dream of the Soul.... Let us all remember together NOW...Love LioraSee More

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Do you see the Light? (A musing mind)

So much wisdom we find in many places, so much life we have to live.  Why is it that we have never looked inside the well of dreams?  Can it be that we are lost in an illusion, the way that keep us from our dreams?

Where is life, when we are not living, but hiding in our past illusions?  How did we get to this point? How did we get this lost? When have we lost our way… and stepped of the road to the golden door?

All the days of each life we live according to our desires, never to the truth of who we are.  As that life end it creates the illusions for future lives.  Each time your start a new one, the illusions of the past life, or the ghosts left by our disappointments, haunt this next life.  This realm is the root of creation, the well of dreams…

Here is where the desires of now, become the illusions of the future.  This realm was created to be the amplification of the human heart.  It is the heart of all there is, the breath of all, and the source of all there is.

In the beginning the druids taught the truth, the path to the Golden door the Path of Ssion (or Zion as most know it) the path of the snake, as it is the coiled path, or the spiral path, the path of healing and truth.  Each new child born were lead to heal the illusions left by their past.  With the destruction of the druids and the Ancient Archons, the well of dreams became a well of nightmares.

Through existence the spiral has been a powerful symbol, just as our DNA also represent coiled snakes.

Through our lives and through existence our desires are what he are taught to chase, money, fame, power, success….  Are the things we desire truly what we need?

The ancient teachings say that we have to ask for what we need, do we truly know what we need?  Do we assume that we need a sports car? Are you feeding your desire or your need?

The desires we have in each life, lead us on another road, away from who we truly are… Why?

Temptation!  The one test given to all soul.  In each life our desires are tempted, by those we fear, the dark ones, and the ones we call evil.  Yet they are not evil, they were once light, they too had given into their desires, and became what they are.

The more you focus on your desires, knowledge, fame, success, lust anything in excess, we feed our desires.  We do not need copious amounts of knowledge crammed into your head… it’s already there; you just need to learn to access it.  Do you truly need a fast sports car?  To boost your pride and make people notice you?

As I sat watching this movie, I watched with deeper understanding to the message inside it, so well hidden.

How many other messages is there that will trigger us to look inside, to notice us.

When will we start seeing the light of self, the light we truly are?  The light that shine from deep within the darkness of us.

The words are apt, all those years we looked through the windows to see within, yearning for our soul.  All that time viewing but never KNOWING, we are there.  Are we now realising how blind we were?   We thought we were seeing dreams, but we were viewing who were are.

Now at this time of change, we stand in the starlight, and finally some of us can see glimpses of who we truly are.  Waiting for the other half of us to see, to realise.  This is the time we are meant to be here.  The time where we can change the life of desire to the life of need?  Is the veil not the fog that is now lifting so we can see the starlight?  See how truly amazing we truly are?  How truly wonderful our hearts are?

It is then that our lives will become warm and real and bright, for the first time we will see the love we have, the love we are and how we can use that love to heal the illusions the past has created in our lives now. 

Have our view not somehow shifted, changing our outlook and perception?

Is this why we are starting to see those around us, those that are part of the love, part of the well of dreams?  Are we finally seeing?

Can we finally give this love to others, without being scared of what they may think, how they may judge us?  All our lives we were living in a daydream of our desires, all that time never truly seeing, what was hidden behind the fog.

Now that the fog is lifting, we are standing in the starlight, watching the person we truly am.  Standing in awe of our own beauty, feeling the love we are.

It’s time to take the hand of the person you are and to walk into the starlight, leaving behind the illusions the past has create, the living nightmare.

A time of choice, are you going to take the hand of the one you are and walk into the light of the golden door, or are your spiritual importance and pride going to make you fall from the path of Ssion.  Making you miss this opportunity to become all you are and can be, to walk among those that has lost their way.

We now have the opportunity to become who we truly am!  The question remains…

Can you see the light….

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The Fallen Angel:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.


Mekichievk was so unhappy, for he had been very stupid and careless and had not carried out his duties to perfection as did all the other Angels.

His face was without it's customary warmth for he was feeling that he had failed himself and God, and all his friends and loved ones in the Angelic Kingdom. He had cried to himself and had seemed to do so for a very long time - he was feeling so upset and felt all the other angels must be talking about him and his fall from grace.

He was really quite a young angel and it had been his task to assist his superior angel in charge of his particular group; he had to watch and wait, and show great patience and see that no harm would come to the earth being under his charge, for he - just like earth people had to evolve upwards to yet more perfection, and this therefore, had been a test for him and he had failed.

At this thought he again felt tears come to his eyes and roll down his face, I am so ashamed he thought and so weak. His superior angel was called Naeroma and he had been under his wing for not that long really measured by earth time, and Naeroma had over this period of time given him various tasks to do, testing him, and he had it seemed passed all of them until now.

The problem was - this last time, he had had to come into the atmosphere of earth - nearer than he had even been before, and the vibrations were much darker than he was used to and so it had been quite a difficult task.

As he had drawn nearer to the earth's vibrations, he had felt more and more unease - for that light of the spiritual realms seemed far behind him and even though he knew other spiritual beings were with him, just as in the actual moment of dying, he had felt it was only him.

He had come down and had observed and listened to what was happening and had seen his particular charge and this was a man by the name of Charles, and he had been with Charles as he had gone hither and thither, for he was a silent but powerful shadow of protection - at least that was what he had been meant to be.

Charles was a happy, jolly person and had lots of friends and was surrounded by gaiety. He was in his middle fifties and was quite heavily built with brown eyes and a healthy complexion. He had a loud voice with a hearty laugh and Mekichievk had thought how exciting to help to look after an earth being - but as he realised more of what it entailed - his fears and uncertainties had come to the front of his consciousness. Naeroma had such a dazzling light and at different moments seemed to be bathed in different colours, and his eyes were a bright sparkling blue, and he had such a wonderful expression that he was dearly loved.

Naeroma had been an angel for a very very long time and although Mekichievk did not know too many details, he knew enough to know that there was a long way he had to go.

All the different angels had a variety of tasks - some were involved with planets other than the earth, some with the different solar systems and so on and so on, some involved with the animal and vegetable kingdoms, so many different paths did the angelic beings walk in their chosen path of being God's helpers and co-workers.

It was up to today Mekichievk thought, a time of such happiness; yes there had been a few times when he knew he could have done better but they all said to him he was learning very well.

Everyone upon the earth plane had a Guardian Angel who guarded and protected his or her charge - it was the Guardian Angel's job and role in life - to be always there whenever his or her charge was in need of his help - love and protection - but these angelic beings did much more than guard and protect - they - depending on what role God had entrusted them with, had many different duties and the Angelic Kingdoms were beautiful beyond imagination - for light, colour, music, was the key note, and such was the love generated that when certain of the human beings came into their levels of vibration, they were overcome with joy and delight - for it was just like a dream - that they had had in their far distant memory and so when they saw that their dreams were true - they felt so elated and rejuvenated that great was the light they too gave forth - for light gives back light, inspiration - inspiration, and love - yet more love and so on.


Many earth people mingled with the angelic beings unbeknown though to their consciousness when sleep overcame their earth bodies and many met up with their Guardian Angels and angelic helpers, and many spiritual journeys and discussions took place, to the delight and happiness of all, for the two worlds of Heaven and Earth were truly as one.


Naeroma had given Mekichievk the task of looking after Charles and being with him, not watching his every movement, for in but a fraction of a second the angelic beings could be anywhere in any particular dimension of time and as the earth vibration was of a lower frequency - all could be seen in a kind of slow-motion, long before it actually happened on the earth plane.

It so happened that Mekichievk was at that particular time extra close to the earth - he knew his co-workers were with him but he felt alone - for he knew this was his sole responsibility and how worried he was.

He was almost afraid to leave Charles unattended in that he looked at other things but when he knew that all the angelic beings did so many things all at the same time - so gradually he became able to "switch off" as it were and carry on with his other duties of helping and listening - learning and growing.

Quite a lot of earth time seemed to pass and still Mekichievk was looking after Charles.

All went well at first and perhaps in retrospect Mekichievk thought - he had become complacent, but he had not recognised that fact. Charles was often seeing this person or that and he used to enjoy a drink. Although Charles was usually quite good and did not drink too much and drive, there came one particular time when Charles was feeling extra happy - he had had a good day at the office and the evening had been great fun - he had met a super young lady who had seemed to enjoy his company - she was in her early forties and was very attractive and smart and Charles had a special fondness for blondes and Pamela was blond, with blue eyes - quite sophisticated but was divorced and Charles had felt an expectation - who knew what the future would hold.

Pamela refused a lift but Charles was not worried, for he had her telephone number and knew she came into this pub at least once a week; giving her a light kiss on the cheek and saying something outrageous which made her laugh and also his friends, Charles with lots of laughter and talk walked to his waiting car.


He felt on a high somehow tonight, a feeling of anticipation - expectation was in the air and he felt the best he had felt in ages, for yes,he had had more than his fair share of relationships, good, bad and just indifferent.

Humming under his breath, Charles started his car, which was a Rover, and within a few moments, he was soon on his way home. He had not many miles to travel and knew this road like the back of his hand. His mind went over the day's events, the laughter and expectancy of this evening and he fell into a kind of silent contemplation - his mind wandered and suddenly it came as a shock to him to see another car coming nearer than it should be and to his horror he realised he had steered his car a little too much into the on-coming lane and though with horror he pulled on his brakes, it was too late and the car hit his car and he blacked out.

Little did he know the other car driver was ok but greatly concerned at his condition; the car was badly damaged and Charles died.

Amid all the commotion and noise his funeral took place and many people were there - the other car driver was in a state of shock for a long time, even though it was not his fault, but gradually life returned to its normal pattern for the earth people.

But Mekichievk felt such guilt, had he been responsible for Charles's death - what more could he have done?

After suffering for what seemed an eternity, Naeroma called Mekichievk and said that although Mekichievk had thought he had complete responsibility, this was not really so, for Naeroma and other spiritual beings were fully aware of Charles's state of mind, and although Mekichievk saw no one of his co-workers, they were there, behind a veil; so Naeroma said to Mekichievk not to upset himself any more for it was just this particular ending Charles was destined to have, for he had chosen it, for reasons which were very deep and involved, and so although it was true that Mekichievk's mind and attention had wandered, he would have learnt a valuable lesson. and nothing that had not been ordained to happen - happened, for fate plays its hand in many ways Naeroma lovingly told Mekichievk, and so he must not be upset any more, for he had not hurt anyone.

With that, Mekichievk's face broke into such happiness and tears of joy came to his eyes, his dearly loved Naeroma had forgiven him; he was with them all once more in happiness but sad that for Charles - the end had come but really Mekichievk thought, Charles will be so happy here in the spirit realms, and I know what I'll do, I will go and wait near him so that when he wakes up after his sleep, he will see me and truly believe in angels.

With that thought Mekichievk went happily on his way and waited, oh - so patiently for Charles to wake up - which eventually he did, and he was truly amazed and happy to see an angel by his side when opening his eyes.


Only then did Mekichievk truly feel that he was no longer the fallen angel, and that made him eternally grateful and happy, never again will I be so absent minded he thought, and indeed he was true to those thoughts - for many earth years later, he had progressed greatly and was too - a joy to behold, dazzling and beautiful and full of gold.



31st May, 1988.

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The Light of the Creator Flows Through Me with ever Deepening Mystery:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

The footsteps taken, I've taken before - lots and lots of time - with bruises galore.

The memories lie dormant - just as they are meant - hidden beneath the surface - desperate to be remembered.

Time and time again, I feel that pain - the pain of not knowing - the pain of not belonging.

What more must I do - to be ever closer to You?

Time has a density - it is as it is meant - I just wish my time was not far ahead yet.


Why must I wait - to get to Heaven's Gate?  I see it there - it speaks to me - time and time again - it calls my name.

My vibrations are as they were planned - for yes I know - I was Heaven sent.

What is Light - it is Great Sight - an awareness of the Plan, chosen by Thy fair Hand.

That Light of Creation beams at me - with ever seamless intensity.

My guides and inspirers have been drawn for me - by other mediums - who can see.

My veins flow with Cosmic Light - getting brighter and brighter - with each night.

So yes - each day - The Light of the Creator Flows through me with ever Deepening Mystery.


One at a time, those veils are removed: wind or shine - it is understood.

My guides and inspirers lead me along - to that place - where I belong.


Then can I say with certainty - The Light of the Creator Flows through me with ever Deepening Mystery - but in essence that Key now belongs to me, as well as Thee.



8th June, 2012.


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The Eternal Journey Of The Soul:


The Eternal Journey of the Soul:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.


The soul who has loved, will always be able to look and see and be aware – for it rests and remains not only upon the Akashic Records, but upon the imprint and pattern of that soul’s heart centre. The very core of its existence, will and does resonate with love that has been known and experienced through the aeons of time.

Such moments can be tuned into, recognised and remembered during the dream/astral travel journeys, and whilst in meditation or higher attunements, but also upon Return to its Divine Home in the Heavenly Worlds, that soul will be enveloped and sustained forever by those bonds of love felt and experienced through the centuries.

Many different climates and eras, has the soul traversed during its innumerable return journeys back to the planet earth, and each life lived, will have added to the richness of its tapestry, and will be as spiritual jewels within the soul, who, will have left behind with each life lived, past memories of earth, unless the soul is one of those who are able to look into glimpses of past lives.


But as we would say, mostly when a  soul who is consciously aware of spiritual matters, the belief in reincarnation, and the return to its Divine Homeland, becomes aware that such knowledge exists, it becomes conscious that what is relevant in the dream of its soul, is love in the wider concept than one to one – for it has touched The Source, thereby setting in motion, a pattern for future lives, where the soul felt and experienced and went beyond the personal one to one love, which has such expectations by so many in today’s times.


The true spiritual seeker – upon the search for remembrance – wishes from what we see is so, to tune into and re-live not lives where beauty, richness or fame was the case, but rather we say, the true seeker of spiritual remembrance and attainment, seeks and wishes to remember and attune itself to those lives lived, where spiritual work and connections were made and formed and re-lived, and where the light of its spirit was clothed in the Golden Rays, Light Of The Creator, and where as that soul today looks back in fascination, joy and interest, it sees lives lived in which spiritual steps were not only taken, but were stepped upon, and Footprints Of Divinity Left Behind.

So yes, often the soul has left no lasting notes and signatures as it were of glory and fame, which people living today can read about, but the true joy to the spiritual seeker is that remembrance that they not only made a difference to others’ who walked and journeyed with them in one earth life or another, but that in the process, its soul and inner being was in tune with The Infinite.

The Creator Blessed and Thanked the returning soul upon arrival to its true home in The Divine Spheres.

The Paradise of the Heavenly Worlds welcomed and will welcome the soul on its return, with hearts full of love and joy at another life having been lived, as that soul will have lived and followed the Divine Plan of that Earth Existence, for upon its sojourn upon the earth, that planet far from its Beloved Home, the soul had been aware and able to attune itself, on subtle and less so levels of that higher awareness which is available.



All true spiritual seekers who wish not only to understand the Mysteries Of Creation, but in so doing to leave their footprints behind, which, upon arrival back to its Heavenly Home, will as has been stated, add greatly to the happiness and light of the soul.

At some stage as and when the soul chooses – its earth journeys lovingly undertaken to help raise its vibrations and assist in the higher energies necessary for planet earth, will come to a natural cessation.  Each soul is different – all vary not only in the plane of their initial existence, but with the time of their exit from the continuing eternal journey of the soul – or as is so often said – the cycles of earth rebirth, come to an end.

At this stage, that soul has other essential and necessary journeys to help raise the spirituality of the earth plane, but at this point, that soul can continue to aid and assist the Dream and Plan Of The Creator, where all human life is raised in consciousness.

Memories have been awoken, remembrance experienced, as younger souls have been shown by example of how much more there is in the Great Plan of The Godhead than just that one earth life.

In its turn, the well-being of animals, and other life forms, will have been lovingly helped by humans, and so they will have been aided in their own steps necessary to the return of their rightful inheritance planned in the Divine Mind Of The Creator.

All will be as one.  That one-ness of life eternal, and that great understanding that one cannot exist without a love and awareness of and for the other, for to be separate, means that soul is not truly at one with The Father, and has not understood the Great Dream Planned in the Divine Mind – as stage by stage all life would be raised, and love and attunement felt and accepted as the natural true being – at-one with the Cosmos – as The Holy Grail of All Existence, has at last, come into its own.


22nd September, 2012

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"The UFO Witness Declaration"
Recorded June 17, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

Bashar unveils "The UFO Witness Declaration" and how The Essassani will become more directly involved in the politics of Disclosure and Contact in 2012 and beyond. Includes "A Holotope" Guided Meditation: A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

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The Passage of Time:

The Passage of Time:
Channelled through Pat Grabham.

The passage of time weaves its thread through life;  so as many lives are lived, deep rivets run through like chasms, deep within a soul's consciousness, which means often unbeknown to a soul, as it listens and observes other people and the circumstances of a life, it too has gone through those very same emotions - pain - anger - despair.

For many times have we cried - wept with joy - suffered at another's hands - loved life to the full, and all these are buried in that storehouse of memories - like an old film, which exists and which can be looked at, so as to learn and understand more of one's inner self, and why needs exist - fulfilled or still yet to be.

Each life being a facet, a part of the whole - all lives being one continual existence, albeit in another plane of being, that wheel of life forever turns, till one day those chasms no longer exist,  for all is smooth and even.
All those experiences and lessons have been undergone, for now, that soul is as the Son, and from here travels unknown territory - for it seems almost a new beginning,  for the old is finished - over, it no longer matters,  for the soul being born anew, travels virgin territory, and what joy then to that soul - for Paradise is the goal, and Heaven has been experienced, both here and in the spiritual realms.

The soul now joyfully surrenders to God and is like a traveller - wanderer, not quite knowing where that inner voice will take it, but only aware that God exists everywhere, and there is no journeying back, except to give that helping hand as compassion and sympathy warrants it.

What joy then that soul has found - happiness abounds within and without, and yes, that passage of time has been the seeds of its eventual journey, which at last have flowered beautifully, as one day it will happen to all, but oh, the frustration and inner pain, till that day is reached;  which now, today, seems life-times away.

21st September, 1987.
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This message has reached YOU through synchronicity. This has reached you because you need to know just how beautiful, wonderful, magnificent and needed you are right now. At times you have doubted yourself and your worth on this planet. This is a confirmation to your heart and soul that you are truly LOVED and VALUED within the Cosmos. Although your fellow earthly beings may be unaware of your unique work and contribution you put out into the world, there are many beautiful beings around you NOW who are supporting you and are very grateful for all that you do. Keep being you, and know that you really do make a difference for earth, humanity and universe. 
The Cosmic light beings through Abigail Wainwright



A big part of our collective conditioning up until now has been so much about pleasing others in order to fit in or to be liked. The core root of this conditioning stems from a deep desire to be validated. Many of us have searched outside of ourselves for validation to find self worth. We measured our self worth with how much we accomplished in life or how much we amassed. Unfortunately this kind of validation is temporary When we realize we are worthy simply because we were born, we no longer look outside of ourselves for validation and approval. We know that because the Universe itself is absolute perfection, each one of us as physical extensions of that Universe that created us are also perfect which makes us worthy. When we release the facade that we are anything less than worthy, we reclaim our Divine Power by no longer looking outside of ourselves for validation. Emmanuel Dagher (Magnified Manifesting




Love is the most powerful energy force, vibration and transmitter we have. When we are connected with our true self, we know this. It can't be taught, only felt. The mind is a great tool, but it is time now to balance the energies within the heart-space, which has been underused for so very long. There is great energy from this centre that we have not been aware of. We know the mind has great power, but so does the heart-space. Even more so than anything we may know. The heart energy is just being released. In essence, there is no separation between any part of us, it is all connected. The mind can transmit so much love and beauty into the world when the heart is open fully. They are there to serve each other. We are intergrating the energies and bringing much balance into the world. ~ Abigail Wainwright
We are crossing deep hard times together as we are all one on the way to unity in love & consciousness.
Maybe sharing will be helpful ... Feel free to post here your experience & feeling about your ascend path ...


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Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! -- For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem.
Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul.
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, is our destined end or way; But to act, that each tomorrow Find us farther than today.
Art is long, and Time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating Funeral marches to the grave.
In the world's broad field of battle, In the bivouac of life, Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be a hero in the strife!
Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant! Let the dead Past bury its dead Act,- act in the living Present! Heart within, and God o'erhead.
Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, a forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again.
Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

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Hand In Hand We Have Travelled:


Hand in hand we have travelled:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Hand in hand we have travelled - through rough and smooth terrain.

Levitated have we - with our love for thee.

We have walked amongst the flowers - cried in the rain - soaked up the sunshine, feeling both relief and pain.


Pain for the suffering of others - pain for their loss of faith.

We have shared in the dream of sunrise - loved the hope that it brings.

Believed in the redemption of others - not of the Dhuman Adamic Race.


We have travelled through limitless time-zones - the past - present - future, calm in the love of God and His dream for the future of all life.

We have loved - lost touch - been reunited - all in the blink of an eye, which is why today - there is no separation, for we are as one.


I am but a small drop - you are so much more, but together our love and friendship - coupled with our history, seeks to set out to help those who have lost their way.

They stand lonely and afraid, in darkness alone - to us of the light - that is not right, so another step is taken together - one of so many through all the centuries.


The centuries they have come and gone with ever increasing crime, however it is one of our tasks to help them to leave such behind, for with love and light for them, there is no stopping what they will find.


In themselves - their light grows bigger - their fear it leaves them as they become more free.

Side by side together we have flown through time and space, each and every time what joy to see his face.

Separated through the aeons of time - yes - but joy once again when that veil has been lifted.

Hand in hand together into future worlds unknown - we will walk forever through no barriers in time.




The future unbeknown beckons in other places ahead - lands not of the earth draw me to him whom I have loved since I first saw him - all those aeons ago.

So yes, hand in hand we travel over rough and stormy seas - but how I love that calmness when all is as I am drawn to - no more pain and heartache - just that joy of harmony.


So as I pause a moment - those memories so they fade - but our journey is well trodden - those stones felt so well - but there is great light ahead as always - as we lead others to what's ahead - secure in the knowledge of God's love for all - even for those who slip and fall.

They are the ones who need our help to enable them to fly as we do - to Angelic hosts who await their return - joy on their faces, love in their hearts - as lost loved ones, return home at last.


Fleeting glimpses and memories of lives long gone come back to me yet again.


The steps thus taken so far lead me as always back to his care - my soul sings with gladness - my heart fills with love - as hand in hand with The Father we travel those steps together.

Together again in sleep - together again in waking - therein no separation - for once again our hands are held, as step by step we journey through those barriers of time and space, until at last in pure essence I once again see his face.




That light of our reunion - it shines as the sun, far brighter than I have known it, for my work here is done.

What joy that will be - what relief will come to me - as I step over the threshold - to hold hands once again - when the light of His Countenance shines full of love for me - as mine does him, just as it always has since the dawn of time, and yes, before that too, for I am but one of many whom God had planned to be.

So I stand secure in that love and knowledge as my journey takes me back to home - to that land of my birth - far above the hills of earth.

My steps they seem so small - not what I had hoped at all - but the light of Paradise calls me as it has time and time again - like a magnet it pulls me up towards home again.


So I know I walk not alone.  Hand in hand we have travelled through rough and smooth terrain - this life is no different - except for the pull of home.

So on and on I travel, safe in the love of him, at peace in the love of God helping me always, loving me constantly, being but a thought away.


For His dream is my dream - His plan my aim - joyful and privileged to be the daughter of God - God The Father-Mother, sister to God The Son and a daughter, friend and sister to him whose hand I hold today, now as always, and as I will in worlds yet to be, as I follow thee.

For where he goes I follow, albeit at a slower pace, but that great trail of light has been opened and I go on at my own pace, slow it seems so often, stagnant it feels too much.


My joy comes when I see that trail of light getting bigger for all those helping hands - workers of earth and spirit united - to take us all together through glorious bridges of light.

Thus helping achieve our destiny - at peace and one with The Father and home at last after my journeys, waiting then for our next adventure, hand in hand to future worlds and paths not yet known - but which I will call home.


31 December, 2007.


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A Message From Tom Om....Atlantean Crystals...

My Personal Message for You:

Only in SILENCE we can talk best!

-Your Higher Self-

Hope you feel well and happy :)

Here are Crystal Healing Updates on

The Crystal You Will Receive Is Incredibly POWERFUL !!!!

How Did the Atlanteans Use The Power Of Crystals ?

Atlantean crystals received power from a variety of sources,
including the Sun, the Earth's energy field grid system or from
each other. Grids point are often marked by pyramids.

The Atlanteans used these crystal energies to transmit energy
from one pyramid to another or to enter and leave the planet.

Depending on the tilt of the Earth's axis at a particular time
of the year, one pyramid would function to intensify and
transmit energies to other pyramids which would then act
as receiving devices and would disperse energy as it was
needed into the crystals.

What were the Crystals used for?

Here are the most common application:

- Healing, childbirth, crossing over
- Meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities
- Increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought
- Science and technology
- Dematerialization - teleportation - telekinesis
- Increasing and transformation of emotional states
- Magnetic force fields
- Libraries - storing records and other knowledge, much like a computer
- Botany and agriculture
- Weather Control
- Huge crystal tower power generators
- Communication

The Crystal you will receive is an etheric one. That means, it has
the same properties as his physical counterpart, but is invisible
for your physical eye, but can be seen with the astral eyes, thus
can be verified by a pendulum or via energy scanning.

Obviously this Crystal will be used for your emotional transformation,
as we will transform our 'most negative emotion' into the counterpart.

So, if your greatest obstacle is impatience for example, then you'll program it
with calmness, inner peace and centered awareness!!!

The way you do it and program the Crystal is explained in the manual
which you'll receive with the ATLANTIS Master Codes...


Also, please SHARE:)

Your fellow traveler,

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Here is the Link....

By this link the Article is having another four links for Light workers 101, Light Workers 202, Light workers 303 Light workers the end of the Article....

You please go through all and will like it and love it if you are from any Star seed...Andromedian, Orion, Pleiadian, Arcturus....any This is for you .....Star seed Family....




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Dear Family Eagles,



a) The Establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.
b) The Building of the Seventh Golden Age on Earth.


Start of the campaign: October 13, 2012
On this day the New Jerusalem, one of the main motherships of the Ashtar Command, was anchored on the 13th energy vortex of the Earth (the 'capstone' of the other 12 vortexes) in the Gulf of Mexico. This was done by the Solar Cross Team led by Tuella. Jesus/Sananda proclaimed this day as the Holy Day for the whole Community of God, that is looking forward to his coming and rejoices this day.


Pull Michael's Sword of Light - the one that we carry with us - aim the sword at the following targets and infuse them in one session with Divine Light and Divine Love:

- All lightworkers, their loved ones, and all their organizations and structures on Earth.
- All dark forces and all their organizations and structures on Earth.
- All humans and all their organizations and structures on Earth.

At the same time activate the Transmutational Violet Flame within the sword and clean up the massconsciousness grid around the Earth, transmuting all dark and dense energies to the Light.

Frequency: Every day.
Duration: 30 minutes.

We can do this in the time which is convenient for us. But in order to utilize the synergy factor we project all energy, which we are creating during each session, towards the day two days ahead of the day of the session on a fixed time, for example 9:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time, which is different for each time zone. This method is used in the prayer/reiki groups of COSE.

Those who haven't yet activated their sword, can find the instruction in lesson #20 'Michael's Legions - How To Pull Your Sword' of the course 'Sananda Teaches Ascension'. All lightworkers who belong to the Legions of Michael have this sword. In lesson #20 Sananda says:
"Michael's Legions, in your third dimensional thinking processes, number in the millions … the hundreds of millions. Does this give you an idea of my brother Ashtar's Command? Now, I will be very lenient in speaking of the fact that, of my brother Michael's Legions, approximately 1/8 of them walk upon this planet right now …"
Out of the many millions of the lightworkers who belong to Michael Legions on Earth, we need a minimum of 144,000 to participate in this campaign.


During the campaign the following events will take place on the path towards the ascension of the Earth, according to Metatron in his message 'A Glimpse Into The Magnificent Year Ahead' on October 28, 2011 through Tyberonn. We will recognize the correspondence between this information and the explanation which is given in the trinity meditations. The meaning of the concepts Metatron uses can be found in his messages through Tyberonn on the website

What Will Occur in 2012

What happens in 2012 is a new beginning. That new beginning is the New Template of the New Earth. The Ascension of the Earth will allow for the dimensional revision and expansion of the planet. The Earth is transferring to a Crystalline Field, expanded from the 4th to the 12th dimensions.
The Crystalline matrix is generated from the below primary events and occurrences:

**The coding of the Crysto-Sun Disc and the Crystal Vortex on the 11-11-11. MAX the 13th paradigm, the original extra terrestrial Crystal Library is called to Arkansas to code the frequencies for the Crystal Transition. This occurs on the 11-11-11 and the 12-12-12. MAX is the source of the codes.

**The Crystalline Grid, which completes on the 12-12-12

**The Unification of the 12-Primary Sun Discs, which represent the new DNA or blueprint codes for the new Earth frequency.

**The Global Unification of the Crystalline Vortexial Fields, the primary two of which are located in Arkansas and Brazil.

**The finalization of the Pyramidal -Octahedronalnetwork which involves the 'Crystalline-Cosmic' transfer through the pyramidal network & power-nodes infrastructure on the planet Earth with that of the Planetary Grid & Cosmic Grid in connection to Orion and Arcturus.

It is the completion of the above final adjustments that are required in 2011 & 2012 to finish the heralded Ascension. In many ways the Ascension has been ongoing since 1987, but it is the Grid, Sun Discs, Crystalline Vortexes and Pyramidal Network that remain to be tweaked and finalized.

Power Dates & Activation Phases of 2012


November 13 - Total Solar Eclipse - Activation of the 144 Satellite Sun Discs to the 12 Primary Discs. Final Grid Integration of the Divine Masculine in balance.

November 28 - Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral - Final, Grid completion and integration of the Divine Feminine.

12 December - (12-12-12) Triple date portal. The final culmination and completion of the Crystal-Grid. Activation of the final Atlantean Temple Crystals into the new code,and unification with the Pyramidal structures and Sun Discs. Combination of balance of masculine and feminine energies into Divine Oneness. Final coding of Max in the Crystal Vortex.

December 21 - Winter Solstice - Rebooting of the Ascension Grid and networking of the Crystalline Quantum-Field. Expansion into greater access to 12 dimensions. The 'Finger of God' formation of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

The Reboot of 12-12-12

On the 12-12-12 all of the systems become fully coded. Activation of the Fire Crystal of Bimini correlated into the Crystal Vortex and Crysto Sun Disc of Arkansas. Then a brief rebooting occurs and all will reactivate in full functionality of all Crystalline Field Systems on the 12-21-12, December 21, 2012.

[End citation]

Question: Do we need to continue the campaign after Mother Earth's ascension on or around December 21, 2012?
In my Intermezzo message of 2 days ago I said: "As far as I know we still are in this Fourth Battle period." It now turns out that, according to Kuthumi through Norma Milanovich, we entered the Fifth Battle of Armageddon in 2007. This was said in April 2010. In December 2012 we will need to know what the status is of these battles.


a) Uniting and Commanding The Seven Kingdoms

There are seven kingdoms, both on Earth as in the Celestial Realms: Earthly Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom (all species and animals, residing in all dimensions, both in the past, present and future), Kingdom of Elementals and Devic Essences, Angelic Kingdom, and Kingdom of God (where the Ascended Masters reside).

We, humans on Earth, are in the Earthly Kingdom, and it are the humans on Earth - and only the humans - who are co-creators with God on Earth. Metatron explained this in his message 'Animal Consciousness: The Divinity of Cats & Dogs' on July 31, 2012 through Tyberonn. He said:
"Dear Ones, with the understanding that you are here for learning, we tell you that the 'University of Polarity Earth' is specifically designed for the evolution of the human soul. (...) The Earth supports that mission, by Divine plan, by agreement, and all of the Kingdoms of Earth are part of that. (...) Humanity are ever the co-creators of the Earth and Omni Earth in all of its probable realities. (...) Mankind en masse are, at the present time, unconscious of the fact that YOU are co-creators of the Earth experience."

Kuthumi expands on this in a course facilitated by Norma Milanovich. He said that humanity on Earth, as co-creators with God, rule all the seven kindoms, mentioned above. We are in charge on the Earth Plane, and the seven kingdoms are here to assist humanity in establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth and to create the Seventh Golden Age on Earth. We cannot do it alone. We need their assistence. But we are the ones who are in command. And the power of all these kingdoms is awesome. To use their power we need to be on the same page with them, in truth, and we need to align with them. If we do that, we are unstoppable. We must ask and put them to work. They are waiting for us to do that.

Again we are told that they are waiting for us, lightworkers worldwide, Gods Army, not only to face and engage the dark forces, but also to identify our allies, to align with them, to create a United Front of the Light and use this united force to create Heaven on Earth.

The following meditation 'Uniting and Commanding The Seven Kingdoms', which I do, may be helpful (I read it in a meditative state). If you wish to do it also, please adapt it to your preferences.

Connect with the Source and Mother Earth's core. Connect with your Rod of Power. Connect with your I Am Presence. Connect with the Great Central Sun. Connect with the Mighty Elohim. Connect with Shambhalla. Connect with Divine Wisdom. Connect with the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Call on Lord Sananda, the Most Radiant One, to guide you with this meditation.

I now breathe in the Golden Light of the Creator. It penetrates my whole being and consumes all old energies within my bodies which do not serve me any longer. It infuses me with new and higher-frequency energies which I need to transform and transmute my physical body into a crystalline lightbody. I praise and thank the Creator for being here and serve the Godforce by performing my divine mission as part of the Divine Plan for the Earth.

I connect now to the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and give thanks to this Trinity of Power for powering and guiding my bodies and my spirit on a daily basis. I ask the Trinity of Power to infuse the Spirit and Grace of God in, through, and around me, and to hold me in this Light. I connect to the Ascended Masters in the Kingdom of God and to the Angelic Kingdom and ask their guidance and assistance on my pathway to mastery in the 5th dimension, and I fuse my consciousness with them. I ask the Mineral Kingdom to come forward to strengthen me with their crystalline nature and help me evolve through inner mental attunement. I invite the Plant Kingdom to come forward and nurture me with their Elixir of Life and provide to me the sustenance and all things that I need, which are made with the Light of the Sun. I invite all the members of the Animal Kingdom to come forth now to be at my command and to let me merge with them so that I
will be enriched with the traits that each species has developed towards perfection during its evolution. And finally, I invite the Kingdom of Elementals and Deva Essences to come to my assistance and help me with their creative powers in holding the perfect vision for the New Earth and all life on her.

I now use my powers of co-creator with God and unite all 7 kingdoms, both on Earth and in the Celestial Realms, forge a sacred alliance between them and – in accordance with God’s Will – perform my mission and assist in leading them in establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth, and in building the 7th Golden Age on Earth.

By ruling all these Kingdoms, and the representatives that come forth from these Kingdoms, I command who I am, a Child of Light, a co-creator with God, an ambassador from the Divine. I pledge my hope, faith, charity, truth, love, wisdom and obedience to God and to the Holy Trinity. I also pledge to continue to cleanse and purify my lower bodies and my spirit on a daily basis, so that I will become stronger each day as I merge my consciousness with all these Kingdoms and all their representatives.

Creator, God the Father, as I stand before you, I repent sincerely for anything that I have done in this lifetime that intentionally, or unintentionally, has harmed another person or caused chaos in another person’s life, or that has harmed other life forms within Nature, or that has harmed Gay-Ah’-mah, Mother Earth. And I ask not only for your forgiveness, but I also stand before you claiming to the Universe that I forgive myself and I am ready to move forward with ease and grace with the power of following God’s Word, God’s Will and God’s Laws.

I ask that my day be cleared and made perfect, that this Golden Light come through me on this day to forge a Golden Path ahead of me so that everything in my life is made perfect. I ask that this Heavenly Light streaming forth from the Holy Trinity protect the Earth, Nature, all countries and peoples, the lightworkers worldwide and their missions, including mine.

And finally, in coming full circle, I give thanks and praise to the Creator, again, as I joyfully step forward serving God and this higher agenda. I expect that all things I have asked for are now in motion and are now realized.

It Is Done. So Be It. So It Is.

b) Merging with the Animal Kingdom.

In the above mentioned course, facilitated by Norma Milanovich, Kuthumi also reveals that the great mystery around the Animal Kingdom is, that every animal has already perfected a trait in their evolution. And because we rule this kingdom we don't need to develop these traits within ourselves. For these traits will also be available for us, by merging with the Animal Kingdom. It is a gift of power. We must allow that the Animal Kingdom begins to work for us, through us, for a higher purpose – always for a higher purpose.

I'm also doing this in a meditation 'Merging with the Animal Kingdom'. If you wish to do it also, please adapt it to your preferences.

Connect with the Source and Mother Earth's core. Connect with your Rod of Power. Connect with your I Am Presence. Connect with the Great Central Sun. Connect with the Mighty Elohim. Connect with Shambhalla. Connect with Divine Wisdom. Connect with the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Call on Lord Sananda, the Most Radiant One, to guide you with this meditation.

I then connect from my heart center with all animals from the Animal Kingdom, both on Earth as in the Celestial Realms, and both in the past, present and future. I send from my heart my energies of Love to them all ... [sending my energies of Love] ... I then call on all animals from the Animal Kingdom, both on Earth as in the Celestial Realms, and both in the past, present and future, to provide to me the trait that each animal has perfected during its evolution. For we are one. All lightworkers on Earth and the Animal Kingdom are one. Together with all other kingdoms, both on Earth as in the Celestial Realms, Gods assignment has been given to us to establish Gods Kingdom on Earth and to build the Seven Golden Age on Earth. And it are the lightworkers on Earth who, as co-creators with God, have been given the duty to lead the United Front of all seven kingdoms, both on Earth as in the Celestial Realms. That is why my request to you is to receive from
you the trait that each animal has perfected during its evolution.

All these traits are flowing to me, washing over me, penetrating me and take posession of my whole being. ... I identify me with the courage of the lion, the strength of the bear, the willpower of the rhinoceros, the wisdom of the owl, the joy of the hummingbird, the intelligence of the cetaceans, the silence of the bobcat, the sight of the eagle, the hearing of the bat, the focussing and the prudence of the snake, the stamina of the elk, the transformation of the butterfly,the magic of the raven, the fidelity of the dog, the tenderness of the deer, the playfulness of the otter, the scrutinity of the mouse, the scent of the rat, the innocence of the dove, the athletic power of the springbok, the self-containment and self-sufficiency of the camel, the hunting skills of the cougar, the beauty of the peacock, the dancing of the bird of paradise, the elegance of the swan, the freedom of the sea-gull, the thrift of the squirrel, the faith of the unicorn, the
medicinal energy of the tiger, the patience of the turtle, the shrewdness of the fox, the busyness of the bee, the speed of the cheeta, and all the other traits which has been perfected, and I absorb them all in whole my being, and I live to them fully ... [receiving the traits]

It Is Done. So Be It. So It Is.

Please read the traits related to the animals concerned with discernment, for some may be speculative.

c) Merging with the Earth, the mother of our bodies.

As Metatron has said through Tyberonn: "Dear Ones, with the understanding that you are here for learning, we tell you that the 'University of Polarity Earth' is specifically designed for the evolution of the human soul. (...) The Earth supports that mission, by Divine plan, by agreement, and all of the Kingdoms of Earth are part of that."

Mother Earth has thus been placed in the custody of the humans, the co-creators with God. For eons she has played her role exceedingly well, nurturing, supporting and serving humans patiently and lovingly. But she decided some time ago it was time for her to stop following humanity anymore on their disastrous path. For she has a mission to accomplish as part of the Divine Plan, meshed with the gears of the cosmic clock. She is ascending, silently but unstoppable, towards the 4th dimension, and higher. As she is the one who determines the space/time continuum of the world of existence for all life on her body, humanity – still having the freewill faculty of choice at their disposal – has no other choice than to ascend with her or to leave.

She too has been waiting for us, lightworkers worldwide, "To rid this planet of strife, to rid this planet of pain, to rid this planet of turmoil, to rid this planet of disease.", as Metatron stated. And she waited, and waited, and waited, till she was on the brink of collapse and gave a cry of distress in her message 'I Am Dying' on August 31, 2005 through Debbie Wright, and her message was directed at us. She now is ready for her ascension towards the 4th dimension, and higher. She gladly will support us in our campaign, when we too are ready to perform our mission as part of the Divine Plan for the Earth. And remember that Ashtar has said in a trinity meditation "... you are living on one of the greatest Light Beings in the cosmos". We have been merging with her from heart to heart for many years in the trinity meditations, and otherwise.


If the decision is made to start this campaign, we will have to take decisions and commands regarding tactical matters. Some of them are:

a) The protection of all lightworkers, their love ones, their organizations and structures, and all their basic needs to function properly.

b) The protection of the internet infrastructure and all other communication structures we will need to stay connected with each other.

c) To stay in constant contact with our celestial guides.

d) Etc., etc. ... All matters regarding 'what to do', 'how to do it', 'when to do it', 'who will do what', etc.


a) As this topic is being discussed at the Sananda's Eagles Mailing List, and if the general feeling is that we should start with this campaign, do we have the blessing of Debbie and Janisel? Does this campaign qualify as a legal activity of the Church of Sananda's Eagles, being the platform for this campaign to spread within the lightworkers community?

b) Will we have a role to play in the preparation of reuniting humanity with our space brothers and sisters of the Light?

c) Will we have a role to play in cleaning the Earth of all dark astral entities who are willing to leave the astral planes of the Earth and be collected in the ships of the Ashtar Command, just as Tuella did, before the anchoring of the New Jerusalem at the 13th energy vortex of the Earth?

This then is my proposal. I await your comments.


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This is why it is so important that you
allow me to guide you!

We Meet In Silence!

-Your Higher Self-

Hope you feel well and happy :)

Today is the release of the 2nd

These Codes Will Help You Clearing
& Healing Your ROOTS !!!!

The Atlantis Master Healers suggest
you start with the Base Chakra in order
to upgrade your BEING.

Why Root Chakra you might ask?

It grounds and balances you and allows you
to access your energy and vitality. Without this
Chakra being balanced, you'd have a hard
time keeping opening all of your other Chakras.

Here are some ways you can indicate if your
Root Chakra is out of balance:

# You are over-stressed. Things make you worry or upset
a lot more than usual
# You're willpower is failing. You're overeating, binge drinking,
or falling prey to your favorite addiction
# You are experiencing more pain than usual
# You are hoarding material things or have lack of money
# You value security more than growth

In my opinion the World needs to Strengthen their Root Chakra.

The world has just gone through a huge period of instability.
Since 2008, there has been a financial crisis, physical crisises
such as the earthquakes and Tsunamis in New Zealand and Japan,
lack of confidence in the government and their choices and very
biased and judgemental actions. It is now beginning to shift, and
I believe that by balancing our Roots chakra, we can speed up
the healing process.

As the Atlantis Master say - Once you heal Yourself
you heal the WORLD!!

So, how can I balance my Root Chakra then?

With the second ATLANTIS Master Codes, you
will get special exercises and an Etheric CRYSTAL Implant
to help healing this chakra. But there is MORE - click below ...


Also, please SHARE:)

Important Note: If you know from your heart, that we going
through great and important changes in perception of life
and also toward a wonderful alignment to who we really are,
please share this newsletter with all those you love, know and
care about - it could well make all the difference both to them
and to you:

"Happiness is my natural state of Being."

Note: To create a powerful life you need to align
your subconscious mind to the state of 'Being Happy'.

Find out more here>>

Keep in mind. You create your reality by your thoughts, emotions
and conscious awareness. So, transform negativity into positive
pattern of consciousness and monitor your self-talk.

Your fellow traveler,
Please go with the Given links for all details including the Video to strenthen our Root Chakra...

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Metatron: The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

Sep 25

Posted by Wes Annac
James Tyberonn

When it is precisely cut to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this extremely benevolent energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. This I know to be true.” ~ Dr Marcel Vogel

Dr Marcel Vogel – Developer of the Phi-Crystal

Marcel Joseph Vogel(1917-1991) was a celebrated research scientist working at IBM Advanced Systems Development for over 27 years. He Dr. Vogel was awarded an honorary doctorate for his numerous scientific innovations, inventions, and brilliant papers based on his study. Marcel Vogel researched luminescence with prolific results, and was highly lauded at IBM. This research eventually led him to publish his celebrated cutting-edge thesis, “Luminescence in Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Application”, in collaboration with Chicago University’s Dr. Peter Pringsheim.

He received over 67 patentsfor his inventions. Among these was the magnetic coating for computer hard disk drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise, besides luminescence, were phosphor technology, magnetics and liquid crystal systems. He also designed the Vogel crystal, which focuses “universal life force” by concentrating it to a higher level. Vogel crystals are cut to the exact angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes and 51 seconds, the exact angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The crystal is designed after the geometry of the Tree of Life symbol. Its design (per Dr Vogel)) was shown to him in a series of lucid dreams. He conducted numerous studies of the Crystal and stated it to operate with coherent light and energy. The last years of his life were dedicated to healing with the Crystals, which he believed to amplify theta thought , and could be used for healing and manifestation of ‘noble intent’.

Excerpt from Below Metatron Channel:

“The use of Phi Crystals precisely angled and faceted offer extremely advanced opportunities in terms of discovering inner worlds, multidimensional facets of the crystalline realms, in which lies your true essence. The ability of Phi Crystals to merge coherently with thought manifestation can indeed enrich the life of the wise user. Yet be aware these precision instruments are powerful, and are not meant for everyone. Sufficent ‘light-quotient’ is required for their responsible utilization toward benevolent creation.”

Archangel Metatron Channel THE ALCHEMY OF PHI CRYSTALS via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! We once and always greet you warmly and lovingly in this eternal Moment of Now. Indeed, we sense each of you personally at the specific time in which your eyes read these words.

And so we speak on Phi Crystals, a technology of the Law of One, that is re-surfacing in the Ascending expansion of the Earth into the crystalline dimensions. Indeed from the 12-12-12 forward you will see a great and greater facility of the benevolent use of these precision tools. For they are truly amplifiers of high frequency and can be benevolently use in the manifestation of pure thought into reality as well as the movement into greater awareness of the multidimensional Self.

We tell you that Phi Crystals are capable of forming and emitting a unique blend of intent-coded light in perfect coherent union. This may not be easy for you to grasp, but it is an important axiom, a key aspect of a ‘new’ paradigm as you enter the Ascension within the Quantum Crystalline Field. Coherency not only enhances manifestation of appropriate intent, it is a requisite for the amplification of thought you see?

When the high intellect is used properly, it thinks of a goal and automatically sets the body in motion toward it, and automatically arouses the other levels of communication unknown to it, so that all forces work together toward the achievement. When this is applied to the amplification attributes of a Phi Crystal, indeed a synergy of coherence occurs with remarkable results.

So understand, that this is not hocus-pocus, not a ‘New-Age’ fad, rather the use of coherent crystalline energy is a highly technological science that other societies of your past and future understand and utilize. The technologies available around quartz have been utilized in the silicon aspects in your computer microchip technologies, communication devices, and even your time keeping apparatus. Yet there is much more to be discovered in your current time. For the attributes of quartz have many possibilities in terms of myriad utility.

The use of Phi Crystals precisely angled and faceted offer extremely advanced opportunities in terms of discovering inner worlds, multidimensional facets of the crystalline realms, in which lies your true essence. The ability of Phi Crystals to merge coherently with thought manifestation can indeed enrich the life of the wise user.

We are ready for your questions.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak about Vogel Crys­tals, phi cut crystals and the man who invented them, Marcel Vogel?

AA Metatron: Indeed! The inventor of these of course was an astute Crystal Master from the Atla-Ra, the scientist priests of Atlantis. However, he did not truly invent them, rather did he channel the knowledge of same which coex­ists within multidimensionality. In truth, most of that which you consider to be invented is not new technology, rather is it pulled from the future and from the advanced technical knowledge of the past.

Crystal knowledge is essential to the coming age of the Quantum Crystalline Field. Many of you were involved in­tricately in this lost science. It is why so many are now fas­cinated with not only the quartz variety but all aspects of the mineral kingdom. Yet, be aware that the Crystalline Field is equally valid in terms of its relationship to consciousness, to thought, to action and to manifesting creation.

You see, crystalline is not only the highest aspect of the mineral kingdom, but indeed a frequency that the Ascending Earth and Ascending human will move into quite soon.

Now, the Law of One Master, you call Marcel Vogel correctly surmised that the energy signature of quartz was very similar to that of pure water, and that as the human body is over 70 percent water the quartz could be used to charge and influence both.

Crystals cut into sacred Phi angles are capable of many things, most of which are beyond the current understanding of the masses of humankind within polarity consciousness. You see, these crystals exist above the spectrum of your vis­ible light, well into the perceptual divisions of crystalline light within X-ray and ultraviolet. In so doing they exist in the eternal void or Now, beyond time sequence. As such they are time gates and can offer glimpses of realities both in your perceived past and future. As simply as I can explain it, your consciousness within planetary duality and ‘flashing’ con­tinuum sequence is ‘divided’ into linear time and probability parallel areas. The Now moment in the higher ultraviolet field is a crystalline unit which contains Universal Truth. When you are able to access that unit, you achieve the ability to expand that truth and gain the control of your reality. Phi Crystals then are the fabled Philosopher’s Stone that assist your consciousness into the unit of the Crystalline Alchemical Moment of Now.

Alchemy has always made extensive use of analogy, sym­bolism and so forth to relate transformational concepts to esoteric ones. In some epochs and contexts, these metaphysi­cal aspects came to predominate, and the myriad transfor­mational processes were then viewed as symbols of spiritual processes.

In your hermetic view of alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone represented the tangible crystallization and morph transmuta­tion of a subtle substance into something greater. This then is the sacred metaphor for the inner potential of the spirit and reason to evolve from a lower state of imperfection into a higher state of enlightenment and perfection. Phi Crystals are the tool of the Mer-Ka-Na that takes one to the Alchemy Journey. They are one of the paths of the Philosopher’s Stone, the crystalline journey into coherent energy through Phi.

The ‘Black Hole’ Within Quartz

Now, there are some interesting aspects related to certain crystalline forms that are only beginning to be understood by your scientists. Marcel Vogel correctly theorized that there were ‘missing’ silicon atoms in the quartz molecule (SiO2), in what is now termed the ‘Lattice Defect Theory.’ There are in fact ‘holes’ that occur in the tetrahedronal pyramid of the quartz molecule. The missing component is silicon, and we tell you that space retains an energetic form that is capable of receiving and amplifying human intent. It is a ‘black hole’ of sorts that is a void space capable of receiv­ing human energetic intent! That is why quartz and many other crystalline gems are capable of being ‘programmed’, and Dear ones, this is an important aspect of why these are particularly beneficial to you. Phi Crystals by their sacred geometric construct emit a unique energy, a crystalline light. They change the vibration that affects the able user. They change the frequencies at which humanity’s minds operate. Phi Crystals receive human intent, and indeed intent cre­ates an energy that is synergized and transformed through crystalline light. And that embellished energy is capable of manifestation and reaches the heavens and earth, the inner and outer dimensions, you see?

The variations of Phi Crystals are compatible with hu­manity. Some of them are compatible with the Earth, some with the elemental and emotional worlds and others with the celestial realms. Some create frequencies that unlock ancient encodements even as some natural crystals do. Certain Phi’s have past and future sequencing keys that open time and dimensional gates, but these are less understood in the present, and many of these remain unutilized and locked. This knowledge is now available to the savant and focused adept. It will surface and offer itself as the individual user becomes capable of understanding the responsible usage of same.

Now, your gemologists and crystallographers are aware that certain crystalline gems including topaz, tourmaline and especially quartz have a quality called piezoelectricity. This is the quite unique ability within the living crystal to generate electricity under specific polarized conditions.

Crystalline solids have a very regular atomic structure: that is, the local positions of atoms with respect to each other are repeated at the atomic scale. These arrangements of crystal structures serve many purposes and in essence form the life force structure of the Crystal Entity. As with all life there is an auric field and indeed a consciousness within crystals. That of quartz offers many functionalities that make it especially beneficial to mankind, yet in truth all crystalline structures offer myriad benefits.

One of the primary attributes of Quartz Crystals is that these living mineral forms can receive, store, recover and transmit information. Your scientists discovered this two decades ago when they succeeded in putting a three dimen­sional image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal and then retrieved it. Your main stream academics have long recog­nized the ability of crystals to transmit energy waves. Your early radios used crystal transmitters, and crystal or ‘silicon’ technology is the basis of your computers.

Masters, this is the only tip of the iceberg; or should we say the tip of the crystal!

The purpose of using a Phi crystal is to amplify and cohere the thought and energy that you wish to direct. Amplification is more readily understood, but coherence is a somewhat more difficult concept for you in physics or Meta­tronic terms. Coherence is a crystalline aspect of light en­ergy waves, with each individual wave in intelligent ordered harmony with every other one. At present your laser light is the most prominent example of perfectly coherent light. All the photons emitted by a laser have the same frequency and are in harmonic crystalline phase in quantum states.

We tell you that Phi Crystals are capable of forming and emitting a unique blend of intent-coded light in perfect coherent union. This may not be easy for you to grasp, but it is an important axiom, a key aspect of a ‘new’ paradigm as you enter the Ascension within the Quantum Crystalline Field. Coherency not only enhances manifestation of appropriate intent, it is a requisite for the amplification of thought you see?

Question to Metatron: Can you describe and explain the various benefits of Phi Crystals in the Vogel Cuts of 12, 13-20-33, 88, and 144 as well as the ‘Dream Cuts?’

AA Metatron : Indeed. First we will say that the Phi Crystals in the Vogel format are an Atlantean-Arcturian technology that utilizes specific base end angles to activate, vastly refine and greatly amplify the sentient characteristics of the quartz itself.

There are many different kinds of be­nevolent frequencies available with Phi Crystals and of very, very different kinds of vibration, not what you would find in your naturally formed quartz. The Atlanteans and Arcturian Masters developed and understood the vast and complex Phi Technology of Crystals. Indeed, some of the Arcturian-Atlantean construct crystals placed by them in key nodes on the planet were intricately designed to emit Phi frequencies and are awakening now. However, those formed naturally in time in the Earth do not have that same refined vibration, you see?

So it is the Phi, the Golden angles and sacred lines that create the revelation of the pulsing Crystalline energy, acti­vating and merging with the Quantum Crystalline Field to revere that which is holy, to reveal the highest symbol, the highest vibration of those which are the deity energies of crystalline light from the sun and the great central sun. So the element of Golden Phi, then, originally has come from the Sirian sun, and here it has founded itself upon the Earth. And where these omnipotent Phi Arcturian crystals are present, true deep and wise vibrations are found also.

But we note that not all quartz is of such vibration. In­deed some of the Master Atlantean Crystals are, and we have told you previously of these and that they are being awakened now from dormancy.

Natural quartz formations generally do not hold such a high frequency and are neither phi in resonance angles or of gold alloy. Some do but not most. Those crystals of the gold-silicate alloys were originally used in both the crystal skulls and the Master Atlantean crystals that carry the high­est field. Sparse pockets of these in natural form do exist in Brazil, Tibet and Arkansas deep below the surface, but these are very few and have not been truly accessed. The greater quantity & most potent of these are in Arkansas within and below what is termed the Crystal Vortex.

Natural quartz crystals are hexagonal and release a spi­raled phi energy that is emitted most powerfully through the point. Because few naturally formed specimens are perfectly symmetrical, the Arcturian and Atlantean Scientist Priests of the Atla-Ra developed a means of precise cutting of quartz in a double terminated format with equally symmetrical facet­ing to allow the Universal Life Force to be emitted through the crystal. In so doing, they realized that the Chi Energy from the human biology can be transferred into the crystal and better refined and spiraled to a focal precise position on the upper point.

The base angle was determined to most fluidly receive and refine chi energy with higher dimensional Phi energy when faceted to the angle of 51 degrees and 51 minutes, which is the angle of the Quad-Pyramidal Octahedron. It is the sacred angle that transmutes Celestial Energy into the Bio Mineral Sphere of the Primary Polar Earth Plane. It is the THOTHI­AN METATRONIC angle used in your Great Pyramid. Some pyramid academics refer to this angle and measure it as 51.8 degrees, in fact it is 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 51 seconds. Do you see the Mastery in connecting the octahedron as such to as above so below. It connects both worlds, Dear Ones, and indeed is divine in its sacred resonance.

There are other precise angles that can be used for spe­cific purposes both on the base and tip that have not as yet been ‘rediscovered,’ but this will be given in the appropri­ate timing. In the NOW, the 51.51:51 degree angle is most beneficial for the awakening of mankind to his initial phase of TRUE SELF realization. The geometrics draw a precise sacred energy field to it. It draws the human field to it as well, you see?

The one you refer to as Marcel Vogel, Khirron, recognized the synergy between crystals and water. The Phis create a synergy that belongs quite nicely to that which blends water and light, the two alchemical elements, you see? The blend of the two – one that both hardens and softens. It softens the soul. It strengthens the spirit, you see?

Now, all PHI Cut (Vogel) crystals have seven common primary properties that occur within them. Natural quartz crystals contain some of these properties, but these are greatly refined and amplified in the Phi cut units. You see because natural uncut quartz is naturally hexagonal (6-sided) the formation in nature occurs in random angles angles and form in somewhat irregular formats. Very rarely are natural formations of quartz crystal double terminated or in a sufficiently cylindrical construct to permit the energy flow and meld to occur in coherency. While all quartz crystals have (generally speaking) the below attributes, they only rarely are correctly formed for coherent flow.

Seven Generalized Attributes of Transparent Natural Quartz

> Amplify Energies > Enable Focus > Receive and Store Data > Transform or Refine Light Wave Frequencies > Transfer Thought Energetics > Merge Frequencial Energies

> Emit a Frequencial Field

Again what is NOT listed above, is coherency. So it is the precision faceted fashioning and precise base tip angling that is absolutely requisite for Phi Crystals to enable the coherency that dedifferentiates and defines them.

Now, per your query we will offer brief descriptions of the key benefits and traits of the requested faceting, but do note that there are numerous other ratio combinations and faceting models that are not listed or herewith inquired:

Double Terminated 12 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 12 Facet Vogel works on the level of humanity and accesses, activates and harmonizes the 12 strands of DNA and the 12 electromagnetic patterns of consciousness within duality. The 12 Vogel Phi fortifies the human EMF and enables the user to amplify thought frequency. In truth this occurs with all PHI Cut Vogels, and the greater the number of facets the greater this quality is amplified, as faceting enables more light and thus more energy. The 12 initializes the awakening of man on the physical conscious level and creates the desire for more understanding. It brings in the Ruby Ray of Strength, Will and Perseverance.

Double Terminated 13-20-33 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): This special ratio crystal taps into that which is termed the Melchizedek Order of Alpha and Omega from the stance of humanity. It enhances balancing of the Auric Field , as a pre requisite to establishing Mer-Ka-Na, as such it is a very specialized healing wand. It is inspired thru the channel by the work of Enoch, of Kamadon. His energy is herewith imbued in this unique ratio. It may be termed the Melchizedek vibration. It is nurturing and healing. From a healing perspective, it is especially effective in working with and releasing emotional trauma and in allowing for the clearing of these blockages to establish the true Soul’s Divinity within the SOVEREIGN SELF. It assists in clearing karmic relationship issues. It heals and enables the clear functionality of the glandular system. The Kamadon ratio is very effective in healing work and in activating the Energy of the sacred Platinum Ray.

Double Terminated 88 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel) Infinity Michael: The 88 crystal operates on the level of the oversoul and introduces multidimensionality. The 88 operates as a portal, capable of transmitting and receiving energies from the higher dimen­sions as well as enhanced thought manifestation and transference. It is the Crystal of the sacred nurturing energies of Archangel Michael. The 88 links the past to the future in forming the union of the NOW. It links and harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain. It is the initial crystal of the Mer-Ka-Na Transformation and in­troduces the first level of the Mer-Ka-Na. The 88 correlates to the Blue Ray of Wisdom and Conviction.

Double Terminated 144 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel):The 144 is the most potent of the available Phi Crystals. It is the energy of Thoth and the Field of Metatron. It connects to the Elohim level of the 12 squared, a key frequency for mankind’s ascension. The 144 also directly connects to the 144 Crystalline Grid and Quantum Crystalline Field. It is very beneficial in achieving the advanced Mer-Ka-Na State to the 24-pointed star. It is the frequency of completion. It assists the union and harmony of all lifetimes created by the oversoul into the merged oneness of Mastery. From a healing level, the 144 is especially helpful in unlocking blockage and disease in the kidneys, liver and spleen. The 144 brings in all the rays and correlates to the Golden Ray of Omnipotence. The 144 is in itself a portal that enhances channeling and what may be termed celestial and dimensional travel. It is a ‘contextual’ portal, a time gate that can take one to the past, to the future or even to another day within your present. It is a doorway into parallels that can take you to another para­digm within your current reality so that you can experience it differently. If you are uncertain as to a given direction or decision and wish to experience it from a different perspec­tive, a portal, or in this case a window, it can help you do just that. A portal can also be experienced as energy without expression, because experience does not require form, only context. A contextual portal has the advantage of allowing you to experience an event horizon whether it is the thought vision of it or actually manifesting it into being and living it. In the contextual portal both are equally valid, equally tangible from an experiential context. It is Merlin’s Wand, the Philosopher’s Stone of Alchemy.

Now we will say that the Phi Vogels, in your terms, of the 88 and 144 are the levels of Mastery, of the Mer-Ka-Nah. These each access portals, with increasing frequency yet each within a unique spectrum. So we will clarify that one cannot truly employ the energetic frequency field of an 88 within the 144. It is not that way, you see. Each is unique through the facet­ing harmonic.

Each opens a unique stance, stances that stack upon one another yet do not merge. Do you understand? Portals are utilized from different perspectives. There are many reali­ties from which to choose, and there are many dimensions to explore. Densities within dimensions offer even more variety and infinite ways in which to explore and experience life. Portals are opportunities to experience yourself as beyond your everyday self. They activate expansion within and with­out and allow you to choose a reality rather than to have one chosen for you. Experiences beyond the 3rd dimension are best accomplished when desire, creativity, active intelligence and participation are all present. These conscious transfor­mational experiences are available and accessible by you, but remember that they are possibilities, not requirements. They are not prerequisites that you must accomplish on your way here or there. They cannot gain you entry or reentry to that which has always resided within, but indeed they can assist you in experiencing these if and only if your energies are of a specific level of attunement.

Just because one goes to the energy field of a portal or time gate does not insure that one will frequencially experi­ence either. Is this understood? The light quotient of the seeker must be of a high enough level to allow the merging and to afford the opportunity of such. As you humans are fond of saying, you must learn to walk before you can run. These are tools and potent ones in the hands of those seekers on the Path who are ready.

We will add that all modalities of true Phi Crystals, es­pecially the Dream Phi and Vogel Phi (and there are indeed other cuts that have not emerged), are powerful instruments that operate in higher as well as infrared (below visible) frequencies of light and multidimensionality. Indeed many of you will instantly recognize them. Those of you who have used these Master Healing Crystals in past Atlantean so­journs will be immediately drawn to them and have an innate understanding of their capabilities.

These tools however require study, require interaction. They are not ‘ready to use’ per say. There must be the ap­propriate and deliberate effort to communicate, integrate and synergize with the living consciousness of each Phi unit. And this effort is in the vibration of high intent, of the desire for growth, within love and healing with compassion. Phi Crystals require a suitable time for activation, integration and charg­ing. They must then be programmed with intent. One cannot achieve the desired results without taking the initial steps of melding beforehand. And a key part of the pre step is having sufficient knowledge as well as compassion (light quotient) to be able to raise a frequency high enough to enter their resonate field.

They cannot and should not be used for any purpose other than the highest good. They will not function in any intent or thought other than the highest good.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak on Dream Crys­tals, how are the different from Phi Vogels and what are their functions in the 5 Gate and 6 Gate, 8 Gate and 12-Gate models?

AA Metatron: Indeed. Dream Crystals contain an inward concave curving that works with the coherent light to bring greater focus on the ‘inner world’. They are the perfect partner to the standard Phi Vogel.

The base angle of 51.51:51 degrees is the same on both. That which differentiates the ‘Dream Phi,’ to use your nomenclature, is the convex and concave cuts on the body of the Dream model, as well as the ‘charging filter’ on the base tip. The charging filter, often referred to as a flower, is a precise cut used primarily on Dream Phi’s but can equally be used on Vogel Phi’s. It works as a preamplifier.

Now, keep in mind that each crystal fashioned from natu­ral quartz is individually unique. The usage that we offer in both Vogel Phi and Dream Phi are somewhat generalized in primary application. Certain forms of quartz, such as smoky, citrine, amethyst and rutilated quartz will of course have additional properties. In truth, each piece will have additional and specialized aspects. The user then is required to ‘test drive’ each to learn the character­istics of each. Water clear quartz is different from included quartz.

Using a Dream Phi with a Vogel Phi in tandem is highly synergetic. The Vogel Phi is in a sense the macro and the Dream Phi the micro. One the outer world, the other primar­ily the inner. The two dance with light in different rhythms.

The inner wave spiral and rotation of the beam in the Dream Phi is opposite to that to the Vogel Phi. The Dream Crystal by means of its convex concave structure has what may be termed as a clockwise spin and the Vogel Phi counter­clockwise, although that description is somewhat metaphori­cal for use in explaining their opposite spins of light. It is not in truth a simple clockwise counterclockwise action, but the concept is a valid simplified image for this descriptive pur­pose. The Phi true action with light is far more complex.

We can say that the combination of the two succinct en­ergy models combine two ‘wholes’ and form a greater whole­ness. Combining then the inner and outer, the conscious and subconscious, the expressed and unexpressed, that felt and that seen. For healers working in the shamanic tradition, Phi Dream Crystals are an especially beneficial tool, a re­finement for extraction work. Dream Phis emit a light field resonance that removes negative energies, attachments and obstacles from the auric field, emotional body and indeed the physical body.

All Dream Crystals take the cleansing of your white sage smudging to the level of light and complete the purification in that tonal context. These crystals once attuned are very effective in repelling untoward or ‘negative’ thought form energy.

The Dream Phi interacts in the interior worlds of thought, worlds devoid of space, worlds of dream and vision, of imagination and parallel. These dimensions exist and are fully valid in their aspect. Equally, there are aspects of you that would rejoin with other aspects of you and in the process become greater. If you add a drop of water to a glass, it will rejoin with itself and to the ocean again. So always when there are grander aspects of your Divine Beingness, you will rejoin with them, and you will change, expand in the process. It is appropriate, it is the expansive nature of your purpose and paradigm.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 5 Gate Arcturian Master: The 5 Gate Dream Phi works especially well opens to the realm of the Arcturian Stargate. The realm of creativity, balance and artistic flow. It correlates to the Emerald and Platinum Rays. This shape releases obstruction around deep trauma. It opens the way to the happiness and euphoria that is pure and impeccable in our transparent and sincere core within the etheric heart chakra. It is especially harmonious with the Divine Feminine with the aspects of mercy and nurturing Magdalena, Isis, Lady Faith and Quan Yin. It reveals the lack of Self Love, and assists in extraction of self denial, mentality of lack and the core issues around lack of energy and initiative. It assists in regaining momentum and purpose.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 6 Gate: The 6 Gate Dream Crystal is very effective in assisting in relationship issues. It reveals the inner motives of the user and assists in purging that which is in conflict with the higher self. It assists in re­vealing and removing that termed ‘Spiritual Ego.’ Likewise it effectively repeals energies of jealousy, control and anger directed at the user from another. It reveals likewise these conflicts within the self. The Six Sided Dream Crystal is of­ten experienced as a total body energy radiating outward to expand the energy field of the user. It especially purges and balances the second, third, fourth and fifth chakras so that the mind and body are more connected and in better commu­nication. It is the sword of Michael, and indeed it cuts both ways, assisting in revealing one’s own as well as others’ true motives and conflicts. It must be used wisely and compassionately. It adds the information, feelings, and “software” necessary for operating the matrix that has been reconfigured and healed. Much of the experiential information from Atlantis radiates from these Six Sided Dream Crystals. It is expected that the overall effect of this Dream Crystal will be to enhance and expand the doorways of knowledge to Atlantean technologies and highest spiritual practices.

Double Terminated 8 Gate Dream Phi: The 8 Gate is the Infinity Dream, and enhances the nurturing aspect of the Angelic Realm of Archangel Michael. The Infinity 8-Gate works very well with in bringing in a very powerful and balancing Divine Feminine energy, and is especially compatible with the 88-Michael Phi Infinity.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 12 Gate: The 12 Gate Dream Phi is the highest frequency of the Phi Dream. It corresponds to the Purple, Golden and Platinum Rays of the Ascension. It correlates to the Metatronic Cube and the Sacred Geometric Star of the Mer-Ka-Na. It works especially well with the 144 Vogel. It offers protection in the higher realms of inner micro dimensional travel and assists in channeling. It stimulates the intellect and blends the hemispheres of the brain. It con­nects to the 144 Crystalline Grid, the Golden Sun Discs, and it activates the 12 strand DNA. It opens Celestial Portals and connects to the Elohim.

( Editors Note: When the Dream Phi also contains faceting, this adds to the energy potency and will adhere to the attributes of the faceting.)

Question to Metatron: Minerals, Gems and Phi Crystals are often expensive, and seemingly not available to all. Why is that, and are these necessary ‘tools?’

AA Metatron: First of all, Phi-Crystals, gems, minerals and noble metals are in truth quite available to anyone that seeks them, to anyone that would draw them to self with appropriate intent and sufficient light quotient. Phi Crystals, as we have said, are not meant for everyone, rather to those ready to apply the highest purpose in their usage. They are thought amplifiers you see.

Gems are indeed available to all, and indeed fortify the Aura, balance the chakras and indeed in doing such, can extent life force, life potency and longevity.

However, to draw them to you harmonically, one must recognize first that the Mineral Kingdom is alive and sentient in all its myriad varieties of expression. Within the Mineral Kingdom there is indeed the spark of Divinity, of Divine Consciousness that is quite equally aware in certain aspects, as is human­kind. This is a fact that is as yet unrecognized by most of humanity, yet it is quite true.

It is only the mentality of lack and the non recognition of the crystalline and mineral kingdom as being sentient that keeps anyone from manifesting these. Your societies and cultural systems spend unquestioned amounts of energy or money in the acquisition of what may be termed luxury items and excessive amounts on dress clothing, dwellings and vehicles. Yet they do not recognize that energy exchanged for certain forms of the mineral kingdom offer them great advantages in health, consciousness and manifestation am­plification.

Certain of your civilizations recognized the Mineral King­dom as being sentient, and as a result of that key acknowl­edgement they were able to communicate and interact with the mineral and crystalline beings. Accordingly the Mineral Kingdom offered itself and made itself readily and bountifully available to mankind. And, Dear Ones, we tell you that the sentient Mineral Kingdom responded to their desire, to their acknowledgement, to their call and made itself available to that call, to that seeking. Indeed it is an example of the Law of Attraction.

The same law is valid today, in your present. Even though you do not generally go to the fields and valleys to find your minerals, you are still very capable of sending out the acknowledgment to the mineral kingdom and manifest to attract to you what you need, what you desire to assist you. The mineral itself, the sentience of the mineral once acknowl­edged will indeed make itself available to you. That is quite true, believe it!

The paradox is that if you do not believe it, indeed that is the reality you will manifest. If you do not recognize the mineral kingdom is alive and sentient, then you will not be acknowledging its sentience. And acknowledgement, belief is essential, you see.

Unfortunately, the mass of humanity views gems and precious metals as simply decorative jewelry, vanities and investments. Therefore they are viewed by many as expensive embellishments. Those who are aware of their true nature, purpose and energy benefits then understand that they can and do enhance physical health and that they calibrate and generate higher frequency energy fields that can offer myriad advantages to those that understand them as such.

So as to your question, are gems, metals and crystalline forms necessary. We will answer in this way. Your cars, trains and planes are not truly necessary, you can walk, and if you are an extraordinary Master you can astrally bi locate. But in the interim, the tools you have manifested make trans­port a lot easier.

Some humans on the spiritual path remain limited by their mentality of lack. This is manifested in both a fear of poverty and in the belief that abundance is an aspect and indulgence of materialism. Both are false beliefs that do not serve you. Abundance offers itself and is available to all; the paradox is that you must believe that abundance is not only available but is equally a path of spirit. Once the laws of manifestation arte realized, Masters, you can create and acquire what you desire. Only be sure it serves your greatest good.

So indeed these tools, these living crystalline forms are available to those that are aware. And the truth, whether you accept it or not, is that the crystalline forms are energy generators, frequency portals and resonant shields that offer myriad benefits.

Question to Metatron : Please explain the proper manner of caring for, charging, and programming a Phi Crystal? AA Metatron: The methodology taught by Marcel Vogel is available to all and is the accurate modality. So we will accordingly not delve too deeply into information that is ac­curate and already easily available to you.

We have described in the (above) discourse the requisite belief and importance of recognizing that all crystalline forms have sentient consciousness. Initial synergy and communica­tion with the crystal is achieved primarily through transferal of the frequency of love into the crystalline form and asking for its assistance. This should be done daily with meditation and the use of deep breathing exercises to raise the vibration of the user. When the vibrational frequency of the theta wave is achieved, imbue the crystalline form through visualization. Imagine a beam of love from the heart chakra directly into the crystalline being. When a return flow of ‘love’ is felt, the synergy is achieved.

In many cases there will be an electri­cal (tingling) sensation felt in the arms of the user that flows upward into the heart. The actual sensation may vary with the user. For some it may be simply a sense of knowing.

Once synergy is established, the infinity breath exercise should be employed in meditation whilst holding the crystal in order to establish intent or programming. Once the deep breathing takes one into the theta state, the crystal will signal when the field is appropriate for receival of intent.

At this point the user should lightly stroke the body of the Phi crystal with the fingertips to charge the Phi while sending the intent of the particular usage. Transfer the visualization of what is requested. Whether this is to assist in multidimen­sional awareness, self purification, protection or healing for self and others, the specific intent should be clear and imbued into the Phi.

The process of healing, the extraction of obstacles or dis­ease is done only with the permission of the one receiving the healing. The Phi is then held with the female base in the palm of the primary hand of the user and circulated over the area of focus. For Vogel Phi Crystals, the circulation should be counterclockwise. For Dream Phi’s, clockwise. Visualize and speak the desired result. Continue this process until a clear response is received that the task has achieved maximum en­ergy for the session. To seal the opening upon completion, circulate the opposite direction until the field is closed. Usu­ally three to five circulations will re-seal the field.

The most effective method of cleansing a Phi is through vigorous brief shaking in the hand while visualizing intent of removing unwanted energies and through the use of white sage smudge. Running water can also complete this pro­cess, but care should be taken to insure the temperature of the water is within ten degrees of the ambient temperature of the crystal. Rapid contraction or expansion due to great temperature variation can create inclusion cracking in the quartz structure.

Closing: The Changing Paradigm and Sacred Science

Masters, there are differing sciences, different physics for each dimension, just as there are different approaches and paths of science and physics available to mankind in his current real­ity. Man has omitted the divine from science in his mainstream thinking. Science is indeed a sacred aspect of the whole.

Mankind has largely ignored sciences that would have led to very different concepts thus far. There are alternative approaches to physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation, bi location and locomotion than your accepted mainstream science understands or wishes to understand. Had the human species gone into certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored exterior technological ‘laws,’ your knowledge, means and resulting understanding of di­mensional and crystalline reality aspects would be vastly different and far more efficient in scope than it is now. You have embraced the external and to some degree dismissed the capacities of your ‘internal abilities’ within divine conscious­ness. Crystalline knowledge is a key part of the emerging ‘new’ paradigm, although in truth it is an ancient knowledge, forgotten but not new! Now, when mankind decides to devote mainstream study into what is termed the ‘mental’ science of dimensional and crystalline aspects of transport and bi loca­tion, and indeed it is a science with laws that can be learned, practiced and fine tuned, then visitations into parallels and vectors within time and space and inner worlds will become less accidental and occur by design, by plan.

Once mankind learns and masters ‘mental physics’ then he will be liberated, vastly liberated from the filtering illusion, the duality camouflage of physical pattern.

Indeed you are just starting to understand how the Mer-Ka-Na (Crystalline Light-Body) , when tuned by mind as the builder into the crystalline field unlocks this key. This will be greatly enhanced as your 144 Grid and its networking of crystalline energy completes its unfolding. The grid will offer great opportunity of advance­ment to those of you willing to devote focus to this divine science of ‘mental’ manifestation and what you term astral travel. You see, all science must include the divine, and it is grossly omitted by your mainstream academics in the pres­ent.

The knowledge and utilization of Phi Crystals and indeed properties of all crystalline forms is an intricate and essential part of this aperture into the vast Void, into inner and outer worlds of the celestial and indeed Divine aspect of the Crys­talline Ascension.

Phi Crystals are precision instruments, they are not for everyone. They are not ‘shelf’ crystals nor do they serve the mere curiosity of those who obtain them as vanities or novelties! They call to those who are ready. They offer themselves to those who are responsibly prepared to devote serious focal study and attention to their profound use and divine mysteries.

These are sentient forms of divinely intelligent consciousness whose sacred geometric angles unlock dimensional gates that allow the pre­pared seeker to dance with creative light force and source.

Phi Crystals offer extreme advancement to those with sufficient Light Quotient to activate in synergy with the Matrix of the Cosmos. These are incredible tools.

I am Metatron, and I offer you these truths in love and in wisdom. You are Beloved.

… and so it is

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Sacred Mysteries :

2012 - The Topology of Time: Hyperdimensional Space and the Unfolding of the Four Ages

Copyright 2005 Jay Weidner

"The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hourglass, symbol of time run out …"

- Fulcanelli

The inspiration for this essay comes from my almost nineteen years of research into the Great Cross of Hendaye and the French alchemist Fulcanelli. The unknown, anonymous, alchemist Fulcanelli in his masterpiece The Mysteries of the Cathedrals first brought the cross at Hendaye, France to the world’s attention. While the details of this research can be found in other articles written by myself (at and in the two books I co-authored (A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross and Mysteries of the great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy at the End of Time) it can be stated that the Great Cross at Hendaye appears to be describing not only the end of the great four ages of the Hindu Yuga system but also the four ages of alchemical chronological time keeping. According to the cross at Hendaye the Iron Age, or the Kali Yuga, will be coming to an end with the galactic alignment on the winter solstice of December 21st 2012.

Illustration A: The Mysterious Cross of Hendaye

According to the mythology of the Yuga system there are four ages of life and time on our planet. It is important to remember that there are many cycles within cycles in the Hindu Yuga system so the years mentioned next may have to do with a larger cycle than the one addressed in this article. Perhaps the huge number of years referred to below is the cycle of the solar system as it circles another star or perhaps it is a portion of the great cycle of one revolution around the galactic center.

The first age is the Satya Yuga or the Golden Age according to Fulcanelli. The Hindu texts tell us that this age lasts 1,728,000 years. This is an age of extreme splendour when the beings on our planet appear to live much longer than they do now. In this age there are no wars, famines strife or evil.

The second age is called the Treta Yuga, or the Silver age. As in the second law of thermodynamics, or entropy, things begin to slip in this age and the beings on Earth begin to deteriorate. This slippage, at least during this second age is the beginning of corruption and evil is introduced into the planetary sphere. This age lasts 1,296,000 years according to the Vedic texts of India.

The third age of this cycle is called the Dvapara Age, or the Bronze Age. This is the beginning of the ‘fall’ of humanity. In this age corruption comes on more fully, evil begins to spread and things start to fall into disharmony. This age lasts 864,000 years.

The last age is called the Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age. This age is the age we are in right now. Evil and corruption become the driving force as greed, wars, famine and disease spread across the planet like a tidal wave of death and destruction. This age lasts, according to the Hindu texts for 432,000 years. (For more information see also Tolkien at the End of Time: Alchemical Secrets of the Lord of the R... by Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose at, or see Reflections on the Cycle of the Great Yuga by Sharron Rose at

What is important to understand while discussing these huge numbers found in the Hindu texts is that they are describing the four ages within a context of understanding that each successive age is shorter than the previous age. The Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age, is one quarter longer than the Treta Yuga, or the Silver Age. The Treta Yuga is one quarter longer than the Dvapara Yuga, or the Bronze Age. Understanding these differences in the lengths of the ages becomes important to the following discussion.

According to Fulcanelli and the cross at Hendaye, the alchemical Four Ages comprise the four quadrants of a 25,920 yearlong cycle called the precession of the equinoxes. Essentially, the precession of the equinoxes can be explained by the fact that our Earth has a wobble. Like a top spinning on the floor, as it begins to lose momentum this wobble of the earth takes nearly 26,000 years to unfold. The strange engraving of the four ‘A’s’ (see illustration A) on the cross of Hendaye is a "hieroglyph of the universe", according to Fulcanelli. It is "comprised of the conventional signs of heaven and earth, the spiritual and the temporal, the macrocosm and the microcosm, in which major emblems of the redemption (cross) and the world (circle) are found in association".

The Precession of the Equinoxes

What Fulcanelli appears to be saying here is that the precession of the equinoxes is to be divided into four distinct ages of 6480 years each (4 divided into 25,920) or, to round off the figures to approximately 6500 years each. This is also interesting because the zodiacal cycle, which lasts 25,920 years, has four fixed signs. These are the signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. These four signs are separated by 6,500 years each. Also in the Book of Ezekiel and in the Book of Revelation we are told of the angel with four faces. This angel has the face of a Lion (Leo), a Bull (Taurus), a Man (the angel) and an Eagle (in older times Scorpio was represented by an eagle instead of a scorpion). Apparently, according to Fulcanelli, both of these books in the Bible are warnings and messages about the four quadrants of the precession of the equinoxes and appear to be telling us that there is some kind of great change whenever we arrive at one of these four signs.

Of course it is well known that we are currently entering the Age of Aquarius. The Cross at Hendaye and Fulcanelli are telling us that there are tremendous changes to be found here on Earth when we enter into one of the four fixed signs. Apparently these changes can be cataclysmic.

Obviously this 6,500 year long dating of the four alchemical ages disagrees with the Hindu Yuga system, which insists that each Yuga is of varying time lengths. It is in trying to iron out the dissimilarities in these two time periods that the hyperdimensional aspects of time can be best revealed.

It is well known in modern physics that the four dimensional space, of which time is an aspect, is in the shape of a hypersphere. (see illustration B) This hypersphere appears similar to the shape of a donut, or a bagel. The energy, or the flow of the energy stream, within this hypersphere works like this: As shown in the illustration, the flow comes out of the bottom of the sphere, winds its way up around the outside edge, crosses the outside equator of the torus sphere and moves towards the hole in the top of this torus. The energy flow then begins to fall through the top of the hole and begins to spin in a vortex. This energy flow continues until it comes out of the bottom side of the torus where the energy flow begins its outward expansion again. This flow is continuous and, in a sense, is infinite.

Illustration B: The Hypersphere





The shamans in Peru tell us that we are approaching the Pacha Cuti, which means, literally ‘the world turned upside down’. They say that it will arrive in the year 2012 (see illustration H). This is also the year when the great Mayan calendar reaches its end point. The cross of Hendaye is quite explicit in saying that we are reaching the very end of the Iron Age. I would suggest that the null point, or the wormhole at the very center of the hypersphere, is very likely the 2012 date. Our hypersphere appears to be regulated by the periodic alignment of the galactic center with the sun. This also matches the four fixed signs of the zodiac and explains why the Christian tradition is preparing for the endtimes.

The unknown builder of the mysterious Cross at Hendaye gives the entire hyperdimensional map to us on a platter. Fulcanelli coyly ignores it knowing that its meaning will only  become clear when one has truly understood alchemy. At the very top of the Cross, on the west side, just above the broken Latin Inscription, sits a single ‘X’. (See Illustration I.)

Illustration I: The "X" at the Top of the Cross

This ‘X’ is the inner map of the guts of the hyperdimensional sphere and reveals the hourglass shape in a clear and concise manner. The ‘X’ is truly the most mysterious symbol on the Cross at Hendaye and its meaning is finally revealed here in this article.

Oddly enough, it also appears that Stanley Kubrick is trying to tell us about the end of our Age in his masterpiece film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Starchild at the end of the film has passed through the Star Gate of the black monolith and is returning to Earth to create a new world or a new Age (see Alchhemical Kubrick: 2001: The Great Work on Film at


It is through our understanding of the Four Ages, the fixed signs of the zodiac and the Yuga system that we can finally appreciate the message that our ancestors have handed down to us. We are about to pass through the Star Gate, the wormhole, and the null point of hyperdimensional space.

The Cross of Hendaye reveals the most important knowledge of all, which is the end of time and the beginning of the Golden Age. Awareness of this knowledge helps us all to more fully comprehend the nature of the times in which we reside and the destiny of the human race.

Endnote: Incidentally the human life span has a strange association with the hypersphere and the topology of time. It takes 72 years for the precession of the equinoxes to advance one degree (360 X 72 = 25,920). Interestingly, at least during the Iron Age, the average human life span is about 72 years, which is 26,280 days, very close to the precessional figure of 25,920. Incidentally, the ancients thought that the year had 360 days, which would have made 72 years come out to exactly 25,920 days.

But the human life span can also divided into four Ages. If we divide 72 years into four periods of 18 years each we can discover our own personal four ages of existence.

There are 6510 days in each of these 18-year periods. The Golden Age of a human is from their birth to when they reach 18 years of age. The Silver Age is the next period from 18 to 36 years old. The Bronze Age of a life is from 36 years old to 54 years of age and the Iron Age is from 54 years old to 72.

Like the four great ages of alchemical timekeeping these four ages also feel different. It seems to take forever to get to be eighteen years old. But when we are 54 years old, or older, the days and years feel as if they are flying by. Also the body appears to gain density as we age. Our bones creak and arthritis begins to attack us as we age. It becomes more difficult to lose weight and we become set in our ways.

Even our lives appear to be ruled by the topology of hyperdimensional space.

See Part II: The Alchemy of Time - Understandingv the Great Year and the Cycles ...


The Four Dimensional Hypersphere torus is also represented by the hypercube. A hypercube is a cube within a cube according to physicists. Essentially this cube, also called ‘The Cube of Space’ or the Tetragrammatron’ by the alchemists is a straight edged version of the donut shaped hypersphere. (See illustration C)

Illustration C: Hypercube

Scientists love to be able to construct objects using straight lines, so they have created the hypercube to help them better understand the hyperdimensional universe that surrounds us. Alchemists however, like to use the curved lines of nature, so the donut shaped torus or hypersphere, is a better, more natural visual description of hyperdimensional space and will be the one I use in this essay.

Illustration D The Hyperdimensional Light Body Paintings by Alex Grey

The alchemists believe that there is a hyperdimensional ‘body’ around every living thing on earth. This hyperdimensional ‘body’ or sphere known to mystics as the luminous energy body, also surrounds every planet and star as well. Each object in the three dimensional world is an affectation of four-dimensional space. Humans, animals, plants, planets and stars are the solid inside of the fourth dimensional energy flow. As you will see time also travels in this fashion (See illustration D). ( For more information on the luminous energy body see my films Healing the Luminous Body with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, ArtMind with Alex Grey and Yoga of Light with Sharron Rose.) In order to begin to understand the topographical nature of time it is very important to understand the guts of this hyperdimensional sphere. By the ‘guts’ I am referring to the vortexes that make up the energy flow that runs through the center of the hypersphere. As the energy flow begins to fall into the vortex that runs through the center of the sphere it takes on the shape of a tetrahedron.


A tetrahedron, as shown in illustration E, is the building block of three-dimensional space and is the founding member of the Platonic Solids. The tetrahedron is the simplest object that can be created in three dimensions. The only object with just four sides, the tetrahedron is also shaped like a vortex.

Let us digress for a moment and discuss vortexes. Back in the Midwest, where I come from, there is a place called Tornado Alley. This is the flat Great Plains that stretches from Texas to the Dakotas. Each year this area is visited by numerous tornados, which wreak havoc on the farms and towns of this area. These tornados usually start in May and last until early August. Having witnessed several tornados in my early years I became fascinated by them and was once even a ‘storm chaser’. In my young and foolish days I used to chase after tornados with my Bolex 16mm camera in order to capture them on film. I became very familiar with these lethal vortexes.

But understanding tornados also helps us understand vortexes and the density of forces in the hypersphere. Tornados (and also hurricanes) are made up of air like that which surrounds us all the time. But as the air begins spinning it takes on a strange solidity. While the swirling air at the top of a tornado is somewhat dangerous, it is the spinning air near the surface of the ground that is really dangerous. Near the tip of a tornado, where it is in contact with the ground, the air takes on the quality of solid iron. The tips of tornados can rip buildings apart, throw cars and trucks thousands of feet and punch chaffs of wheat into the very center of a trees like a bullet. As the air spins more violently, the tip of the tornado vortex becomes as strong as 50 locomotives engines and possesses the density of the hardest of metals. Yet it is just comprised of air molecules. But these molecules are spinning so quickly that they create a mass that is extremely powerful. It is the spin of the air that causes it to densify and take on the solidity of metals.

Getting back to the central core of our hyperdimensional torus we can understand the vortexes inside this sphere and how time unfolds by using the tornado analogy. As the energy flow begins to dip down into the top of the tetrahedral shaped vortex it begins to spin. As the energy flow descends, its spin becomes more rapid and compressed. Like a tornado, as it reaches further down, the tip of the vortex ‘hardens’. It could be said that his hardening of vorticular forces is what makes up the solidity of our three dimensional space. Each human, plant, animal and indeed every planet and star alike are the hardened tips of hyperdimensional vortexes, which are flowing all around us constantly.

Like air, these hyperdimensional forces are pretty much invisible to us. It is only when these forces coagulate into a spinning vortex that they can be seen and felt. It is through the rapid spinning of four-dimensional space that the solidity of the third dimension is actually created. The mystics from all great traditions know this and they realize these inner dynamics of the fourth dimension as it interacts with the third dimension. The fourth dimension is the surrounding sphere and the third dimension are the tetrahedral vortexes that make up the central core of the sphere. To the ancients, four-dimensional space was called ‘spirit’ and three-dimensional space was called ‘matter’.

So what does this have to do with time and the topography of time? Remember the dilemma that we face in trying to make the four ages of the precession match up with the Ages or Yugas from the Hindu system? By attempting to make the two into one we can not only understand the topology of time, but also we can map time like the ancients and we can know where we are in the river of time.


As shown in illustration F, imagine that we are coming through the very center of where the two tetrahedral tornado vortexes intersect at the very center of the inner hyperdimensional sphere. Moving down the bottom vortex towards the outside surface of the sphere, each spin in the vortex takes longer and is wider and slower than the previous spin in the vortex. In other words, the energy flow expands after it passes the ‘null’ point in the very center of the hyperdimensional sphere, or torus, where the tips of the two tetrahedral vortexes touch.

This energy flow continues its expansion as it climbs over the lip of the bottom edge of the sphere where the vortex meets the outside edge of the sphere. The energy flow continues to expand until it reaches the outside equator area of the sphere. Once it gets past the equator, the energy flow begins to condense, the flow begins to move faster and the spin density increases. This flow continues until the energy flow reaches the upper lip of the outside of the hyperdimensional sphere where it begins to ‘fall’ into the top of the tornado tetrahedral vortex.

Now as the flow of energy falls down the vortex towards the null point at the very center of the sphere it begins to harden as it spins faster and faster. This goes on and on until the vortex is so hard it is like iron. This is how the fourth dimensional forces create three-dimensional reality. As the vortex spins faster and faster eventually it compresses down to the point where it has nowhere to go but outwards again. This occurs at the null point in the center of the sphere and the energy flow now begins to once again expand.

The Golden Age is the time period that starts at the null point in the center of the sphere and continues through the bottom vortex. As the energy flow expands outwards time appears to slow down. The entire period of the Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age, continues as the energy flow goes down the bottom vortex and rounds across the top of the sphere. It continues expanding until it arrives at the equator (see illustration G).


The equator of the outside of the hyperdimensional sphere is the borderline between the Satya Yuga and Treta Yuga, or the Golden Age and the Silver Age. Now the energy flow begins to contract as it flows upwards towards the north pole of the hypersphere.

The Silver Age, or the Treta Yuga, continues until the energy flow rounds the top lip of the hyperdimensional sphere and begins to fall into the upper tetrahedral vortex. This then is the borderline between the Treta Yuga and the Dvapara Yuga, or the border between the Silver Age and the Bronze Age.

About two thirds down in the upper vortex, where the energy flow is spinning so fast that it becomes as solid as iron, is beginning of the last Age, the Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age. This spinning continues to gain density and compression and speed as it races towards the central null point in the very center of the sphere. As it approaches this null point the forces become unbelievably fast, violent and dense. It is only when these forces achieve maximum density and they can no longer compress any further that they begin to suddenly flip and begin the expansion of the flow. This happens in an instant. This is the shift from the Iron Age, or the Kali Yuga to the Golden Age, or the Satya Yuga. The borderline between the Iron Age and the Golden Age is the most distinct border in this topographical illustration of hyperdimensional time. It is the most jarring and is instantaneous.

Take notice of the hourglass shape of the two tetrahedral vortexes inside the hyperdimensional sphere. Is this why Fulcanelli tells us about the hour-glass in the quote at the beginning of this article? In the Hindu mythology the God Shiva dances the world into and out of existence playing his dhamaru which is a two sided drum shaped like an hourglass.

Notice that, like the number of years in the Hindu Yuga system, the distance traveled through our ages in the hypersphere is similar; the Golden Age, which is the distance between the null point in the center and the outside equator is twice the distance as that traveled through the Silver Age which is the distance from the equator to the top of the lip of the upper vortex. Equally, the distance traveled from the top of the vortex to two thirds down, which is the Bronze Age, is half the length of the Silver Age. Finally, the tip of the vortex is half the length of the Bronze Age.

This part, called the Iron Age, is the Age in which we live. This is also why, in the Iron Age, each second feels shorter than the second before. This is why each day, each month and year appear to be going faster than they did previously. In the topology of time this effect can be easily understood and explained.

Also remember even though the distance traveled is much further in the Golden Age than it is in the Iron Age, the number of years it takes is the same. It takes 6,480 years to go through the Golden Age just as it takes 6,480 years to go through the Iron Age, but it feels much different. In the Golden Age each second, each day, each month and year appear to be longer than the previous day, month and year. Time is expanding in the Golden Age and with that expansion the anxiety and tension of the Iron Age disappears. It is a paradise, especially to those who may have survived the passing through the wormhole, or the null point at the center of the hyperdimensional sphere.

Therefore, the years listed within the Yuga system are actually symbolic times that explain the lengths of time as it is felt not as it is lived. So the Golden Age or the Satya Yuga feels like it is much longer than the Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age...

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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation Presents...  

The Rite of Divine Relationship 





The Rite of Divine Relationship  

This first Rite of Passage is designed to set the stage as we establish clarity of vision in the full accomplishment of our goal. 
The goal is God. This is the state of realizing the truth of One Existence and consciously embodying this one consciousness and its Purpose. We are collectively birthing God Realization, and ourselves, as the Christ Principle.  
As the foundation to this entire 12 week passage, this initiation centers upon the establishment of our most significant Divine Relationship, that which we share with God in tandem with the greater knowing that we are God. 
In this Rite, we are anchoring into place the all-consuming radiation and containing matrix for this long awaited group endeavor.






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Rites of Passage 2012


The Rite of Divine Relationship ~

This first Rite of Passage is designed to set the stage as we establish clarity of vision in the

full accomplishment of our goal.

The goal is God. This is the state of realizing the truth of One Existence and consciously

embodying this one consciousness and its Purpose. We are collectively birthing God

Realization, and ourselves, as the Christ Principle.

As the foundation to this entire 12 week passage, this initiation centers upon the

establishment of our most significant Divine Relationship, that which we share with God

in tandem with the greater knowing that we are God.

In this Rite, we are anchoring into place the all-consuming radiation and containing matrix

for this long awaited group endeavor.


Loving God

What magnetizes this radiation to us is our sincere love for God and by loving God with

our heart, with all our mind and with all our soul.

Blessed is the one who falls in love with God... because what is loved is realized.

Our initiation is to maintain unwavering focus solely upon God as the center point

through which every thought and act is conceived. Through this loving devotion, we are

loving the Self and all others. All is God. In this realization, every fear of mortal thought

and limitation erases.

When we are one with all that God is, then we accomplish.

Through this Rite of Passage, may we allow Divine Immanence to deeply penetrate our

understanding. May we all be awakened to our duty and privilege to be devoted to the

Divine templed within our own Self, and, in all other beings.

To truly know God within is the greatest blessing that we can give to Humanity.


God is Everything

In Divine Relationship, we are seeing ourselves as God. We are seeing the infinite

intelligence immanent in all of nature and ever unchanged by the illusion of separation.

We are dropping the illusion that we are becoming anything. In actuality, we have and

always will be God and it is simply a matter of acceptance. Accept this truth.

In this Rite, we humbly step forth and go directly into God to declare with absolute

conviction and without any fear whatsoever that we are God, that we are merged wholly

and completely with this Infinite Source.


The Law of Relationship

The Universal Law of Relationship conveys that all of creation is an integral part of All That

Is. All life is relationship and we come into being through interconnected relationships.

Every relationship in our life is a mirror reflecting Divinity.

To love thy neighbor as thyself, is to truly be God seeing through human eyes. We

recognize that the Christ, the God Principle, lives within all life as it lives within us. As the

God Principle flows through us, we can look upon all of our outer reflections without the

slightest hint of judgment or separation.

It is one of our highest privileges to love and serve all manifestations of life.

To be able to do this with the same effortless grace through which the sun shines, is to

exemplify the true meaning of Divine Relationship.



The accompanying Mp3 audio transmission

to the Rite is located on our website.

MP3 Audio Transmission

With Love,

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

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Dearest family of light ~The Rite of Passage #1 ( "The Rite Of Divine Relationship" found at audio contains a beautiful background chant by our beloved brother Angel Senties (the video of the Moola Mantra provided below is the same mantra, just sung by Deva Premal instead). I love both versions, but I feel there's something extra & divinely special with the one sung by Angel. So for anyone else who enjoyed Angels' version, I just uploaded a short Mp3 audio ( around 6 minutes long) I cut from the 1st Rights of Passage meditation which you can listen to on "My Page" under 'My Music'

& everyone can decide for yourself which one you like the best.

Now here's an explanation and the embodied context of this beautiful mantra...



Moola Mantra

Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha


This mantra evokes the living God, asking protection and freedom from all sorrow and suffering. It is a prayer that adores the great creator and liberator, who out of love and compassion manifests, to protect us, in an earthly form. This Moolamantra has given great peace and joy to people all over the world, who have chanted, or even listened to it. It has the power to transport ones mind to the state of causeless love and limitless joy. The calmness that the mantra can give is to be experienced, not spoken about. Dear reader, here is the key with which any door to spiritual treasure could be opened. This is a tool that can be used to achieve all desires. This is a medicine that may cure all ills… the nectar that can set man free! All auspiciousness and serenity is yours simply by chanting or listening to this magnificent Moolamantra.

Whenever you chant the Moolamantra even without knowing the meaning of it, that itself carries power. But when you know the meaning and chant with that feeling in your heart then the energy would flow million times more powerful. Therefore it is essential to know the meaning of the Mantra when you use it.

The Mantra is like calling a name. Just like when you call a person he comes and makes you feel his presence, the same manner when you chant this mantra, the supreme energy manifests everywhere around you. As the Universe is Omnipresent, the supreme energy can manifest anywhere and any time. It is also very important to know that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the presence stronger.


Simplified meaning of the Moola Mantra:

Om- We are calling on the highest energy, of all there is

Sat- The formless

Chit- Consciousness of the universe

Ananda- Pure love, bliss and joy

Para brahma-The supreme creator

Purushothama- Who has incarnated in human form to help guide mankind

Paramatma- Who comes to me in my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask

Sri Bhagavati- The divine mother, the power aspect of creation

Same tha - Together within

Sri Bhagavate-The Father of creation which is unchangeable and permanent

Namaha - I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times (the above simplified version was supplied by Felicity Barrington of Canada)


Full Meaning


Om has 100 different meanings. It is said 'In the beginning was the Supreme word and the word created every thing. That word is Om'. If you are meditating in silence deeply, you can hear the sound Om within. The whole creation emerged from the sound Om. It is the primordial sound or the Universal sound by which the whole universe vibrates. Om also means inviting the higher energy. This divine sound has the power to create, sustain and destroy, giving life and movement to all that exist.

Sat Chit Ananda


The all penetrating existence that is formless, shapeless, omnipresent, attribute less, and quality less aspect of the Universe. It is the Un manifest. It is experienced as emptiness of the Universe. We could say it is the body of the Universe that is static. Every thing that has a form and that can be sensed, evolved out of this Un manifest. It is so subtle that it is beyond all perceptions. It can only be seen when it has become gross and has taken form. We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us. We are the effect and Universe is the cause and the cause manifests itself as the effect.


The Pure Consciousness of the Universe that is infinite, omni-present manifesting power of the Universe. Out of this is evolved everything that we call Dynamic energy or force. It can manifest in any form or shape. It is the consciousness manifesting as motion, as gravitation, as magnetism, etc. It is also manifesting as the actions of the body, as thought force. It is the Supreme Spirit.


Bliss, love and friendship nature of the Universe. When you experience either the Supreme Energy in this Creation (Sat) and become one with the Existence or experience the aspect of Pure Consciousness (Chit), you enter into a state of Divine Bliss and eternal happiness (Ananda). This is the primordial characteristic of the Universe, which is the greatest and most profound state of ecstasy that you can ever experience when you relate with your higher Consciousness.


The Supreme Being in his Absolute aspect; one who is beyond space and time. It is the essence of the Universe that is with form and without form. It is the Supreme creator.


This has different meanings. Purusha means soul and Uthama means the supreme, the Supreme spirit. It also means the supreme energy of force guiding us from the highest world. Purusha also means Man, and Purushothama is the energy that incarnates as an Avatar to help and guide Mankind and relate closely to the beloved Creation.


The supreme inner energy that is immanent in every creature and in all beings, living and non-living. It's the indweller or the Antaryamin who resides formless or in any form desired. It's the force that can come to you whenever you want and wherever you want to guide and help you.

Sri Bhagavathi

The female aspect, which is characterized as the Supreme Intelligence in action, the Power (The Shakti). It is referred to the Mother Earth (Divine Mother) aspect of the creation.


Together or in communion with.

Sri Bhagavathe

The Male aspect of the Creation, which is unchangeable and permanent.


Salutations or prostrations to the Universe that is Om and also has the qualities of Sat Chit Ananda, that is omnipresent, unchangeable and changeable at the same time, the supreme spirit in a human form and formless, the indweller that can guide and help in the feminine and masculine forms with the supreme intelligence. I seek your presence and guidance all the time.


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