Hand In Hand We Have Travelled:


Hand in hand we have travelled:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Hand in hand we have travelled - through rough and smooth terrain.

Levitated have we - with our love for thee.

We have walked amongst the flowers - cried in the rain - soaked up the sunshine, feeling both relief and pain.


Pain for the suffering of others - pain for their loss of faith.

We have shared in the dream of sunrise - loved the hope that it brings.

Believed in the redemption of others - not of the Dhuman Adamic Race.


We have travelled through limitless time-zones - the past - present - future, calm in the love of God and His dream for the future of all life.

We have loved - lost touch - been reunited - all in the blink of an eye, which is why today - there is no separation, for we are as one.


I am but a small drop - you are so much more, but together our love and friendship - coupled with our history, seeks to set out to help those who have lost their way.

They stand lonely and afraid, in darkness alone - to us of the light - that is not right, so another step is taken together - one of so many through all the centuries.


The centuries they have come and gone with ever increasing crime, however it is one of our tasks to help them to leave such behind, for with love and light for them, there is no stopping what they will find.


In themselves - their light grows bigger - their fear it leaves them as they become more free.

Side by side together we have flown through time and space, each and every time what joy to see his face.

Separated through the aeons of time - yes - but joy once again when that veil has been lifted.

Hand in hand together into future worlds unknown - we will walk forever through no barriers in time.




The future unbeknown beckons in other places ahead - lands not of the earth draw me to him whom I have loved since I first saw him - all those aeons ago.

So yes, hand in hand we travel over rough and stormy seas - but how I love that calmness when all is as I am drawn to - no more pain and heartache - just that joy of harmony.


So as I pause a moment - those memories so they fade - but our journey is well trodden - those stones felt so well - but there is great light ahead as always - as we lead others to what's ahead - secure in the knowledge of God's love for all - even for those who slip and fall.

They are the ones who need our help to enable them to fly as we do - to Angelic hosts who await their return - joy on their faces, love in their hearts - as lost loved ones, return home at last.


Fleeting glimpses and memories of lives long gone come back to me yet again.


The steps thus taken so far lead me as always back to his care - my soul sings with gladness - my heart fills with love - as hand in hand with The Father we travel those steps together.

Together again in sleep - together again in waking - therein no separation - for once again our hands are held, as step by step we journey through those barriers of time and space, until at last in pure essence I once again see his face.




That light of our reunion - it shines as the sun, far brighter than I have known it, for my work here is done.

What joy that will be - what relief will come to me - as I step over the threshold - to hold hands once again - when the light of His Countenance shines full of love for me - as mine does him, just as it always has since the dawn of time, and yes, before that too, for I am but one of many whom God had planned to be.

So I stand secure in that love and knowledge as my journey takes me back to home - to that land of my birth - far above the hills of earth.

My steps they seem so small - not what I had hoped at all - but the light of Paradise calls me as it has time and time again - like a magnet it pulls me up towards home again.


So I know I walk not alone.  Hand in hand we have travelled through rough and smooth terrain - this life is no different - except for the pull of home.

So on and on I travel, safe in the love of him, at peace in the love of God helping me always, loving me constantly, being but a thought away.


For His dream is my dream - His plan my aim - joyful and privileged to be the daughter of God - God The Father-Mother, sister to God The Son and a daughter, friend and sister to him whose hand I hold today, now as always, and as I will in worlds yet to be, as I follow thee.

For where he goes I follow, albeit at a slower pace, but that great trail of light has been opened and I go on at my own pace, slow it seems so often, stagnant it feels too much.


My joy comes when I see that trail of light getting bigger for all those helping hands - workers of earth and spirit united - to take us all together through glorious bridges of light.

Thus helping achieve our destiny - at peace and one with The Father and home at last after my journeys, waiting then for our next adventure, hand in hand to future worlds and paths not yet known - but which I will call home.


31 December, 2007.


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    Hi Julian,


    Beautiful picture.



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    Hi Hannah,


    Thank you for your comments and lovely picture.



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