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Prayer: I Accept the gift of ‘My Ascension Now!
Beloved Heavenly Father/Mother God and my own God-Presence I AM, within and above me, I greet you and send you my purest divine love and gratitude.
I thank you for the gift of Life and ask for the gift of my Ascension in the Realm of Light and Love.
It is my desire and intention to fulfill my Divine Plan on Earth and assist the Earth and my fellowmen to do likewise.
I ask that you prepare my soul for my Ascension in this life and put before me all the lessons I need to learn to successfully pass all levels of the seven Sacred Initiations to qualify for my Ascension.
I ask for the purification process necessary to make this happen be shown to me daily.
I also ask that my purification unfold with love, ease, grace, wisdom and gentleness.
With the deepest Love, Humility and Surrender, I now make this request.
With the deepest Love, Humility, Gratitude and Surrender, I open myself to receive the gift of my Ascension.
With the deepest Love, Humility, Gratitude and Surrender,
I declare that as a Child of God, I am worthy of my Ascension.
With the deepest Love, Humility, Gratitude and Surrender, I accept my Ascension now and I fully accept my Divinity.
With the deepest Love, Humility, Gratitude and Surrender,
I accept all the gifts that are mine to receive as a Unified Being!
I give thanks for the gift of my Ascension in this life.
And so be it. Beloved I Am.
From Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames
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The Prayer of Surrender ~ By Master El Morya

Beloved Father/Mother God, into Thy hands I commend my being. Use my Love, my thoughts and my life in selfless service to Thee.
Release from me all that hinders the fulfillment of my holy purposes and Ascension. Teach me to be kind in the ways of the Brotherhood of Light.
Direct and establish my lifestream in ways that, daily and hourly, my true identity in God manifests.
Beloved God-Presence I AM, Eternal Father/Mother God,
May the covenant I made with Thee be totally fulfilled!
May I live my life to feel Your Love and see Your Light!
May your Will manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven!
Into thy hands I surrender my being, that through me, God be glorified in all things!
And so be it! Beloved I AM.
Repeat 3 times.
From Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia.

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Prayer ~ Flood the Earth with Violet Flame

In the name of the Great I AM, I call for the Light of a thousand suns from the Great Central Sun, Angels of Violet Fire, Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Omri Tas, ruler of the Violet planet. In the name of God, I AM That I AM! Saturate the Earth and all of Her evolution with limitless waves of Violet Fire.

I call for the action of the Violet Transmuting Flame and the action of the Will of God to manifest on Earth, now and forever, an ever increasing spiral of Divine Perfection.

I call for all discord and activities on Earth that are not reflecting the highest Light and God’s Holy Purposes to be miraculously swept and transformed, by the power of the Violet Flame, into Divine Love and Harmony for the restoration of Earth and Her people into their original blueprint of perfection that was originally intended.

Violet Flame! Violet Flame! 0 Violet Flame! In the name of God, flood the Earth, Her people and all Her kingdoms with oceans and oceans of Violet Fire until every particle of Life is restored to Divine Perfection. May Peace and Love be spread throughout the Earth! May the Earth abide in the aura of Perfect Love!

May the Earth abide in an aura of Peace, Love and Freedom! I give thanks that it is done now according to God’s Holy Will! And so be it, Beloved I AM

( From Prayers To The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louis Jones)

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God's Will Prayer


Prayer for First Ray Healing ~ God's Will Prayer

In the Name of God "I AM," I invoke the presence of Beloved Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and all Ascended Masters and angels of the Blue Flame Love of God's Will to guide and protect me daily and hourly.
Archangel Michael, come into my life.
Help me overcome all density with your sword of blue flame.
Cut me loose and set me free from all negativity and errors of the past.
I ask for a shaft of blue lightning of Divine Love to be established over my being, over my home, my family, my work and all my affairs.
I call the guidance I need to manifest God's Will in all aspects of my life to fulfil my divine purpose here on Earth.
I claim for God's Will to manifest everywhere on Earth as it is in the Realms of Light and Freedom.
I give thanks that my request is answered according to God's Holy Will.
And so be it, Beloved I Am!

( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

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Prayer for Illumination

Beloved I AM Presence, Light of my Soul, I call for the full power of the sacred fire from the Temples of Illumination for a full release of Illumination Flame through my entire consciousness, being and world.

I ask for the Flame of Illumination to blaze and transform all that would hinder the manifestation of Love, Wisdom and Power within and without my lifestream and my Ascension in the Light. I ask the Masters of Light to resurrect the memory of my true identity in God and the blueprint of my divine plan.

By the Flame of Illumination, I call for the restoration of my full Christ consciousness as it was ordained by God in the beginning of my descent into manifest form. I call for the Flame of Illumination to descend and blaze Divine Wisdom into every cell of my being, into my crown chakra and all of my other chakras.

I ask the Flame of Illumination to re- connect me once again to the forever present Pure Knowledge of the Universal Mind of God.
Flood the Earth with Illumination Flame each moment of each day to show mankind their way back Home.

Beautiful and precious Golden Flame, let Thy Light bring the end of separation in the consciousness of mankind for the manifestation of God's Holy Purposes and the return of a Golden Age of Love and Enlightenment.

And so be it, beloved I AM!

From Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia.

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With mass media perpetuating so much fear in the news, has anyone considered calling upon Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet, to purge Earth and all of humanity of all negativity with the Violet Flame? Although this is a free will realm for choices, a jump start (if fear release is wanted on some level) wouldn't hurt humanity. P.S. You can add Archangel Zadkiel, Saint Germain, and Kwan Yin to your invocation if you desire as well. 

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How does Kundalini work?

How does Kundalini work? The Shiva centers of the heart, throat, third eye, and crown are positively charged. Then, this attracts the negatively charged (meaning grounded in this case) Shakti Kundalini to move upward, chakra by chakra, to the highest chakra it was attracted to. Once the Shiva Crown center is positively charged and balanced, then Kundalini cleanses all chakras to form the unified chakra column of Rainbow Light, which leads to the attraction of the Oversoul/Monad, which leads to an enlightened state. The key is to positively charge and balance each of the 7 chakras in the human etheric body to draw the Kundalini upwards.

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Anchoring Into Your Full Divine Presence By Steven Hutchinson



🌈💙 I open to the connection & receive & anchor my Full Divine Presence
🌈💙 I open to and receive the blessings and goodness and protection of the Universe
🌈💙 I open to and receive and anchor high vibrational energies of Divine Love, Divine Beauty, Divine Healing, Divine Abundance, Divine Happiness, Divine Joy, and Divine Bliss.
🌈💙 I open up to and receive and anchor Divine Freedom within me.
🌈💙 I open up to and anchor the joy of living
🌈💙 I open to receive and anchor Divine Love & Bliss with every life experience I have.
🌈💙 I open to to receive and anchor my Divine Truth & Life Purpose.
🌈💙 I offer myself as a channel of Divine Light and Wisdom and help anchor it on earth
🌈💙 Any time I experience fears and doubts I bring my awareness into the Divine Love & Peace & Presence of my Divine Self within my heart
🌈💙 I fully trust the divine guidance of Mother/God and allow Her to use me as an instrument of divine light and wisdom
🌈💙 I celebrate and appreciate each day living in my Full Divine Presence
🌈💙 I am willing to embody Divine Unity here and now
🌈💙 I ask to be guided in my action, for the good of all and all that IS
🌈💙I am One with God's Love in every human being and live in divine service to all.
🌈💙 May the divine light, love, power and wisdom of Mother/God and Mother/Earth and each person's Soul be awakened and anchored in each person and manifest Peace on Earth!

Video - Sacral Chakra & Emotional Healing With Emmanuel Dagher




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Prayer for Peace

Maria Bethencourt

My Beautiful Global Family,

I am sharing one of my most powerful prayers with all of you, as we move forward in these chaotic and EXTREME energetic times.

I say this every morning when I first wake up so I fully anchor and align to my divine purpose timeline.

I hope it helps and assists those whom it reaches.

By my Free Will I chose to Walk in Divine Will for the Greatest Good of All, In Love And In Light, In Peace and In Bliss, For Love and For Light, For Peace and For Bliss. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

All is well, more to come.

I send my love to All.
Thank you for your constant love and support.

In light and love and joyful service,




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