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SHOULDER, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The shoulder is the main axis of the arm and connects it to the trunk. It is an extremely mobile joint that allows making movements in all directions. They represent our ability to act, our deepest act on someone or something desires.

They are also related to the ability to carry the responsibilities and obligations of life: "carry the burden on the shoulders", "to shoulder the entire weight of the world", etc. They refer to responsibility as an adult; either as a parent or as a human being in society.

The shoulder problems tell that we have difficulty expressing, we found a resistance to our desire to act; either by a lack of support for an external opposition or a feeling of worthlessness.

We believe that the outside world will not let us act.

Left shoulder: it can indicate a devaluation conflict as a parent image itself.

"Devaluation in the mother/son or against any other person you want as a son relationship"

Identity conflict as a parent or child.

"I'm a bad parent or a bad mother or I'm a bad son/daughter to my parents", the head of the left humerus is affected.

"I have not been protected enough"

"I have not been able to keep under my wing to someone close” (affects the head of the humerus).

Right shoulder: "Conflict of devaluation of oneself in reference to the partner or one's social position.

Conflict of identity as husband/wife (no sexual connotation) or as a worker.

"I'm not a good husband, a good wife, a recognized worker or a good student", it affects the humeral head.

"Affective devaluation for failing to hold someone under the next wing", the head of the right humerus is affected.

"I have not protected my partner or co-worker enough" it affects the capsule.

These lateralities are so only for right-handed people, for left-handed people will be the opposite.

Luxation or dislocation: Often, a dislocation occurs after a stroke, a fall or forced movement.

"Conflict of devaluation accompanied by dishonor upon me and my parents”

When the dislocation is recurrent, it tells us that we have the feeling of being caught, "as if we are put in a box"

We want to express: "I want more freedom in my job as a human being", "I do not want to cling to my family, work, etc., I want to be myself"

Shoulder blades: The scapula is a flat bone, long, thin, triangular shape. With the collarbone, shoulder blade serves to attach the arm to the trunk.

(Symbols of Freedom) "They are preventing me fly with my own wings"

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

I earn consciousness of freedom that I have within me and let in inner light in all situations.

I become aware of the burden and decide to continue taking it voluntarily or get rid of it.

Assume the responsibilities.

When we do something for someone, it must always be for love and not obligation.

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My Dear Friends,

My friend Peter Melchizedek has written a Book named Elemental Grace Alliance....You must be knowing him .

Now He has started a New Magazine for all of us to know the real spirituality and the Power of Synthesis of our all Spiritual knowledge.

I am working with Him and we have a Spiritual Study Group and under His guidance we are making our self eligible to go for easy Ascension in to higher realms.

Here is the link for the E Magazine.

It works with Word

Here is the link to read the E Magazine.....

Dr Sohini Shukla.

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It corresponds to a condition of a part of the inner ear and is associated with our physical stability in relation to the position and movement. Vertigo is usually hallucinatory sense of movement of the objects that surround us or our own body, a spinning sensation.

The biological sense of vertigo is to prevent a movement that gives us fear.

When a person develops symptoms of vertigo, he/she notes that fact in his/her life is representing a radical change to the way of life he/she led. Or he/she refuses to accept what change in his/her life. Such changes do that he/she lives with suffering, but the people around them, do not know it, because it is very skilled people to say and show others that are better or that change them sat down or sit very well but they are lying. They are unable to show others, what they really feel, how much they change, how bad it hurts go through this change. "I lived a change that makes me sad" "I lived a change that was unpleasant to me" "This change hurts but I do not show it" "I feel on the brink".

"There comes a change I do not want". "I hate this change but I'll shut up"

"I am not or was not ready for this" "I did not expect this, do not accept it, do not want it". "This is not for me, this is not my thing" "I do not enjoy this new life, I want my past"

Similarly, dizziness can also occur when someone is experiencing a situation that makes them look "unstable" to others.

Also, the anguish at the thought of making a decision to make us face the unknown, can cause us more or less pronounced dizziness. We express our desire to control everything, so what is going on inside and outside but, not being possible we become unstable and anxious.

Or fear of the future, "before us is nothing, and are required to move! We may have the feeling that a situation is evolving too fast for us and we are afraid of the changes it will bring to our lives.

Inner ear: "We cannot stand to hear a thing"

Lack of references (this may be the father). "I lost my references”

It's like you have no reference to guide me and therefore I can have the impression that "my father", or representing the authority is absent or should help more in terms of the directions I want to take.

Conflicts of loss of our living space. "It seems like I'm never where the world wants me to be".

Conflict of accident with death in the family.

Common vertigo: "I must drastically change my life (life trajectory) if I do not want to die here".

Central vertigo: Conflict of position (my position) together with conflicts of stain and protection.

Peripheral vertigo: verbal conflict and reference points. Conflict of fear to the future.

In short, we can say that all dizziness is due to a lack of consistency between what the person feels and lives and what he/she says and does.

People with vertigo, are stubborn, refusing to look to the future with optimism, refuse to see how nice and positive that can bring to life such changes, think and rethink options such changes as do not like the suffer.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

People suffering from vertigo need to learn to accept, enjoy and appreciate any further changes manifested in his/her life. Considering it as a new challenge and opportunity that presents by its own to do different things and learn.


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Decrees For Creator Realization By Steven Hutchinson

I Am The Creator embodied as (say your name). I Am completely merged with Mother/Father/God - One Heart - One Love - One Consciousness - One Mind - One Power. I am in complete alignment with all that is the Creator...and I experience all that is the Creator as fully as possible with my every breath! My every breath is the Energy of the Creator in action in me and thru me, healing & uplifting us all.
I Am channeling the most divinely perfect Creator Energy and Mahatma Energy throughout my Whole Being with my every breath. I choose to experience a Creator Empowered life - & do so daily! 
I Am the full & complete spectrum of my Soul & Soul Group embodied in my Whole Being Now ! 
I am channeling the Energies of Forgiveness from my Soul throughout my Whole Being with my every breath, and these Divine Forgiveness Energies are bringing my Whole Being back into perfect divine balance & harmony and alignment with the Creator & the Creator Energies. 
I Am channeling Regeneration Energies from my Soul throughout my whole body that are completely regenerating my whole body with my every breath - and my whole body is now Illumined with the Creator's Perfection!
I Am channeling the Energies of Completion from my Soul throughout my Whole Being with my every breath.
I Am channeling the Christ Consciousness Energies of Completion from my Soul, and I Am experiencing and embodying & expressing all the qualities of the Christ Consciousness Now for the Highest Good of All ! 
(instead of the Christ Consciousness that I chose for myself - you can choose anything in your life that you desire completion in for this decree).
I Am channeling throughout my Whole Being the Christ Consciousness Energies that bring me into perfect divine alignment with them.
These Divine Energies of Christ Consciousness are transforming my Whole Being as I embody them with my every breath.....and I now experience my Whole Being becoming Illumined in Golden Christ Light!
I Am channeling Creator's Love & my Soul's Love & Angelic Love & Mahatma Energy throughout my Whole Being and to every human being and all of Gaia and to every civilization on earth throughout time with my every breath...and we are all grounded in God's Love & experiencing our highest potential Now !!!
Thank You God for manifesting everything I have affirmed and decreed, or better, for the highest good of all! And So It Manifests!
Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,
Video - "Let's Ascend With Asscended Master Lord Melchizedek Into Christ Consciousness By Steven Hutchinson" -
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The stomach is an important organ in digestion, the first to receive, through the esophagus, raw foods that have just been prepared by the action of chewing. After mixing and dissolving these eaten food, thanks to which it secretes gastric juices and prepares them for the process of assimilation. Thus, the stomach is the body in charge of the "material" digestion; in it, the events and emotions that occur in life and the food really begin the digestion process in the broad sense to digest the reality itself. This is where we first assimilate yearnings, unfulfilled desires, worldly pressures and external conflicts.

The stomach is emotionally attached to food, love, affection, survival, reward and mother. We replace our need for affection and love for food in times of loss, separation or death, or to mitigate economic stress or materials, etc.

Stomach problems are related, very often, with the "daily bread", that is, especially regarding material aspects of life, whether in the workplace or in the affective. We indicate that we are anxious and insecure because we feel we have difficulty in controlling the material world. We are concerned about professionals, school or judicial economic setbacks, and do not stop mulling an obsessive way because we have a lot of anxiety about the future.

Greater curvature of the stomach: Conflict with support in the family, difficulties, irritation or fear of dying for lack of food.

Likewise, we can be affected of the stomach when we suffer a conflict of lack joined other conflict of indigestion: "I have what I want; I do not want it"

Ulcer on the greater curvature, "I am faced with an exterior that is attacking me"

Minor curvature: Conflict of disappointment in the territory. We find it very difficult to accept or digest a person "who is impossible to avoid" or to an event that we do not like and goes against our way of life.

"I want to avoid something imposed on me"

"I cannot digest the morsel imposed on me"

Pylorus: The door of the stomach. Who watches the door? Who cares? Who protects?

Pylorostenosis: "Assimilating is dangerous for me"

Stomach cancer: we always look for "dirty plays" stories that someone made to other people, situations we did not expect.

It may be manifested by some economic disgruntled (not to appropriate a heritage that does belong to you, does not receive earnings corresponding to you in a company, compensation or judgment, etc).

Similarly, we can have stomach cancer when we suffer a setback territorial conflict with a person whom we cannot avoid (family environment, work, neighbours, etc).

"I cannot digest, I cannot digest the" bite "imposed on me," I've swallowed, but I cannot digest it"

In most cases it is related to some “dirty play" that we could suffer.

Hiatal hernia: Often occurs because the cardia (the sphincter mechanism between the esophagus and stomach) does not work properly and some of the acidic contents of the stomach moves up into the esophagus, the mucosa is not ready for the acid pH of this gastric liquid and makes the gastroesophageal reflux occur. Sometimes there is also a passage from the stomach into the chest cavity, called a hiatal hernia.

People who have the cardia half-open do hope that the more love (physical food is the symbolic equivalent of spiritual food) to their lives.

"I have the door open because I'm hoping affection, warmth, tenderness, I receive love from others. I never have enough"

In acute and occasional cases of gastro-oesophageal reflux we should ask whether we have suffered a recent affective setback within the family. "I want more and better food than I have received, I am open to the recognition of my family"

Ulcers: We talk about "indigestible contradictions" in the territory. Someone has invaded my territory and has destabilized me.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

You need to learn to become aware of their feelings, confront problems, resolve conflicts and digest the impressions that come from outside. Acceptance. Every thing that brings us life transforms us.

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