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God's Order Within Us


When we surrender to God’s feelings within ourselves, God embraces us and gives us all the justice in the world. He shows us the righteous way in revealing our love as He guides us on the path where He always stands by our side, trying to bring revelation into our home. When we open up to God’s love within us, we are on the right path of righteousness and on the way to paradise on the level of our existence.
When we are open only to material goods and forget about our inner being, we lose prosperity in our lives, because the real joy lies in sharing with others and wanting a just social system. When we celebrate every tiny moment, we are getting closer to our joy, which opens the door to God’s assumption and brings us closer to a righteous life. When we try our best to become conscious of ourselves and subject ourselves to God’s will within, we set off on a path leading towards our happiness and hope for a better tomorrow. A better future lies in a just social system which doesn’t neglect anyone, takes care of the poor and helpless and makes sure they receive appropriate social help.
When we only think about ourselves, we forget that someday we might also be in a situation where we will need God’s help, but we won’t receive it as long as we only care about ourselves. All good things come back to us and increase ten- or hundredfold if we do them out of the purity of our heart. Pure heart leads us on the path of love and self-acceptance. When we accept our real image, God’s image isn’t far from us. Let us accept ourselves on the inside, including all our unique qualities, and open up to God’s love that keeps us alive when we are losing hope.
When we trust ourselves, we surrender to God’s will within ourselves and let it show us the right path of self-trust and reliability of our decisions and changes which set us onto the right path. Caring for others and letting them know about our changes means that we are trying to make the world better than it has ever been, for when we are proud of ourselves, well-being enters our lives. When we are proud of our actions and long for a new chance to prove ourselves, there is hope that others will imitate our enthusiasm for achieving a better social order and inner peace. Inner peace is a feeling of longing for God’s peacefulness within us, which puts us on the path of a well-ordered life and inner self-image revealing us in the light of God’s wisdom.
When we open ourselves up for all the beautiful things God sends into our lives, we start to cherish every little moment of our lives in the company of wonderful people God puts on our path. God tries to enable us the optimal evolution through tests and temptations which open the door to self-trust and God’s peace within us. When we become open to God’s love in ourselves, this love places us into the center of existence and shows us how to achieve joy and accept life as a gift, because life is not self-evident if we don’t deserve it by consistently declining greed and inner restlessness.
God’s spark within ourselves helps us recognize the essence of life, and supports us during the most difficult moments of our lives, even when everybody else has left us. That is when God’s blessings become evident as they shut the door on arrogance which takes us further away from the essence of our existence, which is co-existence with everybody we live with. Also, they give us self-confidence when we surrender to God’s will. God’s will is a path which guides us on the way of righteous and courageous people who help others in need even if they don’t know them, because such moments are precious and rare. God sends them to us as a test and if we miss them, they rarely return.

We should try to be better than ever, and make building good relationships and raising children our most important task. We should also take care of our environment because we have been given magnificent surroundings, full of beautiful moments of living in co-existence with nature. When we don’t try to preserve nature as God has created it, we are destroying ourselves, because without nature there is no life. Destroying nature brings us closer to an end that nobody wants to see, least of all ourselves.

Try to have a new understanding of the essence of life which will lead us towards paradise on Earth and reveal God’s love within us, because God’s blessing is inside ourselves when we try to improve ourselves. God’s peace is a reward for everyone who approaches God in a righteous and natural way, through good relationships and an idyll which gives us hope for the salvation of the Earth as a planet in the best image of God in harmony with God’s order.

Sandi Dolinar

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Inner self-image


When we take a look inside ourselves, at our inner self-image, we see a mirror of our past experiences and insights. Insight is a path which frees us from all of our old beliefs and helps us experience a better future.

When we open within ourselves, to our inner being, our outside appearance doesn’t matter that much anymore and things about ourselves don’t bother us as much as before. For example, if we haven’t been satisfied with our appearance, we realize that outward appearance is just a shell, and it is in fact our inwardness which makes us precious. Let us look inside ourselves, see our inner beauty and find within us everything we have been unsuccessfully looking for outside. Our awareness leads us to the highest discoveries about ourselves, to the self-recognition of our inner strength and the ability to change for the better in all areas where we want to change. When we close ourselves up and run away from problems, we are moving away from our essence, for helping those in need provides us with great inner strength and goodness. We shouldn’t force others to accept our help, because in that case they won’t appreciate us enough. We should try to be good when everybody leaves us, and believe in our self-recognition found in quietness and peace.

When we look inwards, into our inner being, we are getting close to the moment of our truth which has been haunting us for a long time, but we have suppressed it inside and haven’t let it out. Accepting ourselves is very difficult, yet it eliminates our arrogance and pride which are present when we don’t accept ourselves. Our inner image helps us create and fulfil all our hopes and expectations, for when we look inside and find within our inner strength, things happen smoothly. This is because we have attracted attention into our world that opens all the doors which have been closed up until now due to our self-distrust. When we decide to fulfill all our desires, our inner strength, which is part of our self-confidence, will enable us to meet people who will help us gain new insights about ourselves and find the path to inner balance. When we don’t accept ourselves in our inner self-image and don’t recognize it as our essence and core, we don’t like our outer image either.

Let us feel comfortable in our body, which is the only one we have. We should try to enable our bodies to function optimally. Our inner strength makes us realize how to act optimally in every situation. Our bodies let us know in countless ways what burdens them, but we don’t listen to these messages until we turn inwards. Our thoughts and fears burden our bodies also if they don’t come from our heart, from the essence of our core. Our core changes every day if we don’t follow the right path, the path of inner strength and self-recognition of our core, our essence, which is the purpose we live for and open ourselves up to the inner beauty of life. Life itself puts us on the path of change and opens new doors, as long as we don’t hinder our progress in a conservative way of accepting ourselves as separate from the whole. The essence lies in cooperation, not in manipulation and inner restlessness.

Let us transform in our inner image, which enriches us on the path within and gives us the strength to resist everyday temptations that test our self-confidence. Let us open up to love which is rooted within us and let’s not suffocate it, but rather accept it as something good which removes old rubbish inside ourselves that has covered up our core. Our core is the essence of life which opens our inner potentials given to us by God to accept ourselves. Everybody opens their own doors of inner courage and inner strength, which free us from everything we don’t want to be anymore.

To be or not to be who we truly are isn’t only a philosophical question. Love for ourselves sets us off on the path of becoming who we are and deciding that we never want to go back. Old things draw us back onto the old path, but inner love helps us open the door to what we want in our hearts, and find within us the path of inner reason and inner courage which enrich us day by day. Don’t look back, because there you will find experiences of the past which we have already accepted. Instead, open up to new experiences and tests that will enrich our inner peace and free us from the past. The past can only live in our memory when that is necessary so we don’t repeat our mistakes which pull us back onto the old path or the old way of living which we have already outgrown with our new inner self-image.


Sandi Dolinar

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Collective consciousness

10900639657?profile=originalCollective consciousness is accepting humanity in its current state, in the highest image that humanity can appear on the outside. Accepting ourselves is the way to the highest collective consciousness, because accepting ourselves on our own level enables us to change everything we have accumulated in ourselves throughout the years. That is when we balance ourselves emotionally as well as mentally, and that affects collective consciousness the most. Every one of us contributes a part of ourselves to information of collective consciousness, that together represents current level of evolution of humanity and indicates changes, which are necessary at the moment. We have to look inside ourselves, turn inwards and find a path to resolve current situation in our lives, which doesn’t make us happy, because dissatisfaction with ourselves causes outflow of collective consciousness to lower emotional levels, which are still in the stone age of our evolution. We should change what we can in ourselves, accept what we can’t change and move on, free from past. Every human on his/her micro level affects consciousness of whole humanity and direction of humanity evolution.

If we separate ourselves from others, that isn’t a right way to evolution, but a way to estrange ourselves on all levels of our existence, co-existence and reconciliation, which are necessary for better future. When a soul incarnates in a body, it surrenders to God’s sensation of inner consciousness and mission to accept, change and grow spiritually in every situation we’ll encounter. Irrespective of momentary circumstances, which can be difficult and burdening for us, soul always finds a path to evolve and accomplish its mission, each soul on its own level. Soul’s momentary evolution is identified by its sublevels, which direct soul into the progressive evolution. Even when physical body grows tired, the soul never stops carrying out its path and always finds the correct way to self-realization. Each soul contributes a part of God’s bliss to collective consciousness of humanity, which causes us to change and perceive changes, which are necessary for our evolution on micro level of our existence.

When a soul decides to leave the body, this is the end of its existence on the Earth and the body is left to collective consciousness of last moments of its life. When soul leaves the body, the end of physical body’s existence and declining on the subconscious level start. Soul decides to do that when humanity doesn’t progress optimally anymore and isn’t on the path to prosperity of our interrelationships.

As long as our soul progresses, we have no diseases, no problems, but when the progress stops, our health starts to get worse, because we have gone of the path of our evolution towards the highest humanity welfare. In that case, only the diseases or some other heavy difficulties can bring us back into our self-image of society evolution. It’s sad when our soul directs us with the help of diseases, but that’s the only way if we’re not changing and following the paths toward society evolution. Society evolution is created by all of our evolutionary paths and everyone contributes a part, which is needed to drive the humanity into the right direction.

Therefore, evolution isn’t self-evident if we don’t carry it in our consciousness and serve each other on the way of developing social standards in ourselves. When we are arrogant, our soul suffers and puts us farther away from the way of developing social standards in ourselves, because humanity changes together and when we only care for ourselves, we neglect social and public welfare. We should develop the best human interrelations on the highest level we can. Collective consciousness directs us on the way of evolution of our consciousness only if there are enough people, who raise that consciousness and take care of the optimal humanity evolution. When humanity suffers the crisis, like it is at this moment, this signifies an alarm for our own evolution. That’s why we all have to make an effort, each on his/her own level, to gain the correct information of collective consciousness, which will direct us into changing ourselves and bring us out of the bad relationships into light. Light awaits us when we change for the better in all aspects of our lives, especially in the relations towards ourselves and our close ones, because the road to evolution is paved with love.

We should open ourselves to love and try to live a good life, full of dedication to ourselves and to higher goals of our lives. This is the only way out of the current crisis, because if we don’t change, then we won’t evolve and we’ll go farther away from the essence of life. When our path of evolution brings us to love, we open to inner feelings, which we should never suppress in ourselves. The beauty of life is in expressing emotions and enjoying relationships, cooperation and helping each other when we’re in trouble. A friend isn’t somebody who reminds us of our mistakes, but a person who supports us when everybody else leaves us, believes in our inner power of accepting ourselves and brings us back to the right path of faith in humanity.

Humanity is making an effort for public welfare, when our consciousness is at the highest state we can reach. Collective consciousness is the sum of all our consciousness who try to contribute a part of ourselves into the social consciousness of changing in the direction of love and away from our arrogance. We should liberate ourselves in our everyday lives and try to become better than ever before. We should be the first ones to offer a help, when it is needed, and shouldn’t think only of ourselves, but also of the interest of society evolution towards love. That will cause the inner power of change, which is necessary for our welfare.



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The Path to Inner Happiness


When we look deep inside ourselves, we should ask ourselves what makes us so happy that we don’t hide our happiness from others. What is it that separates us from the times when we were dissatisfied with ourselves? It is love. Love is the one and only thing which always leads us to happiness, inner satisfaction, peace, mutual understanding… First the love of ourselves, and then of everyone else.
Why don’t we allow happiness to knock on our door, what are we afraid of? First of all we are afraid of our own selves when we don’t admit to ourselves that it is good to be happy and that people who are unhappy won’t suffer due to our happiness. When we show our happiness to the outside world, it becomes a part of us. When we look within and tell ourselves, ‘I’m happy and I’m going to show this to everyone,’ those who envy us will gradually distance themselves from us all on their own, because our happiness will have made them even more painfully aware of their unhappiness and dissatisfaction they carry inside.
The path to happiness isn’t always easy, sometimes we need to get rid of all the clutter burdening us day after day, and find our place under the sun among our equals. Whenever we want to feel happy, we should start celebrating even the smallest part of our day which will bring us joy. At times we are afraid that other people won’t accept us the way we really are, so we conform to that belief and want to please others. At other times we fear that no one in our life will love us the way we are, so we create a desire to be different, to be the way that other people will like us. We suppress our true emotions and come across as cold, since we don’t dare to show what we are feeling in a certain moment because our feelings may not be consistent with what we think other people expect from us. So we grow increasingly similar to everyone else day by day, caught in the everyday mediocrity. But when we decide not to live for others anymore, we shall begin to live for ourselves, please ourselves and become who we truly are.
When we become who we really are, it is time to let go of everything we are not. If people around us disagree with our new image, it is their own problem, not ours. We can say to them, ‘I’m sorry I’m not the way you would like me to be, but this is my life.’
When we are changing, we encounter numerous obstacles on our way, but if we are self-confident, inwardly believe firmly that we can do it and that we are the ones who will succeed, it won’t be difficult to overcome any obstacle. But where do the patterns holding us back stem from? They are dormant within us and lead us through everyday life either consciously or unconsciously. The unconscious patterns have been part of us for a very long time, eventually they have become the emotional mental programme directing our life, our way of thinking… These are the things we have picked up from our parents, our environment, some we have cultivated ourselves… Then there are also the conscious patterns, our character… If we look within and observe ourselves, we will discover which of our characteristics can make us proud and which can’t. If we try and change everything we can about ourselves, and accept everything we cannot change, we are already on our way to our new image which will pave the way to our happiness and satisfaction. As long as we are dissatisfied with ourselves, we are annoyed by everything in other people as well. Only when we begin to accept ourselves, with all our pluses and minuses, with all our peculiarities, shall we find ourselves on the way to shaping our personal character we will eventually take pride in.

The world won’t look more beautiful because it will have changed for the better, but because we will have changed. And if we change, the world shall change by that much as well. By radiating happiness and with our new self-image we will act as a role model for many who will follow us on their way to happiness and personal satisfaction. And that is the right path to transformation transcending personal happiness.

While searching for personal happiness we sometimes get caught in a vicious circle and cannot seem to find a way out of the existing situation which keeps repeating itself over and over again. Some people give up and resign themselves to their fate, others keep fighting, but only few find a way out of a crisis immediately. For example, we are disturbed by what someone is doing to us, but instead of telling them about it, we keep our dissatisfaction to ourselves. Or else someone hurts us and then withdraws from us, thus preventing us from dealing with emotions we are experiencing, or we experience a loss and act outwardly calm while suffering inwardly and we cannot express our natural emotions. In such cases we bottle our emotions up, turn them against us and create emotional blocks in our body which prevent us from expressing our emotions even when we do want to show them outwardly. Many people have been disappointed in their intimate relationships more than once. Later in life they tend to find it more difficult to connect with others, they don’t open up or show their emotions, since they are afraid of another disappointment and their fear is stronger than their love. In all those instances it is us who place limitations upon ourselves, which hinder us in everyday life. After we have been suppressing natural emotions for a long time, it often happens that they suddenly burst out as their opposites and become an even greater burden for us.

That happens mostly because our inner and outer self-images are moving further apart. On the inside we suffer, while on the outside we pretend to be happy. That causes severe stress for our body. Eventually, the body itself turns on the defense mechanism and creates inner peace by balancing out our inner and outer self-images. The inner image begins to show outwardly as an expression of the consequences of bottled-up emotions; for example, when the suppressed emotion is sadness, inner peace is created through the manifestation of depression. That way our body frees itself from constantly having to put on a front which doesn’t match what we feel inside. This becomes even more evident considering the fact that a considerable amount of time elapsed between repressing an emotion and the emotional balancing which is expressed outwardly. This means that we don’t deal with certain emotions as soon as they are aroused by an event, but instead suppress them, only to see them erupt later on in a situation which is no longer appropriate for releasing those emotions.

A similar process occurs with mental patterns which hold us back at every step. We create views and perceptions of most everyday things, and form deeply rooted rules of what is right and what wrong…

What is also extremely important on our path of transformation is accepting the fact that we can only change ourselves, we can never change others. Indeed, we often try our hardest to change people around us, but we keep forgetting that the only one we can change is ourselves and that others will change if we change first. This is particularly the case in intimate relationships. If we are unhappy with our relationship, we need to make the first step and change ourselves, and that is the only way the relationship will change. It is also important to allow our partner to be him or herself, and not limit them in any way. We can only limit ourselves, with our conscious and subconscious patterns, whereas we need to allow our partner their personal freedom. Personal freedom is irreplaceable.

The first step to accepting ourselves is to accept all our plusses as well as minuses, to change everything we can about ourselves and accept what we cannot change. And when we accept ourselves, other people won’t disturb us anymore. Next, the path to our love leads us further through wisdom and inner peace. The latter will be achieved when our body is completely relaxed and unburdened with everyday stress, troubled relationships… What happens in our life are events, and it is our subjective emotional-mental responses to them that cause stress. If we accept everything that happens to us as something good, although it may not seem as such at first glance, the events in our life won’t be stressful for us anymore. That goes especially for events we have no influence over. We often get involved in all sorts of things, and then get annoyed when the consequences result in further unpleasant situations. It is therefore extremely important to learn to accept responsibility for and the consequences of our actions. When we master that, we grow up.

Similarly, events which occur as a consequence of our mistakes won’t be stressful for us either. Everyone has found different ways of limiting the effects of stress and release the tension resulting from them. Some people go to a bar, do extreme sports or overwork, some use sex as a release, others take their anger out on a punching bag… But if we haven’t got a coping mechanism at our disposal in the moment, the tension only builds up within us. Furthermore, these methods of release only function for a short while, in the long run they are inefficient. It is therefore in our best interest to prevent the events from having a stressful impact on us. Whenever it does still happen, we can meditate for a couple of minutes and work through all our tensions and strains. That way we will have limited the effects of stress on our life in the very beginning.

In everyday life, meditation can help us in various ways. It is a form of relaxation and a way of establishing contact with oneself. By meditating we relax inwardly, calm our thoughts and generate within us the creative power to resolve all everyday problems. And when we learn how to incorporate our spiritual help into our meditation practice, the process of working through our stresses and strains becomes significantly faster. Our spiritual path is our life itself. We know that reading countless spiritual books, going to everything that resembles spirituality and then thinking about how enlightened one is, doesn’t make one a spiritual person. We become spiritual when we put our life in order; when we resolve all our difficulties and learn to deal with even the smallest problems as soon as they arise, when we create strong physical foundations which will be the base of our future. That way we also balance our life and achieve perfection in our existence. That is when spirituality becomes an upgrade in our life and opens up higher goals of our life.

Sandi Dolinar

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I Am The Breath Of The Creator's Love & Light - By Steven Hutchinson
What I was divinely guided to share with you very much focuses on using your breathing, together with the prayer affirmations, to experience more fully God's Presence within you and 'All that you are' !
So you can use this as a guided meditation, calling upon your Divine Self & the Heavenly Host to lead you in the meditation, and consciously breathing in the Divine Energy in each affirmation.
So when you are divinely led to do so - you may also want to pause for a few moments with some of the affirmations and just be fully conscious in the moment & breathe in the divine energy & receive any Divine Guidance that comes to you.
And remember - what you consciously think & affirm every day is what you become and experience in your life....and the Divine Light & Love in you reflects the Divine Light & Love in every human being - helping uplift us all !
Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all,
1.With my every breath, my mind & my Whole Being are united in Oneness & Unity with the Creator & my 'I Am Presence'. And with my every breath, the Energies of the Universe of the Creator & the original 144 extensions of the Creator & the Golden Christ Consciousness continually flow in my whole Being & all of Gaia.
As I breathe these Divine Energies into my Whole Being - they are all aligned with every cell in my body, & with all of my DNA, & with my Whole Being; and are also being embodied in all of my chakras, and in my spiritual, emotional, mental, & etheric bodies.
I Am the Christ Consciousness ! I Am the 144 original extensions of the Creator !
I Am the Mahatma synthesizing the Divine Energies of the Universe of the Creator & all the original 144 extensions of the Creator to manifest the Creator's Perfection & Christ Consciousness in me & every human being with my every breath !
My Whole Being, and every beautiful cell in my body, are continually being bathed in these Divine Energies in Love, Joy, and Happiness with my every breath...and these Divine Energies are continually radiated throughout my Whole Being and into all aspects of my life. And So It Manifests !
I Am the Supreme Love Body of the Creator anchored now in my Higher Heart Chakra ! I Am the Power of the Creator merged now with my Supreme Love Body in my Higher heart Chakra...and now my merged Supreme Love & Power Body of the Creator expands throughout my Whole Being and anchors in my Earth Star Chakra..... and now expands to encompass all of Gaia & every human Being !
I Am my Supreme Love & Power Body of the Creator expanded throughout Gaia & helping awaken & manifest Divine Healing, Peace, & Love in me & every human being with my every breath. And So It Manifests ! Take a moment & let yourself feel this.
The Supreme Intelligence of God & the Christ Consciousness of my Divine Self, with the 144 extensions of the Creator - governs, guides, & guards the functioning of every cell in my body, & also guides the manifestation of "All That I Am' and the Creator's Perfection in me & every human being with my every breath.
My mind & the Divine Intelligence in every cell of my body are united in Oneness with this Supreme Intelligence. The Creator's Divine Energies and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me as i breathe them in with my every breath, creating my healthy body & 5th Dimensional Self & my reality, always unfolding with Divine Grace in the Creator's Perfection.
With my every breath, my remembrance unfolds of the totality of my Soul...and of my Soul Group...and of everything I Am to embody in this incarnation. Thank You God !And So Manifests!
2. My mind & my Whole Being are united in Oneness & Unity With Gaia (Mother Earth). I Am continually sending the Highest Divine Love & Light to Gaia & Mother/Father/God with my every breath, and I continually receive & lovingly accept the Highest Divine Love & Light from Gaia & Mother/Father/God.
My Whole Being is always grounded & anchored on Gaia & in the heart chakra of Gaia & God thru my Golden Grounding Cord.
My Golden, Platinum, & Magenta Nets of Protection always keep my Whole Being protected from all vibrations & activity not of God's Light & Love, & also protects my Whole Being from all parasites.
I Am experiencing Divine Peace & Harmony on all levels of my Being with my every breath. My Mind & my Whole Being are centered & anchored in the Divine Stillness & Love & Peace of the Creator in my Higher Heart Chakra with my every breath. Anchored in this Divine Stillness, I Am continually & smoothly flowing with my every breath in an Ocean of The Creator's Golden Christ Consciousness & Infinite Transfiguring Divine Love.
My Whole Being is perfectly aligned in every moment with these Divine Energies, and I embody these Divine Energies with my every breath.
I Am always manifesting the Creator's Love, Will, Creativity, & Power in me & through me for the highest good of all. I Am the perfection of the Creator embodied & manifesting as an Angelic Divine Human in a healthy 5th dimensional body.
I Am the Miracle Energy of the Creator embodied & manifesting fully in my Whole Being & thru me in all of Gaia with my every breath !
I Am a Divine Portal for the Creator's Light & Christ Consciousness. I Am the Creator's Divine Architect for all aspects of my life, & with my every breath, I Am bringing the Creator's Supreme Light into physical form in the Creator's Perfection in my Whole Being & in all of Gaia ! Thank You God! And So It Is!
3. I lovingly call upon the Creator & my Divine Self & all the Divine Beings helping me to continue to help me manifest in every moment God's Divine Will & all of my prayer affirmations, including a total healing, rejuvenation, & restoration of the perfect Divine functioning of my entire body ... and So It Manifests with my Every Breath !
The Creator, & the 144 original extensions of the Creator, continually breathe through me & as me in service to mankind & Gaia. I surrender to the Light & Love & Power of the Creator & my Divine Self & all these Divine Beings that are helping me.
I now lovingly call forth from Gaia & from Prime Source all of the Sacred Geometry & Codes & Templates & Rays & Flames of the Creator that have:
Healed & rejuvenated my body & restored all of its perfect Divine functioning; & have healed & released all other blocks to my spiritual growth & ascension; and have created in me a 5th dimensional crystalline body of Light; and have helped expand the spiritual upliftment & awakening to God's Presence & God's Love, Peace, & Abundance in me & every human being; and have helped heal Gaia.
I continually breathe in & extend all these waves of Divine Light Energies throughout Gaia & to every human being with my every Creator's Breath. And my Whole Being exists in a state of loving acceptance & surrender to the activity of each Light wave performing its intelligent functions throughout my Whole Being.
I Am the Breath of Life & Light of the Creator for my Whole Being . I Am the Creator's Pure Healing & Rejuvenating & Creative Light & Power In action in every human being with my every breath !
I Am manifesting God's Perfection in every cell in my body & in my Whole Being with my every breath; & I easily learn & assimilate & embody everything needed for my perfect health & spiritual growth & ascension; and everything I need always flows to me with perfect divine timing.
United in oneness with all aspects of the Creator - the Creator's Divine Sound and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me, harmoniously creating with my every breath my healthy body & self & reality in the Creator's Perfection. My Whole Being is a pure & perfect manifestation of the Creator. The Creator in me is now manifesting a divinely perfect crystalline body existing in my perfectly healthy physical body. Thank You God ! And So It Manifests !
4. I ask my Divine Self & the Divine Beings helping me to help me to activate, experience, & embody with my every breath the Divine Light & Energies that are divinely perfect for me from:
The Universe of the Creator & the 144 original extensions of the Creator ; and the Light & Divine Energies of the Totality of my Soul & Soul Group; and the Light & Divine Energies of Divine Joy & Happiness & Christ Consciousness from my Soul..... and from Mother/Father/God; and the Divine Light & Energies of the Creator's Love & Power Body in me & every human being.
Breathe in the loving energies of the Universe of the Creator & the 144 original extensions of the Creator, & let yourself feel them in your heart chakra. And call upon the 144 extensions of the Creator, for they are ready to help you manifest healing, spiritual upliftment, & the Creator's Perfection throughout your Whole Being...and through you, the healing, spiritual upliftment, & the Creator's Perfection in all of Gaia & mankind.
And affirm, "I Am the Light & Divine Energies of the original 144 Extensions of the Creator, united with the Divine Energies from the Universe of the Creator - manifesting healing, spiritual upliftment, & the Creator's Perfection in my Whole Being & in every human being & throughout Gaia, with my every breath!"
And "I Am the Light & Divine Energies of the Totality of my Soul & Soul Group manifesting & anchoring in me with my every breath!"
And affirm, "I Am the Divine Light & Energies of Joy, Happiness, & Christ Consciousness manifesting from my Soul in my Whole Being with my every breath ...& from God !
I Am embodying in every cell of my body & in my Whole Being all of these Divine Energies with my every breath...and I feel & experience these Divine Energies in all of the cells of my body & my Whole Being as they are continually radiated into all aspects of my life. And So It Manifests !
5. The Prism Of Light Healing Chamber:
I ask my Divine Self & AA Metatron to create, activate, & maintain the Prism of Light Healing Chamber around me (a hexagonal prism chamber is created around you as soon as you ask).
I ask the Creator & My Divine Self & AA Metatron to help me continually experience the highest vibrational relationships with:
The Creator; & the Energies of the Universe of the Creator; & with AA Metatron; & the Angelic Kingdom; & all the Divine Beings helping me...and I instantly feel my Divine Vibrations rising & a wonderful Divine & Loving Connection with the Creator & the Creator's Universe & all these Beings.
And I ask The Creator & my Divine Self and the Divine Beings helping me to align my Whole Being to all of these Divine Energies, as well as the Prism of Light Healing Energies at the purest vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom, and this divinely perfect alignment is now created & maintained with my every breath.
Through my heart chakra & higher heart chakra, I now enter into the Prism of Light Healing Chamber, & I see or acknowledge its hexagonal shape surrounding me. And I now see, feel, or acknowledge the Rainbow Creator Light frequencies encompassing my being.
I acknowledge the Angelic Beings present surrounding the Healing Prism Chamber, as well as the Creator's Presence connecting deeply with my Whole Being.Take a moment & let yourself feel their loving Presence in your heart chakra... for all are ready to help you manifest your intentions in being in the Healing Prism Chamber.
I surrender my entire being to the Light, Love, & Power of my Divine Self & the Creator and the Divine Beings helping me.
I now allow the Creator to raise my vibrations; heal & rejuvenate my body; & reactivate or reencode my Whole Being, allowing the necessary codes and templates to be embodied in me for the appropriate healing & rejuvenation & spiritual upliftment to be active within me.
With my every breath, I breathe in and receive in my Healing Prism Chamber all of the Light & Love & full healing & rejuvenating & uplifting Energy & Divine Creator Assistance I need...and I Am Healed & Uplifted!
I Am also open & willing to receive & act on any Divine Inner Guidance I receive to help manifest my healing & spiritual upliftment. I Am always consciously present & aware of the Light of the Creator radiating throughout my Being & illuminating any areas within me in need of healing.
I Am the Divine Love & Power of the Creator that has healed My Whole Being... and I can now feel or sense every cell in my body radiating the Creator's Perfection in Divine Love, Joy, & Happiness. I Am Healthy. I Am Joyful. I Am Happy.Thank You God ! And So It Manifests !
6. I Am experiencing 'All That I Am' and the Creator's Perfection in my healthy body, & in my Whole Being, & in all aspects of my life with my every breath!
I Am an embodied Angelic Ascended Master, & my Whole Being has transformed into a beautiful angelic 5th dimensional Being. All of my bodies, including every cell, are now beautiful Crystalline Cells & Bodies of Light...& my physical body has transformed into a beautiful, healthy, & youthful body. Thank You God ! And So It Manifests!
7.Walking or driving mantra: Jay Sita Ram, Jay Jay Sita Ram
8. I Am Abundant Infinite Divine Love. I Am Divine Forgiveness & Compassion. I Am Divine Harmony. I Am Divine Peace. I Am Divine Surrender.
I Am the Light & Energies of all of the Divine Qualities of God's Perfection continually manifesting, anchoring, & being embodied me & in every human being with my every breath.
I Am the Totality of my Soul & Soul-Group continually in action in my Whole Being & through me in all of Gaia with my every breath !
I AM God's Infinite Light and BEAUTY in Action in me & every human being with my every breath !
I AM God's Wondrous Transfiguring LOVE and COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS IN ACTION in me & in every human being with my every breath !
I AM God's WISDOM & INSIGHTS & VISION IN ACTION in me & in every human being with my every breath !
I Am the original 144 extensions of the Creator in Action in me & in every human being & in all of Gaia with my every breath !
I Am Sourced By Love! I Am the Love & Power Body of the Creator In Action in me & in every human being with my every breath !
I Am my Infinite Self & Wondrous Infinite Transfiguring Love in Action in me & in every human being & In all of Gaia with my every breath !
I Am 'All That I Am' manifesting in me & in every human being with my every breath !
I Am a Beacon of Abundant Infinite Divine Love & Light, and I express this ever-flowing Divine Love & Light eternally.
I accept, honor, & surrender to this Divine Love that is my natural state of existence.
I Am an embodiment of & a True & Divine expression of God's Love & Light & Power for the Highest good of all ! Thank You God! And So It Manifests!
Video: "I AM Expanding My Consciousness And Manifesting My Heart's Desires - By Steven Hutchinson" -
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Soul Connections


We often come across all kinds of spiritual expressions denoting soul connections, twin souls, complementary souls, soul mates… There are thousands of explanations out there; so let's have a look at what it all means.

The spiritual world has a specifically determined spiritual hierarchy, which can roughly be divided into three levels. The first level is the astral world, which is the lowest level in the spiritual hierarchy and is intended for emotional transformation. The second is the mental level, which is intended for mental transformation, and the third and highest level is the causal level, which is intended for spiritual transformation. All souls based in the three levels can be referred to as earthly souls, because they are the souls which incarnate in our physical bodies. The souls exist within their own spiritual hierarchies in large groups of several thousand or ten thousand souls, which together form an integral whole. All souls complement each other in all areas of their existence and activity.

When it is time for a soul from a certain group to incarnate in a human body, its incarnation takes place during childbirth when the soul enters the body of a newborn baby at its first breath, thus creating a new beginning of the body-spirit symbiosis. The rest of the souls in the group of the newly incarnated soul will form the spiritual guidance of that person, and in that way the friendship, cooperation and complementation between the souls from the group will continue. This means that when we want to connect with the spiritual world, we should turn to our spiritual guidance which consists of souls in our related group, who will do everything in their power to make our lives on Earth easier.

When two people with souls from the same spiritual group meet in the physical life, they are called soul mates, because the two souls are friends from the spiritual world. When two such persons meet in this life as partners, it is highly likely that they will cooperate and complement each other their whole lives. These connections enable strong foundations for coexistence, because such souls strive for common evolution, complementing, cooperation… And the two persons are constantly drawn together, to a common path, towards common goals. So these are soul mates.

Complementary souls are something different. This is an expression describing the encounter, existence, coexistence… of two people with souls which don’t originate in the same spiritual group, but carry such energy that they can give each other everything they need, cooperate with and complement each other, either for a certain period of time or their whole lives. So these souls are not related by origin, but complement each other in the purpose of their activity.

Every soul has an inner core. It is a very important part of a soul, physically it is located in the lower part of a soul, and when a soul is in a body, the core is located in the heart chakra. When a person dies, the soul passes from the physical body home into the spiritual world with the person’s last breath, and that is when our inner consciousness turns inwards, into the awareness of our soul, and as such presents the basis for the following lives. All inner consciousness of each life represents part of our soul’s core, where all records connected to us and our soul are stored. The inner core is therefore the record of our existence which also personifies all spiritual hierarchy within ourselves. Since all lives complement, upgrade and cooperate with one another, the inner core represents the record according to which God determines the next life of a soul, and defines the place and form of the next incarnation. A soul cannot choose its next life itself, because it doesn’t have the insight into the overall strategy for the evolution of life on Earth. God takes care of the balance and perfection of the whole universe, and as a small part of this perfection, we influence with our lives on our own micro-level the evolution of the whole humanity, and with our inner core we contribute to the system of energy balancing in all the areas where we fill in a missing piece in our self-evolution.

It happens, however, that during the personal development of souls many lives overlap. If, for example, two persons with souls from different spiritual levels live together as partners for three to four consecutive lives, they eventually form a common inner core, because after death their consciousness will have turned into the souls’ core, which will continue to connect them in the following lives. The records of their souls contain many common records, and from one life to the next, the number of common records keeps increasing, making the two souls more and more connected in each life. This means that when two people who have souls with a common core meet, the inner core literally draws them together, and they become inseparable partners.

When two soul mates form a common core and live at least a few consecutive lives together as partners, their common inner core becomes the base for their next life, because it receives God’s dedication. From the common core a new soul is born, which is then incarnated in two bodies, meaning that the soul is split into two parts, representing a twin soul in all following incarnations. The soul enters the bodies of two people; when the first person is born, the whole soul enters into their body, and when the second person is born, a part of the soul transfers from the first person into the body of the second one, thus representing an inseparable connection in life itself. A twin soul has a consciousness of oneness, and strives for coexistence and oneness in the physical life as well.


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