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10900634675?profile=originalFree Meditation – The ‘Money Tree’ - Stimulates Prosperity and Success!

Within the higher dimensions of Earth, there lie many wonders accessible only through our spiritual perception and inner ‘mind’s eye’. One of these creations is known as the ‘Tree of Unlimited Prosperity’. Throughout the eons of time individuals have been accessing this divine living creation and anchoring its seed within their mind and heart, allowing it’s beauty and abundance to flow into their lives in an ever-constant stream. Truly, this ‘prosperity tree’ is accessible to all who wish to bring the perpetual flow of unlimited financial abundance into their lives.

Lightquest International has a free audio meditation you can access 24/7.  Just go to the Community page and scroll down the page till you see “Bryan’s Articles….Money Tree Meditation”.  He has lots of cool classes, articles, videos and his artwork is completely mind-blowing…to help you manifest your hopes, dreams and experience healing and transformation. 

The website is: LightQuest International -


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Master Thoth teaches on the Law of Correspondence on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 as we travel to the Sacred Heart Temple of Oneness within 144thdimension in the Commemorative Hall to receive an attunement to assist the Mirror of the Self to be clearer: Getting Physical: Holding to the Universal Law of Correspondence.

I Desire to Be the Mirror of Myself in All that I Am, Do, Relate, and Act Upon ~ Master Thoth

Listening to the Divine Wisdom of your Higher Mind through the Higher Self into your present consciousness is the only communication that should be acknowledged within your world. It is the space of continued energies from the Source of Light that you were born from as a Spirit of Divine Essence. It is a way of living that relates to all references of the God Essence within Love and Faith by allowing Humility to be your guide as your Inner Power will be acknowledged in the presence of the Light that you truly exist within.

This universal law brings up these elements to be acknowledged within your physical consciousness through each thought, feeling, and action that you create within your life. It is the essence of allowing your higher creative process to be part of your physical existence. It is then that your life enfolds in a new and different manner.

This is what we call “Synchronous Living”.

As you learn to “walk your talk” in that what you belief inside of yourself, through your inner power and truth, it ignites into your outside world with a sense of ease and grace with every element that you experience. The important realization is that the journey of the Self will allow you to fully embody your soul and your spirit through the physical reality you have created.

It has taken you many hundreds of lifetimes to realize these truths. You have been side-tracked from the core of your True Self into believing that the truth you believe in lies outside of yourself. It has been part of the programming that has evolved within this planet for eons of time.

Luckily, the earth is at a very pivotal point in which individuals can start to realize that the potential of their living is right within themselves. And, when you can take time to change the inner thoughts and feelings into positive affirmations that is when you are truly aligning with your Inner Truth. It is a moment in time in which you allow the true Spirit of You to become the Physical You. This allows the enfoldment of synchronicity to flow within and out of you in each element that you achieve in your life.

This is what is occurring presently within the Earth as the changes happen through each moment of alignment as there is more to experience than the previous moment. But how do you stay stable in the midst of the storm is the most important question.

Finding your True Self is important to allow the stabilization of your Higher Essence to be acknowledged within you. Events can happen; relationships will change; and there can be loss on the physical level. The important element to remember is WHO YOU ARE. This determines the cause of events for you in each moment whether it is within your own consciousness or outside of yourself with others.

I am not talking about one fleeting moment when something occurs that gives you joy. I am talking about upon waking up each day and each of those moments fit into each other with a flow that is so beautiful it resembles sitting on a raft floating down a stream and you see everything in beauty as it reflects all around you. The raft continues its journey and you enjoy each moment as they flow into the next moment. There is no hesitation or thoughts that tell you it does not feel right within your heart.

You are One with all that is around you.

So many individuals want to choose to have this existence and sometimes they think that they do. Some souls live in a very illusionary state where the world around them seems exactly as they choose it to be but yet when they look inside of themselves there are feelings of regret, insecurity, or deep pain. They may not appear as such in the world around them as it seems better to hide than to truly exhibit the feelings that are not in harmony.

This represents the statement that Your Mirror Image Is Not Of The True Self, it is of the damaged self. The part of you that has lived many timelines and experienced these elements represents the changes that need to be made. They may come in a fleeting moment out of nowhere but yet it feels very real to the psyche. This is because this experience reflects the past and is locked away within the person’s subconscious. The beauty of the subconscious mind is that it is teaching you to look at the issue so that it can be healed. Many individuals do not have the ability to look deeply within as the façade they carry with them reflects the pain they are dealing with.

As we move through 2016, the Universal Laws are going to become essentially important to every person’s existence. Each soul will experience the growth that is necessary to embody the universal laws, and they will become an important element to consider. In fact, each universal law needs to become a mantra for each soul upon this earth so that every step they take in their physical life reflects the spiritual self that is trying to be realized.

Each individual must live with the Universal Laws as if they already know what they are. But when you read the words of the law, what do you feel inside of your self.

Do you have a reflection of what it may mean for you in your present circumstances or your life?  

Do you see why you have gone through a series of challenges and maybe if you paid closer attention to each moment you are experiencing, then you could see where the problem may lie within your mental and emotional experiences?

These are all important elements to consider, as the Universal Laws must become personal for each person in order to achieve mastery and accept the challenges they are going through as part of their own Divine Plan through their Higher Self, and not the result of others creating the problems.

The Law of Correspondence creates these thoughts to become a reality within a person. The statement of As Above, So Below is something that has been written in many spiritual texts for centuries. But what does that mean for you? How can you change your reality by realizing that you are more of a Spiritual Being than a physical one?

The reason this planet and all of humanity is struggling represents these questions that I pose to you. Each person needs to take responsibility for his or her own reality through the emotional and mental bodies so that the world can be Heaven on Earth. Until each soul takes that step into their own personal evolution the earth is going to still be in conflict.

So that is why we take the time as Masters to work with each of you so that you can remember all that you know and how to apply it to your present life circumstance. It is not your fault that you have forgotten but it is time for every soul to try to remember. So the burden falls upon each Lightworker, as the Awakened Ones, to hold their own higher essence within their physical body. In order for each of you to walk as masters you must walk in the shoes of all that you have been before. This is an important fact that needs to be addressed.

Your Etheric body holds the frequency of the good and bad that you have been. In order for your physical self to hold the Light frequency, the healing must occur within the Etheric level. All timelines and thought processes that you have is being held in this level. So it is imperative to clear as much as you can as it will make a difference in creating the New Earth.

So how do you create it?

Each of you mirror everything that you have ever been within your own sub-conscious thoughts which trigger the emotions. It is imperative to take the time and understand that when the thought comes to you, how you feel about it in your personal reaction.

What happens to you in this process? Are you relating to your Higher Self or is it your physical self?

This is an important consideration because when you access your Divine Mind, the higher part of your existence, then you allow that Mirror of your I Am Presence to be revealed within your physical body. When you are accessing the lower self through the physical mind, then you are putting that energy back into the Universe. So it will come back to you time and time again until your rectify the energy through accessing your Higher Heart and Higher Mind.

This is the Law of Correspondence – as the line of communication from the lower mind will travel through the dimensions unto your I Am presence of the 144thdimension. The I Am or the Monad or the Higher Self receives it. There becomes a realization that this transference of energy does not reflect the Higher Essence. So then this energy sends another communication to you of similar energies – the lower energies do not stay within the Higher Essence but are returned to you to revisit the same frequency. This is why you can be overwhelmed with an emotion or situation you are dealing with. Instead of calling upon your Higher Essence to assist in a resolution, your lower energies are being sent out and returned back to you.

This is a constant motion that occurs in each situation of your life.

So when you realize that change has to occur from your Higher Essence into the physical essence that is when you start to feel calm, peaceful, and loved. You finally allow your vehicle on this Earth to receive what it deserves. Then there is the movement of healing that is created.

It becomes an endless cycle until the initiate can take responsibility for themselves and realize that the reality they are experiencing is due to their ability to move through the challenge.

This is why this earth is so programmed as it was deemed appropriate eons ago that there would not be any remembrance for each soul until he or she could step into the power of their own will to be acknowledged within themselves.

So at this time of great change, it is your responsibility, as the Awakened Ones, the Initiate, the Student to step forward and allow the healing of our Inner Self to become the Outer Self. Each soul upon this planet must take this responsibility. If you think you are completely clear and do not need to address this law to your personal life, then look at your outward circumstances.

The Inner Reflects the Outer Self ~ Synchronization Occurs through this act.

This statement reflects each moment of your day, your night, and all realities coming into Oneness. The more souls that utilize this law the easier it will become upon this earth as the dark energies will no longer be able to exist in this higher frequency.

Take time to realize your thoughts and actions, your conversations, and realizations as they mold who you are in any given moment. Every soul has to go through this process; it is part of learning to be a master. The journey can be challenging to constantly know who you are and allow the Mirror of Your Higher Essence to guide you in each moment. The rewards will come to those that are able to uphold this creative process within all parts of their reality through the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental bodies.

This will then change the frequency of this Earth to move into the higher dimensional light. The challenge is being honest with yourself and realize the potential you have to create change inside and around you.

I walk with you every step of the way through this process.

I Am Master Thoth

Join us for our monthly talk with Master Thoth on the Law of Correspondence, Saturday, April 30th, 2016 at 12:30 PM Pacific as we travel to the Sacred Heart Temple of Oneness within 144th dimension in the Commemorative Hall which is a meeting place for many masters of the Unified Whole Command. Included is an attunement to reflect the Mirror Image of our Divine Self into our Physical Being. Details are available viaGetting Physical: Holding to the Universal Law of Correspondence.

© 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Use for commercial websites, blogs and any printed or written reproduction requires written permission. Rights are granted to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog as long as you include this copyright statement and THIS  IMPORTANT BUTTON LINK: WE NEED YOU! PLEASE VISIT IAMTHE144.ORG IF YOU LOVE THE EARTH AND WANT TO HELP RAISE THE PLANET’S VIBRATION!

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The Flower People from the Hollow Earth


So we are here to talk about the flowers, and how they bloom so beautifully and so abundantly in Spring. They lift their heads and turn their faces toward the Sun, and lo and behold, their magnificent bodies emerge from the dirt and you see their full beauty and smell their deep fragrance. They are magical aren’t they? And they have a message for your surface folk now:

Dearest people on Earth, we are the Flower People from Catharia, inside the Hollow Earth, here to guide you also, and to bring you the fragrant scents and smells from the Heaven World through our delicate and beautifully shaped bodies of Light. For we are of Light also, although your five senses do not yet detect our vibration.

We flow our Light to you in currents of waves when you kneel beside us to smell our fragrant petals or to touch our stems. This is especially so in the Hollow Earth, where the people are connected to us in their full consciousness. Soon you will be too, and then we can converse and play together. Yes, we love to play, and we do this easily. Even though we cannot move around, our laughter and voices can be heard whenever you are in our vicinity, and we can play in our thoughts and visions and sing to all those around us. If you listen deeply, you can hear our songs and sing along with us. We invite you into our aura and into our lives.

We were sent here by the Spiritual Hierarchy to guide you into your ascension, and to bring you the beauty of Heaven. For as you connect with our beauty, you connect to Heaven. It is one and the same. For beauty is who you are, and we are here to remind you of this truth. We send our love out to you on the petals of springtime and the aromas wafting through the air. Catch them and connect to us. We await your visit. We are the Flower People from deep inside the Earth.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

Your donations are greatly appreciated and support me in continuing my work:
(FREE Message from the Crystal Nation with any contribution PLUS Watch a bonus video of me reading the message!!)

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Remarkably valuable info for the aspiring "wizard"...

"The power supply lines inside of our bodies have a direct interface, which acts as an antennae, that allows us to plug into the Universal core supply of plasma, in order to recharge our personal energy and expand consciousness. When we are able to connect to the Universal power supply of plasma, we are able to increase our energetic sustainability by increasing our inner power supply. When we recharge our inner power supply, we can send, receive and exchange intelligent energy with the Universal core of plasma, and with all other sparks of plasma around us. If we do not know how to use our body’s interface, and we do not recharge ourselves, effectively, we have an extremely low energy or dead power supply. When we do not have enough power supply, or we waste our energy, we cannot function well at any level; physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Without enough power supply, we cannot interface or communicate with any of the other sparks of plasma, including our own inner spark. If we think we are only the content of our noisy thoughts and mental belief systems, or we believe we are only physical entities, we lose our ability to connect directly to the sustaining power supply of the Universal God source. Generally, while in this depleted state we will feel very unhappy, even miserable, and our mind will search for external things to distract us from that empty or sad feeling inside. For many people, this disconnection is how severe addictions to external things are created."

***"The highest expression of the human plasma body is the Avatar Christ Consciousness, and it is not governed by the past, present or future, nor any ancestral, genetic or karmic overlays. The personal plasma light body pulsates with the in and out breath of the Universal Plasma body, existing in a perpetual state of connection with the sustaining power supply, newly beginning and newly becoming the spiraling experience of creation."
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Some seriously high vibes here..

"The Great Stupa will house a vast collection of sacred Buddhist relics
including those of Shakyamuni Buddha, Kasyapa Buddha and the 16
Arhants. These relics have been offered from many Buddhist traditions,
including Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Burmese and Mongolian."

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I have been involved with numerous energy healing/gathering techniques over the years. The following method, associated with the link below, is definitely quite potent, and surely the easiest to use. Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed, place your hands on your thighs, palms up, and say: "Healing Stream". If you're reasonably sensitive to energy you'll feel the flow begin. Do this for as long and as often as you wish. I find the effect more potent with closed eyes, but that is subjective, probably. I find the energy to be high quality and quite strong. Enjoy !! Please note that if you move a hand the flow will stop -- so just start the process over again by saying "Healing Stream" while both hands are again properly placed.

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This is the first of the missing Reiki Symbols that Sai Baba retrieved from the inner planes.  It is pronounced like  "Zone Air" . Draw a Z, come up  and draw  infinity three times. This symbol works well with past life, karmic and inter-dimensional issues- i.e. those things we cannot put our finger on.  Our cells can carry the memory of trauma, or even  ideas that we brought into from other lives.  Zonar as well as Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen help to work through and release the karma and pain.

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Maha Chohan:

Few among mankind know of the great service rendered to humanity by the Lords of Karma. The name "Lords of Karma" generates much fear of punishment among those who do not understand the nature of their significant service to Life. Only lately has the love and gratitude of mankind risen towards this
august group of Beings for their service of mercy rather than punishment.
El Morya: Divine justice, absolute exactitude in balancing the personal, planetary and universal use of life, is LAW! The Lords of Karma are instruments of that Law.
The members of this Board serve to give to each soul an opportunity to grow spiritually, to develop and externalize the portion of the divine plan which can be expressed only through that particular lifestream.
Kuthumi: The Law of the Circle creating causes and reaping their ultimate effects is inexorable. Energy, magnetized and used, must return to the sender, as happiness, if the energy was used constructively, or unhappiness, if the energy was used in a
harmful way. When a soul comes to a point of asking God for help for their actions of the past to set one's soul in divine order with the laws of love again, it is then that the Lords of Karma can give them much greater assistance.
Paul the Venetian: Because the karma created by an individual soul is sometimes very great, the Lords of Karma mercifully withhold the return of all one's karma in one lifetime. Thus the soul is allowed to mitigate as much karma in one incarnation as the Lords of Karma feel it can handle. This is true divine love, wherein much negative karma is consciously withheld from the individual until he has learned how to transmute it in happiness and peace.
Serapis Bey: When an individual desires to become a "candidate for Ascension" and asks for the opportunity to "clean his slate" of all negative karma, the Lords of Karma must be in one accord as to whether the aspirant has the necessary strength, fortitude, faith, illumination and general capacities to undertake to balancing the
scales of justice in one lifetime. However, some individuals who have redeemed the negative karma they previously created through a long series of incarnations have only a small debt to the universe to "pay off" in the final incarnation.
Hilarion: It is the responsibility of the Lords of Karma to see that every individual receives as much assistance as possible in transmuting the negative karma created through misuse of free will. At the end of each Earth life, the soul is called before the
Karmic Board and its experience is evaluated. Opportunities, potential services, seeming failures and successes are carefully examined. Then the Karmic Board sends the individual to a sphere of rest and learning where it can best prepare for another Earth incarnation, strengthened through purification, instruction and
temporary respite from the pressures of its own karmic retribution.
Saint Germain: Ponder well on the power of Mercy and the Violet Flame to dissolve the cause and core of distress and pain generated by the return of past misuse of free will. Then resolve to dissolve the effects before they appear in your life. You can
consciously use the Violet Fire in action to do this by invoking it daily and hourly.
This will assist you to transmute the negative energy embedded in all your various bodies and heal the emotions connected with those energies, embracing a new level of consciousness. The Ascended Masters' full gathered momentum of the effective use of the Violet Flame is available for any and all of you choosing to ask us to
anchor it into your world at this time. As more and more individuals learn the efficacy of the power of transmutation through invoking the action of the Sacred Fire, we shall have on Earth a Brotherhood of Freedom who can, at will, free themselves and others from the shadow side of Life.
There are also the Seven Manus sponsoring each one of the Seven Root Races:
• The names of the Manus of the first three root races are not known. They completed their service to this planet and ascended millions of years ago.
• The Manu of the 4th Root Race is Lord Himalaya
• The Manu of the 5th Root Race is Lord Vaivasvata
• The Manu of the 6th Root Race is Lord Meru
• The Manu of the 7th Root Race is The Great Divine Director (Saint Germain's mentor)
All of the above work in cooperation with the Council of Twelve of the Galactic Federation headed by the Ashtar Command and Lord Melchior. The Galactic Federation council represents the spiritual hierarchy for this galaxy which is much larger than our solar system. They, in turn, work in collaboration with and are
responsible to the Council of Twelve of the Universal Federation.
And it goes on and on, all the way back to the Supreme Creator.
At the Universal Level, Lord Melchizedeck, perceived as a "Father figure," is known as the Great Lord of this Universe. His great Light and Love embodies and radiates through this whole Universe. The Order of Melchizedek expands itself in several branches for each one of its many solar systems. People evolving on Earth can also
apply to be admitted into this unique Holy Order; being accepted into this Order is an activity of the "Inner Planes." No one can be admitted into this Holy Order unless he/she is initiated by Melchizedek himself. It is not an activity of the "outer world."
Those who hold ceremonies and charge large fees to enroll their followers into this Order do not have a full understanding of its sacredness. In many cases only a ceremony is experienced and nothing more, not securing admission. Many dear souls may walk the Earth as full members of this Holy Order without any "outer"
knowledge of their association. Others, who profess openly to be members, may or may not be. Admission is determined by the level of willingness for service to Life and Love and by the level of initiation of the aspirant.
You see, this Universe, as well as all of Creation, is well maintained by a long and indestructible chain of Love acting as the spiritual hierarchy, forever expanding to greater levels of Love and Light. None of them holds these positions because of a desire for power. In the higher realms, it is the degree of unconditional Love and
selfless Service that determines the degree of attainment.
The self-serving systems of governments we currently have on Earth do not benefit the races and totally misrepresent the principles of divine laws and hierarchy. The form of government we have is outmoded and as humanity's consciousness evolves,
will gradually be replaced with more enlightened concepts of divine government.

( from The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

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18 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate


Spiritually speaking, it is said that even before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. Each soul has a perfect match… your soulmate.Although most people think of a soulmate as a perfect harmonious union of bliss, your true spiritual soulmate is the person who is intended to help you “complete yourself.”Jerry McGuire was right – soul mates complete each other. A person is unable to complete his mission in life alone. Everyone needs someone to help them become a better person. This is not always a blissful experience.Being in an honest, sincere, and committed soulmate relationship helps you to become a better version of yourself. You have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, beyond your limits to find your better self.Even though we tend to think of soul mates as a symbiotic union; soulmate relationships can be rough at the beginning. They can be like two jagged edged puzzle pieces trying to click into place. Sometimes it looks like you do not fit together at all, but soon after a little bit of twisting, turning, and flipping the pieces around, you feel the moment of the perfect click. It’s a feeling deep in your soul, that says, this is the right one.Often soulmates appear in disguise. You might not be physically attracted to each other when you first meet, but there is a mysterious force pushing you forward that tells you this is “the right one” for you.You have a personal checklist of everything you want in a partner. Tall- check. Dark hair (no curls please)-check. Blondes only-check. 6 pack abs- check. Or you can be like Jerry Seinfeld who knows his date is not “the one” because she eats her peas one at a time.So, if you are brave enough to move away from your romance checklist, open your eyes and your heart to unexpected possiblities, you might just be one of the lucky ones who finds their true soul match.You know you’ve found your soulmate when:1. You just know it.Something deep inside tells you this is the perfect one for you. It’s as if there is a spiritual force pushing you to let go of everything you previously expected and to give of yourself completely.2. You have crossed paths before.Soulmates have met each other and a previous time. You may not have connected, but you were in the same place, at the same time. Before my husband and I met, we lived across the street from each other and worked across the street from each other. Yet we never met until the time was right.3. Your souls meet at the right time.Each person has to be ready to receive the soul connection. Even though my husband and I were in close proximity of each other for many years, we did not meet until the time was right for both of us. You have to be prepared to meet your soulmate. It could be that you have to go through a relationship that doesn’t work out, or that you’re not ready to ditch your “perfect person checklist,” but when it comes to soulmates- timing is everything.4. Your quiet space is a peaceful place.Being quiet together is comforting like a fluffy down blanket on a cold winter night. Whether you are reading in the same room, or driving in the car, there’s a quiet peace between you.5. You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts.With soulmates, there is such depth to your relationship that you can feel and hear what your partner is thinking, even if it is not verbally expressed.6. You feel each other’s pain.You stand in each other’s shoes. You know each other so well, that the second he walks in the door, you can tell how his day was. You feel each other’s feelings: sadness, worry, and stress. And you share each other’s happiness and joy.7. You know each other’s flaws and the benefits in them.Yes, it’s true. Our flaws have benefits. Every trait has a positive as well as a negative side. It’s the task of each person to always look for the good, even when things don’t look so good. There is usually a benefit to each flaw. Stubborn people are good decision makers. Overly organized people are great at paying bills on time.8. You share the same life goals.You’re both on the same page with values, ethics, and goals. You may have a different way of reaching those goals, but you both want the same end result.9. You’re not afraid of having a conversation.Conversations can be challenging. Expressing concerns or attempting to make decisions is uncomfortable. Soulmates know that if they join together, they will be able to work it out.10. You are not threatened by the need for alone time.Whether it’s tennis three times a week or girls’ night out, you respect each other’s need for independence, knowing that when you get together, your time alone is special.11. You don’t experience jealousy.Pretty girls at the office or handsome personal trainers aren’t a threat to your relationship. You are secure knowing that you are the only one.12. You respect each other’s differences and opinions.Often soulmates are polar opposite. At times this is challenging. These are the times when you are being forced to let the other person complete you. You still have your own opinion, but instead of agreeing to disagree, there is a deep level of respect for each other. You listen and honor the differences.13. You don’t scream, curse, or threaten each other with divorce.Of course you feel the anger. People unintentionally hurt each other. But soulmates aren’t nasty, hurtful, or punitive.14. You give in because you want to make your partner happy.Giving can often occur in unhealthy, co-dependent, or abusive relationships. But soulmates give to each other for the sole purpose of making each other happy.15. You know how to apologize.It’s not easy to say “I’m sorry” or admit that you did something that hurt the person you love. Soulmates realize that their actions or words cause harm. Even if they feel justified in their point of view, if their partner was hurt by it, they can easily apologize for the harm they have caused.16. You would marry each other again.You know this is the one and only one for you. Even through the tough times, you would choose your partner again. You feel a sense of pride in your partner.17. You complete each other.Yes, I’m sorry to say it but, your partner fills in your blanks. No person is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Soulmates complete each other. It’s the yin and yang of perfect harmony. One person may be the extrovert, while one is the introvert. One may be social, while the other a homebody. Soulmates are often opposite that are attracted to a person who has their missing pieces.18. Being in each other’s arms washes away all your stress, worries, and anxiety.There is no place you’d rather be at the end of the day but in each other’s arms. If you had a rough day filled with disagreements, a fight with your boss or if you missed the train, whatever happened is gone the second you cuddle up together. There is a warmth in your heart, an inner peace you can feel. No words need to be spoken. All that exists is the silent, blissful union of two souls together. Two souls that were meant to be together eternally.
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Pressure in Solar Plexus chakra

This appears to be a challenging time for emotional issues. If you are stressed out, restless, not sleeping well, tired and irritable, it is possible that the planetary and spiritual alignments affecting the world are causing an up-surge in emotion. The Angels of the Cosmic Heart are delighted to help you with this.

To begin with make sure your chakra light channel is open and clearing properly as described in the item below. Then do the following as often as you choose:

Place two fingers of the left hand on the solar plexus chakra (a little below the sternum bone) and two fingers of the right hand on the heart chakra. Now say: "I call upon the Angels of the Cosmic Heart to help me to clear emotion. Thank you Angels, And So It Is." Now focus on the solar plexus chakra and allow the Angels to clear emotion for you. Use your breath to really help the releasing work they do for you. Keep your attention on your solar plexus during the healing. To end the healing, remove your fingers from the chakras and thank the Angels of the Cosmic Heart.

You can continue clearing in this way for as long as you want, as often as you choose. NOTE: Remember that a lot of clearing will precipitate a shift within you and can result in a small healing crisis. Always drink water after healing yourself and don't over do your healing at any one time.

Clearing the Chakra Barrier

Many people are suffering from a blocked sacred space - the link between the lower and upper chakras. Experiencing ourselves as human beings we live mostly in the lower chakras from base to solar plexus. As we awaken spiritually we begin to live more in the higher chakras, opening them more fully. During this process we must release discordant energy patterns, baggage and emotion from the lower chakras and this is where a problem can occur. Often the step that you must take in moving your energy from the solar plexus to the heart chakra in order to clear emotion can become blocked. People appear to have forgotten how to make this step and this leads to bloating and pressure in the abdomen that cannot be relieved by other treatment. It may also lead to weight gain in this area.

Technique for Clearing Emotion and Opening the Sacred Barrier

As you read the following, I am connecting with you and using my Keys of Creation to bring you information on how to open the sacred space to allow emotion to clear from the lower chakras uowards through the light channel to be released. This information is for understanding only - the energy pathway will be opened directly by the Keys of Creation.

As we awaken spiritually, we begin to access the upper chakras more fully and to clear emotion from the lower chakras. In the light channel between the solar plexus and the heart chakra there is a natural barrier that helps to keep us in our lower chakras to experience ourselves as human beings. To move our energy successfully up the chakra light channel, it must pass through this barrier in the sacred space. When the energy or emotion arrives at the solar plexus, it must make a 45 degree turn towards the spine, then as it reaches the spine and kundalini channels there, it must make a 90 degree turn back towards the heart chakra. When the energy reaches the heart chakra it must now make a 45 degree turn upwards to continue moving through the upper chakras. (This is 180 degrees in all - making a straight line.) This information has now been permanently placed within you through the Keys of Creation. It is likely that you will now be experiencing a release in your abdomen and possibly sensing an energy movement within your body. IF YOU FEEL HOT, it is likely that you have become ungrounded by this action and need to ground now. You can do this easily by saying these light language phrases out loud. (They are an expression of the Keys of Creation.) Say secu-narimbido ("secu-narimbeedoh") to get you back into your body, secu-ambido-nos ("secu-ambeedoh-noss") to release any self sabotage and Garusan ("ga-roo-san") to ground you to Earth.

Now gently tap the "sacred space" - half way between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra (above the sternum bone) gently for fifteen seconds or so to facilitate the clearing of the energy and emotional build up in the lower chakras and allow it to pass though the heart chakra.

It is helpful to avoid an overload of emotion building up in the lower chakras and effectively blocking the light channel by tapping the sacred space regularly, say several times a week. The frequency depends on your healing and emotional state. When you carry out Reiki healing or any other form of healing, I suggest you take a few moments to tap the sacred space to make sure that the lower chakras fully release the emotion upwards for transformation into light and Love.

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We are now in preparation for a very powerful full moon of Aries with Scorpio on April 21st, 2016 at 10:24 PM Pacific, April 22nd at 1:24 AM Eastern, and 05:24 GMT.

This moon is termed a “Pink Moon” by the Farmer’s Almanac representing the Spring essence of sprouting beautiful flowers. It is a time of re-creation and allowing the seeds to be planted of what we desire to experience in the months ahead.

This also represents the spiritual work that we have been undergoing to prepare for the new essence of our Self to be initiated within our lives. The previous moon cycle took us through a journey of “resurrecting the old self in order to prepare for the new.”

The moon being in Scorpio gives us the energy of being the “Spiritual Warrior” and can cause conflicting energies to result within our consciousness. As we are preparing for the New Earth, the archetype of the Warrior needs to be addressed in a different way than in previous timelines. Yes, we have been preparing ourselves to experience life in a new and different way, and part of that represents the warriorship attitude. It must come from the inner essence and not the outer or else this moon can have us fighting in ways that we have done before.

As Lightworkers upon this earth, it is our responsibility to fully command who we are and that changes through each moment. It is not easy to throw down the swords and not fight for what you believe in; but it is about using that energy in a completely different way than it has been done in our existence.

This is why this moon is so very important. The fact that it is also theWesak Moon is very appropriate but it also represents the energy that is occurring on the planet presently. People are within the warrior attitude of wanting to fight for what they believe in. Change is happening everywhere we look but yet there is the old element of still being persecuted for not adhering to the ways that society has put upon us for centuries. These type of people are finally waking up.

Can you recall a time when you first realized there was more that could be part of this life experience?

You probably wanted to fight society in a certain way to show your view and let others know what it meant. It is all part of the duality of life – individuals waking up into a society that has been oppressed.

This moon cycle brings these energies into focus so that it is in our face. It can disrupt our lives as the world around us is very angry. I believe that this moon is teaching us a lesson. Which path do you want to take? The high road or the low road, as stepping into the anger of the consciousness will only bring more of the same thus repeating the old cycles.

Being on the Mastery Pathway brings all the elements into focus, but then there has to come a time when deep self-revelation occurs and the true reality is shown within our focus. This all represents the initiations and the Ascended Mastery Pathway. This moon represents these energies as it brings elements to the forefront that need to be addressed, and we have to make a decision in how we are going to achieve the most positive results for humanity.

This is why the Ascended Beings of Light are expressing in all of our teachings that this Wesak Moon is very important for this planet. We are coming into a time of change and how we change is going to be very important.

The only way that we can address the issues is to look within ourselves and see where we need to change. Do we want these energies to take us into more of a warrior-ship attitude as we have done in past incarnations, or are you ready to stand as an Initiate of Ascension Mastery and take responsibility for your actions?

These are all very important considerations during this full moon cycle because elements are going to arise in each of us that need to be healed so that we don’t follow the crowd but stand tall among each other to command our Light to be the way of the creation for the New Earth.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Master Djwhal Khul, Chohan for the Ray of Love and Wisdom, says this about the Wesak Festival of Light:

“We are at a crossroads within this planet.buddha_800_500 Elements must change. The initiates of student mastery understand the process much easier than the unawakened souls. So there is a deep responsibility within the souls of the planet that want to uphold the light within them. Allow the Violet-Purple Flame (which is being infused into the Earth during this Wesak Moon) to bring forth the transformation within your foundation so you can realize the potential that is inside of you.

The Light must win this battle, and it is with your initiative and concentration of your desires that you shall be challenged to uphold your end of responsibility. It must come from within yourself first and foremost. All that you have been in all the timelines must be healed to hold the Light within you. It is the same for humanity.

Changes will come but it is how you incorporate those changes that will be the cornerstone of your reality.”


This means that when you deeply go within and look at all that You Are, then you are able to see your Truth which is the good and not so good that you have been. Your eyes are open to all that you have ever been, and you become the Light.

These truths will bring forth the Transformation of this Earth but only with the help of humanity to do so. I hope you will join us in bringing forth your own truth of the self so that others can do the same.

So how do we prepare for this moon experience?

The most important element is to use your Spiritual Tools to go deeper within yourself to remove the elements that may be impeding your progress of ascension. We must remember that the dark side wants people to fight with each other as it will keep this planet in duality. So as students of Ascension Mastery it is our responsibility to uphold the light deeper and stronger than we ever have before. We are the pioneers of light to extend the Divine Essence of the ChristConsciousness to be instrumental in healing this planet and all of humanity.

Take time for the Wesak moon to commune with the energies, join with others if you can as Wesak represents the Spirit of Cooperation.

The most important purpose of Wesak is to stimulate the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood and Goodwill within each soul to bring forth a responsive and integrative whole along with walking as One with all the Spiritual Masters of Full Consciousness within the Unified Whole energies of the 144th dimension representing that Oneness.

Wesak has several functions:

◊  To Substantiate the Christ Consciousness to become grounded within this Earth.◊  To Physically Prove Solidarity of All Races to come together in Unison.◊  To Form a Rallying Point or meeting place for all souls to come together annually in the cooperation to represent Universal Consciousness to become focused within all souls of the Earth.◊  To Demonstrate the Nature of the Christ Consciousnesswithin each soul upon this earth, so that we work cohesively in Oneness accepting all viewpoints and thoughts of creation which will originate from the Creative Source of Light, the 144thDimension, or the Unified Whole Command.

At this Wesak Moon, the planet will be infused with the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Structure that comes from the cosmic level within the colors of the Violet infused with Deep Purple. This is going to assist humanity in going through a complete transformation and help to ground the higher energies within the planet. But its success is only possible with all of our assistance that understand these frequencies of Light.

This is why this Wesak is so very important for Gaia and for Humanity. It is considered to be a gateway into the higher realms to be realized within the planet, as the order of what has been will go through a huge transmutation. It is a moment in time in which theViolet Fire is going to wipe away the elements that do not belong within that transformative energy surge so that the Feminine Divine of the Deeper Purple can be fully realized. It is the best of the best to have full realizations of this light formation to assist in the foundation of this planet.

This is a huge new beginning to allow our foundations to be transformed from our Etheric Self that has held the energies from so many lifetimes, good and bad just as Gaia is going through her healing process.

To learn more about what this Full Moon represents, please see our website, Wesak Events page. We are transmitting our annul Global Teleconference Gathering of Light on April 23rd at 9:00 AM PDT to celebrate the Wesak Moon event experience with the Ascended Beings of Light. In addition we are providing a full day worldwide distance learning Wesak Workshop on Friday, April 22nd to experience the highest level of acceptance of Light for Wesak.

© 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Use for commercial websites, blogs and any printed or written reproduction requires written permission. Rights are granted to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog as long as you include this copyright statement and THIS  IMPORTANT BUTTON LINK:  WE NEED YOU! PLEASE VISIT IAMTHE144.ORG IF YOU LOVE THE EARTH AND WANT TO HELP RAISE THE PLANET’S VIBRATION!

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True Name

True Name 

As you climb the spiritual ladder, you discover the letters within you according to your spiritual state. This is how you discover your own true name.stairway-55.jpg


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The Power of Transmutation Violet-Flame Meditation


Adding a violet flame meditation once in a while to your daily practice is a lovely way to feel a fresh sense of peace.The violet flame is a powerful tool anyone can use in meditation. It helps release negative karma, raise your consciousness awareness, the frequency of your vibration, and accelerate your spiritual growth. Energy can’t be erased but it can be changed, transmuting negative into positive, darkness into light. This allows you to make the choices you feel negatively about become positive, while also changing your emotional experience. Physically, the violet flame releases emotions and energy pent up within that make you vulnerable to illness and disease.The violet flame in meditation uses a combination of affirming thoughts and visualization. Once centered, begin by surrounding yourself with white-and-blue protective energy. You may even want to call on archangel Michael for his protection while you go into this powerful spiritual state. Then repeat thoughts such as “I am cleansed and purified by the violet flame.” Picture a huge bonfire before you, its immensity making you feel small beside it, and marvel as the colors flicker between purple, violet, and bright pink. Sense its warmth while noticing that it will not burn you. Step into the flame, letting it surround you entirely while also filling the spaces in your body, your thoughts, even the cells and molecules within you. Once there, focus on the positive things you’d like to create in your life or your hopes for others. Visualize the violet flame in the midst of the scenes as they unfold in your mind. You may want to ask that the power of the flame be multiplied to as! sist those in need.When you have finished your meditation, be sure to close with gratitude. The violet flame is a powerful tool that should be used consciously and with intent. Forgetting to close with thanks keeps you connected and may lead to the unintentional misuse of this energy. It is always a good idea when finished with any spiritual practice to give thanks as this creates closure. Saints and adepts throughout the ages have known how to use the violet flame, but it is available for all to use to raise our awareness and, eventually, that of all mankind.Madisyn Taylor, Daily OM
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Prosperity is my Divine Nature!!


I got this chant from Michele Amburgey and IT WORKS! Try it you will love it. Write down on a card and keep it with you to say over and over till you memorize it. Whenever you feel afraid repeat it till you feel OK again!!!!

****Prosperity is just a number away!!

*****Try this Prosperity Affirmation and Numerical Frequency
to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life!!
Start by taking a deep breath. Allow the vibration of your voice to resonate through your body as you repeat the following always in sets of three!

"229 578 589 229 578 589 229 578 589"

"Prosperity is my Divine Nature!!
Money and all good things flow to me easily, effortlessly and in great Abundance....I am a money magnet and people love to give me money and gifts!! Everything I need is always given to me, everything I need to know is shown to me, and the people I need to meet always come to me.

I am a conduit for Divine Abundance and I live a life filled with Gratitude and Love!"

“874 67894 874 67894 874 67894"

*****Now sit back and open your heart to allow the bounty of the Universe to flow to you!! You may repeat this as many times as feel right for you.

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Self-love is not so much the thought we hold about ourselves, although self-love can flow from our positive thoughts and be restricted by our painful ones. Self-love is not just about appreciating our positive qualities or liking ourselves, though these things can grow out of self-love.

Rather, it is a state of being. It is the inner experience of deep, profound safety, well-being, peace, acceptance, faith and a certainty that all is in order. It is the feeling of basking in golden sunlight on a perfect day, where the experience of the present moment supersedes all thought.

It is the feeling of faith that we are all right even in the midst of crisis. It is the experience of being completely present with other people, seeing, hearing and accepting who they are without judging or wondering if we are being judged. When we have self-love, we automatically become less self-absorbed. We have confidence, joy and a radiance that ripples out to the world around us. We are full and have much to share with others. We have a calm, even center that doesn’t get buffeted by the ups and downs of life. The experience of unconditional love and self-love are the same.

Yet this is not the whole story in cultivating our inner power of love. It is not necessary to pamper and indulge ourselves to have self-love. We don’t need to take ourselves to lunch, send ourselves a birthday card and talk to our inner child to practice self-love. We may find value in doing these things, but they will not guarantee the result of self-love.

Self-love happens in any moment that we surrender to the gift of the present. It can happen when we stop thinking about whether or not we are good enough, whether we are loved and accepted by others or how we have been wronged. It happens when we simply stop to enjoy a fragrant summer breeze feeling content and one with something greater than our “self” (small “s”).

Self-love happens when we forget our own needs, pain and imperfections long enough to truly see another person through eyes of acceptance and compassion. Self-love happens in moments of peace when we remember to put aside our own personal struggle and invite a Higher Power to intervene.

After enough of these peaceful moments of “self” forgetfulness, we suddenly discover that when we do think about ourselves we feel the same acceptance and well-being that we felt in other contexts. We find that we have come to like ourselves.

In other words, in coming to love ourselves, there is a certain amount of work we can do. Yes, it can help to state our self-loving affirmations out loud, and there is a place for loving our “inner child” or cultivating a relationship with our “self” as though we were relating to another person. And, yet, there comes a point when we need to simply get over our “self.”

You are the only one who can truly discern when “self” work is helpful, and when it becomes yet another distraction from your “Self.”

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