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The following is what a channeler told me, after she consulted with her spirit guide as to how to explain to me precisely. I have supplemented her explanation with my own notes, for clarity.

The higher dimensional beings are everywhere, all at the same time. We can also be everywhere at the same time, but because we reside in a physical body, we have a primary identity. We are in our body most of the time. However, we can be outside of our physical body (eg. dream, astral travel, etc), in which case, we use our secondary identity.

We always have access to the higher dimensional beings. However, we must initiate the conversation, because they are not allowed to talk to us without our consent. If a higher or lower dimensional being has violated this universal law, you can invoke a divine being to intervene.

A ghost is a spirit that lingers in the second dimensional reality. They are either lost/stuck, or unwilling to leave. A deceased loved one in a spirit form who has already been escorted from our third dimensional reality, will be in a higher dimensional reality. So if you wish to speak to a deceased loved one, you only need to ask, and she will hear you, because she is omnipresent, regardless of whether she has reincarnated (in another physical body on the third dimensional reality) or not.

The third dimension is currently our resident dimension. It is however, not our permanent dimension.

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Experience and Enjoy

A challenge is presented to you, because you the means to overcome it.  The universe will not present to you what you cannot yet handle, unless you ask for it (eg. negative thoughts). 

If and when you encounter a situation that is truly beyond you, then just ask for the necessary resource and support (angels and spirit guides), and trust and surrender to the process.

Every challenge is a life lesson.  It is a homework, for a course or program.  We need to do a set number of homework to complete a course, after which we progress to another course.

Planet Earth is the university of life.  As souls, we have entered into agreements to come to this planet to take up a series of life lessons.  When we leave, all that we take with us is our experience and wisdom.

To me, Earth is a playground.  We are all here to play.  So enjoy the game, and score as many goals as you can while you're here!

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My recent healing

In prior years, I had explored the world, which I call the outer landscape. This year I have turned my focus inward, to explore my inner landscape.

I consider Toastmasters to be a powerful tool for my inner journey, which is a process of self-discovery, which leads to self-correction (or healing), and thus self-development. In conjunction with Toastmasters, I had also done some healing on lower self and on subconscious mind, by myself. I thought that was all the healings I needed. To my surprise, I was merely scratching the surface of my problems.

Each person is like an onion. You peel and peel, to remove all the "protective" layers you put on yourself, until you reach the core, which is your true self. Many people never know their true selves. Disillusionment leads to pains and sufferings.

Quite a few individuals are aware of my problems in June, and offered different advices. I now understand why some advised me to seek mental help. Psychiatry and psychology are different. I needed help from the latter, but I was taken to the former, which was useless for me. Nonetheless, with some help, I managed to see someone who healed me psychologically from some traumas which I was not consciously aware of. She went very deep to peel away all my protective layers which didn't serve me.

The protective layers I had are like dark clouds which I used to surround myself from feeling pain, sorrow, loss, disappointment, abandonment, etc. Different people have different protective mechanism that they utilize to shield themselves from harm, but they don't realize that this mechanism itself may be harmful. For example, we lie in order to protect ourselves, but the lies themselves can be a toxic ingredient in our lives.

Sometimes a person shuts down emotionally when faced with a trauma. This healer said I was emotionally disconnected. The revelation of my traumas induced emotional release/cleansing, and thus emotional healing. She said I still have more healing to do; what was done was only of most immediate concern. She said I have some negative programs in me. I was surprised to hear that, but when I talked to a friend about my session, I realized, oh yeah, I do have some negative thought patterns that I have been trying to remove but cannot.

Everyone's inner landscape is unique. It is your choice if you choose to explore it, or ignore it. Everything has its own timing. When the time comes, you will be brought to face your problems. As within, so without. When your inner landscape changes, your outer experiences will shift accordingly.

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hi to all

Hi to all who have sent there best wishes, I am so sorry that I have only now replied, as I have not been on site for a long time I hope this reaches those intended,I have been so busy in clearing myself etc, I totally forgot about the site.I am sure I'll be more frequent than previous thank you. ......wayne nancarrow (wingwalker)

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Healing is Perpetual

Healing is Perpetual

1. We are always healing. No matter what the disease or trauma our natural self is always in a perpetual state of healing and recovery.

2. Energy responds to our intention and focus. All energy is in constant motion and constantly changing. Change is the law of nature.

This constant change provides endless potential for benefits and personal growth. Your intention and focus will evolve these infinite possibilities into your finite desires.

We are always healing and our energy responds to intention. Reiki is effective because of those two simple facts of natural order.

When practicing Reiki we focus our intention to healing and this helps to facilitate the natural process.

It is an inherent ability that we all possess. The more we practice Reiki the more effective benefits we will experience. 

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This is a story maybe even a channeling, not sure. A friend of mine, a soul mate, activates my chakras all the time. One day when he activated heart chakra, this story  came into my consciousness so fast, like a flooding of information and I had to grab a pencil and my pad quickly to write it all down. I titled it:


                                                 "A New Light, A New Way To Experience Love"


He told me, He is The One.... He is the future.... He is The One who will foretell of a Great Event.

He is The One who will lay down the path to which we will All Become One.  He is The One who will shine His Light on All Humanity, for he as foretold this Event before, a very long time ago.  He is the One to show his Light come forth His Hand to wash over the Earth, in Beauty, Truth and the Way.  On Bringer of the Dawn, a New Light, A New Way for Mankind to Experience Love!

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