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Principles of Light and Purification

10900540291?profile=originalPrinciples of Light1. The light of God is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the force of Creation that now moves through time and space, creating the transformation of the earth into the next higher level of her evolution and consciousness.2. There is nothing solid in the universe. Consciousness creates energy, and energy creates matter. The consciousness of the One contains all and has created all.3. It is through our beliefs about reality that we co-create reality. Beliefs are not conscious thoughts. They include thoughts but are deeper than these.4. The movement of growth of the human embodied self involves the completion of a circle established at Creation. In the first half of this circle is a movement toward greater individuation. In the second half, a movement toward greater unity within a whole. Both halves are needed to fulfill the human potential5. At the highest level of God's emanation, light and love are One. At the lower levels, light may become separated from love.6. In order to contain the spiritual light coming to the earth today, a body of light is needed to contain the highest consciousness. For this, purification of mind, body, and emotions must take place on multiple levels.7. The path of purification leads to knowledge of who we are. The steps of this path are formed by knowledge of who God is. In the end, there is no goal nor steps. There is only One.Principles of Purification1. Light amplifies light and activates darkness.2. Darkness is not the absence of light but the cover for light. Light remains at all times.3. Light brings all things into greater wholeness through a process of continual expansion.4. Thoughts and feelings are not who we are. They are energies that we carry.5. The healing of darkness through light happens through the absorption of the darkness back into the light so that it goes out no more.6. What is released in the process of purification is set free. It does not return unless we hold onto it.7. Purification releases from the embodied self all that is not of the light. What remains is a transformed self that can express the life of the soul.8. Light calls forth darkness, drawing it to itself as a magnet. This is the liberating function of light. It uproots the darkness to set souls free.9. The test of darkness is whether it emanates love. Darkness and love are incompatible. Where one is, the other cannot be.10. Where doubt or fear infiltrate the mind, one must move to the heart. In the presence of the heart's love, darkness has nowhere to stand.11. There are two powers of darkness, and both can be diffused by faithfulness to love: the power of darkness to seem like light, and the power of darkness to create fear. In the presence of either, return to Love.12. The victory of light lies in the ascendance of the soul over the personality, and of God's reality over all that has become separated from it.Article Source: Julie Redstone - Light Omega
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Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation

Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation

Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation

What are the energy implants?
Energy implants are implants that modify the flow of energy in the body. Unfortunately, this modification is set to be harmful to us instead of helped us. The result of this modification is to:
- shorter of human life
- performance limitations of the human brain
- DNA damage to biological human races
- enhancing blocking access to the collective memory

From where these implants come?
In the past there has been a struggle for power over the human race. Theories are different, and it is not very important, which is true. Important is that whoever controlled the technology, it encoded it in our DNA (approx. 25 500 B.C.) and thus radically changed / stopped the development of our race. Instead of people who weigh themselves and realize that they are part of the whole, people lost in fear, from which came many wars and suffering.
People are constantly worried about if they will have food, where to sleep, where to stay, etc. For the control of fear they created money. Today everything is based on money. Entire system, where people fear that they will not have enough money, it leads to many bad things to do, just to survive. They all become slaves to the monetary system. This system unfortunately does not have long to prosperity. This system allows those who have a lot of money to have many more, and those who have few of them to have even less. I will not describe at length, as they are always new and new systems to steal more and more money, our time, energy and life. Each of us can change. It's a question of choice. We can decide. More on this topic in the Reflections section of the World.

How to these implants removed?
The basis for the removal of these energy implants is faith. Because these implants in our energy bodies and we have a ways to influence our energy body, it is in our power to remove these blocks (implants). Instructions for removing the implants and the activation DNA follows.

What is DNA activation?
Currently we use only a limited amount of DNA chains (3 of 12). Indigo race has 6 active chains. All we can activate all 12, which would lead to radical changes in our world, which New World Order is trying to avoid. Activation DNA prevents energy implants and therefore it is necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible. Among the basic skills that we acquired after the full activation of DNA are:
- Detoxification at physical and mental level
- Improving the health
- Improved memory and eyesight
- Improving intuition
- Younger appearance
- Increased peace of mind
- Increase confidence
- Increase energy levels
- Better connection to the collective memory
- Better communication with higher beings
- Improved ability to express love
- Supports the spiritual growth
- Easier to find a life goal

Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation  (Guide 1)
- Take a relaxing / meditation position.
- Ask for help your Higher Self, angels and archangel (and anyone who think that those could help with this task).
- Imagine how through 7th chakra (violet) white light passes and fills you - every cell in your body is filled with white light (5-10 minutes).
- 3x now say "I (your name) am now asking for the removal of anything that could block the removal of implants and the activation of DNA!"
- 3x now say "I (your name) am now asking for the removal of all energy implants, both physically and energetic body!"
- 3x now say "I (your name) am now asking for the activation of all 12 DNA!"
- Don´t forget thank and enjoy the changes.
Note: This exercise is as effective as strong is your mind. Therefore do not be afraid to repeat this exercise until you feel a thing on itself changes.

Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation  (Guide 2)
- Ask your guide before going to bed and the Creator to remove anything that could block the removal of implants and activation of DNA
- Ask your guide before going to bed and the Creator to remove the implants
- Ask your guide before going to bed and the Creator to activation all strands of DNA
Note: This exercise is as effective as strong is your mind. Therefore do not be afraid to repeat this exercise until you feel a thing on itself changes.

Methods to achieve Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation are a lot. It does not matter which you choose, because the most important is the intention. If your intention is strong enough, you always succeed : )

Music to support Implant Removal and DNA Activation Meditation
DNA Activation Music - Activate Your DNA through Sound 1-1
DNA Activation Music - Activate Your DNA through Sound 1-2
DNA Activation Music - Activate Your DNA through Sound 1-3
DNA Activation Music - Activate Your DNA through Sound 1-4
DNA Activation Music - Activate Your DNA through Sound 2-1
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It seems that all Lightworkers are now getting new astral andetheric bodies. But many of us still have negative emotions,negative or evil energies and entities, clogged or inoperativechakras and other blockages to our ability to function atmaximum efficiency. This "Healing Package" is designedto rid ourselves of these and to replace them with the positiveaspects of the chakras.Ask your favorite Deity, or if you do not have one, ask theGalaxy Being to administer the following "Healing Package"to yourself and to others which you name individually,thanking him/her in advance for these gifts, if it be for theirhighest good: The following things are included in the packageMultidimensionally, and for all time, past, present and future -all levels:First of all, anyone interfering with the Healing Packageor blocking the effectiveness of it to the person it is beingadministered to, will automatically be invalidated and turnedover to the Holy Spirit, who will decide what to do with them.That at least gets them off our gameboard.In this whole Healing Package, the Higher Self of the personreceiving it is the ultimate authority.* Giving the person a spark of Divine Awareness, which letsthem see the purpose for which they were created, showingthem their karma being generated by their thoughts andactions toward others, and their past karma. Then thankingAll That Is for opening them up and giving themUnconditional Love.* Removing everything from the entire field of energy multi-dimensionally that doesn't belong, and is not for the highestgood of the person. This includes things like implants, micro-black holes, entities, negative oversouls, negative Overlords,negative elementals, astral parasited, backwards vortexes, allthought forms, portals to harmful energies or beings, negativematrixes, diseases, contracts, regenerator entities and allassociated energies with any of the above, including slimeand assorted trash, and whatever else is deemed by the HigherSelf necessary to be gotten rid of for the highest good of theperson including any detrimental self created energies andtheir results and effects.* Removing everything hindering, obstructing, blocking andrestricting our ascension and enlightenment, and such thatia affecting us detrimentally from the other realities, realms,worlds, levels, planes, spheres, Universes and dimensions.This includes any calcified or wrongly crystalized materialsin any of the bodies, and any signs, seals, emblems, symbolsand signatures from undesirable outside influences that havebeen put on our auric field. These will all be removed andmerged multidimensionally with equal and opposite energiesderived by the most appropriate Energy Field, by DivineDecree, which reduces them to nothing. (Energy Fields areintelligent Beings)* Removing the inner child's blockages to accepting Love, andgetting the Guiding Angel to cuddle the inner child if it needsit. Also getting the inner child to fully accept the HealingPackage, and removing any blockages to its doing so. AndRemoving all blockages to people becoming "Cherubim".Showing the inner child the past lives that have caused thetrauma currently being experienced in this lifetime, and theneed for it to take responsibility for past actions.* Doing the same thing for the subconscious and conscience.Also gathrering up the group spirits of the inner children.the subconscious' he consciences' and the past life selvesfrom all past lives, and cleaning them up in the Black Holeand the Void.* Taking a multidimensional trip through the Void with allthe remaining bagage and attachments to get further cleanedup and ready for 5D, and making sure that the whole thinggoes into the Void all the way up to the top chakra overthe head.* Doing the multidimensional juggernaut time filter cleanseon the person, starting at both ends of time simultaneouslyand working toward the middle. This removes any calcifiedmistakes and problems from all lifetimes. And since it ismultidimensional, it will also be done for all realities, andalternate time lines.* Cleaning out one's spiritual "house" and all the dark cornersand hidden trash throughout the whole house, including thebasement, attic and garage.* Removing all unnecessary and harmful memories from alltime that are not for the highest good, and any diseases thatare not karmic or otherwise useful for the development ofthe person.* Removing negative or unbalanced imprints and habits, evenfrom past lives. And removing density and what is left of theold "gameboard."* Removing other people's genies that from our energy fieldso they won't come back. Taking them and their ownersthrough the Void, and then returning the genies to the owner,and showing them their karma for doing it. Making sure ourgenie is where it belongs. [ Genies are the oversouls of the 8thsphere, and the oversoul of our spirit family of 12 humans.]* Removing all roots, cords to all external and undesirableconnections and transmuting all the energy into neutralenergy and returning to Source. Also all shackles, curses,restrictions, blockages, implants, etc., and all associatedenergies placed on one by others. Then removing all karmicdisks and the energies in you that will disolve them, andburn the contracts and other associated energies.* Putting the Dweller or shadow self, into the Ultraviolet LaserBeam in the Black Hole for as long as is necessary andspinning it up to throw off all the trash, and making sure it isthoroughly cleaned out, as well as giving it the healing package.* Making sure no one else's genie is anywhere in your field ofenergy. And nullifying all evil and harmful things sent to youat point of resonance.* Rescinding and cancelling any vows of poverty or contractsfrom this life and past ones, and alternate reality ones.* Rescinding all self-sabotage programs.* Closing and removing any portals and associated contractsfrom any prior lifetimes and this one, in and around yourenergy field that are harmful and letting in entities.* Cleaning up and giving the Healing Package to the mirrorimage of ourselves beneath the feet.* Installing drain hole in root chakra for all the accumulatedemotional garbage to drain on out.* Invalidating (take off humanity's game board) all etheric andastral beings and entities that are harmful to you, and turningthem over to the Holy Spirit for final disposition.CHAKRAS* Cleaning out all the chakras and spheres in the entire energyfield, and making sure the realms are floating. Repair anydamage to any of the chakras, including rearranging andrealigning the matrices where needed. Then pulling all thechakra meridians multi dimensionally until they "click" asmany clicks as is necessary, which makes sure that whenthey are let go, they will be straight, and not go back to beingcrooked. Then taking the meridian that is fully stretched andswiveling it completely in a complete 360º circle around thebody. This releases all the encrusted stuff on the meridiansthroughout all time. It seems to clean up all prior attachments,too.* Doing equal/opposite/merges on any problems related to anyof the chakras, including those in the aura, above the head, andbelow the feet, as well as any of these problems stuck in anyportion of the multidimensional being, past, present and future.And make sure the main Star Chakras are also cleared, and themeridian from it to the sex and root chakras are clear of allpast lives so that guilt can be removed.* Making sure that the chakras are going in the right directionand are in their proper places, and that the oversouls in themare in the proper places and cleaned up, as well.* Cleaning out and healing and transforming all the beings oroversouls that belong within the chakra spheres of the wholeenergy field including the star chakras. And getting rid of thebeings that don't belong. This removes all the contracts theyhave made to our detriment, and all the karmic ties (disks),regenerator entities,* Making sure that all the oversouls that belong in the spheresare in their proper sphere.* After the negative aspects of the chakras are removed,replacing them with positive aspects, such as: Joy, Serenity,Love, Unconditional Acceptance of Self and Others, etc...* Clearing up the 17th chakra sphere so that people who crossover can see the Light and know their direction instead ofbeing lost in outer darkness.* Clearing out 21st chakra which seems to be a source ofimplants, and the 28th which is a source of mental implants.* Cleaning out the 22nd chakra sphere, which seems to bewhere all the contacts are made. Breaking all harmfulcontracts and getting rid of the regenerator entities andany signs, seals, emblems, signatures, cords and othernegative energies associated with the contracts.* Connecting the person to the Master Chakras outsidethe aura.DISEASES* Removing any diseases from all levels, chakras, spheres,and alternate realities, and removing all this from the pastand future of the person multidimensionally as well. Andremoving the cause of any illnesses or physical problemswhen they are not karmic, and healing the damage done bythe illness.* In healing people of diseases, addictions and some psychicattacks, going as far into the future or past to get rid of all theenergies responsible, and their root causes and sponsoringenergies, as well as the energies themselves. E/Q/M Andto remove and invalidate all the entities involved.* Removing all energies which block and restrict the perfecthealth of our multidimensional being, including removingall parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria, and whatever otherthings we might not know about; and removing all toxins.KARMA* Getting the person over their lack of responsibility ofaccepting their own karma.* If there are still any karmic connections, pulling the astral bodytaken inside out into the past to dump all the accumulatedmemories and associated garbage and connections to thepresent, and then returning it to normal. Also showing allthe parties involved all their various previous lives where theyinteracted, and how it evens out karma, and then show themtheir present karma fully, thus activating true remorse, whichcan help alleviate their karma.* Removing all karmic disks, and the energies to disolve themwith, and then burning all contracts, regenerator entities,signs, seals, emblems, signatures, cords, ties, shackles andother attachments.* Helping the person to face up to any remaining unresolvedkarmic connections including their origins in prior lifetimes.* Then doing an equal/opposite energy merge for all partiesmultidimensionally on lack of forgiveness of self and othersin relation to all the lifetimes where they interacted* Complete Universal Energy exchange, whereby all energiesare returned to their rightful owners - this includes alllifetimes, past present and future.* Clearing up any problems with the relatives and ancestorsthat is allowable.* Throwing all past selves into the Void to clean them up, andmaking sure that their multidimensional selves go all the waydown in up to the top chakra over the head. This will makesure they don't attack people you know in the present.REPAIR* Pulling all the rest of the meridians until they click. Thereare thousands.* Transmuting all service-to-self energies, to service-to-others.* Making sure all parts of the body are communicatingproperly with each other. And that all the parts of the personare connected properly. Causing all the parts to resonatetogether and rearranging all the geometries that need it.* Repairing any damage that was done to the entire energy field,including holes in the aura, and in any of the various bodies.* Raising the vibes of the person and vacuuming off density.And straightening out and balancing the electromagneticenergy system.* Reactivating the 12 strand DNA, and installing the healingchamber in the body, and the crystaline energy in the brainthat helps the telepathic communication with Spirit.* Putting anything in us that we are missing or need for ourascension, and replacing anything that needs replacing,including any of the oversouls in any of the chakras orthe subconscious as well.* Checking to see if any of the jewels, wings, energies andparts or bodies have been abducted, and return them if so,and to properly deal with the beings that did the abductionso that they can't do it again.* Returning all energies and essences that were stolen from us.* Returning any of the "jewels" (spiritual gifts), wings,energies, that might have been stolen and showing theperpetrators their karma if they continue in their dastardlydeeds. Then giving them a trip through the Black Hole andthe Void to clean them up so that they lose their desire to dothose kinds of things anymore. Giving the same treatment toany others that have been attacking the person that is not forkarmic reasons.* Repairing or replacing any astral or etheric or physical bodyparts that have been damaged or need replacing, and repairingany genetic defects, using the appropriate energy templates torepair whatever needs the repair. Also upgrading and addingto the DNA where necessary for perfect functioning of thecomplete multidimensional self.* Checking to see if the Higher Self, the inner child, the genie,the subconscious and conscience have been damaged, anddoing any repairs necessary. And doing a Healing Packageon each of them as separate beings in their own rights.* Doing the equal/opposite/merge on all lack of self love andappreciation, and self judgment and feelings of not 'beingenough', and feelings of not being 'good enough', and onall other negative emotions blocking our spiritual growth.* Connecting and fully integrating the Higher Self, the genie(8th sphere over soul), the conscious self, the inner child,the subconscious and the conscience of the person as he orshe spiritually matures.* Teaching the person psychic self-defense, and making themaware of attacks from their family and friends and others.* Making sure that our defences are up and running, andthe wiring be repaired so that they are functioning properly,and that the subconscious be taught how to use them.* Integrating eith the Light Body and removing any resistanceto the integration.* Making sure all the astral body parts are facing in the right"direction" and removing any obstacles to their doing so.* Making sure that all the body parts are in the appropriateplaces.* Sealing any holes and repairing any rips and tears in theaura, and closing and sealing any portals, and repairing anydamage that was caused by any of these problems.* Doing an electro-magnetic energy balance on the wholeenergy field.* Connecting to Source, and grounding and aligning all theenergies properly.* Placing the appropriate protective shielding around theperson's energy field to ward off harmful radiations andenergies.* Equal and opposite energy merge on the person'snon-acceptance and non-forgiveness of self and others,multidimensionally.* Reprogramming the subconscious to behave in accordanceand in harmony with the Ascension. To quit sabotagingthe self, and to let go of everyone from the past, includingrelatives, spouses, friends, acquaintances and enemies.* Re programing and teaching the subconscious to heal themultidimensional self, and to protect the person from psychicattacks of any kind, and to do only those things that are forthe person's highest good.* Doing whatever healing procedures that are beyond ourunderstanding, or that we are not aware of, and whatever isdeemed best for the success of this healing. (we understandthat some additional items have already been added.)* Reinstating all bodies of self and balancing all the differentenergies of the body's energy field multidimensionally.(including the chakras)* Rearranging any of the grids and matrices in the bodythat need it - especially the hips.* Giving the healing package to all the past life selves, theirsubconscious, higher selves, inner children, consciences,and their genies of all the spheres. Removing any of theresidual karmic trash associated with these past lives.Integrating all the various lifetimes into a unified andperfectly functioning whole.* Putting everything in the person that they need for theirascension, well being and flourishment, multidimensionally.* Doing equal/opposite/merge on everything keeping usfrom being perfect, whole, and complete.* Getting us to spiral upwards in ascension, and doingwhatever it takes to make sure it sticks! Also gettingthe inner child, subconscious and conscience to spiralup in ascension.* Making sure all the multidimensional parts are swiveledand spiraled on up to the same level.* Releasing the "death hormone" and activating the "lifehormone".* Retrieving any lost or earthbound souls of theirs that theymight have left in the past, transforming them, and thenreintegrating them with the self.* Connecting the person with their Guardian Angel and GuidingAngel and other beneficial Angelic Beings, and to connectthem with the healing vibrations of Nature, and the UniversalHealing Ray.* Making sure that the person "sees" all the guides and the HolySpirit and Sananda, and whoever else would be beneficial forthem to see.* Showing the person their perfected self.* Giving the person the Golden Christ Light of protection.ADDICTION PACKAGE* Removing habits and rituals associated with the addiction.* Removing the addiction energy itself, and the chemicaland psychological addictions.* Removing the addiction entities anywhere in the energyfield of the multidimensional being, and invalidating themand turning them over to the Holy Spirit. Also anyoversouls and Overlords involved will be put in the Voidfor general clean-up'. These addiction entities can even bein the inner child.* Removing residual energies and the chemical toxinsassociated with the habit and the addiction.* Repairing any damage, diseases and injuries associatedwith or as a result of the addiction.* Healing of the spiritual addiction, and the negativeemotions involved.REGENERATIVE PACKAGEThe Guiding Angels will administer this to you if you ask.There is a spiritual regenerative powder that is like a kitwith all the necessary tools to repair all organs in the body.It seeks out the damage and repairs it all. It is like a living,intelligent energy that the Guiding Angels can distribute whenasked.~~~~~~>>*~~~~~~Ask for the Healing Package for your pets, too. "Animals havea spiritual mission in this lifetime also. They will often take onthe problems of their owner in an attempt to burn off karma forthem. There is very often a mirroring process between your pet'shealth and your health. Some animals are to act as a sacrificialkarma clearer and others to just transmute it." ~~ Stacee ~~So when you clear yourself, do the same for your pets.It might help to print this out and put it under your pillow andtell you subconscious to give it to your higher guides at night.[ I left this in because one of our days equals 3 of their weeks.]We find that you have to request the Healing Package every day,now, because for some reason things like that cannot be put onautomatic. Also ask for help in letting go of things.You can request that this be done for someone else, stipulatingthat it be for their highest good. Just request the "HealingPackage" from the Galaxy Being or the higher guides.Jack and Sue© copyright 2002Please pass this on, but maintain the exact wording, which isvery, very important. We spent a lot of time working it out.
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Lightarian Clearing™

In depth, multi-level clearing techniques for supporting you in
Having the full force of Light in your Life ...
Clearing, healing, activation and manifestation are the four general areas of personal development. The clearing of our energy fields is a vital part of our personal transformation and ascension process. Lightarian Clearing™ provides unique, effective methods for the complete releasing of undesired programming, limiting belief structures and adverse mental- emotional-physical stored energy patterns.

Lightarian Clearing™ is a series of six unique, simple and effective energetic activations, divinely inspired by Ascended Master El Morya. It is designed to dramatically create an extraordinary acceleration along your spiritual path, as you prepare yourself for higher levels of service for the coming times.

The purpose of Lightarian Clearing™ is to accelerate the spiritual evolutionary process for the individual who is committed to raising his/her personal vibrational level.

Over time, the six Lightarian Clearing Attunements gently and fully release these forms of adverse energies.

-Long-existing patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and dis-ease; deep-seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages
- Limiting belief structures and unresolved soul-level spiritual issues
- Adverse patterns sourced by family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other mass-consciousness influences
- Undesired implants, attachments, strong behavior patterns and addictions, detrimental past and future life influences

And over time, as adverse energies are cleared, these kinds of experiences begin to show up naturally in your life.

- The highest expression of your Divine Self powerfully comes forth as enhanced clearing stimulates the healing of all of your subtle bodies and the physical body as well!
- You begin to create a day-to-day experience of more and more conscious choice and one of less and less "automatic" behavior patterns, addictions, doubts, fears and pain!
- Higher vibrational energies can flow more freely into your energy fields, allowing the chakras and subtle bodies to "anchor in more Light!"
- Gifts and talents that were dormant may start to surface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life will be expanded!

Students and clients report that changes in their lives seem to accelerate dramatically after receiving the Lightarian Clearing attunements. As you master the art of "letting go," you will find yourself effortlessly "disengaging" from situations, conditions and circumstances that no longer serve your highest purpose! There will probably be periods of stress and strain on the fundamental fabric of your experience of living. Yes, there will be emotional upsets, because you are still an emotional being. Yes, there will be doubts, because you are still a mental being. However, the way in which you handle upsets and doubts will be fundamentally shifted forever as expanded levels of self-trust manifest in your life!

There are 6 Lightarian Clearings, as follows:

Level One – Path Clearing

The vast majority of our entire adverse etheric patterns are stored in the interwoven fabric or “tapestry” within our chakras and subtle bodies. To facilitate our clearing work, we use the term “Shadow Tapestry” to define all the adverse energetic elements that blocks us as we move along our spiritual path. So as we clear the path via our Level 1 - Path Clearing, we are simply releasing the “Shadow Tapestry”.

Level Two – Birth Pattern Removal

When a person is born, he/she carries along with him/her four mini chakras and the beginning of the four lower subtle bodies: (1) A physical etheric body with its energy center of the 1st chakra; (2) an emotional body with 2nd chakra; (3) a mental body with 3rd chakra; and (4) the 4th subtle body and 4th chakra where fetal belief structures are stored. These etheric energy fields bring forward into the new life of variety of strong, deeply ingrained patterns, both of a “positive” and an “adverse” nature. These patterns have been acquired from many sources the physical lineage, genetics, tribal belief structures, mass -consciousness emotional and mental pattern, etc. Adverse residues of the earliest of birth-patterns remain in the individual’s lower vibrational fields and are removed with Level 2 clearing work.

Level Three – Template Clearing

As adverse etheric patterning is progressively lifted from the individual’s energy fields via the level 1 and level 2 clearing work, a strong level of natural healing will be taking place in the physical body. These patterns require additional special attention to effect a complete clearing, thereby allowing further healing to take place. Level 3 work, focuses on the clearing of these deepest of adverse patterns stored in the form of very subtle, yet powerful energies intimately linked to the physical body. We call it the “Etheric template for the physical Body.” These energies from the etheric “double” of the physical body and basically could be viewed as the sum total of all the tiny auric field of every cell of the physical body. The Template Clearing releases the adverse pattern from this etheric “body double”.

Level Four – Attachment Removal

After further clearing has taken place for the individual, we are able to access the next level of very subtle, thread-like etheric energies to be cleared. These energies appear to spread out from the outermost boundaries of each of our subtle bodies, linking and attaching themselves to the various external physical and etheric patterns and forms that we have interacted with over the years. For simplicity we call them “attachment” energies. In general, for individuals who have not done a lot of clearing work, these attachment energies can range from thin etheric cords all the way to thick cable-like tentacles. For others, especially those who have done substantial clearing work, they can look like a delicate, residual layer of web like threads. Through Level 4 work, these energies are removed

Level Five – Lineage Clearing

At this advanced level, we are able to access a very unusual very subtle higher vibrational pattern which seems to pervade throughout our field, even to the highest levels of our spiritual connection back to source energies. It’s as though all levels of our energies have a very subtle distortion or out-of balance condition which “colors” their energetic structure. This “distortion” is best described as an adverse belief structure that is held at all of our levels of self and “colors” our experiences in a particular way. A special Level 5 attunement is used to clear this type of adverse energy.

Level Six – Veil Removal

As we anchor into this plane and create our lives here, each of us has “a point of conscious awareness” that serves as a “witnessing” into this plane of experience. A part of you is in a “witnessing” mode. Watching your life unfold-both etherically and physically. We find that, metaphorically speaking; this “watcher” aspect of you acquires a pair of “rose -colored glasses!” You could refer to it as the “veil”. It’s a little bit of distortion that is present that represents a “veil” over the witness point-like a contact lens with a little distortion or imbalance to it that creates a lack of clarity as you “see your life”. Through our veil removal technique, we assist in clearing the energy imbalance and enabling you to create a higher level of clarity. Level 6 clearing work cleans the “contact lens!”

Lightarian Clearing is a trademark of the Lightarian institute for Global Human Transformation.

I have posted as events all 6 levels of client version, you can check it on events page.

If anybody is interested in complete study of Lightarian Clearing to become Master Practicioner, message me privately..

Blessings ,

Amba-Lightarian Clearing TM, Master-Practitioner,Lightarian reiki Master-teacher, Lightarian rays master-Practicioner, Lightarian Angel links Master-teacher, Lightarian purification rings Master-teacher

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Seven Ways to Enlightenment
The Secret of Creation


There are seven approaches to Divinity through meditative work. Four are related to the individual and to consecrating the personality, and the other three are of a group nature.

From the initial focused intention to satisfy the appetite, one ultimately joins in Ashramic meditations. Meditative work performed by the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers creates dynamic and evolutionary results in the three worlds of personality expression, made up of the physical-etheric, astral and mental planes. It is through experiments with meditation that we can truly change our lives from darkness into radiant light! We become the cable of ascenion to the Living Loving Heart of God, a channel for the Manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

These seven steps or grades of focused intention in meditative work include working with ...

1. Desire

The attainment of achieving that which satisfies the lower desires initially drives one towards focusing their will, which begins the process of meditative work. This form of approach is inclusive of all human desires from the beginning of human development up to and the aspiring mystic.

2. Prayer

Prayer is an approach to Divinity invoked by the aspirant, the mystic or the spiritually inclined being that blends personality desire with a desire for soul contact. Through the demonstrated effectiveness of prayer, one observes the subtler powers and the fact of the essential dualism of life, discovering both a lower self and a higher Self.

3. Mental Reflection

Mental reflection or concentrated thinking produces integration and definite personality alignment, which leads eventually to controlled reflection and concentrated thoughts. This type of thinking has produced all the creative wonders of modern civilization and culminates in the concentration achieved in occult meditation. This meditation brings about personality and soul fusion.

4. Straight Meditation

A focused, concentrated mental attitude and fixed reflection that is creative in nature is termed straight meditation. This practice births the "Christ Within," producing the soul-infused personality. The soul-infused personality then reorients the life and environment, and begins consciously to cooperate with the creative work of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Group Soul.

These four stages of meditative work are responsible for all that is seen and known to exist in the three worlds. These expressions of meditation or focussed thought ~ from desires for physical or emotional objectives or the higher aspects of spiritual, focused aspiration ~ definitely creates that which is desired. This is also true of the other three stages of meditation that are group in nature, as they are intelligently and effectively creative. These three stages involve

5. Worship

Worship is the united group recognition and reflection upon Divine Transcendence and Divine Immanence. Worship creates the path of return to the source of Divine Life.

6. Invocation and Evocation

Invocation and evocation is a form of dynamic, spiritual meditation. The New Group of World Servers and people of goodwill worldwide are creatively striving towards the upliftment of humanity, the creation of a new world order and a more spiritually-polarized civilization. To assist in this evolution, The Great Invocation was given to assist in the creation of the new world order and is a cornerstone of the New World Religion. The united use of this prayer is one of the most powerful demonstrations of invocative and evocative meditation.

7. Ashramic Meditation

Ashramic meditation is based upon the evocation of human response to the higher spiritual values and the creation of those conditions which allow the new values to flourish according to the Divine Plan. Ashramic meditation focuses on the immediate aspect of the Path humanity is needing to tread. Its intention is to swing into creative activity the desires, aspirations, reflections and focused meditation of humanity, at whatever their point in evolution, so that a potent, cooperative and invincible movement will be established, resulting in the creation of the new heavens and earth. This is one way of preparing the way for the Kingdom of God on Earth, with a new order and way of expressing life.

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Practically the whole world strongly experienced the frequency increase associated with the beginning of the Ninth wave (Universal Underworld, Mar 9th, 2011) as this manifested in the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing events. But what is this Ninth wave about? It is easy to see the “chaos” and “catastrophes,” but maybe not so easy to see the overall direction of the process that it carries. I have previously only described the direction of the Ninth wave in very general terms saying that it is about unity consciousness, but exactly what is unity consciousness and how will this manifest through this wave?


To understand this we may begin by studying the Seventh wave that began in 1755 and brought an endarkened unity consciousness to mankind. The Ninth wave also brings a unity consciousness, but one that is enlightened. We have already found a significant parallel between these two waves in that they began with huge Earthquakes, although those as is reasonable, occurred at opposite sides of the Earth, in Lisbon and Japan respectively. Another parallel is that the two waves have started with revolutions to topple existing systems. While the Seventh wave began with the American and French revolutions, whose anti-monarchic nature gradually has spread throughout the world, the revolutions of the Ninth wave have not only rejected monarchic rule, but the phenomenon of dominance and rule over others as such. Thus the Oneness field of consciousness (see below) carried by the Ninth wave will not allow for systems where people give their power away to someone they have elected every four years or so. A deeper freedom based on the sovereignty of all souls is now being called for.


Moreover, the Oneness field of consciousness will not allow for an economic system where the power to print money determines what activities people spend their lives with. The world revolution carried by the Ninth wave potentially develops a much deeper freedom and oneness than either the monarchy of the sixth wave or the democratic institutions of the seventh wave. The driving force behind the world revolution of the ninth wave is the divine guidance that the unity consciousness allows. What is happening in the world today could thus be described equally well in religious/spiritual terms or economic/political. The chief point to realize is that ultimately the course of events, and the breakdown of dominance, is a result of a cosmic plan that has been described by the nine levels of the Mayan calendar with their different polarities (see figure below). Since no human being has any power to change these polarities the overall direction of the cosmic time plan is irreversible.


This consciousness of the Ninth wave was as expected first evident around the midline of the planet at the 12th longitude East between East and West. The opposing polarities of consciousness generated by the 6th and 8th waves led to the collapse of dominance along this line already at the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld on November 3, 2010 and two months later the processes surfaced in Tunisia and Egypt. The revolutions there were much aided by the social media networks that had been developed by the Eighth wave, but also showed the emerging role of women and a unity between Muslims and Christians in Egypt where people were singing “we are all one” in Kairo. (That some of this might have been temporarily reversed does not change the overall direction of where things are going).


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There is a flood of information pouring in about our collective paths and how we can move from 4th dimension (lower) to 5th dimension (higher) energy. Consciously or not we are trying to move into higher and higher energies. Energies such as love, joy, happiness, unity, and creation are all examples of that higher vibration. They quite literally have a higher resonance, a higher vibration.


Various Master Teachers like Buddha, the Dalai Lama, the core teachings of Jesus – heck, even Oprah – have been speaking about this for a long time; the importance of centering yourself in love, joy and peace. You know when you’ve had a great day you feel light, you glow, you radiate — all terms & feelings associated with this vibration. You literally ARE lighter vibrationally.


Low vibration is that heaviness we feel in our hearts and stomachs (and sometimes head) – sadness, despair, grief, frustration, anger, victim, regret, and so on. It quite literally “gets you down”. In esoteric terms, this is 4th dimension energy/vibration. 


[Quick Note: While I received this information as 4th vs 5th dimensions, I have since seen other people make this comparison as 3rd dimension vs 4th dimension, instead of 4th vs 5th. I believe it to be the same, or at least the concept is the same and the key point remains that there is a desire to move from a lower frequency to higher frequency. ]


There is a lot of information you can Google online, but part of the massive Earth changes occurring right now are about waking up and moving from the heavier dimension energies into the higher dimension vibrations. These higher vibrations move us into an awakened state of pure love and pure Creation. During this change, all sorts of chaos ensues as people struggle to let go of lower vibration energies (power, control, abuse, ego, victim, fear, etc) and consciously move into higher vibration energies (love, unity, service, manifestation, etc). Power structures built on these lower vibrations, like we’ve been doing for centuries, are falling into chaos as they’re quite literally not structured to work within this higher vibration. If you’re not awake to it, it’s a roller coaster of a ride.


 So how does this apply day-to-day?


 Looking through Facebook I realized that when I post a petition or some other sad news about mistreatment of animals, human rights issues, crazy politics, or mass pollution of Earth, I find myself getting sad, mad, or frustrated. Usually the responses I get from people are the same – disgusted, disheartened, angry, and sad. 


 What I was shown so clearly is that this only furthers our cycle of staying in the Lower Vibrations. It’s actually hurting, not helping, our collective evolution when we stay in the fear or sadness or anger.

As a planet and as part of the shifts towards 2012 – Ascension – the goal is to increase both our own personal and our planet’s vibration. That is what it’s trying to do right now: move into 5th dimension energy and the higher resonance of love and unity consciousness. Why? So we can move into our being as pure Creation, where our ability to manifest becomes potent and we can dream the new world into being as one based on higher vibration principles of love and unity.If you held the power of pure creation (potent manifestation) – where your thoughts and feelings truly came to be – what type of world would you be creating when your thoughts constantly revolved around fear, sadness, wounding, and frustration? That’s certainly not how I want my new world to be.


So should you just walk around happy all the time and blissfully ignorant of all the chaos and sadness in the world? Well in a word: YES.


But let me explain:We tend to have guilt (also low vibration) if we don’t get sad or frustrated around world news. Our culture has shaped us into auto-responses of fear and sadness. When was the last time you turned on the news and stayed happy? I remember when I told a friend I didn’t have a TV and they said “but you won’t know what’s going on in the world!”. I remember thinking “Good! I can be happy then!”. 


That does not mean ignoring what’s going on in the world, but it’s about holding a different energy for what is occurring.


Should you be conscious of the massive imbalances humanity has and is causing Earth? YES.

Should you educate yourself on these imbalances and what’s being done? YES

Should you donate your money/help/energy to causes you believe in? ABSOLUTELY.

Should you see a post, email or news piece and fall into frustration or sadness? NO.

Should you hold anger or judgement as a means to take action? NO.


 In your day-to-day life it’s important to focus on the BIGGER VISION for Earth, coming from a place of high vibration – love, compassion, and what’s POSSIBLE for your life, and for Earth. If what’s possible fo Earth is too big to hold for you right now, that’s ok. Just start with your own life. But don’t get stuck in anger, sadness or fear of what’s currently taking place. Staying focused on the abuses and madness of humankind (or within your own life) only keeps you stuck in lower vibration, and works against what’s trying to happen right now on the planet: raising the vibration. As a result it will throw you even more out-of-whack when you hold on to the lower energy. Essentially, the tug of war gets worse (as an example just take a look at American politics, or other countries with political upheaval, and see how polarizing the tug of war is becoming).


So how do you move into 5th vibration?


Step 1: DON’T feel guilty if you don’t respond or react to every trauma occurring in the world that gets emailed to you or that you see on TV. There are hundreds of thousands of causes, each worthy, but this is increasing in nature as entire systems and ways of being collapse. Same with your own life, you don’t have to engage in every drama but rather see it from an outside perspective of shadows coming up to heal and be raised to a higher vibration.


Step 2: DO support causes you believe in, but in your HEART move the anger or sadness you may feel for the situation in to a place of love, compassion, and vision for what you DO want. Don’t stay focused on what’s WRONG, focus on what’s POSSIBLE, even if it seems remote and out-of-reach right now.


Step 3: Stay focused on the VISION of what you are choosing. Animals being hurt? Hold a vision for animals always being honored and loved and send that out to the world / Universe / God / Goddess (in whichever manner you choose). Politics getting you down? Hold a vision for harmony between belief systems and send that out from your heart. A co-worker making you mad? Hold a vision for your boundaries always being honored, and for harmony within both of your lives. Say a prayer, light a candle, or even easier — quietly go into your Heart space and anchor the NEW vision, then send it out like a big ray encompassing the world. Quick, simple and immensely powerful as a vibration that is absolutely joining others doing the same. 


(If you really want to know more about the power of intent and thought, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work on water and prayer is but one great example).I made a commitment to not lower myself into lower vibrations anytime I post a “oh my god look what they’re doing!?” petition or article. If I do share a cause I believe in, I commit to always back it up with a prayer for love and light and compassion for the change to occur at the highest levels of vibration. I commit to balancing the news with what my VISION is for a better future.  That is, the 5th dimension energy I wish to associate with what is currently happening in order to raise it from the lower 4th vibration it’s being held in. Which one will you choose?


 In love & light… and a vision of a beautiful world filled with love, compassion, harmony, and united consciousness



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How many of these 51 spiritual awakening symptoms do YOU have?  Quiz yourself and your friends HERE!
by Annarita

  1. Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night.
    How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU Have?Feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy off and on during the day. There is something called the Triad Sleep Pattern that occurs for many: you sleep for about 2-3 hours, wake up, go back to sleep for another couple of hours, wake again, and go back to sleep again. For others, the sleep requirements have changed. You can get by on less sleep. Lately I have been experiencing huge waves of energy running into my body from the crown. It feels good, but it keeps me awake for a long time, then subsides. Advice: Get used to it. Make peace with it and don't worry about getting enough sleep (which often causes more insomnia). You will be able to make it through the day if you hold thoughts of getting just what you need. You can also request your Higher Power to give you a break now and then and give you a good, deep night's sleep. If you can't go back to sleep right away, use the waking moments to meditate, read poetry, write in your journal or look at the moon. Your body will adjust to the new pattern.

  2. Activity at the crown of the head: Tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine.
    A sense of energy vibrating on top of the head, as if energy is erupting from the head in a shower. Also the sensation of energy pouring in through the crown, described as "sprinkles". This may also be experienced as pressure on the crown, as if someone is pushing his/her finger into the center of your head. As I mentioned in #1, I have been experiencing huge downloads of energy through the crown. In the past, I have felt more generalized pressure, as if my head is in a gentle vise. One man related that his hair stood on end and his body was covered with goosebumps. Advice: This is nothing to be alarmed about. What you are experiencing is an opening of the crown chakra. The sensations mean that you are opening up to receive divine energy.

  3. Sudden waves of emotion.
    Crying at the drop of a hat. Feeling suddenly angry or sad with little provocation. Or inexplicably depressed. Then very happy. Emotional roller coaster. There is often a pressure or sense of emotions congested in the heart chakra (the middle of the chest). This is not to be confused with the heart, which is located to the left of the heart chakra. Advice: Accept your feelings as they come up and let them go. Go directly to your heart chakra and feel the emotion. Expand it outward to your all your fields and breathe deeply from the belly all the way up to your upper chest. Just feel the feeling and let it evaporate on its own. Don't direct the emotions at anyone. You are cleaning out your past. If you want some help with this, say out loud that you intend to release all these old issues and ask your Higher Power to help you. You can also ask Grace Elohim to help you release with ease and gentleness. Be grateful that your body is releasing these emotions and not holding onto them inside where they can do harm. One source suggests that depression is linked to letting go of relationships to people, work, etc. that no longer match us and our frequencies. When we feel guilty about letting go of these relationships, depression helps us medicate that pain.

  4. Old "stuff" seems to be coming up, as described above, and the people with whom you need to work it out (or their clones) appear in your life.
    Completion issues. Or perhaps you need to work through issues of self-worth, abundance, creativity, addictions, etc. The resources or people you need to help you move through these issues start to appear. Advice: Same as #3. Additionally, don't get too involved in analyzing these issues. Examining them too much will simply cycle you back through them over and over again at deeper and deeper levels. Get professional help if you need to and walk through it. Do not try to avoid them or disassociate yourself from them. Embrace whatever comes up and thank it for helping you move ahead. Thank your Higher Power for giving you the opportunity to release these issues. Remember, you don't want these issues to stay stuck in your body.

  5. Changes in weight.
    The weight gain in the US population is phenomenal. Other people may be losing weight. We often gain weight because many fears we have suppressed are now coming up to the surface to be healed. We react by building up a defense. We also attempt to ground ourselves or provide bulk against increasing frequencies in our bodies. Advice: Don't freak out, but just accept it as a symptom of where you are right now. You will release/gain the weight when all your fears have been integrated. Release your anxiety about this. Then you might find it easier to lose/gain the weight eventually. Exercise. Before eating, try this: Sit at the table with an attractive place setting. Light a candle. Enjoy how the food looks. Place your dominant hand over your heart and bless the food. Tell your body that you are going to use the food to richly nourish it, but that you are not going to use the food to fulfill your emotional hungers. Then pass your hand from left to right over the food and bless it. You may notice that the food feels warm to your hand even if the food is cold-- I like to think that the food is good for me when it feels warm and nourishing to my hand. I have also noticed that when I practice blessing the food, I don't eat as much. It is important not to let yourself off the hook when you forget to bless the food before you eat. If I've forgotten and I've nearly finished eating, I bless the food anyway. That way I don't slip out of the habit. Another thing you can do is to stay present while eating -- don't watch TV or read. Heartily enjoy what blessings are before you.

  6. Changes in eating habits: Strange cravings and odd food choices.
    Some find they are not as hungry as they used to be. Or hungrier. Advice: Don't deny what your body tells you it needs. If you are not sure, you might try muscle-testing before you chose a food to see if it's what your body wants. Also try blessing the food as described in #5.

  7. Food intolerances, allergies you never had before.
    As you grow more spiritual, you are more sensitive to everything around you. Your body will tell you what it can no longer tolerate, as if it, too, is sloughing off what doesn't serve it anymore. You might be cleansing yourself of toxins. Some people find they often have a white residue in their mouth, much like that of runners at the end of a race. Advice: An acupuncturist told me that this film can be removed by sloshing 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed olive oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes (don't swallow, whatever you do), then spitting it out into the toilet -- not the sink, for you just removed toxins from your body and don't want them in the sink. Brush your teeth and do the same. Then clean your brush. (Sorry this is yukky, but it works.)

  8. Amplification of the senses.
    Increased sensitivity.
    8a. Sight: Blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. Some report seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness, but redness. You may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colors and pictures when eyes are closed. Colors appear more vivid -- the sky might look teal or the grass an amazing green. Often I see grids running across the ground. As you become more sensitive, you may see shapes or outlines in the air, especially when the room is almost dark. When your eyes are open or closed, you may see white shapes in your peripheral vision (these are your guides). Advice: Your vision is changing in many ways -- you are experiencing new ways of seeing. Be patient. Whatever you do, do not be afraid. Hazy vision maybe relieved by yawning.
    8b. Hearing: Increased or decreased hearing. I once thought I would have to pull off the road because of the painfully amplified sound of my tires on the freeway. Other symptoms are hearing white noise in the head, beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns. Some hear water rushing, bees buzzing, whooshing, roaring or ringing. Others have what is called audio dyslexia-- you can't always make out what people are saying, as if you can no longer translate your own language. Some hear strange voices in their dreams, as if someone is hovering near them. You can either ask the presence(s) to leave or ask Archangel Michael to take care of the situation. Again, there is nothing to fear. Advice: Surrender to it. Let it come through. Listen. Your ears are adjusting to new frequencies.
    8c. Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste. I notice I can now smell and taste chemical additives in some foods in a rather unpleasant manner. Other food may taste absolutely wonderful. For some people, these enhancements are both delightful and distracting. You might even smell the fragrance of flowers now and then. Many of the mystics did. Enjoy it.

  9. Skin eruptions:
    Rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. Anger produces outbreaks around the mouth and chin. I had a dermatitis on my extremities for several months that accompanied healing an episode from my past. When I had worked through most of the issue, the condition was released. Advice: You energymay be sloughing off toxins and bringing emotions to the surface. When there is an issue to be released and you are trying to repress it, your skin will express the issue for you until you process the emotions. Work through your "stuff".

  10. Episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action.
    Followed by periods of lethargy and fatigue. The fatigue usually follows great shifts. This is a time of integration, so give into it. Advice: Roll with the nature of the energy. Don't fight it. Be gentle with yourself. Take naps if you are tired. Write your novel if you are too energized to sleep. Take advantage of the type of energy.

  11. Changes in prayer or meditation.
    Not feeling the same sensations as before. Not having the same experience of being in contact with Spirit. Difficulty in focusing. Advice: You may be in more instant and constant communion with Spirit now and the sensation may therefore be altered. You will adapt to this new feeling. You are actually thinking and acting in partnership with Spirit most of the time now. You may find your meditation periods shorter.

  12. Power surges:
    All of a sudden you are heated from head to toe. It is a momentary sensation, but uncomfortable. In contrast, some people have felt inexplicably cold. I have experienced both. More recently I experience waves or currents of energy rolling through me. Sometimes the energy seems so intense when it first comes into my body that I feel a little nauseated. But if I think of the energy as divine and let go of fear, I feel wonderful and enjoy the sensation. If you are an energy worker, you may have noticed that the heat running through your hands has increased tremendously. This is good. Advice: If you are uncomfortable, ask your Higher Power, that if it be for your best and highest good, to turn down/up the temperature a bit.

  13. A range of physical manifestations:
    Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements. Some of us have even had old conditions from childhood reappear briefly for healing. Advice: Remember what I said about seeking medical help if you need it! If you have determined that this is not a medical condition, relax in the realization that it is only temporary.

  14. Looking younger.
    Yippee! As you clear emotional issues and release limiting beliefs and heavy baggage from the past, you are actually lighter. Your frequency is higher. You love yourself and life more. You begin to resemble the perfect you that you really are.

  15. Vivid dreams.
    Sometimes the dreams are so real that you wake up confused. You may even have lucid dreams in which you are in control. Many dreams may be mystical or carry messages for you. And in some dreams, you just know that you are not "dreaming" -- that what is happening is somehow real. Advice: You will remember what is important for you to remember. Don't force anything. Above all, stay out of fear.

  16. Events that completely alter your life:
    death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and/or other catastrophes -- sometimes several at once! Forces that cause you to slow down, simplify, change, re-examine who you are and what your life means to you. Forces that you cannot ignore. Forces that cause you release your attachments. Forces that awaken your sense of love and compassion for all.

  17. A desire to break free from restrictive patterns, life-draining jobs consumptive lifestyles, and toxic people or situations.
    You feel a compelling need to "find yourself" and your life purpose -- now! You want to be creative and free to be who you really are. You might find yourself drawn to the arts and nature. You want to unclutter yourself from things and people that no longer serve you. Advice: Do it!

  18. Emotional and mental confusion:
    A feeling that you need to get your life straightened out--it feels like a mess. But at the same time you feel chaotic and unable to focus. See #45. Advice: Put your ear to your heart and your own discernment will follow.

  19. Introspection, solitude and loss of interest in more extroverted activities:
    This stage has come as a surprise to many extraverts who formerly saw themselves as outgoing and involved. They say, "I don't know why, but I don't like to go out as much as before."

  20. Creativity bursts:
    Receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations at an often overwhelming rate. Advice: At least record these inspirations, for Spirit is speaking to you about how you might fulfill your purpose and contribute to the healing of the planet.

  21. A perception that time is accelerating.
    time is acceleratingIt seems that way because you have had so many changes introduced into your life at an unprecedented rate. The number of changes seems to be growing. Advice: Breaking your day up into appointments and time segments increases the sense of acceleration .You can slow time down by relaxing into the present moment and paying attention to what's at hand, not anticipating what's ahead. Slow down and tell yourself that you have plenty of time. Ask your Higher Power to help you. Keep your focus on the present. Try to flow from one activity to the next. Stay tuned to your inner guidance. You can also warp time by asking for it. Next time you feel rushed, say, "Time warp, please. I need some more time to -----." Then relax.

  22. A sense of impendingness.
    There is a feeling that something is about to happen. This can create anxiety. Advice: There is nothing to worry about. Things are definitely happening, but anxiety only creates more problems for you. All your thoughts -- positive or negative-- are prayers. There is nothing to fear.

  23. Impatience.
    You know better, but sometimes you can't help it. You want to get on with what seems to be coming your way. Uncertainty is not comfortable. Advice: Learn to live with the uncertainty, knowing that nothing comes to you until you are ready. Impatience is really a lack of trust, especially trust in your Higher Power. When you focus on the present, you will experience miracles -- yes, even in traffic.

  24. A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelation.
    Perhaps an interest in the spiritual for the first time in your life. "Constant craving", as k.d. lang says. The material world cannot fulfill this longing. Advice: Follow your heart and the way will open up for you.

  25. A feeling that you are somehow different.
    A disquieting sense that everything in your life feels new and altered, that you have left your old self behind. You have. You are much greater than you can possibly imagine. There is more to come.

  26. "Teachers" appear everywhere with perfect timing to help you on your spiritual journey:
    people, books, movies, events, Mother Nature, etc. Teachers may appear to be negative or positive when you are trapped in polarity thinking, but, from a transcendent perspective, they are always perfect. Just what you need to learn from and move on. By the way, we never get more than we are ready to master. Each challenge presents us with an opportunity to show our mastery in passing through it.

  27. You find a spiritual track that makes sense to you and "speaks to you" at the most profound levels.
    Suddenly you are gaining a perspective that you would never have considered before. You hunger to know more. You read, share with others, ask questions, and go inside to discover more about who you are and why you are here.

  28. You are moving through learning and personal issues at a rapid pace.
    You sense that you are "getting it" quite readily. Advice: Keep remembering that things will come to you when they are ready to be healed. Not sooner. Deal with whatever comes up with courage and you will move through the issues rapidly.

  29. Invisible presences.
    Here is the woo-woo stuff. Some people report feeling surrounded by beings at night or having the sensation of being touched or talked to. Often they will wake with a start. Some also feel their body orbed vibrate. The vibrations are caused by energetic changes after emotional clearing has taken place. Advice: This is a sensitive topic, but you may feel better blessing your bed and space around it before you sleep. I rest assured that I am surrounded only by the most magnificent spiritual entities and am always safe in God's care. Sometimes, however, the fear gets to me, and I call in Archangel Michael and/or Archangel Uriel. I don't beat myself up for being afraid sometimes. I forgive myself for not always sovereign at 3:00 a.m.

  30. Portents, visions, "illusions", numbers, and symbols: Seeing things that have spiritual importance for you. Noticing how numbers appear synchronistically in your awareness. Everything has a message if you take the time to look. I enjoy the experience of "getting the messages." What fun!

  31. Increased integrity:
    You realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth. It suddenly seems important for you to become more authentic, more yourself. You may have to say "no" to people whom you have tried to please in the past. You may find it intolerable to stay in a marriage or job or place that doesn't support who you are. You may also find there is nowhere to hide, no secrets to keep anymore. Honesty becomes important in all your relationships. Advice: Listen to your heart. If your guidance tells you not to do something, speak up and take action. Say "no". Likewise, you must also say "yes" to that which compels you. You must risk displeasing others without guilt in order to attain spiritual sovereignty.

  32. Harmony with seasons and cycles:
    You are becoming more tuned to the seasons, the phases of the moon and natural cycles. More awareness of your place in the natural world. A stronger connection to the earth.
  1. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions:
    When you are around, lightbulbs flicker, the computer locks up, or the radio goes haywire. Advice: Call on your angels, guides, or Grace Elohim to fix it or put up a field of protection of light around the machine. Surround your car with bluelight. Laugh.

  2. Increased synchronicity and many small miracles.
    Look for more of these. Advice: Synchronistic events tell you if you are heading in the right direction or making the correct choices. Honor these clues and you cannot go astray. Spirit uses synchronicity to communicate to you. That's when you begin to experience daily miracles. See #30.

  3. Increased intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness:
    Thinking of someone and immediately hearing from them. More synchronicities. Having sudden insights about patterns or events from the past. Clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, and other psychic phenomena. Intensified sensitivity and knowing. Awareness of one's essence and that of others. Channeling angelic and Christ-consciousness energies.

  4. Communication with Spirit.
    Contact with angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities. Channeling. More and more people seem to be given this opportunity. Feeling inspiration and downloading information that takes form as writing, painting, ideas, communications, dance, etc.

  5. A sense of Oneness with all.
    A direct experience of this Wholeness. Transcendent awareness. Being flooded with compassion and love for all life. Compassionate detachment or unconditional love for all is what lifts us up to higher levels of consciousness and joy.

  6. Moments of joy and bliss.
    A deep abiding sense of peace and knowing that you are never alone.

  7. Integration:
    You become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually stronger and clearer. You feel as if you are in alignment with your Higher Self.

  8. Living your purpose:
    You know you are finally doing what you came to earth for. New skills and gifts are emerging, especially healing ones. Your life/work experiences are now converging and starting to make sense. You are finally going to use them all. Advice: Listen to your heart. Your passion leads you to where you must go. Go within and ask your Higher Self, "What is it you would have me do?" Watch for synchronicities. Listen.

  9. Feeling closer to animals and plants.
    To some people, animals now seem to be more "human" in their behavior. Wild animals are less afraid. Plants respond to your love and attention more than ever. Some may even have messages for you.

  10. Seeing beings of other dimensions.
    The veil between dimensions is thinner, so it is not surprising. Just stay in your sovereignty. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine, so do not entertain fear. Ask your guides for help if you slip into fear.

  11. Seeing a person's true form or seeing loved ones with a different face -- past life or parallel life.

  12. Physically manifesting thoughts and desires more quickly and efficiently.
    Advice: Monitor your thoughts. All thoughts are prayers. Be careful what you ask for.

  13. Left -brain fogginess.
    Your psychic abilities, your intuitive knowing, your feeling and compassion, your ability to experience your body, your visioning, your expressiveness all emanate from the right brain. In order for this side of the brain to develop more fully, the left brain must shut down a little bit. Normally the left-hemisphere's capacity for order, organization, structure, linear sequencing, analysis, evaluation, precision, focus, problem-solving, and mathematics dominate our often less-valued right brain. What results are memory lapses, placing words in the wrong sequence, inability or no desire to read for very long, inability to focus; forgetting what you are just about to say; impatience with linear forms of communication (audio or written formats); a feeling of spaciness, being scattered; losing interesting research or complex information; feeling bombarded with words and talk and information; and a reluctance to write. Sometimes you feel dull and have no interest in analysis, lively intellectual discussion, or investigation. On the other hand, you might find yourself drawn to the sensate: videos, magazines with photos, beautiful artwork, movies, music, sculpting, painting, being with people, dancing, gardening, walking, and other kinesthetic forms of expression. You may search for spiritual content, even science fiction. Advice: You may discover that if you allow your heart and your right brain to lead you, the left will then be activated appropriately to support you. And someday we will be well-balanced, using both hemispheres with mastery.

  14. Dizziness.
    This occurs when you are ungrounded. Perhaps you have just cleared a big emotional issue and your body is adjusting to your "lighter" state. Advice: Ground yourself by eating protein. Sometimes "comfort food" feels right. Don't make any food right or wrong for you. Use your guidance to know what you need at any given moment. Take your shoes off and put your feet in the grass for a couple of minutes.

  15. Falling, having accidents, breaking bones.
    Your body is not grounded or perhaps your life is out of balance. Or your body may be telling you to slow down, examine certain aspects of your life, or heal certain issues. There is always a message. When I recently broke my ankle, I understand that my ankle was taking on what I myself refused to deal with. And that was all of the above. Advice: Stay grounded by taking your shoes off and putting your feet in the grass; even better, lie down on the grass without a blanket under you. Feel the earth beneath you. Get out in nature. Slow down and pay attention. Be mindful about what you are doing. Feel your feelings when they come up. Stay in the present. Surround yourself with blue light when you are feeling shaky.

  16. Heart palpitations.
    A racing heart usually accompanies a heart opening. It only lasts for a few moments and means that the heart is re-balancing itself after an emotional release. I had one episode that terrified me: I woke up in the middle of the night, my heart pounding. I thought it was going to come right out of my chest. It only happened once and was, I understand, a huge heart-chakra opening. But I did check it out. There is nothing wrong with my heart. Advice: Remember what I said about getting medical attention when needed. Consult your doctor about any conditions you are not comfortable with.

  17. Faster hair and nail growth.
    More protein is being used in the body. Too bad we can't tell the body where to grow the hair and where not to grow it. (Or can we? Hmmm.)

  18. A desire to find your soulmate or twin flame.
    More than ever before, the idea that we can have a relationship that matches who we are seems more desirable. Advice: The truth is, we have to be the kind of person we want to attract. We have to love ourselves and where we are right now before we can attract a more "perfect" mate. The work begins at home. Here is how I think it works: Hold the desire for this person in your heart, but without attachment. Expect that someday you will meet someone who is more suited to you, but let go of any expectations as to who this will be and how it will happen. Focus instead on cleaning up your own life and being the kind of person you want to be. Be happy now. Enjoy your life. Then you may see.....

  19. Memories surface.
    Body memories, suppressed memories, images of past lives and/or parallel lives. We are healing and integrating all our "selves", so expect to have some of these experiences. Advice. Keep in mind that it is best to recall what only what comes to mind, leave the rest alone, don't analyze everything to death (because you will be stuck in the tape loop of infinite issues to process), and feel your feelings as they come up. Ask for help from your guides.


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Gods words

Sweet children, In order to claim a Sun Dynasty Royal Status, surrender
every thing (by intellect) you have to the Father.

Question :- Why is no one in the world more fortunate then you
Answer :- The unlimited Father is personally in front of you children.
You are receiving an unlimited inheritance from Him. At this time you
belong to unlimited Father, Teacher and satguru and you receive
unlimited attainment from him.

Sweet Children,

Father says, you children know that you belong to the Father now and
later you belong to the deity clan.
When the unlimited Father is available and when you receive the
unlimited inheritance, what else is required?
In devotion people cry for God, but do not know about Him. You brides
remember the Only Bridegroom. It is not possible for the brides to
remember the bridegroom without the knowing about the bridegroom. So,
just by remembering God without knowing (about His real form, His
residence, His role) God, you never attain the aim object.
Even the Christ, Prophets are remembered by the followers without the
aim object.
You know what you receive from the Father, Teacher and the Satguru.
First you belong to the Father, then you belong to the Teacher, then you
belong to the Satguru.
The role of Satguru is greater than the Father and Teacher.
You know that Father is making you the master of golden age and Soul
Father asks, Will you receive inheritance from Me? O.k. will you become
content with Silver age?
Father has brought the gift of heaven, will you marry the Lakshmi-deity
of golden age or Sita-deity of Silver age? First you have to check for
yourselves if you have become worthy to marry them.
God says, Like I have explained you in the previous cycle, I am
explaining you once again, you receive the inheritance once again in
this world cycle.
The first grade is Sun dynasty and Second grade is the Moon dynasty.
Golden age is like an Air-conditioning ticket. Then there is the first
class ticket – Moon dynasty.
Will you receive the kingdom of Air-conditioning Sun dynasty or the
first class of Moon dynasty?
Then there is third class ticket. Whatever the ticket, you will
experience happiness, but there are different compartments.
Those who surrender everything (by intellect) to the Father receive the
Air-conditioning ticket.
Deities experience the reward in golden age.
Bharat (India) is praised much, there is no land which is greater than
Father comes only in Bharat and He gives peace and happiness to
everyone. Mount Abu is the greatest pilgrimage of all.
By not knowing about the God Father, the world suffers.
Children , become soul conscious, know yourself as a soul.
You celebrate Shiv Jayanti (Birth day of God, the Benefactor) but no one
knows when God appears on earth.
The golden age never exists for millions of years as told in scriptures,
this is the greatest ignorance, takes you into deep darkness.
You have to remain in the household and remember the Supreme Father.
Deities are provided with decoration, the memorial of you children. You
children never remain stable in your spiritual effort, keep fluctuating.
You must be very careful with maya-vices-obstacles, Maya makes you fall
in a second if you forget the awareness of God-Father. In a second, you
attain liberation and liberation in life, and in one second, you also
lose your attainments.
When new body and new world are being created, you children have it in
your awareness that the old world is being transformed and we will reach
the new world.
Father says, Sweet children, Father speaks to the souls, Father sees you
children through the eyes of the Brahma-Adam.
Father says, I am also bound by this world drama, I appear on earth
according to the role in the drama. It is not that I cure the diseases,
not like that, everyone has their karmic accounts which are to be
settled by yourselves.
You have become completely impure from completely pure.
You children know that every world cycle, you receive this inheritance.
Those who belong to the Sun and Moon dynasty receive the inheritance
Only God Father can explain all these truths - knowledge.
Father sees you children as very sweet. You children are the same
children of every cycle whom I teach in every cycle.
The bodiless Father says, I speak through the body (of Brahma). Without
the body, soul cannot speak.
Father says, Children, become soul conscious. It is not that you have to
practice pranayama, no, you have to just be aware of soul. You soul has
the burden of sins of so many births.
The soul has the recordings, to play different roles.
In devotion, I play the role of giving divine visions and in knowledge,
I teach you children.
Those who do devotion are not aware of the knowledge.
Only the Ocean of knowledge can come and give salvation.
I give liberation – salvation to every soul, Only one Father can
show mercy to the souls. Father makes the whole world pure including the
five elements. Only One Father makes the whole world and five elements
pure. He plays the role of sarvodaya (One who benefits everyone) for the
whole world.
In golden age, nothing of giving pain - like mosquitoes, insects, exist
there. Nothing of dirty exist there. There will be natural beauty. You
drink the nectar of golden age in trance.
There will be very beautiful flowers in golden age and you see it in
trance. This is the magic of divine visions. You see the subtle world
being here.
You receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, then,
what else is required?
You become more elevated by the Godly direction.
In golden age, you remain very happy. Radhe Krishna come in golden age.
You do not read history of the Krishna who live in golden age. What you
read of Sri Krishna (like stealing the butter, going after women) never
happen in golden age.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love,
remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada
(combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father
says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste
to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing :- May you be filled with all powers and gain Victory over the
suffering of Karma by becoming detached from the costume of the body in
a Second.

Slogan :- In order to receive respect from every one be humble. Humility
is the sign of Greatness.
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10900541862?profile=originalDeep at the centre of my being,there is an infinite well of love.I now allow this love to flow to the surface.It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness,my very being, and radiates out from me in all directionsand returns to me mutliplied.The more love I use and give, the more I have to give.The supply is endless.The use of love makes me feel good,it is an expression of my inner joy.I love myself;therefore, I take loving care of my body.I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages,I lovingly groom it and dress it, and my body lovinglyresponds to me with vibrant health and energy.I love myself; therefore provide for myselfa comfortable home, one that fillsall my needs and is a pleasure to be in.I fill the rooms with the vibration of loveso that all who enter, myself included,will feel this love and be nourished by it.I love myself; therefore I work at a job I truly enjoydoing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities,working with and for people I love and who love me,and earning a good income.I love myself; therefore, I behave and think in a lovingway to all people for I know that that which I give outreturns to me multiplied.I only attract loving people in my world,for they are a mirror of what I am.I love myself; therefore I forgive and totally releasethe past and all past experiences and I am free.I love myself; therefore I live totally in the now,experiencing each moment as good and knowing thatmy future is bright and joyous and secure,for I am a beloved child of the Universeand the Universe lovingly takes care of menow and forever more.And so it is
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A message from Eckhart Tolle

Friday, 10 June, 2011

Question: How do we find balance between our individual will and the natural flow of life?

Eckhart Tolle: By living aligned with the present moment, you also align your will with the universal will, which you could call “the will of God”. You don’t have a separate will. The separate will wants to enhance or strengthen one’s sense of self. The separate will is concerned with the “me”, the “I”, the ego. But there is a divine Consciousness, the one Consciousness, there is an evolutionary impulse. What we are doing here at every moment, is to align ourselves with that.

Non-resistance is vital because as long as you are in resistance to the present moment, you will be trapped in the little egoic will. The egoic will needs to subside – that’s surrender to the present moment, and surrender to what is. When you align yourself with what is internally, it looks at first almost like a position of weakness, and it can be misinterpreted as something that prevents you from taking effective action. But the acceptance of what is, is totally compatible with responding to whatever the present moment requires. Whatever wants to be created, manifested, done, at this moment – to be aligned with that, you need to first accept whatever form this moment takes.

Single out this moment only. For example, when you are ill, you don’t say “I need to accept this illness, the fact that I am ill, that I am suffering from this” because that is a whole conceptual story. All you need to accept is this moment as it is. There is never actually an illness in this moment, there is only a physical condition. There may be pain, there may be weakness, disability, discomfort. Those things may be there, and that’s the only thing you accept. This moment is as it is now.

If you are stuck in the mud somewhere, you don’t say, “Okay, I am in the mud, I have to accept it, and here I am – I’m not taking any action because I have to accept what is”. This moment is already always as it is, and there’s nothing you can do about that. That’s what you accept. Then, action that arises has a different energy to it. The will that flows into what you do is no longer egoic. When you have not accepted this moment, the will goes against the Universe – that is what the ego does. It is negative, it fights something that it says shouldn’t be there. If you use negativity, you are trapped in ego. The “little will” has to subside for the more powerful will to flow through and deal with the situation. It creates, it is not isolated from the totality. It is one with the totality. When that operates, another word for that universal will is intelligence. It’s only when you look at a situation, completely accept the is-ness of this moment, and then of course action may be required.

Once the opening is there, through acceptance, the next step that you take will be much more powerful. There’s a Buddhist term “right action”, that can only arise out of the right state of Consciousness. You have to get out of the ego first before you can have right action. The Buddha was talking about that which flows from the awakened state of consciousness. To surrender the little will is to say ‘yes’ to the present moment. It’s not a big thing, just say yes to what is – because it already is anyway. Why complain about something that is? It’s insane, but normal.

To give up the egoic will, all you have to do is not complain about what is. Be aligned with the isness – people, situations, whatever – this is already as it is. It’s the inevitability of is. Become friendly with what is, and you become intelligent for the first time.

With the simple act of surrender to the inevitability of the present moment, another energy comes. You could call that universal will, you could call that intelligence, you could call that the creative solution to whatever the so-called “problem” is. You could call that power coming in, that is greater than the limited power of your mind. Or it may use your mind, and suddenly you say the right thing, if that’s what the situation requires. Suddenly the words come – where do the words come from? You don’t know what you’re going to say next. They come from a deeper level because that intelligence uses the mind.

You and the Universe become one, and as such it creates through you as this form. That’s the beauty of it. When the unmanifested flows into this world, it assumes form. Most thoughts that people have in the unawakened state are repetitive old thoughts, conditioned thinking, conditioned by the past. All you can rely on then is what you have accumulated in the past, you deal with things through conditioned thinking. When the simple act of surrender opens your mind, it can then be used as an instrument. Then, a thought may come in that is original and fresh and new. That is the birth of form. The birth of thought creates the birth of form. The Universe uses you as a vehicle or a channel through which to create. You are one. It can use your mind, and become thought, words, physical things. That’s the way in which the mind can actually be a helpful tool – alignment with the greater Intelligence, the One Consciousness.

It all starts with the present moment, and your relationship with the present moment. Friend or enemy? Are you allowing it, or are you fighting it, resisting it? That’s the end of ego – because the ego needs resistance. The ego survives through complaining, it survives through denying, or wanting something else.

The present moment is the teacher. Work with that – that’s all you need, really. That’s the end of the “little will”, which isn’t all that powerful anyway. Whatever it creates, creates more problems.

It seems so simple, and it is simple. And yet, because of the many thousands of years of habit-patterns, often people tell me “It’s so difficult to be in the present moment and allow it to be”. Of course, the opposite is true. Life becomes difficult if you don’t. What you accept is the form of this moment. No more. Then, see what’s needed. You are not truly intelligent until that happens.

Sometimes holding that space of simple Presence activates other factors that then come in, seemingly, from the outside to change the situation. You have activated the intelligence of the totality. It’s not necessarily coming through this form. That is why people speak of synchronistic things happening, suddenly a helpful factor comes in, suddenly the right person appears, the right thing happens. Almost miraculous when you don’t know that it’s natural, it seems like a miracle at first because most humans are not used to that.

When you hold Presence, sometimes the change may not happen through your action. There are many situations where action at this moment is not possible. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, however you can continue to be present. Then, a greater intelligence is activated. Very often you will find change happening in the situation.

This greater intelligence is not the conceptual intelligence that you can measure with IQ tests. It is non-conceptual intelligence. Conceptual intelligence is the ability to retain information, analyze, compare, and so forth. It’s a tiny fragment of what intelligence is. There is a vastness of non-conceptual intelligence. Our destiny is to be in that way, so that our whole life is to become a work of art. Not just be confined to that state of consciousness when you do your creative work. Any creative thing has a spark, an aliveness, a quality, a newness, a freshness. You connect with non-conceptual intelligence in the alert Stillness within. Everybody has that, as their essence. That is true intelligence. To what extent you are connected with that could not possibly be measured through any IQ test. Ultimately, you cannot measure creativity.

Very often, the form of the present moment seems like a limitation on your life, something that is impinging on your freedom. The body could become ill, you may find it hard to move. When something drastic happens, if you can learn to accept it, a little bit of spaciousness comes into your life. You say, “this is what is”. A little bit of space just opened up, and you’re no longer just a resisting entity. Then, you realize that you are essentially formless space. In other words, you find inner peace. At first it is very gentle in the background, in the midst of any situation. That peace is powerful. It can become so powerful, that is obliterates almost anything. Peace is the formless in you. By accepting the form, the formless within you opens up. This is how something seemingly bad – a limitation – becomes an opening for realization of who you truly are.

© copyright 2008-2011. Eckhart Tolle . All rights reserved.
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Dearest Ones,

Blessings, it is an honor to be here with you in this moment.  I Am Sanat Kumara at your service.  My presence is now going to be coming more into the forefront as many of you are part of the Kumara’s of Venus.  Lemuria is being awakened in new ways of Beingness through the energetics of the higher dimensional frequencies.  I am honored to be more present in your lives at this time.
We have been awaiting for this time of remembrance to fully be awakened within the Hearts and Minds of the many.  First, I say, thank you to each of you for the hard work and diligence that you have been doing.  The challenges will continue but on a different level of acceptance within each of you.  No matter what your level of initiation of your chela-ship is at this time, you are being awakened to more levels to assist the planetary awareness.  This month of June is very pivotal for these occurrences to happen.  Please know that your work does not go unnoticed.  We are very aware of the challenges and the triumphs that you are experiencing. 
Prepare for these changes to occur within you more fully than previously.  Be very astute with your diligence of your internalization and the work that needs to be done.  Work within first before you choose to work outside of yourself.  Some of you may think that you are ready, but yet you may not be.  It is important to cleanse the entire system inside and out before you choose to work with others in a higher capacity.  We urge you to take these heeds very seriously as the darkness is very quick to notice the ones that are not fully activated within the higher frequencies.  It can take you down a peg or two and at this point in the whole scheme of creation, it is important to look at your own mirrors and what you are projecting for yourself.
If you have had challenges, taken a pathway that put you in the stages of lessons that you thought you had already taken care of, listen to these signs.  Go deeply within and fully look at yourself inside and out.  Be your own healer and be very strong with yourself as you would for another that you were helping.  What goes for another - must go for you.  The deepness of this healing is essential for you to receive the full effects of these activations.  Do not let any stone not to be turned over.  Express yourself deeply within and allow the changes to occur.
It is important to work with another to remove any debris that you may have received.  The best chela is one in which the energies can fully be actualized at the state of being that is necessary for all concerned.  One small hole in your aura can upset the whole conditioning process that you have been working on.  I cannot stress this enough.  Prepare yourself; are you fully sure that what you are experiencing is part of your essence or is there an outside influence.  Be very cognizant of the elements around you and how you are being affected.  If you need assistance, please ask and if you have never had an individual remove any negative implants, etc., please have it done immediately.
With all of that being shared, then you are ready.  The next step after the cleansing process is “are you assisting others in service to the Divine Plan thereof?”  Are you reaching out to express your Divinity in a new a different manner.  Coming deeply from your heart is an essential component of the energies that are going to be occurring.  There must not be anything that you are unsure of ~ as if you are, then the end result will be a challenge that you truly do not want to experience.  Utilizing the bartering method or a graduated scale on a fee basis is only going to serve your highest purpose.  You will find once you start to implement such changes, then you will receive more than you would have been charging on a regimented fee schedule.
The upcoming energies are wonderful but only as wonderful as the Ones that are truly ready to handle them.  I have expressed the cleansing process as it is a necessary component to embrace the upcoming energies.  Stand within your light with all of your energies fully accessed on the higher levels.  You may not be ready for the 5th dimensional Light Body, but you must aspire to be more than you were previously.  Allow your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart to take precedence over all elements occurring within you.
So now you are ready.  The onset of the energies of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse are going to totally assist One in being the space and time that is necessary.  I also need to remind you that at this time is the Festival of Humanity, the last of the three festivals of Wesak, which truly represents your upgraded ascension integration from Wesak and sharing it to the world.  Be prepared to do so in love, compassion, joy, and expression of God’s Will within you.  Take this time to fully activate these energies within you to assist you in the next process of your development.
The Summer Solstice will be the next occurrence of your momentum.  Allowing yourself to fully accept the activations of this solstice energy in 2011 is gong to assist you tremendously.  If you have followed the guidelines that I have given you, then this event is only going to catapult you into the next level of your awareness and your service onto this Earth.  Only you can be the judge of where you are but be very honest with yourself.  This is very imperative.  Be aware of the mirrors around you ~ are the people that you are attracting at this time truly a representative of where you are presently.  Are you feeling the synchronization of events in your life?  Are you attracting your desires within minutes, hours, or days of your intentions?
I would like to categorize these elements into five stages:
  1. Those individuals that are fully unaware of their surroundings; in other words, the unawakened ones.
  2. Individuals that are waking up but are still accessing their teachings on a 3rd dimensional level such as self help, relaxation techniques, and affirmations.
  3. Individuals that have been awake, working on themselves but are still very lower emotional and ego driven.  They still are unsure of the symptoms they are feeling even though they may be doing very deep emotional work.  These individuals are resisting the process and are only on the 4th dimensional level.
  4. Individuals that are truly utilizing the higher vibrational techniques such as stating decrees, attunements, vocalization through chants and higher vibrational work, color therapy, has a knowledge of the higher chakras and the Rays of God.
  5. The Pioneers that have walked this path, utilized as many teachings as necessary, are beyond the 5th dimensional consciousness and are working between worlds.  These are the ones that are the leaders of the 5th dimensional level and are teaching the 4th level of individuals to raise up to this level.  They have a choice to stay in this level of Earth or to move into the 5th dimensional Earth; many are choosing to leave.  The Ones that stay are truly walking as Ascended Masters, have fully mastered the Rays of God, understand Universal Laws, and are only driven by the God-Essence within them.
Please know that every individual person who reaches the fifth can always fall.  It depends on their God Consciousness and how they interact within the world.  The Love and Light Quotient frequency is a necessary component.  This means that all individuals on the Earth can also fall or they can rise.  It is up to each of you and where you want to be on the scale.  This month is so very important.
One last point of reference ~ many are channeling at this time.  It is up to you to decide what resonates within your Heart and what does not.  If you are a channel, please make sure that you are very clear and you continually work on raising your Light Quotient, have a sense of the higher vibration verses the lower vibrations.  Some may come as each of us and truly are not of the highest frequencies.  It is a time for many to be showing themselves, and it is imperative to discern within your Heart what feels right within you.
Take the time during the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and Festival of Humanity to make a list of where you are, what you may need to do, and how to go about it.  Sometimes just the intention of doing so is all that is needed.  Please know that we are in a very magical and powerful time but it is Earth-driven.  In order to reach these heights of awareness, it is important to do Service onto this Earth.  That is why each of you are here.  Your karma must be cleared at least 51%; otherwise you will return into the karmic wheel of rebirth.
Please know that I give you these words to encourage you, to show you that possibly it is time to take inventory and take stock of where you are presently in your pathway.   Some of you may already know but most do not.  Part of the process of integrating these energies is the problem of getting lost in the shuffle and when that happens, confusion can set in and the full awareness is not within you but around you.  Again, I reiterate, each of you are doing a fabulous job.  This is an awareness lesson with love and joy.  We will rise to the higher frequencies together as One Team of Love and Light.  You, as the Earth Hierarchy, the Telosians as the Inner Earth Hierarchy, the Higher Vibrational Inner Space Beings as the Galactic Hierarchy, and each of us as the Spiritual Hierarchy as we become one Hierarchy for Terra Christa, the New Earth, the Golden Age.  I reach out my hand to each and every one of you in partnership.  We have been waiting for this time to see for the Gods and Goddesses to reappear in their full glory.  This is your time to shine and we are here to embrace in the Light and the Love that you are.
I feel very blessed in this moment to share my Light with you as we walk hand-in-hand together.

I Am Sanat Kumara in great gratitude for your service to the New Earth, the Golden Era.

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Timeline of an incarnation

Chris Comish, a history:

Chris Comish six years prior to awakening, highly immersed in the Ego, 2000 (link above)

Prior to 2001 Chris is veiled and unawakened but has odd interest in parts of the Bible and in the Stars

Lynne broke up with Chris a few months after this photo and got together with his friend Pete from college, 2001

2001-2003 Chris is in the role of sitting on the fenceline (undecided)

Chris almost died in 2002 due to near car accident (too fast on the autobahn with sportscar)

Chris deployed to War in 2003 and has bad feelings about his purpose there

Chris almost died in 2004 due to near car accident (hydroplaning on water, vehicle spun around at high rate of speed)

2004-2006 Chris shifts to role as aspiring student

Lynne was killed in a car accident on November 14, 2005- car slid on ice and fell off cliff into icy creek. Cause of death blunt trauma and drowning

Chris got his first Reiki healing in Summer of 2006 introducing him to spiritual energy

Chris vows to God to be of service to all beings

Chris left the Army in 2006 at the rank of Captain for a greater spiritual service & purpose

2007-2008 Chris shifts to role as Student

Chris found out about the passing of Lynne in 2007

Chris decided to bridge the spiritual world and physical world by learning after life contact techniques from Steve Murray in 2007

2007 Chris contacts the spiritual earth (lifting the veil)

2007 Chris takes every Reiki attunement he is able to

Chris contacted Lynne and attempted to pass messages 2007-2009 (Chris received 3-6th initiations) Lynne was in 4D

2008 Chris takes Lightarian series

2008-2009 Chris contacts the solar, galactic and universal levels for the first time (beyond ring pass not)

2009 Chris takes Axiatonal Lines Connection

2009 Chris begins attuning others on Ning sites

2009 Chris believes he will pass into Light, but does not. Sanat Kumara explains he has a greater purpose and more work to do.

2009-2010 Chris writes his first 6 books, attuning the world and Chris also begins the City of Shamballa social network to reach more

2009-2010 Chris shifts to role as Teacher

Chris purified Lynne in 2010 after learning the Medicine Buddha Ritual (Chris received 7th initiation). Lynne is now in 5D+ and blessed

Chris got in touch with Pete over the internet, called him and forgave him in 2011. They are friends again

2011 Chris shifts to role as Guide

2011 Chris finishes his 6 Ascension Rays books sharing Rays with the world

Chris continues sharing Divinity with the world and purifying all and also refining himself to be of the greatest service to all beings
(Chris working on 8th initiation)



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Great Thoughts

WEAKNESSES - Mario Quintana (writer gaucho 30/07/1906 - 05/05/1994)

"Poor" is one who can not change your life, accepting the impositions of others or
society they live in, without being aware of who owns the destination.

"Fool" who is not seeking to be happy with what they get.

"Blind" is one who does not see his neighbor die of cold, hunger, misery, and only has eyes for his paltry
problems and minor pains.

"Deaf" is one who has no time to hear an outburst from a friend, or the appeal of a brother. For it is always
rushed to work and want to ensure your pennies at the end of the month.

"Mute" is one who can not speak what he feels and hides behind the mask of hypocrisy.

"Paralytic" who is unable to walk toward those who need your help.

"Diabetic" is people who can not be sweet.

"Dwarf" is those who can not let love grow. And finally, the worst is to be miserable failures because:

"Les Miserables" are those who can not speak with God.
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World Actors

10900541063?profile=originalConsider yourself on the world stage and your every act will become 

Check all the actions that you perform throughout the day. Are your actions 
such that others will be inspired by you or are they just wasteful and 

Make the practice firm, " I am on this world stage, each and every 
action that I perform is being watched by many and will inspire them." when 
you have this practice you will have attention on your actions and they will 
become special. 

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This is nice  article  for  all of  us

"O people, listen to this, it Narashangsa will be raised among the people. We took the kauram it in our protection of 60,000 and 90 enemy; the vehicle is 20 camels and two camel bet ... ina, has 12 the wife, and ascended into heaven with the fastest car ... " (Atharvaveda Kanda 20 saukata 127, mantra 1-2).

"HE will give Mamaha rishi hundred pieces of gold, ten necklaces, three hundred horses, and 10,000 head of cattle." (Atharvaveda Kanda 20 saukata 127, mantra 3).

- "Mamaha is a camel rider of the desert" (atharvaveda 20:9:31);

"He was decorated with eight properties and wealth, fast horses given to him by the angels and holding a sword in his hand, the savior of the world will crush all evil." (Bhagabat purana 12:2:19).

Avatar terminology derived from the Sanskrit avatara, derived from the word

avatarati, meaning those who fall: ava, down and tarati, people who

intersect or cross. descriptions and characteristics are informed by the teachings of Hindu scriptures have a very close relationship with the existence of the Avatar named Muhammad ini.Avatar tenth of his arrival always look forward to the Kalki Avatar. Kalki Puran is one of the book of Hindu teachings, this book is written in

messages and the reasons why the prophet was given the name of "Kalki" Avatar.

That is He who will eliminate the Kalki (Diseases and the Darkness) of heart

and away from evilness

In Kalki Puran declared the Kalki Avatar characteristics are as follows:

- Ummah of the Prophet Kalki is a community of devotees.

- The Prophet Kalki had a father named "Vishnuais" which

is a combination of two words Vishnu (Vishnu) which means SHE, and ais

which means servant or minister: if the two means are combined then the word

"Vishnuais" means the waiter or servant HIS. In Arabic the meaning of the words

Abdullah is His servant or servant, who is the father of the king of the Prophet SAW

- Kalki Prophet's mother named "Somti" which means "trustworthy" or

"Reliable". The name al-Mustafa's mother is Aminah, who also has

meaning of "Trusted" or "reliable, also mentioned as follows:".

"O HIS, together with four friends, I will destroy evil." (Kalki-Purana 2:5).


Kalki Prophet had three brothers, each named:

o Cavi, which means "Wise", has the same meaning as "Aqil"

in Arabic. Aqil ibn Abi Tholib is the youngest brother of Imam 'Ali bin Abi

Tholib which is the brother of al-Mustafa.

o "Samat", meaning "knowledge" and have the same meaning

"Jafar", one of the king's brother is a martyr Prophet in the battle

Uhud, which also brother of 'Ali and Aqil named Ja'far who was called Ath-Thayyar.

o "interspace", berari "People who have a high position" and said it was

has the same meaning as the word "'Ali" in Arabic.

Besides the characteristics mentioned above also provide Kalki Puran

Other additional information about the Prophet Kalki who will appear to bring Sharia

the universal nature of the universe.


"Kalki Avatar will be born in the city Shambal, his mother was Shumathites (Somti), along with four of his friends will beat Kali (Satan or kebathilan ).... He will be assisted by the angels on the battlefield." (Kalki Purana 2:4-7).


Expressed in Kalki Puran clearly that Kalki prophet was born in a place

called by the name "Shambal Nagari". Shambal meaningful sand, and Nagari or

Nagri meaningful regions or areas, so that meaningful Nagari Shambal Affairs

or areas of sandy or desert. This is in accordance with the Peninsula

Arabia which is a desert region.

"... He will be born in a city called Shambal ... He went to war to defeat your opponent ... Destroying the villain (idols), then perform the last pilgrimage ... The house is filled by criminals, with their handmade NYA2 ( statue or idol); Now cleaned up for the worship of truth. With ketundukannya, a king standing facing him ... Then they offered prayer and sacrifice. And hold on six main principles ..."( Mahabharata Bag. Forest Chapter 190).

Kalki prophet will receive an education first (first revelation) in the Cave and

who taught called "Prash Ram" which means the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit.

All Muslims know the angel Gabriel as the transmitter of the first revelation

He told the Prophet Muhammad as the Ruh al-qudul or Ruh al-amen. Even

Kalki Puran further provide information about the Prophet Kalki who will

migrate from the area toward the north hill in the country, and history

stating also how the king Prophet emigrated or migration from the region

Mecca to Medina, located in the North.

"Then one with the nickname of 'people without knowledge', his name .... O MUHAMMAD of innocent people, the Spirit of Truth, , ."( 3, Khand 3, Aditya 3, Shalob 3,7,8).


A Bengali Brahmin origin ALLAAHabad University, India named Pandit

Vedaprakash Upadhyai wrote a book called 'Kalki Avatar'. In the book

he stated that the leaders of the arrival carrier instructions

the humanity  is awaited Prophet Muhammad of Arabia. Views Pandit

is supported by eight renowned the other Pandit Puran .He  declare the contents of the book and give the interpretation of the book. The following is a summary description of Pandit: Kalki Avatar is HIS last messenger and bring guidance and sharia

for the whole world. He was born on an island surrounded by three seas (the Arab

surrounded by three seas). His father named Vishnubhagat (Vishnu = HIS and Bhagat = servant or slave, ais synonym). Sumaani his mother's name (Sumaani = peace = Aminah).

Its main food is the dates and olives. He was dubbed with the most honest and trustworthy (Prophet dubbed as-Sadiq Al-amin means trustworthy, honest Sadiq also significant) was born from a people who are highly respected. (Holy Prophet from among the Quraish of Bani Hashim, the highly respected and noble) will teach him through utusannnya Gabriel in the cave.

Will gave him a very high-speed horse to circumnavigate the globe and the seven layers of heaven. He was a horse rider and an excellent swordsman. In the Atharya Veda, quoted from the Preamble Abdurrahman Chisti Anwarul Quran Tafsir, Sayyid works Gopalpuri Rahat Husain, stated the verses

sentence as follows:


Lailaha Harni Board

Paran IlaaLLAAHA Off

Janm Baikunth Birap newti

To jane name Muhammadam.

Which is translated as follows:

Saying the phrase "La ilaha " takes away the sins

Saying the phrase "ilaaLLAAH" will add Parm Padwi

If you want the eternity of heaven

Call always Muhammadam name.

According to Sayyid Saeed Rizvi Ahktar, Atharya Vedas currently no longer mention

verses above sentence, but was deleted. But the inventor of Arya Samaj

Dyanand Saraswati has admitted in his book "Satyarth Parkash" (Urdu,

chapter 14 page 739) that Alloo Upanishad mentions the name of Muhammad as

Rasul.AbdurRAHMAN Miratul mahkluqat Chisti in his book states that a

Other Hindu book named Barm Uttar Khand told that a

day, a famous Hindu Avatars named Mahadeva said to

his wife Parvati about the future life, and the two followers

named Kailash Parwat and Bishist Muni wrote the story. Here

is the translation of the stories cited are:

"After six thousand years of HIM THE ALMIGHTY will create a Insan

great-grandchildren among children in Mundarne adam, which is located between the three

ocean. O Parvati, He will come from the loin and he Bunjh Kant

be endowed with knowledge by the HIS as a river, which from the river

will show a pearl. His wife's name is "sank Rakhiya"

He read three books and will leave the book after they finish fourth

read 'Mim Alif lam' ... O Parvati she is the leader of his clan; and

people from the village would come to him to follow him. Her son did not

will never fear the creature, he was very brave and have the knowledge

HIS and he was given the name "Mahamat". People will follow in his footsteps ....

and he will not worship as the people in his tribe

worship, he would say to those people that "I have

ordered by THE ALMIGHTY ONE that only a mandatory diibadahi; and I will not worship except for Allaah; therefore you have properly followed O Parvati, Mahamat will teach her to all the shari'ah creatures and he admits the truth of Islamic that came before; He also will make everyone follow them. Little by little people get into teaching

and many of them reach the HIS. .... O Parvati after the death of his son, THE ALMIGHTY missing something in common with Him will give Mahamat a princess better than 1000 sons, she was very beautiful and charming, so perfect in His worship. Prince has never sinned one single time, he will be protected from small and big sins, and through his father he would achieve HIS closer. THE ALMIGHTY will give daughter MAHAMAT two sons were both very handsome and loved HER, strong, HIS knowledge, daring, dashing and very beautiful in virtue behavior. And THE ALMIGHTY will never create a perfect Insan them again in the virtues of both visible and hidden in plain sight. The two sons will be his successor, they will have many children and will bring into the teaching of Mahamat Insan day after day with the arguments of truth and they will

decorate and illuminate the teachings of Mahamat. Mahamat really love them and their followers, even more than his own daughter. And two sons will be perfect in the teachings of Mahamat; they will not do a job for the sake of their personal interests. All deeds and their words simply because THE ALMIGHTY.

O Parvati, after the death of Mahamat, the bad guys will kill Mahamat grandchildren for no reason, just because the world interest and greed alone, then the whole world living without a leader after their deaths. Murderer they are atheists

maliksh ", which condemned the two worlds: they will not get help Maahamat from" Nark "(Hell). They will manifest themselves as followers of the teachings Maahamat, and many will follow them, and stubbornly will perform acts against Mahamat road and his sons. Only a few are still street Mahamat Insan. The majority will follow the path of the man who killed the sons of Mahamat but ; and at the end of the Kaljug will be many hypocrites, hypocritical, which creates chaos in around the world.


Blessing ,


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