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Gods words

Sweet children, In order to claim a Sun Dynasty Royal Status, surrender
every thing (by intellect) you have to the Father.

Question :- Why is no one in the world more fortunate then you
Answer :- The unlimited Father is personally in front of you children.
You are receiving an unlimited inheritance from Him. At this time you
belong to unlimited Father, Teacher and satguru and you receive
unlimited attainment from him.

Sweet Children,

Father says, you children know that you belong to the Father now and
later you belong to the deity clan.
When the unlimited Father is available and when you receive the
unlimited inheritance, what else is required?
In devotion people cry for God, but do not know about Him. You brides
remember the Only Bridegroom. It is not possible for the brides to
remember the bridegroom without the knowing about the bridegroom. So,
just by remembering God without knowing (about His real form, His
residence, His role) God, you never attain the aim object.
Even the Christ, Prophets are remembered by the followers without the
aim object.
You know what you receive from the Father, Teacher and the Satguru.
First you belong to the Father, then you belong to the Teacher, then you
belong to the Satguru.
The role of Satguru is greater than the Father and Teacher.
You know that Father is making you the master of golden age and Soul
Father asks, Will you receive inheritance from Me? O.k. will you become
content with Silver age?
Father has brought the gift of heaven, will you marry the Lakshmi-deity
of golden age or Sita-deity of Silver age? First you have to check for
yourselves if you have become worthy to marry them.
God says, Like I have explained you in the previous cycle, I am
explaining you once again, you receive the inheritance once again in
this world cycle.
The first grade is Sun dynasty and Second grade is the Moon dynasty.
Golden age is like an Air-conditioning ticket. Then there is the first
class ticket – Moon dynasty.
Will you receive the kingdom of Air-conditioning Sun dynasty or the
first class of Moon dynasty?
Then there is third class ticket. Whatever the ticket, you will
experience happiness, but there are different compartments.
Those who surrender everything (by intellect) to the Father receive the
Air-conditioning ticket.
Deities experience the reward in golden age.
Bharat (India) is praised much, there is no land which is greater than
Father comes only in Bharat and He gives peace and happiness to
everyone. Mount Abu is the greatest pilgrimage of all.
By not knowing about the God Father, the world suffers.
Children , become soul conscious, know yourself as a soul.
You celebrate Shiv Jayanti (Birth day of God, the Benefactor) but no one
knows when God appears on earth.
The golden age never exists for millions of years as told in scriptures,
this is the greatest ignorance, takes you into deep darkness.
You have to remain in the household and remember the Supreme Father.
Deities are provided with decoration, the memorial of you children. You
children never remain stable in your spiritual effort, keep fluctuating.
You must be very careful with maya-vices-obstacles, Maya makes you fall
in a second if you forget the awareness of God-Father. In a second, you
attain liberation and liberation in life, and in one second, you also
lose your attainments.
When new body and new world are being created, you children have it in
your awareness that the old world is being transformed and we will reach
the new world.
Father says, Sweet children, Father speaks to the souls, Father sees you
children through the eyes of the Brahma-Adam.
Father says, I am also bound by this world drama, I appear on earth
according to the role in the drama. It is not that I cure the diseases,
not like that, everyone has their karmic accounts which are to be
settled by yourselves.
You have become completely impure from completely pure.
You children know that every world cycle, you receive this inheritance.
Those who belong to the Sun and Moon dynasty receive the inheritance
Only God Father can explain all these truths - knowledge.
Father sees you children as very sweet. You children are the same
children of every cycle whom I teach in every cycle.
The bodiless Father says, I speak through the body (of Brahma). Without
the body, soul cannot speak.
Father says, Children, become soul conscious. It is not that you have to
practice pranayama, no, you have to just be aware of soul. You soul has
the burden of sins of so many births.
The soul has the recordings, to play different roles.
In devotion, I play the role of giving divine visions and in knowledge,
I teach you children.
Those who do devotion are not aware of the knowledge.
Only the Ocean of knowledge can come and give salvation.
I give liberation – salvation to every soul, Only one Father can
show mercy to the souls. Father makes the whole world pure including the
five elements. Only One Father makes the whole world and five elements
pure. He plays the role of sarvodaya (One who benefits everyone) for the
whole world.
In golden age, nothing of giving pain - like mosquitoes, insects, exist
there. Nothing of dirty exist there. There will be natural beauty. You
drink the nectar of golden age in trance.
There will be very beautiful flowers in golden age and you see it in
trance. This is the magic of divine visions. You see the subtle world
being here.
You receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, then,
what else is required?
You become more elevated by the Godly direction.
In golden age, you remain very happy. Radhe Krishna come in golden age.
You do not read history of the Krishna who live in golden age. What you
read of Sri Krishna (like stealing the butter, going after women) never
happen in golden age.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love,
remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada
(combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father
says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste
to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing :- May you be filled with all powers and gain Victory over the
suffering of Karma by becoming detached from the costume of the body in
a Second.

Slogan :- In order to receive respect from every one be humble. Humility
is the sign of Greatness.
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