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Let us become the Love and Light, that each may see it as a beacon and follow it with trust and so link with the Divine Source

Let us remember to laugh and have fun.  Life is not a burden, it is pure joy.  It is entirely up to you.

Let us recognise that we are but channels for the Divine Light that it is not our ego incarnated identity that originates the help we give, but the ~God/All that is {however we perceive that to be} and that we simply add our humble self to carry it in our own special and unique ways.

Let us make the journey from the head to the heart knowing that, whereas the mind may lead us in circles, the heart will lead us home.  Let us steer clear of ~should~ and ~must ~ that stem from the mind and instead stay in the ~now~ and experience the intuitive response of the heart with its right feeling, trusting that this is our connection to ~God~ and it will lead us to where we are most able to help.

Let us be grateful to each person that we have interacted with in our lives, thanking them within our hearts for being willing to act as a mirror, reflecting to us what we need to learn.  Let us know that we magnetise these situations and people toward us to show us clearly those areas of life where we need to be more unconditionally loving, or to reflect positive qualities within ourselves that we may not have recognised yet.

Let us spread only positive thoughts and discipline ourselves in this, realising that as we become more our true Selves, greater care in this is needed.

Let us make no judgment of self or others, for each is seeking to learn and experience in his/her own unique way, to take that wisdom back to the whole.  To realise that if there were only one way to do something there would need be only one person.

Let us channel and spread light across the Earth, such as never before.  Let us stand fully in our truth, willing and without fears, to speak that which comes intuitively from the heart.  Let us be the self that we truly are.

Let us encourage all to take back their power, to be the master and seek the truth within themselves.

Let us be discerning and align with Light.  There are many ways to learn and you may prefer to align your energies with those whose goals are similar to yours.  Make no judgments of anyone and maintain Unconditional Love to all.

Let us trust the higher ~God~ aspect of ourselves and have faith that all is well and in  Divine Order.  To know that we truly do create our own reality and our own experiences, to serve only our highest good.

Let us take full responsibility for our actions and thoughts but let us also know that responsibility is not a heavy burden, but a joy that comes naturally and with ease, as we become more fully ourselves.

Let us not allow our healing to become mechanical, but allow for fluidity and intuition to guide us through each moment, permitting the flow of Divine energy to move through us.

Let us be willing to release all that is not truly us.  Let us permit the releasing of all buried emotions and thought and allow the mental and emotional bodies to integrate and blend into Spirit.

Let us be aware of the other kingdoms with whom we share this Earth, the lovely crystal and mineral world, the wonderful plants, trees and flowers and great oceans, all bringing to us a myriad healing qualities through the exquisite vibration that can reach us all.  Let us also remember the world of the elementals that maintains the Earth for us.

Let us seek to assist others to further awareness of a need for love and care of our precious animal and insect world on land and sea.  Let us share our world in love with all ~God’s~ creatures.

Let us, with integrity, speak only that which we know within as true, whilst making it clear to others, that it is only our truth as we perceive it.  Each should accept only that which resonates within the heart, and sits comfortably in that place of the three fold flame; the Love, Power and Wisdom that resides within us all.

Let us always look higher to see the greater picture and the Divine Order of all things and not limit ourselves to a third dimensional reality.

Let us understand the right use of Power and Truth, gifted to all, as full service to the light is taken up.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Let us also be grateful to 

the Ascended Realms of Light, angels and guides, mostly unrecognised and unacknowledged, never failing to extend to us the gifts of their energy, presence and love.  Let us release our fixed patterns about when, from whom and in what manner we will be  presented with Universal Truth.  Know that each receives in his own way and that there is no set or right way.

May ~The Lantern~  Light your way Home

Esoteric astrology
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Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death 2nd part
This is sumthing amazing video i ever seen. I dont know what this japanese research about. but it enought to shock me as well.
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The Tale What She Saw Today’s video is truly amazing as it literally offers portraits of Heaven from a child divinely inspired here on Earth.What’s most amazing about this incredible young artist artist isn’t justher talent, it’s that her faith and gift were received at birth- a time when both her parents were atheists.
Girl Goes To Hell And Lives To Tell and paint The Tale What She Saw
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The Great Human Awakening

a message from Kryon channeled by David BrownFriday, 11 November, 2011 (posted 27 November, 2011)1785 views, 3 comments - login or register to commentGreetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.It’s wonderful to be in Santiago on 11-11-11, and this channeling is by appointment only. Everybody in this room is the same soul group; you are all healers on a journey and you’re all moving through to the new energies on the 21st of December, 2012. There are many changes coming to your lives; the new world is coming and humanity is awakening. We cannot allow the consciousness of this planet to drop any lower than what it is now. Don’t get mixed up with consciousness and technology; technology will take you down a road that will only cause you problems, deep, deep problems.Love is the only way. The more that’s in your body, the less and less technology you need. Your bodies are being upgraded, just like a computer upgrade, and you are being shifted to a new level of consciousness. In this room you’ve all done a lot of personal growth and inner work. The new world is coming dear ones, and this is a special time. This is a time when will be beginning to say goodbye to the old Earth and welcoming the new world; a new world that is led by conscious men and women who have walked their path and that have found love. This is a polar shift on an individual basis; you are changing your polarities from negative to positive and the more inner work that you’ve done and the more harmony that’s in your body the easier you will find this shift. Nothing is by chance; as we say, you are here by prior appointment and love is the only answer. There is no answer for this planet other than to move back into love, and to connect fully with the universe and with Mother Earth. For many, many years now, 3600 years, the planet has slowly but surely decreased in consciousness. It might not look that way but you have been disconnected from God, from the universe, and now you’re moving back to your divine connection.You will become magical beings of this divine universe and will walk a magical path. This new world coming will take a few years to evolve; on the 21st of December 2012 you will feel a very clear shift of energy in your body, a very decisive shift as you move from negative emotions into love. For you in this room it will be very clear and your lives will be changed from that day onwards. It might take you some time to become fully complete, but nonetheless your energies will be switched on so that you have a love-based energy to create your new world. As you’ve already learned, negative thoughts and negative emotions create a negative reality. It will be like a switch is thrown and if there are any negative energies in your body, they will slowly but surely be released. For some this switch has already been thrown, and your chakras will constantly be moving in a clockwise direction, and slowly but surely you will be creating your lives out of love.Chile is a very big country, maybe the longest in the world from north to south. This country holds many different energies, and it will not be a very easy shift for a nation like this; different energies will flow in different ways from the dry regions in the north to the cold and the wet in the south. It is not really the climate that is the problem, each different latitude will have a different energy and a different way forward, and this will not be an easy flow for Chile. Those of you who are in this room will be called to help the people who aren’t as fortunate as yourself and hold a space for their healing. There are some of you in this room that don’t think you are a healer, but you all come from a soul group whose job it is to heal this planet and to see that the shift goes through smoothly.Most average people will find this shift very, very difficult. This shift also means that resources will be shared out much more evenly and equally. There will be much joy in the way you feel; love will be continually flowing through your energy system as it is now. At the moment love can flow through your energy system and be turned into negative energy. After the 21st of December 2012 love will flow freely through your bodies and create a love-based reality. There is the possibility of much pain and suffering surrounding you, but you will not experience this. Your experience will be one of moving from the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension and becoming Christ conscious almost on automatic.So we ask you to close your eyes and to connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and through your base chakra, and to Father Sky through the crown chakra, and allow the love to flow, and feel your bodies. Feel what you’re feeling… observe your feelings… allow your feelings to come and to go… feel any sensations in your body.Dear ones we’re here to hold this energy; to let you feel what the energy will feel like on the 21st of December 2012. We’re going to take you to the new world… let the feelings in your body come and let them go… drop deeper and deeper into your bodies.Your spirit guides are at your feet and holding you in a space of love. The umbrella of Kryon is here holding these specialist angels that understand the Earth plane and this room is going to become like a container so that you are going to be held in this energy. Allow your energies to go higher and higher allowing your hearts to be open even more than they are now… send love to everybody’s heart chakra in the room… allow the love to flow. We’ve done this many times, but never on the Earth plane, we’re taking you up in consciousness many octaves, depending on who you are and what your consciousness is.Allow your feelings to flow and to come and to go… allow the Kryon energy to flow into your third eye… into your pineal gland… into the very tip of your nose… into your throat chakra… into your heart… your solar plexus… your 2nd chakra… your base chakra… and connect with the heart of Mother Earth. Allow the love of Mother Earth to flow through your base chakra… into your 2nd chakra… into your solar plexus… into your heart… into your throat… into your 3rd eye… crown chakra… and connect with the heart of the Great Central Sun. Allow the love to flow as you are on a journey to a world of love, to something you’ve never experienced before.This has to be an experiential meditation to go to the fourth dimension, for the fourth dimension cannot be understood through a three-dimensional body, so be in your bodies and in your feelings where you’re being held in a safe and secure place. Allow the love to flow, and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Be with your bodies and feeling any negativity in your bodies… and hold this negativity… be with it and feel it… and hand it over to Kryon.The new world is coming dear ones and these are very exciting times. Feel the love in the room beginning to expand… feel yourselves becoming like sponges and soaking up the love… allow the love to dissolve any energies that are in your bodies and any karma that has to do with the military in your country; genocide or murder against the indigenous peoples, genocide or murder against any people of Christ consciousness, or any karma to do with the military, rape, pillage, murder, killing or torture, and allow these energies in your body to dissolve and to release. It is these energies that can stop the flow of love and break down the masculine structure within yourselves.Be with your feelings… be in your bodies and feel whatever your feeling… let the feelings come and let the feelings go… hand over to the Kryon energy any military feelings or any karma that you’re aware of and of any members of your family going back three generations that served in the military.Let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go… observe your breath… feel whatever you’re feeling… dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies. There is a lot of fear in the room, and there is a new way a way of love, and there will be no persecution or any military in the new world. It will be a world filled with love, a world of freedom, of excitement, a world of caring and sharing, and a world where your families love each other. It is a world where you will be held by the universe, your heart and your mind connected to the universal heart and mind. Let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go… allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and allow your spirit guides and your angels to hold you… allow your angels and your spirit guides to make themselves known to you. Maybe they will tickle your face or your nose, or maybe scratch your ear, so that you know that they’re with you. Feel their love dear ones, feel their love… everybody loves you for absolutely no reason whatsoever.In the new world everybody will love each other, you will love everybody, and the love will flow. So, allow the love to flow… allow the love of Mother Earth to flow into your bodies. Mother Earth is also going to ascend, first of all to the 4th dimension and then to the 5th. This evolution will take time, and what will take the most energy is to keep humanity balanced and loved; that is why we’re doing this process today here in Santiago, Chile, so that you can feel the energies of 2012, but also so your DNA and yourselves can be activated. Allow your DNA and your energies to be activated so that you can receive these new energies.The planets are all moving into place, and your bodies can feel this as you are all connected to the universe. Your connection will become much stronger. Allow Mother Earth to ascend beneath you, and feel Mother Earth ascending from the 3rd to the 4th to the 5th dimension. Feel these energies move into your body, the energies of the Sacred Mother.Let the feelings come and let the feelings go… feel your energies being cleansed and purified, and your cells and your DNA being activated. Today is the 11-11-11, and this day is when the masculine and the feminine begin to truly merge and when the father truly holds the mother… allow this to happen in your body… allow any blockage or any resistance to be dissolved and healed… let the feelings come and let the feelings go… we’re allowing a shift of energy… allowing your inner being to move closer and closer to harmony… harmony within yourself… a reflection of the universe… you are a microcosm of the cosmos.Many things are being resolved this night, dear ones… so, let the feelings into your body… let them come and let them go… this is the night that your energies are being activated… you are all at a level of consciousness where this can happen…. allow and feel the energies in your body, and feel these energies shift and change… Some things will release, others will be energized and certain energies will be moved closer to where they belong. Inside of you it’s exactly like the universe that was out of harmony; we’re moving your inner energies into harmony and at the same time lifting you to a new vibration… you’re now at approximately 85% of what the energy will be in December 2012.Allow your bodies to relax… observe your breath and allow yourselves to be held in the energies… allow for a total release of military energies and the karma that went with it… allow your energies to go higher and higher… higher than you’ve ever been lifted before…In this moment all energies to do with sexual abuse or incest and prostitution from the past is being held, and all the karma that goes with that. Everybody on this earth plane has been a little bit naughty, not only in this lifetime but in lifetimes gone by, and all this is being resolved. So, take your time and let the feelings come and let the feelings go… allowing your energies to rise higher and higher…And now you should be beginning to experience the 4th dimension… you are at about 90 % of the energy of December 2012… there’s still some negative energies holding you back, so just stay in your body and letting the feelings come and let them go… allow the energies of the 11-11-11 to flow through you, activating yourselves and your DNA and dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies… let the feelings come, and let them go…You’re now being held at 95% of 2012… stay in your bodies… observe your breath… let the feelings come and let them go… continuing to allow the energies of 11-11-11 to flow through your bodies, activating your cells and your DNA. This is the great human awakening, a journey back to the divine, back to consciousness, a journey back to harmony with the universe. If there are any energies within you that are sabotaging this shift, just hand them over to Kryon and the Kryon energies… let the feelings come, and let the feelings go… allow the new world to come to you…The energy in the room is at 99%, and you’re all being held at that level of consciousness… feel and observe what the new world feels and looks like… let the feelings come, and let the feelings go… we’re here to hold this energy… once again, allow yourself to feel the merging of the masculine and feminine energies… what is your dream? Allow yourself to dream your dream…Continue to allow this activation, and allow the energies to move up and down your spine, cleansing and purifying your spine and flowing into your mind… allow your mind to dissolve in the love… allow the mind to move to the heart, handing over the authority that the mind has had over you to the heart.Your heart is the new mind of the new age… allow the new chakra of the new age to open… it is situated between your heart and your throat… allow the thymus gland to energize and to awaken and see the beautiful turquoise light of this new chakra…As this year goes by there will be new energy centers opening in your bodies… let the feelings come… and let the feelings go… allow the love to flow… allow yourself to be in the flow of love… for each individual in this room this night, the turquoise chakra wishes to speak to you… listen to the words of the turquoise chakra…And, when you feel you're ready you can come slowly back to the room. Dear ones, this is Kryon of Magnetic Service. We’re here to honor you and to love you… we will be working through the night with you… we’re here to elevate your consciousness and make it a smooth ride into this new world.Farewell and God bless, for this Kryon signing out. Thank you all.Copyright © David Brown. All rights reserved.
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Tasting What You Breathe

Date: 12/23/2010 Written by: Jon Barron © 1999-2011 The Baseline of Health Foundation

Tasting What You Breathe

If, as the saying goes, the body is a temple, then we are still discovery ever new secret chambers and passageways. In an unexpected discovery that reminds us that the human body is just full of surprises, researchers have learned that there are taste receptors not only in our mouths, but in our lungs as well.

A team of scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore set out to study the human lung muscle receptors that regulate the airway passages. By grinding up the lung muscle tissue and examining the genetic configuration of the chemical receptors, they found bitter-taste receptors in the lung tissue previously only known to be present on the tongue.

These receptors are structurally identical to the taste receptors on the tongue, except those on the tongue are clustered in taste buds that communicate with the brain. The receptors in the lungs only send messages to the smooth muscle cells. But both types respond to substances with a bitter flavor.

The researchers exposed bitter-tasting compounds to mouse and human airway tissues and found that it reopened closed airways in mere seconds. This result was the exact opposite of what they were expecting to prove. The theory they presupposed was that, because many plant-based toxins taste bitter, the lung's taste receptors would cause a restricting response in the chest. This would result in coughing, thereby provoking the person to leave the area in which the inhalants were present. In other words, they thought it would trigger a reaction similar to an asthma attack.

When a person experiences an asthma attack, the involuntary muscles in the lungs tighten and constrict the airways, or bronchioles, that carry oxygen through the bloodstream to the rest of the body. This results in shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. The most common chronic disease in children, asthma is usually triggered by smoke, dust, dander, and other irritants.

But with each of the bitter substances the researchers tested on the lung tissue, the receptors were activated and opened the tubes of the lungs more significantly than any drug currently being used to treat asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

While this is not a cure for asthma or any other lung disease because it does not deal with the inflammation or underlying causes of these illnesses, this finding does offer a new method of opening the airways of the lungs. It is an entirely different approach to treatment that could potentially replace or improve upon the drugs that are presently being prescribed, possibly leading to the creation of the first new breakthrough in asthma therapy in 50 years.

Unfortunately, eating bitter foods has no effect on the airways because the substances are not reaching the taste receptors of the lungs. Instead, bitters have to be broken down into a spray form that could be delivered through an inhaler and sent directly to the lungs in a strong concentration. Some of the compounds that the researchers used in lab experiments with success were quinine and chloquine, which are typically employed for the treatment of malaria, and the artificial sweetener saccharin.

Both the long- and short-acting types of bronchodialators presently used by the 23 million asthma sufferers in the United States are beta agonists. They single out the beta 2 adrenergic receptor, which works to expand constricted airways. But the bitter aerosols developed for this study opened the airways up to 90% of their original volume in a few seconds. These results were three times more effective than the beta 2 agonist inhalants used in the experiment.

The researchers also made a discovery about the involvement of calcium in the lungs. When the bitter substances came into contact with the lung muscles, the amount of calcium present rose and aided in the relaxation of the muscles. The taste receptors in the lungs seem to have their own stores of calcium to put to work.

All of this can provide quite a bit of food for thought for researchers and drug manufacturers alike, and hopefully will eventually lead to some major improvements in the way we treat asthma and other airway-related ailments. In the meantime, you can look at that bottle of Angostura Bitters in your liquor cabinet with newfound respect.


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Cursing Kills Pain Redux

Date: 05/03/2011 Written by: Hiyaguha Cohen © 1999-2011 The Baseline of Health Foundation


Cursing Kills Pain Redux

Apparently, analyzing the benefits of swear words appeals quite a bit to some researchers from Keele University in Great Britain,1 since they just came out with their second consecutive study on the subject. I wrote a few years ago about a study that shows that yelling swear words when experiencing pain can actually help the sensation of pain diminish. That study focused on how cursing benefits men versus women. Now the same Keele University team reports on how well the pain relief conferred by cursing works for seasoned profanity users versus those who rarely curse.

This time, scientists asked 71 subjects, aged 18 to 41, to fill out questionnaires detailing "how often" they swore -- apparently, this is a crucial refinement over the previous study. They also asked them to report what words they would say if they accidentally hit their thumb with a hammer and what words they'd use to describe a table.2 Then, subjects immersed their hands in a bucket of ice water. They were told to let out a string of swear words (featuring those words they'd use if a hammer hit the thumb) while keeping their hands in the water as long as they could stand it. After recovering, they put their hands back in the water and let loose a string of those words they listed to describe a table.

It turns out that the efficacy of swearing as a palliative depends a great deal on how much you swear in daily life -- with the bottom line being "less is more." Those subjects who don't normally indulge in foul language kept their hands in the water far longer when they cursed compared to when not cursing. In contrast, those subjects who use profanity frequently were four times less likely to get relief from uttering expletives. So much for websites devoted to "The All-Time Greatest Moments in Cinematic Swearing."

So once again, we have evidence that cursing is good for the body, even if it doesn't do much for the soul. In any event, it could add an interesting dimension to medicine if doctors start prescribing curse words to heal your pain the way they prescribe aspirin to cure your heart. First, the medical intake form would have to ask, "How often do you curse?" right next to "How often do you exercise?" so that the physician could figure out the likelihood that you've developed curse-resistance. Assuming that you're normally a light curser, you could get a prescription that reads: "Say 10 'gosh-darn-its' (or something to that effect) and call me in the morning."

All joking aside, Dr. Richard Stephens, the research director, doesn't see cursing as a prescriptive path. He says, "While I wouldn't advocate the prescription of swearing as part of a medicalized pain management strategy, our research suggests that we should be tolerant of people who swear while experiencing acute pain. Indeed, I occasionally receive letters from members of the public recounting episodes in which they, as adults, have been chastised for swearing during a painful episode. They feel that my research findings vindicate their actions."

As I've written before, while scientists can't say for sure why the curse-effect works, they think it has to do with the fight-or-flight response. When faced with danger, the hypothalamus triggers a physiological reaction that releases certain nerve cells and chemicals like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream, to help the body prepare for battle and ease possible pain. Cursing is an aggressive act that signals the body to release those pain-relieving chemicals.

At least, that's the scientific theory put forth by those involved, but a reader of England's The Telegraph, where a report on the study got published, had a totally different take.3 David Thomas says, "[It's also possible that] swearing may interfere with the use of common sense and delay the removal of one's hand from the painfully cold water. Spending one's energies swearing rather than acting intelligently is not laudable."

Mr. Thomas does have a point. Plus, those who see this report as a vindication of their foul tongues must acknowledge that the relief from cursing is short-lived. You get a bit of a break for the seconds following the onset of pain, but then the throbbing begins.

On the other hand, it is good to know that profanity does play a useful role, since almost everybody does swear, according to Timothy Jay, who writes about cursing in Perspectives on Psychological Science.4 According to Jay's research, the average person swears about 0.3% to 0.7% of the time. (When I read a statistic like that, I just have to believe that some researchers simply have far too much time on their hands.)

Jay extols cursing benefits such as emotional release and a safe alternative to punching people out. Plus, from the pure language point-of-view, he says, curse words sometimes offer emphasis that other words simply can't convey as well.

If you absolutely can't abide cussing and refuse to indulge, what can you do in the moments following injury to get some instant relief, short of grabbing the NSAIDS? Try popping arnica if you like homeopathy, or take some Rescue Remedy if you like flower remedies. Or, you can do a relaxation technique or an energy meridian healing on yourself before the pain intensifies. Or you can simply use a top-of-the-line herbal pain-relief oil. In fact, you can do it all, damn it, including peppering your language with the bad words of your choice.

1 Kraft, Sy. "Ease Your Pain: Curse But Don't Engage In Swear "Abuse." 20 April 2011. Medical News Today. 21 April 2011. <>;

2 Dahl, Melissa. "#@*! Swearing really is a powerful painkiller, study shows." The Body Odd on MSNBC. April 21, 2011. <>;

3 "Swearing can help relieve pain, study claims." 19 April, 2011. The Telegraph. 21 April 2011.

4 Grohol, John M PsyD. "Why Do We Swear?" World of Psychology. 21 April 2011.

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The Goddess of Mercy, Gentle Protectoress, Bodhisattva of Compassion

Known as The Goddess of Mercy, Gentle Protectoress, Bodhisattva of Compassion, even the savior of seamen and fishermen, she holds many titles. The spelling of her name varies, but it is not so much the arrangement of letters as it is the effect that her spoken name produces on those with a Buddhist background, similar to a reaction in the West when one is speaking of the Virgin Mary. In both cases, it invokes the feeling of compassion and unconditional love.

Indeed, her force is compared to Mother Mary in the West, Green Tara in the Tibetan culture, the Virgin of Guadeloupe in Mexico, and many other ancient goddesses, the matriarchy of old. You might call her the Buddhist Madonna, or, as She calls herself, "The Mother of all Buddhas".

By her own words, she is a complex energy presence. Thus, when asked her about her incarnations as "Kwan Yin," this involves many persons that have embodied and reflected this energy in their lives on earth, as far as we can understand. According to Sucheta's channelings, the closest association of Kwan Yin being linked to a person energetically in recent times is Miao Shan, an ancient Chinese princess who was known for her great compassion.

Here is a quote from Kwan Yin about this:

"Although I am Bodhisattva, I am energy. I am not a person.

Basically, the Kwan Yin energy was never in one single body. It has always been a great part of the energy of all of compassion of all the Universe. What you see in front of you [Marjorie] is one person who has been able to tap in and release for a period of time, so that she can let us be a part of her reality and to share that with you so that you can be encouraged, and that you can also bring forward the part of you that knows the truth."

The name "Kwan Yin" is a derivation of a Chinese name for the goddess that is this energy of motherly compassion. This is really a description of her energy ("she who hears the cries of the people") which has become accepted as her name on earth. Although there are variations, the feeling is the same. She responds to the heartfelt needs and anguish of the people of earth regardless of background or belief.

Being one of the "mother" goddesses, she is especially connected to those in need of any kind of help, be they sick, lost, frightened or simply in unfortunate circumstances. She is a great protector and benefactor of the weak, the ill and especially the children and the babies.

Many erect alters to Kwan Yin, the "bestower of children" -- the one who hears the prayers of anyone wanting to conceive a child -- to increase their fertility. There is a connection with the care of souls, both during birth and after death. Taoists invoke her presence to free newly departed souls from the judgement of the underworld. She guards the souls of the newborn and guides them to their new parents.

Her range of influence is vast, from China to Korea and Japan, all the way down into Malaysia. She has super-ceded her Buddhist traditions and jumped into the realm of a more universally venerated goddess, now known to those of many different faiths and sects. Her image can be found on most any alter of worship in temples, homes, schools, shops, restaurants, out of the way grottos and even on the dashboards of taxis.

Entwined in the faith of Buddhism, her first real appearance in literature seems to be around 400 AD. By that time, Buddhism had been around for nearly 1000 years, spreading from its birthplace in India to China, and subsequently to Korea, Japan and Tibet.

Devotees of Avalokitesvara, or Avalokita, Bodhisattva of Compassion of Indian Buddhism, brought the concept of Avalokita to China. There, Avalokita, or Kwan Yin, was adopted as a god in the male form and later was gradually changed by some to resemble a female, lending a rather androgynous element to her.

By 1200 AD she was definitely a female portrayed in flowing robes.

Avalokita is depicted with many arms, hands and heads, sometimes with an eye in each palm representing the ever watchful omnipresent mother, ready to immediately reach out in any direction to alleviate suffering.

In Buddhist mythology, it states that Avalokita was born from Amitabha Buddha's right eye, after which he proclaimed, "Om Mani Padme Hum" -- Hail to the jewel in the lotus -- a sentiment of her preciousness to him. Some believe she is actually an incarnation of Amitabha Buddha. The Chinese translation of the Sanskrit Avalokita is Kuan shih Yin, the full form of the shortened Kuan Yin, or Kwan Yin.

It is said in ancient writings that she was embodied as Miao Shan (whose name means "wonderfully kind one"), a Chinese princess who lived about 700 BC. This legendary Buddhist saint is said to have spent nine years living on an island off the coast of China, healing, meditating and saving sailors from shipwreck. This island became a place of worship and pilgrimage for many, especially in one of the caves there, which was transformed into a shrine dedicated to Kwan Yin.

She is called a Bodhisattva, literally a "being of bodhi, or enlightenment."

Bodhi is the spiritual energy that produces an urge for enlightenment, emanating Wisdom and Compassion. The Buddhas are the primary stream from this energy, the secondary stream from the Buddhas being the Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is any soul which has attained enlightenment and has freed itself from the karmic cycle of rebirth, but which has forgone the bliss of Nirvana, the merging with the
Creator, in order to help all the rest attain their enlightenment. This is their vow. It is said that as she was about to enter heaven, she paused at the threshold as the cries of the world reached her ears, and she returned to help them. She is also called an Ascended Master, which essentially means that one has learned all their lessons, transmuted their karma, and is not compelled to experience being reborn into a physical body if they do not desire it.

In depictions she is shown with pearls of illumination in one hand; and with the other she pours out "sweet dew", the nectar of Wisdom and Compassion from a small vase, blessing all with physical and spiritual peace. Her cupped hands are a symbol of the womb and the universal feminine principal. She sometimes holds a sheaf of ripe rice, a metaphor for sustenance supplied.

The dragon is often seen with her, a symbol of wisdom, strength, and the power of divine transformation. A Divine Mother, always there are children around her or being held by her. There are two small attendants that show up periodically, a "young man of excellent capacities" and the "daughter of the Dragon King," both related to the legendary Miao Shan. As reference to fishermen, sailors and water, she can be seen on a boat or a lotus flower crossing the sea, rising from the sea on the back of a dragon. Other things related to her are a dove, a scroll of prayers which are the teachings of Buddha, a rosary of white crystal beads showing the rounds of rebirth, and a willow spray with which she sprinkles the divine nectar of life.

The Origin of Kwan Yin, or Miao Shan

There are many legends about the origin of Kuan Yin, but this in one of the most popular.

In 7th century China, a king had three daughters, the youngest named Miao-Shan. At the time of Miao-Shan's birth, the earth trembled and a wonderful fragrance and flower blossoms sprang up around the land. Many of the local people said they saw the signs of a holy incarnation on her body.

While the king and queen were amazed by this blessing.

Unfortunately, they were corrupt and saw little value in a child who appeared pure and kind. When Miao-Shan got older, the king wanted to find a husband for her. She told her father she would only marry if by so doing she would be able to help alleviate the suffering of all mankind.

The king became enraged when he heard of her devotion to helping others, and forced her to slave away at menial tasks. Her mother, the queen, and her two sisters admonished her, all to no avail.

In desperation, the king decided to let her pursue her religious calling at a monastery, but ordered the nuns there to treat her so badly she would change her mind. She was forced to collect wood and water, and tend a garden for the kitchen. They thought this would be impossible, since the land around the monastery was barren. To everyone's amazement, the garden flourished, even in winter, and a spring welled up out of nowhere next to the kitchen.

When the king heard about these miracles, he decided that he was going to kill Miao-Shan. After all, the nuns who were supposed to have tormented her. But as his henchmen arrived at the monastery, a spirit came out of a fog of clouds and carried her away to safety on a remote island.

She lived there on her own for many years, pursuing a life of religious dedication.

Several years later, her father became seriously ill. He was unable to sleep or eat; his doctors believed he would certainly die soon. As he was about to pass, a monk came to visit the king. The monk told the king he could cure the monarch, but he would have to grind up the arms and eyes of one free from hatred to make the medicine. The king thought this was impossible, but the monk assured him that there was a Bodhisattva living in the king's domain who would gladly surrender those items if asked.

The king sent an envoy to find this unknown bodhisattva. When the envoy made the request, Miao-Shan gladly cut out her eyes and severed her arms. The envoy returned and the monk made the medicine. The king instantly recovered. When the king thanked the monk; he chastised the king by saying, "You should thank the one who gave her eyes and arms." Suddenly, the monk disappeared. The king believed this was divine intervention and after ordering a coach prepared headed off with his family to find and thank the unknown bodhisattva.

When the royal family arrived they realized it is was their daughter, Miao-Shan, who had made the sacrifice. Miao-Shan spoke up, "Mindful of my father's love, I have repaid him with my eyes and arms." With eyes full of tears and hearts full of shame, the family gathered to hug Miao-Shan. As they did so auspicious clouds formed around Miao-Shan. The earth trembled, flowers rained down, and a holy manifestation of the Thousand Eyes and Thousand Arms appeared hovering in the air.

And then, the bodhisattva was gone. To honor Miao-Shan the royal family built a shrine on the spot, which is known as Fragrant Mountain.

BODHISATTVA (also spelled Boddhisattva): Literally means "enlightened being"; a soul who, through compassion and altruism, has earned the right to leave this world of suffering and enter nirvana, but has chosen instead to stay on Earth to instruct others to until all beings are enlightened. A Bodhisattva acts as the key figure in Mahayana Buddhism.

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Last chance to save Kyoto deal at climate talks

Last chance to save Kyoto deal at climate talks
By Jon Herskovitz and Agnieszka Flak | Reuters

DURBAN (Reuters) - Almost 200 nations began global climate talks on Monday with time running out to save the Kyoto Protocol aimed at cutting the greenhouse gas emissions scientists blame for rising sea levels, intense storms, drought and crop failures.

Poor nations say wealthy countries became rich using coal, oil and gas and that they must be allowed to burn fossil fuels to escape poverty. Rich nations say major developing economies, such as China, India and Brazil, must submit to emissions cuts if the world has any chance of halting dangerous climate change.

The stakes are high. Two U.N. reports this month said greenhouse gases had reached record levels in the atmosphere and a warming world would likely bring more floods, stronger cyclones and more intense droughts.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said global average temperatures could rise by 3-6 degrees Celsius by the end of the century if governments failed to contain emissions, bringing unprecedented destruction as glaciers melt and sea levels rise.

It said an 80 percent rise in global energy demand was set to raise carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions by 70 percent by 2050 and transport emissions were expected to double, due in part to a surge in demand for cars in developing nations.

E.U. climate negotiator Artur Runge-Metzger told a news conference unless progress was made: "(People) will just lose confidence in this travelling circus. How high must the water get in these conference places before the negotiators start deciding?"

Flash flooding from heavy rain killed at least six people in Durban the night before the talks opened.
The Kyoto Protocol commits most developed nations to legally binding targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The talks in Durban are the last chance to set another round of targets before the first stage of the protocol ends in 2012.

"It may seem impossible, but you can get it done," Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, told delegates.

People participate in the "Walk the Future" event through the streets of Durban November 27, 2011. According to organizers the walk along The Blue Line, a blue line painted on the ground by artist Strijdom van der Merwe, highlights rising sea levels and the challenge of climate change. It is led by The Premier of KwaZulu Natal, Dr Zweli Mkhize. REUTERS/Rogan Ward


Diplomats hope there will be some progress on funding to help developing countries most at risk from the effects of global warming, particularly in Africa and small island states.

Rich nations have committed to a goal of providing $100 billion (64.3 billion pounds) a year in climate cash by 2020. But the United States and Saudi Arabia have objected to some aspects of the Green Climate Fund that will help manage it.

There is also a chance that some nations will pledge deeper emissions cuts.

But the debt crisis hitting the euro zone and the United States makes it unlikely those countries will provide more aid or impose new measures that could hurt their growth prospects.

E.U. envoys said they want a new deal for emissions cuts reached by 2015 and in place by 2020, and it will only be effective if major polluters sign on.

Any accord depends on China and the United States, the world's top emitters, agreeing to binding action under a wider deal by 2015, something both have resisted for years.

Russia, Japan and Canada say they will not sign up to a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol unless the biggest emitters do too. The United States, which never ratified the protocol, warned its commitments would be tied to pledges made by major emerging economies.

"The structure of a legal agreement in which we are bound and those economies are not is untenable. It will not solve the problem. It will not be accepted in the United States," U.S. climate envoy Jonathan Pershing said.

Negotiators said there may be a deal struck with a new set of binding targets but only the European Union, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Switzerland were likely to sign up

The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) said: "If Durban puts off a legally binding agreement and closes the door on raising mitigation ambition before 2020 many of our small island states will be literally and figuratively doomed."

Despite nations' individual emissions-cut pledges and the Kyoto pact, the United Nations, International Energy Agency and others say they are not enough to prevent the planet heating up beyond 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times, a threshold beyond which scientists say the climate risks becoming unstable.

Countries agreed last year in Cancun that deep emissions cuts were needed to hold temperature rises below 2 degrees C.

(Reporting by Jon Herskovitz and Agnieszka Flak; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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Utilize Today's New Moon Solar Eclipse


Today begins the Completion Triad of 2011, and is the Gateway to the 12th Wave of the Ascension. This Triad is an exceptional & sublime energy , a powerful time of contemplation and inward calibration. Within this energy, find time to slow down after the rigorous events of November and go inward. 


It is a perfect phase & time to meditate on what has occurred at the 11-11-11 and to prepare for 2012.  Review what has taken place in your life in 2011. 


 The three point energy dates of the Triad , as detailed below, will  be powerful and require your best efforts. It is essential to maintain stability. That is in part because the astrological gravities are being amplified by solar winds from sunspots, which can & will  effect the Auric field.


Slow down and breathe  before acting. Mercury went into retro-grade yesterday, and while this presents the usual attributes of communication & travel issues, it is also presenting a timely opportunity for deep consideration of  reviewing your life path.


Over the next 4 weeks, beginning today, there is a Potent Triad of Energies that lead into 2012:


 *** New Moon Solar Eclipse - November 25

 *** Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10

 *** Solstice -December 21




Although the energy will begin to accelerate over the next 4 weeks, it is an excellent time for inward travel. It is an extraordinarily potent  time to examine self. Who you are, where you are heading. It is a time to prepare for the 12th Wave of the Ascension .... for 2012. The 12th wave of the Ascension begins on the New moon of January 23rd, 2012. We are entering the completion of 2011 and the preparation for the heralded Ascension.


  It is of importance to note that the 12th Wave of the Ascension begins on Jan 23rd and extends to December 12, 2012. In truth, per Metatron, the final Triple Date Portal (TDP) , the 12-12-12 is as important as 12-21-12. The 12-12-12 TDP is the final assimilation of the Crystalline energetic network and the completion of the Crystalline Grid and Sun Discs. At midnight on the 12-12-12, a rebooting process begins, that allows for all to flow in unison on the 12-21-12.






November 2011  


*** Mercury Goes Into Retrograde- Nov 24

*** New Moon - November 25, 06:10

*** November 25 - Partial Solar Eclipse. This partial eclipse will only be visible over Antarctica and parts of South Africa and Tasmania.


December 2011 


*** Full Moon - December 10, Full Moon -Total Lunar Eclipse

*** Total Lunar Eclipse. December 10 - The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the North America.

*** Uranus Completes retrograde and Goes Direct - Dec 10

*** Geminids Meteor Shower. December 13, 14

*** Dec 14 - Mercury Goes Direct

*** Solstice December 21 - occurs in the northern hemisphere at 05:30 UT.

*** New Moon - December 24, 18:06

*** Dec 25- Jupiter Goes Direct

Power Dates & Activation Phases of 2012


There are certain key frequencies occurring on specific dates in 2012. The equinoxes, solstices, and eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting final codings to the Ascension.


That which is termed the 12th Wave of the Ascension begins in late January ( New Moon of January 23, 2012 ) and continues through the 12-12-12.


Key dates of 2012 are as follows:



January  23 - Initiation of the 12th Wave of the Ascension.


Feb 3 - Neptune in Pisces- Great Inner Vision is enhanced within the 12th Wave.

Feb 8 - Chiron in Pisces - A great opportunity for individual release and global healing

March 20 - Equinox - The 4th and final wave of the Cosmic Trigger, downloading and initializing the Crystalline Codes.

May 20- Solar Eclipse - Humanity macro-integration - Divine Masculine balance.

June 4 - Lunar Eclipse- Humanity micro- integration- Divine Feminine Balance.

June 6 - Venus Transit - Integration with the Sirian and Pleiadean Alliance, the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies, the initial integration of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine.

June 20 - Summer Solstice - Extremely powerful, completing a quartet of dates with the Solar eclipse of May 20th and Lunar Eclipse ofJune 4th and Venus Transit of June 6..This will be an extremely intense energy that incorporates a final inflow of energetic codes and allows for obstructing releases.

September 22 - Autumn Equinox - Initial networking formation of all 12 Primary Sun Disc into Crystalline format

November 13 - Total Solar Eclipse - Activation of the 144 Satellite Sun Discsto the 12 Primary Discs.Final Grid Integration of the Divine Masculine in balance..

November 28 - Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral - Final Grid completion and integration of the Divine Feminine.

12 December - (12-12-12) Triple date portal. The final culmination and completion of the Crystal-Grid. Activation of the final Atlantean Temple Crystals into the new code,and unification with the Pyramidal structures and Sun Discs. Combination of balance of masculine and feminine energies into Divine Oneness. Final coding of Max in the Crystal Vortex.

December 21 - Winter Solstice - Rebooting of the Ascension Grid and networking of the Crystalline Quantum-Field. Expansion into greater access to 12 dimensions. The 'Finger of God' formation of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

The Reboot of 12-12-12

On the 12-12-12 all of the systems become fully coded. Activation of the Fire Crystal of Bimini correlated into the Crystal Vortex and Crysto Sun Disc of Arkansas. Then a brief rebooting occurs and all will reactivate in full functionality of all Crystalline Field Systems on the 12-21-12, December 21, 2012.







Planetary Stations in 2012

Mars turns retrograde on 24 Jan 2012 at 23Virg05


Saturn turns retrograde on 7 Feb 2012 at 29Lib30


Mercury turns retrograde on 12 Mar 2012 at 06Ari49


Mercury turns direct on 4 Apr 2012 at 23Pis50


Pluto turns retrograde on 10 Apr 2012 at 09Cap33


Mars turns direct on 14 Apr 2012 at 03Virg40


Venus turns retrograde on 15 May 2012 at 23Gem59


Neptune turns retrograde on 4 Jun 2012 at 03Pis09


Saturn turns direct on 25 Jun 2012 at 22Lib45


Venus turns direct on 27 Jun 2012 at 07Gem29


Uranus turns retrograde on 13 Jul 2012 at 08Ari32


Mercury turns retrograde on 15 Jul 2012 at 12Leo32


Mercury turns direct on 8 Aug 2012 at 01Leo25


Pluto turns direct on 18 Sep 2012 at 06Cap57


Jupiter turns retrograde on 4 Oct 2012 at 16Gem22


Mercury turns retrograde on 6 Nov 2012 at 04Sag18


Neptune turns direct on 11 Nov 2012 at 00Pis21


Mercury turns direct on 26 Nov 2012 at 18Sco10


Uranus turns direct on 13 Dec 2012 at 04Ari36


Jupiter turns direct on 30 Jan 2013 at 06Gem19







Lunar calendar 2012 with the exact dates and times of the moon phases in 2012 year. The moon calendar dates and times are in UTC.



New Moon

First Quarter

Full Moon

Last Quarter

1 Jan 2012


9 Jan 2012


16 Jan 2012

23 Jan 2012


31 Jan 2012


7 Feb 2012


14 Feb 2012

21 Feb 2012


1 March 2012


8 March 2012


15 March 2012


22 March 2012


30 March 2012


6 April 2012


13 April 2012

21 April 2012


29 April 2012


6 May 2012


12 May 2012

20 May 2012


28 May 2012


4 June 2012


11 June 2012


19 June 2012

27 June 2012

3 July 2012

11 July 2012

19 July 2012

26 July 2012

2 Aug 2012

9 Aug 2012

17 Aug 2012

24 Aug 2012

31 Aug 2012

8 Sept 2012

16 Sept 2012

22 Sept 2012

30 Sept 2012

8 Oct 2012


15 Oct 2012

22 Oct 2012

29 Oct 2012

7 Nov 2012

13 Nov 2012

20 Nov 2012

28 Nov 2012

6 Dec 2012

13 Dec 2012

20 Dec 2012

28 Dec 2012



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Hello sweet friends, I hope that you have some wonderful positive things going on this weekend and week. Either way, have a happy, joyous, positive time full of fun and laughter. And peace and rest for those of you that need it. Love & Blessings. Melodie

Apache Chief punishes his Wife - A Tewa Legend

The Yellow House People were traveling. They stopped by a lake, and to reach the deep water they put down a buffalo head to step on. The chief's wife, who was a good-looking woman, picked up her basket and went to fetch some water. When she came to the lake she looked at the head and said, "My father, what a handsome man you were! I would like to have seen you alive. What a pity you're being trampled in this mud!"
As she finished speaking, up sprang a big white buffalo. He said, "I'm the man you speak of. I am White Buffalo Chief. I want to take you with me. Sit on my head between my horns!" She left her water basket right there, and climbed up. The sun was going down, and the chief's wife did not come home. "Something has happened," he said. "I should go and see." When he got to the lake, he found the basket, and looking around, saw his wife's track and the track of a big buffalo leading to the east. He said, "The buffalo head has taken my wife!" He went back to his camp and for many days made arrows. When he had enough, he set out to find his wife.

As he walked, he nearly stepped on the house of Spider Old Woman. She said, "Sho! sho! sho! My grandchild, don't step on me! Grandchild, you are Apache-Chief-Living-Happily; what are you doing around here?"
"Grandmother, I am looking for my wife. Buffalo Chief took her away. Can you help me?" "He is a powerful person, but I will give you medicine. Go now to Gopher Old Woman."

He went along, and on the plain he came to Gopher's house. Said Gopher Old Woman, "What are you doing around here? You are Apache-Chief-Living-Happily. Why are you here?" "Yes, grandmother, I was living happily when my wife went to get water. Buffalo stole her. I am going after her, and I would like to ask you for help."
Gopher Old Woman said, "My grandson, your wife now has as husband a powerful man. He is White Buffalo Chief. She is the tribe's female in-law, and when they go to sleep, she is in the middle and they lie close around her. Her dress is trimmed with elk teeth, and it makes such a noise that it will be difficult to get her out. You go to the edge of where they lie, and I will do the rest. "Apache Chief came to the buffalo territory and hid to watch them. White Buffalo Chief had the stolen wife dancing, and the buffalo sang:
Ya he a he
Ya he iya he
Ya he e ya
He ya hina he
Hina ye ne
He mah ne!
The Apache crept near the dance and spat out the medicine Spider Old Woman had given, and all the buffalo went sleep. Gopher Old Woman burrowed underground to the girl's ear and said, "I have come for you.
Apache-Chief-Living-Happily is waiting outside the herd. "The girl said, "My present husband is a powerful man. My dress is made of elk teeth, and it makes such a noise that it will wake my husband." Gopher told her to gather the dress up under her arms. Then Gopher led the way, and they slipped through the group of sleeping buffalo.
Her husband was waiting. "I have come for you," he said, "You are my wife and I want to take you back." And she told him they must hurry to a safe place.
The plain was large. As they came to three cottonwood trees, they could feel the earth trembling. White Buffalo had waked up and was shouting to his clan, "Someone took my wife!" The herd followed the track toward the trees.
Apache Chief said to the first cottonwood, "Brother, the buffalo are coming. I want you to hide us." the tree said, "Go to your next brother! I am old and soft." He went to the next tree. "Brother, the buffalo are coming. I want you to hide us!" The tree said, "Go to your next brother." He went to the third tree, a young tree with one branch. "Apache Chief," it said, "come up into my branches and I will help you."
After they were safely up, the wife said she had to urinate. Apache Chief folded up his buffalo hide and told her to urinate on it, but her water leaked through. The buffalo were passing, the dust was rising, and the earth was trembling. In the rear of the pack were a shabby old buffalo and a small one. As they came under the tree, the little buffalo said, "Grandfather, I can smell the water of our daughter-in-law." They looked up and saw the man and woman in the tree.
The old buffalo said, "Grandchild, you are fast. Run on and tell the first one you reach, and each will tell the next one." Soon the whole herd had turned back. Each one in succession butted the tree, and Apache Chief tried to shoot them.
Then White Buffalo Chief took a running start and crashed against the tree. The young cottonwood was nearly down, and Apache Chief could not kill White Buffalo Chief.
Crow was calling above them, "Kaw, kaw, kaw!"
Apache Chief said angrily to Crow, "Why are you calling out when I am in such a bad way?" "I came to tell you to shoot him in the anus. That's where his life is. "So the Apache Chief shot White Buffalo Chief in the anus and killed him.
He and his wife came from the tree, and he started to butcher the buffalo beside a little fire. The tears ran down her cheek. "Are you crying because I'm butchering White Buffalo?" "No, I'm crying from the smoke."
Apache Chief kept on butchering. He looked at her again and said, "You are crying!" "No, it's just the smoke." He stared at her. "You are crying! After all our trouble, you still want this man! Now you die with him!" And he took his bow and arrow and shot her.
"I am Apache Chief, chief of a roaming tribe," he said. "I will wander over these plains watching the earth, and if any woman leaves her husband, what I have done to my wife may be done to her."
Based on a tale recorded by Elsie Clews Parsons in 1940.
Like other tales told in pueblos near Taos, New Mexico, this Tewa story features Apache characters. Taos, because of its proximity to the Plains area, had a close relation to the tribes of that region, and they have shared many elements in their culture, this story being one of them. The Yellow House people refer to people who settled toward the East, nearer the sun.
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Topics Discussed: Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Carl Johan Calleman, The Pleiadian Agenda, 9 Dimension of Consciousness, Center of the Earth, Akashic Records, Intuned to the dimensions, Health, Global Elite, The Pope, The Financial Collapse, Energy, Vatican, Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church, The Galactic Underworld, The Mayan Code, 2011, Time Acceleration, Inquisition, Catastrophobia, Increase of Earthquakes, D.S. Allen & J.B. Delair, the Earth is Healing, the Regional Story, Atlantean Times, Paleolithic Layers, Regional Mind, Earth under Quarantine and more.

A Riveting, Exciting and Positive hour two is coming up with Barbra Hand Clow. We go into some very interesting areas about the Global Elite, Reptiles, Hybrid Races, Interbreeding Bloodlines, Secrecy, Exposure and how the Powers Structure will Crumble under its own Weight. Is ET a part of the Global Conspiracy? Sexual Energy and the Connection to Power and Control, Changes in the Solar System, Frequency and the Cells, Time Acceleration, Natural and Manmade Made Catastrophe, Scalar Technology, Gravity, How Crop Circles are Formed as an Expression of the Nine Dimensions. The talk ends on the question where the knowledge that is contained in the Mayan Calendar came from, the Pleiadians, who they are and what kind of Relationship we have with them.

Barbara Hand Clow - Alchemy of Nine Dimensions - FULL INTERVIEW

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She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

This is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network (

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An After Meal Digestive Treat

An After Meal Digestive Treat
by Rosalee de la Forêt

When considering what to write about for the week of Thanksgiving I had initially thought I would come up with some fabulous holiday food recipe.

But when I really thought about it I realized that most people already have a long list of holiday recipes. In fact, many people have too many yummy foods to indulge in. What people don’t often have planned into their holiday meals is a way to counteract the sudden deluge of all those rich foods.

Now I don’t want to assume that anyone reading this newsletter is going to overeat this holiday season. I mean, that rarely happens on Thanksgiving right? Who really wants seconds of mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing swimming in gravy?

So really this newsletter is for those of us who have “friends” and “family” who may overindulge at the holiday feasts.

Eating too much in one sitting may be initially rewarding to our taste buds but inevitably leads to fatigue, bloating and other gastric discomforts.

These common digestive complaints aren’t limited to overeating, however. Many people experience these symptoms daily due to improper diet and an unhealthy digestive system. The rich foods of the holidays can further exacerbate a person’s weak digestion.

In this HerbMentor News article, we are going to look at some herbs that help promote digestion. Not only can these herbs help lessen common digestive complaints such as bloating or gas, they can be enjoyed regularly at meals to promote strong digestion and prevent these problems from happening.

Let’s take a closer look at the three herbs in our recipe.


I probably don’t have to tell many of you that ginger is one of my most favorite herbs. Spicy and diffusive, it’s one of those herbs that is well suited to a myriad of woes, especially if the person has symptoms of stagnancy or coldness such as bloating, feeling colder than others in the room, and a white coating on the tongue.

Ginger is great as a digestive herb. One of its most well known uses is for nausea and for settling an upset stomach. Ginger is aromatic and diffusive, helping to nudge along stagnant digestion with symptoms of bloating, gas and bad breath. As a powerful anti-microbial herb it can address pathogens in the digestive system as well.

One reason I end up recommending ginger to a lot of people is that it is easy to find at the local grocery stores and most people enjoy the taste. For those people who aren’t herbalists and therefore not used to drinking and eating things most people would consider bizarre, ginger is an accessible and effective herb.

Sometimes ginger is too spicy for people with excess heat symptoms. If you avoid spicy Mexican food and wasabi sauce, then ginger probably isn’t the herb for you. For this recipe you can simply use less or omit it.


A s a medicinal herb, Fennel often gets its claim to fame by helping soothe infants with colic who are distressed due to gas and other digestive discomforts. Of course, what works for our littlest ones also works quite well for us. This carminative herb works to dispel gas and promote digestion.

Fennel is a strong anti-spasmodic herb. It is often formulated with laxative herbs like rhubarb and senna because it counteracts the griping or stomach cramps often caused by these strong cathartic plants.

Like ginger, fennel is also anti-microbial. It has even been shown to be effective in drug-resistant tuberculosis.

If you enjoy eating at Indian restaurants you’ve probably noticed the bowl of fennel on your way out the door. The recipe in this newsletter is fashioned after that idea.

Dried Orange Peel

Most of us eat the fruit of an orange and throw the rest away. In doing so we are throwing away the most nutritious part! Chinese medicine has used a variety of citrus peels for thousands of years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine dried orange peel is used to “transform” phlegm in the Lungs or the Spleen and to drain dampness. From a western perspective we can consider this herb when we want to ignite our metabolic fires and promote digestion.

For this recipe you’ll need...

o 1 tablespoon minced candied ginger...
See how to make candied ginger here (opens in new window)
o 1 tablespoon dried orange peel powder
o 3 tablespoons fennel seeds

After you’ve gone to all the trouble of making the candied ginger, this recipe is really quite simple.

First mince the candied ginger.

Measure out your fennel seeds.

Measure out the orange peel powder.

And then mix them all together.

We keep this delicious mixture on our dinner table in an airtight container. We eat about a teaspoon or more after meals.

You’ll notice that this is a small recipe. Feel free to make this in much larger batches!


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Apricots in brandy

Apricots in brandy

"Fruits in liquor are a good store cupboard standby for an instant dessert and also make a delightful gift!"


Urgent - Before you start...

To sterilise a jar, wash in hot soapy water, then rinse thoroughly in very hot water and drain. Put onto a baking sheet and place in an oven preheated to 140C/Gas 3/fan oven 120C for 10 minutes, then remove and cover with a clean tea towel until use.

• 225g whole dried apricots
• Juice of 1 large orange or 4 tbsp fresh orange juice
• 100g granulated sugar
• 100ml brandy
• Ice cream or Greek yoghurt, to serve


• 8oz whole dried apricots
• Juice of 1 large orange or 4 tbsp fresh orange juice
• 3½oz granulated sugar
• 3½fl oz brandy
• Ice cream or Greek yoghurt, to serve


Method: How to make Apricots in brandy

1 Soak the apricots in 700ml of water and the orange juice overnight. Drain the liquid from the apricots and measure 300ml into a saucepan. Arrange the apricots in a sterilised jar.

2 Make a light syrup by dissolving the sugar in the drained liquid. Bring to the boil for 2 minutes, then cool. Add the brandy to the syrup and pour over the fruit, making sure that all the fruit is covered.

3 Seal, cool and store in a cool place for 3 weeks before using.

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EU bans naked body scanners because of cancer risk, US continues to coerce travelers through them

(NaturalNews) The European Commission has issued new guidelines for the use of naked body scanners at European airports. Only scanners that use millimeter wave technology, a type of low-energy radio wave that does not cause radioactive damage, will be permitted for use in the EU -- the backscatter X-ray variety commonly used in the US will be off limits due to safety concerns.

Unlike the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which continues to insist that the backscatter machines are safe, EU regulators have admitted that this is not the case. Not only are these ionizing radiation machines now restricted throughout Europe, but the use of even millimeter wave machines also continues to remain optional for nation states that choose to use them.

"In order not to risk jeopardizing citizens' health and safety, only security scanners which do not use X-ray technology are added to the list of authorised methods for passenger screening at EU airports," says the commission's press release announcement. "All other technologies, such as that used for mobiles (sic) phones and others, can be used provided that they comply with EU security standards."

This approach to public safety is a far cry from the one US regulators are taking. Even though backscatter X-ray machines are not at all necessary, the TSA, under the umbrella of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), continues to bend over backwards in support of the machines, even when this includes openly denying the fact that they can cause cancer (

One would think that the US, which is supposed to be the "land of the free," would be more likely than the EU, which is largely socialist, to protect its citizens from cancer-causing radioactive devices. But not only does the EU not force its citizens to go through naked body scanners like the US does, but it has also now taken a proactive approach to protecting citizens' health by banning these radioactive devices from airports.

Most Americans seem to have no problem complying with unconstitutional mandates to walk through radioactive naked body scanners -- in fact, many still think the procedure is done for their own safety.

And as long as the population at large continues to accept this tyranny in the name of safety and security, freedom and liberty will continue to rapidly disappear at the hands of the nation's rogue federal government.

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Across The Miles Thanksgiving



To my Sweet Friends, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving for all those that celebrate. For those that don't, have a wonderful day anyway. Love and Blessings. Melodie


~ Across The Miles Thanksgiving ~

Across the miles thanksgiving can truly be as real,
Sending little notes of thanks, thoughts that we may feel.

Across the miles thanksgiving is celebrated then,
Enjoying feasts of friendship, forever with my friend.

Across the miles thanksgiving can be such a sweet surprise,
Sharing gifts of heaven, sending heartfelt smiles.

Across the miles thanksgiving -of God we can impart,
We shall ever share His beauty

Together one in heart.

Funny Thanksgiving

~ Thanksgiving Love ~
There are very special treasures we appreciate with love
The abundant blessings we receive always more than just enough
The delight of dearest friends, our homes where love's the key
That open wide the door of love for you and me
On this day that we remember the sharing of that love
Our hearts as one together lift in praise to God above

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Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in a higher state of health and wellbeing.

The creation of new attitudes of thanksgiving in your life attract new streams of light-filled energy to bless all that is honored in this way. When a blessing of thanksgiving is made in any moment, it confers light-filled Divine energy upon the person who sends it, as well as the situation being blessed. In challenging times it may seem difficult to find something to feel grateful for. In spite of this difficulty, one way to create a positive change in your life is to give thanks for what you have now. You can even give thanks in advance for what you want to create. This allows a shift in your consciousness so that you begin to attract new beneficial energy into your life.

When you find nothing else, you can give thanks for just being alive so your soul will evolve. It is a gift to be in a human body and your body is a miraculous instrument. Consider the fact that you have a heart within you that needs no conscious assistance on your part to continue beating. Remember that you don’t have to tell your digestive system to do its work.

All of these body parts are functioning in a wondrous Divine plan of perfection. When you turn your attention to these systems within your body, when you begin to give thanks for the incredible processes that continue 24 hours a day within you, they will function at a higher level. Your focus of attention with gratitude and blessings will bring more light and strength into your vital organs. For extra energy, consider filling these organs with a healing color such as pink or green, which brightens them with Divine Light. For fun you can then imagine a smile on a body part such as your liver or your heart. This will not only bless your organs, it will lighten your mind.

Your Body and Science

Dr. Emoto in Japan proved that beautiful crystalline structures were created when words of peace and love were placed on a glass filled with water. Imagine what grateful thoughts and words of kindness can do to your body with its high percentage of water content. Science has also proven that the cells of the body can become healthier when one has thoughts and beliefs that are positive. The subconscious mind hears all the words you say to yourself and interprets them as truth.

Athletes have used creative visualization as a powerful asset in their respective sports. Studies have shown that the mind makes very little differentiation between the act of physical practice and the mental visualization of a highly trained athlete. It is extremely valuable to remember this and apply it to your own bodies. The act of giving thanks for your wondrous, healthy, strong and flexible body can lead it to respond in positive ways that assist in creating new healthier cells. Your body contains a Divine Blueprint of perfection that can be called forward into present day experience. It begins with giving thanks for your body right now, just the way it is, and adding the ideas of what you would like to create within you.

When you give thanks for your mind that is clear and serene, for a brain that functions with balance and precision, and especially when you give thanks for the Divine Light continually empowering your thinking processes, there is a positive response within you. Your gratitude will bless your mind and allow it to function at a higher level of vibration. These simple acts not only change your mind, they inspire your emotions to respond with delight. Imagine the idea of delight, and the thought of this, sometimes less than familiar feeling, will spark a new level of inspiration in your being. Your imagination is an influential tool of empowerment, and it can be used for ill or for the good in your life.

Gratitude is the Attitude that will take you into your Heart

Consider the idea that your thoughts are like prayers reaching out into the Universal flow of life. When you use your thoughts consciously, they become prayers that shift your perspective so you can see a greater picture of what is actually going on in your life. Prayers of gratitude are very powerful, and stimulate an increased flow of spiritual energy into every situation. This force can create miraculous change for good in your life. It may take a little effort to find something to be grateful for when you are feeling down, but prayers of thanksgiving can help create a beautiful shift in your mind when you do so.

It is vitally important for your future to nurture compassion for yourself, the mistakes you made as you were learning about life, and forgiveness for the person you were in the past. Be grateful for all that you have learned and all that you are. This act is a good beginning for a peace filled and happy future. You can open new doors for tomorrow with your grateful thoughts today.

No matter how it feels, you are never alone. You are here on earth to remember your connection to the Spiritual Presence in your life. You are meant to live a happy, abundant life with deep fulfillment. In order to do this, it is necessary to step out of the challenges life presents and into the flow of God's love, which will bring you more creative solutions. There is one place where you can always go to feel the power of Divine Love, and that is in your heart. Gratitude is the attitude that will take you into your heart. It does not matter if you see nothing in your life for which to feel grateful, just the act of giving thanks opens a door in your heart to allow Divine Love in.

Sometimes it seems as though prayer is difficult or there may be negative associations with organized religion from childhood. Perhaps some suggestions for prayers of thanksgiving can be useful. Here are some possibilities for prayers that may help you to lift your thoughts and connect your heart to the One Heart within all beings:

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the abundant beauty of Nature that inspires me and offers the many blessings to all who will receive. Thank you for helping me to honor your Creation in every way I can.

Thank you for this day. Help me to see the blessings in my life, and learn the lessons given to me to learn. Show me what I need to know in order to grow into a more kind and loving human being, and take care of my responsibilities with grace and ease. Help me to share the gifts you have given me in a way that adds more value to the world.

Thank you for my mind that is clear and expansive. Thank you for helping me to be open to new ideas that can bring good into my life. Thank you for my amazing body that is strong and flexible, and for the organs within it that are functioning with perfection. Bless each cell and fiber of my being so that it is filled with your Divine Light.

Thank you for the forgiveness growing in my heart and the compassion within me for the person I am right now. Help me to also have compassion and understanding for others as they walk their own path in life.

Thank you for helping me to live my life in peace and harmony, and to be a radiant light for Divine Love in the world.

For these and all my blessings, I say, "Thank You God."

May this time of Thanksgiving fill your heart with a new awakening to the Loving Presence within all things and bless every area of your life with pure Gratitude.

So be it. Be it so. Amen.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: November 21, 2011

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This week brings a noticeable shift in mood and tone as we step in time to a Sagittarian cosmic beat. The solar entry to the ninth sign of the zodiac (tomorrow) will illuminate your happy-go-lucky, philosophical and mind-expanding aspects as well as keep you buoyant even when setbacks try to quash your enthusiasm. Yes, transformative energy still moves on but there is no cosmic reason why this week would cause you to lose momentum.

As you have been doing your homework (consciously deepening your Soul/Spirit connection) the pitch of your planetary vibration has been busy doubling and tripling, and your light body is truly beginning to spin. Some of you are learning what it means to become “galactic-ized”; a re-orientation to rapid change or movement which causes you to feel as though you are barely moving at all when everything else appears to be transiting and occurring very quickly. In ancient days we could hold this state of consciousness within the safety of a temple or mystery school. Today we walk around exposed to the masses and the world at large without the protection of walls, our mentors, or master teachers. Therefore, it is very important to care for yourself during your personal cycles of invigorating change. If you are feeling out of touch with reality it is one clue that you are serving 5D opportunities presently being made available to Gaia.

Powering up the new multi-faceted You in this next energetic cycle is going to be all about adventure and change, occurring from a place of inner security; stay open to events and don’t hesitate to explore all that is presented to you. If you can remain in a free-flowing stance the Universe can introduce multiple elements that will move you to change and insight more easily. Knowing that there is a reason for EVERY circumstance and event that happens to you is essential at this time for your Soul is teaching you on a moment-by-moment basis. Be not deceived – every stream of thought, each emotional side-track, every episode of darkness is orchestrated by the Soul as a teachable event. During the times when life begins to feel overwhelming and fear wants to take over bring your conscious mind back to the truth of your current soul teaching and ask, “What is here for me?” “What am I to learn?” Breakthroughs with physical challenges shift when you go into gratitude and thank the body temple for revealing your unique areas of resistance.

The time is also right for getting past your dualistic nature. What do I mean by that? Well, it is about changing perspective. You can no longer hold on to beliefs and patterns that want to keep you less than our innate spiritual nature. Begin to accept yourself unconditionally and realize that by doing so you will be able to live your life purpose instead of waiting for it to come to you. One of the most powerful things you can do right now is to embrace what appears as mysterious to you. By doing so it will no longer be mysterious, confusing, or bewildering – it will be possibility! Remember, every experience teaches something, and possibility is what this year is all about. Between now and the coming New Year you want to uncover as much as possible about your humanness in order that more of your crystalline spiritual willpower can initiate your 2012 dynamic plans.

In addition, the rest of 2011 is asking you to willingly change your viewpoint about who and what you are. As a universal traveler you must be willing to come in off the street of surface thinking, to a new and unusual place in consciousness. Rather than clinging to what seems “old” and “familiar” now is the time to boldly reach for what truly excites you. You are about to soar to the highest heights, and know this – if you cannot get excited by passion and joy, your reality will be forced to excite you with anxiety and fear. Make no mistake about it – the times they are a’changin! You want to be expanding your consciousness, tapping into healing energies, and experimenting with all new potential that shows up.

To support us in this endeavor we will be given two mini-archetypal force alignments over the next three weeks or so. The first infusion comes in to balance your healthy male/God energy. This is happening now so you may feel more of your empowered, balanced male aspects surfacing. Consequently any unhealthy male pursuits you currently embody will also be highlighted so that you become aware of its presence and heal it. Then during the first couple of weeks in December the energy shifts and the female/Goddess aspects of Self receive support.

Later this week in the United States the holiday of Thanksgiving will be observed. It is traditionally a time when family and friends gather – with the male energies “up” during such a time you may notice that communication and boundary-setting become highlighted themes over the long weekend. The astro-psychic atmosphere is sending everyone into their individual perceived realities and so it is going to take extra communication to make certain that all are on the same page and participating in a similar reality (experience). Be aware that tempers may flair, tongues will wag, and manipulations will waft. Holding to your understanding that unhealthy male energy abounds as well as positive will earn you gold stars and keep you from leaping into territory that does not serve your evolutional purpose.

Be clear, compassionate, and anchored in Spirit and you should be able to avoid falling in any ancestral/DNA/family related black holes. Symptoms of Sacred Masculine energy not being assimilated may include feeling off center, ungrounding more than usual, being frantic to complete a large number of tasks immediately, feeling pulled off-track or noticing that you are in your head more than usual.

For those who might need a cliff note or two here are some attributes of Male energy: operates through the conscious, objective and rational state of mind. It is “what we know” and operates through the left side of the brain. Generates fear. Reflects the ego self, or physical nature. Looks to place blame externally. Is the intellect (as opposed to wisdom). Is personal (versus the impersonal female). Is selective (chooses). Is the effect end of “cause and effect”. Is the focused energy that generates and impresses matter.

As you set forth into the week with a positive energetic message about creation you will add the vibration of peace, stability, and harmony to your environment. Be excited! Be amazed! Be comforted in the knowledge that YOU are part of a universal ascension that is returning a self-knowing Spirit (God) to earthly life.

Love and blessings as you continue the journey of rediscovering your healthy sacred male self,

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High Council of Orion 20 November 2011

Dear ones we come to guide and support as the new energies unfold across the planet earth.
Many of YOU are now beginning to find your feet once more as the energies begin to be
anchored deep within YOU. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to help guide and
support YOU through the new energies.

We wish to guide on the process of grounding energies and we guide that many are walking in
illusion around this process that is vital in the coming unfolding of the new. As we have guided
previously illusion teaches even within the ascension process and this is beginning to become
apparent across the planet. Many are now holding on to that which must be released as the
old dissolves and the new unfolds. The ways of BEing on planet earth have changed dear
ones and the old energies dissolve. Much of what was “supported” in the old energies is NOT
support in the new energies and many are struggling.

There are many teachings across the planet earth and our guidance is and always will be for
each human BEing to process the guidance from all realms within the heart. For the heart
knows TRUTH and will lead you out of illusion. The logical mind will take you further back into
illusion and in many cases will blind your vision and dull YOUr hearing to that which is TRUTH.
We wish to guide in particular within the field of GROUNDING OF ENERGIES. We are aware
of many teachings across the planet earth in relation to the grounding process and we wish to
help YOU move through this. Grounding is vital for every human BEing alive on the planet.
Whilst YOU walk in human form YOU are connecting to the consciousness that is YOUr
mother, mother earth is alive and conscious and YOU walk the planet in the form of a child of
Gaia. This for many is an illusion wrapped up in a present. For many walk the planet and
allegiance to Gaia whilst ignoring her and reaching for the stars. We guide strongly for all
to detach from this teaching for it is borne of illusion.

Human BEings are the bridges that are between the stars and the planet earth, each one of
YOU moving through the human life experience and moving through the emotional states that
occur whilst YOU inhabit a human body. Anchoring into the earth is vital for YOU to stay
balanced and awake and able to move through the human life experience. Many human
BEings alive across the planet are able to accept the TRUTH of their planetary origins and we
applaud this. Many trapped in the lower energies of illusion are not able to process this TRUTH
and we ask that YOU hold love and compassion for them at all times. Many who are able to
process the TRUTH of their heritage are still in illusion for many of the teachings of illusion are
around how to process the higher vibrational frequencies that need anchored when processing

We ask the following questions not to judge nor to lead for neither is our role, we ask simply for
YOU to be open to the answers. Each of YOU here is in human form, this incarnation
accepted and chosen by the energy that is YOU to enable YOU to walk on this planet IN
human form. That human form is connected to the energy and the consciousness which is
planet earth. YOU ARE SHE and SHE IS YOU. This TRUTH is one that should be processed
fully by the heart. Many are reaching for the stars and are not anchoring. Much illusion is
around the whole concept of grounding with much teaching stating that higher vibrational
states do not need to anchor.

We draw YOUr attention once more to the fact that YOU walk the planet earth IN human form.
To be able to react to mother earth and her teachings as YOU are a child of the planet when
IN human form YOU must be able to hear mother earth. If YOU are not anchored and
grounded then YOU will be deaf to the guidance of YOUr mother, for YOU will not be anchored
into the consciousness that IS planet earth.

Many are stuck in the illusion of escaping and we guide that to escape is not an option in
human form. YOU walk in human form for a reason dear ones, that reason is seeded within the
heart on incarnation onto the planet earth. ALL human BEings came from the stars for planet
earth was seeded from the universe but the walk in human form is to help move the
consciousness of planet earth upwards and onwards. This is not done by escaping from the
human body dear ones and we guide for ALL to process this through the heart.

Much of what many humans have to do across the planet earth, the gifts if you will that they
carry are to be shared in human form. The energy which is YOU has chosen this human life
experience to help ALL of human consciousness at this time. The gifts are found by going into
the heart space and listening. To not be grounded will see your logical mind take over and that
will lead you deep into the illusion of ego and “knowing better”. We guide for all to be aware of
this. Much like small children who refuse to listen to their mother as “they know best” many
are walking this path and finding the frustration arise within them that they fuelled by not
grounding. For only by grounding can you move forward dear ones, for the logical mind will
keep you bound in chains going around in circles. It is not the organ to FEEL this human life
experience with, that is the role of the heart. Those who move into the mind will see the mind
come up with various scenarios that keep them in a holding pattern of thinking. This is illusion
dear ones and we guide for all to detach from this.

By anchoring deep into planet earth YOU are able to draw strength and nourishment from
mother earth, YOU can clearly hear her and she showers YOU with the strength to see and
hear that which will move YOU into the sharing of the gifts that YOU brought to this planet to
help YOUr fellow human BEings and ultimately Gaia. The information that many of YOU can
bring through may be from the stars as many are now awakening and remembering their
origins but YOU cannot help YOUr mother if you do not hear her. Do you understand our
guidance dear ones? Do you see how illusion robs YOU of the power that IS YOU by pushing
YOU back into the mind centred life experience?

The human energy system if not grounded will move upwards and the energies will flow
around the top half of the energy system. Whilst this may mean lots of wonderful information
flows through and is able to be processed by YOU it does not enable YOU to move through
the life experience and to FEEL balanced and energised. If YOU view for one moment the
bridge that YOU are, the energies flowing upward into the body and flowing downward from
the stars, the energies of both balancing within YOU. The power that flows clearly through
YOU as YOU are in balance.

The balance is important dear ones, YOU cannot be in balance if YOU deny YOUr earthly
existence any more than YOU can be in balance by claiming allegiance only to planet earth.

We do not walk the planet earth in human form as that is not our role at this time, we walk the
planet as the energy that we are, the only difference between YOU and us is the human body
and that is there for a reason dear ones. We fully appreciate that for many illusion teaches
deeply and that the human life experience lived within illusion may be a hard one that is full of
pain but that is illusion and can be moved out of. The route to this dear ones is to anchor fully
into the mother that is the strength and protection of YOU in human form.

We fully appreciate how our guidance may trigger and we guide that if it does trigger then look
beneath the emotion that arises within YOU to see the teaching of illusion that is driving that
emotion. For no lower energy emotion can survive without fuel and the fuel is the teaching that
has been anchored by the human concerned.

We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with each and every one of YOU as YOU move
into the new energies. We guide for all to be aware that the planet earth has changed and as a
result YOU in human form as her children will also change, for SHE is YOU and YOU are SHE.



Channeler: Karen Doonan

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