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Power of Selfless Service

Power of Selfless Service
By Sant Rajinder Singh


Selfless service is not only a job or task to be done; it is an act of healing, of opening hearts and of radiating love, writes Sant Rajinder Singh

One of the greatest things a human being can do is to serve others. The truest form of selfless service is when we give without wanting anything in return. That is the spirit in which we should give. This means that we do not broadcast to others what we do to receive adulation, praise, power, or name and fame. Rather, we serve from our heart and soul in the spirit of helping others because it is the right thing to do as children of the all-giving Creator. This attitude has the power to heal.

Selfless service is not only a job or task to be done; it is an act of healing, of opening hearts and of radiating love. It is an immeasurable gift that spreads love and healing wherever we go. The heart of the giver is soothed, healed and filled with love. The giving also heals the hearts of the recipients, opening their eyes to the humanity of others.

We never lose when we give. Many times in life, we may have experienced an opportunity to give something to someone in need, making a sacrifice, only to find that it was either returned to us or circumstances changed, and we did not need to give it away. Yet, we were rewarded with the feeling of satisfaction of having sacrificed for others. We feel God’s blessings showering down upon us. We thank God that we choose to give rather than to be selfish.

If we are selfish, we often find ourselves filled with remorse and regret. We always feel sorry that we did not give. However, one never regrets or feels sorry for giving. There is no greater joy that can fill our heart than giving. All those who have ever given selflessly would have experienced that one never loses when one gives. They find more and more blessings raining down upon them unasked for, and their heart is filled with godly love.


Give from the soul

How many times do we only do acts of goodness when we want to impress others? Do we find that in our offices we speak humbly and kindly to our boss, but sorely abuse our co-workers or subordinates? How many of us give only when we are on display for others to see how generous we are, yet in the loneliness of a street we walk cold-heartedly past a beggar?

Let us give from our soul. Our mind gives for selfish reasons. It wants praise from others. It wants respect from others. It wants to make a grand show of how kind and loving it is, when, in reality, it is self-serving. Soul gives for the sake of giving. Soul gives out of a sincere desire to help others and wants nothing in return. It does not even wish to be known for what it has done. When the soul gives, it is the God within us giving. Just as God does not want anything in return for all its wondrous gifts of creation bestowed on all forms of life, so does the soul give selflessly.

When we want to be in tune with God, then let us give from the soul, selflessly, lovingly, without any show, and without any thought of return. We only want to serve and relieve the suffering of others. That is giving from the soul and has the power to heal others.


Spiritual development through giving

Spiritual development means inculcating higher values of life. This means watching our thoughts, words and deeds so that we think, speak and act ethically. Leading a spiritual life is a combination of meditating to find God within while leading an ethical life without. It is said that an ethical life is a stepping-stone to spirituality. Ethical living entails developing qualities among which include: non-violence, humility, love for all, and selfless service.

When we lead a life of serving with a kind and patient attitude, we not only inspire those with whom we work, but those who are not leading a spiritual life will notice our patient and kind qualities. Others who are curious or strongly interested in spirituality will notice something about us. They will see that we are calm and collected. They will notice that we face life’s challenges with nonviolence, love and humility. They will also observe that we give freely of ourselves selflessly.

These qualities will attract others who wish also to lead such a life. Thus, it is important that we be examples and model spiritual values in our everyday lives.

Selfless service strengthens our spiritual development. Our words and actions arise from our thoughts. If we have thoughts in which we want to help others, then that will cause our words and actions to reflect that. If we are going to talk of the need for selfless service, we must be practicing it ourselves. Let us serve selflessly and be an example, rather than tell everyone else how to serve or criticise how he or she serves. Let us inculcate the truest type of selfless service in our lives.

Meditation can also help us because as we sit in silence and go within, we see the same Light of God that is in us is in all other people. We realise that we are all part of one family of God. We realise all souls are part of one team — God’s team. We are all connected. Thus, if any one of us is in trouble, we are all in trouble. If any one of us is hurting, we are all hurting. If any one of us is losing, we are all losing. Rather than losing, we all should be winning. If we have the gifts to be a winner, then by helping others become winners, all of us win, and we become the true winners.

We also realise that no matter how different our backgrounds are, we are all one family of God. This attitude of loving and accepting people who are different from us is one of the fundamental keys to selfless service.

The writer is a spiritual leader


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Daily Prayer Invocation For All Beings On Gaia By
Steven Hutchinson:
*I now call forth & merge with Father/Mother/God, with Gaia, & with my Divine Self, my Soul Group, Soul Extension, & the Heavenly Host.
* I now call forth from Mother/God & Gaia the Div Love, Grace, Bliss & Crystalline Rainbow Light that I embody in my Whole Being with my every in-breath.
 And with every out-breath I extend to all Beings on Gaia this Divine Grace & Energy with the Infinite Blessings that awakens & expands the Creator's Presence within all Beings as well as all of the Divine Qualities of The I Am Presence of each Being ... & that helps each Being ground & embody & use all of their Divine Qualities in their daily lives with Divine Wisdom, Joy, & Bliss !
I accept this Divine Grace & Blessings for myself & for every Being on Gaia !
Thank You Father/Mother/God, & thank you my Divine Self & Soul-Group & Soul Extension & the Heavenly Host.
And So All of the Divine Grace, Infinite Blessings, & Divine Energies Flow & Manifest !
And So It Is ! And So I Am !
Beloved I Am Presence! Beloved I Am Presence! Beloved I Am Presence That I Am ! 


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Found this as a comment on YouTube ~ Beautiful ~ Enjoy each sacred moment

100 Reasons To Stay Alive ❤️❤️❤️

1. to make your parents proud
2. to conquer your fears
3. to see your family again
4. to see your favourite artist live
5. to listen to music again
6. to experience a new culture
7. to make new friends
8. to inspire
9. to have your own children
10. to adopt your own pet
11. to make yourself proud
12. to meet your idols
13. to laugh until you cry
14. to feel tears of happiness
15. to eat your favourite food
16. to see your siblings grow
17. to pass school
18. to get tattoo
19. to smile until your cheeks hurt
20. to meet your internet friends
21. to find someone who loves you like you deserve
22. to eat ice cream on a hot day
23. to drink hot chocolate on a cold day
24. to see untouched snow in the morning
25. to see a sunset that sets the sky on fire
26. to see stars light up the sky
27. to read a book that changes your life
28. to see the flowers in the spring
29. to see the leaves change from green to brown
30. to travel abroad
31. to learn a new language
32. to learn to draw
33. to tell others your story in the hopes of helping them
34. Puppy kisses.
35. Baby kisses (the open mouthed kind when they smack their lips on your cheek).
36. Swear words and the release you feel when you say them.
37. Trampolines.
38. Ice cream.
39. Stargazing.
40. Cloud watching.
41. Taking a shower and then sleeping in clean sheets.
42. Receiving thoughtful gifts.
43. “I saw this and thought of you."
44. The feeling you get when someone you love says, “I love you."
45. The relief you feel after crying.
46. Sunshine.
47. The feeling you get when someone is listening to you/giving you their full attention.
48. Your future wedding.
49. Your favourite candy bar.
50. New clothes.
51. Witty puns.
52. Really good bread.
53. Holding your child in your arms for the first time.
54. Completing a milestone (aka going to college, graduating college, getting married, getting your dream job.)
55. The kind of dreams where you wake up and can’t stop smiling.
56. The smell before and after it rains.
57. The sound of rain against a rooftop.
58. The feeling you get when you’re dancing.
59. The person (or people) that mean the most to you. Stay alive for them.
60. Trying out new recipes.
61. The feeling you get when your favourite song comes on the radio.
62. The rush you get when you step onto a stage.
63. You have to share your voice and talents and knowledge with the world because they are so valuable.
64. Breakfast in bed.
65. Getting a middle seat in the movie theatre.
66. Breakfast for dinner (because it’s so much better at night than in the morning).
67. feeling of being loved
68. Forgiveness.
69. Water balloon fights.
70. New books by your favourite authors.
71. Fireflies.
72. Birthdays.
73. Realising that someone loves you.
74. Spending the day with someone you love.
75. Spending the whole day in bed.
76. Eating a whole pint of your favourite ice cream.
77. Floating in water on your back and just staring up at the sky.
78. First dates (even the bad ones make for funny stories.)
79. Bonfires and s'mores.
80. Relationships where you love someone but aren’t in love with them.
81. Coming home to someone you love.
82. The colour of autumn leaves when they change. Summer.
83. Singing songs at the top of your lungs with your friends.
84. Cuddling.
85. Being wrapped up in a warm bed.
86. Someone’s skin against yours.
87. Holding hands.
88. The kind of hugs when you can feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders. The kind of hug where your breath syncs with the other person’s, and you feel like the only two people in the world.
89. Singing off key with your best friends.
90. Road trips.
91. Spontaneous adventures.
92. The feeling of sand beneath your toes.
93. The feeling when the first ocean wave rolls up and envelops your toes and ankles and knees.
94. Thunderstorms.
95. Your first (or hundredth) trip to Disneyland.
96. The taste of your favourite food.
97. The child-like feeling you get on Christmas morning.
98. The day when everything finally goes your way.
99. Compliments and praise.
100. to look on this moment in 10 years time and realise you did it.

PS: there are so many beautiful things to live. so live, and live, and live.

Yes, it's copied.

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