A few practical tips for living a genuinely happy, free, and peaceful life:

1. Forgive

This is the best first fallback for anything. Without forgiveness, you will never know peace no matter how justified you think you are in not forgiving. Forgiveness does not mean being a doormat. It means releasing the person from their offenses in your heart and then taking whatever action you need to protect your peace. Release and bless them to go in peace. Wish them well and bless them. Most people’s sickness, financial problems, and the chaos in their lives are simply because they have not forgiven people in their lives and are holding on to resentments.

2. Ask for forgiveness/ Make amends

Ask for forgiveness as well when you cause harm to others. Do this as quickly as possible. Remember cause and effect is a universal law. Any harm done to another will come back to you. But by owning it and seeking forgiveness, you will be able to reverse or at least reduce the severity of your consequences greatly.

3. Live within your means/ Avoid debt

As far as possible avoid borrowing money and living beyond your means. If you borrow, borrow what you can pay back. Debts create stress, fear, panic, tension, and an internal sense of slavery. In the worst cases, people get sick, depressed, and suicidal because of the problems and broken relationships they have created by borrowing money and not repaying. You cannot live a peaceful life when people are hurting, or threatening you because you owe them money.

4. Avoid drama and drama bringers

This speaks for itself. Try as much as possible to stay away from toxic people who like chaos, arguments, gossip, backbiting, criticizing, judging, fighting (physically and emotionally), malice, and other such traits, and from places where such things happen. If you can’t avoid it, just keep quiet. Where such things happen, a lot of negative karma is accumulated.

5. Mind your own business

You don’t have to know everything or have an opinion about everything. Mind your own business and don’t get into people’s business. Where many words are spoken about other people’s business, negative karma is sure to be created. Speaking negative things about people and things you know nothing about will come back to you.

6. Honor your intuition and sixth sense

Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. If your gut feeling tells you to stay away from someone or something, heed it. Honor your intuition and God’s voice in you more than people’s convincing words.

7. Have clear and firm boundaries

Say NO when you mean NO and YES only when you mean YES. Avoid leading people on, giving in to things you’re not sure about, staying in situations that no longer serve you, or saying yes to please people. Feel free to change your mind and say it. Do not over-commit yourself. Boundaries will protect you and help people learn to respect you.

8. Don’t be a people pleaser

Honor your life and your life path. You don’t need to be liked by anyone. Just make sure you like yourself and are pleasing yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one.

9. Be honest/ Do not lie

No matter what, say the truth even if it hurts. Lies create very negative karma and will always be exposed eventually. Be honest even when it will cost you. Own up to your mistakes immediately, apologize, and face the consequences. Live an honest life and you will never have to look over your shoulder. Lie and you will always live in torment and in the fear of being caught. And the law of life does not forget, you will reap what you sow. Being honest also means living honestly in every area of your life. You’re not fooling anyone, but yourself because you will reap what you sow.

10. Practice the Golden rule- Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you

This is a big one. What you do to others, you do to yourself, for we are one. That’s a universal law. The golden rule protects you from harvesting negative things. Let your words, thoughts, actions, motives, and beliefs be guided by love. You will falter many times, but when you do, forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness, change, and try again. Progress, not perfection. Treat others like you want to be treated no matter what they have done, and no matter who they are. Hurting another person is hurting yourself. You may seem to get away with it for a while, but it will always work against you in ways you do not expect.

11. Love yourself

Last, but not least. Everything listed above is a form of self-love. That’s why I put this last. When you forgive others, right your wrongs, live honestly and within your means, mind your business, honor your intuition, avoid drama and negative company, have healthy boundaries, and treat people like you would treat yourself, you are practicing self-love, and this will automatically create good karma and you will attract what is good in your life. You will be in harmony with the universe, rather than at odds with it.


Source: https://mwendwambaabu.com/2022/10/18/11-keys-to-a-happy-free-and-peaceful-life/