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Saturday September 26, 2020 9AM - 10:30 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time) 



Come join me for a fascinating psychic reading journey focusing on many current planetary situations and unusual phenomena that Earth is currently experiencing.   This session will greatly expand your thinking regarding many things, satisfy your curiosity and give you new perspectives that you may not have thought of.  Included will be readings on specific countries, political intrigue, galactic assistance programs, conspiracy theories, strange earth occurrences (sink holes, strange weather patterns) and human/extraterrestial contact.


For more information please visit....  


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it was 2013 when i began this awaking.

i had been doing hard drugs all night and for years leading up to this.

i had been smoking something like 3 grams in a night once a month.

this was my pattern of living at that time. i had been using for a few years starting out of the desire to lose weight and depression giving in and giving up. the drug would remove me form everything and i would feel at peace for the first times. it was this that i was truly addicted to.

the feeling of peace that came from a drug.

one night i had been "lucky" to get a good deal and got a little more then would normally do in one sitting.

i smoked and smoked and by the end of it i felt no peace, i felt like i was going to die and i was ok with it.

i went in my room i was renting at the time and laid in my bed feeling my heart throb in my chest rise and fall slowly. i felt myself getting really heavy, i could not move and i felt as tho my heart was going to stop.. its beat slowed and slowed.. i felt it in waves Wub... Dub...wub....dub. slow and steady

i felt it slowing until i blacked out.

i begin to dream.

i was watching from the 3rd person perspective

no body, just seeing from above the stage.

it was an old Zoo concrete and iron bars and stretched in a circle, cages on the inside and out sides of the circle all filled with different animals. i see myself sitting on the rim of concrete at the edge of the bar's.

inside laying down is a male lion. im a being with wings and light armor. what i would imagine an angelic looks like black hair, gray wings, what looks like black leather and silver armor.

im sitting talking to the Lion he is laying trying to sleep, iv awoken him to ask my questions.

its night and the stars are out so too is the moon so i can see clear as the day.

i ask the question i have come here to ask: do you not miss your freedom ? do you not miss being wild and free, do you not miss the hunt and keeping what you kill?

the old Lion reply's "i know not what you speak of, for you see my entire life has been living in captivity, so you see child iv always been in this cage from day of my birth. i know nothing of the wilds, i know nothing of the hunt and what it means to keep what i kill.

it is then that i begin to cry for the lion. this is when i become determinant i was going to do something about it.

at that moment the guard of the Zoo arrived with his big light pointed blinding me of his face.

"you do not belong in here" the man speaks

i stand, wings visible to the man as i turn to face him.

he see;s me but is not afraid. begins to come to me.

i move quicker then light as i make my way to the wall surrounding the place, i turn and the man is already behind me.

i face him as the light blinds me, "your not supposed to be in here" he tells me again..

i look into the light and pop off the ground by a few inches maneuver behind him and over the wall be fore he has the time to turn n see me fly. over the wall now walking down the road for no reason other then to think and enjoy it, the guard then comes up behind me again. again the light is blinding and he tells me even now out side the Zoo walls "You are not supposed to be in here" i say to him "you have no clue what you are dealing with", that moment pushing off the ground with all my straight and with one good push of my wings blasted into the star's of the sky like a shooting star leaving the planet.

this is when i awoke.

my entire body hurt and i felt as tho i had not breathed in years.

above all of what my body was feeling i knew something i had not known when i laid in it.

i am not human, i am an angelic of sorts or just a being with wings what ever name you want to give or call it, i took this as meaning i was one.

i feel so lost and confused even so meany years after iv not solved this puzzle.. i may have made it worse for myself by trying to dig and put peaces where they do not belong so i could give myself some answer for the light and dark that i feel struggling with in me all the time

but its never gone away. in fact its only gotten more present. the more iv taken time to dig the more in-touch with the energy of it iv become,

yet now years later iv come to understand that this is not the only spirit that resides with in me. my spirit seams to be made of 3 parts. one part is the angelic one part is some kind of human animal hybrid i know nothing of other then they are my instincts when they take over i become the animal. the other is me the human observer and participant in all of this. its my body and im the one in control but i feel the other two in me all the time fighting for who gets to take over control.

maybe i am possessed to some degree. but they are beings who have come to me in my most dire need and have become part of me along the way.. we are becoming one. the lifetimes we are living together are what is fusing our souls to as one..

there has been times of pain and compete darkness that i cried out for anything that was listening to take me. iv opened myself and asked for beings to straight take over my body in my darkest moments

iv asked both the devil and god i do not believe in to take my spirit away from here that i wanted out more then anything else i just did not want to be alive and i could not handle it..

i know what i have suffered in this life is nothing compared to others but that dose not change the fact pain is pain no mater the reason for it.

i wanted out and i opened myself to anything that wanted to take my place.

i did not get to leave and be replaced.

no rather they came to me and are living in side me.

they are me now.

we are one its been so long.

i find it funny i know this but i can not explain why or how. i just feel it.

when im writing im able to speak to them and they are able to speak with me. its in this place of text and screen that we are able to communicate. i feel them all the time like aspects of self. yet i am aware of the individuality of each.


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Delbruck Scattering = Aura

First I must show you how 'proof of existence' is actually an epistemological acrobatics if we allow the 'anything is possible' attitude of modern physics. Specifically, the knowledge of that which exist is actually an inference we make having at the back of the mind the assumption of cause and effect.The case should not be different for chi, auras etc. Whenever we see something that exist outside of our eyes, scattered light is involved. If we make the absurd claim that something can happen without a cause (a claim sometimes quantum physicist make) , I can deny that anything exists! I can say that the moon don't exist up there! What we see is a light being sharply bent by thin air without a cause! So for consistency purposes Delbruck Scattering proves the existence of an all pervading medium that is electrically polarized in the vicinity of charged particles, a litteral aura!

Next, let us see the problem with the lazy and cowardice 'not explicable by science' jocker card. The so called Krillian Photography is at times championed as a scientific proof of aura. But since such concepts as as 'auras' are stereotyped to belong to ' not explicable by science' all what a sceptic need to do is show that Krillian effect is due to electromagnetism. Then everyone nodes even though no one understand electromagnetism nor anyone can rule out the idea that perhaps it was electromagnetism after all that the ancients were referring to when they talked of auras. Specifically they try to show that Krillian Effect cannot occur without moisture as if they would believe in auras if we saw it happening in vacuum. They won't! Thanks to the 'inexplicable by science' stupidity. How can we know that something is inexplicable without being omniscient? Actually, Delbruck Scattering rebukes these epistemological nonsense. Even if we saw auras in vacuum, it would still not be 'inexplicable by science' because Delbruck Scattering does happen in vacuum.

Having seen that the seemingly empty space actually contains a real medium capable of interacting with our matter, we can now form a full blown spiritual theory that is scientifically plausible. First notice that in the vicinity of a living thing, such an aura will be so complex as to have a life of its own! This aura will contain all the information pertaining to the living thing. Next we see that such a polarized 'vacuum' can easily store the information even long afer the body is gone. The aura literally forms an 'etheric body'.

First notice that the aura in question polarizes the photonic medium. We know that this medium has solid-like properties such as the ability to propagate transverse waves. But why should the analogy with solids end with elasticity and stiffness? Why not another feature common to all solids termed 'plasticity'? If we think this way, we will be truely thinking like James Clerk Maxwell which let him infer electromagnetic waves. If the space around magnets behaves as if there is fluid, then it must also behave as if there are waves. If the whatever thing causing magnetism behaves like water in that it can drag something, then tge analogy extends to the behaviour of water that creats waves in it.

But what if we indeed see a scattering in vacuum away from the objects. Will they make the above inferences? Nope! They will just call it some fancy name such as 'Franklin's Scattering' and go on oblivious to the fact tha the discovery is actually far reaching. After all 'auras are inexplicable by science' is the main lesson 'gurus' teach. This guarantee that if you are a scientist you have no eyes for these for all discoveries actually involves explanations, inferances and understandings. So it is even sensible to wonder if perharps they have made such discoveries without notice. The answer is yes! They have noticed, for instance, that light from distant stars slows down as if they interact with something even in apparently empty space.Another example is the so called photon-photon scattering. First understand photon as a polarization of vacuum that is propagated as a wave. Light reflecting off anither light is actually a proof that light travels in a medium. If we deny this, then we are using a definition of 'proof' that can make me say with confidence that there is no proof that tge moon exist. Anything that reflect, refract or scatter light better be defined as an existent entity! Light from reflected objects is all we get as 'evidence that something exist' at the region from where the light is reflected
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Solid 'Prana'

That there is a fluid that pervades the whole space is not hard to accept. Just Think of prana, ki,ruach etc for instance. It is so also in physics. The whole of space is thought of to contain some strange gas due to the so called Unruh Effect. A all pervading solid, however, is trikier. We tend to think of solid as to be an impenetrable object, a sot of a single brick. Such an object filling the whole of space, of course will not allow movement of other objects through such filled space. But this notion of solid, as we will see, is erroneous.

A solid is an object whose parts don't move relative to each other. Solidity is a behaviour. What restrict the inter-atomic movements is forces. If you press your hand against the wall, then the wall will begin to develop a powerful, repulsive force tha repel your hand off the wall. This powerful repulsion is what prevents your hand from further penetrating into the wall. So there is no much 'solid' in the wall than there is in the vicinity of a powerful magnet. Objects easily pass through the solid space much like the way a non-magnetic object easily passes through the magnetic field. That is the object's particles simply don't interact with the forces within the solid in space.

Existance And Proof

As you might see from above, proof of existence of an object a part from inferance from what it does to its surrounding is a bit meaningless. If we deny that there is an object in the vicinity of a magnet just because we can't see one, then we are actually defining existence using an interaction with photons. Specifically, we are saying that if a region in space can repel photons, then there is an object there occupying that region( the repelled photons are the reflected ones that allows us to see objects). But if a region repel electrons, we still need a 'proof' if an object is there! But of course such a criteria is thin. If our eyes could detect electrons rather than photons, our picture of 'what exists' or 'what doesn't exist' would have been dramatically different!

Likewise there is no other 'proof' of auras that surrounds objects apart from the so called Delbruck Scattering. You see that is our thinking is wrong, we can't even make the right observations! We must spend a lot of time theorizing Before we make observations as this orients the mind to the right 'direction'.

Advantage Of Solid 'Prana'

There are several advantages of having solids rather than only fluids in mind when we think of 'spirit'. First of all notice that we reluctantly insinuate solids in ghosts etc. Since people perceives solids as the impenetrables, they opt to say that spirit can pass through a wall because it is 'the immaterial'. But as we have briefly seen, even matter enjoy this property! People didn't understand how. So they suppose that the 'immaterial' does it in ways no man can understand.Thats it! Solid helps us understand things that are otherwise 'beyond understanding'. If spirit is a fluid, how does it store memory as in 'akashic records'? Guess what, 'it is beyond understanding'! All questions are 'answered' by waving the same joker card! But a solid stores information by 'vacuum polarization' and 'vacuum' plasticity. It is not beyond understanding.
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Saturday September 12, 2020 9:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  $35


Gridworking is a very interesting, adventurous and important activity that all lightworkers participate in during their time on Earth in one way or another.  It involves traveling,  activating vortexes, stimulating ley-lines & planetary grid systems and working with angels and extraterrestrials.  Come join Bryan & the Ashtar Command on this fascinating journey that will teach you the secrets and magical keys to doing this exciting work, which helps the planet and enhances the awakening of humanity. In addition, we will join together and send healing light energy around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here.  Not to be missed! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


For more information please visit....

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Quantum Observation

When you say the word 'quantum', you will soon hear the word 'observation'.Thats it! Quantum mechanics(QM) is popular because of 'yap yap observer creats the world yep yep'and nothing much more! It is often said that QM confirms eastern mysticism where the world we see is a 'dream' all created by the power of mind and its 'observation'. But do QM realy teaches such things? Did physicists( or eastern mystics for this matter) somehow observed the world without observing it to check how it is when it is not being observed? Why don't they observe vacuum and creat money when they need them? Alright you have guessed well, it is nothing of the sort. If you are among those who have in mind only the 'yap yap quantum yep yep observations' then welcome to some lessons in QM.

If you have searched further you might have seen how ridiculous physicists behave when handling this matter. They say that when a quantum system is yet to be observed, it is impossibly in a superposition of states such as 'both a life and dead' and that only after observation do nature make up its mind as to whether the cat is dead or alife! Then they conveniently deny latter that this is in fact what they said! This is not a surprise. Like a religion, QM has myriads of sects and cults. So you must be care full when reading about QM or otherwise you will get hopelessly confused. Ironically the most confused guys are the physicists themselves. They are the worst victims of their own vodka.

At the heart of confusion in physics is their habit of not completely abandoning 'wrong' theories that can make good approximations of observed world.You will hear of 'relativistic QM' vs 'non relativistic QM' as if these two theories can coexist in the same universe. In reality though, these theories are mutually incompartible. In Quantum Field Theory (QFT), particles must be seen as 'point size' because of relativistic stipulations. But the 'collapse of wavefunction' is said to 'connect QM maths with observations'. This is ironical since point sized particles, whatever that mean, cannot possibly be observed. So what are these non point like entities we observe and term them 'particles', e.g in a bubble chamber? At some point, you will be forced to say that we actually observe tiny wave packets. So the 'collaps' don't happen (since the collapsed state is the zero sized, unobservable particle ). This contradict the earlier picture of QM where the particles are 'created' from waves via 'observation'. Despite this, physicist teach QM to laymen ( and sometimes to thenselves) as if QFT don't introduce any changes in the concept of particle because of the mis perception that'QM is also correct as a non-relativistic theiry'. The world is either relativistic or not, never both. Physicists cannot be allowed to switch back and fort to fully cover their asses.

So ridiculous enough, we are left wondering if quantum state actually 'collapses' upon observation yet this was all what QM was trying to teach! The problem gets compounded this way: 'observation' is (perhaps erroneously) thought to be a classic event. This means that observation necessarily involves myriads of particles, forming your brain. But the particles themselves are supposed to be the quantum. So if we think that the classic world is composed of collapsed quantum particles, then we need an ensemble of collapsed particles( the brain ), to collapse the quantum particles (via observations). We have an egg-chicken paradox.

There are only two resolutions to the paradox. One is to say that observations don't involve particles at all. This remove consciousness away from the brain because the brain is thought to be obviously made from particles. This resolution is of course untenable to many physicists who tends to be 'materialists'. You can begin to now understand why they opt to hopeless confusion like denying what they had been saying all along! The other option is to deny that the brain and all classic objects are composed of collapsed quantum particles. Rather, they might be composed of decoherent quantum waves. This create another problem. Quantum waves are not supposed to represent real things in of themselves. If they did so, they will be classic waves,not quantum waves.So quantum guys will have really not discovered anything new under the Sun! Furthermore, such classic waves requires an observable aether, an idea they have been ridiculing for a century. So they really have no way out! This is why it is called 'measurement problem'. As usual, when they discover what challenges their beliefs, they don't call it that: discovery. The call it a 'problem'. But as long as the beliefs remain, it will forever remain a problem!

My Resolution

I do away with quantum waves and use classic waves that requires a real medium. This waves take particles as if the particles are surfing. So it is like the so called 'pilot wave interpretation'. Though pilot wave is the most straight foward interprataton, it isn't popular because it alongside quantum non-locality shows that Einstein's relativity isn't as correct as it is preached. Infact this was the reason Einstein did not like QM. Being a realist, ideas like 'pilot-wave' only came to his mind. The collapse doesn't creat particles. Particles are always there. The collapse confines the location of the otherwise incessantly darting particle into a tiny dot via a decoherence. As you think carefully,such a confinement must involve 'information' traveling faster than light.So why don't I care about the supposedly proven Einstein's theory? The answer is that we don't really prove science theories. This wisdom have long been lost. In science, there are always many ways of explaining a phenomenon. The one in books are far from being the only one. What decides theories are often not the neat experiments but the more murky criteria termed 'Occam's Razor'.The usage of this criteria is particularly notorious in QM and relativity. For instance why should we really say that a clock is slowed down by 'slowing of time in its vicinity'? Isn't it easy to say that it is slowed by some invisible particles it collide with as it rush through them? Sure it is, but this destroys Einstein's interpretation of 'relativity of clock measurement'. Specifically, no experiment ever done is actually incompatible with the idea that time is absolute. It is only incompatible with the idea that our clocks measures such absolute 'Tickings' . So we really have no reason to think that even a wave in aether don't don't share the same instance with an arbitrarily distant particle. There is no relativity of the simultaneity itself. What is relative is the events observed at that absolute moment shared by all.
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