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Today I will explain to you how to recognize the syndrome of a ghost in the family tree.

Ghost  or Spirit

It could also be called “replacement child”. For example, a child is born, his name is Antonio and he dies. After his passing, another child is born and the parents also call him Antonio. Antonio lives on Antonio’s mind. Furthermore, is very probably that the second child will never feel loved and recognized by his family and, even though he could receive tons of attention, he will still feel a lack of it. The reason for this is very clear: all what the parents are giving to the second child, unconsciously, they are giving to the first. The second child has no identity, not even he has his own name, but inherits the name of his deceased  brother.

Abortions are another form of ghosts or spirits.

I will use a metaphor to explain this: Imagine that conception is equal to buy a plane ticket. We all mostly know that, once we are ready to board the plane, we show our tickets and go through a sort of tube that leads to the aircraft (if you are lucky and don’t have to take a bus). In this case, the plane would be the birth, to show the ticket would be the conception and passing through the tube would be the pregnancy. When there is an abortion, the baby buys the ticket, shows it and goes through the tube… but when he gets to the end…. Surprise!… there’s no aircraft… And now what?… well, I will wait here. So, when another baby comes after an abortion, the baby buys again a ticket, he shows it up and while going through the tube, he finds his brother or sister waiting and, of course, he invites such brother or sister to board the plane with him. In other words, when there’s an abortion, the unconscious part of the unborn baby doesn’t gets lost and when his brother or sister are born, this one inherits the unconscious of the unborn baby. Again, a body and two minds.

Vertical ghost or spirit

 It is called in this way because it comes from the top, down. For example: your grandparents had a daughter that they named Maria and she died as a child. Your father, who’s Maria’s brother, calls you Maria when you are born.

Another example: Your grandmother (mother of your mother) had an abortion and after that she didn’t have any more children. You are her first born grandchild.

We find this kind of ghost or spirit syndromes through the death dates. When you are someone’s double because of their death date, and this person died before you were born, his/her unconscious lives in you. In other words you carry with the ghost or spirit of this ancestor. For example: your grandparents on your mother’s side had a child that died young, His name was Pedro and he was born on November 3rd 1984 at 5 months old. Your name is Juan, but you were born  on November 6 2012.

The last sample: Your great grandmother died on September 3rd 1975 and you are born on June 3rd 1980

To conclude, I’d like to tell you that sometimes a person can show the symptoms of the syndrome his/her ghost or spirit even though, this one doesn’t belong in his/her family tree. It could be the sample of a family member that dies in our arms. And sometimes this person doesn’t even belong to the family.  This fact is not very common, but it could happen. This would be the case of a death that you experienced closed to you and impacted you. Sometimes an accident in which you were involved or a friend that died while in your presence, etc. But , as I said, this cases are the less common.

Again I thank you for sharing this information. I sincerely hope you find it useful . Thank you.

This article was originally written in spanish by Saul Perez Sanchez who reserves author’s rights. For the original article please visit.

Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?

Look inside KNOWING OURSELVES (kindle edition)

Look inside KNOWING OURSELVES (paperback)

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Based on GNM's “Ontogenetic System of Tumors”, the widely propagated theory of metastasis that suggests that cancer cells travel through the blood or lymph vessels and cause cancers at new sites is, in Dr. Hamer's words, “pure academic fiction”. Cells in general and cancer cells in particular can under no circumstances change their histological structure or cross the germ layer threshold. For example, a lung tumor cell, which is of endodermal origin, controlled from the brain stem (“old brain”), and which proliferates during the conflict-active phase cannot transform itself into a bone cell, which is of mesodermal origin, controlled from the cerebrum (“new brain”), and which deteriorates during a conflict-active decalcification process. In the scenario “lung cancer metastasizes into the bones”, the lung cancer cells would actually be creating a hole (i.e., cell meltdown!—the reverse of a cancer) in some bone in the body. We also have to ask ourselves why cancer cells rarely “spread” to the closest neighboring tissue, e.g., from the uterus to the cervix. If cancer cells travel via the bloodstream, why is donated blood not screened for cancer cells? Why are there not multitudinous tumors found in the walls of the blood vessels of cancer patients?

On August 19, 2004, the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail published an article entitled, “Researchers Chase Breast-Cancer Blood Test”, containing the revealing statements, “The hunt for tumor cells in the bloodstream has taken 10 years… ”, and, “until recently no technology existed to reliably pluck out the odd tumor cell from the millions of red and white blood cells contained in a single vial of human blood.” Besides the fact that the “chase” is far from over (as the article indicates), doesn't this imply that the “metastasis” hypothesis was misinforming the public and was scaring millions of cancer patients to death for over four decades?

Dr. Hamer does not, of course, dispute the fact of second cancers, but these subsequent tumors are not caused by migrating cancer cells that miraculously transform into a different cell type, but rather by new conflict shocks. New conflicts can be initiated by additional traumatic life experiences or through diagnosis shocks. As already mentioned, an unexpected diagnosis of cancer, or being told that it is “metastasizing” can trigger a death-fright (causing lung cancer) or any other type of diagnosis-related shock, causing new cancers in other parts of the body. In many cases, these patients don't make it into the healing phase because the severe state of stress weakens them to a point where they have very little chance of surviving the highly toxic chemotherapy treatment.

The second most frequent cancer after lung cancer is bone cancer. Dr. Hamer found that our bones are biologically linked to our self-esteem and our self-worth. Thus, being told one has a “life-threatening illness”, especially one that allegedly “spreads like wildfire” through the body, is equated with: “now I am useless”, and the bone(s), next to where we feel “useless” start to decalcify (in the case of breast cancer often in the area of the sternum or the ribs). Just as with a fractured bone, the purpose of the biological program (of the “disease”) appears at the end of the healing phase. When the repair phase is completed, the bone will be much stronger at that site, thus assuring that we are better equipped for the eventuality of a new “self-devaluation conflict”.


The New Medical Paradigm

Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

Knowing ourselves: What does the body want to tell us with diseases?

Look inside KNOWING OURSELVES (kindle edition)

Look inside KNOWING OURSELVES (paperback)

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Blood (family, clan) passes through the veins on its way back; once shared our love, it returns to the heart (house) with the love it has received from our environment.

Venous problems indicate that we find it difficult to accept or receive life, love and joy and allow a space within.

It can also mean that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict related to not being able to accept, manage, face, any family situation. "I am not able to carry this cross" "I have to clean the dirty blood of the family"

Necrosis in the veins: It mainly affects the legs and speaks of a devaluation itself, a devaluation that we perceive in ourselves.

Conflict of having "tied legs", "eggshells".

We have the feeling that "something" or "someone" binds us, we do not want or wouldn’t like to do; it is treated as an impediment to do something or we stop. We are as "trapped in a situation"


- Women who want a fulfilling professional life and an unexpected pregnancy prevents it.

- Women who want to work, but when she married, her husband opposes her.

- Men who want to travel to study, but his family is not allowed.

Conflict of not being able to go home for something ugly to expect. "I cannot go home, the center of familiar territory"

In the peripheral veins, we must add a conflict of abandonment.

The legs are a reflection of our mobility in life, in our relationships. We express that we are disappointed because we have involved a lot in life, in the family and we feel dissatisfied because we have received very little in proportion to what we have given. There is a lack of return of life, family, etc.

We are upset and tired, because what we have lived seems bleak, without passion or joy.

We have a feeling of helplessness and a feeling of not knowing how to live our desires and our desire for happiness.

Varicose veins:

Veins that dilate and become tortuous. They are commonly found on the back of the calves or on the inner side of the leg. They develop when venous valves that allow blood to flow to the heart stop working properly. As a result, blood collects in the veins and causes dilatations. They are more common among women.

The biological meaning of varicose veins is to try to keep "dirty" blood from returning to the heart (home) and to the lungs, to be cleaned. Respond to dirt that we want to hide.

Conflict of devaluation, separation and stain.

Conflict of separation from home, repentance for having left home or separated from family: "I am away from home". "I'm trapped in a situation". "I want to go home, even though it's too late". "I have been a fool, I should not have left my house or my family for that man (that woman)". "I cannot go home". "I would like to have contact with my family again".

Conflict of the stain, to drag a sentence (personal or familiar): "There are too many things to clean in this family".

Sexual conflict added to a conflict of not wanting or not being able to return to the nest (to the home). We are experiencing a sexual conflict with our partner that is not pleasing to us, but we do not have the courage to abandon this dynamic and return home.

Varicose veins can also manifest in people who, accustomed to living a good life, suddenly lose that level, either because they have gone to live with a humble partner, because they have been disinherited or repudiated by the family.

Similarly, varicose veins can express that we feel overworked and overworked. It is possible that we have the tendency to take charge of everything, that we have many tasks to do (washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of the grandchildren, etc.) that we find tedious and tedious. worry if we do not. To make matters worse, our husband does not help us, he treats us badly and we are the ones who must attend him, lest he be angry. We would love to run away from here, but we do not!

Added to this is the fact that everything we do, we do for duty, without joy.

"I feel drowned in this family". "I never feel at peace, at home". "I'm trapped in a situation". "I am the servant of the house". "I got tired of looking after my grandchildren". "I've had enough of living with my husband".

With varicose veins we want to express that we need more time for ourselves, that we want more free time, that we want more freedom in our life, because we lack it.

In the same way, it can indicate that our work does not like us or even, it annoys us; but we continue to do so because we are those people who are forced to stay in a situation even if they hate.

Recommendations for restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health:

For the circulation to be restored we need to change our attitude, our thoughts and try to resolve this loss of contact with the family, assuming and accepting that if we have moved away from our home and our family, it has been to live other experiences that have made them learn and grow, even though they were not as we would have liked them to be.

The man must be like water: first, you must learn to adapt to everything that is presented; and secondly, you need to always be moving to be kept clean and pure.

We must commit ourselves to the stream of life, without expecting anything in return, free of expectations.

We must do things with absolute responsibility, not out of obligation or to give us thanks.

It is better guided by the voice of the heart, always knows our true needs.

The right way is the return on oneself to rediscover the spiritual realm: "I am the truth and live and act with joy" "I love you so much I give my place" "Now I know that I must delegate responsibilities"

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Problem With 'pseudoscience' Label

A good definition of 'science' is simply knowledge obtained via observation. Then 'pseudoscience' is the 'knowledge' that is claimed to be science but which actualy is not. The problem is that what constitute 'enough evidence' is actually subjective. To some pple, the school teaching and the satelite photograph of earth is not enough evidence that the earth is round. So to them, 'round earth theory' is pseudoscience!

A good attitude of a scientist or any other 'truth seeker' should not lead him to ridicul an idea that might be true after all. Yet 'pseudoscience' label is just that by nature! In the bible, it was stated that 'the earth is hanged upon nothing' during a time when no one could prove it! But if we booted the 'round earth hypothesis' in the 'pseudoscience' folder just because someone claimed it as fact but he could not prove it, then any attempt to verify it would not be respectable and this would retard knowledge.

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Pancreatic enzymes are the most powerful of all. If enzymes are missing, food sits in the stomach or intestine and is expelled again undigested, so the body does not get the necessary energy from food.

When you have any symptoms related to the pancreas, you have lived or are living a situation where someone has dishonored you.

We can find two conflicts: ignominy + resistance.

"I have made (or have) a disgrace, something detestable".

"I have lived something unacceptable by someone from my family, my work and my social life"

Conflict of lacking and ignominy.

Conflict of fear and disgruntled members of the family when "big crap" have happened to them, related to an inheritance (real or symbolic). Be fooled within your own family.

"I fight for my bite” "My brother stole my share of the inheritance” "They made me sign a paper where I renounced my inheritance, etc". "I have done something detestable”

Fear of not having. "I have to store energy for later” "We criticize the morsel eaten".

Pancreatitis: If someone has an inflammation on his/her pancreas is because he/she is denied or is objecting to a situation or a person in particular. A situation that makes you feel bitterness or discouragement.

"I see every day how my husband offends me and mocks my humble origin”

What offends me so much to be a total lack of respect that steals my joy and sweetness that I expected of him/her.

Pancreatic calculation: "I do not want the other think I'm not noble”

"I take away money disown me and I want to get something for me”

Pancreatic cancer: the most common cancer in this organ is adenocarcinoma and is due to a setback occurred, most of the time, in the family that cannot be digested (indigestible) and, almost always, is related to any economic matter (real or symbolic dispute over inheritance, distribution of money or property, etc). It can also be caused by a feeling of revulsion, "This disgusts me”.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

"I think the sweetness and joy in my life" "I love and approve of myself".

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Blessings everyone! I want to take a moment out to apologize to all of the individuals who have been so patient with me. I know that a few of you have been trying to join my group, however, you are not able to find the button to join. Just as I am unable to find the button to accept you.

I had planned to post a wealth of information there for you as well as some of my own channeled modalities for you. I have been able to make my first one available to you however, I am not sure that anyone is able to find the event. Either that or no one is interested, so there is no need in me wasting time with those. 

I just wanted to let you all know that I am not able to accept anyone into my group at this time. And if anything changes in the future, I will let you know. Blessings to you all!

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Send Healing To Yourself

So often, we are busy sending love and healing to others, that we forget to send healing to ourselves


Most people, when given an opportunity to aid someone in need, are eager to do whatever they can to be of service. Those of us who have chosen to make healing the world a vocation are grateful for any occasion to send light and love to people in our immediate spheres of influence and beyond. As we apply our passion and our principles to this altruistic endeavor, we often forget to send ourselves the same bountiful gifts of wellness, though we ourselves may be in dire need of it. We overlook ourselves, not because we forget, but because we fear that focusing on the self is an indicator of selfishness. It is moreover much more difficult to heal oneself than to heal others because the seeds of uncertainty are more easily banished when we act on another's behalf. When we send healing light to ourselves, it is important that our intentions and our self-trust be stronger than ever to counteract doubt.

As we bless ourselves in this way, we serve as both an active channel and a passive destination. This should not change the way we interact with the valuable energy we wish to receive, however. Though we may be tempted to consciously direct or influence the manner in which light impacts our lives because we know ourselves most intimately, we should not try to control its path. When we draw the white light of protection and purity to our bodies, taking it into ourselves with each inhalation, our belief in the fact that it will naturally move toward areas of dysfunction will ensure that it flows through every muscle and organ. And when we fill our spaces with this light, our environments are cleared of all the negative energy that can sap our strength and our spirit. Surrounded inside and out with healing light, we feel safe and protected, healthy, relaxed, and content just as those who regularly receive such loving gifts from us do.

If you sincerely believe that there is a part of yourself that exists independently of upset and illness, the love and light you send yourself will help you connect with it. You will see the affirmative impact of this connection almost immediately when you include yourself in the recipients of your healing gifts, as life's frustrations become more tolerable and your bliss becomes ever more palpable.

Daily OM, Madisyn Taylor

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Ask And It Is Given

Greetings Light Family!

I want to share the book, "Ask And It Is Given" Easter and Jerry Hicks, along with a review of it that I uploaded in the video section. The video is by China Brooks. She is well versed in the Laws of Manifestation and is indeed a Master Manifestor. I hope that this book serves your highest good! 

Blessings and Namaste!

I invite you all to join my group: The Hall of Great Lights. There you will also be able to get my new channeled Empowerment, " The Ancestral Key Empowerment".

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Containing Etheric Body

Etheric body must have puzzling properties. First, of course it better not knock the visible objects around. So for that purpose, it must not interact with the visible objects. However, it must also, follow the visible body. This, amongst other things, mean it must interact with visible objects!

But suppose we drop away the common 'spirit-matter' dilema? Then we can solve the above puzzle in elegant way. (When soul is incarnate in the 'seen' body, it is part of the 'seen' and not the 'unseen'). The 'spiritualness' need not be seen as a fixed artribute of a thing. Rather, it is what a thing can become or cease to be!In the case of etheric body, the 'spiritualness' of the portion of body is corelated to its distance away from the seen body. Specifically, the farther away from the body, the more spiritual. At the point of contact with the seen body, it is fully 'physical'. Then the physical turns to spirit at the moment of leaving the body!
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