Etheric body must have puzzling properties. First, of course it better not knock the visible objects around. So for that purpose, it must not interact with the visible objects. However, it must also, follow the visible body. This, amongst other things, mean it must interact with visible objects!

But suppose we drop away the common 'spirit-matter' dilema? Then we can solve the above puzzle in elegant way. (When soul is incarnate in the 'seen' body, it is part of the 'seen' and not the 'unseen'). The 'spiritualness' need not be seen as a fixed artribute of a thing. Rather, it is what a thing can become or cease to be!

In the case of etheric body, the 'spiritualness' of the portion of body is corelated to its distance away from the seen body. Specifically, the farther away from the body, the more spiritual. At the point of contact with the seen body, it is fully 'physical'. Then the physical turns to spirit at the moment of leaving the body!

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Comment by Rahma on September 1, 2019 at 5:14am

Notice how it easily solve the puzzle. It also solve 'spirit-matter interaction' problem plus a plentora of other problems. When soul is incarnate in the 'physical' body, it is a 'physical' entity!! Infact, I think it is the polarization of the 'matter-antimatter' potential, which is a better way of understanding 'electro-magnetic field'.

The 'moving away from the body' (say at death), involves 'turning into a full spirit'. Indead we needed not posit an entirely different substance to act as 'spirit' when we have not yet investigated all the properties of what we term it as 'matter' to check if it also has the properties of what we think only 'spirits' have! Specifically we need to check if matter can turn into what will, for all relevant purposes, 'spirit'. Then the mindset change from asking 'do etheric body exist to do ABCD for us' to asking simply 'can matter do ABCD for us?'

The 'materialism' vs 'spiritualism' ceases being a determining factor when it comes to beleiving some things, eg etheric body.

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