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Violet Flame, To Heal Body, Mind & Soul

Greetings Beloved Ones!

The Violet Flame is useful in healing wounds from past lives, cleansing you of Karma, and helping your body to heal itself. I want to share this with you in hopes that the Violet Flame will help to heal you in body, mind, and soul when needed. Click on the link below. Blessings and Namaste!

Violet Flame, To Heal Body, Mind & Soul

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How To Program Your Chakras For Success!!!

Hello, Beloved Great Lights!

I was recently asked by another member on this platform for something that would help them to clear their chakras and I had to share this with you all. I have been following Rhonda Harris Choudry for years. I am an Empath and she has a lot of information to assist Empaths. I hope this video will be of assistance to you down the road to beautifully balanced, clean, energized and properly colorized chakras (as Ms. Choudry likes to say) Namaste!!!

How To Program Your Chakras For Success!!!

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  • During the last 20 to 25 years, there have been numerous studies in France, Germany, and Spain about fetus’s life and receptivity to outside influences such as the emotional states of both the mother, the father, and other relatives involved during the gestation period. The fetus is also influenced by events, dramas, concerns, and anxieties that occur around them during life in the womb.

    In BioNeuroEmotion, we call this time the Parental Projection Period, which begins at six months before conception, and can continue up to three years after the birth and principally involves the mother and the father. Our studies adjacent to the Parental Projection Period and focus on the fact that it is the mother who brings the most emotional information and incidental circumstances to the child during pregnancy. This includes both simple and complex stuff. The fetus will be “affected”, “influenced”, and “defined” by what the mother hears or sees. But above all, by the way the mother reacts to everyday events. The mother could leave small personality traces in the child or affect him/her completely in his/her health, physique, temperament, or self esteem. It will all depend on the type of emotions and reactions that the mother transmits to the baby. If the mother is strong, safe, confident, courageous, and expresses these qualities both in her words and actions, her child will be someone who possess similar qualities.

    If, however, the mother is weak, insecure, fearful, or has low esteem, the child will also possess these negative qualities.

    The Thoughts and Feelings of the Pregnant Woman

    Most women, fortunately not all, are oblivious to these studies. Many women are ignorant to the big influence that their words, thoughts, reactions, and emotions have on the child. They believe that their child does not share any of these ideas, and therefore, feel that they are free to have any thought, emotion, or action without affecting the unborn infant. This is where they are wrong. The mother’s behaviour and belief system affects the child mentally, and even physically. In the novel Elective Affinities, Goethe tells the story of a woman who, during her pregnancy of her husband’s child, couldn’t stop thinking about another man she loved. The girl who was born had the same eyes as this man. So great is the power of thought and feeling in pregnant women! So why don’t women decide to work for the benefit of their child during pregnancy?

     The True Nature of the Baby is Determined at the Moment of Birth

    A woman waiting for a child should have affirmations such as:

    • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, noble, full of love individual.

    • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a blessing for the whole world.

    • During these nine months, I should look at my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my actions, and provide only the purest elements to contribute to his/her molding.

    • During these nine months, I must act knowing that my child, hears me, feels me, and sees me.

      Preparing to be Parents

      The true education of the child begins before the birth with the education of the parents, who must prepare their interior beings well in advance through a better understanding of love, to attract an exceptional soul to the family. They must strive to conceive this child in the greatest light and purity. Once the child is conceived, the mother, aware of the power that has been given to her by nature, will work to give this soul a physical and mental body made from the finest materials. If thousands, millions of parents around the world decided to make this work, humanity would really be transformed in three or four generations.

      This is an English translation of an article originally written in Spanish by: Elizabeth Romero Sanchez y Edgar Romero Franco

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BLADDER, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The urinary system, in general, alert us to conflicts of territory, and specifically in the function to mark territory.

Biologically some animals use urine to mark territory. We do the same but our notion of territory is a bit wider, it may be something physical like our home, our office, our things, and our country or symbolic as our partner, our work, our family, our projects, etc.

Some bladder problems such as cystitis (inflammation) that affects more to women, speak clearly of problems of "territory". The woman is living a situation which she does not feel in her territory.

It may be because a relative has arrived to her house, what makes her feel uncomfortable, or perhaps a new partner has come to her job, and she feels like he/she steals her space.

"I cannot organize my territory as I want because someone (mother, family, grandchild, etc.) will not let me or prevents me to do it”

Until very recently, the woman was who looked after the familiar territory, who dealt with the order and the home tasks. Her function of "housewife" made her more sensitive and more aware of the need for living space, a place she can call her own.

Therefore, the first territory in which we think is the house, but now thanks to women, not only associated with this area, we must consider as in man, many more possibilities of organization.

"I cannot organize in this territory”

-Afraid to lose the territory organization or stop suddenly to be ordered.

-Inability conflict to determine her position or have referents. What country do I belong? I do not identify with my surname.

Cystitis in men has the background they need more strength to mark the boundaries of their territory. This may be the house where the female lives, our workplace, our team, etc.

"I cannot mark the limits of my territory”

Submucosal bladder:

Crud in the territory, dirt, grime.

"Conflict on some clean affair, something very dirty".

Mucosal bladder. Right side, female part:

Conflict of not organizing the territory or of recognizing the limits.

Fear that the territory loses its organization.

Conflict cannot determine its position, having no references.

What country do I belong?

Left side, male part:  It will mark the territory, outside.

Territorial marking conflict. Border conflict.

Incontinence: It is the involuntary release of urine.

In adults, often related to the desire to control everything in life. Inflexible people. Emotional excess overflows. Years of repression of emotions.

In children, need to mark territory, fear in the territory (children suffering bullying at school), children of separated parents who do not know or do not identify "which is my house?”

Conflict of not organizing their own territory and recognizing the limits, what territory do I belong to?

Conflict failing to define one's own position.

Urinary retention: Lack of a territory. Real or symbolic.

Hematuria: I want to expel someone outside his/her territory.

Lack of joy for failing to demarcate the borders of the territory.

Ureter: This is the same conflict that affects the bladder.

Sense of danger in the territory. "I am in danger".

Urethra: It is the channel through which the bladder empties. The problems in the urethra indicate that we do not know where our limits are. We had trying to mark our territory, but we do not know whether it is ours or not, we do not know how far we can get; if we can do that or not, whether it is correct or not, whether it will be either seen or not, we do not know "what to expect".

If the urethra (urethritis) becomes inflamed it is because we have lived or are living a conflict in which we feel indignant about something that has happened to us, and instead of putting it and fix it, we just blame others.

Conflict of territory: Do not know where the boundaries are inside. Angry because someone has "overstepped the bounds of his/her territory"

Reflections: What country do I belong to? Have they invaded my territory? Has my territory lost its organization? Is there any dirt in my territory?

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Greetings everyone! This morning I was hanging out with my 19-year-old daughter. And somehow we begin to get on the subject of the power of the mind. I was trying to get her to understand the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. This was one of the few times that we had a conversation where her eyes didn't glaze over. I explained to her that many of the decisions that we make in life are because of our subconscious programming. Pretty much everything that we have manifested in our lives is a result of the subconscious programming that we have received throughout our lives.

One of my teachers, Frater Xavier, who has a YouTube channel entitled MindandMagick, had a very good explanation of how the conscious mind makes impressions upon the subconscious mind. This is why archetypes and thought-forms are so important. In my early years, my family had very strong religious beliefs. 

As a child, I went to church from the time I was born and old enough to be taken out of the house all the way up to the time when I became a grown woman and decided which spiritual path I wanted to walk down for myself. But there always was the archetype of God and Jesus. As I began to delve further into spirituality and to understand more about the truth of the Bible, Jesus, and God. It became apparent to me that I should in no way try to rid myself of these archetypes and ideals. Instead, I would learn how to use them to my advantage.

How do I do this you ask? Well, let's take the idea of Jesus for example. I understand that the idea of Jesus was implanted within my subconscious throughout my life because of it being instilled in me at such a young age. So, even knowing what I know about the Christ figure at this point in life subconscious dependence upon this figure is essential. The idea of being able to trust in Jesus, depend on Jesus, Him loving me, all of these are so ingrained in me until my subconscious already believes them and so if there's something I am in need of and I want to manifest it I can call on this archetype which my subconscious already has faith in and believes strongly in and take Him at His written word the Bible.

Sidenote:  And I am extremely depolarized when it comes to religion believe it or not. I have been called a Christian Witch, Fake Christian, you name it. But, I get the job done! So, what’s really going on? I have had Christians and Muslims ask me for Tarot readings. Ok, so yeah, I just chose to move in Divine love, judging no one, lest I myself be judged.

Now, back to the subject at hand. The faith which is required for me to operate in the realm of manifestation or any kind of occult it works is already there, already set up, and in place, it just needs to be harnessed. And because I operate spiritually in love and without any fear at all of the consequences for anything that I do (because all that I do is done out of love), I am free to do my will which I believe is also the will of God. And in doing these I know that I am carrying out the will of God because I am striving to manifest that which is for not only my greatest good but for the greatest good of those around me and all humanity and the world in general.

I hope this makes sense to you all. But this is just how I've learned to manifest what I need. And my daughter's response,” Momma, I hear you and I know if I forget the Ancestors are standing right here and will bring it back to my memory when I need it just like they always remind me of 18 different things at once!” Excellent! 

Through the teachings of Frater Xavier on YouTube, I was able to understand the importance of what goes into my eye gates and my ear gates. If you would like to gain more understanding of this subject and learn more about how you can use your own subconscious archetypes and thought forms in order to manifest what you want and need out of life, please feel free to check out the Mystery School videos below. They have helped me tremendously and I believe that you will be able to get something out of it as well. I love you all peace blessings ashe’ and namaste! 

My City of Shamballa Group: The Hall of Great Lights 

My first channeled healing modality: Go ahead and check it out. It's free and I want to know what you think.©%20%2810%29.pdf

(If you click on these links and they don't work, try copying and pasting the links directly into your browser.)

Mystery School Lesson 5: The Subconscious Mind (Part 1)

Mystery School Lesson 6: The Subconscious Mind (Part 2)

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Science Of Psi

First note that how psi intervein with the seen cannot possibly be 'beyond science'. In science, we don't only exermine the seen. We are also interested with the unseen provided that they influence the seen. Since psi is just that, the influence of the seen by the unseen, there has to be scientific explanation.

The scientific theory of psi must answer some tantalizing questions. Perharps the most daunting one is why the forces associated with psi aren't seen by physicists to move the seen particles. As phenomena such as psychokinesis and telepathy influence the seen, eg our seen bodies, they must move the seen molecules, eg sodium channels in cell membranes. Ergo for that purpose, 'psi' must behave like the usual forces of nature. Yet psi must be capable of significantly eluding a physicist when he attempt to pin down the forces at work in molecules.

The purpose of psi theory is to answer this important question as to why psi can work without conflict with known physics.

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Define 'Spirit'

The common excuse is that 'spirit cannot be defined' can be appealing because it can be taken to mean 'spirit is too loafty to define' and who doesn't like 'spirit' enjoying such a status? However, when we close exermine things in general, we soon find that everything has this tendency of posing insurmountable challenge when you try to define. So 'spirit cannot be defined' isn't as impresive as such. Specifically, yes, we can define 'spirit' like we can, everything else and no, we can't define it enough but so can't we, anything else! So we realy have no excuse but to clear confusions.

'Spirit' must not be confused with 'qualia', but there can be quale that is corelated to spirit. This is because qualia is corelated with neural activity but without a necesary causality beyond neural activity. Spirit, though, must be able to exist independent of neural activities.
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